The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 8
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F.HUIT (ARK.) 00117:11™ VFWS IN M SMS INYEIOMS33 Sports of Kings Languishes Only iu New York During Past Year The Boys. Welcome Mickey to the Fold BY MAX NKA Servhr Turf Writer The year 1933 will go down in •Itrf history ab tlie most nil. vsual in the II-K stoiy of racin;;. Nol sine; the clack yrars of 191112 lias New Yrrl: racing been so hard pressed lo I'^ep up Hie slrns- [le for life. v et. though ruclng marly died in New Voik, no less than 15 .slates revived or introduced the ".sport of kings." Depression hi: r l the racing sport just as it hint 'nest every activity i iminrdiauOy In which men indulge, lint New FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1933 Hooks and Slides k Bit! Braucher iveie used. Forward pjjsses were called In dangerous positions. My companion and f wondered If signals from the bench trad been mis- Intel preted. For Instance, that forward pass that Army Intercepted, the one ti'iat resulted In u tench- down. Maybe Hunk's nose itched and when he reached up to nib it. the quarterback happened to be looking at him ami thought that a pass was twing asked for. Anyway, that's what wo figured. Sl «" al ' i ! "Finally l:e uffieliiis e'-t wl^c to Operative No. X-42 bob:; up with vi-lial was v f.n« on in the- last an inleiesling report o n tr.c Notre, tmarter. wh n t!u- excitement was Dame-Army game. As a rule Op.!;,,. Us highest, Hunk's hands were reliable in (joins; like a bull^i broker* in Ire w-liKit pit on a bearish day. Hinik finally lost control of himself, stood crallvc X-42 has I his reports, so the story is passed I aloii|» to you as it comes to mo. . "My scat." says Operative X-«. rialit up and signaled Icr a kick, i "was directly ucross the; Mil fronult was a signal yon couldn't [the NUrc Dame bench. It v .':is nunto. So the officials t'avc the team particularly advantageous position a 15-yard penally tur 'ccacSIng t.'.e bench.' "I am Jusi, wondering il Hunk doing Hie quarterbackiiiB in rest of the eauu-s that Noire jfrom vhlc?i to observe t:?e" doings i from 'MI the bench. It wasn't long before' iJ w:is u-a telling the bench more ' than t::e sjame \\utst. Singins Wood Inlalidtr Mala I Ian .. ItunturT Broker's Tip J rranag.l • .. Gnll.inl Sir V.'ur Giory Win. 3 J ^ 5 2 1 3 nkrr the I't'iiorl wt»s elrt-iilaU-d mill l<> Ovtroil to nuiimise Ihe 'risers. Aim ru-an I.e:ti;uc managers unending the lion at Chicago i;i>t together to extend, tlielr n>nfrr.Uiil:illuns. Al:ove. ihree of llicoi are shown lx:f; i.o liiilit. Joe Cro iln, Senators' pilot; Mickey Cochr.mi'; Lou While Kox icjuliT. ami Hft.'.i-i.s llornsuy, manager of thu Browns. Semaphore '•Hunk Anderson the Dame lost this year." was wearing in it Mickey Cocliranc. Athletics' catcher, was to u • H ar 6 c white gloves. The activity of league convti; A '''"""' ; in:; Micki'y'lltr clad hand. S5.7CU K.'.Ktt | 1 Federal Efforts Winning i Battle Over Apple Worms tlictc niilU'iis increased with the of the game. I have seen Turkish Crime Wave Showed Big Slump PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Concert- TSTANIIUL "UP)—The kidnap-, |cd efforts of px|X!i-ls in the Bureau ' h>B rarki-l ia Turkey practically | jof Enl(imo|[)|;y at Washington, aid- has Ixvn wiped out, and other j led by expenditures of appioxtm-. f'unis cif crliiic have suffered a York stale boro (lie brunt of thcjalely SIO.COO.030 annually, have' einie.s|iri:ulini: decrease in recent pressure because ihe stale does not been unsuccessful In (jettliif worms! years. '."ilow legal or nari.mutuel betting, out of applrs. | Tlie number of ahductloiu