The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 4
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' "• •: - r i' fcbtfc BLTTOEVILLE. (ARK.) OOURffiR KEWi -FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1931} "TjJHB BLVtBEVILLE COURIER NEWS • IBM COCRIBl SEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R, BABCOCK, Ultor •'••'••j g. W. SADT2B, Aflmtiilnt 8c4« NttlODtl AOvenlsmg RepresenuUvw: Arkansu DkiUto, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louli, Dalli>, Kansu City, UtU« PuWlihed Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as »econa class matter «V Jw poet.- olllcf at Blythevllle, Ar- ;»nsas, under act of Congrea Oc'.K. tober 9, 1917. Served by the Onuefl Press. ..,,.. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in tfts City ol BiythevlUe, 16o per week or KM per year In idyuic*. By mall within a radius of 60 miles, 13.00 pel '""year, 11.60 tor t\t inonth», 85c for three month*! by mail in postal tones two to six, inclusive, —.-,-48.50 per yeari In rones scYen and eight, 110.00 •""•- per year, payable In advance. p" 1 * i 1 Insull Indicts Others —*-_• -' Samuel Insull, uccordiiiK to dispatches ^•-'from Greece, cannot iiiiderslimil why *^»—riis popularity in America lias v;in••">• ishcd. •£ "Why is it that everyone in America y. seems to be against m:'.'!" lie naked a J^LUnited Press correspondent the other I ~dny. "What have 1 done that every ' • banker and business magnate in ••" "America lias not done in the course ot ",„,; business?" '"•. •,• ' Offhand, one wnild be .inclined to answer that with the words, "Quite a ' '.'•'"' lot." At any rate, that is the way •- •- one would like to answer. For, if the t",'v'practices by which the .Insull..pyramid "'':" 'was built up and then uiu'ermiiicd arc, 'as Insull says, common to'"every Lmnk- "•" "er ahd business magnate in America," ^hcrc are'more things vrong with us hari ~wo have let ourscl PS suppose. • • \" t A FiVe Bunch of Boys! \ ! You gel a.gowi insight'into one of .jjie'hiost-cliscussed unglcs of "bij; time" 'intercollegiate football in the reports - of the recent party ;it Moiitclair, N. j., where Yale football players and alumni gathered for a frcr.-for-all dis- - ' cussion of Yille's current atliletic for- tuneg. A thember of this year's somewhat unfortunate football team explained that the fun of playing '.v:is more jni- p l brTnnl'{h''t?ii ll 'i i olli'nViip a string of victories; and ah ardent old grad then expressed himself as follows: "They're a tine bunch of boys, all right, but if they don't win football games that breaks down one of the strongest tics between us and present- day Yale." Right there yon have MIP. traditional alumni attitude in its bald'.'st form. It is this desire on the part of the graduate, to revive his sentimtnlul loyalty by a regular chain of victories, that is largely responsible for the evils of "overemphasis" in college football. A Lesson injustice - An Englishman recently wrote a 1.letter to the London Times to coni- "mciid the London police and courts . for their promptness in disposing of a case of burglary. His letter—revealing, as it does, a kind of lav enforcement DUT OUR WAY which is rcgrctliiljly s'.'.'Mtige on tliis side of tlic w;iter—is worth- iiuoting here: "The goods wore slot::n on Siiturday inorninjf," ho writes. "The burglar was caut'tit «'!ii lla- ifowls recovered on Satin-day afternoon. 0:i Monday the burglar was commuted by u magistrate to stand his ill tlie Old Bailey. On Tuesday lit was duly tiled, convicted, and suntunwii." Probably speed of this kind is somewhat axceulional, even in Kng- hind, whore quick justice is proverbial. Nevertheless, the object lesson is too plain to be missed. With police and courts thai work so fast, is il any womtcr thai England has less trouble with 'crime waves" than we have? Morgan,Favors Building of loin- bigbee Canal .. , Ailhur E. MortLin, dlrccto'.