The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1950
Page 5
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THURSDAY, -TUNE is, (ATtK.y COURTOR PAGE F1V1S Dulles Says Captive Communists Too Weak to Wage War on World By lUlSSRLL Kit INKS TOKYO, June 22. (/r.i-.lolm Faster Dulles SAW today the "cupllve 'A'nrld" of communism Is inn weak to sack war now with the free I'orlrt, .. The Republican adviser lo the fijfl.iie Department, tnlrl the Amerl ^an Chamber of Commerce the immediate danger lo free countries is thai, they may be taken over from within by snmll. disciplined Communist minorities. Dulles' address came amid other rapid-fire developments involving the United States' posilioi Sn troubles! Asia: <n General MatrArthur and Du! les conterrecl for 90 minutes. I •A-as learned they were in virtually complete agreement, on necessity lor prompt American aid tor ned- threateneit Formosa and Hie need for a peace treaty for Japan. 31arArtiiur I'lrasnl f2) MncAitlnir. it also was learned, u-a.s pleased with the outcome of his conference Monday with Defense Secretary Johnson and General Omar N. Bradley, chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of -staff. Mac- .Arthiir m1v r or;;U!rl spndius U.S. mil linry eouinmr-ut In the Oliim^e N:> lionallst,s on ?'ormosa to he admin slercd by an American military nisslon. He. maintained that American positions on nearby Okinawa and lite Philippines would be hreatened if the Chinese Reds look ormosa. (31 Johnson and Bradley flew to Okinawa today to Inspect that battle-famed bland which has been converted Into an ftir base since it was wrested from the Japanese. The Americans, MacArthur said. are going to be on this stratesic s|x)t between Japan and Formosa '•/oi' a long time." H) Dulles told a news conference his. Johnson's and Rradley's conclusions \vill he pooled on their return to Washington and "I think Uiev will form the basis for some positive action but f cannot tore- cost whM." He explained*. By "positive action" he meant U S. intends to "preserve interna- pence, security and justice it could have but one oiilonme. That would bfi the total demolition nf this *rtmclR), rigid wid relatively weak structure Hint Soviet com- minisin has hull!.. That Ls why most well informed people do not now xpect war. The position basic-ally Is Loo one-sided," We cited three ba.sic weaknesses of the Communist world. It is weak politically, he -said •because it Is ruled from the top and has no broac! popular support.' "H Is shot through with and suspicion; no one, even In hEgl authority, feels s.ifc." ft is weak economically. He asserted, after 30 year.s of successive "five-year" plans, The U.S. has a five to one advantage In .steel pro duct ion, five to one In' aluminum six to one in electtic power, elRh to nne iti crude oil. And. he added: "The gap indi the worlci—anci that Include* this part of the wovhi as welt as the so- called Western world." In his Chamber of Commerce speech, Dulles said: Tier KorM Struggle 'Any su'iiK^le that openly pilled . eated by these figures is steiidil growing In lavor of the Unite States." Dulles urged free nations to or sanize against the peril of com Lena Home Weds White Director PARIS, Jun(! Z'l. M'I—Noero sin^or I,ena Homo niul MOM musical director 1,/rnnle llnyuni, who is v>'hlte, were .secretly iimrrlrd in Paris In 1347. Miss Home's mannttcr, rtnl»h 1 In rris, n n nm i nrod t nda y. Hiirrls sftlrf tho ;miplfi kept. the weddfns sot* rot for piitftwiona! tea- is, nud now have decided "it is time thai everybody knew." Hay ton '.vnn ;\n ji< h juioniy nw« r<l last your (<>i dinvdnn of the niovii \vrsion of Hi r musical "On the Town." Hornr hfis born :ipp(*i ope tour of Kinilimd Gal! Home Ki-yrar- With tho Courts Thflmn .Johnson v.i Raymond < on, R\I\\. for divorro. (*J Ki'uty, I.ftoknianii vs. Fue< K-u-kmntm, Mill for divorce. It, lj» fifcllmnlrfi that the flivflr Valley rot) tain* A ol U. S. farm tends. Thflmn .Johnson v.i Raymond < . Johnson, RU\\. for divorro. : LJ/\I1OAlUAfU KlhPl Km,* I,»< : kn,r,nn *«. Fi'M- ; llUUMJWUI