The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1943 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1943
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWRPAPKO C\K> wnoTini 1 * et< A ittr. ..„ ^^ ^»*^W W w ^^^^ HfcWbPAPbH OP NORT1IEAS1 AliKANSAB ANO SOUTMRAK'J' Minnm,,,, VOLUME XL-NO. 27. Blylhevllle Dally News Blyllu-vlllc' Hor»ld lilythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Leader MISSOURI Rommel's 'Victory' Speed—25 M.P.H j Those liifj German words on (his trallic sign encountered by Urilish I in Tunisia weren't heeded by Rommel in his rclreal up Ihe coast "Motor Vehicles," the sign says, "Tronic discipline! Protect your vehicles from accidents! Maximum speed, 40 kilometers." (25 miles j per hour.) Rommel's speed has exceeded 10 lira, and his vehicles | bave met with plenty of "accidents" as allied bombs shower on HLVTHKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. A HTHJ.FUKS Daylight Raids Follow Night Navy Reveals That Enemy A i I .^ .. 1. _ f\ I")'1 I II «-..!•. ^-^ Attacks On Mannheim Pilsen and By llnllctl fres.s An Allied daylight air attuok on Western airopc apparently Ls now in progress, A liirgc force of four-motored bombers flew 'over the English today, headed toward Ult- r's European Has Built Hangars On Aleutians Base By llnKnl 1'rovi American Army bombers me •innsliltiK all records hi n furious assault (o .smush the Browing Japanese nil 1 thrciU on KLska Island. ; The Navy rovcnLs Hint on Tlmfs- i.v our heavy and medium bombers mid fluhliYs carried out l.'l dcvns to . - *-"•'• tnj«t >»t<iiirj.t 1.411111.11 t/uc J.J UCVII.V r,™ JL"l!"" l f™ f °'' Ulc "'"" c;i lillini! nttllckli "" lllc J 'M> Aleutians And for the first time, llic Navy Dunns Ihe .night, Clerniany's ">»L iur IMC unit, mi: wavy «ieat armament factories at Pllscn discloses that the Japs have sue- and Mnnnhcim rocked under cccded In building hiingurs on Ihe probably the heaviest single night 1 " 1 -— 1 raids of liic H/\p. More than GOO llrlllsli heavy bombers dropped an estimated load of 180a tons of bombs on the Nuni munitions centers. That is believed lo be a record for one them. Today's War Commentary Tough Bizerte Allies Face Well-Entrenched Foe .'...•- By THOMAS J. nONOIlim of Unilcd I'ress ; The Allied armies in Tmiixhi are about lo bct'in the bil- ieresl. battle of the entire African war. The preliminaries are-'over. Soon will Ijegin llic main assault lo hurl the Axis army oil' llwl tiny Hlrin of him) which represents the enemy's last foothold on the dark continent. • • 'We nuisi, face Lhc certainly lhat victory, in this final battle will cost us heavily. There is no. doubt tlml Marshal KoimiieJ, even if he has left. Tunisia, has ordered his troops lo sell their positions dearly And all indications point to the fact lhat the climax will come In the immediate region.of Blffirte. ,,'-• ROMMEL SAVED' CRACK TIlOOl'S The-' Nav.i marshal, through Ihe.long retreat from E<rypt, saved most of hjs'crack German soldiers for this last battle by sacrificing his Italian components in suicidal rear guard stands alonsj the entire route. There are sonic 1EO.GOO German velerans plus 50,OCO Italians rcniain- !, ing in the Axis army, pur troops on the immediate fighting front - probably outnumber the Axis, an:! our materiel is 'abundant. But once again the enemy }& operating.on closely connected interior lines behind . ^-. pc Xf'!lS t f r ,°' ^°^li (COumlles and has enough stufl.and men lo make '. a fight oif c6nailio'ns-clc)Sc'15r':Sl5pTS[ic'rilng''irarlfyV" 3 ' :- ' -'>•'•':'-" '; The Germans decided long ago lo make their stand in the 'hills guarding the upproaches-'to Blzerte and they have converted them Into a gun-studded region of sudden death. ' . There, they put their toughest and craftiest troops.' Hcaw machine guns have been posted in deep holes covered with iron plates and thickly piled over with sandbags, dirt and brush for camouflnEC. At the bottom of Ihose.holes, some of which are 18-lect deep, there arc tunnels into which the enemy can go for protection from heavy shelling and bombing. The machine nuns are mounted so that they can fire a virtual solid wall of steel the entire area. MANV DEADLY i\I(WTAUS UKADY In back of the 50-caliber machine guns arc mortars, hundreds of them, whose. 3000 yard range is greater than that of any American or Britith mortars known to be in use in Africa. Hidden in the vp.lieys'behind the mortar pasts is battery after battery of 88-millimeter guns, the notorious cannon which nearly wrecked the British 8th-Army at KniglitsbrUlgc and which blasted American armor between FakJ I' and Ka.vserine Gap. - Tlic Germans have about six good airdromes In their new defense ring, in addition to 10 makeshift landing fields. True, all these fields are under heavy Allied air altack. But bombs cannot knock oul airdromes -Ilicy m».sl be taken by ground troops. Furthermore, the Germans can draw on Sicily and Sardinia for lighter and bomber support. Bizertc itself was one of the most heavily fortified positions in the old French empire. The French took it in 1881 when it was only a .small fishing and trading station. It belonged to Phoenicians in Die pre-Christian era, but Ihey lost Bizcrlc lo the Romans, who lest it lo even lojiplii" liic tonnngc dropped on Bremen, Essen and Cologne In the smashing 1,000 plane raids last year. 'rlie jnr.ii) force of the twin raids, composed entirely ol four ciigined Halifax . and ' Lancaster I bombers, was concentrated' against I the sprawling Skoda at pllscii.Tho bombers flew more tlmn 1200 miles round-trip to attack Pilscn, which Ls located In what was formerly Czechoslovakia. A smaller force of fonr-cngin- cd Stirlings and Hullfaxcs blasted Mannheim, the second largest inland port of Europe. In Mannicim's industrial plants, Hitler turns put tanks, motor vehicles, dicsel engines, explosives and armaments for his war machine. IfOK'ei'ci', It was the most costly night of the war for the RAF. Fifty-five bombers were lost. • While the RAP hammered Germany from the west, the Hed Air Force may have been bombarding the country from the east. Berlin •reports the fifth raid -in a week on northeastern Germany. The German answering raid last night was feeble. One Na/i plane skirted the London area, and dropped bombs ' on a suburb. A number of houses were demloish- thc Turks. French. Then came llic Arabs, and Spaniards, and finally the Duritig the First World War, Germany showed its interest ill Bi- zcrlc when she suggested tentative peace plans by which the port would become a German possession. Italian demands for it were cue of the principal causes of Italy's entrance into the war against France in 1010 ni7.KWTK CALLED "GII5RALTAK OF FKANCE" Called Ihe "Gibraltar of France, 1 ' Bizertc had an airfield which in normal limes was the hub for service between Europe and Africa. It has two magnificent harbors. Us commercial and licet anchoiagcs. The fleet anchorage, or inner harbor, Is a deep, nO-milc-squarc liaven big enough lo accommodate the largest (led in llic world. Here arc dry- docfcs, machine