The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1933
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! tt^ Serwd 6y ffte ^ur United Press EnHEVKEE COURIER NEWS TH» nnMTWAVT* NVWQUAPrU r»» unW-nrWA «T\ Aotrmnta . «,, „,,„_„__ ^^ " ~ ' ^^** THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEK OP NORTHBAHT ARKAK8A8 AND 8OOTHEABT MI6SOUIU HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 233 Blyihevllle . Dully NtW hlyllievUla QourUt. .,, »„„..,,,,., , ,-, .,.,,. *.„ . n f . ,,„., MtoMalppI V«lle? ly»der mv>h>»>li» Haiia. HI/n'HEVU.I.R. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKOKMHKK 10, 10IW SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SHERIFF TO ACT IN TENNESSEE LYNCHING Welcomed in Floridn Cilv A r. n' r M .1 1 seeking n divorce to nive tiolii Alter LirclltlK North aild ; ihc defendant 'only throUBh t: South Atlantics. [Mexican Supreme Court Outlaws Easy Divorces MEXICO CITY, L)CC. 1C lUPl- The powers of Mexico's "divorce mill" slate;; were limited strictly luday niick-r a new and clear cut .supreme court dccir.ion which en- UaiiKi-ri'd thousands of decrees oil- mined by Americans, j Tile cfkcl of (he luliny is lo i end liu* prnclU-e. by which severnl Mexican states iirrmittcd a pei.sui ce to :iotiue ! of suit in an obscure stale publication. Sings Welcome Song to Callows MIAMI. Fla.. Dec. in U1P)- Col. and Mi*. Cliarics A. Limt- IxTijli. Ibc fivirie; ronple most famous In aviation history, lauded their cnerdy monoolane here today at 1:21 n. m. eastern standard time, returning to tlio United Slates after an unprecedented fli"ht nrounri tile two Atlantic^. I The Lindberghs arrived herr| it I 1 from San Pedro de Macoris. Do- HOICler? niii.lcan Reoublic, whirl, they bad' • left at : K:M n. m eastern standard! time as tbev raced home lo spend. Christmas with their baby son,' • Ml " , ..,„., ''• I.MTI.K ROCK, Dec. 16 IUPJ— Llmles News Rod ] lane I „ - rrso!Ultivcs ol llo!dcl ,. „, _ were near the Innd-i 10!l ,, i ml , r0 vement ..<• barec- as 11,= I.mdbe.-Ris set vvho r:lj!c(! to n T, V '' ' e " fl Chi of MEETS OB5NCLE older? of Improvement District Securities Object to Program. district bonds ngi-L-c will) the it ,. , . , , Miuujii^ ts submit U.u1 by" the nn PS durnur which ; co mmitt L .,. a;;po:'ilc-d ID iron o n .id visited 19 countries. I (;im c,ntta: in Arkansas bond qucs t!ons continued negotiations here loday. Tlie group from St. Louis was fort to photograph him in fli^ ^ ^ ^ -kcd ^ ^ their c'-iine burls as the $90,003,000 of district highway obligations. Under the pla;t a-, it now stands to lie continued for 25 years. In addition For SO minutes Lindbergh and it iiew.srecl plane thrilled the spectators with an aerial duel. Lindbergh nnnaraitlv re.<eiillii°r an cf- As the news reel nlane Lindbergh hanked sharply, dived, and headed for the open ocean. Lindbergh wr.s standing in the •.,.„„ rear cockpit of the plane. ! - Lindbergh taxied up to a rowboat inn feet off shore. Plane Pulled In Shore .Sail bo^iLs and motorboaLs path- ered while officials tried to drive them off. Lhulbcrgh then taxied Tin lit as club a fiddle and ready to hany," carols Lr.u'is Kenneth Neu fiineer, facing thut fate for the confcised slaying of ' a Patersun. N. J., theater owner and a Naahvii'e. Tenn., business man. In this "death sons" o! his own conipor.i'.tcri, he • made New Orleans parish prison rinj. during an interval in his trial, 'They're Boing to lake me out to the. gallows', dum,i me through that hole in the floor." But be pleaded with the reporter who snapped this picture in his cell, "Don't ever call me a erooner. V.'hcn I sing I sing." is OUT DF PflPERS \vo Riviil Groims Work- mi' to Perfect Howard Scot IV Utopian Scheme Tivlnmrravy . . . rr ntlirr it? Well, U wasn't just :i fail, as vou may have thniftjhl. Tills Hl» ran srhrni.