Elmira Advertiser from Elmira, New York on September 15, 1955 · 17
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Elmira Advertiser from Elmira, New York · 17

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1955
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1955. 70S Railroad Ave bd n Reese, e kk Ave, fcpaziani, w Spaziani 5.11 lallev. s Denis ut TtaMiuir. cf o nJ i ... ' . IVf?:- yman A & Rose h;80 ft 479 Mt Zoar St bd n Mt w . . jt Jl I W1VIS fin .M M fiiAi7Mi C - ST 4 1 nee, uiovina L bt 23 x 65 M - r ' ,il . rY of I o ' Jluriausn. s uonanue. 705 Railroad Ave bd n Reese, t HendeSfn ' 1S'n ?i aW x5CTYaCUUm 9 24 RR Ave, g & w Catalano et all 219,l Merr,u- Leon H & Mabel h 588 Gleason, Frank F & Sarah h'S 438 el'y PI bd n Chamoulain, Reese, Giovina L lot 23 x 65 ig 319-319Vj Division St bd ije XeUly PI, s Collier, w Ammer- 707 Dailroad Ave bd n Carlineo I f chemung, e alley, g Divi- ) 25.03 e R RAve, s Reese, w Spaziani!S'n St w Reidy 32-67i sllnSerland, Harold G h & g 454I Rice, John & Eileen res 130s'2,12 Partndse St bd n alley, e Johnson, Thomas J & Bridget Gr Central Ave bd n Gimbariski,rclr- s Fartndge St, w Del e aney, s Barr, w Gr Central Ave " , 29 59 46.45' . Mary 12 & Seeley res 509 ruinuge ai Da n Partridge St, e Johnson, s Reidy, w Bright 44.16 Ward Eleven Brixius, Edward J & Marv res .524 Gaines St bd n Gaines St. je & s Town of Southport, w An-drus . . . . A.a Reidy, Annie C res 1200 Lacka- Finley. Helen K & 'ica'v T rp St. w Sickles 413 rl- u " reu1' e reason, iiw w Lar rance St bd n W La- Thomas, Herschel res 702 Dick-!' Dlv,slon St- w Lackawanna AvojFrance St, e & s Penn Ave, w inson St bd n McGarrity, e Sam-i c i VV V 28.09,Quinn 24.24 uels, s E 5th St, w Dickinson St1'; ,Aam"el J & ont II, Quinn, John J & Francesca M 0 4tV Lackawanna Ave bd Hires 105 W LaFrance St bd n La Tayior, Joseph res' 713 Dick It!3!-16, 6 G,!ason- 8 Reid'. w.France St, e Helene, s Yedinak. inson St bd n Thompson, e Dirk. rnnd Ave. -aMW o Weill 34.24 inson St, . Church, w Burn? ref , , g ' . LTc, h J V!?- " , olres 1018 Lake St bd n Tiverdick, Thom'jose 5 Bakers Lan.e- w h & g 715 Dickinson St bd nP " -l-V luuiiioiio, vaivjii n oc r n oc s 11330 Pratt St bd n City of Elmira, THE ELMIRA ADVERTISER- h & g 367 Sixth St bd n W 6th St, e Tracy PI. s Meeum. w Kain 44.95! yearns, Joseph A & Mabel! vr c:. '53 Gr Central Ave bd n Beck- Keefe, John 2 lots 904 906 Bad , ur Lentral Ave 8 Yontz- ger St bd n City of Elmira. ewJSv Keefe. Sirkln u, n.H : Wood- Norman F & Edith L awns rear 1207 HaU St bd n Ly . " nil ah a UhaI- . cu- Keefe, John lot 1 bk 8 937 , 'ti ' wje s Brown St bd n E Washinetoni JL V J '. ' ' : 18:17idrH? Ave, e Co of Chemung, s Brown Johnson, e Dickinson St, 8 Tay lor, w Allen 21.17 . Grace, Nellie H res 716 German St bd n Rainey, e Foss, s Brown, w German St 24.25 e Paulino, s Mclntyre, w Pratt St Lewis, Donald F & Frances S h & g 307 Magnolia St bd n Elef-theren, e Clark, s Magnolia St. w Schmelzer 60.23 Webber, Donald C & G B s & h 727 S Main St bd n Mack, e bullivan, s Haybura, w S Main 23.5-TSt R7 RR Reed, Harold F et al bldg 1001 Mann, Foster J & Susan M res Hpfr M r A- T T Jb T? WaU'T vkx 11 psLcm, c oui-.oi ouuiu Ave oa n 50UU1 Ave. res 927 Gr Central Ave bd nlJ St' S Pattinson St' w. fP'st RR' ' Randolph' w Keefe SG PulvfnoHOw ane? S Waxfnan' Geo' H Smith! Donald- B Beverly ?P GrtVr it C & T T "fr R HoltiSullivan St bd n City of Elmira. lot 68 x 50 ft 759 Spaulding St 1UU 4U.4U.J- t W opdUIUlIl 3. 