The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1937
Page 2
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PAGff TWO ;COURIER NEWS , Ctab Dux* Is Well Attended. Approximately,- 125 attended the Counjfry club dance' last night at the tlub. Among the guests «ere several from out of town, including }IT, and Mrs. Ralpli Hutchison of CamtHcrevllle, Mr] and Mr,;. Spenter ; Alexander; Miss Electra S«mi}ies and Mis. Natalie KJng >A Osccvla. Tim club was decorated In ied and Jjreen In a Christmns scheme. Mit and Mrs. W. J., Wundcrllcii, Mr. 'and Mrs. Russell .Fair. Mr. and JMrs C A Cunningham and Mr, ,aud Mrs John F Lentl re received! Hie- guests. Tljo. orchestra, Coley Stolti- jnd Ills band of. Memphis, g»ve several speckUt) numbers including se lections b> t»ln girls who sang + » * Thoridiy Afternoon Btidj» Club KBtorfaUmd. Mrs, Roscoe Crafton, entertain' ed {he members of the Thursdaj Afternoon club and five guests, Mrs- W. D. McCliirkln, Mrs. .Joe G.: iTrieschmah, Mrs. diaries L. Wylle, Mrs. T. W. Jeffries mid Mrs} J G. McGlurkin. of Fayclte- -ville, housegucst of Mrs. W. D. Me- Cliirtfi:!, at her homo yesterday aftc'rnoon. The rooms were gaily decoraicd TflUj a Christmas tree, poinsetllas andj candles. Those present drew names and exchanged gifts, and Mrs CraJtori presented each uf the, guests of the club with a present. . Mrs. Max Woolen woni the* club prise, a hearth broom, and* Mrs. J. C. McClurkin wen the] guest prize & cigarette box.' Mrs,. Graf ton served a plato luncli-^f crab -salad; >plckles, jiluni pudtitng aiid coffee. f FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia: • •.-... ... . cofft. 19JI PyNCAStRVJCf.INC, T M.RCC I" "t f*' Of' -..._„_ Jr _ Bits of New* Moc% arrive tomorrow to spend the holl- diys; vitii (her sister, Misses Bella and Alice WIlftfiKt. Sam H, Williams and Herman Carlotoii. left today for lake Village; where they will, spend the iiolidays with relatives. ' Kenneth Quackenbueii will eo to Paragould tomprrow to visit his parents over Christmas. •• Miss Edna Garrett, of Tallulah, La., arrived' today, to ba the guest .bf ; Mr. atlrt- Mrs, W; B, McMulIln for- tho week end. ! Mr, and' Mrs. Raymond Smith Iwo'rifc to Memphis today for their json, Jainc* Smith, and Mrs. . who will spend the Ghrlst- holidays here. Mins Lucille- and James nccder A. 'lumber, of emii:oyes of the Jc.lirami, daughter and son of Mr H i c ?-St!x • factory left today, for ami: Mm. lauln n. Jolinson o f. "Phi hcmcs to sncndf Iho week ' Mi', and Mrs. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2.1,-1037 " lf CHKIH'llAN lor. Our friends nnd others who may not be. permitted to attend church, are invited to tune In from 10:55 to 12 o'clock. Mrs. I. A. Bruinlcy; a member of the Little |Rosk Symphonic Orchestra win SKUVICES »'ay. a V| °U". solo, 708 W. Main I The evening service begins at "Christian Eclcnce" Is the subject jof llic 'Lesson-Sermon'- which willl !ke/ rend In all-Churches of Christ, SclentUt, oiv Sunday, December 26 1 '1937. I The Golden. Text:Is "Ho, every! cue that tliirstcth, come ye to the Kclutr, ni-o Mending' the Christ- clll) ; ' rllc J' mas holidays with Iholr Brand- Jack Tl "'°' Mrs-.Tilllc Ogle and Mis. Ethel Jolinson, and ™ rs -, L ", Ile Krli " li! . *"o want to fumlly, . cti,| loiils; Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Mr. nnd. Mrs. Raymond- Ashley,!S?"