The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
Page 2
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r ACS two COUMB FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, ;l .Social Calendar •* ! SATURDAY'S EVENT8 Mire. Walter Wood, president county council -home demoiuAra- tion^clubs hostess to luncheon for couijfy council at Women's club. To H«ve Mre. Ramsey Duncan will entertain pupils of her piano class with- -'a Christmas party Saturday attefpooii. An informal -'program of sclec- t ions 'by the pupils and games, ap- proppaie : to this season, -will entertain the guests. ' ' Modish \oung Radiate Cheer in Festive Holiday Frocks enn =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON- Paul In Rome Text: Act* Z»:U-Z2, 30, 31 The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for Dec. 17. « • • BY WM. E. GILROY, n. D. The ambition to visit Rome had lonj been present, but never lul- filled, in the mind of the much- traveled Paul. Rome in a sense was the city of his dreams, it was the center of power and Imperialism, and though Paul I md pledged, his life and interest to a higher kingdom nnrt the empire of his dreams was the Empire of Christ, neveitlieloss there was something that challenged his this ClubrJUs MfiiLere of Uie Thursday Cou- traci-'cluti were guests of Mrs. G. G. Cfcudlll this week for n bridge luncheon instead of tba usual afternoon game. The dining table,- arranged for the (three course menu, had n. low bowl; of snapdragons and oilier flowsp In pastel shades for the center, decorations. At each guest's place was -a hand made 1 Initialed haniikerchlef, Christinas decorations ; adorned '••' the '. living room wherj bridge was played. Ji«, O. W. .'McCmcheu won the ,' a white fruit cake. For l:o was unashamed of iht- 1 rcspcl, as yet lillk- known 'antj recognized. To him it was the pW-: Or oj God unto salvation, greater] TV :v-{ AfcJj even than the iiower of self. * * • And now I'aul was journ Rome late In life and a w Unable to secure Justin* cstine, he had made h'is a. Caesar, and the Roman governor who apparently was well disused, uut who was dilatory-.atexit'-Bct* ing, had been irked by P,mi;s p'.fti. "You have appealed un(o paesaf?' he said. ''Unto Caesar yoij shall BO." : Tlie journey to Rome was not without peril, for Hie shipwreck, so graphically described In Chapter 27 of the Acts, had meant Hie loss of tlie ship and the bare escape of soldiers, and passengers .- --.oir lives. The company had been compelled ered at tlie island, conveyed them afely lo Rome. It is an Interesting circumstance, :o»sidcring tlw harsh and brutal reatmcnt that otlcn is accorded irisoner.s in moilern states and even here in democratic America, hat. I'aul should have had unusual liberty in Rome while he was awaiting- trial. The process of Roman justice Ctc&lbs GaesU . . Ma, Harry W. Hatnes entertained tfie Mtd-Wcek Bridge club and two"«uCoU,'Mrs. Famsworlli Black andiiMrs, Elton- W. Klrby, Tlmrs- dayufor Junchcon and a bridge game. • a ; A|£lwo course menu was served at jeiall tables. In the card games MrsilO. P. Moss won the 'prize, hosrfry, for the club avard and Mr£j Black received n handkerchief. for high, among the guests > iPtoldier gu-.rd- ', riiKpiTgr Uto 1 whule yelrs, tojidf'Tli&jiveil thus, rccaiv- ll J.i ? ^P«»*%i HJJJiWtyn'- I •6110'.can 1 understand 't!:<;Vinnmial opportunity for' pn?4^iin^' the Gw- lel that was nccorded Paul under these circumstances. Instead of tliis period of enforced settlement being a limited period of Iiis life, it was In some resj>ects the time of his grealest and most significant activities. Tl was a time, at, least, wiicn the depth pf his religious experience and faith found meaning, an:] in the so-called "Epistles of the im-[ prisonmcnt,," the letters that Paul' wrote