Hattiesburg American from Hattiesburg, Mississippi on January 13, 1986 · 8
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Hattiesburg American from Hattiesburg, Mississippi · 8

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1986
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8 A Monday, January 13, 1986 Hattlesburg AMERICAN I n 'Right of the People' probes gun ownership controversy By JERRY BUCK AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES - Jeffrey Bloom got so angry after the so-called "Big Boy Murders" in Los Angeles in 1980 he sat down and wrote a movie script in which everyone is allowed to carry a gun for protection. "I was trying in the script, maybe without knowing it, to work out my anger," said Bloom. "I sometimes do that to work out my outrage. I put myself in the position of the lead character and said, 'What would I do if I lost all my family?'" Bloom originally wrote "The Right of the People" as a feature film, but it was turned down and sat on his shelf for several years. "Then a few months ago an ABC executive remembered reading it and asked me if it was still available," he said. The movie, starring Michael Ontkean and Billy Dee Williams, will be broadcast tonight at 8 on ABC. ABC's Broadcast Standards and Practices had Bloom revise his original script to allow the anti-gun proponents have a larger say in the film; Bloom feels the changes do not hurt the integrity of the film. "Their concerns were that the piece not be one-sided and that there should be less dogma," Bloom said. The opening of the movie is reminiscent of an actual robbery-murder case in Los Angeles just over five years ago. Ontkean plays a district attorney whose wife and daughter are killed when gunmen invade a coffee shop and spray it with automatic weapon fire. On Dec. 14, 1980, two masked men invaded a Bob's Big Boy restaurant and herded 11 people into a meat locker. They opened fire on them, killing four and injuring five. It was at that time that Bloom, a karate expert, bought his first gun-In the film Ontkean leads a campaign for a city law that any person over 18 who does not have a criminal record can carry a gun. The police chief predicts chaos, and it's not long in coming. "The first script I wrote turned out a kind of a tract because I was so angry," said Bloom. "I think I was guilty of preaching demagoguery in the script. And that's what the story is a warning against demagoguery. - . ft- . i ' I'ij A y i" - ' J i i- - .1 ill - I n - II i BILLY DEE WILLIAMS (standing) and Michael Ontkean are friends who are driven to opposing sides when Ontkean leads a campaign to make it lawful for any responsible citizen to carry a handgun for self-defense after his wife and child are murdered during a holdup in "The right of the People," airing tonight at 8 on ABC. "What the film offers is a modest proposal. If I become so outraged against the violence around me, and I've lost faith in the police, then I should have the right to bear arms. In the movie it's carried through to a conclusion. Everyone can carry a gun. This is about what would happen if everyone was armed. It would create more havoc than we have now." In the movie, simple arguments turn into gunplay. People try to play hero during an armed robbery and wind up dead. Bloom, a gun owner himself, said, "There is a separation between the right to carry a gun and the right to own a gun. This film is not against the right to own guns. There is one exception: inherent in that right is that we not abuse it. Like all our freedoms, we do tend to abuse them. "The movie is a warning against demagoguery, against the irresponsible use of guns. It's an argument that we should tackle the problem, not the results, about why we have murders because no one gives a damn." Jason Connery is following in father's acting footsteps By LANE CROCKETT Gannett News Service When cable's Showtime offers 13 new episodes of the "Robin Hood" series beginning tonight at 7, Jason Connery will be the legendary outlaw of Sherwood Forest. The son of actor Sean Connery and actress Diane Cilento, he got the role when the former Robin Hood, Michael Praed, left to become Prince Michael of Moldavia on ABC's "Dynasty." American audiences previously have seen Connery in "The Lords of Discipline" feature film and in a six-part series called "The First