The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1950
Page 13
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JTTKrw 21. ' 1LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN CUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WHEN THIS CARKHVAt- GUY COMES TO BlW MY CONTRACT, MA30R, He'LL TR", TO GET IT FOR A MATCHED S6T OF 6eeR BOTTLE 'CAPS.' DICKER VJ1TH HIM.OMLV DOK5T 6CAR6 HIS CAP OFF WITH (JO .BUKKE..' REST ASSURED i Vtot4'T S5LLYOU FOR A 'MERE M66S Of VOL) ARC THE TiMeeR. PRO* WHICH CHAMPIOU5 AR& HEVM Si.' -w I'LL HAMtXfc THE FELLOW ~ HAe.e>uMPH/r WHAT'S WROM<3 WTTM TH GUV f I JUST BOUfiKT THE BEST BUNCH OF HOtSCS JN TH 1 STATE AKX? MOW HE GOES Tt> BID*/ SOCWS NO S1LEWT GUY, BUT THAT.S TH' WAYASILEWY GUV WOULP EXPRESS HIS OPWIOM OF OMFERENCEHt OM WMCT Television on Wednesday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines 1^-MidKoufh News 2:00— Movie Matinee 2:30— Fashion Parade 2:45—Household Hinlj 3:00—B«rl Olswanger 3:30—Howdy Doody 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, Ladies 5:00— Kukla, Fran & Ollie 5:30—Roberta Quinlan 5:45—News Caravan 6:00—Film Featurette 6:20—Petticoat Parade 6:30—Steps to Stardom 7:00—Television Theater g:0<M-Break the Bank 8:30—Arthur Godfrey 9:30—Holiday Hotel 10:00—News 10:05— Starlet Revne FOR FREE ESTIMATES TELEVISIONS RADIO SALES AND SERVICE •«E MAINST BIYTHEVIlie ARK 'four-Year Governors CHICAGO —fVP)-^ Being governor owi4|. i four year job in mast tatiilBr-New Jersey extended tlie tenu'rV frpm'.thrc«' : to four-years In 1948. Corinecticut»will -lengthen the lease on the office from two to four years next January. By that time. You'll Love Our Flowers* BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphli HJwmy rbon* MOZ 15&OFF By Groce Nies Fletcher THK STOHVi In orrirr !• *r1 evlilom-r la clear her Jnllrd bun- niiil tartf I he in <« Crll whci cum- ciirrylnK mn npplr plf (n which I» fc«k*d * • lolr-n ? mrra!4 »cck !*<•«•. XIX AS Gloria hesitated, voices came to her from the two shadows at the head of the alley. "Didja read about the murder at the Spleiidide Apartments? Carved him up like a piece of roast becfi" one shadow remarked wilh relish, looking at the sheer cliff of the apartment above him. The two shadows moved along toward Eighth Avenue while Gloria's indignation gave her courage to walk, not run, to the •nearest lawn. ; Most of the respectable brownstone houses on this side of the Brooklyn street boasted of a hanky-sized plot of grass, spotted • here and there wilh shrubbery, so that Gloria was able to pretend • lo be a leaf and merge her shaci- , ows into the background. But it ]was nearly 8:30 before she reached I the corner of Seventh Avenue. j She drew a deep breath, fixed I her eye on the opposite side of Iht street, slid inlo the evening crowd—and froze, unable to move. "Move on, you! This ain't no parking lot," the traffic cop on the corner yelled and beckoned to the onrushiixg cars so that she had to leap fpr f the opposite curb. " Hansen! She had seen him standing In front of the revolving doors of that cheap restaurant. | Had he seen her? He simply must not see Sammy give her the gun! She couldn't gel the kid into this mess. She walked faster and faster 1 her body tensed against an exciled: "Evening, Toots! Is that the pie you was going to give me a piece of?" but no one spoke to her, and when she made hcrsel] turn casually to look back, there was no sign of him. He must have gone into the res- On Your £oleman FLOOR FURNACE You Install It Before July 31st [Do M Now! Sava money, be |i ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Colein that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean HeaU-Warm- •Floor Heat i See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons Furniture laurant; even cops, she reminded' iicrself. had lo eat once in a vhile. Just lo be sure, she wailed till her limbs began to tremble with inaction before she slarled oiselessly again toward Firih Av- nue and Sammy. • • • CAMMY, bless his bird-vision *• eyes, saw her instantly, stand- ng there on the curb and came running up, p;,per in hand and landed it to her, after fumbling n [he canvas at his side. 