The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1941
Page 8
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f AGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1941 Manila Tonight Revenge Motif The Sports Spotlight Uy LAV MONO CKUMV o! tn« Courier News Siiii'J --Lions Strong Seeking revenge for a 41-28 beating, absorbed in the season's opener at. the hands of Manila's Lions, Coach Joe Dildy's Biytheville Chicks will pay a visit to Manila tonight, for their ' encounter. A junior high clash between the two schools will premie (he ' main event a« .'7:30 o'clock. Reports from Manila' say. that fans from Leachville. Elackweter and ciher schools of.*,-- - -•.-•• the Manila district will be on hand; ^ , to watch .the fun, hoping for a] / m? olul lerSi foiivth defeat for Blytheville in the; —_ young 1941 .season. j lily. Srs. POH Manila's record is more out- j Lloyd «:j F \Aaron Byrd III Suspension, Too? Spotlight Notes inlk is more .standing than that of Blytheville, Dcuier and the -.more experienced Lions Coppficiii* have played more games this sea- Mo.sley .son, Avinning seven of nine con-, Be.shar.s6 tests and losing only to Leachville, j 24-22. in two overtimes, and toiuiv. .Irs. Marmaduke. 35-26. last Friday stone night when Capt. Arthur Love j stacy was suffering from a broken nose Flannigan Houchin ' Thompson Manila Sr- Fowler Ashabrannpr Bra nun i' Aaron Byrd's strange loss of over 10 pounds just before his iiuht against Lew Wallace hen:- Jan. 10 •apparently was caused by influenza . . . Last night thr- local Ije.xing star, who transformed ul- , most overnight from n middleweight Into a welier, attended the wrestling match . . . It- was the first time he's been out of his home since the fight, and he's had only two munis In 10 days . . . McNeill, Kovacs To Net Finals j ORLANDO, Pla., Jan. 21. iUP)~ i Pnmk Kovacs of Oakland, Calif., • will attempt to win his second j straight tennis title today when he meets National Champion Don Mc- Ntill oi Oklahoma City for the Florida .slate championship. Kovacs, winner oi' the 1 Dixie tournament at Tampa, moved into the final yesterday with a U*4, ti_4 r f_5 victory over Jutik. Kmnu'-r of Oakland, Calif. McNeill defeated El wood Cooke CONTENDER By Art KrcnK of Portland, Ore., defending champion, 10-8, G-3, 6-3. Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Cooke _ oi Brookline. Mass.. won the woman's singles title by beating Doris Han and played only a portion of his regular 'time. : Locals Won One •The Lions have defeated Del! and Blackwater twice, Burdette. Lake City and Blytheville. Blytheville' holds a victory over Osceola. 32-29. in the lone game played previous y'off the home court, and ;; • dropped three straight here. to Manila, Jonesboro and Shawnee of .Joiner. With most of the Dildymen rounding iiito shape after playing a three-same schedule last week, and .with Bo Coppedge especially shewing better condition, the hopes of local fans Tor revenue over Manila are brigfht. .Ccppedge has paced <the locals in scoring to date and should always be goor! for from 10 to'20, points a game when he's able to itand the grind of playing almost •vcr> . minultv as-he has been .-creed to do. "Coppedgc has 2 points for four contests, the same made by Sonny Lloyd, followed by Hugh Dozier's 22 and Mcnk Mosley's 21. Dozier scored V4 of his total x in the opener against Manila but has been having tough luck with easy shots and; just' couldn't hit the basket in the other three games. Juniors After 3rd Straight '••'•'•.' Coach John - Ed James' junioi high squad holds two victories , ii : icur shirts, having lost to Ma : niia end Jonesboro and won ove ,. Osceola and Shawnee in succes sicn:; The youngsters are improv ing. and held Shawnee to..a sin gle field;-goal in the final perio ••: to:win 18-17 last week when Harr Kaines,'-who didn't play until mid way in the final period, was sen in' and scored two field goals t spark a "winning rally. . A Manila junior high forwar nained Beaton scored 18 poim \: against the juniors .in .the fir& meeting',''and if the Papooses ca i.old -him/ this time, they migl iC) Manila .Irs. Deaton Fowler Lemons Swink Hutton Feller To Sign Fat '41 Contract AARON AND DON BURTON j^jpbm to begin workouts soon for ! the Jan. 31 show planned here, if Byrd Ls able to start light work. . Incidentally, we've heard an alarming report that a Little Rock tight manager has asked the Arkansas Boxing Commission to suspend Byrd. . . . Alleging that he owns half of Aaron's contract and that Byrd "jumped the contract." Neither Joe Craig nor the boxer know anything about it. but our information is that the Little Rock man was asked to show the contract and couldn't produce . . . We're