Modern Olympics." "This is my first long-running series," said Connery, who has guest-appeared on PBS' "Dr. Who" series. "This is a very nice part to play. Robin Hood is a historical figure. There is no straight definition of his character. I could put some of my own ideas into the character." Connery said the "Robin Hood" series had been strenuous. "We worked very hard. We worked seven days a week most weeks. "I took an intensive course for two weeks including sword (fighting), staff (fighting) and archery. Really, you learn most when you are actually doing it." He said his interpretation of Robin Hood is different from that of Praed. "My Robin Hood is totally new. In the series, I am actually a son of the aristocracy. It takes a certain amount of time for me to become Robin Hood, although I am chosen by Heme (the god who created the original Robin Hood). ... "Being son of the aristocracy, his relationship with the Merry Men is very different also my relationship with the Sheriff of Nottingham and Guy of Gisburne, both of the aristocracy." The actor said the "Robin Hood" series has been popular in England, but he had only seen a few episodes before assuming the role. Since then, he has seen all of them. "That doesn't bother me ... seeing Praed in the role. Everything is different. The Robin Hood character is obviously the catalyst, so the Merry Men had to change as well. I didn't know Praed, but I met him when I came down to do my test. He mmS l . "' ': 1 7; " Mi m . V r -i rr i ir'"''.'-'ty ' iy m ; AP Photo JASON CONNERY, the 23-year-old son of actors Sean Connery and Diane Cilento, takes a break while filming the English mini-series "Robin Hood." The show airs on "Showtime" tonight at was still shooting the series." The series, which Showtime reports is seen on every continent, is produced for the movie channel by HTV in England and Goldcrest Films and Television. Location shooting was in Wales and England. The 23-year-old actor, who is a bit English, a bit Irish, a bit Australian and a bit Scottish, said he read about the folk hero before plunging into the series. "It was not that helpful. What was more helpful was talking with the writer. We gave each other points on the character and agreed on where we wanted him to go. I have signed up for another 13 episodes. "There is a definite growth in the character. At the beginning, he's not sure of himself. There is some questioning about his authority. The Merry Men feel he should be a leader, although he doesn't prove himself that mentally or physically at first. He slowly matures into a better leader and also into a more settled person." 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(CBN) Alias Smith And Jones 'Dreadful Sorry, Clementine" (NICK) You Can't Do That On Television The kids take a zany look al clubs. (DIS) Whale's Tooth A South Pacific island is invaded by a neighboring tribe who seeks a talisman that bestows wealth on its possessors. 6:05 (WTBS) Mary Tyler Moore When Bess Lindstrom's boyfriend meets Mary, he falls madly in love with her. 6:30 O(USA) College Basketball Notre Dame at Brigham Young (Live) (O M.A.S.H Radar helps out a lamb meant for a Greek festival and Frank is cheated out of an opportunity to persecute a young soldier. (ESPN) NFL Films Presents All firo linebackers. HBO) Fraggle Rock Wembley's good hearing leads him to an underground spring of Whoopie Water. (CC) 7:00 Q TV's Bloopers And Practical Jokes Donna Mills ("Knots Landing") is stranded on a stalled wrecking crane; Harvey Korman is offered a large sum of money for an aging racehorse. 0 Hardcastle And Mc- Cormick Hardcastle and Mark discover some leads that help them solve a councilman's murder. (CC) EflEJ Scarecrow And Mrs. King Amanda and Lee go undercover at a pro-am tennis tournament to protect a tennis star whose father is involved in top-secret negotiations with a communist country. (CIN) Movie "Top Hat" (1935) Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. A man has trouble with his girlfriend because she thinks he's married to her best friend. (TMC) Movie "A Nightmare On Elm Street" (1984) John Saxon, Ronee Blakely. A group of L.A. children are terrorized by a vengeful killer who can invade their dreams and materialize when they awake. 