The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 6
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Distribution More Importaqt i'han Imposing Honor Count Todays CantntC Problem North h»« the contract for : tix no trump. East opens the 'ifoimh bf'tl heart, Nhicli Is -.the play that euibles the do ' elare r U> ihike his eomruci. ' .How should the liand bo .played? KIO 84 + Q10 7 :• AQ7 4 * 4 A K .' ( E Sola. Ion la next liiue. Solution to Previous Contract Problem BY WM. E. MtKKNNEY three and deuce of spades, the ae* and nine of heiris, nnd the ace of diamond?. It is Imnnlcrlal what E.isl re- Ulns. except In protect the king tit diamonds. West discarded n spade and tli^ce diamonds, us Past ijy his dlffanis had shown! the kins: of dlnmonds. Declaier now V-d Uie five of diamonds and Wen was helpless. If he let go a heart, dummy's ace did nine wouM be pood, while If he droppt'd a simile, declarer would win the last l':re* tricks with the klne. niieen, Pml r-Mit of ruades. (Copyright. 193J, NEA Service, Inc.] Ekron News Notes Little Ruby Vern Trammel Is very 111 with pneumonia. Jnmes CrumUv 1ms returned from Jackson, Twin., where lie has been attending college. J, T. Smllh has rcttirned from a visit with his daughter nt Cnr- uthersville, Mo. The Rev. Mr. Walters held scr- Siereteiy, American Bridge League vices at'Ekron Saturday nnd Sun- In my tstiinition, distribution ,j av . plays, a more Important part al| Brother Louie Shultz will hold contract .than hljh cards. . Of. services at Ekron Sunday, course, at slant contract suit con-1 R. B . Hill la visiting his pnr- trols aro necevary to prevent the i-pponents from running on" winning tricks Im.nedlately. But you can take a hnndful enls. Mrs. Harvey BarRctt's father. Mr. Lock, visited her Sunday. The Rev. Louis Sliultz of Half ol hi;h cards and, unless you Moon will preach at Ekron Satnr- ha\e good distribution, you will day night arid Sunday momlni and find II difficult even to make game, night An ""usually- Interesting squeeze| Mr.'and Mrs. W. I, Holland vis- hat developed cut of B ood dls. itcd tl:e latlrr's sister. Mrs. !'al OTS justified in jumping to Little River visited the latter's niece. Mrs Clarence Haggard. Sunday nf- teraosn. +AKQ9S 3 None Vol. Owning lead— 4 J. Somh Wn,i x U Hh Kmt 1 * P«»a 1 « !>»„ 1* t P«M 2N.T. Pa»i 4 + PaM ( «, r>»5, 15 four clubs -after this bid. and tpaln North war overoptlmistic In jumping to . six. clubs. However. the 'declarer played : the hand well to make hit coMract ' ' 'West.'opened the jack of spades', Hiffhtower New* Claud Conk returned Sunday lo 'he C. C. C. camp nt Warr«n after spending a week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. . E. Conk. Mr. and Mrs. R.B .While are visiting frlfnds here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jerri Bowles have moved to East Prairie, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. L. Standford have moved here from Mississippi. .Mr. and Mrs. Guv Evans of hear Osceola were euests Saturday nlfht of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rnmey. Mr. and Mrs. Walter 'storv of Kennett. Mo., were guests Sunday nreht and Sunday of Mr. nnd Mrs. Charlie Peters. The teams Braaaadocio Brasifadocio basketbili a double header vhlch declarer won with the king. The 1 declarer-h'nw ran six rounds »f. dubs,, retaining iri dummy the lost. 20 to 14. .Miss Nina Huckalm spent Snt- ' News •'• •.•Tlie.R,ey,\ahd'Wr(i.'-A. S. Smttli nibses Aim aM-children •'.'or -Jopesboro were''.Crow* and Sund»y guests of.Mr. aha Mrs. J.