The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1933 BLYTHEVILI.R, (AUK.) COURIRIl NEWS Would Unite with Delaware and Two Virginia Counties in "Delrnarva' "Battle of Salisbury" May Result in New State BALTIMORE, MO— Dclmarva— newest commonwealth in t'r.e American [smily of States! ll sounds like tile name of a mythical Balkan principality con celved In the mln-.l of n writer of romantic fiction. But actually the name is a comjiouiid of thrc- American slates; and although ii is not yet an actual poliiir-al unit, il stands no eocd a chance of In; comiivj 'jo tnat t!ie Legislature ol one stall! has already made a move toward establishing t!ie commonwealth. Delin-.trra. as a social anil coin- merelal milt, already exists. It is that long, fertile peninsula, between Hie Chesaneake Bay and the x. Atlantic Ocean on which Delaware l-C-s. and which a!-30 contains nine comities of Marylad anU two counties of Virginia. Henee the name —Delrnarva, from the initial three letters of Delaware, the first three letters of Maryland and the abbreviation for Virginia. Back of the proposal for establishment of the new state, to be made np cf Delaware and the eleven counties of the other two states, lies a story of virtual civil war in Maryland. It is the imminent secession of the nine Maryland counties and their union with Delaware which would make the new state possible, and the backers of the plan—they number thousand 1 ; in Eastern Maryland—are hopeful thai the two lower Peninsula counties of Virginia will join their lot with the Maryland counties. History in the Making Such a secession of the Maryland counties from 'the rest of the state, which lies on the other side of the Chesapeake, would be revolutionary in recent American political history. But to the citizens of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, secession is not \inthinkable. For it only recently soldiers invaded the lower shore. They scfed citizens of two counties oiul, held them prisoner in an armory. The outraged inhabitants attacked the armory, battied the soldiers, anil tually drove them out—drove them back ignominiously to Baltimore » and with them drove the attorne; T general of Maryland and the com- maniler of the Maryland Nations Guard. From that incident particularly • and from. ( 'a.series of other previous incidents, has arisen the de sire of the cili/ens of the Mary land Eastern shore to break away from the rest ol the stat For Che Eastern Shoremen ar mad—mad clean through. Thei resentment is particularly directed toward Maryland's handsome Oov ernor Ritchie, and also toward Baltimore newspapers which have been exceedingly open in their criticism of the "Shore" and its demonstra lions of mob violence which cul minated recently in the open stree Hunt at Salisbury between irati citizens and the militiamen dis patched by Governor Ritchie ti sciz? suspected lynchers. Another Lexington That "Battle of Salisbury" iva to the citizens of u.e Eastern Shor what the Battle of Lexington wa to the American colonists in 177(5 As the inevitable chorus of crit icism of the Shore again arose, there arose a corresponding desire by the Eastern Shoremen to sep- aiale from Maryland and have done uith arch-critics, the Balti- mortans. For his ill-fated and unsuccessful invasion of the Shore. Governor Ritchie was subjected to a cross-fire of vengeful criticism by the Eastern Snoremen. They decided to secede, join with Delaware, and create—Delmnrva. In this the state of Delaware is lip (till accord. Recently a resolu- Von was introduced in the Delaware Legislature, Inviting the Eastern Shoremen to incorporate themselves inlo a new commonwealth with the Dclawareans. Tlie idea of the state of Dcl- marva is not new. One hundred years ago the agitation for merging the Eastern Shore counties of Maryland with Delaware was started. In 