- which wl^eil thr roimtrv\ liimnln.ilm,, In a lihuc uf inibllrllv a yi-ar *rn still k tH-irij: drvrluued — bv t»vu rival <rDii|i'—ind his morr adherents tlmij fvn- licfurr. The present '•tali..- nf Trrlmurrary Is drsrrlbrd in Iwu article.', uf whlrli this Is Ilir (irsl. t " * • IIY PAUI, IIAltRISON Ni:.\ Srrvlr* Staff ('i:m-.S|Hindnit NEW YORK. — Tcchniicnicy Ls iint dend. no matter hnvV little hns hi en heard of It since It flashed nrrcss uin' natlimal consciousness iiwt a year ntrn. Technocracy Is not even dormant, ft has n stend- llv riowinu number of followers n»rl is warklni; more determinedly than ever Inward perfection of Its U N ii)ljin schemes. II was foiirlccn ntontlis aro lhat a s'nv n-jnoinicemiMil from Columbia University Rave a fleeting R'linr^o of a croup of engineers wlio for years had been amassing tile dala. drawhm Child Burns to Death Sending Santa a Letter LITClll-'IKU). KIIB.. Dec. 10 • (Ul'l-l)uuijliis lilttod, 5, was In..!.-. ! cd to death today when he Iriidj ' to send a Idler t» Snnln X 0liins by liuslilni; K' up ll.e cl.linney u[ M, up'-ii ilie;>l:ice. Knowing thai Sanln alwayscunii' iluwn On; chlinncy. the child tiled I" "mntl" tin- letter by sendini; it nlons this Kris K.-luglc ionic. 'Hie llaiiii's Itii.llecl Ihc letter. which Hew liack in the draft ::el lire tu his shirt. Phillips Holmes To Wed Beauty RED BEDELS IN around the harbor before cutting Ills motor, jpff. """He'taxlefi until 1:41 n. m. after hit-2!i mim.le "duel "with -tin; news plane. At a signal from Lindbergh a Pan-American Airways employe dove from a boat and swam to the pontoon of LimlborBli's plane with they were said to have nsked thai a S5'00,CCO peri year sinking fund be established' to refund bonds at market I rices. Meantime the legislative com- ratlee, appojn' funding bill to mendtuions of : 1 to draft the re? based on recom- 'he full committee which was composed of holders of obligations and the govcr- sub-convniUec, halted its direct r.or's work. an aj'-cement is reached S155.000000 road debt will called lor Monday. Wunderlich Named to Petroleum Code Body a guide rope. He fixed it under the! t<xln 5' tnc pro-ostd leeisbtiie sos- pontoon with Mrs. Lindbergh giv-i^ion to enact a jaw refunding Ar- inc iiim directions. I ansas' Lindbergh and his wife, Anne, ''"I be were perched on Ihe cockpit as the plane was pulled backward into the shore with a rope attached to the tail. Circlr " Santo Domingo SANTO DOMINGO, Dec. IB (IT D—Col. nnd Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh bid a spectacular farewell to the Dcminican Republic today, cuttin« wide circles over the capital in their sjiecdy mono. Plane before he-.dinir northward on their lionu-.vprd flight. The flyers, who took ofT from Pedro de Macoris 45 minutes curlier, appeal.d over the capita! at 7:ID A. M.. and dipped the v.iiief of lh?lr plane in salute li. Ihe throng clustered in the rlreet.s and oti the housetops. Mother's Screams Put Abductor to Flight PENSAVKEN. N. J., Dec. 1C (UP)—An attempt to kidnap one- year-old Marvin Jones, son of H. E. Jones, former Philadelphia bank president, was reported lo police today. Mis. Jones, mother of the child, told authorities she awoke to find an intruder standing beside the child's crib. Her screams frightened the man away. W. J. pointed cissippi (r. chairman of fjtate Petroleum Wnndeilich has been ap- vice_cluirnian