The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1941 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1941
Page 6
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.PAG*; SIX BLYTJJEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 1941 Many Farmers In This Section Making Reoairs, Other Improvements At this time of the yoar when farmers are not so busy, a number are taking advantage of the Season to make repairs which will improve their residences. Among'these'are several fann- ers who have purchased acreages from Three States Lumber Company and who have reached the stage in their successful "farm paying- program" that they can improve their property. B. A. Davis, who lives two and a fourth ."miles Southeast of Dell, has re-roofed his house, painted 5: and made a number of repairs. New windows and new doors were added to the Billie' Middle ton house, six'miles-South of Blythp.- ville on Route 2. which also has a number of ether recently made improvements, • . J. C. Gallagher, who lives one and -a half miles Southeast of Dell, has added two. rooms to his residence, which has been remodeled with concrete blocks placed under the foundation and a new roof also added. Two rooms are being added lo the T. R. Garrett house, two miles South of Dell, along with a new screened porch and a new roof. J. C. Barber, who farms 30 acres three miles Southeast of Dell, is building a new bam and also doing much fencing. A new room and porch are being erected by N. T. Coleman at his home, three and a half miles Southeast of Dell. Belier Homes Belter Living by tin- Housing Kditor The enlnincv doorway of a house 1 affords an opportunity for decora- ; iion detail which adds interest and oiifii character to houses of other- i wise .simple design. ; The doorway is often the focal i point in home design and the center of decorative interest. ' The design of the doorway should | be in chimu-rer and harmony with ' the architecture of the house as a whole, it should express a spirit of welcome to friends and the family and be an indication of warmth and cheer within. Where the home planner is jjejroom- House Has Intere^tine Design ^ ——' ~™£^~~,J2_ Ark mo Lumber Company Plans To Start Work Sotfn On New Homes Thf- Arkmo Lumber Company, which h<i>: erected several houses in Blytheviijfr for resale, since the FHA program was inaugurated, will start work .soon on two more popular-priced residences. One of these wSil be located a-. Holly street, on a 50-foot loi; doubtful of his ability to .select a ! Weat of the S. K. Garrett resi- doorway of correct design he denee, and Uu< oMier is to be on should consul?, nn architect. and obtmn his advice »nd suggestions. Follow Easy Rules To Avert Ice Accidents In mid-Mnter slippeiy steps and sidewalks are the major ouises of serious accidents for which the home owner is' responsible. Observance of a few simple rules suggested bv the Federal Housing Administration wUVaid in the prevention of accidents. I. Do not allow snow and" ice to accumulate and harden. It is much easier to remove immediately after the snow "ceases to fall. 2. Use sawdust' on slippery surfaces. Sawdust'., clings to ice better than ashes,:and is a better non-skid material, less messy, and far more effective. It can also be used in vestibules and inner hallways. 3. Never pour hot water on icy •steps. Ice .should be dissolved by sprinkling salt liberally on walking surfaces on which ice has formed. 4. Remove;icicles from roof cornices before they fall. Do not permit, drain leader discharges to freeze upon the walls. "Dogwood lYail" Followed BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (UP)—This industrial city has its own "Dogwood Trail." Each spring several hundred motorists journey over Red Mountain to the picturesque home of George Ward, "Vestavia." atop Shades Mountain, near by. There a program of songs and music is presented. size lot on Short Walnv.L sl '' C; t't, which Is rapidly becoming "populated." Both houses lace the North. They win be .similar in design to .several others in those blocks. Exterior walls will be of frame, in colonial hiding, with composition roof, the color of which has riot yet been decided. Each house will have five room's and such features as oak floors, built-in cnbiuets in kitchen, numerous closets and attractive arrangement are Included in /;he plans. The house on Short Walnut ( street will have a screened porch Ion the East. To What Extent Is Hal! Space Wasted Space? The subject of hall space—and to what extent it is wasted area- occupies a place of importance in the discussions of most progressive builders. Federal Housing Administration planning authorities 'declare that hall space Ls necessary to provide privacy and rommunicaUon between various rooms .especially between living room, bednoms.' and bathroom. At the same time, except for privacy and access, it is not usable space for economy it should not be larger than netes- snry. The PHA describes a ha!3, in ; t. c minimum form, as approximately a square with door openings on its four sides permitting ac;css to the same number of rooms. The minimum ball Is thus limiJcd to the one-story two-bedroom house. Additional bedrooms or the use of two stories require increased hall area. which should be planne 1 for minimum size. has access to the first floor lavatory. Questions and ' -^nswers mm GETS Q. is it possible to make a house which Ls square cr rectangular in shape appear interesting? A. Achieving an interesting fcx- terior appearance for rectangular I shaped houses requires more in- j genuity than for those which are L, ! u. or 2-shaped. Good wall opening arrangemc-nLs. -.