The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1950
Page 12
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t AGE TWELVJl' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUHTER NEWS Kugf «ud upholstered furniture cleaned Iti four home, lltst of n'Ccr- enccs given FILI/S IIOMK Cl.KANINCJ •iKKVlUE. Call MM. « U) 8 ml' , 10 7 pm 5-23 ck It WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1950 Ulmiuun) eft»rg# I' lime p«f !in« ..... I MM** per Hn« P* r "* X >lnM f*r IIni p«r d*r **• • tl*s«* per Une per d»y ...... ?e U HUM per lla* p«J d*7 * MO«IB per Jlu« V^ ** Cvuat rive Mtrage word! to ttn line A4 ordered (or ttiree or *lx tlinea ana rV>»p«i before expiration will b* charged jor irte number ol tlm« the * rt a»p»ird ana adjustment ol bill made All 'cUMUIed AdTcrtlsing copy «ub- mtt*d by persona residing ouislde ol tn« cl»y niust be acconip&nlfd by c**n Haui may e*mi> b* computed from IQe ikbor« table. Advertising order for rrgulftr tn«*-i- Won* MKefl tne one lime t«bli Na r«poiulblllty will be uten lot •i»r* loan one incorrect lawrtloB ot »nj class.11 ted kil All fcds are re.strlcle<l to their propel cl*»slllcailnn fityle and typ« ' ] " r Courier News rtfcrvtf ib« ( liuhl to *du or reject any ad Apartment for Rent Furnished npt. with balli.' Ph- «35. 6,20 pit 2J 3-rootn tint. 401 K, Ash. 2-robm furnished modern aparlinrnt. Ph. 165. 6)13 CX II Furnished 2-room apt. Electric rc- Irl-crator. atllc Inn. 100 W. Ky 4152 or 2391. <[" ck " Ixjst Boy CovirLs—modern cabins and apartments. Cafe service. Ph. 951. 6,70 |>k 7:20 Nlcrly fur. IlKtit housekreplnE »pt Private entrance. 514 \V Walnut «;16 ck C;20 2 room unflir. apt. SOI North PrnnX- lln. ph 4681. «|t« Pk 23 One room fur. »pt, Blx dollars per week. Ph. 6213. C|2t pit 6,21 Auto Supplies and Services Don't endanger your family with faulty tlre»—BUV LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Ualn A Dlvlslou Plione 23S3 12!I3 ck tf Services Let me do your windows, floors, woodwork, walls, ceilings, etc.. In >'oi general house cleaning-Call 369B. 6 to 8 ft.m:, 5 to T p.ra FILL'S Home Clean Ing Service 3i23 ck I PoiindatLons repaired. Housea Jnclted up Call 67-32 after 6 PM or sec Frank Crockett at 705 Clark St. «J12 pk 6:i6 "TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS 111 «' W»inut rhon« 3383 Plenty of Parking Space tr AUTO AND PURNTTURE LOANS Prompt Persona] SerTlce O«ner*l 'Contract Purchase Corp 106 South 5th Fbnne 8803 4[5 ck If Bewing & alterations. Lorene F[ow- 9TB, 5QO East Rose. On Thursdays cntl *«8. 621 pk 24 PLUMBING Oil «OT« »nd pump reputing oy eontrXct or hour. No Job too large or too small. A.H work Guaranteed Harry My«n Ph 6J« 5123 pit 5^23 Jtuga cleaned m your rinme. [few •qulpment No mess GrVtlsfactloa Gil- »r an teed. Call OraH S190 The House ol Charm B. II Acrosa From Razor back JJ10 cfc Painting and paiicrhnnglug All wotk guaranteed Ezell Cothran. Ph 6380 1124 South LaVe SI 6j7 pk 7|1 LA \VNMOWERS SHARPENED The [actor? way Westbrook'a Machine Shop Cal) *lfl1 eiu ck tr rioon re United quality workinnn- Bhlp Courteous prompt nenlce Rra- i^itiable prices Authorised