for Mis- connty by M. R. Spring- the Arkansa. committee. In will aid in the Hie petroleum Father, Daughter Reunited bv Court this capacity In- enforcement ol marketing code. Mr. Wunderlieh was appointed along with a number of other vice-chairmen in various parts ol j','.' Ihc state and will attend a gen_ i-ral meeting soo:i where the petroleum mrirkcSi.ig code will be outlined. Ann Dvorak, Film Actress, Seeks Father HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 1C (UPV- Ann Dvorak, who hasn't seen her father in 14 years, asked the United Press today to help her find Two Drowned, Nine Missing After Disaster OH, Off Nova. Scotia. BOSTON, Dec. 17 (UP)—Boston clfi.-ers- of the United Fisheries !-aid today that 15 men hnd been saved, two were drowned, and nine were missing alter the fishing schooner Ellen T Marshall caught f. r e oif Nova Scotia. ,.Tl:c bij schioncr left Boston for the fishhi^ giounds Thursday and Ihr- men hnd hoped to come back with a "big money" catch before Christmas. Captain Albert Hines of Boston was one of the 15 who had been rescued, the operators'of the ves- jel said they had learned. One small dory carrying three I men came ashore at Seal Island j early today but two of the crew •ere drowned when it upset In landing. The other was too weak | eten to disclose names of his ill- fated companions. Tli; asioi'iation said it had learned lhat tight men had been picked up by p. steamer. Six others, it said, v;e:e understood to have been rescued. mid tnu. him. His liame Edward McKim. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 17 (UP) — Cotton closed ba.ely steady. ! op.-:i hhh low close' Dec 695 995 990 090 Jan nS8 99H 090 090 March 1013 1014 1000 1009 Mav 101,1 1020 1022 1022 July IH13 10'M in3R 10M' Oet 1061 10C1 1053 1053 SpDls closed iiuict at 1010. off 10. He once acted on tile vaudeville slatje with her mother, Anna Lehr. They were divorced when Ann was eight and she has not seen him since. Miss Dvorak dropped the name ef McKini when she embarked on i film career. Hayti Woman Treated Pictures of City Fathers Are Removed Temporarily The pictures ol Blytheville's ol- ficial family a' (he time the city hall wns erected, removal ol j which front the main corridor of the hall cause.' s\ich n furor lhat they were prompi'y re-hung, were lemovcd again today, but only Um^oraiily. C\VA workers, painting and repairing the h-ill, took down the. large panel on which the pictures! are displayed, in order that they for Accident Injury mi?hl liaint l ' ie enllre wan * Only a scant few of those M ~ . i whose pictures compose the group Central .Government Announces Destruction of Communist Revolt. SHANGHAI, Deo. 1C (UP)- The Nanking central goveinn, fill _ claimed lodny to have Miuishi-d jone uf the revolts auiilnsl Its leadership l>y it decisive victory over the communist armies In Ihe .southern pail of Klangsl province. Cicnornl Chlnng Kai-shek, 151:11- ernl of Chinese military nffnlrs led the nationalist army which routed the communists, beheaded one of their .principal lenders, and loft fi.OOO of tho ennny dead on the battle field, the official report snid. the complicated Suddenly switching Ills plans to and compnrlne the aver- quell (he revolt of the 10th route whioh would reveal the fnults nrmy. famed defenders of Sliiinu- 1ml. in Fnkkm nrovlnce. General Chiang led the flower of the cen- Iral government .troops into Ihe territory of the communist generals. • i .He 'met tho enemy In the .south- future of our economic sys- nv nrcember. 1932. Technocracy h"W the attention of most of 11 .