* 1 ' •**''• antl Mrs of KclBCl. shopped in Blytlievillo 1£ " 0<I<?3 a '}' ycstcKlay. I*' 10 ? CM Mr. nnd Mrs. Joe P. rrldc Jr., ! ~l f f Do ., , ,„ l:nvo arrived (o spend tho hplM-p ' Mo " a - ml Mlsscs Goncvlcve Miss Virginia Moore, Meredith, who went to of Oklahoma recently. Mr. nnd: Mr.s. W. B. Taimer andj von, Jlmmle, of Hrluna, have ai 1 - 1 lived lo, visit Mrs. T. J: Mahtm >iml family over tho holidays.. J Mr. and Mrs. Joe LljzelfclneTi •nnd «:ii, Joe Martin, of Columbia-, Mo,, came yesterday, to visit MIB. Lltz«lfolncr's parents,. Dr-. "A fiiic troiib.-ulunr you fire! Practice carols f(ir tlirce irccks and just af, we're all set you get clicwiii' (411111 in your, hnrnioniciiV Chapter "D" of P. K O. H»4 Christmas Party Cfcapter "D" of P. E. O. wcro entertained Wednesday at th" home oC Mrs. H: H: Houchlns when three guests, Mrs F. B. Un- deryood of LltUe Rock, liouse- .guest of Mrs. Houchlns, Mrs. T. W.* Jeffries arid Mrs:. B. -B. Gee, and[ 17 members were present. Mrs M O Usrey had charge ot the- program Miss Mary Spain TJsrty told a. Christmas story ol the^ : observance ol Christmas in different, countries. Gifts were ox- changed by. the members. Mrs Houchlns' home was decorated' In- keeping 4 witli the holiday season , Art, she ' served a salad piste /y> x Bnkrtii &,!',?" < . <\ , ba h {01 . , 1)Q wc(Wlng of ,,| s 1Rl5t( , ri ' M , ss Lillian Bomar to Nor- vil|c Long.- Supt. and: Mis. Jack Wimp left last night to spend the holidays with Mrs. Wimp's Jackson, Tciin. ptircnts, at Miss Ellutbcth. Kcmicr 16 visiting relatives In Indiana over tlie holidays. The Rev. II. L, Wagnor Is leaving today to spend the holidays with his mother In Blpdgelt. Hole,.. Cameron. spend- trllc Capwcll nnd Bernard Stark, bath or tbls city; Miss Elizabeth Eookc, of Lnxorn, and Delmar P.'irin, of this city, by Magistrate T. L. Cnssldy;' Miss Ellen Moore imrt Andrew Connolly, botli of this city, by the Rev. Mr. King; Miss Tiielmn Raines and Lorcii Dennis, b3l!i of Stccle, by the Rev. T. R. Shepherd. Miss Mary M. Martin of Farm- and, Mr.-r. S. P. Miirtin. over tho week ond. Mi. and Mia. A. T. cloar went to Union .City. Tonn.. this Ing I" sn.ond Christmas with Mrs. Cloar's liiollicr. . Mr. and Mr.s. C, W. t will go to Union City tomorrow to spend the week cud with, atives. Mr.«. Randolph Smith and fi ily ivill go lo Osccola to be guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. E. B: Smith, and fnmlly over Christinas. Mr. and Mrs. R. L-. Loggins will spend Clii-.islmns with, Mrs. Lo?- t'lnr,' pnrciils in MorrlHon, Ark. P, B. Joyner went to Okemah, CMa.. today to be with his family who went there a week ago lo visit Mrs. .Joyiicr's parents. W. D. Wcod 1ms goiie to Lc " Miss., to tc with liis,' family ovei vlll! return Sunday night. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Taylor and dnuglitcr, Mrs. Sam MntUiews, of SU Lculs, were in Campbell, Mo., -yaslcrdny to visit Dr. Taylor's mother, Mrs. T. J-. Taylor, who liai> baen 111: '•Miss AHyce Nelson, 1 Mrs. George M: Hunt and' Mrs. A. B. Rur/lcld AVi>ro In Memphis, yesterday. '• Mr. and: Mrs. George M. Hunt, and Frank Hunt wiiii leave tonight, lor Lincoln, Ark., where lie', will visit relative.?, Billy Gado will: leave tonight to pond: Christmas with his father, * W: Cade,, at Holena. Itmlon. Mo., .and Vcrnon G. Car- ' Christmas. 