Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 26, 1954 · 19
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 19

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1954
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OAKLAND AREA CHURCHES Death of Savior Is Sermon Theme : By ZILL ROSE TrtWa Cbarth Editor t Li rryfy t ft txin 7 tw!soaaIity, .and It would bt food MIT CcZt student about en Jar them, if they had some older ef th meat difficult 'clause fcvpenoa to whom they could lock th ApostB. Creed, Chaplain; for advfc. Gecrr EEy preached yester- "A to temorUlitj, Jerus as- day fca th CoSeit Chapel en th tamed er-iesiion. "Did Jesus Go to Hell?" Ha pointed out Cut th Epiaco-pal and JYesbyteTiaa Churches respectively fctlerarel ""hell la th cceltrl as ttftrrizg to lh it. He rabd Hli belief cn his faith la Cod. Cod is imsx Cod and if the Cod of Uri&x souls. Fasr B. W. Ma Bison of the stai el tb dead and "tit p lac ( Grand Arena Seventh-day Ad-e departed rpixiu." . , jventfrt Church. 27S Grand Ave- Saturday, "Man is noit casus vilM v-- - , Tor thra the ecphasa is .f, osca ts fact cr jesus raiser man 11700 mj me;0f ft. ei sunrns. cuem pu -De down in his heart man -la, wa deep down to tetinxto fiadCod CeiSS fta th.,"" out end prepare Garden cf Geths?. Our LortS,10-, t", . ... -. Eder luttiaoa said. "Aa chit- hare, entered fu?yf J?..iJa into v' 'z:;:,rfr': net known una tail cf seein uu 7J Lf aa warted. ' lho of -Had Ha not endured this? 7 thlr ly 7er fdj Gehenna ef tha human soul.- Dr. I1 enTironment of a ain-corsed Kedley arr-d, "and this at Its1 b wt developed, aiaclata wont. Our Lord could! "Jus said in order to prepare net hjT been f ar us a suiSdent for heaven, th sinner which axansp and a sufficient Sarior.-s includes us all until weV been Tm rwwractkaaf CkrtstaAd Med by His . frace must be th itisU that quickly f oUowed -""ti aain. Wi must become as it left an Infant churca of dree u "7 ' thecuand people to face what-! sixnificance of this tre- miLarr rxrmrt and . mendous truth la found in the orxaniied reLxxn mixht trinx,1 of childhood. axainst It, declared tna er.f" w onen jos as we ILxhard W. Wiicoa, yesterday at mature In this world of sin." th Unihurtt Ckrtftian Church.! Pastor Mattiaon declared. WJi Are. at Holly SL "Thee qulitiea must be trana- "Tb pcaaibility of complete ferred to our spiritual life. We anaihiiitasa ef tha Church andmust be ready to meet, our th apoatUs was wiihia view. In-' Heavenly THr.g when He returns. dd. tha Book of Revelation' "What art these attributes? spaaka ef tha danxer. usinx deThey ara usually revealed In the f;r-creef serpent waitinx to d-iunref enerata heart. Trust Cod our tha cewbera child. land in thoea who havt our wel An earthly institeUea would fare at heart. , : lav falhire," explained the Rev. I "Inoladed in these attributes Is Mr. WEeosL Tersecution. aaeii-'tubmluion to aathority, notstub-fxa. and xnartyrdoca bef an Irn-jbora self aasartion; a flad inter-rnadlauly. This saaH frocp la- dependence and cooperation for bored tmder' dlvica direction, the common rood, rather than a 'V. 1 i - ' - 7 Each of thasa religion studanta apoka yastardoy at First Cgrecrtional Church, Borka-lay. on '"Why I Hot Choaan (her Christian Ministry."' (From left front) Dwight HarwoIL Bobert Varblow, John HgdaelL and (raar) Sheldon RuasaEL Jamas Co&kllzu Adams Lovalrfn. anrrm. 00a s own opini ww kud, vindictive spirit; purity Xtwn to every obedient believer. 0f heart and life, in contrast to -Prayers for boldnesa and the evil and filth with whlrh rtrenx'Ji were answered, and the men fill their minds and hearts Duiiii--. in wmcn ma prayer, today. mae-unx nea w -Surely." concluded Elder Mat- ahakcil on its foundations. Cod lijon j. arc confuted with had &rm His son to saT men- lTut way of salvation, made from thejr sins. ppasibla for us by the sacrifice ChrxA was to be thejof Cod s Son. We are challenxed eufi m "---jto let Cod control us and trans- 'J'la His marvelous rr.ee. V 7"'" ' -rr."jtBio true enudren of God. rJrJifn- nhia la tha only way to pre- death.and resurrection. - pare for th xlorious life in God's I serxaa yeaterday at the tternal kinedom of nar-- Jack London Square Subject For School Teaching Paclcet A teachinx packet of 30 photo-Xraphs and an . assortment of printed