from Rome to the Philip- plans, the Kphcsians and others, we have the very highest development of Paul's conception ol t/r.c Gospel, of the Church, and of the eternal mission of Christ and his followers in the redemption of the world. Tims we see how. as Paul himself pointed out. apparent misfortunes, even bonds and Imprisonment, may become the means of emphasizing Gcd's grace and work. l*ostpon*d Tfie children's operoltn "Red Rldflig Hood." scheduled for tonight at the Lake 1 Street Methodist jiurch, has been postponed until -Tuesday night, 7:30 o'clock. • ' Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight germs quickly. Creo- i.-.ulsion combines the 1 best helps known to modern science. Power- mi but harmless. Pleasant to lake. No narcotics. Your own druggist, ^ authorized to refund your money oil the spot if your coush or cold is. not relieved by Crcomulsion. Adv Mtts Orna Ktnnlcy and Roy Bkljiper, both pf< Stecle, Mo., were "a- In marriage' today by the Rev Pi- Watson. Hewitt-Tub) ^e marriage of Miss Dclberta Tale and C. H. Hewitt, both of, Canalou, Mo., occurred here yes- tertjay. The service was read by theJtev. S. M. W«t$on. ,r t . • * . '• Hoajelback-Broolu Mfc Ethel Brooks, of; .Cooler Mo.;, and Waiter Homelback, ol Braggadocio, Mo., wero united In uiaffikge V«MWW9 ,^h>" city The • Rev. 'S.- M. 'Watson official ed.- Lkxnstj taaed ' Among the marriage licenses issued "recently from the Blytiievlile office of the county court clerk are to: Miss Maudino Lou Scott and"\VilUam Waller, bolh of Lux- ora'i'-Mlss Louise Northington nnd Haj>;ey Foster, .both, ot Manila; Miss,' Verna Mae Sahdusky and Leonard Roberts, both of Manila; Miss ' Mary Harrosh, oj Chicago, an<j;Sam W. Barnes, of here; Miss ROM" Nolle Thomas and Shannon Larrgley, both of Blytheville; Miss Ch^rllne Lipsconib, of Steele, and ' Elwpod Scott, of Blytheville; Miss Inez Cook, of Golden Lake, and C. '-B. Smith, of Wilson. Mwtly Personal & L. Galnes was called to Dyersburg v Tcnn., today by the critical illness ot Ms mothcr-in- la^'Mrs. Gair.cs and children have been there several weeks. Thf condition of E. R. Mason \rhft* is ;&«riously...ilj at the Memphis Baptist hospital, Is unchanged'.'[today. He had a hemorrhage • yesterday but rallied later In the day, ':• Mr. and Mrs. O. Shonyo spent yesterday in Memphis. Jytrs. Torn W. Jackson . was a visitor In 'Memphis Thursday. Mr. and .Mrs. Doyle Henderson haye' as their guests Mr. Henderson's mother, Mrs. Charles Hen dtrton, of Jackson, Tenn. Ijtrs. J. W. ASams sr., spent yes terijay in ..Xlemphfa with Mrs. J W.-'Adarcs jr.. who recently under wejsi-lan operation tor »ppcndicitl at -tee Baptist hospiUl. Her con dltlon is very good. ijrs. C. M. .Buck has returnee from a two months visit tn Phoc njs.vArizona, and points of Calif ornla where, she visited relatives. Yerhon Wiggins, who is a mem thejp. C. C. camp at War rcri.VArk.,' Is at home for a week vacation. i. Mr. and Mrs. Joe S. Dillahunt and;, daughters, Misses Ruth en Maj^ Catherine, will leave Tucs day!--for a motor trip to Canton Ohio, when; they will visit rela tlrts. Before returning home the will i go to Buffalo, N. Y., Niagar Palls end points of Canada. The plari to return January 1. Miss Vcrna Scott has rcturr.e to (her school, at Indepcitdenc ML 1 *., after spending several da; with' her .mother,--.Mrs. Moll Scott, who has been 111 with in flueroa but who is now much be tcr./Mrs., Scott Is with anotln daughter, Mrs. E. V. Treadway. city that had brought the whole w«W beneath its sway. Moreover, he wa« a Roman citizen in an era when to be n citizen meant to occupy a position of prestige «id privilege. He had looked forward to visiting Rome some day and in glowing words hud told of his willingness to preach the Gos- to winter in the island of Melita