- et the Tennessee Valley Authority, Li convince! Hint the con- strucllon of a canal, lo divert 'lir.surplus of Hie Tennessee river Into ih'b, T an Important • phusit oflhu'-'Tcmiessc'e Valley development. Mr. Morjjan k an engineer of the flrsl'ninX. ' More than this, lie is' an authority on Mood . control, and It Is liLs cunvlcllu.'i lhal the Ten- ncscc-Toniblgbce cannl will do more lo prevent ' IVerloillcal' overflows on the lower Mi.silsslpill '• thun 'nnylhlng yet clone In ti'C direction. Tliose who regard Ihe, construction of the Tetmcssec-'l'omblsljce c;il:nl as Just 1111- othcr waterway doveloiiiueiH are looking ut the project from Its least imiwlant angle. ; Waterway development, nlone -votild not justlly the expenditure. If the canal ,1s cnmtructcd. as now npi>cars probable, the greatest immcdinte goo<l will come from the diversion of water f'om the Tenncs- ' see river, diirhtg (lucil slaves, thus relieving the ; Mississippi river between Culro and the Oull. ; Second in Importance ns v. p " sec 11, is the 1 water power possibilities of the Tcjtnbhjbce. Mr. Morgan believes thnt r. nter jwwcr possibilities along the Tomblebcc nrc equal to those of Ihe - Tennessee, mul tbnt (he completion ol the proposed canal will mean tremendous industrial dcvclupincnt all the way from the Tennessee state line to Mobile. It is estimated thnt the proixiscd canal can be completed at a cost of Sl^O.'IOO.OOO., No other Biciit development of equal i>otcnliiil value can be curried forward so economic-ally. The generation of hydro-ck-clric power along the Tombighcc would put cheap electric energy within the reach of towns nnd cities all ihe way lo the Gulf of Mexico, and industrial de- vckJnment would be rapid n'ici' Mibslnntlnl. • —West Point ( Times-Leader. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark over for bridge Sdirte' l'vihih£7 Artiit Starts Gvnebiek Trtimnj LONG BEACH, Cal. (UP)— The 'man on the 'flylrig trapeze" is coming back. In an abartdorwd tern near licre, .Alfred Codona .greatest of aerial artists, has beguii a tedloia romid of training calculated to restore tlie ' delicate co-ordination of mind, nerve and muscle *hil- tered six months ago in n fall at Madison Square Garden, New Xofk. Codona, only performer qjt the triple somersault from the flying trapeze. missed his lahdholi arid crashed to the floor, tearing the ligaments of his shoulder. At the ttmc predictions were that he never again could achieve the subtle rhastery over nerves and muscle required for his delicate and highly hazardous art. Last week, Codona, went quietly to work-. He has no . Idea of quitting. .• . • Reconstructive surgery probably will be necessary' before he .is in performing • condition, according to his physician. DrY C. R. Bishop 1 , "but with surgery and physiotherapy," Dr. Bishop added, "i sec no reason why he wont be able to clo everything he ever has done." Codona is optimistic. "Since I began training," he said, "rhy shoulder has felt better. If the doctors say an operation is neces- saj-y, that's all right with me." . Codona's wife, the beloved Lil- llah Le|tzel, "foremost woman aerl-' allst, was killed two years ago during an exhibition In Copenhagen. in Favor is, Arthritis ' BY i>Rl\1fiORWs:.nsnB Editor, Journal :' uf (Vic; American necessary to supply lilm Mth wa- Mcdkat Association, and V>f | let during long fever treatments . iroiii: lib body, so it becomes Seek Hlt-and-Ron Milsher TIMMlKs, Oril, (UP)—Now it's the hlt-and-rUn mushcr. Mrs Tunyyria Laamenen was knocked to the. ground and suffered a broken arm when struck by a dog team he fie. The driver of the