The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1943 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1943
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 1C, 1943 PAGE THREE-A IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Courier Newi Will Be CASH ONLY, la EittbHsbed Bnttnta Finn*, *«»n»e the law ea«t of »dj doc* not Justify (he «*»se of bookkeeping and coir •cllons, we have adopted lbi» y rather (ban a raise In He. No Exceptions to this Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION laily rate per line for consccu- ! -in-sertlons: :iimum Charge f>0c inie per line .- 15c imes per line per day..:....I2c enes per line per day flc Imes per lino per day 7e times per line per day 5c Uonth per line ". 90c Is ordered for three or six times I stopped before expiration will charged for,the .number of times ad appeared and adjustment of made. II Classifieel Advertising copy imilted by persons residing out- c; of the city must- -be accom- led by cash. Rales may be casl- coinpiitetl from the above table. ulvertLsins ordered for irregular ertioiis takes the one time rule. o responsibility will be taken more than one incorrect inscr- of any classified ad. Comfortable front bedroom. Close In. 515 Walnut Street, I'lio, L>327. 13-pk-lii Front bedroom adjoining bath. Couple preferred. Phone 2102. nooni, two employed women. Twin beds. Adjoins bath. Phone 2425. Small room, single bed. convenient (o bath. 310 W. Walnut. .12-pk-20 Parker rooms. 100 B. Mnin. Nicely furnished bedroom, slenm heat, gentlemen. Phone S2C4. _ 3-27-]>k-27 Good grocery store building ami (mures. 517 W. Asli. Phone 2553. 3-18-ek-tf Comfortable betiroom. Twin beds Steam heat. ClUckasawba & 10th. Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf Help Wanted Wn I tresses wnnled. Apply Hotel Noble. ' 15 . ck . tr flood ,-tli around .salesman for KCticral store work. L. K. II AH W A KG The Store for Lael nml Dad Osccola, Ark. 4-13-])k-18 Maid, General housework. White or coioi'eel. Gooe! salary Mrs \V p Amos, 1107 West Main. IS-pk-lei FAMOUS NURSE At once first class mechanic. Musi furnish references. Dave Crnn- ford. Phone (143, "Dell, Ark. 10pkl7 Girl 1« Fc a In re in magic sho\y. Less (han live feel six inches. 'K.xuerieiKe unnecessary. Three workmen around show under or over draft. Address E. M. Small, Carufhersvilk', Mo. tten. Delivery. <l-9-nk-Ui For Sale Services fool Wcstinghouse refrieei'ator. i use 18 months. Cash only. :all 2220 after 5 o'clock. lopklS j April Special—Permanents two for $5.00. Landys' Beauty Shop, Mahi ami 21st. Phone-3333. 7-pk-7 )LDPIS1I MINNOWS—"Crnppie's avorltes." G. C. Hawks, 300 E. leiin. Ph. 3292. 4-13-ck-13 Schultr. Houselrailer for s;ile leap. Clarence Hawkins, Cooler, 13-pk-20 rcnry 1939 1111110011 4 door sedan, cat cove is/radio, .healer. 5 Firc- ones with less' than ;5QO •miles, his car looks and operates like ew. 'A 'real car for cash custom- Cnll 2828 or 2140. 4-10lf ; cows, bred cows iniei heifers, loyel Green, Huffman, Ark. 10-pk-n 1939 International pick-up. '.e H. R. >Aiken. Phone 3297. 9-iik-lC Sewing machines repaired. Singer offers 0 war-time service specials to suit your machine and Us condition. From $1'.50 .up.."Singer Sewing center,, 114 South Broadway. Call 2782. 7_ c j; 7 Painter & Paper Hanger. Highway 81 north. J. B. Freeman. Call 2434 - 22-pk-4-22 Part time .hook-keeping by experienced 'book-keeper. 320 Cliick Phone 2808. 