The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY,' DECEMBER" 23, BIATOV-IU-,B (ARK.) COUH1KR NEWS PAGE SEVEN' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per Jtae for consecutive insertions: One time per line '-..,.. ....... l(>c rwo times per toe per diy ...O&J 1'ltrec times per lin« per day ..OGc fix times per line "per dayV . . . .0!>S fontli rate por line .;.,.. ....60e tards of Thanks ...... 50c & ISo Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and slopped before expiration will be charged for tlie unm- tcr of times the add appeared and 1'l.Uistment of bill made. All Classified Advertising, coyy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash; Rates raay be /a-slly computed from above -table. Advertising ordered for irregular kisertions takes the one time fate. No responsibility will' be taken for more than one Jncorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Visit Harry Ifciilc.v's New CURVE IN CAFE For Sale Ghss Boys' Ica'ther coat «Tboys'' 28" ty- cyclp. Charles. Plight, phone 727. 22-ck-28 Weber piano for saic. Have ,\o place to keep |l nmi will sell for $75.00. , (Jail Mi 1 . Thomas at 521. "• '' ••'••' Nice turkeys.. Call Roland Orccn, at •3M or 222. ; .'. l'7-pk-2f Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Hooks with loose leaf binder. Call 230 or 792. ' . . 15-fa-ra Dining room suite, uavenport Clmir. Mrs. C. W. Aflllck. 3ck-tf 1930' Dodge Panel delivery truck, • A-l condition, $275. Phone jl(). •HOME MADE WINE 40c Qt., Mail orders to'H. G. Me Hufley,' RL 3. Blythevlllc. • " • MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. New Town Votfs >Ve( QUEBEC, Quo. (UP) — Tlio 40 911 Beholders ol (lie new paper ejwn o( comeaii na'f, on the -Owcr St. Lawrence, cnn now ch'lnk q tl\i;ir lieai'ls' conicnt. Q«t of 24 )allot« cii tlio liquor rcicrciidu'nj he sftorc read: Opposed to jirolil- iltlon. 24; tor prohibition-, 0. Tlie Britlsli motor cftr ni\d (ilr- :\aiiD iiulU(,U-y iwovUlos ciniito'y- iiont for 210,()j)0 ycrscms, lin 'in- rcnse of 77,poo slncp' H23. On Highway fll at Make one stop (or .Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Foods. COAL Delivered in Blytlievillc for $4.1 id up. All Coal Guaranteed.- Phone S-F-4 & 878 Furniture Nciy <fc Used Furniture We Buy & Sell WADE FUKNITOKE CO. IW Wl'IUtain Phone 155 Tailors TRADE TOUR OI.D SUIT IN V A NEW ONE GEORGE L. MUIR "BlytlievlMe's Only Tailor" We Allow $4 to $15. On Railroad south of Main St. Streamline COAL 4G.OO & up per TON. Washed mid Picked. Kim 1'ranlhain Pliouc 41 WALLPAPER New 15,18 palterns. C'losj prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO, Phone 40 For Real 2 room miftirnislicel . ai>!irtntc(U. Very reasonable. 701 W. Ash 01 call 100B. 23-ck-ti A modern 3-room fuviii.ishcil npail- nient. rhone 280 20-ck El\icleut's B-flnL Trumpet. Phaue 845. 23-ck-29 Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop Today/ the only ta{caif4 lij. slioe repairltig Is Quality^ nShtcrinls •& workmanship. Rubber Heels, 25c up. Soles 50c up. Dyes, Polishes laces. Any shoes dyed black, "asp. Free Delivery Phone 1/q II. B. Campbell ' '•'. a room apartmcni uownstulrs. 108 W. Kentucky, phone 683. 11-pk-l-ll 3 or 4 room furnished apartment 200 W. Ifcnlucky, Mrs. Sisk. 11-ck-l-ll 2 coinJortnble bedrooms, private baili. Gentlemen preferred. Phone 70-l-W or 101. 