The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1949 Strike in Italy Oil to Poor Start Communist-Inspired Walkout Fails to Get General Support B.v I'hlllp CUrUc ROME. Dec. l-w,_italv's communist labor leaders tried" to paralyze he nation today with a general strike but the demonstration appeared to be heading for a flop. The 24-hour strike, called In protest against [he , te ath o f two farmhands in a c)ash wi()l polit . t , vas backfiring i,, j ls ea ,., y holl| . s at (•kRoirie and several other Italian cities. Thousands of non-strikers Ignored the order by the Communist- ed General Confederation of Labor (COIL) and went to work in makeshift transportation. Many stores sere open In Rome. Only half of this city's transportation system was stalled by the strike. The strike, which began at 6 a.m. (Rome time), was scheduled to end at 6 a in. Friday. Rome radio said anti-Communist workers were manning special buses .and about a third of the main street cars Most Italians shrugged their shoulders ana grumbled about Inconvenience caused by what non- Comnnmist observers called a "purely political" dcoioustralion. Sidewalks in Rome were crowded with people walking to work. Factories in Bologna, in Italy's strongly Communist industrial north, were closed, however, as were printing plants and the city's trp/is- portatlon system. But Bologna's shops and offices were open and newspapers were being sold. Police Provide I'rolection In Milan, another northern Industrial city which has often been considered a communist .stronghold, stores and tiie commercial life of the city vere nearly normal. Transportation and all but essential pnb- licservices were generally idle, according to COIL'S directives. .. First reix)rt.s from Palermo, eap- *>f(al of Sicily, said the strike was only partly effective there. Trails- port was reported ahiKxst normal. Bank,*), stores and cafes were Open in Rome. Two years ago, when the Communist power was at its height, most shopowners did not dare roll up their shutters so ! early in a strike for fear of having their windows smashed by roving Red vigilantes. Today its was different. Strike- defying workers and shop owners got police protection. "Your right to work Is guaranteed," proclaimed Interior Minister Mario Scelba. The COIL had ordered its 5.000.000 members to stop work in all activities except the most vitnl public services. The nation's trains were .supposed to stop for two hours but, if effective, this would snarl traffic, for several hours* The strike ivas a crucial test of power for the big union. Opposing it were some 2.000.0DO mt-nbers of the anti-Communist labor unions who were told by their leaders to de/y the strike order. Murder Report Is Confirmed; Suspect is Held ST. JOSEPH, Mo.. Dec. 1. <AP>— A strange story of murder, once discounted n.s a lioux, became a reality night with the finding of a woman's battered body. Sheriff George Gibbons said 45- year-old Tommy King, a transient, led officers to the body of hi.s wife, Tngrid King, 38. The body, fully clothed nnd wrapped in a pink blanket, was found between a river road and a railroad tracks Coroner W. K, Maxwell said the woman was killed by four blows on the heart and apparently had been slain two weeks ago. Las t Nov. 21 Lea veil WOT tl t, K as. r police said they were told a murder had been committed. They said the tip came from King's relatives. Si. Joseph police were asked to join in the investigation. John W. Lard. St. Jospli chief of detectives, said the .story finally TVS.S discounted as a hoax when a ArVoman contacted him nnd said she was the person reportedly slain. Yesterday, however. King was taken into custody at Lea veil worth. Sheriff Gibbons reported King, after leading officers to the body, said repeatedly. "I'll take all the blame', hut did not directly admit