20- P k-4-20 Wanted Pour or- five -rooin house or apnrt- inent, furnished , 0 r unfurnished Needed May 10.:A. .j. Tliomn- son, P.O. Box 412, Blytheville " ' ' ' 4-10-pk-17 Sewing Machines bought and Id. Singer Sewing Center, 114 i oiitli Broadway. Call 2782. 7ck7 — Wanted To Buy for good electric washer /rite Mrs. H. P. Wor.sley, Rt, 1 worn. Ark. 4-15-pk-22 or two lG-g\iage shotguns.' Au- mntic or pump. Call Swift -& 0. Oil Mill. l-l-ck-17 /ern home with two bedrooms nil 2880 after G o'clock or 2020 B ''"J 1 - 14-ck-2l ED SADDLE. Write full particu- rs. -Paul •- Wooldridgc, Golf Iio- motlel'car. Will pay cash.' R . Wade,' Luxora, Ark. 2 miles si of Bmdctte. ' 4-2-pk5-2 pay cash for 510,000 worth, of. good-lised furni- ure. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf II pay 20c iwr dtiz. for wire coat mngers. Hudson Cleaners. ' 10-0-cfc-tr Farm Needs ingr us your poultry, -i^g , n nd itock health problems. We carry i complete fresh stock of Ledcrle ;erums, vaccines, Dr.-Hess Ton- ||j> and disinfectants. Woods Drug Store, Main & Railroad. 3-16-ck-tf Taken Up " indie white heifer calf. Taken IP three weeks ago. E. B. liyrd. 31ylheville, Route 2. 13-pk-lG ick nncl wliitc Poland Cliina hog veighi 200. Raymond Koehler, Slytheville Rt. 3, west of Half M°o». 10-pk-lD <,'aliloriiia Wines '' Popular 3AN FRAWOISCO. Cal (UP) — .ir apparently h as stepped up ne drinking. The nation - wide nsumption of California wines in 12 was the highest in history. Die United Slates has approxi- \lely 43 per cent of the total imber of radio sets In the world. Demonstration Glub News Notes Ilie Ynrbro Home Demonstration Club met Tuesday, aL the home of Mrs. E. B. Chitwood. Roll call was answered by each member. telling something to do for-Better -Homes Week- by the 18 members. : The.devotional was eiv- en by Mrs. D. B. Abbott. Mrs. B A. ,-Bugg led the group-In singing. Mrs. o. o Elkins read n poem, "Victory Is Near" i : During .the .business -hour it W ;is voted to buy a bond for the club' Discussion was .held on the USD hour next 'Sunday. - Every member agreed to'.bring a ,uie or cake Sunday. The study course chairman, Mrs.. B. A. Bugg, geive n talk on farm legislation. •Plans • werei made' to -meet next Wednesday at the Ynrbro church to work ion -the ichurch groilnris. Mrs. .Victory :Mnllory read the club collect. A judging contest for work' garments was conducted. Mrs Lee Stiles,--Mrs.: Punk.Willis, and Mrs. E.'B. cliilwood won prizes During the social hour games were played und -prizes won by Mrs. Gene McGnire nnd Mrs'Elza Wheeler. . The '• hostess - served a : sandwich plate with hot cocoa. The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 27, at the home of Mrs. -B. Abbott. Nine v Judges. Donors : LOS 'ANGELES, Cal. (U P) wine superior court juelges of this city demonstrated that they -nrd really in the superior class when tlicy closed their courts for a few hours and reported in a body to Uie Red cross for blood donations. They were Superior Court Judges Clarence Kincaid, Edward R. Brand, Benjamin-scheinman clement D Nye, Stnnlcy Mosfc. Thur- mo»d .Clarke, John c. Clark and Harold Ijiiidreth. j us t i o ^^ , Ilc records--of"the- donation straight Superior court Secretary '-William M. Byrne went along and donated also, while reporting the proceedings. Read Conner News want ads. ORGANIST and TEACHER / PIANO, ORGAN, and VOICE Mrs. Dorothy W. Fowlston, B.A., M.8.M. Minlsler of Music, First FresbjlerUn Church m „ ,. • For Appointment Write Mrs, Fowlston 1101 ciiicka.sawba or Phone 3250 HORIZONTAL 1 Pioluvcd nurse of World Wnr , j . . 