dealer* ol Kentl'i floors. Onnnl* Wald. Versatile tree estimates Deal'a House ot Charm S Htwa? 01 Phone «1»0 I] 10 ck tl KURNITUHK UFHOLSTKKJNO QUALITY WOKKUANSIIIIV J'ROlU'l ijERVICX THX UOUSM Ot CHAItM DIAL 6190 i|3l Ck tf Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dfty service 011 JoBs-olry—LJ-rtaya on /alchcs ond clocks Guaranteed wtirJs ioae b; tipert reaalrnian ix>'A*t-M PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second Custom picture draining '.V» titti quaht? — ..ea.srtnarjty preled — H''i] i;te(J M&tR Diplomat framed at K|)UI Tne Nous* ol nhnrn. a HLWAT 61 Ph ftl90 Power i Hand lawn innwer.s sharpened & repaired. iMotors .uned up oj completely over- lautcd. Paris for Clinton & Uriggs & Stnitton motoi's, carried in stock. We repair nil makes of washing mac'hincs Parts available for all types in one week. Blythevillp Machine Shop 211 S Second Phone 2828 5-2-1 ck tf IT'S NO SECRET.. BENNETT'S DELIVERY SERVICE .nr^e or snml] Itoma picked tip and Ucllvcrpcl. \'t Riid ojie ton truck on «UI. At apptoxhnately tn\l prices PH. 6930 Day or N1u: 6,lfi pfc B.:«! Quills WBKhea -inc. I)n nlfori FAINTING— PAPKIt IIANCINO RILL I3AVIH A: CO IMIONE 4'J2l For Sale, Misc. Second luincl E. Ky. Ph. 2234. or clcctrolnx l.sHcrs and jjatLii pi Thompson. .t <[(Mira y:ifi 6jl6 |ik 6,2^ ds. Bwrcpcrs. .• OiilV- K. C C ,20 pk 6 ;»:< ATTENTION Stretch Your Hollar Webster wliltr: tiotisc paint now J'J.OS per fjal. McDanlels Auction West llw»y 3. Next door to Lost Boy Clro. 6 21 ck 6 ?A PIANO JJAltGAINI Unforsccrr clrcninstances force ns turn over to a reliable party 111 this vicinity, a lovely little splnot- type piano In perfect condition, for only S:!59.GO. Can arrange easy monthly paynir^nts. If desired, on tbls unusual bnrfialn. Write LUGAL DEPAIITMRNT, I'. O. Ilox -IMS. Memphis. Tenn,. for fnrther parllculara. fi;2l ck 23 New Power Lawn Mower Headquarters. Gas or Electric Reel or Propellor Tj'pe- give you ont year's Free service on Exy Cut and Master Mowers purchased from us. Parts available lor all types we sell. Call us for free demonstration. A bargain in a few Good Re- conriitionud Power Mowers. Blytheville Machine Shop 211 S. Second -j=f::. Phone 28^8 ••'-.'"• 5-^5 ck If KELVINATOR RLUC'l'llIC RANGE, 'DELUXE MODEL, FLOOR SAMPLE, GUARANTEED. PRICED TO SELL. 73. B. GEE SALES CO. 117 SO. 2ND. PHONE 2026. 6-20 ck 22 LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR OR ICE BOX. E. B. GEE SALES CO., 117 SO. 2ND., PHONE 2020. 6-20 ck 25 YOU GET BETTER USED CAR BUYS at Phillips Motor Co. litm CUSTOM cum COUPE...$1205. 19-19 KOUI) nKUIXK TUOOK, with Radio, Healer, While Side Wall 'J'iie.s, Seat Covers and Very Clean. In Dark Ulue. . .$1395. l!ll!) CHKVHOU'iT DliUJXK COACH. . .$1345. 19-12 KOIM) '1'UDOU. . .5115. J9-I1 CHKVHOrj'VI 1 COACH...$295. J939 KOKO TUDOIl. ..?135. Values In Used Trucks liH7 FOHI) PICKUP, A KKA1, 1JAKGAIN. ,.|G95. 19 l(i FOUI) \y t TON, STAKI! »OI)Y. . .$695. 19-16 GMC j'/ 2 TON'STAKK ISODY TRUCK.. .