Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 20, 1954 · 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 11

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 20, 1954
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Girl Tells Of Trailer Blast Nevada authorities today accepted the story of Donna Mae Smith, 24, that the trailer explosion in which she and San Francisco Principal Alvin accidental and not a suicide Recovering in South San Xhiselers on Run Club Told "Dunn the first eight months e-f 1354, four times as many in urance claimants and employ ere were convicted as were con victed during 1953 in conneo t nn with unemployment claims chiseling.- William A. BurkettMred aocidenUL state director of employment tnld the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco today. "Everyone in this room," he said, "works four months each year to pay for his federal, state and local taxes. Burkett said that his depart ment is attempting to combat chiseling and costs, with economy and enforcement programs. "Our new enforcement program Is returning $2 to the unem ployment fund for every SI spent.- he said. He said that the department rad increased "employment ia California for American workers by forcing Mexican aliens out of nb which should be held by the working people of this state." He said that reduction of the public information section of his department has saved $48,000 annually. Travel costs, he said, have been cut by $60,000. Reassignment of personnel saved $.100,000 a year, he said, and changes in scheduling had saved aether $200,000 annually. Pow Wow to Open With Drill Contest CONCORD. Aug. 20- Colorful state championship open drill competition here tomorrow night will kickoff the annual Tow Wn-Wctk" in Concord un-nr sponsorship of Wahoe Tribe 134. Improved Order of Redmen.lnoon Starting at 7 p.m. on the Mt. n,a? Mich school athletic Inmnrrrm-c fvfnl will provide more than four hours rf fascinating entertainment." according to John Lancaster, drill roTtpetifion chairman. All rf the 25 to 30 units and individuals vying for Matr championship? will return to Concord f.r the Aug. 23 afternoon parade highlighting the closing day of th Pr.W Wow. Judgrs avsined by the All-American Judge Association will evaluate the entries to select nine team and four individual champions, to be announced at the conclusion of tomorrow night's event Lancaster said that more than $1,425 in trophies and cash award) will go to the winners. Northern California's most outstanding drum and bugle corps, men's and women's drum corprs. mixed drum corps, women's and men's drill teams, junior drum corps and drill teams and military units will compete. Medais will be awarded to first place winners in competition among majorettes, male drill captains, female drill captains and drum majors, the chairman added. Concord's own Martinctte Junior Drum Corps and Junior Drill Team will compete early in the evening. The program, to which all children under 12 will be admitted free, opens with exhibition drills by the Concord Redmen's drum corps and the Concord Bicycle Club. Competing organizations already entered are scheduled to drill at the following time?: Harart Junwf Drill TeT. 7 p m ; fwcord Junior Mjrtirtt Drum Corp. 1 : p ti : Crx-rd Junior Murtinetta rVi'l Tram. 1.22 pm; San Bruno ATrifin Lffwn Junior Drum Corpa. 1 21 D m ; Santa Ru Boy Club Junior Dill Ttam. 7. 4 p m.; Job Daughter fVUvrl M Udin Dnlt Tram. 7:54 p m ; Swim Girt Ljwi Drum Corp. "4 p rr : Naval Electronic Military JV-iil Team. Trrarura bland. :! pm-: Jb Datichtrr Bethel 170 L4ie Drill Tfi-". J p nv; Sea Point NSGW r".m a-d C"rp. I -M prn. Half Mna Bay Spaniahtown Dona Mrn Drill Tram, t.ii pm : Job' riaiigfiters Bethel J7 Ladle Drill Team. f3 p m : Independent Order of For-. ateT Men Drum Corp. 13 p m. Santa Clin YMI Oreen Dragon. Vm Drum Corp. 1S pm.: Marin Fctrnic Military Drill Team. Trraa-it Hand. J7 pm.; Golden Gat) Girl Tr-uea Corp, t 47 p m ; Gilroy VFW Auii!:n Ladie Drill Tram. I M p.m.; Kanta Clara Gatacno Drum and B ua; l Corpa. 1 pm.: Stockton YMI Men' TV-ir-i Corp. 1.J p m : Green Patrol ld Drul Team. 19 3 p.m. Twin Peaa Mixed Drum Corp. lt:44 p m . Gentiemen of tae Moo Vm l Dr-in Tram. 111 p ra ; Pittaburf Order e Mw Men Drum Corp. 11:11 p m. ACID INDIGESTION? Get FAST RELIE n a ML a. . OC !,,. ,, mm w nil Why aJ At Story L. Morse were injured was pact. Francisco from burns she suf fefed, the girl told San Fran cisco Police Inspector Tom Cahill the blast came at the end of a "very happy day." Cahill said Miss Smith described Morse as a "wonderful man" and added that the will stand by and help him. OFFICIAL DECISION Dist Atty. Jack Streeter of Washoe County. Nevada, after conferring with DisL Atty. G rover Knck of Douglas County, said the case would be con ii couia nappen to anyone and we are through with it, Streeter said. The suicide pact s.tory was one of several that Morse told after he was found to be a patient in a Carson City, Nev hospital. He later retracted it The 44-year-old principal of San Francisco Mission High School now is in the Livermore Sanitarium where doctors said he is in low spirits and mentally depressed. HAS PSYCHIATRIST The psychiatrist on the case