The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 7
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JTHUKSDAY, DEUEiMUKK 1, 1349 Labor is Wooed In West Europe Anti-Communist Unit Seeks to Enlist Support of Catholics By Krnest Aeilcw LONDON, Dcc, 1-wv-The credentials committee of the Anil- Communist Free World .ZH-COM- ;lereiice made a hc i al€(1 bid i odny to enlist West Europe's Catholic ;Unlon workers. ' riB o t i h< ; mvitatl °» t<> Uic organlK- •en Catholics of Belgium, the Neth- jerlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries had a string on it. If they join the new free world ^. labor international, which the con- V fei ' e '«e of 250 labor leaders from ;« countries us forming, the Catholics must dissolve their own Cathci- :hc Laboi International within two lyears, the committee stipulated. The recommendation by the cre- ;dcntlals commitle came only a day ,after the Russian-dominated coin- jlnform ordered a world witle appeal ;to Catholic Union workers to join 'the Communist "peace front." With •the almost solid backing ol Ihe ; strong American British rielcga- jlions, the committee's- recommendation seemed assured of passage. .But many labor leaders said ihe .•Catholics may spurn the invitation l'o join if it is offered on this (basis. The Bcliguin and Dutch dele' gallons are expected to oppose the recommendation, but it will receive .support from both the French and t Italian groups. . The Italian and French unions. ?oblh predominantly catholic, were •Invited to send delegates to this 'conference betanseboth are affiliated w «h their national trade union ^centers. ' The excluded Catholic unions do not belong to the national centers. The unions of their countries which are affiliated with the national centers opposed inviting them. The new organization appeared heading into immediate rivalry with Moscow-dominated unions in seeking the lull support of Roman • Catholic workers. The Kremlin is 1) wooing Europe's Catholic labnr'un- ions lo form a solid "front" xvith Communist workers In what may become a new campaign aimed at disrupting the West's recovery program. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN (AKK.) UJUJtUKK NKWS Squire Rockefeller Has Them New York Folks in a Tizzy Blytheyille Kiwanis Club Sees CROP Film A film entilled "Operation Mercy," filmed by the Christian Rural Overseas Program, was shown -to members of the Elytheville Kiwanis Club at tlie club's weekly meeting in Hotel Noble yesterday noon. It was announced at yesterday's meeting that the annual joint Christmas meeting ol the Kiwanis. Lions and Rotary Clubs of Blytheville will be held Dec. 13. Guests at yesterday's meeting •were Gene Keller of.'Chicago, M. p. Moore of Osceola anti Bin Sislc'r. NEW YORK (AP)—Siilre Rockefeller has our town in a tizzy. H's about that Christmas tree he put up between his. ice pond and the RCA building. The Squire is a right neighborly fellow. Every year about tliLi lime Ills hired hands whack 'down a tall tree somcwheres, and haul it into town and put it up—for the community to look at free. It's got so that the Christmas season isn't official in these parts until the Rockefeller tree is lit. And the natives gather around and watch the ceremony and say things like: "It's downright, purty—and that's for certain." "By gum, ma, it's tallcr'n our tenement." "Last year 'twaren't near so handsome. Young John D. has gone and done it again." Well, all last week our town was as excited as Dan'l Boone at a turkey shoot. Word had got around, somehow, thai this year the Squire had really outdone himself. A goodly throng of citizens had gathered in advance to welcome the tree. "Hear toll it's a ten-ton. 75-loot Norway spruce—and it's taking two trucks to haul it In," opined one man. "Law, you don't say," said another. "I heerd 'twould have seven miles of wiring, 500 of them newfangled plastic globes and bctter'n 7,500 lights." "1 figger it'll run hhn at least $10,000—and 'lain! chickenfced," allowed a third. The natives clucked and shook their heads in awe. Along atxiiit then Mayor ODwyer's boys in blue sireiied Ihe tree around the corner, it seemed like everyone was there lor the big hoedown 'cepting Grover Whalen, .who was busy in his perfume sho'p—a customer had just walked in. Well, sir, cm- folks took one look at Squiic Rockefeller's 1940 Christmas tree—and all hullaballoo broke loose. The tree waren't green at all. "Avar while—yep, white all over. "The dang thing musla fainted I" said a visitor from Brooklyn. 'No, we done it deliberate," said hired man, imporlamly. "The Squire didn't want to catch the town on fire by no accident. So we sprayed the tree with 200 gallons of white camouflage paint— it's firc-retard- in'. Ain't she a beaut?" Well, yes! And. well, no! The town has been n-argiiin' about that 'air tree for days. Tlie disputes have been so hot that Sherm Bil- linssley has banned it as a table topic at his Stork Club Deanery. Too many customers gettin' mad and throwing his: fine 85-ccnt blueplatc specials in each olher's laces. ~5ome folks come right out flat and say: "We got to glow up with the tima,. Nobody In Boston would think've scltin' up a white Christmas tree. The Squire has kep' us ahearl agin," But other folks are just as sot t'other way. "He oughla tear It down and start all over," they opine. "It ain't a Christmas tree to begin with, it's all painted." And we were all putty riled when that smart-alcck from WcehauXen, N.J., snickered out loud: "Je.