1!lioy hove been there tcr of Waco, Tex., by the Rev. i ., ,,.n,,L- vKitlnn rnHHvp^ ' a iiiK tho holidays with, her parents In, Exeter, Mo. Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Vlckery will speiid Chrlfilmas Day in Bragg City as guests of Mr. und Mrs. 01 vde..Block;..- . ., '.[ . Friends .liere will be pleased to learn that Miss Vivii Henlry teacher In Uie Stcctc school lias been takeu^ from the "Baptist" has- Bltal in Mfemsihls to her home In Trenton, Tcnn, She Ii much lm- pro\cd' ;»i '/ , Ptelds, Miss Ann ^Jsn^fif toe sUtdppt nurses at the| Jlytbeville hospital and then escorts with a,steak supper at the Rustic. Inn r| lasb night A-'Christmas tree, mistletoe and othfer'^ Yulellde decorations gaio a festive air to tho dinner, ayer which they went to the Bitz theater for- a ( 'thcater party, ' Steele-Cooter ': Holland ; Society — Personal Mrs Velmer Campbell was host- ess'to a narty in honor of the til ltd birthday anniversary of her ran, Jonnie yesterday a'fternoon at her, country home near Cooler. Games »cre played until a late hoih 1 when refreshments of fruit salad, fnnt cake and hot choco- lat« BUS served to Uie following chijdren- Jo Ann Coojwr, Jerry .Harris, Skipper and Buck Miller, Mclba Jean Crawford, Millie Ann Mallory Maxinc White and Mary Anna McCann. ' ' * * • Gordon Moore left, yesterday afWrnoon to spend the holidays VrJyj. las parents m Dycrsburg, C&estcr Bomar of Springfield, unp, has arrived to sntnd the Scout News Boys -- Girls ^ ,,^^ M , „ ^.^ S. H. Salmon; Miss Sue Crimcr ' Mr "111^ Mrs C nnd Bernicc S. Escuc both of Rip- L,,a 'daughter, ''Miss A.leln, liy, Tenn., by Magistrate Cassldy; j o, l5 mor ni n| j to spend the. MIES Riiods Mau. Gordcn of New Albaiij', Mtss., nnd . Woodrow Welch, ol Etowah, by MagtelvatQ Gnssldy; Miss Mozclla Recce and t-'cndcr W: Lcslor, both of Manila; Aliss" Mary June Herd.-and Floy.1 6'pEiicci-; bath'- of; Manila; Miss Frances Moody : atid: Jackson •' Gor- don/bolh of Manila; Miss .Idalene Eadfller,.- of." this", 'city.'rand .'Frluik RiitleSge.. of '$U ;tijiii.i;JfMlss .^iEu- nico .pochi'iin. nlul .Ben, BrpwVi.'^tii of Roselandl. .byV-Mnglsti^to7.Cas- sidy; Miss Eula Mnc McLeaii and OriiEbn Word,' both of.Leachvllle; Miss Lowanda Byrd, of Paragould, nnd Ilarlow Whittle or Lilbbum, Mo., by MagislnUc Cnssidy; MLss Rutli Wldncr and Omnr Shuitv,. both: of this city, by Magistrate _, . . i Jackson,, both of Manila, by Mnir- Girl Scout .D'oop 7. met last | S |rate Cassldy; Miss tcsste njghl at tlio First, Presbyterian j Hughes and Elliott Lovelady, boUi Church and_from Uicre went to O f th| s c i ty . Mlss Norn Cra f toJ1 :. Roxy Thc-ntcr. tor- a. piurty.l nnd Marvin Br n mmcU lx)lh of ter the show the scouts ffcnt to Manila, by Magistrate Cassldy S-?""5 525..^?-.^™ thc> : »«» ^L, Hill and Hilton Stcn.,: After Robinson' Christmas had refreshments...