team, however, did not stop to Investigate—he Just kept on "mush- Ing." [ Tks CURIOUS WbRL^V^S" AAMKrURE. OF 6ASES OOeiDTHE. REARRANGEMENT OF THE ATOMS/ FROM QO TO 9O PERCENT Of THE DEATHS'lt-1 MINE. ARE. CAUSED; ey THE '• AFTER-DAMP. • SNAK€. LIZARD TRAVELS BACKWARDS OR. FORWARDS EQUALLY V.'EIL/ ANT-GAteRS USE THEIR. TAILS The Ant-Eater appears to be made up of a'l odd assorr.iicnr. or spoil parts, but a careiul study ol tlie aniniai shows (hat it is hot so" carelessly thrown together as it mlglit seem at first glance. Each of its peculiar accessories lias a special purpose, and the ancient animal continues to thrive in a modem wcild NEX'f: Whit bird spends its life in almost continuous daylight? He (A( Smith) Is in the mHst of nu emotional reacllon he cannot control. lie is having an alavislic explosion ol this traumatic shock thai is producing a neurotic behavior [Wttera. —David Seahury, psychologist. ' , . * My own matrimonial situation? Well, now, I nm like my father, in that ringular state between matrimony and freedom. Oj'psy-looled, we Fairbanks call 11. —Doiiijlas Fairbanks, Jr. * * » Submission lo nulhorlty In no way tlelmcts from Ihe domain of freedom —Cnrfiiia'. i'i>t. rick J. Hnycs. * * * There Is no reason why ft North American cannot live in CciHial America without suiTcr- tng from disease, 11 he leads an artive. h-fil'ln life, and kecixs indoors after i^gH'fnH -Hi Raymond L Di'maw, wmli-aisr. By Williami u,u™ F °R FIVE MINUTES ABOUT WHOSE MOVE IT IS» ILL SETTLE IT FOR YOU? YOU CftN r^ T ^^"r;" RlGHrAvWAY Ft?OM THM tHE«ERBOARD, AND DO AS I TOLD YOU TO.OVER AN HOUR AGO. PICK UP THESE PAPERS, AND PUT AWAY THE BOOKS WU GOT OUT. THEN VOU CAN GO BACK TO YOUR CHECKERBOARD-- AMD PUT IT JWAY,TOO. IT'S YOUR 8EDTIME( , liygeia, the Health Magazine Do you remember when,, ai n child, you complained of-a nahi in the stomach and your mother took a lid off the hot stove, wrapped It In several 'layers o! cloth, and applied it lo your middle? How soothing aud relieving 11 felt! And do you remember when you had chills—which is the outward expression of fever — and your mother bundled you into bed, covered you with extra, quilts, and .put a'hot brick or stove lid, well wrapped, at jour feet? You perspired freely and your chills and fever were gone by morning. Well, today .doctors are going back lo heat treatment for the cure ol many ailments, but in a much more modern • way. They have found 'that many types of bacteria do not live well under 'conditions of high temsiera- Uirc, and that ninny forms of disease are benefited by mainlining ligli temperatures for long periods. So they're studying the useful- iicsr, and the danger of applying heal In 'various ways No doubt the first, stimulus to this revival came from Ihe research on general paralysis. It wns found Hint some cases -of this disorder showed remarkable improvement after they were injected with the organisms which cause malaria. The resulting fever apparently was responsible for the improvement. Lutcr il was found thai a similar fever could be produced by injecting itilo Ihe body some foreign protein. Among tlic substances suggested as foreign proteins are boiled milk, typhoid lever vaccine, and similar preparations. • Different means were dcvc for raising the temperature by using new methods, including the passing ol an electrical current through the body, electric lighl cabinets, hot water, electrical puds and blankets, aud funilar fli Suggestion also has been made that the temperature of tl'.c human body might be raised Uy surrounding it with air of n rrvh.ii • pcratiirr nnd liumiditj. All those methods nrc l>-:ug studied by the iwdtrnl )-Mifi:-M'jn In relationship to their >w in t.n- eral paralysis, but also fnr iri-at- mciil of various ft'rp .