-are in selection and use of a well-proportioned porch, a bay window, and an ai,- tractive entrance doorway will «as'- .si^t in obtaining an interesting appearance. Well-planned garden walls, fences, and similar acces.- sories can be used to give the house individuality. Attaching the garage to the house is also an effective means of -achieving' variety. It tends to make the house appear la.'-ger by increasing the- exterior mass of the house. ! Q. What Ls the purpose of a thin- j ner in connection with paint and what arf the best binds? • A. Thinner;; are used to make thu i pahu spread more easily and the j oil penetrate porcus surfaces more i readily. ILS effect is temporarv ; since it evaporates when the paint is used. Generally speaking, chin- ners should be related to the paint. Paint, manufacturers usually rec- I ommend the type of thinner to be used with their products. Progress Of Manufacture Gives Papers For Any Type Ofjnterior Builders report a renewed interest in wallpaper as a finish for walls, in -new and modernized homes. As a result of technical progress within the industry, a variety of papers are now available to suit any type of interior. Hard glossy finishes, metallic surfaces, basket weaves, cloth reproductions, wood imitations, and old-fashioned embossed designs are but a few of the .styles on the market. Modern architectural styles are responsible for" the increasing demand for horizontal and vertical stripe papers and plaids. Metallic surfaces without formal design are a direct- expression of the modern trend. These come in gold, silver, bronze, and aluminum. Among- ihe textile finishes are embossed papers simulating monks cloth, basket weaves, and old- fa^hioned plasters. With the aid of funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the FHA's modernization credit plan, it is possible to change the wallpaper in all the rooms. Q. I like a painted .wall having a stippled effect. How can this be obtained? A. Stippling is done by applying a finish paint, coat, mixed a little thicker than usual, which may be lighter, darker, or of the same tone as the under coat. The surface Is then stippled by tapping the wet paint with a clean bristle brush. Other finishes may be obtained by using- a whisk -broom, sponge, or _ similar tool. Plastic paints may jbe used when u textured sm-i'nce is desired. Sin all Home Designs, Plans Elevated By $HA Standards Establishment by the Federal Housing Administration of a set of minimum standards of construction which the small house must meet to be' acceptable as security for an insured mortgage has been of such Tlie Colonial influence is shown n these three doorways, all variations of Early American design. These -doorways, stately and attractive when used with homes of proper architectural design, will bejrery much out of keeping with Renaissance structure or Tin-Horn Adventurer Flush Surface Doors 'The use of flush-surfaced doors on kitchen cabinets and subboards will expediaie the housewife's work - . .. . ..... of keeping the room spick and | must be compaublc with the needs span. The old type of paneled door "' '' ' ' "' " frequently gathered com and dirt. ,;aui was harder to clean. -:: It is also pointed out that by elevating the quality of design, plan, construction, and liability and usefulness, the FHA has performed a notable service not only to the HidU 'vfdtials 'who buy today's small far-reaching importance as to ele- | houses but to the" building industry vate the design, plan, and construction of virtually all small homes built today. Many of these factors were neglected in building small homes in the past. Stamiiirds Fit Dwelling According to FHA requirements it is net enough for the home to be valued at a price the average Wage earner can afford. The house must meet minimum construction standards that are both sensible and consistent with the type of the dwelling. The FHA also rules that it which must meet the great demand for these houses. .Builders are aware that a tremendous market- exists for the small home which can meet the FHA/s eligibility Requirements, whether the home is ultimately financed under the FHA-instired mortgage system or not. Few building leaders deny that the modem type of small house is better than that of 10 years ago. Houses May Differ dwelling with a tiles. roof of Spanish i Payments Like Rent I One of the greatest advantages .of the Federal Housing Adminis- Often an older home may be improved when Fitted with a' doorway of more attractive design. Work o fthis kinci may be financed under the Federal Housing Administration Modernization Credit Plan. Louis Lansky To Build New Brick Veneer House Louis Lansky will become a home owner soon as work is to start this week on erection or his new five room brick veneer house to be erected at 1129 Hearn street m the 50-foot lot West of the P. 5. Cooley residence. There Ls to be a front porch and a rear one; a composition roof will be used, color of which has not been decided: the windows will be factory-fitted; the new type plastering lathe-wall Ls to be used foxplastering: oak floors are includet. m the plan which also shows built-in cabinets in the kitchen A space heater will bo usod in a central hall. iratirm tration \ „ home ownership thnt the long term for payment allows the purchaser to build his home with monthly costs ns low as rent. of the family which will occupy u.