and repair shops, oil tanks, coaling facilities, arsenals, barracks, and hospitals. Coastal ballerics were erected by the French to guard Bi/certo from the sea—great guns capable of firing huge projectiles 10 miles out into the Mediterranean. . By now, many of guns have been turned around by Ihe Germans to protect fli/.crlc from Ihe land side. The. others arc standing in their original positions Lo guard against any British .sea-borne thrust. , Underground chambers, hewn out of tio feet of solid rock, enable Bizerle to withstand a long siege. Muge quantities of food and supplies undoubtedly have been llown in by the Germans since November in anticipation of just such a battle as is beginning now. Bizerle has often been the repository of lost causes and melancholy , hopes. The While Russian fleet rusted and decayed there for many *•' years. It was there, too, lhat the remnants of S'win's republican navy .•sought refuge. The French fleet was there, watching the homeland wither and die in 1940. Now, liizerle contain* the broken fraoincnls Women Obtain Use Of Stnegel Building For Preparing Dressings The lied Cross -surgical dressing room was moved today from the Armory to the Stricgel Building east of Courier News, where it will be open beginning Monday, it has been smnouncc'd by Mrs. B. A. Lynch, general chairman. Removal lo a larger room on a ground floor Ls expected to cause men who will give a part of thci. time lo the making of dressings being used on Ihe baltlc fields and hospitals, Mrs. Lynch said. The group, which started work „,„, ml last November, lias outgrown its keeping, room being used on the second floor of the National Guard Ar niory, also used by llic Slate of Mussolini's dream of empire—and Hitler's an well, not yield them easily. Livestock i ST. LOUIS, April 17, (U.P.I—Hogs 550, \vilh SCO salable. Market about 'llie enemy will steady with Friday's average on good choice 180-240 pounds at S14.SO to $15.00; lop 415.00 on around 230 pounds; few 160 pounds up 15c lower; lighter weights 50c lower; sows GOc to 65c off. Cattle; 2,500, all salable; calves none. Compared with close last, week: Steers .steady to 25 cents lower; heifers and mixed yearlings steady: cow.s weak to 25c lower; bulls 75c to $1 lower; vealcrs 25c lower; replacement cattle and calves steady. Tops for the week: choice 1238 pound steers $17.00; 1060 lb. yearlings 516.75; 838 lb. waxed yearlings and 792 lb. heifers $16.25; cows $14.00; sausage bulls $I3SO; vealcrs $15.50; replacement steers , .$15.50; bulks for the week: Slnugh- !/ ' tcr slccrs $14.00 to $16.00; replacc- " nicnl steers $13.50 lo $14.25; heifers and mixed yearlings $13.00 to $15.75; common and medium cows $11,00 to S13.CO; canners and cullers $8.50 lo $10.75; closing lop on sausage OcC~. bulls $.13.50, and, on vealcrs $15,25. Dec. New York Stock* The new buildin'g, which will be marked by n Red Cross flag In its window, formerly was an automobile .sales and display room. It is on Walnut Street across from the Court House. Recently constructed, it Is clean, well lighted with modern fixtures, will be cool this Summer with double doors on the South, in addition to .several windows and has an office and res: room, all of which are on the ground floor which does away with any step climbing. Use of the building was donated bv the owner of Kcnnctl. Mo. Island—slrlkliiB evidence of how far they have progressed In building a base there for their land planes. Fires and explosions blane<l und. rumbled through (he main camv> area, Ihe plane runway