The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1951 · Page 15
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The Evening Standard from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1951
Page 15
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THE EVENING STA.VDAilD, UKlONJOW.V, PA., WEDNESDAY, MARCH M, I9J1 I'AfcE 13 Kentucky Wins NCAA Flag By Beating Kansas State Wildcats Cop Third Title In Four Years MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., March 28--(UP)--The Kentucky 'Wildcats are the national college basketball champions. Voted the nation's No. 1 learn at the end of Ihe regular season, the ball-hawks from the bluegrass put the t i t l e under lock and key last night with a tremendously impressive 68 to 58 victory over Kansas State in the final round of the NCAA tournament. H was the t h i r d NCAA title lot Kentucky in four years -- and Kentucky is Ihe only school lo win it three times. The tall, terrific Wildcats left no doubt of their championship right--either in the minds of the well-beaten K-Statcrs or Ihe 15,433 fans who watched their amazing second-halt rally. After trailing throughout' the first h a l f , Kentucky iced the game shortly allcr the intermission, then coaslcd to t r i u m p h . Coach Adolph Hupp said il was the "killer period" which turned the trick. He and his Kentucky lads call Ihe (irsl f i v e minutes of Ihe second half Ihe "killer period." Rupp said they planned to "roll 85 fast as we could" in lhat period. And that's just what his team did. In the first live minutes they turned a two-poinl halftime defi cit into a 43 lo 37 margin. By the time Shelby Linville scored a one- handed shol tn give Kentucky 49 lo" 38 lead with only seven minutes of the second half gone the Kentucky players all sensed they had won the title. They broke into big grins, and from then on the game was just Pillar Signs Police Search For Another Garden Fixer B O W L I N G Charles Pillar, who hit .350 in high school and over .100 for the Unionlown Junior Legion nine, hn.s signed wllli t h e Doiigcrs and \vas lo report today (or spring training at Vero Beach, Florida. N'inclcen ycnrs old, he is n son of Air. and Mrs. J o h n Pillar of Phillips and a graduate of North Union high. Greed Blamed For 'Fixing' MINNEAPOLIS, March 23.-(UP)-- The nation's college basketball coaches were expected to slamp their approval today on a f u n for them. They showed off all of their 'basketball tricks tr the crowd, and the fans ate it up. Neither flupp nor his team were completely satisfied with their game, even though it Kansas Slate bewildered and left them goggle-eyed. "It wasn't the best game we ever played," fiupp said. "We made an awful lot of errors the first period." He said he guessed Dial players look him to heart when he bawled them out at halftime. "1 just bawled them out a little, but Ihey certainly went the second h a l f , didn't Ihey?" Hie genial Kentucky coach drawled. Spivey Was Difference In the end il was big Bill Spivey, seven-foot All-American Kentucky center, who was the report a special committee difference victory. between defeat and Troubled by a cold, and by the defensive play Kansas Stale center Lew Hilch in the first ten minutes of play, Spivey 'finally gol rolling. He ended up thefir?! half with 11 points, then dumped in 10 more in Ihe first eight min- ules of the second half. For the night he rang up 22 points. Bui Ihe entire Kentucky team was excellent, p a r t i c u l a r l y Clifl Hagen, burly six-foot-four freshman who just became eligible (or competition in February. Hagen, also suffering from a cold, didn'l start, but was put into Ihe lineup Midway in the first half. Kansas Slate, the sensation of the NCAA t o u r n a m e n t up u n t i l last nighl, looked {or a while like it would run away w i t h Ihe litle. At one poin! in Ihe firsl half, Kansas Slate led hy seven poinls. But suddenly Kentucky turned on the pressure, Kansas Stale wilted, and it was all over. Coach Jack G a r d n e r said "it just wasn't our nighl. We played a.great ball club and we" k Illinois t r o u n c e d Oklahoma AM, 61 lo 46. in the third place game, by laking advantage ol its free throws. blaming recent gambling scandals on Ihe greed of colleges (or money brought in by winning teams. The commiltee's report, drawn p by .John R u n n , Springfield, Mass., college coach and 12 olher coaches, was expected to be accepted as the senlimcnl al all Ihe college coaches w i t h o u t much dissent. The sizzling report laid 'the blame for the recent "fixes" on the doorstep of the colleges themselves and Ihe-coaches. believe that the recenl gambling .expose has grown oul ol a laxity on the part of col- ege adminslrators to actively up- tiold the standards which would discourage such practices," Bunn said. "Entirely loo much emphasis has been' placed by the schools and coaches on income and winning the game. We have found vicious and often illegal recruiting' practices and overemphasis on winning teams and the income therefrom," the report said. "In Ihe desire lo win games we have lei players into the game who aren'l a credit to their school, or to the sport," il said. NEW YORK, March 23.