« civilized .world. Discussion of it berrinin an- indoor .stxirt...Nailonal niapazl.M i s ojiened their. • columns to it. _Bcorcs . nf writers, totjether with •economists"' and nllncltod or expounded Us m-ln- cinles: Government by science, abolition of the price system, abolition of novcrfv and debt, con- tvollnd nroil.irllon. work for Inisnrc for all. nlcntv for all— _ those were promises held out to |nn unensv nation floundering In | the trough r>f the deprc-ssion. Al- masl. -overnieht Technocracy's icnd- ern part of the province in a three day bnttlo, the announcementsaid. As the communists fled seized their headquarters. Chlane Among those slain was Lo PliiJ-hul, com- mandcr of the communist first nrmy. Hi.s Fevered hend wns de- nil.I livcred to nationalist, officers by n 'Bioup of his own followers: Tlie victory wns effected with Ihc low of only 400 men, the announcement snid. The communists asscrtcdlv lost 10,000 In killed and wounded. I er— prim, didactic, n.vsierlous Howard Scott—wns elevated to a plncc of rcromiiiCMice and • opiiorlunlfy reached by few men in a lifetime. :Eh?rorsrd In such abstractions ns his "Ihnory of energy'detcrmln- nnLs." Scott was not ready to defend his Idea. 1 ; with unassailable farts. Some of his dtscinles, less reticent, mnde statements which were Rleefiilly battered down by statistical conservatives. Other e elf-styled Technocrnts \vrotc nr- tlcles nnd books nnd mnde speech-[ Gen. Sung Cheh-yunn. governor Japs Penetrate Wall PEIPING. China, Dec. 10 (UP)— A column of Mnnchnkuonn and Japanese soldiers, chiefly cavalry, advanced today from the 'Dolon- nor nrea toward the Pclplng rall- wav. to (he alarm of Chinese. The mystery column penetrated Ihe ijrent wall and pressed on toward Lmignan. between PeliiiiiH and Kalenn and GO miles northwest of Pel ping. es which . were wildly spec.ilativc. Fniallv driven into the open, Scott himself offended many an ln\T. r .ti- cator by miking in a mumbo- .lumbo which nobody could under- drawn Chinese avoid a clash. The invaders striking distance Kalian railway. A bit bewildered b; the legal and moral Ijsuej involved. Cathertm Hnnacr. 7, was tlail to be back ID bar (ither'> armi ifler her aunt Rod uDcle, In wbosi custody int bad been since Infancy, aurrcn- dered tier to ner father on conrl order. Horn a Lutheran, he pitted B Catholic rtjr ber rosier pnrnniG. Catherine wa» obw to become a Lurherah again. stand. Then he offended them nil over annin by lapsing into a sullen silence. Critics began to suggest that Technocracy might be a iblt tcch- no-crnzy, and that perhaps ll-s theories were move pscudo than rclentinc. Next it was discovered I Rravtnn Hill that rewrdlr« of Scott's Impres- Brax » 0 "_ U| » sivc genius, the hiirh prleit of the -nvemcnt- had a somewhat uliim- nressive past. Technocrats began to bicker an.on^ themselves: members prominent In scientific fields of Cahr province, of which Knlran is the capital, telegraphed War Minister Ho Ylnij-chi.iK. asking Instructions nnd informing him that for the present he had with- troops, hoping to were within easy of the Polping- Florence llico^ .abova, York beamy and uanjlitor 'of Orantland nice, eports writer, and rhllllpa llolmea. motion plo turo nctor, bolow, aro pianaine a trip to tlio altar, tlio hand- BiiiiiL' star aunouiicod ns he left I.oa Angolea for a vlalt In New York. Divorce ended Miss Rice'* .two earlier marital vouturet. Assault Case Defendant Seized After His Release From Nashville Jail. NASHVILLE'. T«nn., Dec. 1C (U I 1 )—VilierM K. A, JVuinran of Davl<l™ii cauniv nniiouuscd today that lie exacted, wa.rants to be iworn out thl.i aflernooii for six men who lyncl'-rd nn aliened negro . atlucker lute yesterday near Columbia. - , ' ' ' Relatives of Cord Cheek, .20, v-hovc bullet riddled body was ioimd swhi!