'R' (ESPN) College Basketball Villanova at Connecticut (Live) (Subject to blackout) (HBO) Not So Great Moments In Sports Baseball announcer Tim McCarver hosts this look at some of the least distinguished moments in sports history, including Roy Reigel's wrong-way run and John McEnroe's verbal outbursts. (SHOW) Robin Hood Following Robin Hood's death, his Merry Men disband, but their separation is short-lived when Robert (Jason Connery), the son of the Earl of Huntingdon, reunites them to rescue Marion from an evil abductor. (ARTS) James At 15 The battle-of-the-sexes is on full force when James and Sly unknowingly coach an all-girl basketball team to take on the boys' team. 7:05 (WTBS) NBA Basketball Denver Nuggets at Milwaukee Bucks (Live) 8:00 O Fatal Vision Four years after the unsolved slaying of Freddy Kassab's daughter and two granddaughters, the case is reopened against MacDonald, now a respected emergency-room doctor in Long Beach, Calif. Five-and-a-half more years of litigation follow before the case is finally brought to trial. (Part 2 of 2) (R) (CC) Q)(E) Movie "The Right Of The People" (Premiere) Michael Affiliation Community Channel Location GE Cable Cable 0 WDAM HatlkMburgNBC 4 4 O WON ChlcagoIND S 13 (DWTOK MerldanABC - - (BWJTV JacksonCBS 12 5 (QWLOX BlloxI'ABC 2 3 CMQWMAH BltoxlETV 9 (O WTBS AttantaIND 8 8 ffiWHTV MerldlanCBS HBO Home Box Otflc 4 Iconvl 2 MAX Cinema 4 (conv) - USA USA Network ESPN Entertainment Sports 11 12 NICK Nickelodeon 13 7 TMC The Movie Channel - ' 6 CBN Christian Broadcasting 10 10 DIS Disney 16 MTV Music TV 23 LIFE Lifetime 24 Weather Weather Channel 27 BETFNN BETFNN 25 - For daytime listings, please see Sunday's TV Viewfinder Ontkean, Jane Kaczmarek. A lawyer crusades tor legislation enabling citizens to carry guns after his wife and daughter are killed during a robbery. (CC) (BED Kate & Allie Kate and Allie s living room becomes the scene of an argument between three strangers. O Q Wonderworks "Mancela" A 13-year-old girl from El Salvadore tries to fit in her new surroundings in California while keeping her Hispanic ancestry intact. Linda Lavin and Carlina Cruz star. (CC) (CBN) 700 Club A preview of topics to be covered in the two-week series "The Future Is Ours." (CNN) Larry King Live Guests: Rita Jenrett; Rita Moreno. (HBO) Movie "Happy Birthday To Me" (1980) Melissa Sue Anderson, Glenn Ford. As a murderer begins attacking her circle of elitist friends, a prep school senior worries that she may be the next victim - or possibly the killer. 'Ft' (NICK) Movie "Mr. Moto's Last Warning" (1939) Peter Lorre, George Sanders. With Mr. Moto trapped in a diving bell, a group of conspirators plot to blow up the Suez Canal. (DIS) Movie "Dusty" (1981) Bill Kerr, Noel Trevathen. An aging sheepherder must choose between loyalty to his employer and love for his champion sheepdog. 8:30 O Odd Couple Felix directs a movie built around Oscar's day-by-day activities. (QQ Newhart Dick assumes Michael's responsibilities at the station while Michael is busy trying to impress his artistic mother. (CC) 9:00 Cagney & Lacey Cagney is assigned a new partner (Michael Moriarty) whose reputation as a police informant precedes him. Q Championship Ballroom Dancing Latin, modern and cabaret or theatrical dancing is performed by the nation's top professional dancers in this competition featuring Ronald Montez and Elizabeth Curtis in a farewell exhibition. Juliet Prowse hosts. (CIN) Movie "The Blues Brothers" (1980) John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd. Two blues singers must contend with the Chicago police, the CIA, neo-Nazis and the U.S. Army to put together a benefit concert to raise money for their orphanage. 'R' (TMC) Movie "Into the Night" (1984) Jeff Goldblum, Michelle Pfeiffer. A bored aerospace engineer receives some uninvited excitement when he becomes involved with an irresistible gem smuggler. 'R' ICO (ESPN) College Basketball South Alabama at Alabama-Birmingham (Live) (Subject to blackout) (USA) Dick Cavett Guests: Lee Grant; Malcolm Forbes. (SHOW) Movie "The Shining" (1980) Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall. A winter caretaker for a remote, and apparently haunted, Colorado hotel is snowbound there with his wife and clairvoyant young son. 'R' 9:20 (WTBS) Movie "The Lusty Men" (1952) Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum. A cowboy does everything to become a rodeo star. 9:30 (DIS) Islands Of The Sea Wildlife in and around islands such as the Galapagos, the Guadalupes and the Falklands is documented. 