The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 9, 1955
Page 13
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FRIDAT, SEPTEMBER », 19M BLTTKITILLE (ARK.)' COURIER MEW8 PAGE THIRTEEN OUR lOAROINt HOUSI - with M«j»r •y J. R. William. OUT OUR WAY JOE, WILL "OU SHOW MR. MERRIW HERE, CFTH 1 HALIFAX FISH CO.HOWXXJCAW LET THAT STEAM HAMMER COWM ON A B<5<* WITHOUT BUSTIM' IT? I HAVE TH' ZCt& HC8E.' W WO*5T MAM ON TV ER MOVIES gR. RADIO CAM AT LEAST (5STAVAST AUPJEKICE, "^^SS^^^^f^^^ t 0W.KTD TM6 &EIDIROM.'— ^ I ^cT, J? $f LT UiM.'ThWSHT I' MWHT-HeuP H ^56 ^CRWJDER YOU DEVELOP N\x-u,.i^/ /vfe g ATOTW W?/JI WHY oottT ^\ (YAWM) TtXlSOHOMt I THAT'S ANDfieT A . I WHAT i <300P NI6HTS REST? • YOU — so UNOERSTAMDM6' YOU WON'T MNO Ht F1NISHIMS THE EVEMIN6 WITH TMESE TWO STAND *BYS — I PIDN'T HAVE THE HEART TO TLIRW THEM OOWM' EXCUSE Me, SUE/ ITS NpT TOE COMPANY— rrg JUST THAT/seur LIKE ME HAS SO MAMT ACTIVITIES CROWDING HIS WY—1M BUSHED/ Television — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel S, ft WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Chinnel I Friday NlRhl. Sepl. 9 6 90 \V:!d BUI Htckoit 6:30 Life o! Rlley 7 OQ Bit; Story 7:30 Stortps ol ihc Century fi:00 Cftvclcad,- of Sports 8.45 Ames Brother* 9:00 Dangerous Assignment g 30 NCWE Reporter fl 15 Lorelta Touog 10.15 Weather A: Newf Headlines 10:20 Tonlsm 11 (XI Mystery Theatra 11 :UO 'Sii:n Off Saturday. Sept. 10 7:30 News A: Meditation 7:-15 Storytlnie 3W Pint;- Lee Show 8 30 Children's Corner 9:00 Commando Cody 3:30 Western Thentre 10:30 Pride ol the Southland 11:00 Cartoon Carnival 11:30 Terry A-. The Pirate: 12.00 National Tennis Championships 3:00 cartoon Carnival 3 30 Western Theatre •1:30 Soldier Parade 3.00 Bob CuinmlngB 5:30 Film Feature 6-00 Klcfcolf 1955 6-30 Dunnlnger Show 7:00 Musical Chairs 7:30 Donald O'Connor 8.00 And Here's The Show 8:30 Hit Parade 5:00 City Detective 8:30 Hollywood Half Hovir 10:00 Father Knows Best 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Mystery- Theatre 11:30 Drama Theatre 12.00 Sign OH VTHBU Channel 13 Friday Mtht, Sept, » 6:00 Pantornlne Quiz 6:30 Topper 7:00 Ellery Queen 7:30 Ray Milland 8:00 Undercurrent 8'30 Mayor of the Towu 9:00 Die Town S.30 Do You Know Why 9:35 Star Tonight 10 OS Weather 10:10 News 10:15 Late Show Saturday. Sept. 10 5 AS Tops 9:00 WlnKy Dink A: You 9:30 Wild Bill Hlckofc 10:00 Big Top :i:00 Andy's Gang 11:30 Barker BUI 11:-5S Buster Crabbe 12:15 Dizzy Dean 12:25 Easebn!! iGiants- RedlegS) 3:00 Shop Talk with Don 3:15 Saturday Show 4-00 Buffalo Bill, Jr. 4:30 Annie Oa>:ley 5:00 F. Burns Western Theater 5:25 Do You Know Why 5:30 Beat the Clock 6:00 America's Greatest Bands 7:00 Two for the Money 7:30 Million Dollar Movie 8:30 Miss America Pageant 10.00 Late Show WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different itemi in stock! H U B6ARD HARDWARE Johnson Grass Killer ire Sodium Chlorite TOO fb Drum Webb Culvert Tiled). Highway 61 >t Stale Line Phone OSbnrne 3-84K HAIRY VETCH PMA SPECIFICATIONS Place Your Order Now BIytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 3-6856 RENT . MOVIE CAMERAS . FLASH CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 THK STOKY, Kobrrt piinM-ncrr* nhonrrt n yacht pr«- Ni,»tnhl? hound for the Cnrlh- brnn to »prk trrnwnrr. H*tin*'» pnrlner. Ilrrtrnnd l.ynrh. » BrJ<- lah detcrtlvf. 