R.ITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. THi NATION TODAY— Govcrnmenf Prepares Special Booklet As Aid to Filing Income Tax Returns By James Marlow WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. CAP) — For 25 cents you can get a lot of information on making out your income tax, You don't have to figure the tax on your 1D49 Income, or pay it, till 1950. But if you want a lot of detailed nformalion there's a government oooklet you can buy. It's called "Your Federal income Tax." H runs to 138 imgcs. is put out by ihe Internal Revenue Bureau which collects jour tax, and Is Intended to answer a Jot of questions. You can buy it by sending 25 cenls to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, UC. Last year the government put out a similar booklet and .sold 26o,000 copic.s. 51,000,000 tn File Krlurjis In 1949 about 53.000,000 people filed an income tax return on their 1948 income. In 1950 around 53,000,000 are expected to file a return on their 1949 income. When the income tax deadline— it's March 15, 1950—draws near, this writer aud other newsmen will write series O f stories explaining who does what about his income tax, But. none of these .stories; can go into the details, aud cover ajs many different problems, as arc lrc.ited in this booklet. So it's a good quar- te r 's invest meiil for a gre a t in a ny people. The government will mail—to everyone who filed a return in 1949— an income tnx form for filing their return in 1950. It will send out two kinds of forms: an easy one, called 10-iOA, and one. that requires a little more work, called 1040, With the latter the government will enclose a 16-page booklet explaining some of the details of income ts:x filing. Still, tills booklet, helpful as It is. doe.s uot cover a.s much ground n.s the 138-page booklet explained above. Booklet Recommended As an example of .some of the fields treated in the larger booklet: Ti shows the step-by-step way of filling out a return; it covers things like contribution deductions, medical and dental expenses, traveling deductions, alimony aud automobile deductions, payment and refund of taxes, and so on. Tius booklet, as a result of suggestions and comments on the previous year's booklet, has been improved and enlarged. Tii hi.s preface, the commissioner of internal revenue, George J. Schoeneman, says: "The average taxpayer can hardly expect that the reading of this booklet will make, him a qualified tax expert, but it is believed that a careful persual will result in a better understanding of the tax Inws, and will, in mast cases, provide the information desired." New Liberty News Mr. and Mrs. Earl Petty of Detroit, Mich., Mrs. J. T. Wrenn and daughter, MLss Novolene Wrenn, of Dickson, Tenn., were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Jarrett. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Marshall and I niece of Baltimore, Md., were the weekend suests of Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Stcphenson and daughter, Mary Tom. Mr. and Mrs. Parker Cassidy and son or Catron, Mo., and Mr., and Mrs; Tom Haislead of Blylheville Perfect Record For Six Weeks Is Announced Mrs. E. P. Fry. principal of Surt- bury School today announced (he perfect attendance list for tho second six weeks of the school ycgr. First grade. Miss Beatrice Harwell —Donald Aycock. Jr.. Joe I.ce Burns. i,arry Cummings. Johnny Mack Kcllick. Marshall l,arldn, Jack Richardson. Latry Wayne Skellon, Herschcll Jr.. James Arthur ChUninn. Larry Har- Retl. Fred Glenn Proctor, Jesse Charles Rogers. William Paul Wom- bk, Linda Jo Cordell, Marge Garcia, Franke Nell Johns. Julia Phillips. Linda Kay Sallba, Linda Anne Smith, Hilda Kay Barnes. Johnny Dale Hlackwcll and Dclorcs Anil Wodkins. First grade. Miss Mary Hublcr— Jonathan Abbott. Harley Crump, Robert Johnson. Ralph