The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR (ARK.r COUHIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH tHB IJLYfHEVJLLK COURIER NEWS THE COURIER MEWS CO.. PUBIjlSHKKS C. H. EABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1KES. Auv.-.-nisiiia Miu:.i£Cr Eolc National Advertising Representatives: The Theisms F. Clnrk Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia. Atlanta, Dallas, Sar. Antonio, San, Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Enleied us second cla;s matter at the i»st office at Blytlieville., under net of Congress October D, 1917. Sen-ed by the United Press Sl'BSCKH'TlON KA'I'KS By cairicr in (he city ol lilythcvlllc, 15c \m week or SG.50 per year In advance. ny mall within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, Sl.SD (or six months, B5c for three months; by mall ill postal zones two to rdx, inclusive, $0.50 per year, in zcncs seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. will ba lifted and Ih; possibility of n cash surplus from each year's farm operations will lie (ifo:tl!y increased. SIJJK GLANCES By George Clark two The Nature o] the Universe Prosperity Is Coming Back- Let's Keep It! Recent \v;ek?, have given many indications of a return lo something »P- prow-hitiK normal business conditions. Tho situation, already, is so much bct- 'ler tliau ninny of us (hived to predict a few months ago as to justify confidence that the ?lorm is over nnd satisfaction that Hlylluvillc and Mississippi county have weathered it with little permanent loss. Jlost lilyiheville stoves report ;i sharp pick-up in business since March 1. The explanation, of course, is found in the fact; that government drouth relief loans, private crop product ion loans, adjusted service cerliticalo loans, and Red Cross relief grants have poured and are still pouring thousands of dollars into the community. Curtailed buying of nearly a year pant has left many people in a position which makes them customers for merchandise of all kinds as soon, as they are able to obtain the money with which to liuy. Those who have had money bill have declined to spend it while conditions appeared unsettled avc regaining confidence and contributing to the business improvement. The chief disturbing factor is that much of the business that is now being dona is being done with borrowed money. There is nothing extraordinary r.hout that. Nevertheless it is not .1 particularly healthy state of affairs, a.s was demonstrated when drouth anil low pricc.s left thousands of our fann- ers in a credit po.-ition that would have been disastrous indeed had it not been for the extraordinary help given by the government and other agencies. Our system of mortgaging our crops for the capital necessary to produce them is a dangerous one. It leaves little mavffin of safety against crop or pric: failure. It is also an expensive systc-m. Few buMnrsscs can stand a ten per cent charge against their operating capital. To assure permanent pro ]:trity. io provide insurance against such disastrous y.