Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on January 17, 1941 · Page 21
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Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 21

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 17, 1941
Page 21
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~H~fl Tvi TTif^fl f^t"V nrinB"*4'^i ·* -» For BIS CUITS at Mrhst chum-fresh Creamed ! Quicker-to-Mbc THE CORPUS ciiKiSTi TIMES; FRIDAY, JANUARY 17, '* I '· . --' B By LOUISV-Fi; KEEMLE '' United "Press ^Analyst : There has'been, much .1 smoke and little fire about a German move into the Balkans and ,the Mediterranean to rescue Italy and put Great Britain 'in a difficult spot. The fact remains that the main issue lies in and around the British Isles. That is. where Hitler has to win the .war. 'He. is not noted .for fighting on two fronts, as imperial Germany did in the World War against Britain and France in the west and Russia in the east. Hitler. is concentrating on the British Isles'by-'air and sea, obviously seeking to wear the heart of the empire down until its resistance can be weakened until a land invasion is possible. ' If Hitler lets up on his battering .of the islands, it gives.Brit- ain much more time to strengthen her defenses and striking power, including the air force, with the up-coming aid of the United States. The war would be prolonged and' Hitler's chances of winning it lessened, regardless of what happened in the Mediterranean. The latter is only one roadway to the empire. The fact that British shipping losses for the time being have fallen off noticeably does not fool the British. It is attributed to a great extent to the weather, and also to the suspicion that Hitler is marshalling his air, submarine, raider and mine-laying fleet for another concentrated effort of destruction as soon as conditions are favorable. The presence of German Stuka bombers with the Italians in the Mediterranean docs not necessarily mean Hitler is moving in with full force to aid the Italians. He can spare - a few Stukas to achieve results against the British fleet.' It is little enough to lend to a faltering Axis partner. As to land troops, Hitler has plenty and could spare them at this time. Stilly Mussolini .would have to submit to the humiliation o£ an obvious rescue of a weaker power by a stronger partner. More-;. over, there are Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to be. reckoned with. ·Yugoslavia is .likely to' resist. Turkey has declared its intention to. fight "if -..Germany moves through Bulgaria to attack Greece. Russia is quite likely to disassociate itself from any such adventure Jn the southeast. If Turkey went into the war oh the Allied side under the cir- cumKtances, an army of nearly 1,000,000 men, plus a not-inconsid- erable'air force fleet and land fortifications would be thrown onto the scales. Greece has an -army of about 500,000,. far from all of it as yet in the field. . , ' the British- have thei--' ueet : which still controls the Mediter- in addition to bases ir. and Entire Satis Specials lor Friday Afternoon Sat, Jan. 17th-18th Red White Whole Spiced Large Mb. 13-Oz. Can No. 2 Can 1-Lb. 13-Oz.. No. 2I/ 2 Can ,. l-Lb.- 13-Oz. Standard Red Ripe Large l-Lb. 3-Oz. Can Best . Quality Texas Natural . 1-Lb. 2-O/» Can KEU WHITE VERTICAL PACK No, 2 Can l-Lb. 3Oi. ... FINE GRANULATED LIMIT ONE BAG WITH GROCERY ORDER Sliced !5-Oi. Halvof ............ Tall Can Blue White ! ' 1-Lb. Churn Wesson Fresh Creamed Red Pound White . . C a n . . Queen ,,,,., Stt-Oz. Whiie 2-Pound Package White Jar RED WHITE HYDROGENATED Red White ALASKA RED Pkg WITH DISH CLOTH WITH CUP A SAUCER CHUCK ROAST,Ib..l8c FLAV-R-rpLL SLICED BACON, ib . 24c ARMOUR'S STAR SMOKED SAUSAGE RINGS, Ib. 2k WISCONSIN STATE BRAND, CHEESE, pound . . . 23c OLD MAHYS TURK CANE 5i-l Can Plain 9-oz. Horseradish Jar Drip or _ _ Steel Cut SUNSHINE * RED A WHITE--CHOCOL-ATK Ponnd no RED WHITE SPARE RIBS, pound. 16c PORK CHOPS, I b . . . l 8 c Oleomargarine, 2 IBs. 25c SALAD DRESS near Greece and Italy" which-have intensified its' striking power. In .North Africa and the Near East, Britain has a formidable army, which-in the case of Libya has proved its power. The Italian army in North Africa -. proba- bly'docs not exceed 250,000 if reports of the number of Italian prisoners taken in the Libyan campaign are anywhere nearly accurate. . Th"e_...size of the British force in North Africa has been placed by : fairly reliable sources at about 300,000, although the British themselves say that less th^n half that number are actually in the field. . The British must have at least another 100,000 in the Near East. Scottish, English, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian and other troops have, been combined into a growing army. I t - m a y be recalled that in the 'Work! War, the Anzacs--Austral- jar-New Zealand army corps- sent approximately 400,000 men overseas. Among those hardy ·fi'sjhtevs, the percentage of cas- ualties-V.T.S appalling. New Zealand, for instance, contributed S4.000 men, of whom 50,000 were casualties. New Zealand points w i t h pride to the fact- that oi such ? .great number °£ losses, onlv 34i~nicn were captured. The pcvcenUge. o? I t o l i n n prisoners p.nd British losses in 1hc current campaign would indicate that the- Anxacs