$695. nmpanij 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Wish to that Mrs. }ernic« Wallace has not l)een n onr employment since May 29U), 1950. BIA'TI-IKVILLE MOTOR CO. 6-20 ck 27 For Sale, Misc. For Safe, Real fstatf Concrete Fence posw-never rot-iievrr us'. Johnson UIocV Co HI way Gl fc> 'hone 23fiO 5j27 pk 6|27 CLAY GRAVEL. PHONE 63G3. 6-29 pk G-29 SPINET PIANO—In tills vlrltilly. Will turn KJ responsible party for bnltmce due. Best buy since ttie war, Write dH Manager. JapHn Pinna Co.. 332 Muln. JoplLn. Mo. 6j]7 ck 6 21 lrl'R 24" bicycle. Good condition Pft, 325y. 0 17 cfc 6,24 K1HHCH URAPXRY RtiH curtnln rvnlwnre Also Klrsch Venetian Blinds Cuslorn mA(U, nncl Ktandarrt ^ Traverse rod-s For Immediate delivery Cull Deal* Tho House o! Charm S 61 Ph «I90 5|10 ck tl a-pool tablc.i. v^-ry nlrr Will srH nt bii'riJtnln. :i mltcs South of Manila, Gro. 6;lfl pk 6 23 For Sale, Real Estate Cornei lot mi miMness, on niwny 61 s'nrin nrnis.-' rrnm Cnrnp \lnullcle. 50 by 150 ft. dceiJ. Terms. Ph 2157. 522 cfc tl A chnlce lot and the only one avall- irjlo in ihl.i most dcsltiiule Lncatlon WJU W Walnut Pli 2271 or 2733 Rny ' Price 63 ci: 713 .2 lai'KC lots on hi way 61 \orlh of Chckasawba St. First class husfncss lots. For quick sale $'1500 for both. See or call HUBBAKO [.ANT) CO. I'h. /1129 or K. K. Williams Ph. 4809 6-20 pk 23 7-room holism and b^th. -1-rtKirn House and ', b^lli. Snmn lot. Fr\ill lrco.-», Close In. Ftcnty shntte. Call own* rr 2062. e 20 6 2.1 The rnclio amateur must hnve a s;rMieial kno',vlc(l«c nf racho prin- I'iple. 1 ; to P.I-SR jin cxniniiiiiLion for a frrlcral license. HOMES FOR SALE New and modern, 5 roon house and bath, with breezeway and attached garage. Oi large corner lot. Extra nice extra roomy, and ene of the best buys on today's market 52/150 cash, $52 per month. New and strictly modern 5 room house and bath. Fiv< roomy closets, select hardwooc floors, floor furnace, automat ic attic fan, roll down stairs I know you will like it. $50( to 5800 cash will handle. Bal ance 52.77 per month. It's va cant — move in tomorrow Choice neighbors. See or Call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 2596 5-10 ck t Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W ASD HI CH.ENCOl BOT«L BUILDING Noffc* Foundation* repaired. HOUM> J*ckced p. C»IJ 0742 afUr « pm M m tkiik Ciocttll »t 706 Cl/.rk at For Rent & room hrtviRt with bath und gurane. '*>. 2072. «;2i pk 23 fled room adjoining bath. Ph. 2338, 6:20 pfc 7|20 2-room house lor rent. Phone €146 6J20 pk 6,27 ttxxi locker* boni ]|12 •j>3 ck u o;ilc« for lent. Front nulle or rooms ocated HL 411 West Main, first floor j'nll Ili]bi>.ird FLirnltur« Co.. pt|. 4109 fi<2 ck tl liousekeeplDB room, ph. 2920. 6.14 ck C.21 4 room house with bulh J40 per nonth. 1 i. 2674, c;n c lt tf He/p Wanted. Male Young married man be- •vvecn the ages of 30 and '15. earnings ijnlimitcd—but rnnsl be experienced in appliance 'ling t.ate model car nee essnry Write Box GGG, C-o Courier News Co. 6-8 ck tf Snlecman tor lllj-tlifville and vicinity Eijaranleed Ralar against earned commissions Must own god car. Ape 23 40 Apply to Mr. Fiedler, Noble Hotel alter « PM. 6112 ck tf Business Opportunities Start your own hlrstnesa or Increns*- tile proflw of yonr present business «-lin frozen custard or soft Ice cream See S. E. VanBlbbcr or call 4835. 