pel in this city of imperial splen- and now, hi the spring, a ship of VOO woiuhr ii Klerc is i S.inla CUuj. * Vnu'vt bcvcr xm hiia. you say? 0-iiW, IK'S, hctn traveling over llit I flr l>Qloouvit\il yors 3i;(! j day. iljivtn'l you found his spinni»s tops, Mis aolh and bh round red drums? T»cri wr^in il 13 lhat or.rt A year Tic Kisj of Iht Far Koi » c«ne»l is frinuon cloak . ; A3T«I as a rindv cane; i;«vn you'll hnr hLs'rcindcr r's l:oofs nMlle Iht wirotownant. llul «hrn did you vx ibc Sbn In lh< Moon, Or uuiei or golilins or elves? Wyou btlitvc when von read of Iheia In books on your nursery f ilEonly Ihinjj lh.71 arc .iiui h •Are fanlajy, failh. ronmiKc. Aral ihc irt,,ic r in s by Hie n-W n btre Ihe fetl of Hie pixies i. j (here's been i. Santa flam llut d..v in an Kasleni the angi-ls sa:ig lo a new-bom balx— , elo you REWARD Since Christmas is a family affair, at Uie left of the sketch scrap of heavenly blue ruf- finely pleated bodice and dust riif- oven the llltlo ono should have a dots with plenty of dash. They're fcd -.nonsense into your stocking. ' Bands of self m*teri»l and bit' of tinsel tossed her way in the perfectly huge and of gold, adding ' Tafte'ta makes it perky and tiny three small tailored bows are the F(ir return of yo female pointer, brown ami wlilfe. Has slight limp. Notify Jim C'mf- (on, «,'r CraftoH Co. Violet velvet boles make it irresisti- sufficient youthfulncss 'to the .so- only decoration. Even foijtj moth" phistication o[ line and fabric In ble below blond 'curls and a wide party dress for the occasion. ers a(« cowing to realize "that the festivity is a parly if wo're dressed tlw gown, which is of blnck velvet. usual type oi thing made for girls for it, and 11 usually takes but a There is nothing more real than of the so-called awkward age only tiny bit of ribbon and gauze forming a. narrow bell at the front. adds to. their lack of grace. The ind any fourteen-year-old or ttwre bring out all the potential Garbo It is removable, which Is a break new long dresses may seem a bit Iboius could certainly inako bcllevii latent in us from six yews to sixty. sophisticated but they arc decid- Each of the threo (rocks shown in the sketch would bo plenty of trimming for any young lady's Chrlst- m»i 'tree. .'.' the were grown up in Uie edly more becoming than pipe-stem, HKMOltl'.HOIDS ll'ilcs) cur. ell without the knife. Yuri- cosed veil removed n o n - surgii/ally. number at trie right ot the sketch arms arioottng out of short puffed Pale pink crepe forms an «xlr«n»- sleeves and bony shins extending Merely seven could be a. merely ' ly higfVi-walsted aftnir, only possi- below full skirts of that ugly In? ' marvelous aue if Santa Claus drop' Miss America ol nineteen years, ble (sr the lanky teen-age, tfh ft DKS. NIKS anil NIKS Ofticc Sit Main Graves Infant Dies .. Miwionary Society at Lepanto Names Officers assisted in haujlng the dripping tle girl from the wafer. ' . Virginia Fayc then- commence^ to cry — not because she was ler, deitounccmcut of the inade-; quaie provision made lor aged ministers, the Rev. Carleton F. Hub- Charles Ray Graves, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Graves, bard, pastor ol the Center Street afraid of water, but s^e suddenly LEPANTO, Ark.— At remembcmi slic had been forbid- of the Woman's Missionary society morning at the family home in the den to play near the pool. recently that !