- gifts and This troop Is giving a Christmas Dosket to a needy family. Tho Brownie Girl's Cub pack had .a theater part this morning. After seeing the show, they went to Robinson's drug store for refreshments and exchange ot Christmas gifts. The Australian eucalyptus tree Stows as large as the plant California redwoods. Sometimes ' It rcnch.cs' heights of more than 3<jj Marriage Licenses Marringe liccnse.s M'ero issued from the county clerk's office during the past week to the following persons with, the name ot Ihe minister or official performing the ceremony given If listed; Miss Jewel Wclshire, ol husora, and Herschcl Riggs, of Burdcttc, by the Rev. Howard H. King; Miss aulino Dnvls nnd Claude L. Alex-- -, — andcr, both of this city, by the here ulth relatives and Rev. Alfred Carpenter; Miss Es- MERRY CHRISTMAS To All Our Friends and Customers We • hope that yon, will let us serve you in thi comjn^g year as you have in the past. CRIUG'S BAIRY Stcii enson, both of this city; nnd Miss ondi'Mr. Laneston went lo Rule- vjllc, Miss., and Mrs. Langston nnd Adclc went to Jacksoii, Miss Mrs. C. 'R. Jarmau of Sumn°r Mtss... h visiting Mr. and Mrs. S E. Webb during the holidays. • Mrs. J. Allan Webb of Wri?ht City, Mo., has returned to her f.cnic nfler n x -10 clay visit here fltli.Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Webb. )^lr. irticff Mrs. p.-'W:-'SciinTzf 6: Hclcnn, nrriycd today to spcitc Christinas'/with .'Mr.''and Mrs, A Coiiway. Mr. nnd Mrs. Will Norman ol Mayflcld. Ky.. will come tomorrow lo visit, Mr. nnd Mr.s. J. A. Leech Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Ed wan find son. W. IT. jr.. of Lexington Miss., came today to be the gucst< of Mra. fewart's mother, Mrs. A M. R. Branscn, nnd the U. S Branson family. Mrs. John P. Lent! is in Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Allen left toduy to visit their parents in Little Rock. ' Johnson, both of Dell. The peanut was populnrlxcd in the United States by P. T. liav- tiun. who linked them forever to Ihe "feeding the elephant" and other circus traditions. Prior to Barmtm's time, many slates 'did nol even know of the peanut. HllST BAPTIST CIIUKtlt Wahiul and Kldith. Rev. Alfred Carpeuler,, Pustor 9:30 a. in. Sunday school. ' 10;40 a. m, jiiornlng worship, waters, and he that hath no moil- Mufilc — "Hark, a Thrilling Voice ey; come ye, buy, and cat; yei, s , , , feme, buy wine und milk Scn»°»— "What I money and without price." Isaiah .'.".'J' 1>astor - ." Choir. Offertory solo. Saw in Beth- TOO I.ATE TO CLASSIFY Help Wantfd Experienced service, station operator. Small capital required. Call E. B. Woodtxm, 419. . • 24-tk-l' WE WISH. YOU ALL Amour; the citations which comprise Ihe Lesson-Sermon Is the lGwIng from tho Bible: "And Hie Lord shall to king ever <U1 Ihe earth in that day shall llinrc lie one Lord .and his naino one." Zccharlnh 14:0. 'flic JjCESon-Scrmoii also includes tiic following passages from, ilic Christian Science textfcok; "Science and Health with Key to thB Scriptures" by, Mary Baker Bddy: "In the ycnr.- 1B6«; I discovered ihe Christ Science or divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love, and named my. discovery. Christian Science' Page 107, A Christian Science |»-cgrain is broadcast each Wednesday at 11:15 over KLCN F1KST 1'lil-SBVTKIUAN C1IKUCH S. II. Salmon, Faster In our services Sunday wo \vil. reek to conserve the values, the truest, greatest values, of the Christian, season. To this end the Puslcr will, speak on "Love, for Pica and Gift and Sign" in thi 6:30 p. m. training unions. 7:30 p. m. evening worship. Music—Carol singing Mr. Nelson id the -vibraharp. Sermon- Youth's Testimony," All-CliurcK Night, Wciliiesday 1.00 p. in. departmental nieet- 1RS. I'M p. in. mid-week service. 8:30 choir rehearsal. 