The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 20, 1931
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH. 20, 1931 m.YTUEVIU.E. (ARK.) COUK1ER NEWS I'AflK TUIW Hoover's New Secretary [Russia's Richest Man Keeps His Wealth Well Concealed r:<it;i;NK LYONS Staff Ccrrcspoi | rotten celling rafters. Imagine tlmllniid Mrs. Clarence Davis ol I'rom- liii'.d you lur,; a picture of the rlcli- i Lse Land nml Mv. mid Mrs. Clyde jest man in Russia putting ihrouyh Ilowell and son. a bMikIng transaction: lie Is coil- J e cn | sicole spent Saturday nlRlu with Juutor Maxwell o[ Midway. Mr. niul Mrs.'llarve SKirMini of i Hurdeltr vhllcd i';^, v iiw j v.iiU': 1 . uc 1 li'jr, 0 American dollars btaiiu-d hv iiaylim It would give awny Ilie secret of Ills | in Ihe t;ulK'iy of rich men the |CT| 1'iiesl On "a'ud MisOrr SuiJity • ....... -,,„, ^..™ t " dden nll)!rs - 1!e !s '''iBl'l-wd by. world over. Katsov Is the (ine Iras-J Ml . s . Hoills Muhaii visited Mrs MOSCOW. Mar. IB \UP.-Mon-. ;>* "«'« °[ ^ "J™ »» }£'!< «*''™ ^ 'i;^,,^ ^'J'^..-.* Sunday evening -M-I^'^U^^^ 11 id achievement, In the Soviet " E ' • ' u ' ' , I.IJK . .'.." a n.|i 11. -.1 o " <- , MiKX [(1(ll | e WoU) W|U> |)|( . BUl , st I'nicn usually Bullies exactly Ihe' Poor Ivanov. knows tile bitter- f", iciu-.n un an lu -, of Mlss Ilis rtlil|ls g lmnn y. COULDN'T GETWESSbT - la.flf-d by Midas. He has > 10 "- I'.ti, but ean do nothing 'With It. a disfranchised IKISOII he may thrown out o( his room and .iven a million rubles may fnil to, reverse. Tlie most powerful and ( ~ i's..{ <jtj-d son:;! daises eain less ami nnssess less than ill--' gioups which arc iirat'lically outlaws. ' PH-II- r—niiif- Imlnr; i^c,,'?-!t him another, since all available : Ml:r.!:shM bv 'the Soviet' system. Uv> ', llwco s °: f ftllt tc ffsp-ctable fac- '••-:• yexsic.ii :, meal wealth Is almost; "J'V"'".' 1 *- " my I1C il l ' jinconi avertible proof of specula-: uf fhoc*. bau us 1111 o-illuw he is Minn, private iradinj. or olhtr ac-: '" l 1 '; ll " 1 r" ta [l '""- Only by Ui-":t:: considered anti-social. •" uiKl:,):out bribes and imderlmiid — • . ,,,.,,. t: art ii" c-Tin lie obtain the liar n st . .jic stronsMl class of Ind.vduals ., f< . ;ssl|lrs o( , 1(c . ci-nsl'-'s of the Ccnununists. flico- i TOMOIMIWV: — Man. [t.ilj's Kiihcsl Mrs. Xfae Colcinan I!.u:h'U- BACKACHE, HEADACHE and Mrs. OHh' Hums spi-sic. '1'nes- j Mrs. LOds Saw- day nithl yers. Mr.s. John Hums and Mrs. Iteba of Mr.s. — "I wiis always tiri'd lli»ii):li 1 didn't do much, 1 c.-ialiln'i rcstvil a| ' ;uul \^o k c up i \s'illi :t ticad.iche. A Wi:s!:i:)r.'a:i c3iT.v;jond- j;"'« ; (lit will !'.:'-ve cliair-e of 1 '.-csidi'iilj '"'^ '• Il:.:vei's r:-l!iticni uiiii ll'.e iires".' P'uty. Ilu is 'IheodoiL- O. Joshn. H!:DVC. : ' cliiet of '!'- iniilinl Ininn of The. The incst Evening Tr,iuscr:pt. who! ,:t y'pmun. or ..u-.ically at least they arc come-;. "" n1 ' 1 ; lcs illc " S '' 1( ' M I" I'lm. If P.> B e v.cre nuests of Mr.s. O. S | * l > '': lk M * ltA c.-atcrt to a life of hard work and'™ sllo " l(i ««!» «'>fOJd they will Sleek'Tuesday evening. . j ?"" •'"« «'""<- •i:i.v,ny like Hit monks, i "° c ' Vf " more "Sfless. since rubles Mrs. Ainu Wllllums of nurdetli I "7., , , ' , y They must not earn more than ilv l ' m ' r " c reccjul/cd inonetary value visited Mrs. Claude Stevens Tue.,. "' 1I1 " S i "cafty inaxiimim." ivhleh Is 300 '- ;:ls -de of lliifsla. His only hope is day. i iiiblcs a month. That Ihnlt ap-; to ehanSfl the rubles into fo:eisti Me?dnmes S. C. Webb and F lo Stalin and tile low-' V r '' cllc - v suiucliow—a process Hint M. D.ivis were uuosls of Mrs. \V :>f tht> Communist I,,."