The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1943
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1013 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB EXEtp Slfll Detroit Traitor Given Until April 30 To Ask Foi Reconsideration Rabbit Meat Promises Boost In Tood-For-Victory' Program . WASHINGTON, April 10. (UP) — The American juslice which lie luui flaunted and derided saved traitor Mnx Slcnhau yesterday from the hangman's uoosc by whlc-h lie was to have died at <!n\vn on April 21. Tlio fonncv .sergeant In the German army was jjrnnleit a stny of execution by the Supreme. Court only « few' hours after he hart heard the date of his death fixed by a Uclroll Federal Court. The lilgh tribunal gave Btcphan's attorney:, until April :tO to ask it to reconsider Its previous rclnsal lo review his conviction. Stephan, who boasted last summer that he'd never hang when he was convicted of aiding an escaped N«nl wur prisoner, collajxscd ami wept bitterly when Judge Arthur J. Tuttle told him he imibt die on April 27. The Supreme Court granted the stay of execution to Stephan's attorney. Nicholas Ralowich, who recalled that the case was the first tredson case to come before the lilgh court, in 150 years. He pointed out that in such cases, the final judgment of the sentencing court .shall upon application of the defendant, be re-examined, reversed or affirmed by the Supreme Court. 1 Earlier, at Detroit, Stcuhan : lunged forward, twisting his manacled hands and sobbing brokenly, when Judge Tuttle told him there •was no fmlher Stdowich had asked the court not to let. VjBtephan die during Holy Week. ' But Tuttle was adamant, lie said April 21 was time enough for Stephan to "make peace with his maker." as he phrased it. '.Before the Supreme Court granted the stay, Tuttle told the sobbing defendcnl sternly: "So fur as judicial proceedings are concerned, respondent and.his counsel are through. There is no door open for you—the last one has, been opened and closed against yon." • ' Yet. such are the workings of American justice that Stephan will not die until and unless the last legal recourse is closed lo him. ;aixlens. America uenls more meats—of all kinds. More meat can be produced very eust'y and quickly by raising more rabbits because rabbits are the fa.slcsl meat producers of all animals. „...„-„.. , , .„ ^ I is u Ills business in SrullKTii California. Here's one of 'Mil! (riiclis ulilcli niukc regular ( ri|is In privatrly-ownrtl riibbllrles to colled anlm ul:; tot market. Now thin Uncle Sam is encouraging civilians lo grow, at home, all the food that is practical, the backyard raising of domestic rabbits Is rapidly assuming considerable, importance in the t\>od-for- Victory program. People all over the country are becoming rabbit- minded on a meat basis, since rabbit meat is not rationwt. Because domestic rabbit raising lends itself to a wide range of possibilities, this type of work can bs performed cither adults. Rabbits are excellent animals for 4-11 Club. Future Farmer, and Boy Scout work. Commercially, the industry is open lo any individual. One can .start with backyard units of 3 or 4 docs and a buck—for home to replace rationed meats—or can operate a large commercial rabbitry of .several bundled hutches. In the western states, particularly in Soulliern California, n market for rebbii meal, is well established nnd trucks make regular Irlns to rab- biteries to pick up market, animals and deliver them lo central slaughter-houses. MEAT IN SO DAYS Rubble meat is quickly produced —only DO days are required during Negro Business Men To Sponsor Gardens In a recent meeting of the Mh- slislppi County Negro Business Men's League, the organization voted to sponsor a victory garden plot for a few worthy Negro families of , Blytheville. • Dr. W. IT. Young-, president, fishes all who arc interested in making a garden and who do not have /enough space, jo contact George D" Hollis? principal of Harrison High School, he said today. There is enough space to 'accommodate .about 20 families and the ground has been made ready lor planting. The League voted to sponsor this project and support the families registered by encouraging them