'Piper, Miss?" He didn't even let >n that he knew her, bless him, but the gun was so heavy she nearly dropped ii. They moved back into the shadow of a doorway where CMoria slid the jjun into her bug, noticing a dark bruise on the side of Sammy's face where the streetlight shone. "Did your father hurt you?" she demanded anxiously. "Oh Sammy. Does he know you took the gun?" "He don't know nuthin'. That ain't nuthin' to what he can do when he's got a real corn-jag on," Sammy boasted, grinning. "Ele's got half the riot squad lookin' for his gat. You sure you know how to handle an automatic?" "Why, I—I think so," Gloria stammered blankly. She had always assumed a baby could pull a trigger. It certainly looked easy in the movies. Someone lifted an arm, squinted, and bongo, bongo, the villain fell down with tomato juice running out of his wound. But a real gun was a.lot heavier than she had expected it to be. "Take off the safety before you pull the trigger," Sammy explained and then gave her a shove thai almost sent her sprawling along the sidewalk as he muttered out of the corner of his mouth, "Cheese it! Flatties!" Behind her as she tried not to run, she could hear the patrolman asking Sammy, "You see a good- looking dtsh with yellow hair about five feel, that talks Boston? Hysteria rose in her throat and then her saving sense of humor cnme to her rescue as usual. Gloria, the daughter of Colonel Perkins, ihc wife of Militaries lirown, hunted like a common gun moil! It was to laugh—or cry. "And Father lunched wilh Professor Drown nt (he Algonquin to see if it was sate to let me pound a typewriter In his educated of(ice!" Gloria recalled. Murder, dope. g:its! If father could see her now he'd disinherit her. "How sharper than a scrpenl's tooth it s to have a gun moll child," she littered. If it hadn'l been for Milthules silting there in jail waiting for the federal authorities wilh whom no one could afford to fool ... if he tnew what she was up to . . . hank goodness, he can't do a darn thing about it, she thought with satisfaction. Just the same, the sight of his liscus-lhrower shoulders would >e nice about now. , was an empty place where her stomach should be, a dryness in her throat, and a Bounding in her temples. Suppose Lofty Gordon should take a notion io try now to get the necklace, as ho maybe had yesterday. What was that grabbing her ankle? It was only a greasy paper blowing along Ihe pavement but as she bent to push it aside, she saw a motion half a block behind her. A big man had stepped back into a dark doorway hut the set of his shoulders had been familiar. He was too tall for Hansen. Anyway the police now had orders to arrest her on sight. They wouldn't be furtive any more. Then who was it? She straightened, began to walk faster and as she did she could hear the footsteps behind her quicken, too. She gave another anxious glance over her shoulder, but her follower's hat was pulled down over his forehead so lhat his face was in shadow. When she slowed up, he did, too. As she looked back again, panicky, the headlights of a car illumined his face briefly. "Reuben!" she gasped. The new doorman. Could Heuben be Lofty Gordon? (To Be Continued) says the Council of State Governments, 28 states will have four-year governors. The others have two year terms. 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M B I M S FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—BY MERRILL BLOSSER What Docs She WnntT Dorr LOOK THAT/ DO I LAKE YOO TWNK IM / THAT STUf F Aeour W f fAE, JUNE ' WHATS BAD NEWS ? ) JO6 AP LAKEV1UE GXLKSE / f I MCAN TO SAY ^ THERE'LL ee NOTH- IWS To DO Bur SWIM, SAIL, FISH, RIDE, PtAY TENNIS-J "This old fishin' hole hasn't changed a bit since we wore boys, but I'm afraid we have!" ONLY Two OAMCES A WE^K. AMD A FEW MOONLIGHT BCvW TOPS. YOL/RE LUCKY To 86- STAYING IN i'UISClU,A'S Tiinc lo Itepent 15Y AL VERMKER POOR PRISCILLA! YOU <SUP,e FE£L BAD ABOUT IT, DON'T WHY DID 1 HAVE TO P\CK THE DAY //V THE I HAD AN ACCIDENT... ^r I BROKE MY MOM'5 .FAVORITE VASE! I!Y MICHA1CI, O'MAU.KY am! RALPH LANE / IWM.HERE'SMES. ' KYLt'S MEW BLUE DEHIM DRESS. BUT THE O1D TORN ONE 15N'T HE K. WONDER WHERE SHE'S HIDING YOU SEEM TOOE LOOKING^ filcatiwhilo, at Bobby Rand's house.. IN MY ROOM.CAN J HELP YOU ~ , __, U _____^_ I WHO'S THAT 6OINO INTO BOBBY'S HOUSE? 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