and hangars In TliunxliiyYi record-breaking assault which cost us one bomber— shot down by enemy anti-aircraft (Ire. The Thiir.srtny awaiilt brought to the number of raids against Klska in the past five days and raise<i lo 62 llic number since the of April. On Wednesday, the Navy revealed, ten attacks were made, instead of eight as announced previously. In the Southwest Pacific, i\ nine- ship Jnp coiivoy hn.s escaped tolal destruction at the hands of Allied Itomfaci* off Wcwnk. New Glijnca. H Is believed that the convoy succeeded in landing .some .supplies: at Wcwak before our pltmes destroyed or beached four of the sliius ami sent Ihe other five high-tailing out of our bomber range. Al Canberra, Australian Supply Minister Hcnslcy paid tribute lo American aid received llius far and said Australia can never repay Ihe Uniled Stales for llic services II has rendered. He said Japan's objectives north of Australia now arc to build ait bases. In Burma and China, we're holding our own. American Warhawk Fighters hare wrecked two' bridges In northwest Burma, iilrnctl at cutting Jnp communication!. Ami, Chinese forces claim lo be holding' three new Jap drives along the, Burma Road. Sudden Wealth Didn 5 i ^siL.biig' '' Foi- These Boys The feel of riches Is a wonderful cue, according to nine-yen r-olrl Bncll Stlres and 10-year-old Dick Reid, but Ihe trouble was the feeling ' , didn't last lout' enough. The two lads had visions of wealth for a little while recently after they had found J50 In a tobacco sack, while playing on the street, but the money was claimed by a Negro woman and (he fun was all ovcr. ' Buell picked up a. tobacco sack foiin<l by the lads as (Jiey walked along Chickasawba Avenue and Fifth Street, and instead of to- • "•. — —i -• — - - riiui oircei, aim instead of to- incrcase in lie number of wo- bncc0i thcy fmln(1 $50 , „ f , (l lm «"" '" vn = '""•' " f ""•"• In onc-'snck placed Inside the otl.e Rushing home to tell the great news to their parents, the money wa.s given lo Buell's parents, Mr and Mrs. O. O. Sllres. for .sale SINGLE COPIES F1VK-CICN'IV Wilh the work several T T Aincr Tobacco Anaccndn Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation . Republic Steel Radio Eocony Vacuum Studcbakcr Standard ol N J ..'.. Texas Corp Packard U S Sled ........... .'.'.'.'.' 55 3.8 113 l -2 54 23 Gl 72 I -4 35 3.4 '19 1-4 17 1-8 077-8 131-8 171-8 in i-s 52 7-8 48 1-2 months behind, due lo delay in [incline any t]iiaricr.s and lack of workers, an appeal today ajain was issued for more women to work. The making of a single dressing, which may save some man's life, is very simple, it has been pointed out. Women may work for a little while or all day at Ihelr convenience every day except on Saturday and Sunday and llic room also is open on Monday night. A clean wash dress, hair tied up and no polish on nails arc Ihe only requirements of Ihe workers. Young Arizona Visitor Fractures Arm In Fall Nila Beth Ihrlxton. 12-year-old visitor from Ajo, Ariz., broke her right arm in a tall while gathering eggs yesterday at the home of relatives In Southeast Missouri, where she is visiting Removed to Walls Hospital, she Is resltng very well. She and her mother arc guests of Roy Gaincs and olhcr relatives. New York Cotton open high low close Men. . 1988 1988 1983 1984 1088 May . 201'8 2018 2010 2010 2016 July . 