-avs as that of 1SI30, we must eliminate the necessity of borrowing our living against the ncxi season's production. \Vc can do thi- by producing our living on our land. When this is done the threat of ruin To i,';iin ;i Ijettcr uiul:rsluiulinir of tliu rfiil i tat tiro of tliu world in which we live; has licon thc ]>iir.stii(. ol' initi) since thc human nice reatiicil ;i stupor (lcvcloi)ciiu'iil .sud'iciently ailvantwl lo fruo sojne of its members from completfi prcocctip.itioii with DID mere physical bii.-tincss <>f living. Certainly Ircnioiulous pi-ogross IMS ht?L'ii niadu, hut so far as concerns • mail's knowledge of reality il lias lji'i:ii largely of ti tugalivc sort Moiltrii .scienti.sls, inulcr tlic leadership ol Kinstcin, liavc demoiislratcd, at least to their own satisfaction, thu fallacy of the notions conci'iiiing the iiiiUii 1 ;- of the world set up by their prcdcivs- ;-'ors, but they lutve rcitclicd no eon- I'ltb'ioiis of their own which can be c-x- prjssuil in tcriDs of human experiunw. a layman seeking a glimiisc of astronomy, physics and miitlii-- inatics have revealed cuiicurniiiK. the universe of which we are a part it appears that more than twrnty eenUir- ics of the most painstaking 'rcsearcli have carried us little beyond the point vouched by 1'1,-ito, when he compared man lo a dweller in a i-ave whose only knowledge of thc world came from observation of tho shadows cast upon (he wall by figures passing the entrance. So far as science can tell us we ourselvfs and the world in which we live arc but 'the shadows cast upon out' sense:-; of realities which we havo no means of observing or comprehending. To what Ycii: Investigator found only t',vo severe reactions amon;; 105,000 I children who were (jiveri diphtheria I | tcxin-anlltoxln. ! Tills knowledge of sensitivity has ' been the means of explaining a i vast number of unusual cases nnd sliansjc disorders which have previously not teen . wcl understood. Sensitivity is apparently related lo such condilion.s a.s asthma, hay- lever, eczema, ' chronic rhinitis, eruptions on ihe stkn, persistent i headaches, and perhaps to disturb-' ances of tl:s Intestinal tract, (he frequent Iract, thc frequent ap- • neaiance of canker sores nnd many i (t similar disorders. s ; The determination of the esls- '• tcni'C of a sensitivity demands all iof Uic acumen and diagnostic skill I thai tho physician may possess. Already allergy lias become a speclal- ty uithln the great Held of medical science. Such experts arrange lo ! test the reaction of tr« patient to ex'.rucls of proteins of various Iy!>e3, and on the basis of these reartir.ns to present to the patient ; ik plan of life invoking the avoid- i an« of the protein substances to ! which the protein may be sonsi- ' live. j Homeiimes il h possible by the I Injection of the patient with in- i eieasinj! dosts (if extracts of tho , liubstfinces to which he may be j sensitive to drsi'iisillzi; hisn so that j | thereafter lie does net suffer Irmsi ; any disturbance. Pudding Blows Up and Inflicts Burns RICHPn-LD, Utah. •Susie- K. Mjiishan is "Tlie hoss' clop thinks I'm lite liig iinoliter hili'li-hiker we |;!cn tip." WASHINGTON "LETTER People \'s. Government One hundred tnul one years a[;o. writing In ihr Edinburgh Review for .January. 