Kempcr. James King, Jerry Martin. Stephen Walls. Claude Wheeler. Linda Adams, Carol Ashby. Nancy Cupnles Sandra Dougherty. Jo Ami Down-' ing. Martha Lee Kirksey, Linda Meadows. Glcnria Turner. Ann Turner. Jerry Davis. Felton Smith, Dorothy Creascy. Bonnie Sue Davis. Linda Lou Davis. Brciidn Scott arid Ann Teague. ; Second grade. Miss Luella Barnes —Carol Lee Beavers. Plicilla Burnett, Oolpha Mae Cole. Sarah Frances Hardy. Carlene Lay. fiarn Lou Snow, B'>tly Thompson. Alice Fa ye Wilson. Bonnie Killing.worth. charlotte Lewis, Fannie Oxford. Lilly Mae Powell. Mary Ellen Thompson. Linda June Yowell. Aid™ Collier. Waller Garrison, David Iloducs •David Kcllick. Jerry Polsgrnvc. Roper Robinson. Jimmy Wcalher- I ford, Joe Harold Wicker. Richard Hancy. Huey Hassell. Sammie Saliba. Kenneth Skellon and Kctnn Whisenhunt. | Second grade. Miss Mildred Mca- <tr)r — Lee Hoy Cavasher. Charles Ronald Cobb. William D. Crocker. Charles Endersr,n, Gene Charles Graham. Robert Lovelace. David Mathcnia, Michael Miller. Freddie White, Crcelia Ann Henderson, Sarah Lou Moody, Lindy Lou Trieschman. Harold Bush, Lewis Allen Cline. Hay Davidson. Charlie Kcllick, William Kmnimouth, Billy Gene Nelson, Gary ' Lee Rush. George Weiib, Peggy Cochran and Laiva Wells. Third grade. Mrs. J. G. Trieschman-Dana Richards. Harvey Flowers, James Garnett. Gerald 'Larkin John Mayes, Danny Morris, Tommy Saliba, Eugene Seymore. Rayford Simpson. Paul Wilbanks. Carolyn Corrtell, Linda Lou Culluni Linda Griffin, Betty Haynes, tlrin- da McClahanart, Linda McClanahan, Bonnie Sue Prcsncll, Pattie Sue Queen, Dorothy Mae. Ralph, Carol Wicker, Shirley Kitchens, and Joanne Battles. Third grade, Mr.s. Roy Kirksey— John Thomas Baker. James Bryan Barksdalc. Glynn Marlow Bryan, Eddie Fay Irvin. Freddie Hny Irvin' Billy Don Gainer, William Jem' Oilles, Billy Harold Hinson. Join") Wayne Lovelace, Everett Dcwayne Miller. Marvin Arnold Proctor, Jerry Alferd Rounsavall. William Norwood Shannon, Robert Gill Westbrook, Dorothy Jean Brackin, Sandra Joe Davis. Elizabeth Ann Gray Joyce Ann Haltord. Irmell Marie Kelly. Carol Jean Scott and Carolyn Ann Webb. Fourth firade. Miss Florence Moore — Parnell Barnes, George Beaslcy, Larry Bnrgcson. Harol'd Flowers. Clifford 'Coodsoil. Billy Haney. Glenn Womble. Marvin Zcll- ner. Betty Lou douse, Joanne Scott. Rozanne Stanley. Nadcne Yowell Melia Sahba. Doyle Green and Carolyn Fitjgham. BLYTttEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 EDUCATION FIRST-Hollywood nctross Piper Laurie, above, doesn't let the movies interfere with her education. She has just signed a seven-year movie contract, but it isn't effective until she graduates from bifib school ;iexl spring. Mrs. J. A. Lloyd has returned i home after visiting her daughter, Mrs. James Russell, and Mr. Russell in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Aycock and sons. Dale and Bobby, were the weekend guests of Mr.s. Aycock's mother. Mrs. J. Af. AJ cock, who was confined to Walls Hospital with a broken hip. Read Courier News Want Ads I.asl. Time Tnriav "TEMPTATION" with Merle. Ohcron anil George Brcnl News ami Cartoon I''rirl;t.v & Saturdny "ROARING WESTWARD" with .11 nimy Wakclj- f'.irtortn A- Serial Salurday Owl Show "INVISIBLE MAN" with Claude Raines Cartoon being involved. No chaige.s have been filed. A search is under wny lor the woman u-ho contacted Detective Lard. N E W Box Opens H'rek l>»js 7:00 p.m. Matinee S:iturda; A- Sandayt Mat.