• ni 11! mis nnd other jpfrrt'oii". Eon into ^n exceedingly hot n;-ier bath aud keeping him Him.- over a long period ol MPT n> <|. t.inp a temperature i>f 105 decree-!; vi-h- in the licdy and lo malrtr.lti ihU temperature for scivrnl l.<u-i M". Mill- -If •(.!•! ; . 1 .V 1 '• | 1. 0- It also has been found helpful to upply • them with salt, because they also lose salt from the body during long-continued periods of wrspiration. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gn. W. Barium BIONH By Laura Lent BROOKMAN '-Hi , . m*tt*f 'oil wKn kllle< Tlt.VCY . KIM;.: nrrheilra Under, l» kl> k»irl »fnHm<nt. Hiiilt- tvr U •• author nnd termer ' Warder r>» irllh (;Al,M;i. >l>r rrpnrtrr an ^Sr rn>t. „ AtaeiiB tko^e nnNprrtrd are J1U.IKT PllAKfJI-^ blnHd an* ptetlr and kvoiV* in BBTP Tlftlird K\*K •U«rllT Krlor-- •!> «rnlfcl I1KUHAX ISCUJILACII Wh» «*T«t^ We took oh approval a new member In our Saturday Night Club and while she is not what one could call n. yonng woman, she did show soma Inlciit and in mime out the qii"itionnlre each new member must fill out In answer to the question, her age and why slie waited so iong to conic in: Phe slated she had just Sound out Ihru she had Iwr ofrn life to live; thai she liad been so busy with her h.-mc life ahd church vork that slic !'nd just begun lo find out the res: thrill and kick tliat can be hail in such activities us our club offers. She also slated Hint she did not intend to let ojir club interfere wllh her home lift and clniir 1 ! work. Now this iast part of Ivr answer may bar her from inenitcrshlp. She will find out that, one who plays the F.ccin! game ns our club presents It will have hule time for other activities. W? expect to give lier ii trial and she may be n find. Jot; pAttttnTT, «o«»-nm-<)m< •mni)fy|l|f:«PH>r. It Ik aUn kliitwi lint MELVIKA IIOM.ISTRRi nld- dlr-ttrfi kpN.lrr. kit .i»rrrl t * vlllk Klnc tfr rnt\j. , AI, llfl^OAX, frlrMI nf £!•£••; ;'IK fniind drnd ift ii wrrrk«4 ••• tnrtinftllr. - - - • Jlnnntltrr •rnranlAMi ike iiollrr eHler in Irt Jallet time in kl» ruftt'i kiiibr. «lrnii<blr "• " kne«r, nn Ikr tkrnrr tk«f If Ihr Klrl hfllfir^ krrirlf ffre Ikrr talk IcJjrn.Sioiff akiidt Utti Knrrot< U tor«Tri U !lt. jmhl, n*4 » iftrrlUe fi krki i. VHHp: klin r»nrk. nanniktrr. Wfiiklnr; komr- eHr rVfc'alhic.. "ftm Jallrl f'rnhre Ju*f nhrMd or kfra, - MiVv no os wifiJ f ilh Vrotar 06 ty *» : Bannhtw lo*ef<!4:]}ls Voice discreetly. "Listen,"; k* Mid, 'did you Knp* ..ititt Franc* left the- house this afternoon?" Jordan's eyes we're reproachful. "1 know It,-Mr. Bannister, but what could i do about-it? Mrs. Hewlett tent mo to the grocery store to buy some butter! I didn't know the Rirl had gone until afler I got bqck. Listen, if I've got to be running around doing errands "Oh, I sea!" . , McNeal took a cigar from hla pocket and offered it lo Damifster. He took another 'fa- himself,' lighted it. "This thine may work but hctler than I expected." bo admitted. "You know I didri'l go for the Idea much wben (lie chief first talked about it. But it may work out!" He ftskcrl aeTe-ra! questions Which Bannister answered as well I could. then w .......i..{, aivutiu uuiiift vlluuuo t la IJC (.(JUKI. llieD UllTiniStCr all the time I miglit ag,well, not Kakeil, "lias i'arrolt told you any- ^ il Campus Slang Acquires Useful Dignity, Prof. Says PHILADELPHIA. (UP) —Slang on the school campus is acquiring a useful dignity, according to Prof. John D. Mahoney, head of the English department of West Philadelphia High School, and Jlrs. Lillian k. Wyman, student organizer of girls in ihe William Perm High School. "Where formerly slang was used to get away from pure English, now virtually every word In lie argot of youth has a definite meaning," Professor Mahoney said "Slang sometimes is very effective, for often one slang word r.»p!plrs vkiv \voiilrt lake two or three scn- ice.s in good English." 