73 4. 1 a X Sit .iT. i" Cummings, W & Eleanor G h &J?utJ S 370 Thurston St bd n Thurs ton St, e Cornell, s Greblewski, w Hough 34.24 w Allen Ghee, Florence res 931-933 Gr Central Ave bd n Krutysh, e Gr Central Ave. s Geter & Holt, w alley 17.3!) Skog, Georgia R h & b 811 BllVs Hatch St bd n Christastie, e Hatch St, s Curtis, w Penn RR 29.59 Herrick, Albert R & Adele M res 906 Lake St bd n Linden PI, e Gublo, s Manchester, w Lake St 41.89 Keefe, John 906-908-910 Linden PI 3 lots bd n Linden PI, e Keefe, 1 Tuttle Ave, w Scopes . . 5.24 Keefe, John 950 to 956 Linden PI 4 lots bd n Linden PI, e Co of Chemung, s Tuttle Ave, w Keefe 5.74 Sickles, Elizabeth lot 803 Linden PI bd n Kiser, e flood con trol, s Linden PI, w Sullivan St 4.96 Campbell, Thomas D res 920 Michigan St bd n Stowell, e Michigan St, s Campbell, w Cadi-gan . . . ; 22.75 Campbell, Thomas D lot 60 x 122 913 Michigan St bd n Campbell, e Michigan St, s Kelly, w Girardi 7.46 White, M & N h & g 716 Oak St bd n Shaw, e Wrigley, s Butler, w Oak St 28.88 Denmark, Ralph M & Agnes R res 964 Oak St bd n Oliver, e Bachert, s Forte, w Oak St 30.02 Keefe, John lots 7 & 8 904-906 Prospect St bd n e & s State of N Y, w Prospect St 4.68 Keefe, John 3 lots 901-907 Prospect St bd n e & w State of N Y, s Sickles 5.24 Sickles Jr, Charles lot 950 Sullivan St bd n Kiser, e Sickles, s Linden PI, w Sullivan St . . 4.96 Sickles Jr, Charles h & g 952 Sullivan St bd n & s Sickles, e N Y State, w Sullivan St . . 6.39 Sickles, Jr, Charles res 954 Sullivan St bd n Kiser, e Sickles, s Sickles, w Sullivan St 6.39 Kiser, Daniel J Jr & M E lot 958 Sullivan St bd n Morlock, e Keefe, John lot 4 blk 8 956 E Washington Ave bd n Kiser, e Co cf Chemung, s Sickles, w Sickles 4.18 Keefe, John lot 14 907 E Washington Ave bd n City of Elmira e & w Co of Chemung, s E Washington Ave 4.18 Keefe, John 6 lots 951-961 E Washington Ave bd n City of Elmira, e Town of Elmira, s E Washington Ave, w Co of Chemung 6.81 Ward Seven Hampton Roads Realty xk a Billings Road Ext bd n Drake, c Doty, s VanDelbogart, w Jerome 18.88 Reimer, Martin F & Margaret h & g 960 Bridgman St bd n Johnson, e Howell, s Howland, w Bridgman St 44.16 Buckbee, Daniel F & Julia M h & b 1329 College Ave bd n Warnick St, e College Ave, s Russell, w Marathon St . . 46.45 Pace, William L & Ann N h & g 1876 Davis St bd n Novick, e Kidd, s Sweet, w . Davis St 57.17 Heverly, James M & P B h & g 1884 Davis St bd n Kendall PI, e Kendall, s Conklin, w Davis St 78.60 Liberatore, Nichola V 224 Kendall PI bd n Town of Elmira, e Wesley PI, s Kendall PI, w Liberatore 5.88 Liberatore, Oreste J Jr 226 Kendall PI bd n city line, e Liberatore, s Kendall PI, w Riley 5.88! Stearns, Joseph A lot 50 x 333 Thurston St bd n Stearns, 0 Yontz, s E Thurston St, w Zanko 5.88 Yontz, Herbert & M bldg 335 Thurston St bd n Stearns, e Gr Central Ave, s E Thurston St, w Stearns 67.88 Martin, Edna res 405-405', Thurston St bd n Marker, e Tar barak, s E Thurston St, w Mar ker 36.53 LeKay, Charles R h & g 374 EJ Warren St bd n E Warren St, e Koyne, s Kane, w Holczak 39.51 Ward Nine Waters, EE&Gh&gllOE Chemung PI bd n E Chemung