2000 2003 1996 1998 1899 1992 1992 1987 1987 1989 1990 10W 1086 1987 1989 Mrs. Stires said that a NCBI woman called at the Stives hous two days later and claimed th money. She .said "'I hanks" and Icfl— thus ending the boys' capitalistic days. Dick is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Reid. Cancer Control Publicity Planned By County Women To better acquaint t|, c public with the need for carl v treatment of cancer by regular incdical examinations will be the aim of Mississippi County women interested in the Burly Cancer Control Movement who met at Hotel Noble Thursday afternoon for a cllscii.v- sion of Ihe program. Mrs. p. l,. HiKtiands, Mississippi Coiinly commander of the American Society for Early Cancer Control, Introduced Mrs. O. T. Cohen of Jouesboro, district commander, and Mrs. J. W. Ellis of Jouesboro. district publicity agent, who sjwkc lo representatives of various women 5 groups. 1'rcsent were women from UyeM. Yarbro. Osceola and Blythcvillc who expressed their desire to aid i» control of this disease with emphasis placed upon early diagnosis by regular medical examinations. nils meeting was held in keeping with the national program of having this program featured during April. A one-minute motion picture film is being shown in thcalcr.s of Ihe county through cooperation of theater owners, Mrs. Husbands announced. Zero Hour Approaches In Tunisia, Eisenhower Says, Revealing That Yanks Pinned 35,000 Axis Troops * * ,•+.!* ' ... . - : / ^_ * American Troops Enter Maknussy DEIRflCIED F0[ 8IH Sapper Makes Mine Harmless -•J- - - American .Teamwork Enabled ''..British' To Make Dash Up'EasJ Goasl ll.v llnlicd Press Ciciicrnl Klieiihow jt B y« in? Billed armies me. ready for llic Kiiiml climax In Tuul.sla. ; ' . And In miikhuj his anuoui'.cc- iiunl, Ihe Alltel coiiiniu.iuri.-r • In chief reported that !'ie Amcil- CIMI Second Aiiny. coi'iw kept 35,007 Axis Iroops cnxngccl while . Ill- UrlllsJi JJIghlli Army w«,v malclng Us (liiBh : up Ihe ,casl const dom the Mnrutli Line bejond toiMr He says-Ilia Americans tool 108) prisoners and knocked out l;9 rn- c-iny liniks und 100 Held sun*— about three ii-slmenlh of nitlllc > Our l/jsifn iieiivy I!) Ihl.s' arduous lafk In DIP '| Ciiicllnr' dud Maknnwy uicm, Iho Americans, lost 003 men klllod, lind 3,010 vvolmdcd und 85(1 are itiK-ilm The general's official Lommiinlf|ii'. earlier reported dial our nlrplniws smuslicd four Axh ships in n big. raid en I'alcruio In Sicily yesterday. And a Into Ciilro communl- iiuc rcimrts tin Allied raid en Ca- 'nnlii, frlclly—wllh lilts '(cnul a lun.kcr In Iho Imrbnr Two shlivt; strar.ilcd on the Tunisian const "wore lilt by other Allied plniics dhd n .burgo wus blown up. Still more Allied nltol-i atnashcil a. number.of Axis planes on the srcuurt at tbi!.'Oiidiin iiirpcil In Ttiiflsk. Ili'shtancc Slrcuj , The coimininl(|ue reported llic rltuatlon on the Krouiul generally i|ndinngc<l, but sild tin, Urilljh i)orth of McdJcu-cl-Bnb and the French ..west, of, Enfidiivlllc were. cncounlcrliK; >Uoi\i Mn/l lesMniiLC . Ocncrnl Elsenhower ga\c cone- li'pondcnts MI/'general bummaiy of (he cnm|ial(jir up to now ILL yil'l Uiut first ft nil half ,61 the A^L, An American sapper (kneeling at right) holds an Axis mine, 'which he has Just. ( IH B from Ihe sand near Ciiifsn, Tunisia. One wront; move at a time like this nml everyone l,i the ,,h,,l,,' ,,tovc would DC blown lo bil.s. It was necessary lo draw Ihesc Axis "fan^" before Ihe American fuuic c ; enler Gafsa. Note Ihe cxiM'esslom on llic .wldte „» »„. „,„„,,!• picks up ID,; mine. H'asscd by Censors) IKEA tclcpholo). 