'Girls look up to their leaders." occcrrtlnj lo Mrs. Wyman. "And this they cannot do wllli girls who use loose language. I find a marked Improvement in girls' vocabulary, enunciation and in the type of bocks they nre rrn^i^c.' December i&^ ITOl-Rrsb ten U.S. Constitution come into force. vention assembles 6ftd protests powers of the Federal' . * CHAPTER XJCXH •THE girl din* hot see Bannister She was walking rapidly, her hands in her pockets. Id the dim iislit from the street latnfl he caught a glimpse of the fcfeen suit, krie-.t nt once thai it was Juliet Dnt where hnd she been and What had she been doing? Uan- iilslcr cursed at Jordan. the "house man" who was supposed to be keeping a constant watch 'OTir '.".._ girl. Then he saw the Kail box. ft stood ori the fcprrrer. not a 4ofc feet from Where she hai been when tie first noticed her. 84' \hat was the explanation! Hannister ctuicfeehed his step amj caught up with her, "Aren't you afraid of dettfrlfc' loit?" he asked. :' She turned. Was It' fright or confusion thnt brought thi girl's baud to her Ihfoai? Ttien suddenly she smiled. "Ob, it's y6u! I-I didn't recoghlke you." they walked along together, "it's (T,-.rX," !!;innlater objected, "and you're a long way from the house. Aren't you afraid . 16 W out alone?" Juliet France shook'her head. "NO." slie said. "W'haJ 15. there to be afraid of?' 1 ... ... "Nothing—I hope.** .• .She looked up,ai hlqi and her byes were not smiling flow. They studied his tnce searchlngly. Alter an Instant she said,'"I just wauled a little walk. I.didn't think there coalil be any harm in...thai. I've been In the house'sll '$*>•—" Her tone was so -ripenlant that Bannister smiled. "PeVhaps Ihero isn':." he sali. ''Cniy after this I think H wonlj be better'to lake J-our walks while the sun Is shin- Ing. Tell me. what ,hav« you been doing all day." • Shi! gave him a resume of hours spent at reidtiis, at hb'asehuld tasks nnrt resting. "Your aunt 1st mo help make the chocolate cake you're going to fc.ave to: rimuer tonight,'* the tol< bim' proudly. "Aimt. Kale know* how to cook all right." bannister admitted. "Oh. indeed she doer,! And beside lhat. she's a darling!" They had metied 1n6'h'«» „ ahd . iMtiRlst'r phihe* ' *j*n th door. the *arm Mr Atirt subdue Uttpllfctit Was de'llgh'liol atler th cold and dirk. -•*:•• 'T 4 !HfeUE was n4 ttjn* to til* I * inriian tihtll after' dihtiT. the riatvi«Ur found th* policeman I A* basea:«nt, puttine B shove! o bo here. How do you think 'I'can, Keep trick ot.wuat tliat girl't. dj);; inK if I've got to be ;in: err-a'iia' oy? I can'l-^"- • ' •Bannister interrupted, promislns to do what he cuiild alxjut the situation. He'd have a talk with his aunt, he said. Jordan was riBht; lie couldn't keep watch,over affairs In the household if lie wcro sent on errands. 'She did il this morning too," the policeman went on. aggrieved. "Sent me to the dry cleaners. It look over halt an hour and I ran nearly all Hie wny hack. No sir, I can't be responsible If things are going to go on like that!" ISanniatcr assured him tint they wouldn't. Privately he wondered how he was to manage Aunt Kate, but managed she must be. "I tlitrik the girl went out to mall a letter," he corifiried. "I met her over on Lawrence avenue right beside the- mail box. Did sho do any telephoning?' Jordan shook his head. "I kept a close watch for that." he said. "When I wasn't miming errands!" Evidently his pride had been offended seriously. • "She didn't go near ibe phone while I was here.' "Well," Bannister Enid, "it she leaves the house tomorrow, follower. Don't let her out of your Sht." "I'll try to. Mr. Hanhislcr, only Mrs. Hewlett—" "Never