has before the American declined from Mifi in 1925 (r> lwi> Assccinlion of Fconnmci Kuto-i hi I03'J. while jnurder, from The directors of Hie sport In New- York paid "ihrough Hie nose" EC that racing could continue. It c.ost the Wcs'chester Association and the Saialoy 1 ! Association lit- tratly millions to keep going, mill present indicaf.onj- iraiut to almost no racing in 1934 unless aid is tlvon the came by the stale. Bul while the swan sons was Virtually being ;ung in New York. Maryland nian.i ;ed to show profit Irom the openlicn of Its four treat tracks—Pimlico. Bowie, Havre de Grace, and Li irel; Kentucky kept Us hend above valcr, and wherever racing was being ushered Inlo previously "simon-p'tie" stales, racing folk sung an ojy.imistic 60113. As for tlie rscing ll.self—there vcre no Twr>ly Grands, no \vhichone.s or .Tamnsiowns ai the three an'] t-.vo-year-olds. Equipoise, "the chocolate soldier," continued his dominating ways among the older hor:;s. ably aided by _ua!lant Sir, D:\rk Scc/et and In- c'an Runner. King ol th? (hrce-ycar-olris was Samuel D. Riddle's War Olory, a son of Man' o' War. He won re. liewnls of the Dwyer and Lawrence Realization stakes. Ihe Saranac and Maiybnd handicaixs. In- mologlsts- here, a ie|jresentalivc of tl'.r> federal hiiveau slated that lone of [lie cx[>erinients of scientists have sliown iinv appreciable headway in eliininaliii); tlie |>est. Unto-; I" highly impular s|xirt which counted for :!.li«8 deaths in nnniih'trd only 274 victims year. j Highway robberies fell from 904 known iteneinlly as the catltillivg: In 1127 to 12V in Wi'i. and com- i tnon bui^lars only pulled off 511 iltl.000,000 j ^°' KS ^'' s year compared with 1.9dB Connie Mack waving his players to this position or that with a score card, bul Mr. Anrlerson could give Mr. Mack cards and spades and molh. He estimated that tire spent annually for .sprays to fight the moth and In this way apple growers are able to keep worms out of from 00 to "95 per cent of tlielr crops, but efforts lo -------- -. --- - ciadicate the jx-st entirely havel lc >' DavLs - cowboy on the J. w. Mer- hcen futile. Althoui;!) of Emoix-an | rl1 * S 0 " " ncil . clos «l the deer 2 years iuvlniy 1t(i]>eO Duck FORT DAVIS. Tsx. (UP)-Char- oiigln. tiir mast has haunted American orchards century. for more than Ifinder, Head P'ay &!so were shining and Pomixjsily lights. There was a flock of brilliant t»'o-ycar-olds, among them Main Hari, Bazaar, Far Star, Chick- siraw, Discovery. Holystone, Red Wagon and Bierk Buddy. Derby talk in Kentucky h already talking about Naval Cadet, a son of American Flag, which clicked Ihrce times in a row at the tail-end o[ the season He is n stablcmatc ol the unfortunate Burning Blare which went. v. oni; on the eve of Burgoo King's Kcnlucky Derby. It Is a.racinjt axiom that when fillies beat the rolls, It is because the colts are not high class. But on the other hand, Chicksir.iw, Naval Cadet, Holystone and Discovery showed enough fall form to warrant (he belief they will be high-class horse. 1 : next season. And the connections of each ars certain they have a De.-by winner in their birns. • • • While the once creat Tod Sloan was fighting for his life iu Lo? Angeles, n ne-.v jockey sensation was coming to the front. He is Jnck Weslrope. a 95-pound midget who has won me astounding total of more limn 280 wimscis. eclipsing the previous record of Johnnie Gilbert which vas made lost year. In England. Jirkey Gordon Rich- m-ds also was paRslug the 48-year- old record of the Immortal Fred Archer. Richards won 259 races, 21 fewer Ihar. the sensational American ride.