PI, e Ameigh, s Gridley PI, w Hoagland 64.81 Dailey, Catherine R h & g 271 Lormore St bd n Bovier, e Spaulding St, s Lormore St, w Snover 64.83 Foulkrod, RR&FMh&g 369 Penn Ave bd n Meyers, e Bacon, s Garris, w Penn Ave 34.95 Gonser, Godfrey & Ella h & g 467 Riverside Ave bd n Elliott e Nichols, s Riverside Ave w Van Riper 42.59 Home, Catherine L h & b 402 Spaulding St bd n Lormore St, e hpauidme bt bd n Lormore St e Spaulding St, s Chemung Canal Tr Co, w Northrop 93.89 Ward Ten Lewis, California res 411-411 Balsam St bd n Rothwell, e Wright, s Flasphaler, w Balsam St 54.09 Miller, Robert H res 330-330V2 Broadway bd n Holliday, e Broadway, s Sayles, w Carpenter 56.39 Veile, Agnes res rear 330 Braodway bd n McDowell, e Bid- dleman, s Fore, w Ganung 25.03 Broadway bd n McDowell, e Bid way, s Sayles, w Carpenter 56.39 Veile, Agnes res rear 330 Kelly, Edward E & Edward W h & g 426 Broadway bd n Porter e Broadway, s Lockner, w Neilly PI 42.59 Smith, Donald B & Beverly P h & g 303 Sylvester PI bd n Allen, e Thorne, s Sylvester PI, .... 43.39 Ward Twelve DeLuca, Samuel V & D A h & s 00 caiy ai Da n uosteiio, e King, s Baty St, w Bennett 65.50 Kimble. Edward L & N & A res 208 Birch St bd n RR, e Coppola, s Birch St, w Gensel 34.95 Coletta, Nicholas J & G h & g 566 Cypress St bd n Votava, e Backer, s Cypress St, w Bough-ton 26.53 Randall, James W lot 50 x 118 ft 575 Cypress St bd n Cypress St, e Hay, s Clifford, w Warner 3.17 Schmitt, Samuel & W H res 710 Holdridge St bd n Brown, e Sullivan, s Holdridge St, w Reese 18.88 Van de Bogart, Laura A res 614 Lewis St bd n Keener, e Lewis St, s Van de Bogart, w Hatfield 31.I6 Van de Bogart, Laura A res 616 Lewis St bd n Van de Bogart, e Lewis St, s Berthod, w Maley 26.53 Haddad, Joseph & Michael P h & g 608 S Main St bd n De-mark, e S I!ain St, s Haddad, w Clark ; 38.81 Murphy, John J & Susan res 704 Penn Ave bd n McCormack, e Penn Ave, s Ake, w Gourley 64.81 Mosher, K"S et 1 bldg 531 Penn Ave bd n Susemikl, Hance, s South Ave, w Penn Ave 104.59 Wheeler, Roger N & M G res 507 Pleasant St bd n Halm, cemetery, s Wheeler, w Pleasant St 33.45 Wheeler, Roger N & M G res 509 Pleasant St bd n Wheeler, e cemetery, s Vermilyea, w Pleas ant St 8.96 Shaw, Amelia & Gerald h & g 700 Thompson St bd n Messing, e Southport St, s Thompson St, w Wronkoski 54.09 NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that, in pursuance of the powers vested in me by Special 7-Time Kate 20 Lower Than 1-Time Rate COMBINATION ADVERTISER (Mornlni) STAR-GAZETTE (EvtninlJ and th SUNDAY TELEGRAM Numtxr 1 7 tn nf WnrHa Hn ... ...... To - 2 llnei . 1 26 I Z66 llu.Su To 14 limes .71 I S3 m Tii To 20- line .$ ZS2 i ll Sl.eu to w simci i.ju 3.1a U 27.00 10 3U ennej 144 3.78 7 88 32.40 Tn . 7 Im.a 1 ca j . . a ,i u.. To 40- I ilnu 1.93 8.04 10 64 43 20 aw o unej vio aft u.3l 40.OU o oo iuune to s gu 13 30 54.0U Cluslfled Dlpiay J2 00 ptr Ind (1 Inch minimum) Large type 13c per word (1J word minimum) The bo rt are for eonsecu-Civa insertloni; irregular or eiip date aas take one o: rate. Ail ad- verttsinc srrentri mr .h ti.nhn. must be paid (or within out week to ici-eno cun rate quoted aoovv itr that time the charge rate applies Figure a average (i letter) woias to the line Including name, address phone number Initials ot one or more leiteri, groups ol