The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1943
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 2-1, 1943 i •'»••— SALE (ARKJ; COURIER NEWS .s fOR RENT IMPORTANT NOTICE! Classified 'Advertising In The Conner News WillB« CASH ONLY, Eicept to E*i*bllihe4 Flrmt. H*e*«M the low tort •< Hrd ids don not Justify the expense of bnokkwping and col |«lfonj, we have ailopttd IJiU pollry rather tl»n * raise hi rate. No Eicepllona to this Policy! CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rain per line for consccu- Ive Insertions: Minimum Clmrgc 50c time per line ISc times per line per day times per line per d!iy flc limes per line per day 7c 2 times per line per day 6c Month .per line flOc Ads ordered for three or six times ml slopped before expiration will >e charged for Ihe number of lime? he ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copj iihmltted by persons residing oul- idc of the cily must Iw accom- innied by cash. Hates may be easl- y cojnpuled from Ihe above table dvcrlLsInt' ordered for trrcgulnr nscrtions takes the one Unit: rale No responsibility will be laken or more than one Incorrect inser- lon of any classified ad. For Rent roam furnished house, 115 E Ash, UlythCTille. Mrs. ft. O Smilli, Joiner, Ark., rhone 21S5 Fiirnishwl si|);irliiiciil.s. One 2-roon npnrlinenl, one ;). 9H Ilearn. Parker's Ilooms—106 Eusl Main. r>-22-pk1-2: Three room apartment, newly fur .nished. Permanent people only Available June 1. 110 Soulh Sislli nt ffcdlitaiii, "piivale cnli-iiiici .'622 Wesl Main. On!l 2041 or a:tfn 21-nk-S Front bcriiumji, all convenience 81!) Wesl Ash. For Sale Hiirley-Davlclson Cycle, '33 model, bO cubic Inch dlsplacemenl. ilu vxccllcnl conUlllon) Phone 404. Room 128. 24-pk-27 IclpoiiU electric • range, oil circulating henler, in excellent con- illllon. Phone 2500. 24-|>k-27 934 nnrlcy 74, good condition, Imr- tifltn. Wrllc l'(c. Freeman Uenfro, 702nd T.K,1''.T.S,, l)ly. Air linsc. iousu trailer completely [urnlshed. In Rood condition, Can lie seen ftt 104 W. Sycamore. 21-pk-2D We.sllnghoi\sc electric rnngc, C ft. Vilgidulre, nuloiiiatlc oil burning liol wnler lienter. Phone 2583, ?.l-ck-25 1 Continental belt distributor system, equipped with tall henrlne* and belt. 1 Continental melnl U drum Inclined cleaner, wllh by- pnss nnd slccl siip|M)rLs. 1 Con- Unenlal revolving drum mclal separator. 1 4 80 Conllnenlal linl due. 1 wood 4 80 Continental condenser. Address Box 391, Dcr- motl, ArJ;. 5-19-pk-2B 224 ncio farm, nidi Llltlc River bolloin land, nlioul 15 miles NW of Sikr.stnn, Mo. $20,000-terms. C. CLAnENCE'SCOTl" Sikeslon,. Mo. C-npk-17 Coin, Alfnlfa Hay, Onls, Chops ft Wheat, Blyllievllle Ginii] & Ele- valor co. Phone 2112. 5/10-ck-25 GOLDHSH MINNOWS—"Grapple's favorites." G, c. Hawks, 300 E. Main. I'h. 3232. 8-13-ck-13 Wanted To Buy Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good used furniture. Wade Furniture Co. 1-20-ck-tf Will pny 20c i«r doz. for wire coat liangers. Hudson Cleaners. 10-0-ck-tf Farm INeecis Bring us your poultry, hog and stock health problems. We carry a complete fresh stock of Lederle serums, vaccines, Dr. Hess Tonics and disinfectants. Woods Drug store, .Main & Railroad. 