to raise a garden on the ground near the. Negro school; however it also voted to reserve the right to dispose of any family who register anc 1 fall to produce or properly work the project. A. E. Lester, agriculture teacher at Harrison High School, is in complete supervision of this project, and is directly responsible to the league for reports of the progress of same, Dr. Young announced. this period lo produce one pound of live weight. The meat is light, rine-gralncd. nutritious and pal- alabl?, and may be' served throughout the year. Fryer rabbits Unit have been developed rapidly, nnd properly finished for the market are lor home eating, weigh from 3 ; !i lo 4Vi pounds, at 2 months of age, nnd will dress from 50 »o 75 per cent of tlicir live weight, or around ?. to 2'i pounds. About 77 per cent of the product, is edible. For variety it is desirable 'to develop some of the young rabbits to heavier weights (o fricassee and roast. Mature does and bucks Hint have served (heir period of usefulness also may be conditioned and used for these purpcse.s. By developing junior bucks and does, the herd may be enlarged from time to lime to supply meal to neighbors or markets. Practically all breeds of domestic rabbits are sullsfHctoi'y !ov producing meal, for home use. 'Ihc medium weight and larger breeds —New Zealand. American. Bcvetcn, French Silver, Chinchilla, and Flemish Giant—are best suited in size and conformation lo (he production of meat and fur. HUM' VICTOKV GAUDKNS At the present time, rabbits are by children or being raised In every slate and In every climate, from California to Maine. They may be kept in the city backyard as well as on Ihc farm—in fact, wherever poultrj raising is permitted. Many cillc. and (owns throughout the Wes are removing restriction. 1 ! on backyard raising of chickens and rali- bils in order to give impetus lo meat production at home. Rabbi hutches can be constructed of scrnj lumber, used poultry wire, crates and like material that can be ob tained at little cast. Victory • Gardens and backyari rabbitrics tic in together very well Some of the waste products o Victory Gardens can be used "eed rabbit.s. and there Ls no daugc of these rabbits over-running til ardens. as cottontails do. because iomesttc rabbits are kept, in their intches. Also, rabbit manure makes in exceptionally good fertilizer for NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that tho mulmlencd will within the lime llxed by luw apply lo the Commissioner of Uevenues of tlie Slate of Arkansas for n permit lo sell beer ul retail at 400 West Ash, lilyllie- vllle. Mississippi, County. Tlu 1 undersigned slates that he is a cllimi of Arkansas, of Bond moral character, that he has never bcrn convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral impltudc: (hat no license to sell beer by (he undmlgiu'd has been revoked within live years past; and Hint the undcrslijik-d has never been convicted (if violating Ihc laws of this .sliite, or any other slivte, relating lo the .sale of iik'Ohollc. liquors. N. 3, Hossle. Bub.serlbed and sworn to before c. this 7th day of April, lUlli. II. O. I'arllow Seal) . Notary I'ubllc. Iv Commission Kxphes 3/15/lil-IS. •I/B-I5 SiTvlfi's Hcle.isc mini's SAN Josh, Cnl. (Ill 1 ) — Uncle IIHS (tedded lo ulvc the civil 'n nu even Bvonk with 'opulaiio prunes. II has Just released to the former 13.M2 ioi«« -' nrmies hold here out of the lotnl that had bocn set aside for the military, .i.ival rmni'il forces In the mutter ofund iierlnl forces, I<croy Plckctl, shoemaker of r-Vunkforl, mil., made a flower vusc from old pop bottle lop 1 ;. R*ad Courier News want >ds. fan MINOR •URNS CUTS \MOROUNE i jk \PtTROLEUH.lEl.lY<3JI Read Courier News Want Ads. .