--(UP) --Basketball bribery scandal burst into flame again today wilh Ihe revelation lhat police are h u n t i n g still another "fixer" ol games al Madison Square Garden. Existence of (he new crooked gambler--third to be unearlhed by District Attorney Frank Hogan in recent weeks--was disclosed las', night when three more City College of New York players were arrested for "throwing" games played d u r i n g the 1040-50 season. Latest players la fall into Hogan's dragnet were Irsvin Dambrol, Norman Mager, and Herb Cohen, all members of trie famed C. C. N. Y. "Cinderella Team" which won two national tournaments last year Their arrcsl meanl lhat the entire "firsl string" for C, C. N. Y. foi the last two seasons now face bribery charges. Dambrot ami Mager both gradu aled from college a f t e r Ihe "grant slam" win in the two lourneys Cohen, a sub on that squad, was a regular on this year's team. Here are the charges lhat Hogan levelled at the trio: 1. That they, along wilh prc viously arrested players Ed Romai and Al Roth, agreed to "shave th poinls" in City's game agains Southern Methodist on Dec. 8 1949 so lhat Cily would win by n more than seven poinls. "But things gol twisted," sai Jlogan. "S. M. U. played so poorl lhal the conspirators could hav kept their bargain only by ,11'in down on the floor.' So City won, 67 to 53, and th "fix" backfired. Accordingly, th players didn't colled what wa promised Ihem--$500 lo Cohen, In sub, and $1,000 each lo the othe four. Thai Ihey agreed lo "sha\ II. C. COKE COMPAXY L K A G U K TEAM NO. F I V E H a g u e 151 153 113-- 422 Maddox 93 113 151-- 312 Goodwin 123 119 1H- 352 Shope 93 123 125-- 316 Scon ;. 93 156 93- 318 S u l l l t a n 120 101 130-- 354 Totals 196 ffA 51B--1833 ISAM NO. ONE 133 165 139- «lj meron 101 103 119-- 359 r n h a t r 109 121 104-- 334 35 I I S H3-- 3)1* 54 91 31-- 266 Dick Gonxalcs' Serve Fastest PHILADELPHIA, March SB-C U P ) -- P r o lennis star Richard Gonzales can Ihe poinls" on City's game again U. C. L. A., Dec. 27, 1949, agai so lhat Cily would win by no moi than seven poinls. This tjme worked so well thai City lost b seven, 60 to 53. The promised pa; off .was Ihe same as previous! this time a six-foo four-inch player nicknamed splinter," collected and distribute the money to the others. i. Thai they agreed lo the sam deal for the game against Niagar Feb. IB, 1050. This lime, howeve Roman and Dambrol dropped ou saying they "had enough." T "fix" worked again loo we Niagara w i n n i n g in overtime, 6 61. The payoff this time was 51,0 lo Cohen and 51,250 each to . and Roth. owning Totals 557 556 SS3--17S6 an'.fr . mple . hton . T E A M XO. SIX :160 124 11] 93 M H3 . \U 100 103 101 Totals ............ 630 56fi 607--1803 serve a ball al a blistering J12S3 miles an hour, faslcsl ?pcod ever recorded accurately in lonnis, a Franklin Itisti ;cienlisl said today. Gonzales smashed serves through Dr. !. M. L e v i t t ' s electronic speed meter yesterday along with Jack Kramer, Wolby Van Horn. Bnbby Riggs and Francisco (Pancho) Sc- gura. The lennis stars are competing here in Ihe $10,000 Inquirer world professional championship. Kramer came closcsl to Gonzales it passed two-sensitive shafts of lighl. Levin rejccjed Ihe testimony of (he record book t h a t Gonzales' performance was overshadowed by Bill Tilden's lennis slugging of 151 mites an hour in 1931. "In 1!)31 we had only Ihe most crude methods of measurement," he said. "H was impossible then to determine high speeds with any degree of accuracy." Cards Defeat Pirates Thrice In Women's Cards won three from Pirates and Cubs look two out of three rom Yanks in Women's league bowling at Ihe Slate. F. Kralovich of Yanks registered a 414 set and 157 single game. Rockwell, Cards, dumped 389 and 151; Arendosh, Cubs, 380 and 140, and Romis, Pirates, 315 and 123. TEAM NO. T H R E E 14S f i l i n g ............ S3 olllm ..... ; ....... 145 Glrod ............ ousr .............. 1-11 ilson ............. 130 Hfi JOS-- 453 94 114-- 297 117 118-- 331 93 143- 241 114 105-- 35S 115 1 4 4 -- 1 1 3 Trt-ih ............ 