10:00 Q WKRP In Cincinnati Despite Bailey's lack of experience, Andy lets her produce a public affairs program. (HBO) 1st & Ten This adult comedy series opens with the owner of a professional football team as she faces a new season coping with a mobster for a general manager, an aging quarterback and a chauvinist head coach. (DIS) Movie "King Of The Grizzlies" (1977) John Yesno, Chris Wiggins. (LIFE) Movie "Someone Like You" (1978) Janet DuPlessis, Hans Strydom. 10:30 Best Of Carson From January 1985: actors Peter Fonda and Charles Nelson Reilly and comedian A. Whitney Brown join host Johnny Carson. (R) Comedy With Monteith & Rand The comedy duo performs scripted skits and improvisations based on suggestions from the audience. !P Q Remington Steele Laura and Remington are hired to find out who murdered an artist. (R) (HBO) 1st & Ten Pro football team owner Diane Barrow gets some interference from ner nasty ex-husband. 11:00 Q Gunsmoke Kitty falls in love with a reluctant gunfighter after he risks his life to save hers. (CBN) Best Of Groucho Guests: ceramics artist and manufacturer Sacha Brastoff; Anna Badovinac. (TMC) Movie "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" (1981) Harrison Ford, Karen Allen. (HBO) Movie "Lassiler" (1984) Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour. (FNNBET) Video Vibrations Urban contemporary music video programming featuring a mix of rhythm and blues, pop, soul, gospel, jazz, reggae and country videos. (ARTS) James At 15 The battle-of-the-sexes is on full force when James and Sly unknowingly coach an all-girl basketball team to take on the boys' team. 11:15 (CIN) Movie "Reckless" (1984) Aidan Ouinn, Daryl Hannah. 11:30 Q Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: talk-show host Oprah Winfrey, comedian film director David Steinberg. O Movie "Sahara" (1943) Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Bennett. (ESPN) NFL Films Presents All pro backs. (R) (SHOW) Movie "Testament" (1983) Jane Alexander, William Devane. 11:40 Movie "Lois Gibbs And The Love Canal" (1982) Marsha Mason, Robert Gunton. 11:45 -(WTBS) Movie "Lightning Strikes Twice" (1951) Ruth Roman, Richard Todd. 12:00 P Eye On Hollywood From November 1985: a tour of West Germany includes a report Irom Munich's Oktoberfest celebration and a visit to an acclaimed winery. (R) (ESPN) NFL Films Presents Highlights of Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI. 12:30 (CBN) Father Knows Best Jim and Margaret plan to get away from the kids for a second honeymoon. 12:45 (HBO) Movie "Blame It On Rio" (1984) Michael Came, Joseph Bologna. 12:50 (CIN) Movie "Goodbye, Em-manuelle" (1977) Sylvia Kristel, UmbertoOrsini. 1:00 Q Today In Washington (Joined In Progress) (CBN) 700 Club A preview of topics to be covered in the two-week series "The Future Is Ours." (TMC) Movie "Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life" (1983) John Cleese, Michael Palin. (NICK) Movie "Mr. Moto's Last Warning" (1939) Peter Lorre, George Sanders. 1:05 (SHOW) Movie "The Rosebud Beach Hotel" (1984) Colleen Camp, Peter Scolari. 1:45 (WTBS) Movie "Dark Passage" (1947) Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall. 2:00 (CBN) Movie "Gung Ho!" (1943) Randolph Scott, Noah Beery Jr. 2:30 (ESPN) Top Rank Boxing Terrenes Alii vs. Anthony "Cobra" Williams in a lightweight bout scheduled for 10 rounds from Atlantic City, N.J. (R) (HBO) Movie "The Last American Virgin" (1982) Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin. 235 (SHOW) Movie "The Dead Zone" (1983) Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams. 2:40 (CIN) Movie "F.I.S.T." (1978) Sylvester Stallone, Peter Boyle. 2:55 (TMC) Movie "The Big Score" (1983) Fred Williamson, John Saxon. 3:00 Q Movie "The Night Riders" (1939) John Wayne, Doreen McKay. 3:30 (CBN) Movie "Fighter Attack" (1953) Sterling Hayden, Joy Page. 4:20 (TMC) Movie "Moscow On The Hudson" (1984) Robin Williams. Alpo time BOB NEWHART, as Dick Loudon, is ready to do a dogfood commercial but the pooch he's hired isn't willing to get in on the act, on "Newhart," airing tonight a 8:30 on CBS. The program also stars Mary Frann, Tom Poston and Julia Duffy. r i i (I-fe ' I' - If 1

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