6;10 pk 7110 For Sal*, Can and Trucks BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAINS BURNE1T AUTO SALES 503 > U»ln Prinoc 3031 CALL OK 8KB CARL PAUL- H»w PoatiftC* New Pickup* NOBLE GH-L PONTIAC, Inc. fboni 4330 or 4271 Due to the tremendous demand for our new sensational '51 Kaisers and Frazers we have some exceptionally good used car buys. 2 ]948 Kaisers . 4 lfl'19 Kaisers 1 1949 Frazcr Manhattan Extra clean, low mileage. Most of these have all the extras. Also several other makes to choose from. SKK THEM" TODAY 61 MOTOR COMPANY N. Hiway 61 — Ph 2142 «;i«.ck if Used Cars—All makes and models. From ?50 to $1595 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck tl Loans Jf Interested In buying, bulldlnB or refinancing your home on 20 t« 15 ymrs to. repay, at 4!i<ji Interest up >5% of the appraised y&lui, wrtU Edgnr B.ilter, Bateavllle. Ark. 0<16ptE OPPORTUNITY Opening lor man ox'er 30 with owlcclBe ot trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and farm machinery. Good commission, bonus, and drawing account. The man we select will be given thorough training by competent Field Engineers. Excellent opportunity for wide-awake man In protected territory Call Mr. E. o. Frnkes, noti>] Noble. fi[l3 pit 22 Private Rooms Comfortable bedroom, aitlc fan close :o town. Men only. 310 W Walnut. «,20 pk 7,21) rse bedroom npit to bath. In prl- home. Ph. 2480. 6i2I pk 7,21 Nice belroom. men only. Attic fan SI3 Walnut Ph. H96. " 6jn pis c;24 Bedroom, eleo fun. Ph. 952. 6115 pi 7|15 Bedroom, convenient to rmth Ph «5 Sll W. Main. «; 6 pk 7i8 About 70 per cent of tile u. S foreign Investment is in the Western Hemisphere. -nr«e. comfortable bedroom, attic fan. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 6;21 pk 7;21 Wanted to Buy CHICKENS BLAYLOCK HATCHERY Morth 41 HWT Phone 3171 i|13 ck t arjne.i pnct. pun tor CH1CKKNS- •OUS A.ih airwi Oroccrr A Uarkel *" * »j" »n ck II Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS Nabcrs Gro. & Mkt. Pnnae iOl The new Moore barley has a slcm that rmains slifr until the crop 1: ready to harvest. Political Announcement The Courier News h»3 been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject to the Democratic primaries, July 25 and August 8. FOR COUNTY JUDGE Roland Green FOK STATE REPRESENTATIVE ti H Autry Re-election post No. John ,1 Cowan Ktnneth S. Sulcer Post No 2 Albert A. Banks Post No. 2 E. C. "Gene" Fleemcu] (For re-election Post No. <) W. F. Wells For State Senator W R Nicholson J. Lee Bcarden HEAPEY CHEAP! e. 1989 CHEVROLET 2-DOOR SEDAN.. .ONLY »19S. 19.W CHEVROLET 2-OOOR SEDAN.. .ONLY »19S. 1940 PLYMOUTH 2-DOOR SEDAN.. .ONLY $19*' 1»35 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN. . .ONLY *79. 1935 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN...ONLY $69. 1934 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR SEDAN...ONLY IMS. 1931 PORD MODEL A TUDOR...ONLY $49. 19U CHEVROLET.C.O.E., 750x825x20, LWB BODY ...ONLY $295. 1939 CHEVROLET LWB, CAB A CHASSIS. ..$295. 1941 FORD 1-TON STAKE BODY...ONLY $295. 