figures auco w. u . . i . w . i a ii inn i. vi , cuum as on word If box number i used tuuui word, minimum cnarga i (intra ANNOUNCEMENTS NOTICii A FULLER BRUSH MAN is as close as your telephone. Dial 6574 for all your cleaning needs. AUTQ INSURANCE For gea 16 and oldtr. Monthly payments. Rogers insurance. Z-1M2. GOOD SHEPHERD HOME Reason able rates. Dial 3-2161. KNAPPS SHOE business of John Larr. purchased June, 19o4, by J. P. Tifjhe, 3-3405. VILLAGE convalescent home For merly owned by Mrs. Violet Harmon at Interlaken. is now known as Between - the - Lake Sanitariam. owned and operated by Mrs. Genevieve Griswold. Private and semi-rooms; excellent home cooking; 24-hour service. Home-like atmosphere Flexible rates. Open for public inspection. Best of references. Phone Interlaken 165-J. FIRST ZIPPER MAN'S IDEA Whitcomb L. Judson li credited with inventing slide fasteners in 1891 when lacing his shoes became annoying to him. He first displayed his invention at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893. If you've something you'd like to sell or rent, place a Classified ad and Zip your problem's solved ! Phone 5151 for an ad-writer. PERSONALS AA CAN HELP YOU if excessive use of alcohol is your problem. Dial 8204. P. Q. Box 24, Elmira, N. Y. ELASTIC atockings, belts and trusses fitted by trained personnel at Gerould'a Pharmacy, S. Main et Hudson St 6946. Delivery service LLOYD Hurry home. I am working days. Love J. J. Mac. BEAUTICIANS DO YOU HAVE the Ritz look? Now new Duaget department permanent waves for $6.95 complete. The Rltz Beauty Salon. Dial 61S6 5187. AUTOMOIIIH I! AUTOMOIIUI AUTOf'OBILIS BOCK Century Hardtop, 1954. Less MG. 1951 Model TD, with heater, than one-year-old. fully eauiDDed 4S00 actual milea. Reasonable. Will take older G. M. tar in trade. Call Sayre. Turner. 8-7901. CHEVROLET. 19.H - 2-docr. Excel-ifnt condition. Call Big Flats S617. CONTINENTAL, 1947 Convertible. Superb condition; black lacquer with white sidewalls. Excellent Oldsmo-bile "SS", engine only modification from original. Will bt at the Glen thia week only. See at Concoura. Thursday, or call Bill Goodell. Lake Grove Park. Odessa 102-F-13. and leave message. DODGE. 1949 -Sedan. Good condition. Radio, heater, gyromatic drive. Dial 3-0491 FORD, matic. 9-6. 1955 4-door sedan. J1S50. Dial 3-9135. Ford-o-between FORD. 1951 Tudor. New motor. Ex- MERCURY 1953 Mon terey sport coupe, radio, healer, overdrive. Green and light gray finish. A real clean hardtop. Only $1495. GO day warranty at Stout Motors Inc., Big Drive-in Lot, Lake St. at Madison Ave. Dial 2-9658. Open evenings. perfect shape. $935. Inquire T. J rums, 1-197 or 3-Z3U9. PLYMOUTH. 193S Coupt. ally good. Dial 2-3326. Mechanic- DODGE 1953-Coronet V-S 4 door sedan, radio, heat er, automatic shift. Cream and black finish, an ex ceptionally clean, low mile age ear. $1195. 60 day written varrantv. Stout Motors Inc., Lake St. at Madison Ave. Dial 2-965S. Open Evening. TOP VALUE USED CARS SCIIWEXKE'S 954 SO. MAIN ST. 1951 WILLYS 4-Wheel Drive Station Wagon. Newly painted, excellent tires, heater. Go anywhere. Just the car for you folks who live on the hills. Will traverse any type of highway or terrain. Priced right. 