<lii£ from 'a cedar tree last night, told''tho sherltr Uklii'y llu.t thu negro was kidnupixl lalo •yeste.d.iy afternoon In Nashville b; six men heavily armed and riding In twa automobiles. Two negro, students at Fisk university who vitness-jd the kld- look the. plate num. ters of the automobiles and plac- « them in the hands of -'die therllf. 'I'.ikrn hy Armed Men Cheek, accused of assaulting liii • II-year-old firm girl, was.released ! from Jnll at V30 P. M., yesterday r.iter relutlves of the attack victim failed to appear .before the grund jury to prosecute hlrh. ,Thirty mlnutf? later the men, armed with shotguns and pistols, nlxluclcd him from the home oj bit aunt. Lcona Cheek, in the • ..euro section here, the sheriff learned. Tin eo hours later Columbia au- iliorilic, were told that the negro's body could lie found hanging to-» -'• lice six miles.m|t.-of'.the city. "•;. PhyslcioM • who . exirh|rted ; th/V- tody, s»ld,;Jt)»i guiisHot- wounds- " i "'"''" IS ". !n '^-' noosq caused h|s dtath. they said. "• Coroner Gets Body COLUMU1A, Tenn', UeL. 10 (U PI—County olflr.iitls today professed to be coi.ipletely lo the size or Identity of a mob which )yncli2d a negro . after .fie iind been exonerated .by a grand jury on a cliarje of attempting to attack a white girl. The tody of Cord Cheek, negro-,-- newest victim In a.series of mob outbreaks In various sections ..of the country, was found hanging tree, hear the city T'tp body was riddled | Coroner l)ort Irwln cut down- l irri" 11 -' coi|iilr y. If I 1 ™" ft ccdar L rr ' lnst nl8lit - T LM l.. u iu, bullets. Louis Joseph Vance Burns |!£ ^ ta f lld drihmd a to Death In His York Apartment. Nc\v \ l ies Preach at Armoreli of '.'murder by par-"^ unknown. 1 ' No Investigation isy iindcilakeT-. immediately. "••• Tlie mob ht.d long since de-' parted when .cnmly officers ar^- r'vt-d. They hud been summoned by an nnonynvjii; telephone- caller. When the informal execution took place, how many composed the execullon party, whether the negro was hanged and then shot or vice verso, was unk.iown. ' . ' ' Freed by Orand Jury Check wns n:resled November '16 clothes were badly'^'1 a charge preferred by an 11. apartment wns un-1 year-old whlto girl. A mob 1m- mediately fornvxl "in front of the. Ihe Maury cmr.'ly jail-liere NEW YORK, Dec. 10 (UP) — Louis Joseph Vance. 54. author of the Lone Wolf vind a number of other novels, was burned to denth lodny when ho fell'asleep with n lighted cigaret In his mouth. Vance wns found by attaches of the town house in which he lived after neighbors smoke. Ills burned. The damaged. The novelist had .sn.olled were badly was found floor, nude from the waisie up. There will \y Aim ore! school 11 o'clock, aik' , . , . . . ,. .,, .. i it uiiuvr.. .mv Sunday evening, became re uctant to Identify them-, 7:30 O . dock . „,„,, lirnxto]1 G1Ili „ selves with the orwnl7atlon: nnd , Jo.icstoro Baptist col- Columbia University, which had , , j 0 .,,- lloll , ,..,„ , )rcn , h provided facilities for the research; 10 ^ nt J"' 1 -'" 0 "- ""' l )rcnch work, disavowed any official con ncclion with it. theville hospital last night, for" a | £"'!'" broken collar bone sustained in a i v ', -", Highway 61 accident three 1 miles below Haytl. trom the group Is Damon femur west end alder. wliose comments on removal New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 17 (UPI- Cottnn closed lardy steady. opjn high low close Dec ' <m 992 D89 988b •inn . »j 993 9S9 gso March 101? 