1 Harmon, Great Michigan Star, Sai'c After Jungle Plane Crash t'.v liililcci I'rrss Ton) H;innou of Aliclii/wn h; t .s Ijcen found alive. Tho MOWN Ihiii, MichiKiin's I'doLlcill sltu-'lias IKJCII found .safe rwichcd Jn's fainily just a:i llicy t'iuiio lumic friMii a special mass lo pray I'm- hi.s .safely. There are only scanty dutail.s .so far on how iliirmoit carno to be re.suiiwl. The aiiiioiinccmcnt Irom Iho • AnlilliY; Air ' rnrcc! liwidciimr- . , , tors at San Juan, Puerto Kiwi, says I f ocll)il!l history fur the record only lhal Harmon, who h;i.s Ijccn I " oukfi - "<: idled up r,n jwinl.s In missing on a Latin-American IIMit ' l ' 11 ' l:l! yeiirii ilt Mlcnlijnn. His :i:i since April 8, is t . a tc nl a .South '• low'i'lowns were two bcller limn American air base and llial his: j. . '""i" 1 ^ Orange scored at ll- , open July . Mir, M21i Wheat low close nrcl ' H2.VJ, u i;.' , Sep. . !«•{, 14355 142?i Hjii H2T Bells are worn by Japanese sol- to to which are llic by them Twlns Confuse Hoard XENIA, O. (U.P)-Oreen County selective .service board No. 2 wa.s confused for a period when twins with reversible names appeared for induction. The twins were Kenneth Keith and Keith Kenneth Kctriug, 18, of Osborn, O. In snow, chains are less than SO per cent effective If not held tight by side" springs. Loose chains in a snowbank sometimes remain, sta- " "' the wheels futllely . spin wHhin them, plane—the plane he named 'Old 03"—was wrecked In a Jungle. The United Press notified his mother. Mrs, Louis Harmon at her Ann Arbor, Mich., home. And when the tumult of happy shouting died. Harmon's mother iiskcd If the united press would Uy lo give this message to her boy. "Thank God you're .safe." she said. "We're all so happy. WYic together here at home. Have lalk- ert to Elyse." It wa.s signal. Tlic •>imily." Is Elysc Knox, ol Lo.< Angeles. Harmon has two brothers mcl two sisters. licCusc To Give (/'[) llnjic The football star's great intcr- crcncc runner, Porrcsl Kvashcv- fci had confidently predicted Ihir- non would be found safe. Evashevskl, who broke the way for Harmon's ama/ing runs through the nallcn's football twins hud wired the family. "Don't fcivc up hope, We know Tom's slreiiBlh find will lo live. I can't accept any had news conccinlnq Tom. With ;<n Mny ounce of Irish luck Tom will come July through," ocl. And old 98, Ihe number millions Dec. of football fans throughout llic ua- llon knew as llic greatest player since Kcd orange, is back In the Army's lineup, Harfhon finished his Michigan gridiron career at llic end of Ihe July 1040 season, He had made new Sep. , 87?i linois I'lu.vrd One I'm (iainc Tlic professional football teams swamped Harmon with offers. HP played one pro grune. then /jull for Rood. Me slarlcd n career as a radio hroadcaslcr. laklng time oul to portray personally his grid glo- Mlc.hli;an." Harmon applied (or cnliMmenl In the Army Corps He was accepted In March last year. Fie won Ins wings and a lieutenant's commission last. October. SUII flying high, this lime for the Army, but Mill Hashing the old 98. lie was assigned a Lalin- Amcrican tllghl.i His parents were notified nine days ago by Ihe War Department that he was overdue al his destination, lint today's army announcement reveals that he'.s still In the game. New Orleans Cotton open high low close , 201G 20IC 2<,W 2011 2018 2015 2045 2030 2910 2031 2031 2021 2028 2019 2010 2013 201C 2(,18 2018 2012 2013 20.10 2015 2017 Chicago Rye open high low close 85% 86K 85^ 8GM 85« Arkansas liricfs .lONfiSHOIK), Ark., April n Ull'l —IHly, Illcluiiilson, a C'ralKhniil (,'nuuly furmcr, bus lircn fomid ciillly nl vnhinlary iiMirhniKlilrr ;,,i,i M-ntwml I" two .vrars' liniirlsonnirnt. Tlic Ciraiil Ciiurl Jury dclllicrulcd an li'iitc ami lr> mlintlcs. f'niMTUflnjr Allnrnny Slareii.s I'icl* rbarsetl llul Itli'liiinlsnn kllli-rt (.'dipper in ct>ld hlnocl, ask- hn; Mini be \ir. sent l» llic clcc- Irit rhnir i,r civrn a Jifc (crm. lloivcvrr. Kicbantsdn's nltorney, Urnvrr DuAle.f, said (lie r.