checking with Little Rock and withholding names and other information until the Commission. we hear from CLEVELAND, Jan. 21. (UP)— Bob Feller, the American i League strike-out king, was - expected to sign his 1941 contract with the Cleveland Indians today which will make him the highest paid pitcher in baseball history. The 22-year-old veteran was reported ready to sign a contract calling for $30.000 for his services next season. While the Cleveland club docs not divulge contract terms, it is eported reliably that Feller re- ' eived about $26,000 last season. A healthy hike in salary was idicated since the Cleveland ace •on 27 games last year to lead the/ eague and was best In efficiency i an earned run average of .62. He also led both leagues in hike-outs with 2G1. his highest nark. Fetter i\e\v here from his home in.Van Meter, la.. Uist night and gain their third lory.- : - : '' '-.'," consecutive vie JIMMY LUNSFOKD THINKS Pat ComLskey isn't so hot . . . Well, lie wasn't so hot against Lou Nova, who isn't so liot at •Any time, so Jimmy might have something- there . . . (Is it too hot for you in here?) . . . WE'RE NOT SEEKING AN argument with Sports Editor Billy Shelton of the Jonesboro Tribune, so we'll pass on the following item from hLs column ,without unuch) :omment: "Our No. I scout reports with a Frisch Depends Ort 1940 Failure To Make Pirates Formidable liL I'AUL SCIIEFFCLS United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK, Jan. 20 <UP> Sparks from the hot stove league: Pittsburgh Pirates' Manager Frankie Frisch had a speech-stopping attack of laryngitis last spring but now says there's only one thing—except tor ix recurrence of the malady—that could strike him dumb again . . . that is if his two ••cellophane-arm'' pitchers — Russ Buuers and Johnny Gee—pitch like [they did last year '. . . Bauers i has been a complete failure for the 'last two seasons while Gee washed cut and didn't' pitch a ball after the season started last year. Unless ail signs fail, President Bob Qxiinns will be at the steering ANT&H DEPEND LIGHT ONLY CONN FDR /S '-8£M& MADE /A/ CHWSTO'S R£C£NT HAME F4AJS HIS Off Mat Honors When a professional wrestler gets hurt, it's tough, b f "|'| cause he loses his source of bread and butter (and steak | and gravy and potatoes, too) that even the meekest manv ; must have more or less regularly. Carlos Rociriquez, the 212-pound Mexican whose versatility in a wrestling ring knows no bounds but the four roped-off corner posts, suffered a badly sprained left arm • in defeating Billy Canny, 220-pound* — ——-— J- Kansas heavyweight champ, in the McLemore Gives Golf Notebook J The Onceover — Here Is Result main event of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly mai bill at the Legion Hut Monday night. In-doing the three-fall stint that wound up with both matsters so tired and bruised both were Jailing all over the ring-side at the finish o! a live-minute toe-to-ioe slugfest, Rod lost blood for the second week in a row at the hands—and fists and elbows—of Canny, as well as suffering the arm ailment thai will keep him out of action for a few days. Canny Hits Too Hard Canny also had a minor .sprain of his right hand after belting Rod many times with the full power of it, and the packed houseful of cheering fans almost felt sympathy for the big viilian.s. Rod took the opening fail with many right-hand blows and several kicks to Canny'i ba-.-k that damaged him considerably, men Canny rushed out to take the second setto via the same, method—plus a back-roll—in two minutes of furious action. The finale lasted seven minutes, the last five of which were terrific. Almost over-shadowing the work of the headliner couple was the A ojtwork of sfnooih Yaqui Joe, full-blood Yaqui Indian from Sonora. Mexico, who defeated ruffian Count Karl Von Zuppi, German contortionist, iiv successive falls after 12 and 10 minutes, respectively The big Indian, who performs feats with his small, quick legs that seem hardly plausible, won the opener with a Jap toehold and rallied for the second fall to win the match with a quickly- applied body scissors and back roll after Karl had virtually blasted the Mexico legman into submission with several thumping Hicks To Finals PUNTA GORDA, 'Pia., Jan. 21,j -(UP)—Seventeen-year-old Louist ^,| Suggs of Atlanta plays 30-year-old •; Elizabeth Hicks of Long Beach,jj Calif., in the final of the chain-1 ! '| pionship of champions golf tourna-: ment today. Miss Suggs defeated the veteran|i| Jane Cothran of Greenville, S. C.,|: one-up in their semi-final match|f| yesterday but only after a struggle.