IV Easy Without :::;:o,r ;:::°;;;,"i r™ NaggingBackache 11)10. DO FALSE TEETH Rock, A CLIP TO REMEMBER — Ptter Kelson, Washington correspondent for NEA Service and Ihis newspaper, sailing Indianapolis, Ind., got a shock when he hud his Vdir cul by 1-ce Dyiws, a Hotel- barber. Usiiifi a lechniciue lie loarnett from :i Frenchman, Dynes did the complete job with an old-ln^hioned, strnighl-e<!j:ccl, non- salcty ra^or. Reported lidson: "There was no bloodshed." I he Japanese would choose to pbrei riKR , their fiilurn with the nnn-Com- j (he full might of v ihn fiee woi-lri '. nuinist. n:i(.jnns Uucau^e they lm\-p | n^ninst that of the cnpllve world spm whnt- ihe free world can do.' Gen. Devereux Blames 'Devil Dogs' Poor Defense at Wake on High American Brass ^.BALTIMORE, June 22 fAP) — | Rrig. Gen Jame.s P.S. Deve.ronx (Ret,* rieclnreri last ni«]it W;iKe Island's rfelense was hanrtlcapptot by Americfin coininatider.s who con.sirf- ered "2nrb;\se trticks and the like more nsseiitial than rndir." The Alight, wiry figure, who commanded ihe MHrine dehichinenl nt Wakft at the .siarL of World War II, relrUpd f-hp events of the Japane:ft on.^au^ht publicly for the firfit lime hi an flddrc-'vs before the Mftrybrnri Volunteer Air Koire Reserve. Representatives. It. is hi? first try j ac polities. Whul Happen BrTorft He said his put-nose in discu.v.inK tlie Wake campaign was 'lo point out what happened before," and to warn that "unless we are careful, it might happen again." Rnriar nssinncci to the tiny W:ikc Island gnrrUon was In Pearl Alabama Legislature Declares Defiance of Racial Mingling ^OXTCiOMFjRY, Ala., June 22.+ <AP)--The Alabama lepusfUture de- . TL rlarcrf ytslcrrlny "we will not sub- ^|-| | fleV I nOmOS mlt. to thp. Intermingling nf white. J and Negro children in our public | |Q for iinlii'iil.s at Ihe Ar):n:i.=as c;) drcn's Home Jiiitl Hospital »l I.itlln Rncrk. Two Little Rix-k ba-iiii'SsnuMi. Paul L. Oi-an and Pail cent. U.S. supreme court decisions against segregation as a threat to Southern civilization. "The. wny of life of the Southern prople. civilization itself as we I;raw it in the Smith, peace and good will cU-ccn white RHrt Nc.gro races' 1 de- d on segregation, one rcsolntior. 1011 Pin tit,. Ark., hiu-p bp-Mi Mheir pouniv.s. iu<'.kcls nmi <liiurs for t a picnic. ' Thf jr>b of saviiie tins iiri-i ! hard one. R has done on abou j yr>ar. j '['he liny toi.*- bad aboul f He Is R rondictale f'>i* Oip. Rcpub- f bor before Ihe Jnpnncw a(iac-kod i r>d up enough ln«l wcftk DHL tnry Hcnn nomination to Marylanrt's | Dftc. 8. mil 'Wake Island Time), j decided t/i pivo up the puuu'r:. T!^V .second dlslrict -seat in the House of 1 be relaU-d. j iwti Lhoir money to buy ice cream ''The only r-.x.pJanattou as to wiiy it was not sent in spile of Hie oirn need for it that I have been nbln to determine Ls the lad (hat grar- bajre l.ruck.f and the like lor Ihn 1 navy si a lion were considered more j essential htan radar," be .^aid, Koreas \\Vrc Down HP explained his mission on the | island was to repel minor raids. His I forces wore not expected l-o wtlh- stand a full-scale attack. "My own personal opinion is flint" a baste error wa.s made in the whole over-all picture. Our camp wa.s bn- 1n.? built prior to e.stablishinp our oui-suards. and we all know r trnu \* fundamentally wrong." Wakft Island was atUckcrl by the only n few hours after the Pearl Harbor atnrk on DMT. R, 1E<4I r.Wake Island Time). The 518 MA- rine and naval officers nnd men Held out until Dec. 23, 1941. DevereiLX was Interned throughout the war. After his release, he retired from the service and now Xrwts and Sl»«rt lives on a larce farm tint far from Raltimoi'e. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Your (Jiininiiiiilv Center MANILA, ARK. .M;ilinces Siii. & Sun. I'll. 5S Thrifty Church Kids Rewarded Lt'ri'l.f: ROt'K. .Inn^ M. 'API - - ! liraid nlmiit Hu l silimlimi Mrinhi'i's nf Ilii 1 prtmiuv c.lii.->- of | rtjv lliry si>nl n chcirk !(./ th* 1 Fh.^l Mri,hncii-L Chinch fl.