7-ck-tf. 7 room residence. Immediate possession. 4l2 N. Otl), Phone 248, (, -<- ' ... r 4 S - C 4~^ Nicely fiSliisiiccI bedrooms. Steam j heat. IniiCTspring mattress, iil Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben C]une Vhnnp 8 gt Tora.jaclupn'i Washing Washing, rough-dry & rmisiicd, dc livcrcd. 6 qiUlts or blankets SI Maytas washer. I wash curtains See Winy Bell Green behind Brown's Ice Plant.- 30-pk-12-30 Radio W. Main, Phone 280. 1-ck-t 5 furnished rooms. 2 upstairs or downstairs. 014 Heani. Fiirnislirri liouse on Holly. Cal Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg at 984. 12-ck-t "I Personal RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 CIUvlSTSLVS CAKES Orders taken for homemade Christmas Cakes and candies. Mrs George Cross, 300 Lake. 13-ck-24 Want to contact 50 girls Interest ed in increasing their incomes and willing; to devote six months time to learning highly paid pro fcssion of Beauty culture, ^e School to open in Blylhcville Jan nary 1st. Write lor full details to Lester Fislicr Gipson, 515 Krcwson Avc., Joncsboro, Ark. Announcement We Give . EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1014 Cn!ckasa<tba Phone 671 Salesmen Wanted MAN WANTED in supply Raw- Icinh's Hmiseliokl Products to coiisumcre. We train and hclo you Gr,od profits for hustlers. Nr> ' ex- licricticc necessary. Pleosn'n:, prnfilablr, dignified work. Write today. Rawleiph's. Dcpt. AKL-2753. Memphis, Tcnn. Lost Woman's yellow gold wrist watch Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains IMorr: Qpinine—Morc I l'fi« Jtecomnionded TreaUnant '« MALARIAL CHILLS and FEVEIt SWA^IP FEVER —AGUE FEV6K M All Klrlij nmf Btorei ' Waulea Parlnpr immediately with $1(100 ciwh. Write Box "K' Court News. 22-pk-SC Pifiy pirjs to enroll now for Sla't Approved Beauty .School to oper January 1st, Cooper Bids., Blytlie ville. Write Lester Fisher Gipson 515 Krcwson Avc., Joncsboro, .Ark. tor inn detvils. Room and Board llrown leather hand. Liberal 'IT ROOK, nna " 1)o; , rd or mca | s . H i 6 Hd, JvliUIrcrt Lou Ilubto.rd. in) W . Ash. Mrs. R. F. Ixiwerv. " Mam, phone t»T. 23-ck-!l j 24-Dk-']2- CRESCENT MIGHT CLUB —PRESENTS— AN ALL STAR ATTfiAClION \VEDNESDAY NIGHT, DEC 22nd ALAR GREEN sSJt THURSDAY, DEC. 23 THROUGH SUN. JAN. 2 Floor Show Christmas and New Years HOT P|T KAKBECUR—BLECTRIO' COOKED STEAKS—FRIED CHICKEN HIGHWAY 61, HOLLAND, jjiO., PHONE 17 AlltO GLASS Expert Workmanship \Y? Driver Blyt^cville Pflipt & \VaIlp8per Cp. , Wo Cut & Ijislall 'liono 880 111 s. Second Repairing inn repairs. Guaranteed work. IS M. Dnnvoit. 315 E. Mntn. FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS— Get yqur complete win- AlOTXm (HI, .. . ,» ' * cr * u '° lle(;i 's iiiid DKl'UQSTIUtS m.AlfcKS J.-KKK qi>TS. lUTTl:(t(li.S cMS. 4RIAN AUTO PARTS 'SXr Ilarvey Stewart r. P. ' City f We Specialize in ' Medicinal \yfie 2011 W. -- ' L -~-.-...-i.,.««,,.,au,o.j~."«J,.. j i. FREE In Lgteit styles : "BliKNAT»:'KHfj[TfTf| Mrs, Leslie Hooper ,H(I9 Ohickasitwba. Phone 792 I Sfill GOOD HARNUSS MADRUX Harness Shpp ANNOUNCING The OiH-niiii! Of The OiH-niiiH (>r BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST ENTERPRISE A Modern Community Pork House —MOATUK1NG— I'VsIi Country Style PORK SAUSAGE ALSO HM<! ChMsi-. Ulbs, BMklmnr, •Tcimfrlnlii, |.