-/'; Miss Colhran turned the first nirk-' two up, but lost the next two holes.pj She steadied and was one up goingp into the nth but Miss Suggs shot^ij men's par fours on the last two^J holes and took the match, one-xip. : - ; | Miss Hicks trounced Mary Jane : ; Cannon of Sarasota, Fla., 7 and':. 6. She equaled her one over men's; par 73 in the qualifying round to* defeat Miss Carmon. The match ended on the 13th hale but Miss Hicks finished the round. Veteran Baseball Manager Succumbs To Heart Attack nourish that there were only two w heel again when the Boston Bees cars outside the Blytheville gym • i ea ve for their new training Quart- \ the night Jonesboro played there last week. Which is support de ;.uxe, what?" * ers at San Antonio. Tex - Feb - 20 By HENRY McLEMORE United Press Staff Correspondent LOS ANGELES. Jan. 21.—Notes on golf and golfers by a golfer who' couldn't break 90 with an club and a broad-minded A dozen or more of the bctte'r pros say that the longest illegal one-putted to lick Harry Cooper in body slams. The group reportedly ready to | hLUej . jn the g ftme is not famed appeared fit and season to begin. ready for He would not buy the club has not been heard from for almost a month ' now PICKING UP LOOSE ENDS: while Quinn himself quashed re- jimmy Thomson, but an unknown White Sulphur Springs whacker by the name of Frank Stiedle . the finals of the match play open . go down as one of golf's great feats, because the greens were pools of water and P.evolta used a niblick or a No. 2 iron to putt on most o!' the lake-like carpets. San Francisco j Trie winner of the Rodriquez- This must i Canny quarrel was announced bs- forehand by Meroney as the next (Continued from above paragraph) cent rumors that Manager Casey Tnomson ;. ays they may be right, _whfit did the Jonesboro teams Stengel and Outfielder Johnny ( , , , . ..,; mn p to bet 51,000 —What did the Jonesbovo teams Stengel •\:A chief scouts come over in. pal. , Coouey had purchased substantial a rocket ship? . . . we. .didn't see j stock in the Bees ..." Flash Gordon around anywhere! i ; e * . Seriously, more people should The St. Louis Cardinals have venture tin opinion on the pennant j aittend the basketball games - ! one 22-game winner and three 19- race. * "I picked the Detroit Tigers to finish fourth last year and I've been reminded ot that," he smiled. Feller was told that the club's pitching and catching staff would leave here for spring training at Fort v Myers, Fla., on Feb. 15, lour days earlier than originally planned. j the local lads aren't bad at all and [game victors on the squad of _20 vhat's a thrilling basketball game i rookie pitchers that go to spring vithout a houseful of thrilled pco-, training camp at St. Petersburg, Popcorn which has become tough may be restored to crispness by putting it into a moderately hot oven for a few minutes' just before it is to be used. Phillies Still The Cellar Glub Of National League By GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Stalf Corrcswoiulcut NEW YORK. Jan. 21.—When the Phillies - finish out of the cellar, that's news. The Phillies . aren't likely to make'any news in 1941. 1 but that he is willing to bet $1,000 Pete Watts and 'they are wrong, and that he will swing against Stiedle 'anytime, anywhere. . . . <•- * * Clayton Heafner, the Nortii Carolina sensation, has played in Sing Crosby gives his caddy new suit of clothes whenever he breaks 70 and playing at Lakeside ,'esterday 'with Demaret. Nelson, SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 21. (UP) — jack Lelivelt, manager of the Seattle club of the Pacific Coast; League, for more than 30 years a. major and minor league baseball, player, died suddenly of a heartl attack late last night. Lelivelt, 51. was stricken after,] attending a basketball game ah the Washington Athletic club andp died a few minutes later in a hos-^J pital. H we became a member of thepjjl Philadelphia Athletics when he 19, and played in the outfield foi|-l [he Washington Senators, New|jl York Yankees and Cleveland In-| riians before going to Kansas Clty,|K| Louisville and Minneapolis. foe of the Alabama speedster, Jimmy Lott, so it will be Lett's flying" tackles and variety of holds against the all-around rough tac- The first state to ban truck>t from highways over weekends*and holidays was Wisconsin. f tics of Roclriquez next Monday.' a! The opener will pit Yaqui Jos against George Bennett, who will try to solve the tricky leg-work of the Yaqui. )le to see il? Fla., next month Howie Krist of Houston heads the list with 22 COACH CLARENCE GEIS OP': won jvhile^Matty Surkont^ HerscKel Jonesboro denies a report school or any other that Lyons aild Hank Gornicki each Sur- and the he'll move to a Little Rock high | clicked off 19 decisions . . . . _ . TTI-._ Mfntit UMIS