653 616 733-2002 NEW IOWA COACH IOWA CITY, March 28--(UP)-Frank (Bucky) O'Connor look over loday as head basketball coach at ihe University of Iowa. O'Con nors' appointment tn succeed Rol lie W i l l i a m s as Hawkeye case coach was confirmed officially yes terday by Ihe Iowa Roard of F.dn cation. with a 107.B mph serve, clocked as 1 PLEASP, DR1VK CARKI-'ULIA PIKATKS Continued from Page li games by singling in the seconc inning. The Cubs jumper! olf to an early 6 to 0 lead by scoring two runs in the firsl rnning. three in the t h i r t and one in the fourth. The Pi rates' big inning came in'the fifth when five runners crossed home plate, but the rally (ell short. FIGHT RESULTS' Bj United Press WHITE PLAJNS.'N. Y.-(UP)-J»ckle~'| O'Brien, us. Harllord. Conn., out. pointed Vlnnli! Larc;lnia. IW,, vtv Yo;ls. (3). , NEW BEDFORD. Mm.--I UP I-Billy Andy. 151. ProvMencf. oulpqlnwd Franlne Fay. 149. Ne»- Bedford. (10). · SAN ANTONIO, Trx. -- (UP)- Nkk Moran, U7, ilMtco City, outpo!n«i Joe flarmim, 141, Chlcaio. (10). ." LOS ANGELES-CUP)--Emrty Eidd-" | ler, !30 : |. New York, stopped Lauio Salas, 127'.i. Monterrey. Mex., ($)--noa tlile. FREDONIA TRIUMPHS LEBAN'O.V, Pa.. March 28--(UP) --Frcdonia high school, paced by Captain Charley Craig. 6-foot, 5- inch center, defeated Mt. Joy 4943 last night lo win the Class C bss- betbaU championship o£ the Pennsylvania inlerschotastic Atheletic Association. T R A M XO. TOUR raig - 10) 156 123- 393 u n n i n z h a m 13fl 113 IIS-- 361 os'.ln - 113 15.1 136-- 402 ell 157 7.1 S5-- 315 hrlslopher ISS 12.1 107-- 383 ad:e 153 160 133-- 152 Tol»!s 72] 7M 6H-2M7 TEAM NO. E I G H T ·erU US 117 ISS-- 413 orintr 234 236 161-- 631 arrl 100 103 127-- 336 oylf US 100 163-- 403 nydcr US 167 35- 377 Iton 140 1!4 110--421 Christopher 53- 147 53-- 353 Totals 753 173 775--2301 TEAM XO. TWO efhnon 193 161 116-- S70 Lorenzl 103 173 114--396 Homlstck 133 173 129-- iil Callaghan 102 92 141-- 335 Altken 92 132 123-- 347 Dais L..I05 120 121--346 'eely 225 233 153-- 516 TotlU 165 7S3 667--2215 TEAM NO. SEVEN founs 16.1 91 93-- 350 Hf!i 127 :31 141-- 333 Wheeler 130 S5 113-- 323 Totals 617 507 553--1677 GIANTS Continued from Pa \\ leading backstops' in the league, raled only behind Roy Campanella of the Dodgers and Andy Semi- nick of Ihe Phillies. The No. 2 man probably will be Rafael Noble, up from Oakland where he balled .316 lasl year. Durocher is sure he can handle Ihe job on the field, but has not been impressed with his hitting. The third man will be Sal Yvars, who played at Jersey City most of last year, batting only .282. ST. CECELIA'S CAUCUS The St. Cecelia's learn of the County baseball league will meet Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the church basement. PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY! Hruins Musi I.ick Old J i n x Aguinsl Leafs TORONTO, The Boston March 23-- (UP)-Bruins face a longstanding iinx tonight when mcel the Toronto Maple Leafs in the opening game of their National League hockey playoff series. The Bruins failed to win in 11 appearances on Toronto ice during the regular season. With this in mind, the odds-makers installed the Leafs a 2 to 1 favorite for the firsl game of the hest-of-seven semi-final playoff. White, Green So.\ Each Win 3 In Slale Women's Rusting through is the most frequent cause of aulomobile muffler failure. This is a result of acids in the exhaust gas. While Sox and Green Sox each · captured three games in Stale Women's bowling at the Slale. Lynn o' Green Sox rolled a 46" series and 173 single game. Minger t of White Sox hit for 453 and 187; Wandel. Blue Sox, for 340 and 136. and Hardin, Red Sox, for 332 and 141. Red Wings Lose Opener To Montreal Canarliens DETROIT. March 23--(UP)-The Detroit Red Wings realized lo- day trial winning a second straight Stanley Cup championship was going to be tougher than they ex- .nected after losing 3 marathon 3 ^to 2 series opener to the Montreal Canadiens. Heavily favoreo because of their taking the regular season National Hockey League title, the Wings gradually crumbled as last night's game went into.overtime with the score tied 2 lo 2 And as '.he fourth extra session began, Maurice (Rocket) Richard just as Iresh as when the game started, belted in a goal lhat end ed the sudden-death period ant the game By then, 61 minules and nine seconds of extra hockej 1 had been played in the first game of the best-of-seven series. Artists usually paint Ihe moon larger than il should be. When drawn true size, it appears insig small. 2 f O R 25c Itis time you try Jor real enjoyment Budweiser I A O t 1 I I I I A N H E U S E R - 8 U S C K , INC., S I . I O U I S IRON CITY D I S T R I B U T I N G i PHONX 8-5163 OR 4S5 V 15 Mil! Str«t Unltmlimn .,, FOR MAILING EFFICIENCY Clear, understandable address imprints, prepared in sizes thot ore easy for postal workers to handle, means added efficiency and lower costs tor you. Consult us now! 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