^sxmsm ^ • You can have your cako frosting and gingerbread, too! Buy the various DOMINO sugars with all your stamps. Seo tho dillcrcnce tho right sugai can mako in your meals! Granulated Old Foshloned Brown Confectioners XXXX Toblels Superfine Yellow Pure SUGAR CANS BLUE PLATE Mayonnaise • -^' : ';.;: MADl H THE WmON OH PEOPLE 'Arkansas To Get More Usable Tays i.rrru5 ROCK, April is. <UP) The stale of Arkansas will blossom put next year with some kind of plastic of composition automobile tags. The Revenue Department says thai this year's slickers were far from perfect because they kept I falling off the windshields or elss' become bUscurcd by dirt or mud and make the job harder for police. Instead, Arkansas will use a composition tag identical with lhat in use this year in Illinois. Even they are scarce, however, and orders will have lo be sent in in advance if the state gets enough. . Tree ring analysis lias enabled science lo date ruins in the Rio arande of New Mexico to 930 A. D. A PP Y GROCERY H OUR &MKT. 10!) W. MAIN ST. A I'll. IG-I7 & 19— 485 5' TUBSSP GREENS ':«„!,;„ 15" M. 0. liuiu-h OAKGE J1UNCII 0 Calif. Navel noz. 50° SPINACH RADISHES LETTUCE BEANS STUINGI ' I ' ;ss 9' IIOAI10 GROWN POUND TWO |C' HUNCHES Iv KARGK I'MRA) LI). 20 FOR FRIDAY ONLY 1'INT 25° FLOUR MARY ANN, 12 I'oitnds, I'l or S.R (i(lc MARY ANN, 2-1 Pounds, PI. or S.R 1.15 .MARY ANN, ,SS Pounds, I'l. or S.R.. . .2.2r> MARY ANN, % Pounds, Pi. or S.R <> WHEAT CKR1CAI- 21/2 POUNDS WHKAT CKRKAI, 2'/ 2 POUNDS I'AGK ISRAND 3 TALI, PUDDINGS ASST. KLA'VORS ICE CRICAJ1 JACK SPRATT, I'hj?. SANITAKY NAPKINS, I!ox 16 14 29 7 l 5 21 5 POUND .lUJIRO SOUNCK 35 30 OATS OLIVES KRAFT DINNER ::' 10 COFFEE''' 0 '' c ' ! "' Si2 'i r r' i '"'"34 c COCOA t\,S!L W PAPER TOWELS ,, 10 \\K PAY CASH FOR HKNS AND FRYERS iacon Ends SUGAR CURED Sliced, 1,1). 25c Roast H 30c Pork CHNTKK CUTS, 1,1). 38c resh Picnics SMALL AVERAGE WHOLE, POUND 32c Biscuits lOc Franks Full Dressed FRYERS LIVE ON FOOT When FRENCH BRAND Ricli and vicjocouil ib.27. COUNTRY CLUB Ib. 27 C Now Hot-Doled, Slore-Ground I Bh-mktl from the woild's finest coffees . mill Hot-Dated wllliin one liour from • llic roaslcr—Kroger Cofhx-H arc so rtcti, HO tri-sh lluil you actually K«t more tu|Ki of |;tiuil coffee for your ration. Have . u itcMiml ground at llic store—ludavl AVONDALE FLOUR DEAL (i pki?s. Ann & Hummer Making.? Smlii, box still, lai'Ke etui '(!.(!. HUtf. Powder FREE with Woixl Hairel of Aviiudtik Flour til . . . . '56 GRANULATED SUGAR 33c KuRiir Slump 12 vuliil llmiugli Miiy .'list, f> His. CORN MEAL 'ACKER'S LAUKL Z\ lt>s. PEANUT BUTTER KM HASSY Ql. .Ittr 56 TOMATO PRODUCTS PUKEE 1 a/., can, .'! for.. CATSUP 1-1 «/.., 2 for JUICE, 'Slokole.v'H 'Hi w, TOMATOES No. 2 Sid., 2 for.. II). pis. pis. FRUITS & Carrots bunch 5c I'MNK QUALITY TKXAS Asparagus Ib. 19c ICxlfii l ( 'iinc.v Calif. Grown—New Low I'rice Oranges 5 ibs. 35c Ploritht Seedless Vulcnciiis—Sweet, Juicy Fresh Ki'il Kipe Slicing Quality, Pound TOMATOES • nni PQ lv\lia Kiiucy Washington \Vinc- Hl I LLw saps 17f)-21(is, 2 Pounds DATATACC l; - - S - N°- ' «>-'ledejI Maine IQi rUlfHULO Whiles. 10 Pounds 19 GRAPEFRUIT Whiles, 10 Pounds 'I'exas Wl'ilc Sceilk'.ss Pound Kcil Kigic I.'iuisiun.i STRAWBERRIES zf I'inl Critics Per Pinl 25 AVOCADOS EachlOc CRAPUl-'RUIT JUICE •Hi (}•/.. ....-.., ....... • PRUNES, Simkist 2 II). ]>1tj>- ............ It A IS INS, Seedless 1 5 w.. pktf .......... PINICAPPI.E JUICE No. 2 win' ......... . . .. C. C., (|lK. . ..•'•.-, .. DRIED APPLES I II). Cfllll pis. 0 pis. t) pis. II) pis. 0 pis. VEGETABLES & CABBAGE LIMES GRUKN LOUISIANA POUND FRKSU MHXICAN POUND 10 16 ASPARAGUS 1 OJ/2 W- can. . CARROTS, Seoll Co 1 II |/2 (i/.. jiir PEAS, Avonilaie, No. 2 ciin, 2 for. . CUT MEANS Kroner, No. 2 can. SAUERKRAUT (ioiilsmith's, <|l. . . . CORN, Slokolc.v's No. 2 can DRIED HEANS 1 II). cello CAiMPIiELL'S SOUPS. PIOAS No. :!(),'! can, Green 24r 10 33' 13 16 14^ 10 14 17 C (liiUll 1 1 S p(H. 11 1)(K. n; pis.J M pis. t) pis. , t M pfs. •1 p'ls. (i pis. 13 p(s. PORK LOIN ROflST ( 33 PORK BRAINS BACON SKINS NECK BONES CALF BRAINS PURE LARD KOSHER D!LL PICKLES Ea. 6c lo .'! Ih. Av., Ih.' Lb.25c Lb.lOc l.b. 9c Lb.ISc Lb. WISCONSIN DAISY *}Cc l,h. 03 CHEESE SMELTS, Wisconsin Lb. lie SPANISH MACKEREL,. Lb. 39c STRIPED BASS '" """;r ' 25' FRES-SIJORE OYSTERS ; 53 RED SALMON STEAKS. Lb.35c BLUE RIBBON COD Lb. 35c DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE tHtMOOIS 1000/Buy any Kroger brand Horn', like it as vyell as or better Ihan any other, or return unused portion in original ccniaiiicr and we will give you double your money tack.

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