With TjPCSlLllr ! Pi-om ! >Kon t was with Decatur the capital came the rumor that , other two with Rochester he was about to go to a bigger ** job at a blgner school . . .He ,/-,- . Manager Joe Cronm and . . . confirmed the report that he was ' Boston Red Sox. who go co the vr srin • *iil i a offered another posi but the fellow , wailing wall every spring • whose teams have been pouring it Chronic shortage ot pitching talon Blytheville recently turned it down. . . . erit. may receive an added blow from the military draft . . - .Joe Walsh of Brookline. Miss., a fav- three tournaments since he was married last January, but Mrs. Heafner has yet to see him swing a club . . - "Women are un- ucky on a golf course," Clayton ays' a:s he shoos the missus into he clubhouse when he goes to he first toe. . . . *: *• * There is no such thing as an amateur threat in Open golf tour- laments anymore . . - My author- ty is Pi-eddie Corcoran, P. G. A.. tournament manager, who knows there is to know about the game. . . in center - and Dan Litwhiler, who came up last season from Wilkes- Barre, in right. Litwhiler played in 36 games for the Phils and hit .345. He is fast and has power and looks like the brightest rav in the Phils' "Pour, times in the past five yews the Phils have finished last. Whatever chance they had of coming up for dayll'ght this season went Zh'mmerius when Kirby Higbe, the strong-armed young pitcher, was sold to Brooklyn for $100,000 and -.hree players. ^The best they can hope ror now is to improve somewhat on last year's miserable record—50 won. 103. lost, pet. .327, 50 games from the top and 15'- games behind the seventh-place Bees. The Phils need a reconditioning job all over but what they need most is a first baseman, a second tiase combination, a power hitter in the outfield. improved catching and a couple of pitchers like the one they sold to the Dodgers. Hopeless Task Doc. Prothro. who never finished- last until he arrived in Philadelphia, does the best he can with what he has to work with but his Uisk for the coming year appears to be a hopeless one after glimpsing the Phillies' roster. Nineteen rookies are listed but only seven are from Class AA clubs.- Two are from Class B, six from Class C, two from Class D and two others are ;emi-pros. The Phils' infield makeup is anybody's guess. Nick Etten. once up with' the A's. seems ticketed for first; He hit .321 lor Baltimore last season. Harry Mamie, who came up late last season from Ottawa (Class C> .where he hit .324, is likely to play second. Bob Bragan. last year's shortstop,. George Jumonville, Marnie's teammate at Ottawa, and Larry File, a semi-pro from Virginia, will battle for the shortfield 1^111, Merrill May, who led the Phils in hitting last, season with 3to,l is a sure thing at third. Tbe outfield lineup is likely to be Johnny Rixzo in left, Joe Marty dull outlook. Other outfielders are the veteran Chuck Klein. Stan Benjamin, who hit .305 for Baltimore, and Walter Stewart, who hit .371 for Martinsville. Va. (Class Di. The pitching staff will be built around Hugh Mulcahy, who led the league in defeats last season with 22. He is a major leaguer and could win in better surroundings. The other first line Philly pitchers from last year are Ike Penrson. Walter Beck. Cy Blanion. Si Johnson. Syl Johnson and Charley Frye ' arable picthing prospect who hurl' MANILA MAY HAVE MORE ed for Danville in 1940. Is No. 165 trouble with Jot- Dildy's Quintet and in class I on his home town tonight than in their first meeting draft list. . . this month". . . Capt. Albert Love, star guard of the Lions, suffered a broken nose in a scrimmage last Thursday when he collided with Forward Robert Edwards ... he played only n short time against Marmaduke Friday night and the Lions dropped their second ganT in nine starts. 35 to 26. ... Cootcr Girls Second In Basketball Tourney COOTER. Mo.. Jan. 21. — The girls' basketball team of Cooter won second place in the S Missouri Invitational at Holcomb lasi weekend, losing in the finals 36 to 24 to Riscc after eliminating Havti and War- Osceola Enters Cage Tourney At Parkin PARKIN. Ark.. Jan. 21..