(.. would .be "better She streaked for home, hut when to ahoot them outright and be don* with It." "Harlnj given the best that is in btn-icv-his church,> wltat does Wednesday, Mrs. M. P. Smith was Funeral services were held this she arrived, told her parents re-elected- president for Uie morning at North Kenneth and tho other hoys poured v- cup of water on her. After wrapping her In. warm blankets and elected were, Mrs. Jtm Headrlck, was in charge ol funeral arrange tho church give him at the end? her to oc<l, her parents Ruth Hoffman; treasurer, Mrs. tlie mUiwter asked. "A pittance bestowed in relief ol sheer penury." .' The aged minister was likened The deceased is survived by his learned tho true story. parents and one sister. corresponding secre- Denounced Relief!' Mrs. J. G. Stuckey, and the womout horse once highly prized, "turned out on the highway to get a precarious living and tlwn to Offered Aj;ed Ministers Boy, 4, Saves Girl, 4, From Forbidden Pond Norman Elzey, publicity. Mrs. Fred Stuckey, mission study, Mrs. E. W Cotnran child's work, and Mrs G. E. Deycrle, social relations. The New 1934 PHILCO A Musical Instrument of Quality EASTON, Conn. (UP)—In a bit-,idle" MAQUOKETA, Iowa. (UP)—Kenneth Reid, four, already has learned something about the epheme- IM-Yrar-Old Indun Dead ie»l qualities of being a hero. Williams, 105-year-oW mcin- the Mlkniik Indian tribe, also four, plunged head-first in'.o ed here recently. He was said to a Ash pond, Kenneth seize;! hor protruding legs »nd scrcumcd for at Jlmtown on the Mother riolp. Virginia couldn't ode In 1849. At tlw time he had was under water. ached full manhood. Kenneth held on and finally was The people of Uie United Stat spend approximately 150,000,000 (UylfQf food. - •> An tventf wjult ht( 36 pbuai You're The Loser W HEN you nllow HcadVicne, Ncurnlgin, Muscular, Rheumatic, Sciatic or Periodic - Painj lo keep you from work or pleasure. You can't go places and do things when you are sulTcrinj;—and tho work or good time* won't wait for you. 'Why nllow Pnln to rob you of Health. Frlendi, Happiness, Money? .,,. DR. MILES ANTI-PAIN PILLS have boea used for (ho relief of p'^tt for more than forty years. They taste good, act quickly, do not upset Use stomach, nor cause constipation. leave no dull, depressed feeling. Thousands have used them for twenty, thirty, forty years, and still find that nothing elso relieves pain so promptly.and effectively. Why dcivt you try them? Once you know how pleasant they are to take, how quickly and effectively they relieve, you won't want to go back to disagreeable; slow acting medicines. You too may find quick relief. WJiy wait forty mltiules for relief when Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills will relieve you in ten to twenty minutes? As a hotLwhold remedy f haw never found anything that equau>\t Di; Mila Anti-Pain Pills. - Mrs. Silai D. KeUtr, PtnrWld, P*. I never found anything that was so good to stop pftln M Dr. Miles AntU Pjin Pilla. I hav« told many about thorn »nd I find they are »U usinj them. Mrs. .Martha Lacy, Davenpcct, Iowa I have been using Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills for year*. •! ktep tHero on haod all the time. I can certainly, recommend them for p*in. • Hiss-Audra Scybold, 2411 W, 2nd SL, D»yton, Ohio Your Anti-Pain Pills have bwn a wondtrftil help to aie. I have used them for throe years and always keep them on !und. Mrs. E. Pierce, LapwJii, Idaho • I have used quit* a lot of Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Tills. They tn SIM pills to itap pain. Mrs. J. L. Kester, ShlcXjUnpy, Pa. OR. Ml UBS' ANH-MIN PIUS been tiring Dr. Mile* Anti-Pain Pills for thirty years. No mutter what kind o/ pain I have, they stop it almost in- ftanfly. Keu^r without them in the haute. -Mri. CTia*. W. Webb, Indio, Calif. Opera Glasses What do they have to do with Dry Cleaning? Not much, wu'lh readily a d m i t. Jlowover, since we brought the subject up, we would like to call your attention to the fact that you don't need glasses to tell the difference between Unique Clfe'inine and ordinary work, even at.a-distance.' 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