material on Jack London Square, OaklandT'waterfront section, is beinx produced by' the curriculum department of tha Alameda County schools, accord-inx to Dr. Vauxhn D. Seidel, county superintendent of schools. The photographs will point out the differences between old and! new . features T of th square which ' was named - after Jack London, th famous Oakland writer. , . ; - ' ' One of th uses of the' packet will be to familiarize out-of-state teachers with the area in order to help them in their teachinx of American literature, according to Mrs. Ethel S. Ward, assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum. Truitvale Presbyterian Church, 2713 MatArthur Btvd, th Rev. Theodore G. Tritenbach acknowledged that. "It may seem hard for soma people to break with eld customa and stand out for Christ. f "Yet that step is easy com pared with tha locx -Journey beset with the temptations that follow orta's decision for Christ." he asserted. "Or. ef the great and chal-lergir.g responsibilities laid upon us ra the church the reception and xuidanc of those who hare turned toward th Lord Jesus Chrtit fcr salvation. The process j "Hearth or n th road to Emma uj was but a prelude to the burning heart of transformed men on the day of Pentecost," warned the Rev. Herbert Graves of Grace Community Methodist Church. 2369 lB3rd Ave., Sunday, "Moderns with their hearts strangely warmed have knowl- eage ox rus reigns puuung en human hearts. or aievenson, tae puu was stronx. The natives on his south seas island built for him a white coral driveway across the island to his home. They called it, the road of the loving heart.' "The pathway home to the ef assixailatmx eew rr.err.ben ivou of tha rather ia vr tht wta.take tie prayer and SJUU ex'road." lsrT.bn ef lor.g landing.' He concluded by sayinx that the church is God's melting pot, and new rnemben who have com Into the church at Easter msjoq, har com to obedience to a heavenly vision. Without Ioa ef individuality, we must all recognize that we are particular members In the corporate unity cf Jesus Christ. There is on place in the B.Ve that starts ovt with marriage and ends up 'with Immortality,"" observed Dr.' Clarence Reidenbach Sunday at th first CcxresaicnaJ Church, 25th and Harrison. -J ejus was asked what would happen la the next world in the cas ef en who had been married- more than one in 'this world. His reply was that life Sa th next world would be different, J : "It wi3 not be physical but spiritual. In a spiritual world, th possibilities far companion-ship win be so broadened that there will be no need for poaies-aioo or Jealousy, and all may belong to one "complete fa rr.il y." Dr. Reidenbach ctat'd, "A ccp-chuion that may b drawn from It ia that w ahall be better off her for puttinx marriaxe on a mere spiritual basia. Marriage is all too often t result, of mutual physical excitement amonx adolescents, f "Young people would do well to consider such Items as per- tsxrfho Is better fcr XX, P. U. Edwards, a noted Ohio doctor, sore knew ti medjcm ven h prtacred Dr. lUSvarca CXrra Tablets tor eocwUpcUan. CXrra Tatw leu are a pr-crt&ta UxUt so mara better than hartrt. yalttng at CX:t Tacta giv a vrmcpbt !r.?rz out yet ar ao frtU. Toa ran uu Ueta foe ytars vttiout acj harsJ electa, CSzv Tablets gtTt more aarxrel-tt bowel tnoreoaeota. Ko purgmgt trrpizel o tocceiTenieni urgai Otrre TaLeta ciean oct waste, riry fejoa trora tm y-Yf I tret to keip yoa teal Sjm7 The Rev. Mr. Graves stated, "As individuals and as a fellow ship we follow and depend on God's strategy In history and nature. "Thoughtful foresight alone af fords us means of following this wsy. "The drumbeats of our marching burning hearts become the heart throbs of His love as we keep our eyes on the road to Enimaus. "We will stub our spiritual toes and fill our hearts with the psychology of heartburn if we arc mere concerned with our own safety than that of the Christian fellowship." ' ' POOR APPETITES . . . What tha McRory Fcmily Does Ahout them Toa ml Kara a good appetite to get tha raoft eat ef mewriaJU . tr eos? that ia' placed before to Good feed, esseatial to HSALTK AXS xsJTcaaa. When yoor a- . petit ia pony. thcns tba time far &JLS. TO .Via Kead wkat Mr. Wayne McRory ef Mad, sen, Florida says: "Oar tare beys had bad avtetitea. We gave tkea &&S. TONIC erery day far tw weeks. Beeaha were very sat bfactaryr Thouaaadi ef men. women and ehildrea take famous TONIC to perk op appetite aad reaist irea deficiency ANEMIA. ocToes rrrrs reovi s. a. s. . tOlPt TO. TWO VTTAX WATS y 1 Stinalates tba Cow of vrrai, ricrrrm , jcicz, thos tm-. 