3-18-ck-tf Help Wanted Experienced relnil saleslady for pcrnianent job. Prefer jewelrj experience. Salary $100 and up Wrilc fully. Box J.o. Courier. 5-H-ck-14 Woman . for gener'nl housework "Call iit 1TO1 'w: Main: ' f>-lHn Want offiec manager an( hook-keepcr. Eilher mm 2i-pk-25'[ "r lady. Permanent posi Air co.iclilioucd room s ~$5. weekl? l! 0 "' G °,° d salar y- Tom Lit . reniMdy Hotel, Dial 3098. tle Hardware Co. 5-!8-ptc-18 , Bertrnom for rent. I'hone 2089. Nicely furnished fn.m bedroom, dc• llglitfully conl. Gcnllenien. Phone 32C4. 4-pk-C-4 Rooms for men. Harry Atkins. 4-28-pk-28 Good grocery store building and nxlures. G17 W. Ash. Phone 2552. 3-18-ek-lf C«mfortflhle bedroom. Twin beds. Bteam heat. ChlcKa&awba & 10th Phone 2413. 11-ck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. 'Phone 2516. 11-7-ck-tf Lost or Strayed Black mare. While spot on fore^ 'head, branded right hip. Last .rcen TlnrdeUc vicinity. Reward : Write Mallie Wilson, Osceola! ;Arh., or phone fil-l. 5-24pk-30 Strnyrd Pri. night 1 black horse 'mule about 0 years old, about 000 : pounds. Has small skinned place on MBtil hind \Kg. Nolify Harris •JMiile Darn or Fred Wahl. Call ; a! ""- 24-ch-27 ! Wanted One or two fninllle. 1 ; lo sharecro)) ;Each family -SO acres, n't acres colton, rest, ill corn, nil Inid by ..Cultivated mice. A. Hcrcllvrc, •j Rives, Mn., 1 mile east of slorc. : 24-i)k-27 5-17-ck-l. Personal Ed's Fish Market, 318 East Mai) Slrcct. We have plenty of fresl fish nt all limes. Conic by nnt sec lls - . 20-))k-27 Wanted To Rent Three or four room imfnrnlstiei house. Phone 2009. 21-pk-2! Services To my friends and customers. We are equipped, to do your cnr and , truck repair work. Norlli Highway 01, opiiositc Red Top Gin Lone Star Garage. R. c. Williams, proprietor. ]8-pk-25 A mast complete line of notion, nnd gifts. Hemstitching and but tonholes expertly done. War Bud- fiet sewing lessons, Si .50 for two- hour sessions. Complete coursi $iO. Classes now forming. Sing nr Sewing Center or call 278: for an appointment. 18-ck-C-l Largest of all flying birds, Ilu condor, dors not learn lo fly null almost a year old. Swearengen & Co COTTON BROKERS Nrtberllte, Ark. 1'IANO, ORGAN and VOICE Cln-wrs annnunced for SPRING Mrs. nornlhy W. Fowlston, B.A. M.S.M. OKCiANIST Jt TKACIIKR Minislor of Music, Firsl Presbyterian Chsrrh Wrllc Mrs. Fovvlslnn 1101 Chickasawba or Phone 2049 $8,30 'BIG THREE' Ford Summer Reconditioning CHANGE TO SUMMER WEIGHT LUI5RICANT Ilcinovc lionvy worn-out hiltrlcaiil frnni Iransmisslon and <lilTrrcuh;il and fronl wheel bcariiijs—rtplacint with New 1'glil Height Summer l.tibricant. Ti!c A rirMcn T ° CIIAMI>ION SPARK PLUGS of use lrinlr5 " s l >; "'' < I'lufiS Is small after IO,9M miles CUOSS-RWITCII A],], FOUR TIRES livrally Increases lire liir. "Big Three" Summer Special Only $8.30 Drive Fn Now -p e j .ro PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured Hollywood actress — 12 Inquires 13 Make a mistake 14 Woody plant 15 East Indies (abbr.) f'-' 16 Measuring 'device \ 18 Symbol for illinium v 19 Possesses J ZITnblet J 22 Dine 24 Ocean 27 Suffix 28 Tellurium (symbol) 29 Vehicle 31 (•' •} Answer (o Previous Tunic (jibbr.) 