1951 FRAZER 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, overdrive. Verv good condition $295 1950 STUDEBAKER Cham-pion. Really runs fine, plenty easy on gas. New paint job. Has overdrive and heater. Priced st a low SH95 1949 MERCURY 4-Door Sedan. Gray, seat covers, radio, heater, very good condition. $495 1947 CHEVROLET 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heater, good tires $195 SCHWENKE'S KAISER WILLYS DEALER OPPOSITE REMINGTON-RAND DIAL 3-5641 OPEN EVENINGS PER.MAN'ENTS, machineless or Cold Wave, $5 complete. 2-9283. Millie's. PERMANENTS, $3.50 up. Evening nours. tannine Shop, Z-4S0L IOS1 AND FOUND LOST Cameo pin, Sunday afternoon, son. Reward. 2-9031. Eldridge Park, keepsake from CARDINAL 12 ft. 2-bedroom, new Hna spacious, witn Jalousie windows. Also new Marlettes and Trot-woods. Thrasher's Trailer Sales, Watkina Rd. (4 miles north on Rt 14), Horseheads. MOBILE CRUISER Iflsa so.ft i Dearoom, $2,950. Schoonover'a Trailer i-arK. isuiKnead. NEW 35-ft., sleeps 7. Special $2,995 Irish, 600 W. Hudson. Judge, John W lot 45 x 16G 317 Broadway bd n Knopf, e Stevens, s Holloran, w Broad- law, I shall, on Friday, the 21st day of October, 1955, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at the way 9.75 Court House in the City of El- Beck, James & S h & g 610jmira, commence selling at pub- Chester St bd n alley, e Cox, e Chester St, w Holden .... 46.45 Stalavigz, J C & Emily Mht g 601 Coburn St bd n Coburn St, e Pine St, s alley, w Willison 34.24 Lloyd, Kenneth R & R Evelyn h & g 701 Coburn St bd n Co burn St, e Gleason St, s Hayes lie auction, so much of each of the said several and respective lots, tracts, pieces of parcels of land, as shall be sufficient to pay all state, county, highway, school or other taxes assessed thereon in the year 1955 that may then remain due on each thereof, re spectively, together with the in W KUDin 1't.j.) ; cat, iuou aiiu vnaigua wiin.ii Sheehan, John & Grace res 612, have arisen or accrued or that LOST Lady's billfold, business section. Saturday. Return papers and omroia. Keep money. 3-5351. A GOOD PLACE TO BUY A BETTER CAR MeKINNOX-FRENCH OLDSMOBILE Lake at Second St. (NEXT TO AMERICAN LEGION) "Jol 7.1b truck tire and wheel, ueiween buiiivanvuie and Horse neaas. jjifll 9-1694. AUTOMOTIVE MOBILE HOMES TRAILERS SERVICE supplies and moving C. J aiuu iraner sales, Elmira 2-3981 TRAILER LOTS - $17 per month rianervwie Trailer Ct. 9-2798. Franklin St bd u Neilly Pi, e Wager, s Franklin St, w Young 42.59 Westervelt, Norman C res 58-58 Vz Fulton St bd n Nelson, e Fulton St, s Olszowy, w Barden 55.68 Ryan, Joseph FiCM res 106 Harmon St bd n Dwyer, e Harmon St, s Maryott, w Coopliu 44.95 Bacon, Archie & Eleanor res 200 Harmon St bd n W Hudson St, e Harmon St, s Reidy, w But may arise or accrue, thereon and shall sell, and continue from day to day to sell, until the sale shall be completed. The pur chasers at such sale shall pay the amount of their repective bids to the County Treasurer within forty-eight hours after the last day of the sale, and receive certificates describing the lands purchased, the sums paid, and the time when the purchasers will be entitled to deeds; and after the expiration of one year from jer 49.52!f-he last day of sale they shall Mason, Harold E & Alice B;be entitled to receive convey res 302 S Hoffman St bd n Clark, e S Hoffman St, s Whitney, w Town of Southport 