'Mr. .ii|d, Mrs. H, L. Dedtnnn and ' Morning Worship and on "Tiv , of Memphis, are visiting. Mr; and. Mrs. r. o. Wcstlwook jr. Mrs. Georgia Oipson, of. Little Rock, will arrive tonight to spend tho holidays with Mr. ami Mm Charles Alford. Mr. and Mrs Dana Gipson, of St. Louis will arrive -In tho morning to visit them and, Robort Shirley of Mt. Verlon, 111:, will also arrive tomorrow lo visit' Mr. and Mrs. Alford •md his rattier, A. M. Shirley. •Mr. and Mrs/ G. B. Hammock nd sons, Gilbert and Goixloii »enl to Atkins, Ark., yesterday to •IMiiid. Christinas witli Mr. Hammock's im rents. ; •Mrs. B. P; Potter is sick from influenza at the home of her Daughter; Mrs. Eddie' B; David; Mr., ami 'Mrs. Don Fletcher' of Joiner, will spciid Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. I-. O. Wcstbrook ir - Mr; mid -Mrs. M. Fitzslmmons will'Visit in .Wilson Christmas, f Jimmy and Berry Allen arc sick from Influenza «i the home of their parents, Mr. and-Mrs. B. j;. ; W. B. Nally i s conflnctl to Ms ^cd: tccaijfc of, iiifluczixa. ' ;• VThmts F. Harwell Is sick from'a streptococcic. throat infection. . The new London lo Capetown air record is now one day, 21 hours, nd six minutes. It w ns set by A '., Clouston and Mrs. Betty Kirby : ™»" ill a do Havillaiid comet spend the holidays with her parents hi Gape Girardeau. Kenneth Shtnncman went to Quincey, III,, today to visit his parents for the wecfc end. John Traynor nnri George Sclniever went lo St. Louis today I for the holidays. Lee Russell left today for Louisville, Ky., for the holidays. Bert Lynch jr.. arrived today .from St. Louis, where he is work- ins, to spend: the week end here with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch. Mrs. Jo Trice, of Joncsboro, will FOR CHUISTMAS The Loveliest Gift of All. - - Your rhotpjjrarth SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs' 'Bob' & 'Dutch' And. every member of this orgj'tniKi- liiin c x t cti:d the season's greetings. For otic patrons ;n:d friends we wish all the joy. ami happiness that can be crowded into each- Christmas slocking. NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone ISO Right Serf of Hangover" In tin Evening Worship. Miss Louisi Cobyns will play "Silent Prayer' by Kulak for, (lie Organ Prelurle and "IntcrjnoBsn" by Reed to the CTrertory. in, the 11 A. M service. Mrs. Charles Bright v.-il slug a soprano solo. "The Birth dny of 11 King" by Ncidllngcr, ar the Choirs sine •'Beaiitifii Y.uldido" ty Christiansen, anti IJhonally, as lust Sunday after noon. neguclar Sunday Church Schoo at 9-.-I5 a.m., aiiit'l 'the Pionee.-s and- Iho Juniors' Vespers at 6:4 p.m. complete the day. ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHUKCI N. II, Rhodes, Pastor Them will be a Christmas pro gram given at the church Sund.x night after which gfffs will In given. child will rcceiv Irags of fruits, nuts and canclie besides the other presents ex changed. . The Rev. Mr. Rhodes will giv an illustrated sermon on "From Ilie .Manger to the Cross." !'