1 previnx - rtozaach digtstioa and appetite. " "' J BaQds kxch. bzd SLOooeaUss" A reaiits iron defieitaey Axxmx. sut m Toa roe om tu rtias 5m! Bmy tls Urm FmmUirSiM New Korea Wxr Dead WASHINGTON. Apnl 28. The Army today . announced the names of five more men presumed dead, all of whom were previously listed for' more than a year as missing In action in Korea. The list included First Lieut. Thomas Edward Sifling of Temple City, Calif. . 1 Princeton Korea Reunion SEOUL, April 26. LP! President Syngman Rhee and UJ1!. Economic Coordinator C. Tyler Wood are expected to.be among 40. xrduates of Princeton University who will hold their school's first reunion in Korea May 7. Parish Group Will Discuss pilgrimage . ALAMEDA, April 26. Plans for the Marian Year pilgrimage will be discussed when the Ro-sarian Sodality of St Philip Neri's Church meets today at 8:30 pjn, in the parish hall. Refreshments will follow the business session, according to Mrs. Erbon Delventhal. III 6randAvt.0akland-arXKr 1 . Oiklahd Tf ibant, Monday; April 2& 1954 E ? ? 17; Young Mothers I old How To Protect the' Baby . (Editor's note: Following U the second in a series of articles advising parents how they can best protect their, children against accidents. The articles are presented as a public service during the observance of Child Safety Week.) - , .; . By" J. C, GEIGER, RLD. ' , , Oakland HeaJth Officer - Denial '1 Filed fo Probably on of the most timid persona in the world is a young mother taking care of ; her first born child. ; " She ia the victim of false alarms in the night, of coughing and whooping, gasping and sput tering all i perfectly normal in the development of a child but representing in her eye horrible portents of some Imminent dia aster. - . , To add to these almost iinlim ited worrier by bringing up the accident problem while the new mother is ' xrapplinx with the problem of early Infancy would be transparently unjust. The best advice we can give her ,1a to say: ., .v. .: v- "Don t drop," ' crush, burn. poison or mangl your baby." But when the infant is three months old and about to receive its immunization against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus, the - mother can be called' on to adopt a realistic view of some of the accidents that face her baby. She can be told that her baby needs 100 per cent protection in the first year of its .life. She can be told, and in fact must be told, so obvious fact that no one knows when the baby will first turn over and - consequently it should never be left , where such developmental triumph win permit it to falL When the baby is eve or six months old and able to sit in some sort of device while being fed, some of the inherent haz ards in high chairs should be pointed out to, the mother, in eluding the possibilities of the child falling and of hot sub stances being spilled on the child. ' The perils increase at nine or 10 months when the infant finds that it ia able to crawl about and sets out to explore the world, equipped win the unshakeable conviction that everything in the world is made to eat For many months to come the play pen, th. crib, stripped room or a carefully .policed en closed yard are the only places where the infant can be allowed unsupervised freedom of action with any degree of safety. If a room is used, particular attention must be paid to elec trical outleta In the walls and electric cords. The conviction that the whole world is edible has led some infants to gnaw through the rubber insulation on electric cords, with fatal or disfiguring results. - - k (Tomorrow: Fie ihool accident fan. munixation.) - FTC Charges: r An Oakland firm which manufactures a battery additive and its president,:' Jess M, PJtchie, have filed denial answer; to a Federal Trade Commission complaint charging fab and misleading advertising. . '. Hearings in the case are ached- uled to begin in Washington, D.C, on May 10. .;- In its, answer, Pioneers, Inc of 2411 Grove St, makers of AD-X2, admitted