1939 FORD '/i TON PICKUP TRUCK.. .ONLY $295. 1916 CHEVROLET •/, TON PICKUP. . .ONLY $495. Many Others to Choose from EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN <| Remember, Yoy Can Alwayt Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 3«1 West Walnut' phon« 578 Tile first Colonial American, author was Capt. John Smith, who' in 1608 wrote "True Relation", the account of the 'Jamestown settlement. You'll Love Our Flowers! Blytheyille FLOWER MART Memphh Hlw»j Fhcnc (Ml YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER Shirley Hipp Office Phone 4091 Residence Phone 1W Blythcvllln SIT^RIFF ANI> COLLECTOR Osee Nunnally Wonted fo Kent Large window fan in good condition. Write Box A A A, C-o Courier News 5-18 ck tf Navy llrcrultfr. wlr* nnri 3 rhltdr-'n tlc-slrps modern 4 or 5 room Curnlxheit house. Ph. ;{<Hfl. 6,21 pk G 2-1 When Yoy Trade for a New 1950 CHRYSLER or. PLYMOUTH BIG TRADE IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD CAR T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 124 East Main Phone 2122 1 CADILLAC $ 795 !fl 17 WMCK TUDOR, With Radio and Heater. Clean, ami a Wonderful liny. . .$1195. in-ll IMC SOT A 1-nOOU SEDAN. . .Good Transmission and Nice for Hie I'rice. ..?:!!>,'>. in IS CHEVROLET TUDOR. Really a Clean Aulo- mobile. . .51195. 1 <m I)K SOTA.I-DOOR SEDAN. . An Excellent liny for the Money. . .J295. 1912 UUICK TUDOR, New Motor. . .$Mr>. 1916 CHEVROLET PANEL TRUCK. . .$095. Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across from the City Hall _ BiythtTille ^ Here's a fop crop for farmers! Talk ahoul Irurks specialized for any kind of farm work, we have 'em in Ihe new heavy-duty engineered International L-Lin* Triicksl , From pickup truck jobs (o hauling; livestock — whatever you need a truck for, we have the truck (hat's right for you! And each truck is heavy- duty engineered to give you long life and low-cosI performance. Come in and see the wide variety of new In- lernalional Trucks, soon. There's one that belongs on.your farm I INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Heavy-Duty Engineered to Save You Money INTERNATIONAL HARVESTE 312 South 2nd Phon* 6863 ILO AN S CARS, TRUCKS SLtil Eitite A tUA (United Insurance Agency A. r. (Dee) Dietrich, Mirr. lilt * Mlin— Re»r Citj Drmj Blrtherillc. Ark. BURY YOUR WORRIES/ commit AUTOMOiut IHfUIIANCI rtOTICIIOH win* FARMIRS IOOAT MAJVT l W.L. Walker, District' Agent 200 Isaacs Bldg. Bu. rhane 349* USED TRUCKS HEADQUARTERS CHEVROLET i/j TON PICKUP. Excellent Cab, Healer and low Mileage. in 19 GMC H TON 7 PICKUP. Low Mileage, Perfect Tires and Very Clean. 1919 GMC '/i TON PICKUP. Radio, Healer, Spotlight and Clean 1!>19 CHEVROLET 2 TON LWB. 825 * 20 Tires, 2 Speed Axle, a Good Price. in IS CHEVROLET 1 Vi TON LWB with Grain IJcd, Cleanest Truck in Town. 19(7 GMC 1'/ 2 TON. Good Tires, Good Motor and Priced Right. A Few More Trucks, All Sizes, Ail Types EVERY TRUCK ON OUR LOT IS PRICED FROM $150 TO $1000 Easy GMAC Payment Plan With a Guarantee on Every Truck HORNER-WILSON* MOTOR CO. 309 East Main Phone 2056

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