• A cordial invitation is extends to' the public. FIRST METHODIST CHURCH ' II.' Lynn Wade, Pastor > The- entire morning service, beginning at 10:55 will be broadcast over' KLCN from Blytlieville. There will be special music and u New Year's sermon by the pas- Leachville Society — Personal Jackson j| Beauty Shop Across? BVoiu Legion Hut Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson nd MI'BS Dorothy were in Para- oulfl Wednesday on business, Prcidman <Wclnberg wns In Parngould on business Monday. Miss Camille Greer arrived Monday to spend the Christmas holi- ]ays with her mother, Mrs. Dula Fred Jackson jr., of Monettc, vas in Leachville Tuosday night. Curt Howerton, of Monettc, was in Leachville on business Monday Mrs. W. V. Ri 8B s, Billie and Van Riggs nn:V Mrs. Sarah ftiggs .vere Kcnnctti visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. N. p. Henry ivere in Blytheville Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jones will spend the Christmas holidays in SU Louis. Mo. Mr, and Mrs. j. p. Robinson ol PuragouUl will, spend Saturday with Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson. Mr, and Mrs. Nelson Henry will spend Christmas in Campbell, Mo. is the guest* of his, parents. Mr! and Mrs. W. P, Henry. Mrs. w. v. Riggs, Billie and Van Riggs anil Mrs. Sarah Riggs will spend Christmas with Mr.' and Mrs. Gene Ramlol and Mr. and Mrs. Gnttis Hall of Kenneit; Mo. Hubert Akcrs of Maiden, Mo., was in Leachville Tuesday night. Marbles, popular American boyhood sport, dates back at least MO years. ^"^"i^«««i BOX Admission Always lOo & Z6c Sfcow every night. MallnMs *'ri «»y, Saturday & Sunday Only Friday & Sunday Matinees start * !1 » P.m. Saturday Continuous sbovring from 1 to Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED 514 MaJ Safe, sare and »lth lesa discomfort. AH diseases and conditions of nervous origin, foot ailments and skin cancers treated and _ cured at our clinic, DRS. NIES & OslcopatMc r Phone 98 Bljthcvlllt, Ark. Diuner 75c Choice: T-Bonc Staik Half Fry Chicken • Crappic Fish '"" French Fried: Potaloes and Salad Hot Rolls Coffee or Milk Half Dozen 1-Viud CofTce or Milk. I'l'Giicli Fried Potatoes and Salad Hot Rolls 50c Merchants Lunch 50e Choice: Naked Turkey and Dressing Baked Duck and Dressing Stewed Chicken & Dumplings • Vegetables: Baked Potatoes Hot Rolls Green Beans . Buttered Asparagus DeSr't 3110 " Salatl Coffce or JIilk Ambrosia • Cigarettes 2 packages 25c or $1.15 per carton. SIMPSON'S STATE LINE TAVERN ...-.-.•„:., "^"H., 61 — — ~ At the State Line Night shows start 6:45 p.m. p.m. Friday - Saturday BIS NAME OPTMI ROCKIES •wth BERYL WALLACE FRANKLY* FARNUM Also, cartoon & serial "Radio Patrol'' Sunday - Monday 3vcrylhing for your enter lainment and comfort. TONIGHT PAL NIGHT! Adults Admitted for Price of 1 Also sclcclcfl shorts. Admission Matinee lOo & 26c Adnjfesioii Night 16c & 36c SATURDAY CfiristmasProgram YOU'IASTAWDUF AND CHEER! selected shorts Aifmlssicii Mat. & Nleh(, I6c * 3«c Continuous showing. Sunday - Monday Fu|tLady * FUST IN. GLAMOUR! FIMTIN ROMtftCE.I FIRST IN LA OGHS! »ni, PRESTON FOSTER • ANITA LOUISE • WALTER CONNOLLY VtKRtE TWSMIE .. VICTOR JORY ' , GtO,it S. Kofru-i **J Ki^irwi O*>iof,> Mr.ij Si-Mn *<im, t Also Fox N'cns i- Comedy. IAN HDHTEH LEO CMMUO MT PATEKM* ELL* LOaiN USU PITTS ,»j KEKHYMNEM Alsn Paramniinl News, Comedy A Knr.AR BERGSN * CHAKLEV Src.CAKTIH in "Africa Sneaks English." Continuous, rhowing Sunday. Admission Sunday Matinee :vnd Night Uc & 36e. Atalnslon Mon. Matinee I»c & i»c Admisskn Mon. Night • 16c & 3Cc Conifng Sofln '-OVK AND NOTHING SACKED DAMSEL IN DISTRESS ROSALIE

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