38.81 Gillette, E F & M R res 534 ance of the lands so purchased by them respectively (or at then option may foreclose the lien as provided by law) unless said Campanelli, Michael L res;St, w Gillette 34.24 1204& Magee St bd n Klimor- Gillette, E F & M R land 110 W Hudson St bd n Chemung: lands shall have been previously River, e Sullivan, s W Hudson redeemed, pursuant to law. Chemung County Treasurer sky, e RR, s Skrzyeski, w Mageelx 200 ft 536-538 W Hudson St St 9.75 1 bd n Chemung River, e Gillette. LePere. Nicholas .1 t L M h &'s W Hudson St, w Irish . 8.95 g 1211 Main St bd n Giancrist? Sept. 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13 6T2 LEGALS fore, e Main St, s Sagincro, w Groom 46.45 Marvin, Alvin H & G E 30 x 140 326 Mary St bd n Carey e Terpolilli, s Mary St, w Kis sone 5.11 Ranchil, Thomas h & g 1127 Ovid St bd n City of Elmira, e Ovid St, 8 Goodwin, w alley 46.45 Allen, Percy C gar 313 Rowar St bd n Gilbert, e Houlihan, k!S Main St B?rbary. w Rowan St . 7.46 St . . . Walsh. Raymond G & Pauline i city assessor's notice op com- tt W v IIP. ft 907 limps St hd n'PLETION OF ASSESSMENT ROLL lot 50 x 118 it 07 James ol Da n TAKE NOTICE.In purguance C)f DtnKe, e oUIliVan, S ocou. Wjthe provisions of the Charter of the lot Time St 6.68' Cltv Elmira, and the Tax Law of . m onn V i'ie omie ui uw lull., Iliiuce la iorms, urani jc s oc g o Main St bd n Croft, e S Main St s Partridge St, w Elias . . 168.88 Karl, Irving s & g 256Vt S Main St bd n Ginsberg, e S Main St, s Karl, w Boardman St .... 131.38 Karl, Samuel & Rebecca bldg & g 358 S Main St bd n Karl, e s Karl, w Boardmari 81.63 hereby given that the Assessor of the City of Elmira, New York, has com pleted the Assessment Roll for the current year, that a copy thereof has been left with Thomas J. Klernan, Assessor, at the office of the Assessor in the City Hall of said City, where it roay be seen and examined by any person for ten daya next preceding the third Tuesday in September l'J',b. xceptlne Sundays: tnat the Assessor aforesaid upon each of said ten days Sundays excepted nnd upon said Tuesday in September, between the hours Bolton, James H & Kalherim i Yoxtheimer, H & B B h & giff 9 a.m. and 6 p.m to hear and ex H h & g 326 Webber PI bd n370 S Mam St bd n Murphy, e SSU,.n 8MW)aJ(.nU on application of Woodhull, e Williammee, n Wen-lMain at, g stamos, w ai'ey 0D.t)a;any p"rsm conceiving utmscit ag- USED TRAILERS LARGEST STOCK IN 20 YEARS ALL SIZES-ALL PRICES PIONEER Mobile Homes 305 Watkins Road HORSEHEADS SAVE $ $ $ ON A NEW 1955 AMERICAN AND TRAVELO 1956 MODELS NOW IN PRODUCTION OPEN DAILY 8 THRU 9 SUNDAYS 1-5 INSPECTION C. J. STOLL, TRAILER SALES & SERVICE 2-3981 AUTOMOBILES ALBEE MOTORS GOOD WILL USED CARS Albee Motors used ear art road tested, thoroughly reconditioned and guaranteed. Shop ALB EE'S OTrit ber PI, w Guthrie 57.1' Ward Eight Geter, Clarence & Mary h & g 1212 Baldwin St bd n Rossi, e Gunderman. Vclma 541 Mc- Dowell PI h & g bd n McDowell PI, e Miller, s Edler, w Kline 44.16 grieved thereby THOMAS J. KIERNAN Assessor Dated, Elmira. N. Y September 1, 1955 fiept.9,10,12,13,H,15,16,17,19,20-10til Watch tha paper Wednesday night and Thursday morning for ALBEE'S BARGAIN SPECIALS! You must see and drive these to know their real value. 