said he had no idea how long it would take to get Morse emo tionally adjusted. Cahill said Miss Smith, at the home of friends, still is m bed with a frame to keep bed covers from her burned legs and feet He described the girl, a Uni versity of California graduate student in architecture, as "very sensible, inendly, not a scatter- brain a person of intelligence and class." DESCRIBES ACCIDENT He said tears filled her eyes several times as she described how she and Morse went for a walk along the Carson River and returned to the trailer to prepare an evening snack. She said they put some rolls in the oven to heat and that Morse started to light the gasoline lantern when she heard a loud noise and looked up to see Morse engulfed in flames. She denied reports of other campers at the site that she and Morse had been there for three days, insisting they had arrived at the river site onlv that after- p.jrrl, ...a. vjr rurcnases DETROIT, Aug 20. Almost 130 million motor vehicles have been produced and purchased in the U.S. since 1900. two million mor than all the rrst or the world. SPECIAL for Oakland Travelers! ORIGINATING CONVAIR NONSTOP TO LOS ANGELES at' m . JP.J aW-"aVrt.11Mi If .l v 6:50 p.m. DSPARTURt permits completion of bui-nr day ! DINNIR f NJtOUTf go from office to Airport-dine aloft! CONVtNltNT ARRIVAL at 8:30 pjn. good return err ice, too! tocW Hmm qwmitl Can TWtne-aki S-70O or an vthortxaal travel stent, In Harvard area, pbona Eatarprua 1-1104. toU free. a aa, lAaaia. .,avay. a aV Chest Cancels Funds for Peter Howard,- president "efi the Oakland Area Community Chest, today disclosed a unani mous vote by the chest board of directors to discontinue monthly payments of $1,000 to the Fannie Wall Children's Home and Day Nursery, 815 Linden St He said, however, the action does not terminate the membership of the Fannie Wall Home as a Community Chest agency. Howard reported the chest board recommended that pay ments to the agency should not be resumed until the organiza tion indicates it is meeting some of the recommendations of ..... study made earlier this year by the Community Welfare Council with the assistance of the Child Welfare League of America. Chest payments to the children's 39.95 ELECTRIC .,,..,..e..'i,. .r. 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REVISIONS URGED Among recommendations of the Community Welfare Council study were revision of the agency's constitution and bylaws to re-define and clarify the functions of the board and the executive; the rotation of offi cers ot the board so that the major responsibilities of the agency can be shared among a wider group; reorganization of the duties and responsibilities aM me staff members; improved nAMAfiMal ftAiiiM flams Mnm personnel practices and some changes in the program of the agency. The study recognized that "substantial additional support" on sail 9:30 a.hi. till 5:30 p.m. HEDGE SHEAR ir It's a Craftsman , . . Sears Finest Brand! 24.88 Handle and blades can be moved for operatton Powerful motor trims hedges, shrubs quickly There are only 28 left ... Hurry in! Regularly Priced At 3.08! Sat t 1.98! In gray, tan or blu ... not in every sire Sires 32, 34, 36 and 38 waists The lowest price in years . . . save now! No alterations HOUSE PAINT Regularly 3-98 Gal. Save 1.10 Now - . aaiifS a .fti 11 ilSiib, iiy iiffiih nill iIhiii ii 1 Nursery would be required to continue the program of the home and recommended tnat trie agency board discontinue the present program if the administrative changes and increased support could not be effected. RELUCTANT DECISION The chest president said the board of directors "reluctantly came' to the conclusion that the agency had not made sufficient progress toward solving its problems and that the Commu nity Chest is not justified in continuing support until a satisfactory solution is found." "The chest s action was taken only after the most careful consideration," Howard said. "It acted upon the recommendations of both the budget committee gmimP 54-Inch QUILTED GARMENT BAGS 177 Hold up to 16 garments each With fine, full-length zipper 54 in. long . . . quilted front 1 ' a a. 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The chest stands ready to continue its efforts to assist the agency in reaching a satisfactory solution to its current prob- lems.' Conferee Balks On Topic With Ike WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. UP) Ernest T. Weir, chairman of the board of the National Steel Corp- conferred I with President Eisenhower for a half hour today, but declined to tell reporters what they; talked about Weir said they talked about "a number of things." He called Eisenhower "a great fellow." 1 AT SEARS i BUBBLE BATH AND WATER SOFTENER v.L3for18c 5 different fragrances per box Add glamour to your bathing Buy now and enjoy real luxury V REG. 1.19 JUMBO SIZE BATH TOWELS In solid colors ... 24x46 in. Reg. 59 Hand Towels. . .4J Reg. 25 Wash Cloths. . . 18 MEN'S REG. 7.45 VUL-CORK SHOES For Work! 5.08 Sears' most popular work shoe Elk-tanned leather uppers Sizes C-E-EEE ... all -widths t 1 JA 1 -- - , ' - '-V REG. 19.50 IIOMART CEILING FANS for Yaur Kitchta! U aUtJ.dia? 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