-, other American riding stars vcre Gilbert and Meade among the o'.der "boys and Yowell and Pwter among the apprentices. Singing W-xxl headed the list ot vinning two-year olds by his victory in the rich Futurity, and a l;ke honor Trent to the three.year- cid Inlander \v'.!n won the Classic Stakes. _and fie Travers. but who tllbwcd his tr:c rtuff only in the mud. World's Fair Crowds Break Museum Record CHICAGO. (UPl—World's Pair crowds In Chicago this summer gave the Field Museum a new record (or aggregate attendance for American museums, il was announced today. Between Jan. 1 and Nov. 12 of this year. :).200.0CO visitors passed IhroiKili the doors of Chicago's fiicantic museum. The previous bnsl marks were around tile Iwo million mark for an entire year. Only iwo American museums ever passed Ihe 2.000.000 mark. The two largest days at the museum exceeded C5.000 attendance, while there were seven days when attendance went above, tl-.c 50000 mark. season, by roping a big 11-point 1 " 1 * and killing him with a pock- clknife. 1'r.e buck was captured an hour before iiuiLset on the lasl day hunting was iillowcd. NEWTON. Mass. (UP)—The police placed on the records n new kind ot theft the other day. It seems Hint somebody stole 50 of ROXY Mntince 2:30- The Hohcnzollcrn Palace Potsdam contains GOO rooms, only two bathrooms. , (".HADE A Raw Milk I'honc 74 Craig's Dairy Paving and Sewer TAXES For ins3 are now due and payable G. G. C AUDI LI, ' Collrclor Office ICC N. Broadway Next to New PostolTlce -lOc - 25c Nile- (i:.|f>, 10.2f.c VICTOR JOUY and IIIKNE I5KNTI.KY 'SMOKY' SERIAL - - CARTOON Thu structure iiliown is thij Tuwcr-BrldRC, LONDON', KNq. I.AN1). JOHN Mll/l'ON wrntu Puradlso l.nst. Tlio eountry shown ia iJOUVIA. Ihe half-grown trees that werv urow-ing on a lot owned by n. !,. Davidson. still heat him at Ihe (jentle arl of! moves in. sicnalhi); from ilie tench. And if' there ever was a. game Hunk Anderson played, thai was the game. Hunk was the best quarterback I have s:en In action since \Valter R>!l was calling, them.. "I called the.-attention 61 the silling ncx't,'tq me to the W!Rn. -and we bct'an to speculate fnini-'the- mbvijrncnt of Hunk's what plays; Notre Dame was to use nojt. Some of onr guesses were. okay, but now and then we- were creased up. Inadvertence t "Several limes Notre Dame ran into dilllciiities. The wrong plays iKead Courier News Want Ads. t'ocd t.uik, .li'SH- Jesse Hurper .:as e°ne tack to Kansas. His retime at Notre Dame, as director 'ol athletits after the death of Knute llocknc has been deemed a failure. Tliis year the team collupwd in most of iu-games. A new gridiron administration easily apparent thai Jc-sse was a great fcolball man. In Ihe five years frjin 13IJ to 1318. it was !!nv- |wr w 'o built tile athletic prestige by which the South Bend school came to be known. Scheduled Hard Ones Intersecttaial games then were few and lar between. Notre Dasnc ;vas obscure. Harper, by refusing to •.)•-• liedu!e we.ik teams and seeking at all limes outstanding opposition. •.•Mui)lb::e:l rivalries w.:lch have became tradiiio:ial and intense. Thing, moved (illicitly under Har- lK?r. The schcol played 39 gamcE under his coaching during those live year.s, and won 3D of ilKfie. His basketball and bnst'hall production!: were B'ent. too. A urea', deal has bun sai:! about U'C liOL-kne sjV.em. the Nctre Dame iystcm. U is" a fact that the system Xolre Dame ha<; b^en using in all the years since Harper first took chai'ce has been Harper system. The Inventor He invented Ihe offense and defense Notre n?.me became known for under Hoi'kne. He coached i D I T f I last Time Today ^ *^ m m *-' 7 Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Saturday Only MAT. & N1TE—lOc - 2i>c El 15 rondel Tn WEN'S BIG Sunday - Monday MAT. and Nile—10c - 25c Romance thnt peals like thunder in tlic lienrU of men Constance Bennett. in tlie story of « bountiful Russian spy in {flittering; wnr-tnad Viwinn. 