-isc wcitlil be iip|ii>itti;il lo llic Ark- .iiisis Supruuio Court. lllrhiiiilsiint .said he itpr.-nnl flic (inly afici- t'onpcr re.iclicil for bis Bim. r.ll-l'f.K Kljck. Anril 17 (111 1 )— rorrcsl ItliMCll, fichl ic|iirsru<a(lvc nf the Arkaiiias iithicallon Association, says If llic s(;ilc runs oul of funds now, by ncxl yriir It will lie on nil ftmrs if II rain Kc ( fcd- rntl iiicl. Ilii/^rll Itilil iiicrnhcrs of flic AKA rnuncll thai a bill In pn- viilr Mains ?,r,ti million dollars for rilnrsition lias lilllc o|i|io- ^ilioll in the legislature. He said some persons hiij;- Krstcd tbr liill ivoiihl briiij In fciln-iil rcnlrcl of education. ltoj«ll challciiKcd anyone to ' find a rrnvisitiii In the bill Mliii'b wnulil allow control cf rdiicalicn liy a fc:lcial ngcncy. . rliira aloiie sniik a million Ir'm of Axis .shipping in tho Mctlltoirn- iiciii).; ''' ; ' •' The.Ucncral pulcl trllnile lo In; Alllfld flrquijd .coinmiiiirtcr, nrlllsh aciicriil AlcKnnder."and said Iji? French illsp 1m vc done lliclr share with 'wlituV eriuipment we coulij jive Ihpm.i • . ' Meanwhile, General Alexander commentlcd AiiicrlcJin General rut- ion, whojie troops accomplished Ihelr assignment to capture nml force Nazi Marshal .. itoniinbl lo send his .rwbvvcs. westward,-Tills move softc;iP(| up the Miiretlv IJnct for Oenoral Monlgorriciy's Eljjhl* Army. Ihil Alexamlci named that 'haul filillui! still 'lies ahead before we; Ihrow Iho enemy oul of Norlli Africa ' Housewives Urged lo Cooperate In City-widejjf n Salvage Drive > ^"~ •* Tin cans will not bo cc ItccH loiuly In lilyllievllle a<c t [nrl \. Ihe tin can talvagc drive but ft clly-wldo collection will be made next Saturday. April 21, It has bncn announced by It. A. Ncton, local chairman. Wilh various delays believed out ol the way, the committee plans lo wage a campaign which will give every housekeeper an npjior- limily lo 'contribute" her cans, Mr. Nelson said. • Hoy Scout Troops 31 and 38 will mak<i the collection of cans, assisted by city employes, 'sifter cflns have been nlacc:! In' front, of tlic house ,011 the curb by 10 o'clock In the mprnlm. Ueforn leaving the cans en the itrb for the collection triick. Ihey should be. prepared as follows: "Wash Ihe contents: out. f:«it m>i Imth top and bottom and nlacc 'lie lop and bottom on Inside of the can before stepping on it to flallC'i. The labels should be removed bill it is not necessary to wash off Die label glue." ^\ WHAT YOUR BONDS BUY It's Irue that "The Sun Never Sets on a Fighting Jeep." 88!'< 8T,<. (t lakes 48 $25 War SonJs, o« only JJ875 each, to moke one J. T. Williamson Dies At Paragould Yesterday J.'T. Williamson, who lived near Blythevllle until he recently moved to Paragould, dropncd ricad yesterday afternoon at Leachvllle. He was SO. In apparent gcod health, he waj walking along the business section of Ihe west Mississippi Couty town when ho slumped to (hc'.vvnlk anil died almost instantly. , He was itiaKing his home v»il)i ! his brother, W. H. Williamson, who | is expected to Brrivc here this afternoon to complete funeral ; nr- mngemenls. '^ Cobb Rmcrnl Home is in chargri * A'

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