1C30, Thomas Mactuiley said: "Our rulers will bc.;t. promote thc improvement of (he people by strictly confining themselves to (heir own lr;;l- (liiulc dutlc.-—by leaving capital (o lincl its mo:;l lucrative course, commodities Ihcir fair price, ii'.dus'.ry and intelligence their natural reward, idleness nnd folly their natural punishment—by maintaining peace, by defending property, by diminishing (he price of taw, and by cbscrvini; strict economy in every de- partment.of thc sttiti;. "Let the Government do this—Ihe People will assuredly do the rest." Macaulcy's injunction is us (rue ::ncl apt to- d.iy ns when It was vrHte-n. Almost all our soL'iat and economic problems have arisen when Government has failed to conline Itself to its legitimate duties and has entered thc sphere of Ihe individual and of business, '[lie urca'.csl issue now before th» American public is People versus Government—bureaucracy versus individualism and fundamental democratic principles. Modern officeholders would do well to reflect on the words of a man who lived a century aeo and observed Government with an Insight that is all tuo rare. —Pine Blult Commercial. i iiv nons'KY ! ' .NBA Si-rvic? \V.'lt:r i WASHINGTON 1 . -- Ti:crc i- j secrt t»rl:il j'jl) i.s ihiy as th: 1 / I being t : ~(roi.\ry ;o ;i^e presidrr. j the Unite:! ataliv. There Is '•> •. ; iinjioitancc r.nn K l si:oii5ibili:y ,^hr work Mr. Huovcr h?.a :. four sci'rel;iry.shi[:s cu'. o. r U, nicst, consplciiRtss one toiir; (UP)—Mrs. v.'otuierisij' jusl what it was she pul hi that pudding as she is recDvcrh:?; from iv and thc I)OH5 is just!severe burns about the face. ! The other duy Mis. Maughnn ——— > i started to make a pudding. She put necessary iiisrciiitnts into a pot, set it en Ihe stove and pro- pared to nurse il alouj to thc CTJ- licious dish for which it was intended. There was an explosion, pudding blew ut> and Mrs. Ma iiistained severe burns. URIO SWOP/ -A ARE CAOSSO &Y OK . AS r/l= MS A/tout Jt> We /VlOOM ' THE G£TS A B,t_!LGE IN if. 'iiU &U2.GL- (S -fH£ TIDE. The CHURCH EXCUSES ~ Uy George ~\\'. P.^rlium ull. :it !.i:-t i! happened. For i scod advice from bad and ' dial's n'onilis th;. now Picr.chcr has beer, where the new Hoard will have trying to yet our Church Board in- trouWe Everybody is ready with ea'cd He did not get a'j many ECivice and it takes a man of my • ns he wanted but the congicjaiimi! experience lo know you must run 1 : failed to eic=: my hired nun and . a church according lo your own lo vnl' i'""' "f lib sn-"-l|n- !"" "' •""•"• -"•—'• l aiy scn-i:i--a\v, as well as myself, ideas. '"XVin any'^intmjm'il^'is'i On the average the • gainful ™,Y° " SW ^ BM " 1 b V ''" h0 ' Jt * "• . ™- ™ '•''"» ™d see if i-usiderab!,. yu^iug as lo the p=- « C r;:eis of the United State do ,,, „ „ ,. „ . i !'