1955 PONTIAC "870" V-8 Sedan. Low mileage, S-tone finish, top condition. 1954 BUICK BLUE AND WHITE finish, radio, heater, dy-naflow, power steering, EZI glass, puncture seal tubes, whltawall tires, etc. 1954 PONTIAC 8 DELUXE 2-DOOR. Green, hydramatlc, full deluxe equipment. An A-l car. 1954 FORD V-8 CONVERTIBLE. Tord-o-matic, radio, heater, power brakes, power steering. A top buy. Beige with black top. 1953 CADILLAC "62" SEDAN. 2-tone gray, power steering, power brakes, automatic eye, EZI glass, whitewall tires. Very nice. 1953 CHEVROLET "210" 2-DOOR. 2-tone green. Priced to sell. 1953 Oldsmobile "98" DELUXE 4-DOOR. Blue and .white finish, full equipment, whitewall tires, EZI glass. 1952 CHEVROLET 2 - D o o r $825 1952 PLYMOUTH Cranbrook 4-Door $795 1951 OLDSMOBILE "98" 4-Door. Black $995 1951 CHEVROLET i - D o o r $645 1951 BUICK Super Riviera $945 1951 HUDSON Super 2-Door ...$545 1950 CHEVROLET 4-Door. Blue $445 1950 OLDSMOBILE "76" 4-Door $545 1950 PONTIAC "6" 2-Door $475 1951 FORD Coupe Custom Club $595 1953 WILLYS 2-Door ....$595 1951 STUDEBAKER Coups $495 1950 PLYMOUTH Coup $495 1949 MERCURY Sedan . $495 1950 STUDEBAKER Coin-Hinder Coupe $495 1949 PLYMOUTH Sedan $375 1949 MERCURY Sedan . .$495 1950 STUDEBAKER Com-mander Coupe $495 1949 PLYMOUTH Sedan.. $375 1948 PONTIAC Coupe ....$295 1948 CHEVROLET Sedan $295 1947 CHEVROLET 2-Door $195 CORNISH AUTO SALES USED CAR LOT 850 E. WATER ST. OFEN EVENINGS DIAL S-4723 ELMIRA'S LARGEST DEALER E ELM M CHEVROLET HOME OF OK'D USED CARS LAKE And SECOND ST 1954 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4-Door. Low mileage $1495 1954 CHEVROLET Door "210" 2- $1345 BUICK SALES CIRCUS NOW GOING ON We're Out To Sell 100 New Buicks in' 30 Days! USED CAR SALES MUST KEEP AHEAD OF THE TRADE-INS Come in and see how we'll deal on these fine cars. Hurry they've Got to Go! 1854 BUICK Special 2-Door. 2-tone gray with white top. fully equipped. A real buy at $1695 1954 PONTIAC Deluxe 2-Door. Blue, radio, heater, turn signals, etc. $1695 1953 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 2-Door. Radio, heater, 2-tone finish, clean, one owner $1245 1953 BUICK Super Riviera 2-Door. Dynaflow, radio, heater, back-up lights, tc. 'Whitewall tires. 2-ton paint $1695 1952 FORD "6" Tudor. Kord-o-matlc. radio, heater, red finish. Only $995 1952 WILLY8 Aero Lark Deluxe 2-Door. Radio, heater. A good buy at . .$595 1951 BUICK Roadmaster 4-Door. Dynaflow, radio and heater $795 1951 PLYMOUTH 2-Door $395 1951 HUDSON Sedan ....$495 1948 CHRYSLER Town and Country $395 1946 CHEVROLET 2-Door $145 1941 BUICK Super 2-Door $69 1940 CHEVROLET 4-Door $69 A Large Selection of All Makes and Models to Choose From DO BUSINESS WHERE BUSINESS IS REALLY BEING DONE 1950 BUICK Special 4-Door ....$575 1949 HUDSON t-Door 1949 DE SOTO 4-Door 1949 STUDEBAKER ...$376 ...$395 Sedan $185 1949 FORD V-$ 2-Door .. .$345 Open Evenings 'til 9 STATE At SECOND ST.Pen Evenin88 5295 1953 FORD V-8 Tudor ..$995 1953 CHEVROLET 2-Door. Heater, turn signals, 2-tone finish $995 1953 STUDEBAKER V- Com-mander 4-Door $1095 1953 PLYMOUTH 2-Door $985 1952 PACKARD Hardtop Automatic transmission $1295 1S52 DODGE 4-Door .$795 1951 CHRYSLER Traveler 4-Door. Radio, heater, automatic transmission. All leather upholstery ..$845 1951 KAISER 4-Door. In good condition $395 1950 BUICK Special 2-Door. Dynaflow $545 1950 PLYMOUTH Special Deluxe 4-Door $495 1950 MERCURY 4-Door ..