1» trying In frln-hirn Vlppo Into rtvrnllnR mnrf about thr voyarp. l.ynrh »[>)» hr- U "plnnnJnK oomrllilnff for tomlKht.- • VIII I HOi^ED my tone and cxpres- lion were discouraging. I know 'hey were discouraged. "You may have observed," Lynch went on, "that forward ol the lounge, opening out of the wme stairwell, is a smaller room which Sand uses as an office, ["he door is never locked." • "That surprises me." "It does not surprise me. Viggo Sand's operations are of so gran- iiose and secret a character, so frequently, I suspect, illegal, that 1 would expect him to be allergic !o documents of any sort. He is rcrtainly not the kind of mnn to Irust important papers to the Iceble securit. of a locked door. In that room, however, is a safe, lairly cleverly concealed. But I save located it." Lynch beamed. 'I suggest, Bobby, that you and 1 devote the remainder of our evening to trying to break into It." I had heard him out. Now it was my turn. "Bertram, there are occasions R'lien I think you're completely ofi" your rocker. This is one of thorn. This is a yacht. It is full &f people, of congenitally alert >nd hostile people. U Sand caught you trying to bust into his safe I wouldn't put it past hir.i to have you killed. Accidentally dropped overboard or something." Lynch stopped me with *R ^ patient gesture. "I must remind you. Rc.wrt. ol somclhln:: which FOU mm to hav« torgotUO. T mission of Sand's, whatever it may be. is of sufficient importance to have come to the attention of my government. Washington has been informed and is equally concerned. I am under orders to take risks." "Why," I inquired feebly, "do you need me?" Lynch smiled. "Every safecracker, Bobby, needs a lookout." He produced from his hip pocket * v e 11-worn looking leather pad, flat on one side and rounded on the other, tightly filled with small buckshot, and attached to a leather loop about six inches long. "Your luggage," I remarked bitterly, "must have been of unusual interest to the U.S. Customs." "In London," Lynch explained matter-of-faclly. "this is called „ 'sap.' A most effective, and generally a harmless, weapon. You know how to use it?" "My education has been neglected." 'Link the loop over your right wrist. Hold the pad lightly between your thumb and forefinger. If Heitzig —or anyone c ]se_er, intrudes, swing your right arm smartly up, then down, with wrist motion, letting go of the pad just a few inches before you make contact. Don't be timid about It On the other hand, don't overdo it" LYNCH went ahead. With a thief's caution and technique, he grasped the polished brass doorknob of Sand's study with both hands, bore down on It and slowly turned. The door opened with only the faintest squeak. We entered »nd Lynch gently closed tt Mtta, letvint m In total darkness. Silently, he tcok me by thr wall in such a position that, Jl anyone should open the door, I would be behind iL Obediently, I held the blackjack ready for instant use. Lynch propped his flash-lamp on the desk so that its beam picked out the plaque and some of the wall around it. Next, moving very quickly, he produced from his .trouser pocket a cold chisel and a small but businesslike hammer with a steel handle about four inches long. He put the bit of the chisel against, the edge of the mahogany board where it joined the wall and gave it one light tap. The board swung open on hinges, set invisibly at its right-hand