are ' still among the toughest fighters on earth. '01 'Five' Gets _.Title of 'Meanest ! Bronc' at Rodeo Prizes of Denver Livestock Show .Are Listed DENVER, Jan. 17. (rf-j--Five- Minutes-To-Ivlicirngbt bucked bade into the competition for the title of "meanest bronc'' of the National \Vcsiern Livestock Show rodeo last" night by spilling his rider on the second jump. 01' Five's challenger for the title, Empty Saddles, was with- d r a w n froiri competition when his handlers discovered that he had injured a leg in a Tuesday night performance. I " O r i Five, who failed to toss | Happy San'key oi Lusk. Wyo., Sunday, bounced George House, Sterling, Colo., in quick order. Wick"' Knight oi Cody, Wyo.. thrown by Empty Saddles Sunday night rode Goodbye Dan. another hard backer, to a roaring finish last night. Homer Peltigrew, Grady, N. M.. bulldugged a steer in 6.7 seconds at last night's show lor the best time of the current show in that event. The record for ihe rodeo is the lime of 5.6 seconds estab- i iished by Gene Ross of Sayre. Okla., in 1939. Last night's, results: . · Saddle bronc riding -- Jack Wade, Holkirk, Alberta. Canada, first: ' Nick Knight. Cody, Wyo., second Tommy Wilson, Houston, t h i r d . Bareback bronc riding--Paul Densinwe, Tekemah; Neb., and Lex Crawford, Meeker,' Colo., tic for first; Sims Jacobs, Logandale. Nov.. second. Steer wrestling--Homer Pettigrew, Grady, N. M.. first; Lyle CoUrcll Denver, second; Dave Campbell. Las Vegas. Neb., third. Calf roping--Maurice Luycoek, Whcniland. Wyo., f i r s t ; Jim Wilkinson, Cheyenne, second; Gene Ross. Sayre, Okla., third. Brahma steer riding--Gerald Roberts, Strong City, Kans.. f i m ; Frank Marshall, Forbes, N. D., second. m 73 '! r o o H ·.m O Z m The Caller-Times . . . .. : !.. : Prints for your shopping convenience this list of every-day' items necessary for the kitchen. Tear out as shown . . . ' g o through the Caller-Times Food Section arid check. the many bargains that the undersigned grocers offer you this week. Use this list as religiously as you read your favorite food advertisements . . . It will simplify your shopping and eliminate, forgetting important food items. I.. I II j | Wool Grower Says Prices Not Higher Statement Made By Morgenthau Is Denied II GRF.AT FALLS, Mont., Jan. 17. "i--F. R. Marshall of Salt Lake City, secretary of the N a t i o n a l Wo'ol Growers Association, took issue yesterday \viih Secretary of t!io Treasury Henry MorgcnUiau, recently Quoted as being alarmed by what he called "unwarranted rises m the prices ot lumber, scrap iron and wool,'' Marshall said he wired a protest to t l i e Treasury secretary, urging him TO "consult the Department of A g r i c u l t u r e 'Farm Price Figures' which show wool prices no higher t h a n the f a l l of 193!t or 1937 and lower than the average for ten years following 1041. "We foci t h a t careful checking will convince you that your stalc^- ment is unwarranted and u n f a i r io the wool producing industry and misleading to consumers." Marshall is attending the Montana Wool Wool growers convent i o n here and will speak Saturday on ''ihe won! s i t u a t i o n as affected by the war." Nine Arrested for 1 1 Disturbances Caused By Chaplin Movie MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Jan. 17 (;ij--Nine persons, including two officers of the Italian freighter Adamello which has been tied up here since Italy entered the war, were arrested last night in disturbances attending the first showing of Charles Chaplin's motion picture "The Great Dictator." Distributors f o r . (he film announced, meanwhile, cancellation of a plan to operate ferry service between Buenos Aires and Col- onin, where the picture is.sched- uled to open today. Sale of combined tickets for the movie and ferry Irip across the River Plate, wlii eh would lake about three hours, already had started. It was roporlrtrl here that pressure exerted by the Argentine foreign ministry caused the navigation company to withdraw from the plan. BABY FOOD BEER OR SOFT DRINKS BLEACHES BAKING POWDER CANNED VEGETABLES BLUEING BUTTER BREAD BROWN SUGAR CATSUP 1 CLEANSING POWDERS ! CHOCOLATE OR COCOA CANNED FRUITS . CORN MEAL COFFEE - .CAKE FLOUR CANNED FRUiT JUICES CHEESE CIGARETTES . : CRACKERS CANNED MILK CANNED MEATS CEREALS, PREPARED OR RAW CANDY DESSERTS, PREPARED DRIED FRUITS DRIED BEANS PEAS DOG FOOD FACIAL TISSUES FROZEN FOODS FLOUR HOMINY INSECT SPRAY POWDER JELLIES JAMS MATCHES . MILK MARSHMALLOWS MACARONI MARASCHINO CHERRIES MAYONNAISE NOODLES OLIVES OLEOMARGARINES PEPPER PIMENTOS PASTRIES PAPER NAPKINS PEANUT BUTTER PAPER TOWELS PICKLES R I C E RELISH SAUCES SODA SYRUP SOAP, LAUNDRY STARCH SOAP, TOILET SHORTENING SUGAR SPAGHETTI SALT SOAP, CHIPS OR FLAKES SPICES TEA TOILET TISSUE WASHING POWDERS WATER SOFTENERS VERMICELLI YEAST CAKES VEGETABLES MEATS and these . . . THIS WEEK'S Nationally Advertised Food Products THE At, DOG FOOD MAXWELL. IIOUSK COFFEE LIFEBUOY COMET RICE KLEK GOOD LUCK MARGARINE PILLSBIJRY FLOUR WON UP FOLGEK'S COFFEF, Shop BIEL GROCERY LIMERICK FOOD INGLE GROCERY JITNEY JUNGLE CUDD GROCERY II. .T. IIKIN'Z SNOWDRIFT GRBHARDT'S PRODUCTS FK1TOS VEL RINSO MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING WIG WAM FOOD FRANK SOVEY GUYS GROCERY PIGGLY WIGGLY RED WHITE

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