mind about Mrs. Hew- ftt. You seo where the girl goes ml what she does." liing yet?" i.'TJeuty- only .I..don;t b.eiieve a word of ft! ..He .clanW'lici can prove ho didn't go near King that evening. There's n lawyer wlio'a been burzing around licro this afternoon. A tut ch.inre lie or anyone else hns of Ecltins tliat bird away from here! Not until we're through with him!" • • * J>ANMStEfl rested his arms on the desk. "Honestly, Cap," lie saiil. "what do you nuke of all tliis 1 ? It seems In me tlic solution of the King murder gets farther out of sight every day." thought you were going to solve it" McXoa.1 put jr.. "Thouslit you were going to show iip how dumb the police department is!" "Nothing of the'sort." Bannister protested. "I've never pretended to know anything r.lmut crime. I only .got into this lo watch you fellows do your stuff. Hut seriously, Caii—just between you and me—what do you think about it? You've been holding this girl as a suspect for almost a week. You've got Parrotl now. You've got Scur- lach—" tiic d?(edivc objected. "Snir- lach isn't here." he said. "iVe released him this afternoon." "Then you're convinced he's out of it?" Fccnicd to heilsc. "Sc:ir- * lach'Il be nil right," he said. "He's out of jnii hut he isn't Boins any place. Any iinic we want him we c.-ui pick him up npaln." "That leaves Parrolt and the UL1ET FRANCE sang that eve Kirl." ning. Sho did It at Kate Heiv. j "i t | criv( , s a Iol of ,|, in . 3 » >lc . ell's urgent rcnncsl. Sbe pans a j N C ;il tohl him. "One of thorn's the umber of linglish ballads and an I fuct lliat you seem to liavc for- riental love song and then she | gotten nivliui; Al ang. "Annie fKiurie." Her voice was not finite low enough for a ontralto and Its range seemed imltcd hut the tones were sweet ind clear. Mrs. Hewlett praised tho singing iliboralcly. nannisler aald less. ie was wondering if Juliet France lad Bung tlio:6 songs for Tracy King. A little before 9 o'clock he marie excuses and left the house. He oofc .\ cab to headquarters anil, as ie 'lid hoped, found McNeal in his office. Th* captain was busy with some papers but he put them promptly aftidt. "Well," he said," has the girl been up to any Irlcks yd?" bannister, sank .into a chair. "I d6n'l know." he eaW. "She slipped one- .over on Jordan and left the house » Kids before 6 o'clock. I tMnX she nlailtd a teller." "Yes. I kno*. Jordan phoned a Illllc while 4go. that's fine!" -B.annlatef looked perplexed "Whit do y6u r^tan, 'fiao'?' 1 ho asktd. ."Why, that's exactly what wo want!. Lit her. write all the let- ih» pleases.' We'll g<it tin «n awers. find out who ihe seads them I more, 1 think th€ girl's (•! It too." to aoi what ihe taya!" (To Be Continued) up in nn mitnirohiie out ou t,ic Morrisville road." "Yon don't think Drnsan's death was an accident, do you?" "I've good reasons for nut thinking so. Listen. Dave. I'm tclllns you this localise I know you can Hi shin. It's get out yet. I'ndc-rMand? We're lolding I'.irrott for the Kins; murder but thal's not all. While li» was in town he was sc?n around with MIIK Logan's crowd. You know who T.ogan ts. don't yon? He's what they'd call an 'uider- world kins' In a hi^gpr place, liccn up on half a dozen clin'ges but he's always loo slick to jet c.-iiishl. It was Logan's lawyer, I.cbrnn. who cnme here lo try to get Parrolt out of jail. "Logan's got several rarliels — and I lliink one of them is dope. There's a man who's been In lown for a week lijing to find out who's peddling the stuff here. Ucincmlier, il was a dope charRe Parrotl was indicted on Usl win-, tor. Well. I think he's In on a deal here and that Drugan and King were 1n th« tarn* racket, that's the way I figure it. What's

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