'ATOR TONIGHT with ItOI.ANI) NOVKI/rV 1U',HI, COAIIODY SKRIAI., fVAKTOON HOOPLA HI/ Patrick Travel Talk "SCOTLAND" Our Gims Cnmcdv SUNDAY ONLY MATINKR—15c - 'lOc AFTER 5 P. 'M.—tOc TO ALL UNUSUAL STACK SHOW The A of the The 'Original Air "CLIQUOT ESKIMOS" Internationally Famous Orchestra Collide in Air OROVILLE, Cal. (UP) - Two geese collided 150 feet In the air near here, with the resultant tragedy that one sustained a broken* uring. Dr. Eugene Steadman, who was hunting, witnessed Kic collision and retrieved the wounded goose. RawFurWanted Good Prices - Honest Assortment Write for Free Price List Chttk Mailed Day KUR Rfctlved Write .T. H. Neumcycrj % M. S. Abel & Son, 801 W. Magnolia, Ixmisvllle, Ky. i 0^ > When you say "grease it!" to us you don't have to add "—and don't forget. Ihe Mror- in? ibox and distributor!" A Texaco lubricating job is always a complete .one—no vital moving part will "free7o up" mi you days later lor want of al'.enlion (just because so:r.c careless attendant ••forgo;".. Drive in today. Bill Wunderlich's MAIN SERVICE STATION PHONE 711 For :\ years you heard (his orchestra o\cr (he N. I!. C network on the Clii|tiol Club .(linger Ale program. ' Hues Singer and Other Specially Number* ON Till'] 8CRKKN Paramount News - - Charley Chase Comedy Program llroarlcnst Daily Over K-L-C-N at 12:20 -aius Broadcast Daily Over Kl.CN at 12:20 THREE QIFTS IN ONB A HICKOK Belt of full- grained cowhide; ill' itftled buckle ofHickgk Plate (heavy silver plate) with tie'clasp to match. Box of genuine Bakelite, useful for cigarettes. Ro:kue Into a great end. and tin a developed him us a coach, node*' contributed an Impovlant eliang/ In end play, bul the rest of die Metre Dame grid scheme is un- cli.inged, 33 Harper taught It to Hoekne. Kockne constantly sought Harper's aid. Tlie personality of Rockne attracted good playars to Notre Uamc anil made them into stars who re- u aided KnuU v.-ilh the affection a sr.n ijives a (atr.ur. Hut it was Harper football tiiai Ruck taught. Not. only was Jf&c a ytent fojt- ball teacher, lie was a great fcl- !c»'i massed in his honesty, loyal lo friend.; and 10 Notre Daim idral.s. So insistent was his demand for sportsmanship that he laugir. player. 1 - to xlve tliu i,ilier fellow the breaks and ilicn to go on and win ;in tin' knowledge that fair play had been accorded. He oached m-n lo 1)0 gentlemen on the field, lint to play hard. Jesse leaves the career r,f a p.enlleman as a pattern fir llio?n who follow him. I lint as Jesse muves oul and you °ok' buck over his record, it is Belt, Buckle, Tic-Clasp and Box, complete .... Read Courier News Want Ads. BUDWEISER JUST MORE DAYS To Get Your Auction Bucks in Addition To Wonderful Bargains in This Combined $100,000 SALE SO YOU BETTER HURRY! $750 FREE! Merchandise Gifts and BIG FREE SHOW , At Ritz Theatre. Friday, December 22 $20(1 Bedroom Suite $35 Bicycle And 100 Other Fine Gifts Grand Prize'Awards JO A. HI. Fri. Dec. 22nd Free Show and Other Free Gifts 2 P. M. 4 (PtfdM st<it< initial dcsiicd t and Kttist tneamrt in ordering by mail). Other Hickok Gift Sets —$a, $3 to $ia New Mead Clothing Co. Get Your Auction Bucks with Each 26c Purchase at Any of These Stores } HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. NATIONAL BROKERAGE CO. McMULLlNS CASH GROCERY RIRBY DRUG STORES HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. BEN FRANKLIN STORE

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