«' don't, send lor me. for surely litical implications of Joslin's u;>- nol work more tha'i 215 days in (he ' l ie! '' n1 ' thp lmlc thnt my mred ' lllry wl11 not c!C P m !nc lo comc to I.":ttlmc:il n.r.ti \'.'.z mas', common ! -.-|> ai -. i mDn Vv " as !n wltri lr: "ni and v:hcn church after putting an cnirely ;'ur.;_. Is that Mr. Honvcr didn't'- -I •,'.itli U-.'[>:iblic.i:i politicians in Nov. dcUvcr y '.cnty of'' H-oveT'ele'S.tes ' t!lcvtal lo , nut< ! . lhc . (o « olvi »g i announcements, subject to the will '• of the people r.t the municipal Bu: Joslm s inosl important joo. • ,,' cc ii 01 i tl) be held April 7: iO::;hcr or no: :!ie thought of it, Announcements Thr? Courier N'CT.'S has been nu- rcl-'cliu:;. Astronomer findH that cevlnin hravenly l):wl:rs are living on tlif dust crumbs thrown oil by others. Star boarders, sa to spenk. Ihoviieil UL-L:M_L ^j,^i:i^ u: n'.ukL'i iiL'.trstut;^ , one scon to l:e tn!:en over by T" - - at the nexl O. L). I 1 , cj'ivcntion. ;lhe Boston Tian-.rrjp:. Mr. Ju::!in fall-; heir :o t••!;•".. main outside otlicr vncatrd -./.::i Gcorye Akei'scu Irft to join a :u> tion iilctun- c:':ic.':n. And t -. .1 | huue mcn;j;/iamauu limousine. | Hut, he ttlll also finil uilcf. r-r j he will Invf li: !'.:in:!le a: the : ....lime tV.e ^reat iMimbe:s of p •:'.• j who nrs alwajs trysn,; to ",-.•'. :.\ i. : I see thc president nnd Ihe -.ivi:-' 1 lot CGi:\'Sp'o:L'.icr.:ii V.'IK'.I pn:.*, ..: . ! the V.'hiU' Ho'.sse, alwujs Ing news. j Ti: fln-rt "" P.c \\ili have to tell a ]••: -.: i 1 •;:-_ i': 1 ^ 1 :! f:xiu h.ii h^ine town cis v.lvy they cfn'l svu :.!i. •'.! irsve ,-rhi:ol ;u I,;'0iu:i:st<;r, Mass., in and In; v.ill ha\v to t.'il r'•'iv-':u:<i ; ; l o:,'.-. ui:i 1 . to'.'.j;'l: us n fin- j ii: llC5*!):i, risins into rtliicrlal wovk ri • ar.:i i.'.;er c.'.vciinq •••;:;]c of trc b:3 I L I". jN'Civ Ei\:l:iud rr.-jries o!" iiis period I ! In 1S13 he joiii.-il the siaJf a: j a:iri | tiie H.-si.-:! 't'rr.n^cr'.p!. .•Mtnelime.s > ;:" cr.llcd '!ho Mf.,v E!i;!ind Ulble" . a'i-j'l'!:o Tii'.iKciip'. ii iraci by —aiKi i \' = :-1 priii'.:!ril',' ].r):ar:i Io-—ecr.scrva'.ivc I hi.-' Nc\v Enisl.ind l'.ep!:b!k':i!is. li sen'. , Jr.yiiu up i,:i i'vr.eon Hill t3 cover ihrithe iiL r i-l"i'.;i^ :i'. IU" timr r,::-.'. Calvin C.'.-i'.tite we« president ol '.he lime came he aunouii'jcii ihat : new set of n:i?n en the board. I am h; wouid not want his name put ! esr "ct'ns trn..yi to .".art in either as he was leaving anyway. iHe i buildini; or requiring the old build- . sau-d himself a good firinij by Icav- : ing— and ••vlll run the tiling ivill be to! k:vp "dL-'.Ji:i>;" Hcavri' t^ the coun- ir. :i: eu:i'ip.ition cf the 1931! dec- I ticiu. Hoovo;, ineicien'.aily, h:s al- v\ayj -U!d a^r.^c'.man clcse by iu I 1 .!;; f:Uin!:.i 0 'e he enlere.'. public 111.--. Aliersnn had teen man- j .luieni tt lhc Minneapolis i Tiib;:!'.! 1 and l :'. 1 !". 