The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 7
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. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1D33_ fARK.) OOU1OB1 Mlffl PAGE SEVEN ~T CLASSIFIED SECTION- sWants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror consecu- !Uc insertions: (Five average words to a line) One time per line lOo Two times per line per day .. 08o Inree times per lim per day .. 06c faix times per line per day .... 05o JJotita rate per line 60o Minimum charge 60c Ads ordered lor three or six times and stopped bclore expiration will be charged for tlie number of times ire ad appeared and aajustment ol till made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by [cr-sons residing out- sirie ol the city must, be accompanied by cash, Hates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taken for more Hum one incorrect in- .bCition of any classified ad. • Advertising crdcred for irregular insertions take tlie one time rate. Phone 306 or ,307, MASTADON EVKK13EARINC! STRAW BERRY plants al 15 cents per hundred delivered. J. R. Gray, Houte One, Box 128, uixorn, Ark. 13rjkl6 BILLIARD EQUIPMENT, cheap for cash. Business good, rent rca- irnable. J. F. i itUe, Holland, Mo. 5p kl-s AUSTIN COUFE, perfect running condition. O. M. Morgan, Phone 293-J. Ic kit Stockholders' Agreement ] Of Famed Inn Found PHILADELPHIA (UP) founding ol the famous The "City Tavern" hevc In 1116 is recalled In the finding of (he original agreement of stockholders among » pile of dust-covered deeds. Among the noted men who held shares in tlK enterprise were John Penii, grandson 9! the founder of the stale; CH'oivc clymev, u signer oC the Declination o( Independ- encc; Edward Shlppon, incrchant and civic lender and (lie fullUT i>f 1'egey Stilppcu, wliu married Hon- edlct Arnold: John Dickinson, member uf Conarc.v;; Joseph Hml, member of the Continental Congress ami a general In the Revolution; Thomas Mlftlln, also n member of Congress nncl Recorder of tlie city; and Tench Tllghnnin, Washington's conlldenllal secre- Uiry. ' ' "ill! Tlii: building Is (Icsvrllwil in the (locuiiii'iit us ;i "lanjo and fom- iiiodloi-.s tiivein on the west side of Eirond SliTei, nwir Walnut." Conniv.-si met in the building on one occ.iilon. T|IP Amazon river Is so loaded with .sidunent Unit Its miters can be ilfU'ctcd. by their dlscoloiiUloii 3CO links at sea. LOOK I i yds. Rayon; 3 yds. Voile; 3 yds. I'ercalc. lor only 52.98. Rush your orders to W. C. Richmond, Box 241, CaruthersvUle, Mo. 2pkl-2 OUR BOARDING HOUSE Bv Ahern WARNl..\Xi ORUKR IN TilH CIIANOEHV COUUT, CIIIGKASAWnA DJSTU1OT, MlSSISSIl'i'I COUNTY, Atf- KANSAS. Uvorelu Junes PlalutlH, No. 6737 vs. U. Y. Jou-a, Defendant. The defendant. O, Y. Jom'.i, is warned to appear within thirty tiiiys in the vmirl named In the caption hereof and yiuwer the Jones. Diilcil o[ the plalutlll,. Georgia this lifllh (lay of Nov., H. I,. QA1NKS. Clerk, Uy UllillKth Ulylhe, D. 0. J\y W. Ciawfcrd, Ally. Ad Litem. I-H-IS-'J- Xmas T'rre bfdiUlry' Booml * < HOLLY,' W a s li.: (UP)— Tljfij Christinas Irec and..1iolly. indnsUfyj hera, 'Is $o\ng at Head Courltr News want Ads. . litoymcnl for ayprpxhnaltly . 8.000 J licrsons waq- created by the yearly, work ot cutting trees and other i Ynlelldc greenery; The .trees bring! In approximately J700IOOO to thej sliite with another $300,«W. expect- 1 ed in holly and mistletoe. ' ALLEY OOP REAL ESTATE FOR SALE: 17 it-its adjoining compress. Fine tract for SUBDIVISION. Valued al 5400 acre. S125 acre will buy it. THOMAS LAND CO. IScklS l!y Hamlia, OUT OF A CLHAU SKY!' ' ' , ' NXd! LET'S OQOLAf WHAT DVArtM BACX TO KOO! SAV.FOOZY-SHALL) \>JF. CAN \4ATCH WE TRV IT? IT y.tM THERElTHAT WORKED Ct4Ce. H OUC-HTA'DO- " Vft KNOWr BUSINESS^ DlilECTOKY NEW DEAL, TRADING TOST Furniture, Toils, Clothes, Etc. Let's trade. 