., 8 _ i ! lu l 'W"?' 11 v '" il11 danger, w. Unvis Tuesday. 's.ihsi'd C'hss despised class consists illepil and fraught wiili dnn.-.->r : Iiraslni' Ivanov nt home in'te c,t Mrs 1 »i°,l!t. With thumping licari he is Sum been api:oin!ed as one of the the White House secretaries to su: traders, and they are the only oiies v:ho hi the. ,'.-ist years >:ad any opixjrtimity to, coed Georiro Akersmi. resigned. | .-nve inoi-.jy. Nov. 1 thai the Nep-' He is to assume office on April l.juun rn.pkily are being put out of, I - - • i biiEinr.s?. this liist cbss <jf rich will! E Mrs. 1'. T. Wilder and diug>!t?r. Aunes Wlllinm?. visited Mrs. Ksies Tliursday evening, oven anil Mr. mid Mrs. W. W U.iv's hid crevices of ns ll:elr i-uesls Saturday nighl Mr. woiilil lifinliU- m tlial I would li ivc lo lie clown. Hut after takiui' Dr. Pierre's l''avorito 1'resci ipl u 'Clnliltn Medical Discovery,' am 'l'lra-:int IVIlrts' I n ..... mv fi i-linr , .'.VI N. fine."—Miss Mary u. Clh Si. All i!r»KK:stj. News Npiv>rll'.c!ess there must b? thoii-.j j >aiuls cf p^rsonr who have man- Thc Gosnell basketball lenin play- j tc store up large amounts of: I etl f,one Oak Friday at Lone Oak I money. Perhaps they are former with the girls' team v.iimiii] in: 1 .. merchants win somehow succeeded i - - • • I hi rc:ir.-aliiiR and savin? a ttoct; of the boys' team iDsini; '.heir Ran Misses Thelma Rlriiard^sii and Olivia Ncidlnm spent W<;Jnrs:lay \vlth Miss Jewell Maxwell. Miss Margaret Snide spent Ihe week-end with her parents in Memphis. Miss Jev.-eli Maxwell of Lone Oal: was i!:e guest of Olivia HC'dham Thursday night. Among those who had a p?rfe~! altcndance lor the inonlli of February were: Ninth srade—Hrlla Hallmark and Thelmr-. RiclwrJ>3:i 8th grade—UolHe Blake. T.h jr.v!? —Wilbiirn Van Cclve. Marjaro; Prultt. Oih erside—Ivan Be'.'ill. Anita Brvaut. Enimii GxHln. C. n. pold. Perhaps th.ey are busisiess- ; men, \V!ID durini; the Ncp period l:etween 102! and 1027 hoarded![ rubles. More likely tliev are illegal' traders, speculators, who continue to build un I heir private piles until the C-PU linns squad gets them. In any event, they ar,? not per- ( .ons who deserve any envy. Their j money is .something to hide shameful and dangerous secret. AS|j '"' rmer merchants they arc most ilkelv disfranehited and therefore j nvariically outlaws. They arc .'?.uger of being arrested, their i I n:c:iey conllscated—or. more polite- I "taxed" into the State pockets II Announcing Four New Participants in Blytheville's Trade Extension Campaign They certainly nevtr boast of their Victor Reecc and King Wai- [ wealth, lace. 5th grade—Johnnie HmUin it. i The "richest man'" in Ihe Soviet, Paul Hcmphiil, J. C. E:ibank-s. | Unicn—wliccver and wherever he Claude McGhce. Jnmes Wchst^r.j mav be—is therefore an anonymous; Kinney and Virginh Ric'v , ardscn. 4th grade- John Smith. nd pitiable figure. We can im- j I git:.? him living with his hidden;! it were a horrible 11 Bessie Hemphill. Juanila M^dle-1 wcath as if ton. Elizafceth nay-nor, Conlella I crime- Smith and Beatrice Webster. 3rd; No Joy in Wealth Let us call him Ivanmv, which name here ns Smith and Mildred Richardson. 2nd! among Americans. Tvnnov doesn't grade—S. P. Cook. Jehu L?wL-. 'themas Rnynor. Dewitt Van Cleve. lona Ing. Stella Kirk, Corner I'lt- ron nnd Tessie Potier. Smith and Beatrice Webster. 3rd: No grade—Boonc Godwin. G. W. Pri'.