34 At no lime 34 Sufficient 47 Mineral rock 48 Biblical pronoun 49 Standard of' ' value . i SI Period «'VI 54 Enemy '\ D5Soa (Dulcli) VERTICAL 1 South America (abbr.) ,. 2 Employs < 3 Winter sport device 4 Like 21 By ' 23 Light browi 25 Hen product 20 Coal residue |!JS 28 Concise l§J30Sllr ^3 Mover's vehicle 35 Indian J8 Drink slowly 39 AKC 40 Finish 41 Disposition 42 AiitfCT 43 Grain •H Observe OONcvnda eil> f»2 Either 53 Soil mineral t>4 She Is n wel! , known star flfi Me(n! 57 rtulearlnn coil .19 Life (prefix) ! (10 Narrow Inlet, 5G Cloth mensure 5 Hcquire 1. 58 Furious 0 Skill 30 Area mensure CO Rhode Island 7 Without cost 37 Note in . (abbr.) 8 Street (abbr.) 01 Antemcridlciri Guido's scnle 61 Afresh 0 Three (prefix) (nbbr ) 38 Feeling 4 C3 Book (Gypsy) 10 Long fishes " C2 Wesl indies 41 Hoarders of , (J4 Chinese- 11 Music note 5 (nbbr.) money .• . ^ (comb, form) l(i Mother 04 Symbol for 45IrlfiUim ^r,:, CG She is now 17 Speed coriicst sliblum (symbol) >., .staging her 13 Fowl '.am*, eSMnrk of 46 Half, an em • ' —: 20 Exist (BE ?"i approval WALLPAPER EXCELLENT DESIGNS DISCOUNT E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. W. Ash I'h. 551 NEW TIRES For Curs, Trucks, Traclon T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Ml W. Asli I'hoiie ttM Wayne Clilok nuil lioullry ~ . Insist on Wayne quality whi'M liiiyliiif (ecris nl ull klmls. HAYS STORE "Firmer*!. Hf»ilqo»rtfn In Hlytherllle * MouiW RKFKIGKRATION KLECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE! V. \\. Talimi, Jr. I'h. !>!>7 Hlylhcvlllf, Ark. l-'OH SAI,K Hevrrul Mn;>ll Illythcvlllo llnnM'J -tlcisu In. SU51I In finoo. TITIMI ire HVLI||:I|J)I>. THOMAS LAND CO. CONCttKTE STOKM SEW UK l''«r Sale . ALL SWISS Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. no C9I ' " (toiiln. Ark, EXPERT AUTO REPAIR WORK C»m»ltte uttck «f r«rU. HARRISON Anto Paris & Carafe OllTtf Kftrm KqulpAWAl 811 W. Anil fh. 24 HOUR > :• TIRE SERVICE r-Tiri u« Tub* Kepalrinc, AU Work Giuanteedi ', WADE COAL CO. Alabama lliil Ash Coal. ». Hwy. ti rn. an WE NEE!) USED CARS TRUCKS Top prlrw for l,»l«t MmlrU - - "S»o K»»y Bcforti You Hell." T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Now riviuiillis & (;hrjslrn • 121 W. Ash vh. 21Z2 DON EDWARDS "Tlie Typtwrllcr Man" ROYAL, SM1TJI, CORONA, AND HEMINCl'J'ON 1'OIITAHM! I 118 N. 2nd 6TOEKT . (Every Trnnsncllon ' Musi no fintlsfnclory) PHONE :13II2 SOCarefull-i/'Sclceletl / Lat c Model USED CARS Jim nniYSi.r.ii NI;\V vtw- KI:K, ii,.;miiri,i Rici'n llnlsli, Bivni li<:illicr ii|ilnilslciy. Itmlln, lloiiin', S|«i(ll(;ii(, S liiiinl w.s. Tlrt'rt. A iciil linyl 11140 llllICK SI'l!(:iAI, BIISI- NlttiS <:<>UIT. llhirk. 5 K , im | (lei's ,V Ijll.l ,Uli. lionise. I!HI |-(Htl> TllDOlt: (1-0)1. A vei-y ntiii leal cur In up. (•rale. inn r ( u!KAiti) no rWUAN; Finish•• lihielc,. ruillii, lii'iilor .«• while slilo«'!ill llr'cs. A irully I'li'iin c;ir. 11111 I'ON'I'IAO 1-DOOK Sl'.I)AN. Illiirk rtiil-iti. lliitlln, liiMlcr mill imiiy iillii'r cv- h:i,',. 