^t like Manhattan. Ever since you fellows warjxHi this roekpjle away from the Indians you hive to put platinum on everything—for (ear nobody'll think it's wnthwhile." Well, like It or not, denied if we ain't stuck with that tree unlit Janerw\verry the fust. For (he Squire, when he bows his back, can be right stubborn. Achcson Refuses To Sanction Ships Entering Shanghai Gen. Bradley Says He's 'Satisfied' With Pact Defense PARIS, Dec. 1. (/!•) — General Omar Bradley, America's No. 1 soldier, said yesterday he was "both sa'isnril and gratified" with Ihe Atlantic Pact defense scjieme drafted here this week. Bradley and U.S. Secretary of Defense Loins Johnso npaid an Informal visit yesterday to (he General Pcrshing Post, American Legion, Johnson today met the defense ministers of the other 11 Atlantic Pact nations (a consider the new integrated defense plan which the 12 Army chiefs of staff drafted Monday and Tuesday. Bradley told a rcnorier tne defense plan outline was completed in the 12-nation meetings, but "some regional details remain to he worked out.' ' He said he would confer with Canadian military chieftains on details of ihe Norlh American regional defense system, one of five interlocking regional plans in the scheme to defend the north Atlantic area 'rom any possible aggression. Bradley conferred earlier with General Jean de I.aitrc de TassiRiiy. wtio commands grand forces in the five-nation Brussels alliance—another of the Atlantic Pact's regional areas. Wife of St. Louis Firm Head is Found Dead ST. LOUIS, Dec. 1—M';—Mra. Leo C. Fuller, wife of the board chairman of Slix, Bacr and Fuller Co department store, was fnuml dead yesterday in the family garage with Ihe motor of an a'utomobilc iimning. She was 57 years old. The garage door was closed. A chauffeur made the discovery. Police said she apparently died of fumes from the car. A spokesman for the family said she had suffered periods of menial depression intermittcnly for more than 12 years. She retired as usual last night, he said, and members of the family did not know when she left the house. Dec. 1—(/!•)— Secretary of Slate Achcson has said American ships enter Ihe Chinese blockaded Port of Sh.inglial at thel own risk. He indirectly rebuked (.he is- branritscn steamship line for having sent its vessels, two of which have been .shelled, into the area. Acheson also reported that Ihe government has rejected all re que.sts of the shipping line (or American naval convoy. He .said It Is not "this govcrn- menl's policy lo convoy American .shipping through the so-called 'blockade'. " At a news conference, however. Achcson disclosed that lie has sent a strong new note to the Chinese Nationalist government protesting the shelling of the Isbrandlscn line's Kir John Franklin Monday. The not possibly lays the basis for a financial claim by Ihe line against the Chinese Nationalist government. Achcson sain that while he did not remember details of the earlier Chinese Nationalist warship altack on Isbrandslen's Flying Cloud, the Slate Department has determined th:i( al least parl of tiie shelling of Ihe second ship occurred outside territorial waters. Therefore it was a violation of the rights of the ship, lie said. Second Policeman Dies Of Wounds Inflicted by Crazed Veteran's Gun ERIE. Pa.. l>c. 1. m—The second victim of a war veteran who went be.serk with a pistol in (he Eric office ot the Veterans Administration died yesterday. He was police patrolman Walter R. Mny. 45. He was wounded ten days ngi while he and another officer attempted to subdue Charles R. Hartwell. 28-year-old railroad hrakenian. The other policeman. Sgt. Leo Wnldinger, died Saturday. Hart we]] was pronounced Insane after a psychiatric examination. Hartwcl] barricaded himself hi the VA office after his request, for disability payments was turned down. A-Bomb May Be Used fAGK SKVKN WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. f/i^_ Gen. J. Lawlon Collins, Army chief of staff, said lodny lhal, "serious study Is being given lo applying Die atomic bomb lo infantry ladies" His comment,, given In answer io a news conference question, represented a departure from earlier military thinking. In the first years alter (he war military men felt lhat Hie mass destruction characteristic of the weapon meant It would be useful onlv for strategic attack on cities l't would be too powerful for ' use against troops in the field. Prospective Juror Willing to Forgive Prosecutor's Snoring JONESBORO, Ark., Dec 1 (AP) -Jefferson Speck, Frenchman's Bayou planter, being questioned as a prospective federal court Juror was asked If he knew U.S. District Attorney James Gooch. "I was his roommate at college and I'll never forget his snorinc" Speck replied. Judge T. c. Trimble wanted to know if lhat would prejudice him against the government in the case Speck said it would not "ni never forget lhat, snoring, but i guess I can forgive it." Defense attorneys, however, re jected him as a Juror. Ohio State Student, Murder Suspect, to Be Given Sanity Test COLUMBUS, O., Hec. I—(/!