edge. Behind it was a small recessed wall safe of conventional appearance. So intent was I on what Lynch was doing, and on my concern at the racket he was making, I came very close to failing in my own duty. The door beside me was half open before I became aware of it In the next second, tall man had come into the room. My reflexes functioned, if my mind did not Automatically I raised the sap ,and brought it down hard. There was a soft thud as the sandbag came in contact with a skull; somehow surprisingly, the man fell forward. Lynch was beside me in a second. Dropping to one knee he turned my victim over. It was the watchman, Heitzig. Lynch dusted his knees. "Excellent, Bobbie. Excellent," he whispered. "You have a natural gift We've done all I intended. Go at once to your cabin. Get these clothes off, put them safely away and go to bed. I have no doubt we shall be called in due course." • • • AN interminable lime dragged by. I was afraid to make my cabin or myself conspicuous even by turning on. a light to read. I base the brilliant deduction that «t some point I must have slept on the (act that I was waked up. 3y the -' "I forgot to tell you—I invited th« Benson* »v»r for dinner!" "Be sure to speak to. George about my insurance firm, Emily—so many women outlive their husbands nowadays!" I'M ®J>0 VDU'BTE BREMAJS U? VDUR PARTNEKSHP WITH Bil.HEOOSSNTUKEMS... BUT-iQUOO.OON'TVOU, I-IONSENSE.' BESIDES ,WWBESO,BUTTHE DOCTOR SWS YOU MUST TAKE IT EASY. IFTOAWOULDTAXE OVET? THE S'JSISESS, WE COULD GET ALOMS) WOW I ON VOW SHAOt OF/ '*OUT * THE- ,—«*k KISS? ICAWTTIU. TOATHW NOW.fT OFF.TOM.I'lL CHECK WW WHEW I GET TOMABON BU-,MUSr \HEAETTCOUBLE VOUSO'OUT) THAN HIS OF TOWW? EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR BUT, HAZELi WE LIKE TO LOOK PROSPEROUS WWEK1 S-O 'OUT. eo our? WITM TO PAV FOR, WHEN OUT Hubbard Hardware Pltttc 2-2115 FIRST YOU WANTED A SPORTS CAR! MOW YOU WANT WIRE WHEELS! SEBWNJSl-V OBPiMAav FOTTBP PLASJT IM THE wwcow OF A KICKETV TENJEA\ENT IT Vvi»S ETTH6R TAKE FCN65 KNIFE OS Tftkfc IT HOWE IM MY CHEST.' BUT I SOT TIME TO SWEAC OUT ft, CajNTER-COMPLAINT. IT IS B6ST AN ARSONIST MOVES STEALTHILY TOWABP A TARSET. THIS Wfty MlSSiAH PLNT. NOW PONS FEEL HE EVEM SVITHVOU. •- PRESCRIPTIONS Filled by Registered Pharmacists at all times Phone 2-2024 VISIBLY 5HAKEW BX HIS EXPERIENCES, HE ^ CHARGED TWO GIRL BANDITS WITH THIS OUTWSE ..AND WARMED THAT WHILE THEY REMAN AT LARGE WO ONE IN THE VICINITY IS SAFE'. ..DECLINES AW OfftK Of POLICE PKOTECTIOW, HE SAID WITH EMOTION, "TH& ONLY REAL PR01ECTIOM IS DISTANCE! IF YOU'LL SHOW ME THE FREISNT YARDS I'LL GRAB THE FIRST OWE OUT IN ANY DIRECTION— PREJUDICED OlD THINS! *U NEVER JLJD6& US FAIRLV MOW UNLESS WE CAN SET BETTER, ACQUAINTED! ...A HALF-DRESSER PENWIL6SS 'WETBACK.; I BOUGHT SOME \ HEID BY AUTHORITIES IN PARK SLASS6S TO JUAREZ, HAS JUST SEEN DISSUISS /^~^l IDENTIFIED AS CAPTAW US, 6ABS/ SKHH.A EASV, KPORTEO W5SIWS A NEWS- ) FROU WHITE SANDS CAST! A EARLIER TODAY... Accuracy and Dependability Are Always Yours. Prompt Delivery Service ...NOW COP .HE'S GOT SOME-. K,,iy? WAS A NICE I THING ALL RIGHT... ' HU|1 ' CHAP, SURE..V HE'S GOT KtIR BUT THIS WABB£\ BRUNNEHILDE, HE'5 REALLY GOT { THAT'S SOMETHING; AW, BOSH. OSCAR,.; WE'RE SCIENTISTS. MAN.. \VEVE NO TIME FOR MALJDUN SENTIMENTALITY,. REXALL DRUG STORE WHAT'S THAT? 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