\ Cot- : l!,r t*ollon ^IMIH yoinriM A y=il:» Wltlioiit- a di-'smlins vol'c. bnlh ; shirlcy Thomas, rtailghlcr of Mr. Iiomc.s pnsscd two resolutions (ic- j an() Mrs M a ,..,hal Thomns. of Cooler Ipft. yftsferday to attend Rioge- cre-M, Baptist Assembly at Ridgc- crest. N. n. She will tnke insrtncl.ion in S\m- day school training during the weei shn will .spend at the assembly. MUs Thomas is secrcUiry of thp. Holly Grove Baptist Church in Tlmi-stUiy "WAKE ISLAND with ttrhui l)iuilrr.v,>nn»lil "NEVER FEAR" will] SAI.I.V VOHI-'.S'F Friday !'DESTINATION TOKYO' (Jninl It .lull" r.nrn^lrl JUNIORS - LADIES - MISSES Complete Sizes 9»o52 Cooler and church al- th will represent assembly. Condcmnins trip "continuous efforts" by itie courts, ihe President . and Conzress "10 forcR interming- , . »./"*, line of the races." the rr.iolmioiT | ArKQOSQS «O VlGT (iemancleri "rorognilion of our right j to our laws anti our customs, and i lo local scif-gnvcrnmciiL" ] The other resolllt-ton called on frrleral eourt.s and agencies to 1- eX' ercifiye-autlon" to avoid ^'.irriiia up ronfliol between Hie racm I'- also llrffcd Alabama members ot Gou- cre.v to ' voted us against Lhr t:on- linnal encroachment of a power [ill federal government in breaking down" states riahts. The resolutions inlrodliceri hy Senator Geor?e Quarlrs of Dallas county where the population Is rircrionv'iatcly Nccrn. TUc Supreme Court recently outlawed .segregation at the Univcirity of Oklahoma and 07; railroad dill- 1112 cars, and ordered Ihe University of Texas lo atimil a Negro law stil- ilenl,- Kew Gas Pipeline Lfrn.E ROCK. .Mine 22. Mr>—An- '• nthhcr natural cas pipeline is going ' lo Iraverse Arkansas. f The 30-inch line will run from Texas to Illinois. It's to be. hull! hy the Texas-Illinois Natural Gas Pi""line Co.. at a cosi of aboul Sin.- ; (100.000, field Supt. E. D. Warren ' said. i The MO miles in Arkansas roughly will parallel the y :souri Pnc.ific Hailrciad thro"'Th the. state, from Texarkana to Uorninjr. I A. compressor station witl be. built nfiar Malvern. pnri probably others will be constructed ' in the slate later. Warren said. SENSATIONAL NEW 175O Admiral I2'/2 TV Adventure of a Bus NRW DEblU. IlKlia —l:r>- To lake a double-decker bus almiR tlir- Dclhi-CnlciittR Irunk rnaci is qintfl a job. A Ipcnl trnnsporl company riarcrl the 'cxpcrtition rcccnlly bill 11 is nol likely to try as"" 1 - " lnnlt 12 days lo cover this 1.000-mile obstacle race. Four [lays alone were spent in trying to o'Oss a river. Tlin W e R t, Bengal government houglil. Ihe bus for use in Calcutta and prelened to lake it along the Irunk road, llesserts. jungles, hills flonrts. I o n s e nutrl rough roads narro\v lanes. coiu',*d markel squares, overhanging tree branches, obstructive telegraph und lelephonc M'ircs \vere some of the obstacles. The rionble-deckcr was a sensation all aloilR Its roule. Villagers hronged from far Rntl near lo have a glimpse of the "doiible- sloryed tnotor house. 1 ' Done by Hnndccl Scrviccninn livery .lull "(iiiaranlcccl Everything in Music Supplies and Repairs gWE MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE BLYTHF.Vtl.LES ONLY ALL'WHIT t THEATRE Thursday &• Friday —DOUBLE FEATURE— "CANADIAN PACIFIC" (111 Tc-r.linir.odirl iHth Knndolph Scotl ALSO "THE GANGSTER" uilh n.AKKV SULLIVAN ,<• BK1.1TA C'Arloyii* A- Uenth Valley StrUl IHSTALLA1SOK Admiral Television with built-in Roto-Scope Antenna Nothing else to buyl NEW 1 9 SO CONSOLE SlarLv «:«« llOJ E. Main Phone SR1I ThnrsHay * Friday FKATORK— .loan Br.nnoU 'MACCOMBER AFFAIR" ALSO .Irian r.cslie an«l .1; "NORTHWESt STAMPEDE" Also Color Carlonn THIS MONTH ONLY! Don't delay any lonpcr about pcKinp your reTeviaion Ret. Oui'iut (he nvtxiUi nf .Inne Kred Callihan will supply Ihe ;tnlgnn;i n»d completely iivslall your sel al no c.xlra chnt'Kf- So come on down anrl see our Admiral television today. Lauanas Kloray Broadcloth Bemberg Chambray For Summer Reg. 3.98 Values FRED CALLIHAM "Buy Your Television From An Expert Serviceman RADIO SERVICE Coll 2642 110 S. 1st. Blytheville, Arkansas

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