-l spent' Sunday with;Sylvia Hucka•n. AYCOQcV •' '. . : ' . ! . . . I li* .' . , 'night, and Sunday with vibtu 1 Bennett. . " : Mr; arid Mrs,. Cllve Crowe spent PmirUy' with ' V- :and Mrs. V. T. Crowe. Misses Mildred. Bruce. Pauline Flora Bell: Kclrsey Mi-!. Aj-co'ekv . ,Mr..-AM>Mrs; .Will Wheat, of Bly- thtyllle..spent Sunday with Mr. and Mra. Morris, Singleton ;MM.'pearl ; Hill and daughter I ba.-'. "Walter Phillips has been 111. urday. . . . -were in Memphis Sat' . . . .Mr; .and Mr?! ,Prank May have moved. to.Bassett^Xrk. •• . ' . . . Mrs. L. L. Bearden md -daughter, -Miss Pauline, of Luxora, vls- ItM Mrs.-Bsarden's parents, Mr atld Mrs. Wheat, Sunday n | M i (klr « 1 ' %«k spent Sunday nlrtit af;H)!(ora. ' . p.?/ ;M - -'Awock. P. B. Jarrott, C. PUlo»- and Preemont Scrapes were M «"% id War the r °™ Washlng- ' ' of Ml*«.re .rtsltlrig relatives here Driver Grwe News . Mr. and Mrs: Tom May are the parents of a baby girl, Bonlta Ann. , Mrs. J. L. James, who has been ill,- is Improving. -Mr. nnd Mrs. James, arid dauehter; .Virelnla Lee, drove, to Blythevllle Wednesday afternoon. . Both groups of the W. M. u. mle with Mrs. Robert Green Tuesday 1 night for their weekly programs. Puxico Mr. and Mrs. Bert Moslcy .entertained with a dancing party Saturday night. Jessie Cotmell of Walker's lake spent last week end Iwrc visiting her cousin. Oracle Connell. J. J. Moore jr.. drove to Kennett. Mo.. Sunday. Maye Kls-her, wr.o has been 111 with tonsimis. is able to be up. -- Amons; thos« who took supper Mr. and Mrs. Will Ed Shelton Wlth Mr - an<J Mrs E E - Botnar nave moved to this community Sunday night were Thclma Orear Miss Ruth Stubbs of Blj-ihevllle of Nurnbc r Nine. Mayc Fisher. an<l »as the guest last week of Miss Mr - and Mrs - Charles Roberton of Bessie Brock. fc Number 20. Mr. arid Mrs. C. J. Springer arc Mr - an< l Mrs. Charles Robcrson ">P parents .of a daughter, born. 0 ' Number 29 soent Saturdav night December i. She has beer, named", wlth Mr - and Mrs. Eaph R>^e. Leonard Thursday ' I borne. Tuesday m -l [r - ™ A Mrs. Vernle Tucker. and-family .this week.. , — Richard Hall of Calumet waa the I M>Ss viv ™ n Berry n gue«t of Mr. and Mrs. C. J Sprinst- ' **toon were married cr.Sjinday night. • i December 7. •"' • • !-: . i Mr. and Mrs.. Alonzo FJeemnn Round Lake News S S^^,***'- Mrs ' GIFTS for Her ATTENTION MKNI small cash payment will give you.- wife the iwrfect glft_ A HOME. See our listings. THOMAS l.ANf) CO. FOR MKN ONLY! ! ! If yui: v.unt lo iniike your wife- love you the year round t)ke her a Dodge or Plymouth automobile. UenMHi.iMy uiktd and ei|iil|)|X?il with all the conveniences dear to a vvoinnn'i> heart. HAKNKTT AliTO SALKS GIVR HER JEWELRY You will have r:o trouble In selecting n suitable ijlft, for hi-r from our larsjc and complete sloi-k of Jewelry and gift gcods. ALDRIDCiE JEWELRY STORE SIl.K NEGLIGEES Daintily Inllore;! of Pint Crcp? in -Blue. Peach, 1'ink and Black A (jlfl slie'll DDprcclntc. $208 J. C. PENNEY CO. Give Somrlhlnjr Practical She will nnprecintc a gift she can . wear. We Kindest Scarf Sets. Hosiery. Purses Gloves, Hats. Elouses, Sweater Suits, Dresses and Sweaters and Skirls. THE LADIES TOGGERY From Sirta, A New Permanent Add to her lupplness nt Christmas by siviiii! her n new Permanent at our modern shop.' Marjarel Hern Beauty Shoppe A BEAUTIFUL WATCH Would make her most hnppy. 