1883 tt-.c Shore was at odds with the rest of Maryland over enormous stale grants to projects on the Western Shore. The Eastern Shore felt that it, possessing cue-third of (he wealth and population of the State, was being Ignored. A resolution in the Mcry- iand Senate for separation of the Eastern Shore from the Western Shore failed by only one vote, after having passed in the lower House by a vote of 40 to 24. Bay Divides Areas So far as Maryland is concerned, tlie Eastern shore has always wen an integral part of the state, out, not until comparatively recent limes has the Chesapeake Bay teen the obstacle In the way of free communication between the Eastern and Western shores dial It now is. For years the Stiore h°s been slowly weaned away from Bal- ,vTT a draw "' commercially, to Wilmington and Delaware In Colonial times this 'was no', the cuse. Then Chesapeake Bay instead of being the barrier that 1 ; AGE THREE PIGGLY W1GGLY ORANGES Juicy 'I'lnriilii Frnil n-iitfo 2(1 (n 21 in l Larno Si/a KROGER STOER 8-lb. Bag 29c No. 1 Hfd Triumphs L'muid Chase & San- liorn or ('. C. Tins, I0n 0. C., U>. 2:ji' Spring Hmnh I'liund Queen Quart Jnr Green Beans 5c Crackers ~s Country Club I-I-()/..' liotlle Country Club Country Gentleman !S f o. 2 Ciins. ,'t for APPLES Out of the smoke of ttie "BaUte of Salisbury" may arise a new state . . . "Oehnarva" of Delaware and the Maryland and Virginia areas S'.own in gray on li;e map.. formed situation. The "main line" down the backbone of peninsula ran College Secret Society Really Was Secret north and south and fed inlo Wilmington and Philadelphia — not Baltimore. As feeder lines of the] MIDDI.ETOWN, Conn. (UP)— A Disputed Painting on Sale ST. LOUIS CUP)-.', painting ol Henry clay Pierce, St. Ixni!s ol magnate, by..Anders Zorn, Inmates i Swedish nr list .'a ml wMch the sub- COCQAiNUTS ainj GRAPE FRUIT'ii 1 ^ JiREAD -i-2-OY.. Loal' PECANS LfiC - F>ni)vr ?,!"25 LETTUCE (i(»'s 2 for BANANAS (: " PEAS Missed. ND 2 Can 2 fur BREAD I \Vhe;il, Rye in- Itaisin. Loaf BRAZIL J NUTS Cropl DC I.I). 10 MIXED NUTS lOmpi'tors ;{ Ll>s. CABBAGE Firm C. C. 20 Ibs -99c OQC 10 Ibs r,:!c; 5 Lbs.t.1/ COFFEE Jewel WALNUTS Diiimond. Itrand. I.b. ALMONDS Fresh APPLE VICKS COUGH DROP « . -»„ IP «fr „ j — ".....<_, iliav , : , t . OI nieiaoi ,1'±, '• C ," Cr ^., r !,. mMlls '* «>* «"•« «n hour orga Now the Shoremen are good and j ar| d while it has numbered more sore, and their secession from Ma-! tnan I W members since then, its ryland teems in a fair way to beins j P re scnce on the campus never was I accomplished. ] suspected. It originally v;as organ- The Peninsula is largely an a»- ized to discus s ™<* suggest campus iicultural country, witn a nonula- p, !ld ' t(lUc S c policies, brought about Tion or about half a million trough dissatisfaction with tr.e'al- In the nine counties of 'ilarv- I ' CgCd sllorlcomin xs cf the known land, there are several large and accredited secret societies. prosperous county seats, notably Salisbury, Easton, and Cambridge. ' The Eastern Shore of Virginia has one good-sized city, Cape Charles. - (_ The region is .rich in historical!" Ingredients of Vida association. It was harried by the VapoRub in Convenient Candy Form British in (he War or 1812, and! several battles cf local note were fought, upon its soil. Hundreds of Colonial mansions, some of them praised by architects as gems of early American construction, are to be found on toe Peninsula. Home of Celebrities Of notable sons the Eastern shore has many. Jimmy FOXX got his a baseball star with the Easton team of the Eastern Shore League, and "Homerun" Baker—re- I member him?