— A Northeast Arkansas Men's tndei pendent basketball tournament will b? held here Thursday through- oaturday. Pairings for the first round: the writer. Bing aid just that ... His caddy yelled, "Make it a gray one with a chalk stripe," as Bing canned a tricky putt for a par on the home green.'j ... I have promised my caddy . that the first time I break 90 he'll \ yet an elephant, ^nd a round trip Ho-Hum—Louis to Meet Arturo Godoy On April 15 stone. . . . Ed (Porky) Oliver today completed the longest drive in srolf—6,OCft miles . . - He drove from Oakland, Calif., to "Wilmington, Del., only to find that he had been excused from the draft. . . . Is'ow he is back here to pet back in the winter tour. . . . * * * the Since January 1, 1940. P. G. A. Tlie're was a time when sponsored golf matches have con- Otrmets the Travers. the. tributed $50,000 to the Red Cross QVer God in their first meeting Elms, and the . . . This sum is in tor a big LOS ANGELES. Jan. 21. (UP) — , Titleholder Jos Louis and Artxiro i Godoy of Chile meet in a heavy- I weight championship bout for the third time April 15 in Los Angeles, the State Athletic Commission revealed last night. Promoter Tom Gallery, local representative of Mike Jacobs of New York, who has the two men under contract, is staging the n?-.ttch. He has promised at -least one 1C round semi-final, ii condition specified by the fight commission before it would grant its approval to the match. Louis won a 15-round decision jon»ses the Von Elms, ana me . . . mis MUU .» ••» «» ~ -=> while iu their se cond. he knocked Goodmans could look the pros in boost in March when Jones, Hagen. h chilean ln the eighl h. ;»,«*v* fltiri not ask for strokes. I Sarazen and Crosby fly 1° Nassau „ _ The I to play a benefit with the Duke , ~ I have been asked for this Delta Implements, Inc. :U2 So. 2nd Phone the eye and not ask But no more Chanmans the Wartis. the Welirles of Windsor ... 5S he other outstanding ama* to fly over for this match and s haven't a prayer against the think I'll go if. only-to acmse the texirs play for dough boys. Cherry Valley vs: Tyronza: Par- j Want a tip on how much faster the golfing field • is these days than it was 10 or 12 years ago? Okay ... In 1929 Johnny Goodman beat-Bob Jone.s in the , first 1 round of the amateur and created Duke what lie is getting into, ana to be sure to demand a stroke a hole and a mulligan off the first tee ... kin vs. Tun-ell; Osceola vs. Wynne > iwho didn't win a game). Vito j dell earlier. Tamulis, the softball southpaw, and Bill Crouch, Montr?;\l right-hand- er, obtained from the Dodgers in the Higbe deal, may bo^h be regulars. Essex school defeated Hnlcomb for the championship in the boys' division of the tournament to which the best 16 girls and boys teams were invited. nntional sports sensation , ^ week ago one Leland Gibson and Trumann vs. Hickory Ridge. ' knockecl O fj- Lawson Little, Na- Semi-finals will be pbycd Friday j Q cha mpion, in the first nisht, followed Saturday night ;by d afc San Fr . mc i sco nn d no onf the finals contest. A preliminary | ^^ fiven surpr i sec i .... You can Saturday night will be played be- | '^^ almost any bush these days and scare out half a dozen fellows capable of breaking 70. . . - Happy Workers Efficient Efficiency experts say that happy staffs • do " more and better work than those working under bullying or nagging supervisors. Nearly half of the working time of unhappy staffs is wasted, they claim. .exitis. ivvo of the b&s; independent girls' team* in northeast Arkansas. Courier News want ads. Speaking of 11 greens, that was the number Johnny Revolta just FOR SALE • You aren't using your tractor BO much right now, and you could spare it for a faw days. We are not so busy either — «o we will give yon a complete, fir«t-cla»* paint job, including thorough cleaning and relettering, for HALF PRICE. Chances are your tractor needs aome other repairing anyway to put it in shape for spring work and RIGHT NOW is the best time for both of u». Our shop is fully equipped; our mechanics are expert workmen. We can do the work to suit you—and NOW you get the lowest rates. Phone us and we will arrange to call for and deliver your tractor if you wish. OFFER GOOD DURING WINTER ONLY DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 So. 2nd Phone For Sale: SO acres all in cultivation, R ood set of improvements with immediate possession. I nee S70 per acre. U'O acres. aU in cultivation, 2 sets of £oOd invirnveroents. price $75 per acre. 80 acres, 25 acres in cultivation, balance lii'-hl clearing i>ood cypress land. One 4-room house, one barn. I'rice $40 per acre. One fourth cash down on all of the above places, balance terms to suit. These places will be for rent after February 1st. I W. BADER Lilboum, Missouri An honored name for over;10O years, Gibson s is a smooth, gentle whiskey that goes down easily. Next time say, "Give me Gibson's". BUDGET name was Old when he was young PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th A Walnut Pfaone 810 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY GREAT FROM THE 1ST SIP" $1.20 PL Gibsons Straight Bourbon WJjiskey-90 proof. Thh whiskey is 4 yean old. The Gibson Distilling Co., New York t N.Y.

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