- Let us cal it'.. Foch Raibcrry, Beatrice Gad- "5 popular Belote's Grocery Tull G. Johnson Hal! Sisters' Shoppe Lutes 'Jarc dress or live bet^r than His • Burns Arm on Lamp Kathleen Thomas small dau?h- j ier cf Mv. and >li.s. Sam Thames, biirntcl hor rifjht nrm and hnnd RP- veroly yesterday on a limp. Ti: ncid burn is tetter tcJay. UGAR .1UST )1IS LL'CKV DAV VANCOUVER. B. C.. (UP)—Ar- t'.iur P. Dawc thought he had all I M.- ii-fi; jrt tbe v.orhl when he won | SWO.SC'O in the Dublin hospital i sweepstakes last November. He took | "- t'lp atio^d. Lal n >- hi: was l:oti-i Hvi thpt l;e was "shoried." and i i^'iitirnal ^•:nnin?s to raise the' purse to $417,500 was sent to him. i Three pounds pure cane sugar will be given free with each 24-Ib. sack of Betty Jane Flour purchased at the undersigned merchants Friday and Saturday Vcirc Tlelp^ Tllni Ariz.. (UP'—A pow- eiful voice is a legislative aid. 5«:ri(*infi from oerforninncc Senator W. W. Midcloy, the only! Republican in the Aruonn *-"'?nii' v I v:Vo fr^q;ieiH]y forces a roll call ' vote ()cca\i£c his verbal "nay" j drowns nut the votes of t!:? Dt-ni- Betty Jane Flour IT P TO your cars in work— every nerve at high tension. No v:un»Icr you snap at the -.vifc »n:l bark at the children. Watch out! Overworked nerves may lead to Sleeplessness Nervous Headache, Merv- cu? Imiitfestion ami a host of oilier unpleasant disturbances. Why don't you try Pr. Miles' Effervescent Nervine Tablets? Just one in a half gtas.i of water makes n iilcasant, sparkling tirink doHghtfuily soothing to over-taxed nerves. Dr. Miles' Nervine is now maile in two forms—Liqtiitl an.l KfTcrvcseent Tablet. Both aro the same therapeutically. Larce Package $1.00 aud 3 pounds pure cane | The Robinson Milling Co. "r ^ Sstinn— Kinsas " Betty Jane Flour We Deliver Phone 159 Bargains for Saturday and Monday Three lOc cakes of and one full-size package PALMOIJVE Pirst Ibie ever offered ! Stock up Ncivf- Minaret, The Best Coffee Vaitie in 5 Years, 1 ib. Can Fresh K«;islctl 8 Lbs. $1.00 BREAD lil)wers " iK "TS 9 C FRIiSERVES A VS°!L45 C PICKLES 'saiSBsmsaassssssKf a aiur Hci-kclcy liltnd The Olif Standby llb.Can33c i SSffi«SSJBKEEHrnHfHH3i? _ No. 2 Can Tiny Tad Morris Snprumc l,b. .'ilk- finldcndiilc I llb.29c l.i^hl House nisc 1AC 3 f»r 1U " 3 cans Liil •X^g^^^tJjfn:. LARD I'urt Ho;; 8-M). -I'ltil Each 93c Best % Cresm &f raCH53TliB3E3H!nBSas New Texas Green and 6 pounds pure cane gar Free BANANAS Golden Yellow Fruit Lb, 5c PRUSSEL SPROUTS o t .39 c BELL PEPPERS ,.,m LETTUCE Large Crisp Hard Heads Sweet, luicy Large Size No. 1 Red Triumph Washed Clean SAUSAd, Country Style Smoked I,inl<s Lb. 25c Catiliflower Tnmalni-s Ct lor.' C;il;l)iiKc S|iin;R'h Avot-adiis Otrrols . Curuinlti.'1's l{u(al):tK;is Khuburb I'"rc:;h lieans Radishes Celery Arficliokcs Squash Heels H BAKED HAM Small Links Devonshire Style Lb, 21k a35KE35£Er7ISSSK3W5 JANE *= America's Finest Flour Absolutely GUARANTBED- Yo " r This Offer Good Friday and Saturday at the Following- Full Oressed ""'•t. Sides Best Gaade HALL and RUSK Chrrry it Railrrad rhone 077 /. A. McCUISTON 2!3 S. First St. Phone 334 C. J. CRANK South take St. DAVIS MARKET 439 W. Ash Phone COS AU-EN RUSHING 7lh A Main Plionc 31 ARTHUR RUSHING S'il W. W.ilr.nt riicnc r,7 C. A. HOVEY M9 N. Gth Phone 1C7. T. G. JOHNSON F_ Main Pliono 774 McFALL'S MARKET Z1J E. Main i'hone 75G H. C. ALLEY East Main MrMl'I.UN'S CASH GROCERY 32Z W. M-ifn Fhonc 603 I. M. BENTLKY S. 2ist Phone 14S SI.- McFAKLAND E. Main Vhonc <56 LIVER Pig. Very Tasly Lb.7'/ 2 c SAUSAGE 1>lire SPARE RIBS BEEF ROAST K 1'ork I-OIC Lb. \.L'i ,.,10 C r. Chuck I-} 1C !,!>. 1^2 BRAINS Fresh Pork None Hotter Fancy, Full Dressed ^ Nice and Clean

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