>,— James D. Ilccr of Euclid, Indicted Tuesday In the slaying of a fraternity brolhcr at Ohio State Unl- vcrslly, will undergo psychiatric observation and examination. Franklin County Prosecutor Ralph J. DiUtleU said the 20-year- olct student will be sent Lima State ho.spiial for the'criminally Insane. The grand jury returned a first degree murder indictment against Iteer In the death NOV. 12 of Jack T. McKcown. of Norwood managing editor of the Olilo Slate Lantern, daily campus newspaper Heer was a pledge and McKcown' a member of Delta Tan Delia fraternity. The shooting followed » homecoming party at the fraternity House and a dance at a private Hub Ihe night before Ihe Illinois- Ohio Slate football game to& * Z**9*t«'i STAINLESS STEEL i& PARING KNIFE Father is Sentenced For Chaining His Son JACKSONVILLE. 111., Dec ! W > —A father who chained his six- year-old son lo a chair because the youngster was "incorri K ib! c " V[ , v tcrday was sent to prison lor 'one to fwo years. Elisha H. Lair, 50. a watch repairman, pleaded unilly to a charge of endangering the life and healll, Trip to Hollywood for Boy, Age 11, Again is Foiled HARMON. N.Y.. Dcc. 1. (/?', _ Eleven-year-old Arthur Biggs, who stowed away on a plane several weeks aco in an effort to get to Hollywood to become a singing cowboy, has made a second try—this tune by train. The plane took him as far as St. Louis. The trainmen put hiui off here, only a few miles up the Hudon River from New York City. Arthur entered a New York Cen- :ral express train at Grand Central Station in New York Monday af- tcrnoon. He. took a scat beside an older passenger and the fact thai ho t'idn't hiivB.a ticket'wasn't discovered until the train ncarcd Har- Life . . . Is Always at its Best. And Your Clothes Look their Best When Cleaned by Blytheville's No.1 Cleaner! Better Cleaning the Hudson Finish In Only 8 Hours " HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR i, Ark. CLOTHIER Dallas Man Indicted DALLAS, DM. i. <at-vm\ FCII.X Adiiir, Jr.. bookkeeper, accused as Dallas' "love burglar." n-ill be tried Dec. 12 on rape charges. Adalr is ind married, was indicted yesterday After his arrest, Adair sinned statements admitting a series ol burglaries nnd assaults but lain- repudiated the statements and declared he Is innocent. The average hen will lav somewhere between 180 and 3' Vgss per year ricpenllng upon the breed and various oilier conditions moil. His mother came u p hy train ' evening and took him A'JD A COUPON 1 . WHICH IS PACKlS ' V M IACH i»CK Regular 50< 5;". l=. 50, l n mo ,l „„,., _;,., „„, nl,'..', b "l''. i " l . h .."° r " 1 '" ""''°.°"« ^eM' 'o£' i? D,® ma i fc'^X^te •n<lo..d to, ,,„. _| ,(,.,. j j , ^•vvwMs'ss^- MOORE BROTHERS 18 West. ASK YOUR GROCER for KELLY'S PRIDE FLOUR Brotherhood's Strike Against Carriers Ended CLKVELAND, Dec. 1—</rj—T h e Hrotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Englnemen disclosed yes- lerday lhat Its threat of a strike against the nation's carriers had been removed for the time being. D. 'I. Robertson, president of the brotherhood, announced lasl September that the union planned lo strike In prolest against rejection of Us demands by a presidential emergency board. The union had asked for an extra fireman on riiesel engines. A union spokesman reported yesterday, however, lhat Ihe brotherhood expected to resume conferences shortly with the carriers on the problem Big Increase Reported In Special Tax Collection* UTTLE ROCK, D <• c. i-W- Ar<ansa.s Revenue Commissioner "ean Morley yesterday reported state special tax collection thii month totaled $7,155,172, 'ilils represents an Increase over tlie «(!.004,163 collected In Nov. ember, 1048. Tlie eleventh month u>ui th!j year reached $76.307,709, compared lo $67.232,656 for Ihecorre spending period in 1918. Read Courier News Want Ails Marriage Licenses The following couples oblalnerl mari-ingc licenses at the office ol Miss fiii/abeth Hlytlie, county clerk, yesterday: Joseph K. Barclay and Mrs. Don» B. Ilorstman. both ol Chaffee. Mo. Hoque Graces and Miss Paul» Hmianrte/, both of Dell. ANEW SERVICE fONIHC rA«TI OIVI OENUINI KMIUC Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. M. W. "Bill" Spencer, Mgr. Zlfi South Lilly ' |> nnlle 4371 Your Whole Family Can Save On This SHOE SALE MEN'S SHOES REDUCED Ton II find many a real l,ar K ain in Iliis special Kniiip of leal her boots, work and dress shoes now specially reduced n big one-third! y CHILDREN'S SHOES Brown Hi-Top Shoes Sizes 1 In S ?| QC Si/.cs H<;, (<> 2 SO Ql Itcguliir 52.<)5 I.3J KoKtilflr S,'}.r>() fc.JT 1 $;}.. UuKiiliir $:">.f!>, si/.cs \'l\'i lo 3 SUKDK IMIKSS SHOKS ........... Ki-Kiilar $;•).•!!) c;mi,s CRKIT, I.OARWS ........ 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