1 ? liJm ir.cre '.verc j GlhU J0!lvi:t ''.'•'••:•. j The n:w r fl cir:ary is •!! years old. i For SLiynr A. B. FAIRS-1ELD NKILL IIEUD iKe-l-;iection, 2nd Term) VI. C. LAV.'LER For CHy Treasurer ROSS BEAVERS (re-circlion. -nd term) ing.) So nc'.v \ve will see liow itey • in debt. I told the Preacher that ?et aloi'.c. I cculd tell them, but • was what I expected and he said | ivhy v.astc time Selling then). When ; that would be teller than letting : 3 Church fails lo Fee Iht work of a \ the KOU-T fail down nnfl maybe kill 1 man of n-;. r ability there is not a lol of neo.J'e. Wiie ever heard of : much ihat can ti? eioue for them.. They v.ll have to learn by cxpsr- j i-ence. For fifteen .ve^rs I liavc i'tn>. Ihe l church—yon rr.ight say—without! I aid or advice. Of course, there was : ] p'cnty of advic-?. bill 01 Uie> wrens Xind. 'Hiere's where my knowlcd^L' came chui'cii hcuse tailing dov;n and ! it ciid it v. ou!d net kill so many. | It v.ould not likely wait until Sun! day to fall. A phosphorescent material i- "i^- j eluded :i: a new fly paper to ir,r\k ; e ! il luminous in lhc dan:. : 1 and ability cam? in.' I could tell • mure insrets. \ r r ; pi:r!^r:- what his ri'.ic-r i'. ''••-.: j thinking. Bnth tasks are v,-. ; ixirtjnt, call for a u'.vjl ,: iliicttii! skill ar.(i olu-u tiii'a | be ihanklC'N! JoL-=. To s^it Ihe visit":'::. :!ay i j tl.iy out, and see thai irj j liv:st iir.]-css:t;e. but Ir.i- 1 den: ni'.stl be ;:i'D:2a. il i.: liir.r is valuable. i.-U",clary in ihe unsliii 1 ^(il, jau:;ii!): to :-ei- la il th..: p: I n:lv,-,nt.VTiO'.!s t.i i'is b, s -;i of l'.:e Wl;::; Iloi::? a:::l <-> rctiauy. Jl: h;ii a i;iTa: rn; ity to do Ihe i>:'^.<'ic':U i 1 . .-i; Seven Women Hurt. 50 r.ilr.t ai Thro:','.: F!;hls lo See Gandhi.—Ilearilim 1 . Wr dor.'t know ol :inv mnn you cnn see more of. OUT OUR WAY tai;o a: i fcicnce. 1 ; Ciillr:s j In 191U Jcslin «:>b assigned lo 1 W:: : li;ni:o:i r,;:il hi 1031 he follil'J | J:is old fririia C.i:)lii!;e vice- nr:si- j !ocnt r.f ih:-. Cvnieil :-::i!es ar.d prei- ' : itienl L-r a me.-? i;n;:D:i,iu! senet;.; .much liitca'i,.: f .-.: Cojiiti^e lh"ii i ' ar.d afier H.n;!:n ; dird Jos'.in I'.'.rJ j a u.;ui:-r eu:.rc-' to the \Vhitn Ha'-r.c' tl'-'.ii alines' sf.'.y jf.;..-r WasJinjt:)!) ! ivi= '. k",'. ile L:-:;-.11111; ;-iioi\' aucl ]u":e j _ ' , _ ; n.-,-r;!r,i-y a:i.l iu s'.ieii e.r--- til •,-.•-:(•: :-.y n:<iu:ii:uc.l '.'. i':i Hcuvcr, .-a -^^iey'iTOV^^^viS^Si^^Er^rnz^^LllJf^rA^^K^i;—. ,::2r;IHi"_\:irl..- - | 'reMiy fivinieisiv ::'-. • 11^ a c : i:-i"' li:e cut".. 1 h::s b.'; ;i n;;:i:itni::r(l Its i " ~ ; ;p •':!.sm.'.r.. Cu-Tt::'.p:i;.l'':v.':. -i ::-' i--' 1 :-;.-: ".^o > - o"ir^. ! vvu:'.(m: .>-,yii:^. r'.--* '.:>}'.* '.; :i:: Jo:::j: I:'-:,::, ;::;>;i!o I' o::e cl j I .'Liir-^'.ries in ii:::e -.•. i;-;. lii-^ fneiu 1 -- .':.\vs. "alv:ays had a! ! To f,'::-.e c::tri'.: H.-j-,,. - .-.-.--'fJI w.tli ijuiiik- iv.r.i." OlT tlio icb. ! itarii's ait 1 alF.i 1::; i.iiv:: ;. :..:,•.- i:.s n:^:-i iiabl: 1 .' ':.* ; i'.-;!