$546 1950 CHEVROLET bli Convertl- $425 McFADDEN BUICK Used Cars Located At-William and Market Sts. Dial 3-9676 Open Evenings Do you need a car, or another car for work or school, for hunting or shopping! SEE THESE ECONOMY SPECIALS TODAY HUDSON 1950 ' SUPER SIX SEDAN . HUDSON 1950 SUPER SIX 2-DOOR $265 5235 1949 OLDSMOBILE Door "88" 2- $495 1949 NASH 2-Door $195 1948 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon $150 1948 DE SOTO Sedan ...$195 1948 CHEVROLET 2 Door. ....$246 1947 DE SOTO Convertible. $195 1947 FRAZER 4-Door .$95 1947 FORD Tudor . 1947 OLDSMOBILE Door .$95 78" 2-... $150 1942 OLDSMOBILE Coup Club ...$75 50 OTHER FINE USED CARS AT So. End of Main St. Bridge ELM CHEVROLET INC. "WHERE CUSTOMERS SEND ' THEIR FRIENDS" Open Evenings MERCURY 1949 CLUB COUPE $265 HUDSON 1949 SEDAN $195 STUDEBAKER 1948 COMMANDER SEDAN ..$195 KAISER 1948 SEDAN $99 HUDSON 1947 SEDAN ....$99 CADILLAC 1947 SEDAN $195 BUICK 1946 SEDANETTE $129 CHEVROLET 1946 CLUB COUPE $99 NASH 1946 AMBASSADOR SEDAN ,.$79 PAGE SEVENTEEN AUTOMOBIIM CLUTE MOTOR CO., INC. FORD DEALER FOR S9 YEARS Al-USED CARS A-l '55 WILLYS JEEP 4-CYLINDER In green. Has heater. Also 4-whenl drive. Driven 3,400 miles. $1895 '54 FORD V-8, CRESTLINE 4-Door la Tu-tone light and dark green with radio, heater, wheel cctrers. Also Ford-o-uatie Drive. Exceptional. $1895 '54 FORD V-S CUSTOMLINE 2-Door la Alpine Blue. Fresh Air heater and overdrive, wheel couers. $1595 '54 MERCURY CUSTOM SPORT HARDTOP In cream with black top. Radio and luster. $1995 '54 CHEVROLET DELUXE 4-Door. Color light blue, heater. Very nice. $1395 '54 WILLYS "6" STATION WAGON Color gray. Has radio, heater, also 4-wheel drive. Low mileage. $1895 '53 STUDEBAKER DELUXE 5-Passenger Coupe. This Is the smart looking Champion Sports Car in light green. Fresh Air heater. $1095 '53 FORD V-8 CUSTOM 2-Door In Blue. Radio, heater. $1295 Alpine '53 CHEVROLET BEL-AIR 2-Door in Tuton Sun Gold with Ivory Top. Radio and heater. $1295 '53 FORD V-8 HARDTOP VICTORIA 2-tone green. Radio, heater. $1495 '53 FORD "6" CUSTOM 2-Door In Sheridan Blue. Radio and heator. $1195 03 MERCURY-CUSTOM 4-Door In light blue. Heater. Exceptional. $1395 53 CHEVROLET- DELUXE 4-Door In green. Fresh Air heater, low mileage. $1195 '52 DODGE- MEADOWBROOK 4-Door. In Light Blue. Radio, heater. $845 '52 FORD "6,f CUSTOM TUDOR 2-tone, light and dark blue, radio, heater and Ford-o-maAlc. SPECIAL MERCURY 1949 2-DOOR $149 BUICK 1941 SEDANETTE ., $47.75 GERARD MOTOR Used Car Center E. Water St. Cor. Madison Ave. Dial 2-7564 Open Until 9 P. M. $995 '52 CHEVROLET-deluxe 2-Door. 2-tone color. Radio, heater. Powergllde. $995 '52 FORD V-8 CRESTLINE Victoria In 2-tone color with radio, beater and overdrive. $1195 '52 FORD V-8 4-DOOR Station Wagon in 2-tone color. Has radio, beater and overdrive. $1295 CONVERTIBLES '64 FORD V-8. Radio, heatar. Ford-o-matle Drive $2M5 "63 FORD V-8. Radio, heater, also new top $1595 '63 FORD V-8. Radio, heater, Ford-o-matic, power steering, also tinted glass $1695 '49 PLYMOUTH $395 49 STUDEBAKER $296 BUY With CONFIDENCE CLUTE MOTOR CO., INC. New Big Drive-In Lot North Main St. at Second Thone 3-7951 or 6175 Open Evenings 'til 9

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