—was born near Easton and lives titcre now. Bishop -annon was born at Salisbury as was Ames . W. Woodcock, the former prohibition administrator Jonn J. Raskob lives near Ccntreville in Queen Anne's County, and Walter Chrysler and Pierre duPoni have estates near Cambridge. The entire Delmarvian peninsula is occupied by a hcmogonous »o;iie. of almost pure Anglo-Saxon stock, many of the families dating back to Cclcnial times foreign filiation of the reeio). outside of Wilmington, is not'ono Per cent of the total. The negro population Is large, however averaging about one-third of the to- Only an imaginary line divides -he Maryland counties from Delaware and an equally artificial boundary divides the Maryland counties from the two Virginia Aunties, on tr. e other hand the Mde anrt deep waters of the Chesapeake Bay divide Eastern Mary- l»nd frcm tlie rest cf the state and the same body of- water, even' "dor as it nears the ocean, divides ti.e Virginia counties from Ihc mX 98 ' COUntiCSOrt '- COM a-. Thus, the Peninsula is a geographical unit which now f s snlit np. without rhyme or reason. •„,„ three divers; political area-. T'C t'"ie has come, [he Maryland East- ~rn Shoremen think, to remedy Kindling For Sale 3 J5imdft's - 25c Special attention to large nrders. CHICAGO .MILL & I.l'MRBRCO. ^!ack Co'fee anrl Cream Bats Test by Co-eds hl , N ° RM * N - ok '«- 'UPl-ls It the ilack coffco. or the crcnm poured 'herein that serves as the brncer? Seientlfic research shows it must w the cream, according to Lottie M. H. Russell nnrt Helen B. Burton i: University of Oklahoma. 'thirteen eo-eds showed an aver•'3*. increase of 3.04 per cent in ' of metabolism at the end of OWN TINTS iM,tfvur ruvj Deep, ocean blues mingled with frost tinted forest hues; warm cuddy redsof sunset; tones tharshadc from twilight grays to deep shadows of . moonlit skies—all these you may. trace in the surface of your roof— if it's a Universal Shingle roof. All these colors are non-fading and will not streak. Your particular blend of Nature's colorings is a matter of taste. We have it ready for your selection. *• Behind this beauty is a practical quality in the base of the shingle with its uniformity of asphalt saturation that assures years of extra life. Come in and sec the actual samples and let-us show you how little it costs you to re-roof. Certain-teed Universal Shingles HOCK OUT WEATHER) to quickly reach the Western Shore and Baltimore by- means of their sailboats. The coming of the steamboat furUier Intensified this. But Hie railroads changed the by drinking black coffee, while coffee with cream in-! creased the rate 7.15 per cent. The experimenters cautioned ' that tlie smallncss of the group J tested gave no dogmatic basis for] prediction. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. T-istLLf PHONE IOO Aprtt We Do The Rest 3S-(i/. .Tar Each 15c •••••MBKH BROOMS Trump n Slrine Each 32c Peaches Avuiuliilu Uiavy Syrup I.«e. "2'//Can Pure Lard Ciirlon Crystal Larn«, •> iii Smiili, 10 e n-f-'i?g Angle Food While 'Ihyy I,ail Hach C. C. 1 •. 2'/ 2 CunJ or Max. iso. Lli. CHERRIES Glace CANDY Choailale and Mixed: Unj APPLES Fiesh Down RAISINS SELOX Package Kui-h SUGAR I'ure C:\no 10 Ll.s. PINEAPPLF liesl Cream 21 Sack GINGER AI.K C. 2-1-oz. li <:. STRING BEANS No. 2 Cans MACKEREL California No. J Tall Can 2 for 15c CHERRIES J^c <:. c. < Lge. (,';m lie; Smalk LEMON, ORANGE CITRON I'EEL and ASPARAGUS EXTRACT Vanilla -DZ. Dottle CLEG K»l more Milk 1' Krci-h. I)rc:scd. Kraft's . Aincr. Hritk or I'lincnlo •I Packages Sw;fl rron AuiRiir 10 to Slnr" l»v« .h. Av. Bacon Sliced All Center I'numi Roast i;»i K. c. nccf Shr.u'drr, I.!i. .. !.«• •llr.k lEib, I.U. l->',;r llriskcl, I^ourd Fresh Pork ST.'vAKS Pound - HAMS I'ound • - Hams Swift Knipirc Half or Whole I'nuiul Cheese Wisconsin No. 1 Pound Mince Meat 15c Pure Lard Swift's Limit Pound Steaks Choice K. C. liccf Round or Loin Pound Hams liaked Swift's Delicatessen Xmns Packase. LI). tUMBER -IOQ, PORK SHOULDER Half or Whole Ih. 7!c

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