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M»ry Ix»l«, ttnall d*ught«r of Mr. and Ml*. John WiSnon, is very m with tondlrUi Tuesday nlglu. Mrs. Ora Brooks had as her ciiest Sunday Mrs. Bud Walker of Lux- Mrs. Bill Robertson had K her «l«st<i Monday Mrs. Ora Brooks «nd daughter and Mrs. Lois Tom- THF PERFECT GIFT "FOR HER" ELIZABETH ARDEN'S VENETIAN TOILET Preparations EXCLUSIVELY AT .BORUM'S llnson and sous of nlytheville. and Mrs. Pearlcne Tomlinson. Mrs. Will McCaulcy aud Mrs. Bill H«n«m. Horton White of HiirdeHr was the i>uest of Calvin Robertson We.1- ncsday. A. J. Wilson and (amilv have moved to the Dogwood Rtdqe vicinity to make their home. Mrs. Sarah Mosley. who underwent an operation nt the Blvths- viile hospital. Is much improved. Orntnn News Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Longncre sncnt Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smothers entertained a large crowd Monday night. Robert Shelton nnd Hubert Smothers made a business trip to t/ouHlana Tuesday. Misses Iris Longacrc and Edna Wright M>cnt Saturday nlgln with Miss Pauline Skipper. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilson of Cooler spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Dentoti. Wallace Pugh of Cotlonwood spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pugh. R/.DIOR-A gift mi ih c family enjoys. Ask for demonstration K I!. C.EE SALES CO. Only Seven More Shopping Days Until Christmas. lowans Enjoy Oul of Door Entertainment DRESS CLOTHES Tuxedos and Ul accessories. Tus- cclos priced SJ5 to 535. NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. MEN'S LOUNGING RORES Erocadccl Hayon and all wool Flannel Uobes in a choice selection of colors. $4.48. J. C. TENNEY CO. He'd Like n New Scarf! We have the very kind THE LADIES TOGGERY You can plensc him with a Pipe, Billfold, Box <.f Cigars, Shaving Brush or a Flashlight. FOWLER DRUG CO. CABINET SMOKERS He'll really appreciate one of these Cabinet Smokers....Lo«- priced, too. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO Santa CLius' Headquarters iVe Sell Everything—the best finality Xmas CSif;s. 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Ee.iutiful, inexpensive artificial x WREATHS fc,r the graves of i- loved ones at Xmas. llealon's Home of Flowers Vour dinner will not be complete without FLOWERS for Xmas. Healon's llnme of Flowers Only Seven More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Tobacco, when mixed with salt.. Chop siiey first was made in i- said to be jood for sheep, and 1896 by a Chinese chef In a New i hey like it. York restaurant. DBS Townns who enjoy hunting am! "s..ln? number well above the 300"00 marK. according | o i\- f ly.J, nsh and Game Department A recent, survey by th c MOONLIGHT TAVRRNCAFE Next Donr to Nabers Grtx-cry f'T.ATK I.IJNCH - 30e Home M.ide Pastries Pried Clilcktn - steaks «KRT DUGAN, Che Open D»y and NljM G. C. Caudill General Insurance 166 N. Broadway Phone 791 BARGAINS IN NEW & USED FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 3<« E. Jlain - Phone 155 NOTICE The Wonder Cily Coal Co. i; plcared to ainioimre that Aubrey Con way is now associated with tins company and he will apr.rwiale any coal biiKincfs ymi might sec lit lo KKM this company. Phone -177 Wonder City Coal Co. T^ »> »> ^ E. K. Frv Aubrev Conway "BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, Rut the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Oar Overhead is Less. We Pay Cash - - We Sell for Cash.' \y e have no delivery. No porters or high powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as to how anrl why. Come In and Be Convinced. Wo Accept the Challange. OUR MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less Anrl We Have One Price To All Free Ice Water and Rest Rooms for Men, Women and Children

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