11 Playing card 12 Proceeded 13 Sun god 15 Mole sheep (I'D 1C Detail 17 Tasto solo : (nbbr.) ID Form of altazimuth 21 Quart (abbr.) 22Hnlf-cm 23 Circle part 24 Cougar 20 Happen 30 At sea SI Street (nbbr.) 32 Instruments for describing curves 35 Suffix 36 Symbol for tantalum 37 New Testament (abbr.) 38 South Cflro- :llna (abbr.) 40 Native metal 4?.'From .43 Laughter sonni io Previous 1'ntile* R'E I|R sl"i l§i§ N r A TIV .'10 A L U E CO pj E p T T c T, A M LI T;'. 7 0 R 5 H A W S B R 1 M 6 F A n t A L T N E 1 F N C E L y O S P L 0 T REPUBLIC P.4J TANCCP' T R E A T 1, N N Ei"IOHj.lli.| E A i 5 T 1 N g L A K E .t T A B C A 5 H A M E ™ M 1 H fF N A V M A A D A C e mKin -timitn] RS T E AN R n 1. E 1 R AR As 251'crformer- 27 Cnmllopowe'r (nbbf.) 28 Symbol for cnleiimi 29 We . 33 tlowlng itnplemcht; 34 Tcrmtnalo 38 rnslit'nto 45 Needy •!7 Harvest ' 49 Hubbcr. tree 50 Doubly (prefix) 52 Exist . 53 Head (nblir.) 54 Dunce step 55 Either 5Y Transpose (nbbr.) 58 She wns an English , GO More imllld KlShcwns by the Ger- 2 Persian Kuleway. 3 Asiatic country 1 Hcpulcd founder niul (liiecn of Cnrthuuo (mytli.) mans in 1915 VpRTlCAI, 1 And (Latin) -14 One wlio . .mimics . ,,' 4 Kind ni.drum 40 Whirlwind'' : 5 llcinhls -18 Habyloninu deity r>0 Impediments 51 Hindu wciulil 54 Hindu month 50 Injure by exposure 58 North America (iibur.) 50 Klcclrlcnl term G03.H1G (nbbr.) 0 Friend (Fr.) 1 Electors 8 S mo'oil i Si Lemuel (abbr.) 10 Lord (abbr.) 13 Knocks •<1 H Touch 17 Woody plant 18 Clinker 201',-irt of 2.1 Like 61 Any (>2 Music note M ili NATION 'CALENDAR' ' ° Kx15: Shot BUmp 17 Eiptre*. >VA1,TKH HENSEN PLUMBING'•'& HEATING nil M»la Hi, 2812 One corner slore and 4 col<uir« --.<l(ise in-l'iiee 5.1750,00 for ul •'niOMAS:I;ANl).CO. We rant to bny Hniiics. We hove purrhutn for all Umls »f liomes. If yon want to'sill quick, n-e ; THOMAS t,AND COMPANT •H. 0. Campbell, Stleonan ' Dr. ,-\V. -Re-Brewer Dcnlisi Illytlicvlllr, Arknnui SPECIALS itetlons I'li'r ,fc J.O.IT v lllythovllle 5 „., 1013 H you want • to i ht-f more W« Bonds siai, us inn FUKNITUKE VOl/./HtE NOT'DSINO for <•»*»! Also.lllitrai trade-in »llo».ncf. for •Id: •furniture an. new. ;Aivi n Hardy Fum. c«. 301 E. Main Ph«ne 230Z Bred DUROCS GUIs \>rt& l» SioiK-rii Knl s ht, Full boar* tlrfil \n Blmim- •llne H. i Kou h, 1 )1 , l ',' n ' r P|S!( nolr ' * lr <'<l by ^VIllslle'.s N rw |.; ra , > J. R. Whistle I'liono Cl CONCRBTB BTORM SRWBK f For Sale iAI,L SI/E8 Osceolt Cuhcrt C«. vfkMN Ul * M ,D> 'B.'.MMfy - '|4 UMMb, Atk. k WK NUKl) USED CARS vind TRUCKS Top'prlcrs f 0r i lll( , M^el.s - ... "S«c "Stiiy Mltforc You Sell." T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. New I'lvmiiths ,t Chryslers -Tli; Z1Z8 : DONEDWA11DS ''Tlic's Typewriter Man" i ROYAIi, SMITJt, CORONA, AND' UKMINOTOM POHTAnT.E j TYpEwnrrBHs [ 118 N. 2nd STREET. . PIIONF. 3^82 I (Every Transaction Must' !!c ; Srill.ifncU>Vy> •• • ' EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK HARRISON Aoto Paris & Garage • Ollter ' Farm Rqulpmtnl 617- W. Ash '24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE ' SUck of- 1'artj. Buy From the Leader mid -Kct- THE LEADING BUY sf llHcd'.Cm: Slock 19J1.Chevrolet I door Scitun. iTwo (nun Gray. HiHil- . Hithl,, liTOti'r, rnillo nml -: ii]iuiy..iiltn'i- extras. 1011 Clii.'irolfl .Tuileir, 'llluc. ' Hmllii, .neuter ..uiiil .scat . i-ovtr.s. Only . ilrlmi u fnw: lliuusiiiul nilli-s. 1!M1 OUIsmublle 8 5- I'IHS. Coii|ie. ;i'w« tone Mu- rixin. n,n«nd- tin's mid .luls (if Minis. till I 'Chrysler .