1012 1007 1008 Mny 1073 1025 1021 10'22 •Inly 10'i3 1038 1038 1036b Oft 10i7 1057 1052 1052 Spots closed .slcady at 998. up 5 She was discharged from the ( ' f , '! lc , >' ic , l , ur " " th ? cllange '" . ° ..yn. t.i^j l.rl,llll\lctt-ntlrtTlv Crt^ll nftat- II.™ I.nil hospital last night and her name vns not learned. According to reports n car in which she was rid- Student Fractures Skull of 'Missouri Principal KENNETT. Mo.-Jim B. . 23-year-old principal of the Hollywood .sclwol. hcspital with j Pending fur,liter h.vesligutlon it | was believed that he awoke to find services nt the his clothes burning nnd inaimged .Sunday morning, (o tear some of them from his body before dying. Rnbfrt Chambers Dies NEW YORK. Ucc. 1C IUP.— Dolx-rt w. chambers, novelist, died In Doctors' hospital today foltow- In a fractured Scntt was ousted. Dr. M. King iHnbbcrt, Instructor In gr-o-phys-i ics nt Columbia, stalked out with htm. Bassett Jones, n well-known (electrical engineer, withdrew. Soj °'"'|dtd Frederick L. Ackernian. prom-i oNy-ltnent New York architect nnd n 1 Paragould | mem be r of the originnl skull, Chicago Wheat Dec May open 82 1-4 hirli 83 3-3 35 1-2 low 81 3-4 83 7-8 close 83 1-8 85 Chicago Corn Dec Mny hijh low 1-R 4!l s-4 clos< « 1- pn 1- be again put en display. ff turned over. Other occupants T \ i D i > of the nuto escaped with lesser in-! ' BgeTliacle raStOr s juries. ' *^ T« • i o . r was erected soon after the hall ca.tsed the partel lo ('losing Mock Price* Trial Set for Jan. 3 PIOaoTT. Kcv. Dale S. A. T. ru:d T 118 l-2|Baplist pasur, on Anaconda Cjrpsr 13 7-8'first decree nv.irdcr rk.— TrIM of the Crowley, Jonesbiuo Bethlehem Site'.' 341-8|lng cf J. W. M.i-MuriO, Chrysler 50 3-V janitor, is scheduled to Cities Sei-vico 1 7-8; circuit court here Jan chnrge of in the Slav • church General American General Electric ........ 19 1-2 General Mo".rs ........ 327-3 Internationa! Harvester 33 1-4 Montgomery Ward ...... 22 !-•! New York Central ...... ' 34 Packard Phillies Pf r-'.cum Radio Corp ............ 71-8 Simmons Beris .......... 1C 3-4 SI. Louis-San KraiKisco 2 Standard of N. J ....... 45 1-2 Texas Co ............. 25 3-8 U. S. Steel ........... 45 3-4 open 3. In . Tank 32 7-81 The case wn.s Iram'crred here from Joncsboro ( n Critp*iead conn ty on n moilon for n change if venue. Crowl"y. free under 510,000 - Uond, cent nucs lo conduct services at Jo:!cslx>ro. The slaying el MacMurc!o cli .15 3-4|"ma::cd several "ears c-f religions strife al Joui'sbero "o.h'.ch flnalli reached fever heat in a bi'.ler dispute between a faction of 111 Joncsboro Taocrnacle led b: Crowley and nnrlher led by Joe Jelters! ; group. Prof. Walter Ra.ilen- and James Bla-^kwoort. lC-ycar-o>ri, 5 t rnuch hnA of ltlc university's eighth grade nupil, is In Jail at department of industrial enginccr- Kennett, awai'.'r.? the outcome ol hng, allied himself with neither is teacher's condition. Young I faction, but continued to carry on Blackwcod said lhat he hll the. the Energy Survey of North "Am- principal in the head with a erica, which with its graphs, and piece of coal vhen Gill threatened! lo whip him. Blackwcod became engaged In 8 flght with Paul Brown. 