-::un:. ! ronee Ilicl'.jy :'• :;i." a:: ' :: :-;^! X.u;::',.ily, J:e i^ a:', nriaiirer o: • aud in. 1 ; a r. 1 .: : i' v.;n!u! ;.'.'! airi !i<ove:' ,ind lui; !iu:fii :!:•; same irj- I ])er?cml ri'lav :-*i'.:p t.i •;• • i-.. i- H'iial':. O:u- r, :*;'> in I:i- di.| ! finil ar.d tiis ::,^;rs i>:'.- . ,y r: |'.'-:e.'c.: n: c.niy Lh::i ;, ih'il the: s n ! r'i'.osivj • .-.:: i <l.-i);:;:-.: • ; i, is n "su'.cliiirr . >::inii;:rr" and thii'. V3 | " iScnsilivily kiiown Lo Cause NiinicnMis Slraiiiic Ail men Is --' : i i''1i '; HV^S-'''!'.^!''^;"'] '••'! 'M'T l' : I V HI!. vou:t!.- ! :-.."i:r i\ H-or-cr. Ho i-.n-. v :•-•::;;-,- io I:?;.-<V' 1 "1; i •' '"' >(! l"Sri' l '' l '! | ' 1 i H !l 11 IMP l''i !''•?» i - : J ''' ! ' l " r ' - 1 "'•'•"" " f !1 - r v - rirl " «;-.ln:ff. .•-;;.;,,- •.-:,'.•: sn:-;-:. M',1 ^ l < l ;^n'' ; ' 'r'/'I?/f- - Pr-> \'^^-\ U : :i -'- ii! '.il A--^-iti<-:i. ."-a -..- Hy- jv.hen thry r.iA .' i: -i--:li :,., !,:ik:r/ : }\&? ^M'llff'if^ll ^&i^ '' ffe^b S'»* r O>^' 1 - «• ';ij Vll ^ • '' i^N -' ' v'\ ' i4if «i:"'..-:r.. i .- .: ;: . •. - (•..;•-' t i-^ il;-;^ t:: 1 .' r. iv !--::'. n:v,i- a --; m m.:^y:.^ !Ssi;;si"H LAND [E" SP.REAI3 bet'ore you, on these pages, are adverlise- iTieJilir'. Take a le\v nionieiils- and lei iheir words and pielures reveal wiiat life can hold for you, if you b'ut elioose! Loiiircr days ol' lijjjiler ta^U.s . . . appoiuHunHs tor your 3iome ol' more (icepiy salisi'yin^ eonit'orl. ])eau- ly, usei'tdtiess . . . devices, lueihods, thai save anxiety, and ef'i'oil, and lime . . . olliers llial offer new eeononiies . . . ihiii"^ io dcli'd)! vou, from far corn" O .' ers of llie.ivorld ... once rare and fabled objects that are now wilhin your reach . . . all these and more are in llial treasure house io which advertisements give you the key. ^4^H/s^ri^^ 1 mm,\\ m SU mm^&-^%^um '3 '^KP9 *;$ f \iir f N - ->H-iL- w^-ti _ ^41 _ Ill^^rc-:,-^ .•3Tr?.'.\.u."\M;, r:1931 EY F.'* ^l.^..;:r. Isc_^j ;•!•• ,•!!:.:::rl .!:- I":..'i;e .'it:;. t!.v-:' ' •;•;-. !!.•"-• ii.k ". pe>: .r.i jl.vap. K .:,!• -. Dr. 'M:\,' ! ' i. • ..-..:..1; oihi"..- a;e ...-en; ^ n:-ii 'c I • o.- f : wj:', 1 .'.-. \VL>:IHI: ui:,v :: '.'.. .' TV. ' I.;' ..;:.-'.: .\r in !'.i:s :.[ CtrMin '•i.-i- !, .' .:. ,'.!-: .:• \.\ l . \\-: • o : !:er efi:: 1 -^ as \u';i. : -. :..•:. .- !:.; i'l A ; > •-.: :i;.iy l:o ?^lv:!!^^' : •• .'.I- . . • i .:•-•:•• L.I. ; •;• • :• lo tl::ir tuviiv- ';'.:•: '.. . .••;•.-".'.• .: ;V.• :•-'.' ! s'.i .":'.: (ri.ns a:c ;!:e.s.- -a. •• ''• :, v\.> !•. • ':'c ':< :'.i^v sei'-Sii'^ed tr> V .-. : : , . .- v, ;:.> in- r...:-••> d >nt;::is or til c'-'a".' .*'',' • • •:'!•!• i •'. - / v.h'.-n Ait::. ,;.;•. -v.-l' , : e.-- n CM:' fi-.i thr ::-.i::.'r rw.u.;:..- . . ,1 ; t!.c sii >l!ii:c :;'.:'i-: ,.:• ni. ..::)r ;• Ni-« {ij| naiiic formula, no "ojsen M^ame, could profit yon so well as this knowledge ol what is new . . . what can brim:; you pleasure, leisure. Hrnnly . . . what is yours to possess!

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