-Sun. 1 p.m. ConL Showinj Manila, Ark. ' Shows KVKRY NIGHT I.asl Time Totlaj "THE FOUNTAINHEAD' with Gary Cooper Alsn Shorls Friday "RIDERS OF THE SKY" with Gent Autry I'nivcrsal Short Serial: ",\Vild Kill Hickok" Chap. 9 Saturday "SAGA OF DEATH VALLEY" wilh Roy Roger* Serial: "CUiosI of Zorro," Chap. S Fox Cartoon dra Foster. John Nelson, Billy Tiibbs, Barbara Campbell, Shirley Nancy Berry. H. L. Rosamond. Jr. Bettye Collier. Rose Cliildress. Jimmy Rush, Danny Bratchcr. Jerry Lutz. Claudia Crow, Jinunie Helen Follow-By. Marsha Blackanl, ] dcnnie Fowler, in. Birdie 1.011 j Drou-n. Charles Cnalter. Lorotta | Fxlinglon. Ray Jackson and David Woody. Fifth grade. Mrs. E. R Fry -Billy Baker. James Brogdon. Stanley Cavasherc. Jerry Chapin. Wilbrrn Gray. J. T. James, David Kelly. John Eelpar Melvln. Lyndell Slan- fielel. Darryl Lee Thompson, diaries Lewis Wealherford. Belly Jo Cav- uess. Dorothy Jean Crow. Nettie Ruth Daniel. Rilla Mae Davis. Lu- bcrla Hcnson. Ann King. Jeanelte Martin. Glenda Slmmlin nnd Meli Louise Wells, Fifth grade. Mrs. Dorothy Mar:in—Jimmie Brimhall,' Larry Campbell. David Chapin. Larry Ellis Jimmie Johnston, Carol ' Knapp David Nelson. P.iav Dyer, Palsy El-' 'lot. Mary Ann Ferguson Zclha Fisher, Joan Keith, Linda Kettinp- cr. Kay LiiFerney. Lola Lewis Dr>- orse Lum. Carolyn Sncll and Shirey Trimm. J Sixth grade. Mrs. D. c. McLean— ' William Allen Caldwcll, Grady E Goff. Leon Lowe, M. J. Mutlins I'reildic Rounsavall. Kenneth Stanley. John Robert Siovall. Shirley Ellis. Nancy Estes. Linda Fowler Imogene Freeman, Anne Gofl' Gwendolyn Golden. Nancy Harris Sue Owens. Lue Owens. Olivia Sl'el- ton. Sara Boh Stilwell, Pearlie Sue StriWiiiK. c Sixth grade. Miss Alma Peters- J-mmy Brntchcr.' Dean Daughcrty Lowell Hcrron. Robert I,Ioll William Kitchens. Billy Mlddleton Wayne Polsgrove. Bobby Joe Smith. Robert Ray White, Jacby Webster Martha Bartholomew. Sue Beaslcy Jeaneite Cobb. Patsy Crincr. Emfly Damon. Charlotte Forsythe Virginia Fra/icr, Ruth Harri'st.n .luan- ita Larkin. BilPc Ann Watsuu and Mary Jane White. Last Day » Jungle Thrill Sho Jnhnny \Veisstnnllrr fn "TARZAN'S DESERT MYSTERY' Alsn Thrilling Co-Hit UNKNOWN ISLAND ===> RI.-SATU55 Top Action-Color Show of thr Year FRONTIER GAL Also Color Co-Kit IN TICHNICOLOKI CANYON A PASSAGED BLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE TH E AT R E I.asl Day • Open fi:.1l) ABBOTT f. COSTKI.1.0 "BUCK PRIVATES" Also "Under Colorado Skies" PAGE FIVE Portageville News By Jlrs. Haymonil Tooiuba A thin coat of white or alumln-1 Interior of a house less vlilhli. fr mil paint 0,1 B screen will make the'the outside this year will sponsor cnrolers under the direction of Edgar Ailor. public school music director. Tho chorus will sing before each home which has n lighted cimdlo in the window on Ihc night of Dec. 1Q. On their return to the High School Gymnasium, the carolers will be .served hot chocolate ami cookies by the P.T.A. Married Sahmlaj Mrs. Addic Bell Dozier of Potlaue- ville became the bride of Morris of Cape Otrardeau Saturday at -liM) D.HI. In Ihc Methodist parsonage in Memphis, Tenn, Mr. Morris is employed In- the Allied Construction Companv. The couple will make their home here for the present-. 1'TA Has I'rnji-i-l The P.T.A. Ims bc«nn work on its project to serve hot lunches in school children. The cafeteria will he housed in n room which will lie built adjacent to the grade school Equipment to furnish i( has been purchased from Army surplus ami the organization feels (he program will be in onerulion shortlv. .l-'ycivs i:n!i-il:,i,i ri.iMtv,, The Junior Chamlvr of Commerce s]ionsored a r ['lianks»ivin» party, in Ihe form of a wild" wcsi circus, at Ihe lliijli School cvm- nasiuiii Friday. All school children below made seven were admitted f tec. Chuck llardins and his hand were in charge of Ihc cntcrlaln- ment, Ilirlbs Mrs. Jimie Wilson lias received word of tho birth of a grandson, fjrott Wilson, who was born to Mr. iind Mrs. J. Wilson of San Fran- cisrifi, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merrill arc IMirenls ot a son, Allen B. Mcrrit III. who was burn Friday at Methodist Hospital. Memohis. Locals Randall Wnrkmnn, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. v. Workman