14- year.oid studr::;-]anltor. Mr. Gill had Blackwoo! "on the car|Kt" s.nd told him that if he had an- (ther flghl «!'h Drown on the school ground, that he would be punished. Later, when Gill was hearing i class, the you 1 !, went up to the data was to have been the backbone. of Technocracy's thesis. Oatherlng nnd compilation of this data was. nr.d still Is, done by unemployed draughtsmen paid by the Architects' Emergency Fund. Thus was Technocracy, which wss promising to be a great coordinator. Itself completely dlsor-l For n time nothing \vas' henrd of it. But this was not the I silence of Ihe cra^'e; two new I groups were being formed. One! Is the Continental Committee on piece of coal a»d hit the principal, Technocracy, organized around a I who had his tack turned, in the nucleus of the original secession-' head. The coal struck him on the'ists. The o'her Is Technocracy.! light side of the hend. but Inflict- -Inc.. begun by Howard Scott and cd a fracture on the opposite side his rlght-liniid man. Dr. Hiiubcrl. cf his skull.' near the base. Tlie Both are non-profit membership youth then jumped out of n -win- [organizations, with headquarters in modest offices in New York. So far as this observer can de- (ConllntiKl on Pate 3) front of the rcom. and when with, lu a few feet of Gill, picked np a dnw nnd went to Hollywood where he was later nirested by Constable G. G. Goodrich. And Herod rj;d to IV- Wise Men, when ye have foi.inl itic rlillJ. ilir.t IsJwrn In Hethlelient, bring TV to me again, lhat 1. too. may go to that place and wor.sWp him. !>ut bis words were spoken la guile ntul dctc-"- .HOPPiNG officers spirited Cheek out back and to Nashville Jail. disperse until wilted to search the Jail. !h; safety of The mob did it bad been the- thtf not per-' rch the Jail. The Brand Jury convened this week. Neither the girl nor any members of her family appeared lo press the charge. The jury icturncd a "nn true bill." and, , i' , in i clle?fc SVC1S reused. He returned hnd been 111 (Io hls j lonll , )l( , r( . Wednesday about three monllis. Tne body . was tflken to a mortuaTy i-nd a large nnwd Chambers was the author of iilinicrous hlftorlcnl and romantic novels. He was 08. Banded Mallard Shot by Local Men Yesterday A banded d:;rk wns shot down on tho 3t. Fravcis fkodway near Marked Tree jrsterday by n party of Blylhevllle Siuiiters. i The duck, i 1 mallard, bore a brand ntlachc-l lo one lej lhat carrie<l Ihe following in.scriiition: "Olendnlough Game rarm. Battle Lake. Minn. 1410. '33." The duck was hron?M down by one of a trio of hunters composed of Scott Harris, Hnymond Bomar and Charlie Short. Other Blythcville sportsmen! hunting In tlie same vicinity were' Dr. P. L. Tipto'.i. W. II. Stovall. J. (j. Barnes, Fnnk WliilKOrth and \V. Lton Sml'h. stood. in the flreet oulslde tor several hours. Th:rc was no sign of any feeling oilier than curiosity and the cio«d .finally dispersed. Liner Goes Aground in Harbor at Boston KOSTON, Dec. 16 (UP) — The White Star liner Brlttanlc with ^00 passengers from New York and JJoston went aground In a fog off Governor's Island In Boston harbor early today. Officials said there was no dancer and that-the passengers would be taken off. WEATHER DAYS Wldl CHRISTMAS MORCiANFlF.t D. Ky.. Dec. 10 iLPi—Two persons riled of suffo- cPlion in a fl.e which gutted the Capitol hotel' here today. The dead aie William Waller. CO, and Mrs. Tofc. tho holel manager. A do?en quests escaped from Ihe three-story building by nn outside fire esc.tix;. ARKANSAS-Clouoy, local show? trs tonight nivl Sunday. Warmer In northwrst portion tonight and colder Sunday in extreme west r.crdon. Colder Sunday night. Memphis and Vicinity—Cloudy, probably rain tcnlghl and Sunday. Lii!le chnnge- fu temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 73, minimum ' 63, cloudy with .68 of an Inch rainfall, according to Sam.««l P. Morris, official we*thcr obwrr*r;

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