> and it must be located in a neigh- i borhcod reasonably free from the type of hazards that tend to destroy residential property values. FHA officials say the agency's greatest contribution has been to make home ownership available to In FHA Treatment Two proposed homes of similar design, construction, and cost may receive different treatment by the Federal Reusing Administration. While at first stance this may to the new . — _ many factors additional thousands of citizens which may determine the extent .seem unreasonable r/.vner. there are neighborhood rareci highly by FHA underwriters. The other' .may be situated in a neighborhood which values may be expected decrease at too rapid a rate. in Hot Water Greatest Enemy of Disease Germs the • Hot water has been labeled greatest enemy of germs. During the Winter, when colds are epidemic, an abundant supply of hot water protects family health. The availability of hot water makes possible the sterilization of dishes and careful cleansing of hands before eating and increases the frequency of baths and showers. Steam or hot-water heating plants may be equipped .with indirect water heaters with 'funds obtained from private lending institutions approved by the Federal Housing Administration under its Modernization Credit Plan. Linoleum Wall Finish Linoleum wall coverings are recent innovations in house interiors. When properly installed they have the advantage of high durability, and are easily cleaned. Funds for doing over walls may be obtained from approved lending institutions under the FHA modernization credit plan. ... vi*..- fc * v-.i. . -.-v *-•-->*.**.• «-j ^» v -u-«w**-* | i/IHtyJi UlLty CilitCl iLilLlt^ tllC CXCCllC \ who night not have been able to j O f the FHA's interest in the struc- lf^. may , afford more expensive Viome-fmanc- \ ture. * m ing systems which prevailed before | one of the homes may not only the passage of the National Hoas- be sound in construction and de- ing Act. .sig n but may also be placed in a i Hints On Luggage Storage For the-storage of trunks .and. luggage in the cellar, a clean dry' room is essential. FHA officials say- However, where it is sometimes difficult to keep the basement dry. be built, to hold the trunks or luggage high enough off the floor to insure against' damage. Winter Ideal Time For Repairing Floors Home owners will find Winter one of the best seasons of the year for the repair of cracked flooring, according- to the FHA. Wood, as a general rule, is 'much drier during the heating season than duiing any other period of the year. Cracks in flooring- may be filled with a paste of glue and sawdust, or hardwood strips may be placed in them. -Either method may be financed with funds obtained from qualified lending institutions under the FHA's Modernization Credit Plan. HARRISON'S AUTO PART? & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Repaying, Weldinx Acrois from Red Top Gin Warns Against Too Much Variety, Monotony Designing homes so that thev J"» be in harmony with other .houses m the neighborhood is : sometimes a serious problem ederal Housine Adminls- urges developers to avoid monotony and excessive vi- of architectural effect a eveloper Uses onlv a The roir.ance of the open road must have called three-year-old bitch-hiker Clarence Alspaugh, Jr., founc wandering along a highway near Vandalia, Ohio, by a passing motorist. Given a ride, horn-tooting'Clarence refused to tell his aame, but his Sunday School teacher identified him. ._ interest may be <=ecurpri by having sometimes the end e ,e- vation ana sometime., the side ele- Read Courier News want ads. Read Courier News want ads i We Have A Number Of F. H. A. Approved Lots Now Available , By purchasing your lot from us you take advantage of our complete "ONE SERVICE" for home builders. The location of these lots has been FH. A. approved. We lake care of all other details. You make the down payment and THAT IS ALL. No worry, no inconvenience to yourself. Call or come in to see us now. You'll be surprised how easy arrangements can be made. ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 We can well be proud of our own modern, public water system. It affords us an unlimited quantity of health, ful water at all times. BERNARD ALLEN, "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity- It's a Joy to Work in. . . and a Joy to Behold! £ONSERVATIVELY Baking, holl9ewivc8 H , ia]f of each an,l every ,l a) . ,„ tlle tilchcn . An M ^.^ vo,,r ki.chcn, in whole or in „ incx . pen«ve ,„ (Io , yct it pays guch rich ^.^ ^ ^^ ^ 7, u ^ ri8 ' 11 • ta "'P h ««M» flavor ,o any occupation. Relax you W0 rk, in a modern kitchen. ' Our estimates arc free, ohligaling you us today. in no way. Call FILL IN AND MAIL THIS COUPON OR PHONE 100 FOR YOUR COPY OF "SMALL HOMES" The Standard Guide For Home Builders PLEASE SEND ME THE FREE COPY OF SMALL HOMES" Name St. No City and State. E. 1 ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Phone 100 1 im y

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