that fit disseminated the advertiiiing claims cited in the government complaint, but made a point-by-point denial of the charges that the representation is falsi!, misleading or deceptive. ; The commission on March 22 challenged the compajiy'a claims concerninx the effect ci the Tat-tery juice on the operation and life expectancy of batteries. Chaplin Jr. to Europe LOS ANGELES, Aprif 25. Charles Chaplin Jr. and Susan Cook, engaged to be married, are en route today to Europe where they will act In 4 movie. :Sii.::.;o;;3: niDE-A-BED Savings On rleee Medeb rlr- naflssal Fcmttcro 2121 Isligrgpi Caklisl rrcct irom . . r TAKE YOUR CHOICE OF: t.' A: INTERNATIONAL; '--r BURBAiiK, OR LONG BEACH AIRPORTS Only WEmRN.servesall three! FrtEQUENT; FLI G HTS . . ?TH R I FTY FARES Poll TWInooks 9505; caU operator for Entrpris) Udll 1-1927... or so your Wostorn fravof egont. . Gu ffGGuflQSi QGI"I? . . . - - ... r - - ' , " ur: More Benefits-far: More People than Ever Before S,BBe"eaBBBSSSSSBSSBBBBBBBeBSSSBBSeSBS 1953 TEAS CF ACIIISVEUNT O Crofsf Awub ever pcsWI isibnlits r Loryst scsaborship In history O Wow rced low in opfotfwj EEKirtlS Ef ACNEO AM Alt-HCI NU. $l,7oy,l 15.28, was paid ia benefits, ao ancreosc o nearlj $300,000)0 over the psevkwes year's record htsjjh. Daring the year we seiteved the burden of hospital balls sot 1 member in every 7, and paid sortie aj mediral benefits foe 1 member in every 5. Members (exceptinsj snacern-sty cases) cared for ia hospital room with multiple scrammodations had 93.5 per coot of tbek boapital bill paid. More thoo 8p per coot ol these subscribers had Sbeir biSs paid ia frA, or paid less tba $iOJOO. ECmSXSSP cszatht ei tun CSOSS ISS-TCST. Membership increased by 15. per scot. Ifoer 431 oe Cross Plan now serves over (00,000 members from Fresno County to the Oregon border, through more than 4,500 esBployees and TTc coodnued to satisfy th demand of groups for benefits to meet pardcalar specifications through new programs developed last year. Blue Cross is providing protection for thousands of persons io entire industries formerly without prepaid beakh protection. Direct' soUment of employed person woo wet not Qualified for growp benefits grew simoet 40 per cent. :; 0Y1IEU3 KIDICEB TO k tlCCtH 10X Only 7 cents out of each income dollar was used for overhead expense as compared to 8 cents for the previous year, Io addition to these gains, Blue Cross in proved sts service by mechsniratton of ks billing and accounting system, by cerrtraEring membership records and by consolidating several deparaments. I Blue Cross is prepared io make whatever changes are necessary to meet new situations. We shall continue the high standards of prepaid hospital cat and surgical-medical benefits th have made Blue Cross a household word for health tosurance ia America. ; -J 1 HOSPITAL 8 IDVICI OP CALIFORNIA' STATEMENT OF CONDITION AS OP DECEMBER Jl, 1953 OMKATINO STATUNINT-mj ! I . Atsrrst . CmH m HMtand I SmIm ....,........$ t?7.eS4.M W. S. ttmmmnt Bond , ,63,0O2.5O WW tmrrmi AMta 229,444.20 ; fun AMta 831,523 M .'TeWAateta .8,43S,23.13 : UASNiTtISs . - SwMfitS Mil PlyaMa ..............$1,780,000.00 : IMmtmS Cotftii ................ 1,020.285.1S Tm aM AecoeaU Paytkle 350,420.43 . Tatai tkMmtoe $3,150.705-1 ' COTTMGUCT RESERVE .. 1S3.000.00 snieaM. Biscavc atou t s.mn.sa TeM UeMNtiM t Rim .SM3,t2S. INCOMit . CwrtriOutiottl UtmA ..tl7.SM.l01.41 Mtmferhia Fim 1S.SSS.M IntvMt anS Otker toeem M7.S0S SO Tetat laciwi ....S17SS34aS CXrtNSS: BMftti PM tl4.7SS.llS.3S OftnVH Vvtm 1.2W,83.S TW bae ......Sl,055.s;3.74 M iemt MM to WH, .f I.782.4P1.1T BOTI 1-a pmim ml SIMttJ tar tMrJ nmtrm ia 1163, , MStMMa - afe ka -fc. - - - am AW Uu IwVniMstv WffVmsWW u pWuW JVrWVc fJW WRWfejsj tyaTwOPJ ml VJS ?C3 G BLdUG SnGG PILAW Hospital Sorvico of California : j sns Nfft4-7teS SAS FKAaCRCS SS Peat StrMt SOaCtaa J-42SS A. MOM PtOfTT COtSJetMtTT StRVKS - sa Jest . Pint am Sank SMf. CTWeaa 4-S373 - - TNR SlUI CROSS PtAM ttl WtMM SiTMt OmUm 12, Ojlifwuto (., D A wry tt Mm SI Ctm Awt tupmit to lniipKiwe . O A pumpkUt AnlMm Sin Crm$ Grm aWala A p litot MriMfl S4m Cmt N Om aMkSMc. I , Urn. at EtfrK,....,...,...;.,n i I t I ur.M........... ........... M Ui. Itu. m. Mm... II nm ltr.nl : fo. m My jo 0

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