'IIlls <\ir | l:ls oll |y !„.,,,, driven n few Iliniisiind mill's. i»ii nicvitoLirr TOWN SIIIUN. llnlKb. l.olq IIF SHI,MCI' YOJJIJS NOW! MANY OTHKHK TO CIIOOSU FROM—$75 up. ' Easy (5.M.A.C. I'aymont l'l:m We Never Close Sales Dept. Open Unlil 9 p.m. Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phono 578 RATION CALENDAR June 15: Shoe SWnp 17 Expire*. We wint t« toy Hotnn. We hare purchasers for ill kinds of homes, if yon want to Mil quick, see THOMAS LAND COMPANY II. C. CampbcU, Saleoua If you want to buy more. Wir llonds SKIJ. IIS TIIK FIIRNITIIKK YOU ARE NOT VISING for fash! Also liberal (railc-in allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hnrdy Furn. Co. 301 E. Main 1'hone 230! WALTER HENSEN PLUMBING & HEATING Ph. 2S12 1115 Main Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytbeville, Arkansas SPECIALS Kitractloni |i.oo Full Up'r & Lower I'lales ?35 lip 1912 Blyllievllle 1943 Defoe Fornhore Co. 120 E, Main Dial 3221 Wanted: Used FnrnKnre. Alia yon can trade j»at «U furniture In en new. J. E. JOHNSON Fire, Life and (hisnalty- INSURANCE .UZ N. 2nd Street "Bcller Sato Than Sorry" Spend Your Precious Points For The Better Brands! —Get More and Better Fo«d for ynur radon hook*. 3 Deliveries Dally C. L. NABERS Grocery & Market 1M 8. I)lvl«lon St. Phone HI WASH TUHHS E PART PLAYED eVEASV WAS SMALL INDEED. THOUSANDS OF MEW, HUUDRED5 OF POTHEIB UTMOST HO CLEAR THE SEA UWE OF U-BOATS convoy THRU Hy VRVM HARMA1S/ DRS. NIES & NTES Osteopathic Physicians RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:80 Clinic 514 Main Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2S21 Special TIRE SAVERS To Help You Get More Tire i\filoaj;c! 1. CHECK IJUAKKS—ADJUST IF NKKDEI). 2. CHECK STKEKING .GKAK AD.HJSTMHNT. 3. CHECK TOK-1N ALIGNMENT AND COHUECT. •I. CllOSS SWITCH TIKES. 5. BALANCE TIKES AND WIIIOEI.S. 6. INFLATE ALL TIRES TO PROl'EK PRESSURE. KOR ALL MAKES OE CARS 5 95 Paris Kxlra LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Blythtvlllt'a Fintst Service Dept, RED RYDER TH' BANK& CLOSED MIS3 DELLA.' VMS. ' CAM'T LEA.VE FOR INJUN 1HGN V/E'LL / I'M TIRED OP RIDIMG, AMVWfW AMD I SKIT THKRB CAM. OFBEIMG ROBBED? - BUT. RED, HOW WILL VJE CAURV SUPPLIES AND THE SILVER DOU.M3S TO BUY THE WMVJO ROCS HOOTS AND HER WJDDII'IS Ity EDfiAR MARTINI THE NEXT PICTURE. ON TH\<o ' SCR<E£N VJ\U_ BE THM O? THE BUFRNGTON BLONDE ALLEY OOP r^x/fe^- \ \ \AvfJx f -">>««»tiiYin.iW:Vv«i^.«.r«T.«". . Kinc I'Vfillu'rH HY v. T/HAMLIN!. , VE.P....6OME TWO THOUSAND VtMJS B^< INTC> ANCIENT €>ic\L.vr VEH WE'BE FIVHD UP, ALL HNVEN'T OOW.MEO A, FULLBBEOTH 6INCE I GOT INTO THIS GOLDA.NG -„— 6V A LONE ROM^N &OLOIEB, MLEY OOP AND OSCAP. NOW FNlED \V1TH THE. PROBLEM OP THE. TROUBLE.- MAKEC'5 HJ.OSSKRj FRECKLES AND JII.S A Alan of His Word JERP.V OUUK is l^^4A ^ s OLD eov — HE SMD MET T0 MOBODY CAW THREATEN! ME" AND C56f AWAY WITH IT.' DO YOU KNO\'J WHAT I'O DO IF HE CAME UER6? W(XT WOULD VOO DO? H/we BEEM SEEIMG A LOT OF EACH OTHER. WORDS —JUST IDLE WORDS'

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