- m |, ir.-iuu an.l SliouUlcrs (Half ,,r Wlioli:), Side I'ork nn,l 1'iir,, l, ; ml. J. C. EVANS llus IJOI lilytlievllU'. Ark, nislrli-l i\I«ii;istT ItAnill/l'ON TlUtST l'UNl> EpoHjorcd llj 1 Ilninllloi) UjiJOjltors Corn. FARM I.OAN.s IMO >nd Up Arfuniius ^iiU ( Mi»»nurt i)lsn rllv iirnix-i^lrv !>(>N U. KASSKR.MA.N 'riioniAs Ijind bit. OH Ice' P. 0. Rax \10. I'lionc: MT. Wv Siici'iuli/v In ^T PRESCRIPTIONS^ I'lione, I<11 FOWLER DRUG STORE <tl)AI,ITV MEAT STItlCTl.V An A',v/icr( German liutchcr ana inspected ;md jiassci) |>y Formi-r Hulled .S(;i|c. ; |' llc liiiiir H?us? (nsurttor. «cl a cornfcrt Iv^rkcy f pr Cl.rlilinas, raised on uiir own rarni. DRIVE OUT AND ,SAVJ«; DKUVHltt' CIIA««'!'^ DErS WHOLESALE PORK HOUSE fl'ndc A(|ililion— Tlic Old S|>icrr IMncc) Turn S^oulii off INgl.uvay 1S to B r:i V ,-| roa,! between I.«, s | u,,y •Orpccry at.d Kobmsoa FJlHpu S(a(<un, tl,H, two 1,1,,,-ks 5ci:ih. WELDING AT IHWf I'tilCitSi I'HOMI'T SliliVlUE Barksdalc Mfg. Co, We Specialize Ii\ Fender lte|iaira Iii mid bet Us {Jules, Inc. l)»fr«slfrii Dri, W^rt & Wqrt Ov<r Jo« Isaacs' Stars "\Vf. f(AKK 'EM SHE* Phone 6io Wanted Pecans I'Hcts raid WOLF ARIAN K. flUiii I'houe tW Will Sell Or Trade A $600 Equity 111 U 1I);17 (J.dl.C. L W. t!. I'ii'U-tiu 'I'nit Nu Utnsuiiiublti Oiti'v Itrfii Call 448 I'HONE 10 PHONE 244 L, I RICE COAL! iniV KINDI.INC; von ANY KIND w HIGH GRADE COAL CAM, K. K. l.'HY AT 477 Wonder City Co^l Cp> USED MRS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. f Used Trucks &Cars lM(i Clii'v. pickup. cicxxJ 'I* 1 -'* . $4i5 IW Hi Ion Clicv. 155' \X; H blujp boily In A-i (omlljlan $373 1031! Intel nulloiul I'lckmi tJ7o IflSM O|IOA I5j' SV IS 1'llllfuim body, good '.In* $113 AU. TUUCka tiUA\</\(J'IEED VO I'ABS 81 A If. JN Delta Implements, Inc. Now Located ul 101 Nptlli ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITES SERVICE BUREAU 5>()N i:i)U'AIU)S, Prorirlf^ AU nmkis «[ l?«bp«t'Typewrites, >d«inj M»c|)liw« C»lcBlalo>»— I'liiinc CQBB FUiNERAL HOME I uncral Insuraiico HAUK s wousK'N IIEK • SA,|P(T,"QOpLA" HE'S , , A SUNK 6PZO. 1 |F 7ii/\1 UMPA.MV \ CRITTER DOM'7 6IT y 6IT AWAY FROM MeRE.'G'WAM, 1 . . ftROUND AM' S6r AKIV AF7ER HIM.' 1 LIKE THAI ifiMS g) 1Mi BY HIT* SERVICE. ITO. T. M. RCO. U.S. PAr. Off BOOTS AND HER lUJDDJps w° TIME, GOO!) OLD HAWKlNSj oo HORE"FOR, ' Of Trt' MEW . OV.' OOC £,066% AV\. Art' MEOIClMt HE WASH Tl/UHS A KAY Of' HOl'li AMD BlMGOl SHE'S KID-^ FORTH LUWA PETE, 5TOP PACIW' TH' FLOOe.- VDU DRIVE ME DIPFV. I'M 60is;& pippv, MysELE i owe MV LIFE TO HILL— i PROMISED TO LOOK AFTER. r|IS / WH 1 / THE B1AIE5 DQU'T VOU DO SOMETHING? WWEKI ARE \ VOU CbOlfJG TD GET THAT ,•„% WIRELESS WORKIM6? '.;.J§|vJ__' • . ^ Vi-*^«| '§#' ^ /^ A"t iA.5T.'^T J-A5T weK ee"/\aLE I TO PUT THE AUTHORITIES oO THE \TRAIU QF THOSE CROOKS- j—-^ MAPED! H15 OWLV CHILD KIDKJA.PED, AK1D I'M RE- if. 5FOM5IBLE' FRECKLES ANI) HIS FRIKNlis WAKAHNC HEARTS WEU..MPM, IT LOOKS AS IF }t REMIWDS THIS BABY IS THE SUM YOUR SHE MUSTA MISTAKEN WE FOt* THAT RICH SYLVESTER COOK \wo MOVED OUT OF SHADYSIDE ! GOSHjI DON'T kWCAV \VHAT WE CAH V/HAT DID f WAS TOO POOR THAT WQTE / TO CARE FOR FROM THE ( THE BABY .' MOTHER / AMD WOULD I KEEP IT AMD GIVE IT A WHAT SAMTA QOIW BR1WG -US ! tt* J

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