| door. Illiirk. ' Illun • liru.idelolle it|ih<ih-. li'iy. Whl I« slilc»;il| 'tires. Clly (Irivi'H. M eilbi'rs In elieieis 181 1' I'onlliic , i don. . . < (iuoet, rliblKT niiil lots. (if • c. virus..' 1041 Hulrk: lto:lilina»lrr t'oii- vr|(lljU> '0 on p tt. >'Gray, <wltli reel Irallifr ujihols- • ("y. White • sWf^ull •Ires, rnilio und litiiter. ' HI41- Sluch-ljukrr ' Coinnrnhder ' .> l>iiss-.' Counivi'wo .tone ' ftruy. Kndlo, lii'iilfr^^at I'nvcrs-iiilil white Me, will ' llri's. Oierilrlte. "•l9JI ( Chcvr<)l(( 5 1'ass, Ouu|W. • (Ji'n'n.'.Sont covers, hm(. «rr nilil S H(H)I[ (Ires. - up. , • Ensy, C.M.-A.C. !»«ymcht!Plnn We Never Close.' Siiles Dcpt. Ojien'Unlil'!) p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Defoe Furniture Co. 126: E. Main Di;il 3221 1 Wanted: Used Furniture, Alto rSu can (rade your old furniture in on new. J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and Casualty INSURANCE .UZ N.-Ziiil Street •'Better Safe Than Sorry" Wayne Chick anil Poultry Feeds Insist on IViiyne f|ieality when buying feeds of :v 11 kinds. HAYS S TORE "Fanner's Headquarter* In Blytheville & Memttt*" WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 313 W. Ash rii. Spend -Your Precious Points Tor The Better Brands! —Gel More ami Better Food for your ration hooks. 3 Deliveries D. C, L. KABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. DlTlslon St. Pbone B01 3. MES &-NIES >0steopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT, CANCER) ' OFFICE HOURS:'8:00-12:00. ami 1:30-5:3o •Clinic : 514-Main • Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2921 SPECIAL SPRING 10 POINT TUNEUP ^40 ^ llclm ' cs Labor Only— _ No re place m en I p a r ( s • costs. 1. Ti s hicnCyr,INni:niIEAI)5. Clicck and adjust OAR nli/l MAVIVArriC /'i T. . j".i* v^/iiv- and MANIFOLDS. Check COMPRESSION'. ,\ di just 'IIKAT VAU'i:. 2. Clean and Tcsl SPARK • TMJGS. Adjust Sjark Gap. 3. Tliorouglily inspect Gf.'N"- EHATOU, COII,, CON- DiiNSEH,' VOLTAGE REG- XJf,ATOH, WIRING and SPARK CONTROI,. TI R hl- rn all connccttniis. •i. Clean ami Adjust DIS- TR1BUTOK. Adjust c,,. glue Timing for maximum wartime iKrformancc. ISUKCTOIl for best gus economy. C.- Adjust VAI.VB TAPPETS. 7. Clean and service AIK CI.EANEIi. S. Thoroiiglily inspect COOLING SYSTEM. , Tighten Hose • Connections. Adjust Kau< licit. !>. Test anil Service BAT- TEI5V. clean and (tghlcn coiincclions. 10. Tune MOTOH for beat ivarlhnc 1'crforniancc and Gas inilcaje. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. liyHOY CIIANF. "THREE OCtOCK'; . BUT I THINK WE'lL BE OVER' THE TARGET, BEFORE THEY'RE POSITION TO •ATTACK i ONE OF THE IEAD PLAHES.ME RAMBLIM6 R08EW, ELEVATBM4)i FROM TAR6ET ' SIX MINUTES.. THE FIRST NAZI DEAD AHEAD ; ,nc ^HAVlWOi TROUBLE A.R!IFKIAtrW 8BEE2El(«fi ! SfEADWklPf 610W 'ER POIW •Hyi'FRBl) HARMAN HORSES-' , , .,„.. THOSE 1NJOH5 MD '1H»,T SCU^op ^C^^IEH Wi A\E FOR AJ^OTHER. -toRTuRE i Di n CARI>ISSE: WILL HEAP KE - 500TS ^ANDf HEK':-miI)l)IKS EDftAR .MARTIN ""A «y V. T.'JIAMLIl _ ... LITTLE DUSTY .. HELLO;.' DANSED HADMT Sl/ftELV I CAM THINK N't WAV'CUT CF HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Coining F/vcnl.s By MERRILL, BLQSSER (tow MANY Tiw^S DO I "I TO T6LL YOU TO / We WERE ARE YOU SURE . YOUR. PROPERTY OF ALL W NtoW<3£ro<JTOF HEtE, \ AND WHEM WE (SET WE WANTED I OR JtL CALL THE TOOCC ' /THftOieH ' WHAT . INCLUDES TlllS /COURSE

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