114 'East Main. 6c kl-li FOR SALE: 40 acres, all in cultivation. One mile south of Qos- nelL Roland Green. 6ckl3 WANTED LANLV-We have buyers for land in different etzcd tracts. Thomas Land Co. 17ekl2-17 Come In, list four real estate See what we have U Mil E. M. Terry . UcenKd Dealer Terrj-Worthtnfton Title Co. Bljrth«ille Fhone til. 23pkl2-23 New ?nd I'sei) Furniture Bough; and Sold Stoves Repaired--Any Make Alvin llardy 517 W. Ash 20p k!2-20 EXPERT Tyiw.vriler tmd Adding Machine Repairing. U. S. Blankenship, llli E. Rose. Call 165-J. 210 k!2-21 POULTRY & EGGS rresh fgfs iai'y, direct from hen- nery. Pickard's Chicka&iwba. WANTED grocery, 1044 Sc kl-b CLEANEKb. TAILORS Look nice for Xiuis! Have your clutlies cleaned & retexed br Unigue Clcaninf Service, €»ll 17 !•' . "'• V- 20-ck.-12-2a RAGS. Must be clean and free frotr. buttons. Courier News. xxx We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators, aluminum, lead, batteries. Phone 176, Wolf Arlan, 128 E. Main. 22ckl2-22 For Quality Cleaning . ., •. phone ISO- . Barnes NuWa cleaners. 12ckl2-12 AUTOMOTIVE LOW PRICES on winter car needs, healers, alcohol,' GPA glycerine, Model T lota & side curtains, 51.98 up. WOLF ARIAN, 12« E- Main. FOR RENT FURNISHED 3 room apartment, . 1315 -W. Maiu. CaJ) 3.35-W IScktf NEW Unf mulshed 4 room apartment, bath. Close In. Call 130. 15ck22 BEDROO^[S close in, 123 North Fifth. See Ross Beavers. 12ck22 Tsoi^ite^lace-llg E. Main For An to Fain tine _ • Body and Fender Senico 28ck!2-23 LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. Louis Also Anto Glass-Phone 6G JACKSON ADTO PARTS CO. 2ckl-2 N'iccly fnrnbhed bedroom, 518 W. Alain. Call 389. 9ckl6 Front room apartment. Cheap, close to school. 914 Hearn Street. 9pkl6 NICELY furnished bedroom, men preferred. 1017 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed "Hardin. 29cktf MODERN Thre« room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone AL'TO GLASS INSTALLED i We Install glass in your car while ( you wai',. Call us for better service, rhone 033. Shouse-Littlc Chevrolet Co. ":'•' -IDc kl-10 Call Us'When Iri-N«d'Of Guaranteed Merchandise Tires-Batteries - Replacement Parts UUBBARP HARDWARE CO. Auiomotirc'Dcpt. lo kl-1 764, 27-ck-tf. Nice, large BEDROOM. 310 W. Walnut. Close in. IScktf WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO BOY—Used Electric refrigerators. Must be in good condition, Phone 764. 27-ck-f. LOST Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 12c kl-10 WRECKER SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker, Day and Night Service. Call 5i3. Sliouse-LUUe Crevrolet Co. IQc kl-10 REWARD for return of black and •white hound. Name "Spot," C years old. J. W. Pinkley, Gosncll. 15pk22. . BATTERIES liattcrj ^;|iadrator Service We guarantce'you better battery, or radiator work for less money, make radiator, repaired or red. Get ont'prices on new.and rebuilt batteries.'- Call 633.- . Sliousc-I.ilde Chevrolet Cttj '•••• . . -lOc kt-10 vcorc' New Ford Batteries Kenl;ii - Ilechnrging' '- Repairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION . 25c 1:12-25 RADIOS All Kaclioi!, including R. C. A., arc being closed oat at cost for CASH at Hubbard Hardware Co. ilckl2-ll SPOUTING GOODS Iron Bars in Pen Will Keep Prisoners Out SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) — In tlie good old days, steel bars \vcre put on penitentiary windows to keep prisoners in. The Utah State Prison authorities have under \vay a plan to place bars about guard towers to keep prisoners out. The program ercw Ironi a recent break by Robert Earle, a convict. He tossed a hooked rope over the.wall and caught Prison Guard B**l5?J?5£! _2fi™ Joe Tnrnbov unawares. Several Buns were taken from the guardhouse as the prLsoner escaped. Other alterations to take place at the. penitentiary include changing- o[ a lianclball court, now located against tr.c outside wall, and placement o[ a "deathline" 10 feel from the outside wall, enclosing the entire penitentiary. The" Knickerbockers" were the Dutch residents oi New York. Yon will find a complete line of NEW MOREL BICYCLES »t Hubbard Hardware Company. 16c kI2-16 I'HOXE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black But We Treat Yen White" 1C kl-D Brilliant and Ky. Coal, quality and wcishL guaranteed. Bartnick Conl Yard, Railroad & Ash. Phone 179. 4ckl-4 WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also buj discarded furs. Jlrs. SlubblcfitliJ. 511 Walker ,\vo., Carutlicrsyillc, Mo. Call 572. . n-r>c-I2-17 FOR SALK "IM3 l-'orrt Tudr.r Sedan, Reasonable. Mileage 4.000, A-l shni>e. liox l-'G, Cm:ricr. igcklO 6 Frefli Cows with young calves, plenty Of springers thnt will, be fresh soon. Must be- =old. Phone 211. *c-tf GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL T^*» There i» no coal, JWV)** west of the Allegheny Mountains, as high In heat and AS low in ash as the «UPREM f Super-Heat, That E is * bov<1 , but It is ethical, because it's true. We have authoritative amljsis on file on all coal acd «»n provt this claim. SUPREME Super-heat is lh« only co»l of its kind and sold only by this company. 6x1 Medium Size Lump Per Ton 57.50 C*sh " Half Ton - - $4.W A Rich JIan's Coal at A I'oor Man's Price Superior Conl & Mining Co. 301 W. Walnul - fhoae 700 vrcVs IOOKIP wtR AU 1H 1 GROUND AH 1 NOT OWO CAN./WIX.IHE.IRIP BE rCXJNOVVA5 WORW SOME DOHT TORGET SOMt •&UT WELL HAVtTO V^EEP IN ' <5O HANS.1S1 TV? WALT- Trf TthAt BE-STANDIN UNt3EK A WITHOUT KNOW IN VACAKT WILL MAKE AN IDEM. UOCWIONTO T>16PLAV AND SELL N\Y TRtES ANb HOLW ^ VET rAESEE— HOW WILL I HtEX),TO &1NRT OFF. ONE HONt)P£t) WO .TOR. THE TIKST COUTPLt OF 6O WN3SAUR EGOS.' HAYOE.IFWE BOILT COUU) HA1CH Of'EM.' AND BUTf THEM MOW tLL PICK ONLY THE CHOICEST GIDOAP.tHKNV? VJt'RE 6Olr* \Jt'D RUN AFOUL A PTEROOACTVL.' HOORAVf . AW AM \ GLftD f PIACE ME rAAO' CHRIS! MiAS AND HER BUUDU1S Ht'S Mi 0V' ' X'VA ' OviT TOW INDUCEMENTS! WASH TUBES THINK OF IT, GAIL! SW611 UOTHE5. CLASS/ CARS. SWIMMIMG m 5UNW ROOF GARDENS. l MIGHT CLUBS. OBOYi / WOTTA TIHE WE'D HAVE! I'LL' GO! I'LW'OO ITj COME ON- LET'S START BEFORE t CHftWGE 1 MIND. ' •' WE'D SHOW YOU THE TIME OF YOUR I NIGHT GO K PAR AS FAIRBANKS WITH YOU, AW, FORGET (T. WHY, YOU'VE NEVER even BEEN TO THE STATES. SURE I THERE'S MO USE MINIMS WHEN IT'S 10 AMD 60 BELOW. HEY, LISTEN, GAiLi VWV DQW'T YOU COME WITH MOVIES IN PMRBANKS. COULD GO TO A r'OVIE EVERY MIGHT AHO- AVID RE6I5VER MY CLftlM. AND HU'S I'HKSIDKNT OK IT, TOO! &"( GOLLY, S«ES ft C-OCD 1 L.ooKe.R.1. SOLD! I |LL - RBTCHP,! 1 <KiT ft ReW_ e o, ftW ^\S fJePheuJ TftK - FP.CT is^ P, PlftHWV r A ft' TftG- OM IT / tUOU'T B& KOL.DIT ) l\ / V &OT "Tu" SftNK. R.I&HT UHT.H jesr CO To TW BWJ<(\M, DKftU) TU' HAD TO VORSE! HIP FRECKLES AND HIS I'M SLAD YOU LET FUl'Z.Y THAT ''CANT' BULLV A AN1S SET MOT LET YOUR BOY <SO A20UMP WITH UHLESS V&D CAM SO TWO ROUNDS WITH ME.'.' SEAT UP OlJ MY POOR, BOY! DO ~ybO iadovl WHAT • OUGMTA DO VJITH TVIS PIST? HE LOOKS LlkG PSCOUL3 oo IT! GOLLY) TVEHE WE 13 Pop.... ( LEAMING WES TViAT VWLL'. 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