of Holland is a member of Ihc University Singers of the Universilv of Missouri where he is a senior. He will appear with the croup when il performs with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in Columbia. Mo., on Dec. 3 and and in fit. Louis on Dec. S and lie makes his home with htn aunt, Mrs. Ida Zohncr. and family In Portagcville. Mr. and Mrs. C. H, Adams drove to St. Louis last week to brinji their .sons. Gerald aud Paul, home fron Preparatory Seminary for St. Louis Thanksgiving." Mr. and Mrs. W. E. YouiK, of St Louis, and Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Yomil of Birmingham. Ala., visited here recently with Mr. and Mrs. Dick DeLislc. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Tall and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Fox of Wlll- la. Miss., spent the wecfced with Mr. and Mr.s A. C. Clendennin. Mr. and Mrs. Karl In Inmnn and children spent Thanksgiving holl- lays In Bcntou Harbor, Mich., as Shoe Repair THE FINEST YOU CAN BUY! QUHLITY SHOC-SHOF ...IZl Vi. MAIN ST. aaag^jMAKEs DBJCIOUS Gold Medal gtvps vnn —1 PIES ' CAKE s 1 ucu< " S'»«b yuu jcooKi&s.uisaiiTS! Valuable Extras at No Extra Cost! / W^W" 1 °' X! - E 8ISCU "S. »•!,,„ v,,,, rvr,y Mr,l., furml \ K M n , „„.,!_ „;, ,„ „„, , , nrk,,!, \ n hakinit r|,,,,li,i,, * t(J furmly SU|HT|I. ll , tl,,. ,,, |K . M . l.akc. ' ' "' 2 F '- HE - C ,? n °!' Mj°n M PRIHIINO - (; ..... M '" 1 ^'G, -». ;,(J .i,,,l IIKI II,. ,„,.],, ) M ,,. „„ ,„,„„„„ ^™ir:,"™r ip<irla '"- i|wi ' iti ' '••=•''• »'' - rf mil CROCKER COOKING HUPS. N, :w ra.y rod- e\cr -tli-\r]n[ir,'tt tty Arncrkn's t\rt I f<,,»| wpcrl. Ui-uy Crockt-r. _ General Mills MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: G.neral Milli guarantees Gold Medal "(Cf/" Enrit hed Flour lo give complelcly jalisfatlory rcsulls or your monoy b«l<. •ll'lly iT,»fc,,-- »„,, ••»,„,.,„.„„.,,. .„. ,, f ,,,, lrm ,, k , „ ,.,„„„, M||; , as eucsts of Mr. Innmii's fm'nily " Mr. nnd Mrs. Al|)hoiiso 1'mvell of Oeiivcr, Colo,, arc visiting Mr. and Mr.s. A. H, Merrill and Mr. ami Mis. Jack Powell. Mr. and Mrs. J. n . Stafford visited in Scn.ith Sunday. Mrs. Mary shannon and son loiuruy. of Champaign, 111 were rerein B n,, sts ( , r M ,. s ' HI,.!,,,,,,,,., niolhei, w,s. P. M. Mnyfield. Ah. nnd Mrs. Fay ALwlll and children visited Sunday in Maiden wilh Mr. :md Mrs. Leu Gr i Mrs. li, K. llailcy of Hike.slon visited Mr. nnd Mrs. John Haiicy Smi- Thc Ilcv. Hob Reunion of Anderson. I ml., relumed to his home Sunday alter oloslim a revival at the Church of Ood. Faithful Workers Class o[ ihe ISaptist Chinch W JH IM : Ct _ ,),,,, a al the churcli. With the Courts Ma Cham-cry Chitrlcic Lewis suit lor divorce. Mnrlyn Dclorcs Jordan vs. William L. Jordan, suit, for divorce. Ernest Lee Phillips vs. M:nnarcl Millie Phillips, .suit for illvim-e More than half of all the fer- Illi/^r produced in the United States is ll.sed by farmers In the Cotton licit. You eon «rv« fen than 5 ode/ you open tho con. 1 GROCERY & MARKET 1044 West Cliickusawba D . „.., Phone 2043 Fresh Pork Is The Economical Buy Today Fresh, Lean 4 to 6 Ib. average Fresh, delicious Reelfoot Roll Pure Kresli. sm;i]| MEATY PORKR Tender, juicy, c\lr;i-fim> CH« ROAST 59 C 'I'lii- Diiinlv C(mliiii« i3 e HUMX'O. 4 it © FRESH DRESSED HENS AND FRYERS © WASHING POWDERS v Rinso, Oxydol, Super Suds, Duz, Tide Large Boxes Dcliiiiir Ibs. While l>oiii>h OLEO ,„, 33° In Halves, Del .Mnntc (,'fi eal Howl 1'ifv—-) ll)s. ."i.'Jc 'dy Me Cut GOLD MEDAL 10 ,,, 93 e 2 -•; 29 C Aihuns Svveclened A || pupnlar brands CRANOE JTOE 46 £„ IT CIGARETTES Ulue Joan Destroys mom uiliirs ..„. 20 C AIRWICX .... liotllc T 5 69 C Seeded pkg. 24c Secdfcss pkg. 18c White Roisitis . . .pkg. 25c Exfra Fancy Packs of Dried Fruits of All Varieties

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