The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1937
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1937 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS AclminislralLon Advi s e r s Pictured As Sitting For Present Tight ^Y K01WKY- DUTCI1ER Courier News Washington C'oiTc.sriomleiil WASHINGTON. Dec. 20.— To a liicalcr ileiiiTB Hum many of the IVc.JJcnt';; advisers find comfort- nb!e, DK'.'icnt administration policy in Hie tivce of buslnrss recession iiiid rlsiiii; uncmploynu'iil, consists of silting llglit and waiting for I'ometUin^ to tvivn xip. The "Komettiing" for whlcli Mr. Roosevelt l;cpcs most, naturally, is a change in Ihe biisiues trend which will Indicate that the country lias come out of its spiral or tiilspin. Some of his advisers keep (oiling him that everything wij| come out nil right if Jie sticks Warship Speeds to Aid of Americans CrdCra ' '° ™' Bt '"» <"«« °. «. e heavily urmcd U. cmU*r M.n-blee.uu,. above, and aging business. Others assure hint! " !e < l( "l™ser Pcpc were rushed Irom Shauijlial to ilie north Clihsii perl u:; ciiiiirst; tlrolroycd J«u- Uicrc'll hs no recovery until gov- , miesc cotton mills and properly valmxl at $100, ISO. tea. Ttic warships ami (lie iniuta-il Sncnmcnto r cr T in '" c , ^ if j »~ «''•«* »• «*"""*>» "- ^ ttMMI ^ Japan lias avoided liulillii;; nl Tslnijlao hojiiiis to snvc 'the mills. ' mo.-il gratified nl evidence of a )'c;iction agairul a fumbling Con- |::-c-;s and n Inislurr.s world which Kcnlativcs to ccnfercnccs called by lie Uiiufcs is unable to -giive it- jAdinmistinlor Straus of the U. S. :;elf - lloiuihig Authority, and Imd char- Wc would also like* an accom- 'acterize-.i the conferences as "stav- Baxing" affairs, had come to ;:ce Straus. H had suddenly occurred to l;in\ that any city which wanted , „„„. f' mc . = f "'" 5300,080,000 federal choice between the business-mind-I " cllsmE moTO >' would have to send '•'I «roi;p and the "snendcrs." who ,s oln e°"e here Io discuss the mat- believe the only salvation -' is' t21 '- Ncw Vork "ewipapcrs were ihrough stliniiKition of piirelias- i nlrall S l "e mayor, ins; p-jwcr by revival of federal I NilUla »- ' want to sen you," the cro'inarily peppery little niayor hii;i said in a conciliatory long distance call. "Can I come nnd c you tomorrow? panying demand for assertion of White House Jradersliip to pull the country out of a hole, lit. Itetn::cs In Rpcsevclt hasn't, made any clear has re- ] fused ta yiikl to the RITOIP lsc ' P the came. His original Ihe libcra, grou, be,iev,s that ^'^ ^^ '° "^ been taken some time ago. of events will ov«- | of Secretary Ickes, \ v lio opposed the ™me the conservative arguments ' st -iv- •iniicuiiinciu .r.nit cause (lie Pretiidcnl (a declare I " '" boldly for a program of increased ! /-. U II i i expenditures for relief, public, ^OOicf, MOlland and v.orks and govcriuncnt-built nous-1 Ci 1 C L I ri Steele Schools Close , niii A|l$i&fe IIIU '*:••:•*. \. Leuiis Hunter BRAND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY A PLANT FAMOUS THROUGH 75 YEARS w^"— " • ••^^••^•••^••^^^••^•^^^•^•^•^•^va The Sherbrook Cistribitting Co., Cincinnati, Ohio Distributors .Moon Distributing Co., Utle Ro:fc, Ark. Western Arkansas Distributing Co., Fort Smith, Ark. Aboard 'Fastest Hold' But it also fears that some - rm.nll business pick-up, which may I 3TE5LE. Mo.— All schools in the uppcar early in Uic year, might' Ccitcr 'Veslc ami Hollaif.-l dis t torn to be provipg tlie conserva- IricLs are dismissing thip aftcmcon live theory that clearing of in- tor •Christmas. "• fcatorics and "natural forces" will Tlic Ilollnnd and Cooler district. 1 ; lea.(i into another recovery period, • wil1 not reopen until Jan. 3rd but This theory the purchasing power- \ the Stccle district will begin Mon- :;pendins sciicol contends is jfElla- ' dilv . Dec. 27th as they had an ciouo and dangerous. I extended vacation for cotton pick- Rooscvdt may have reached a ' m s. Various programs ' and affairs more positive policy by the time : are being held this week end at all lie prepares bis message to the ' " lc schcals for Christmas. regular session of Congress, be-' ------Binning in January. Meanwhile he'™, i i r- jinjst also prepare His birdgrt i 1 WO Husbands Ask LoUfl message and the tenor of that T r . TL n document is likely to indicate the 10 Grant 1 hem UlVOrCBS direction of liis mind in veering ( _____ with the dawn of 1038. ( Two divorce suits have been rrcfcr; to Star-Gaze I filed in chancery court here re- Postmaster General James A.'ccntly. Iiuiftanfc being plaintiffs Farley saw Mayor P. M. LaGuardia in bolli actions. tiuniE in crowded Harvey's res- Crvil Cbism seeks a divorce taiirant at the dinner hour. He from Mrs, Mary Ohism, chaiTjint walked over, placed his jiand on indignities. His attorney is ciaudc the mayor's head and declared, F. Cooper. as if he meant to be heard at Rcbcr Mayhan is asking for a surrounding tables: Divorce from Mrs. Ruth Workman "111 bet you're down in Wash- Mayhan, alleging desertion. Smith ington to see Nathan Straus!" \ nnd Taylor represent the plain LaGiiardin, against whom Far- tiff Icy recently campaigned, donned • _____ a cherubic grin and said nothing. In making a pound of honcj. lint Fiirley ivns right. LaGuardia, bees average about 40,000 mites of who ha;i refused to sentl repre- nyinj;. That ycltow nnd trown blur that streaked'across'the landscape was the, fastest "hotel" In the world. At least you'd never siispecl from a. peck into its club car above, decorated as a tavern of, the ^ay ninclics, that yon were on a train. But travelers were getting used to the new luxury on the "City of Los Angeles," below, fastest (rain in Ihe world, which was to be put Into service between ciii- ago and Los Angeles on a 39-hnur, 45-mlimtc schedule, after vlic run to Sim Valley, Idaho. LEARNED OPERATIC ARIAS FRPM PH°NOGRAPH RECORDS. C -«»,,.— or START SUBBING- FOft ILL SINGER? WON 14 ENCORES, FLOODED WITH MOVIE OFFER-/ 1 . , T29iNOPERA,THE,,, Love OP twee KINGS? pneumonia compares with an ; American death rate of 82 iier 100,- ;oo from Ilio snmc disease. Though hcurt-nrlerliU allmenls irn tlio number OIIQ c(Hi,«o of mor- :«llly in lath countries, trie Jaj>- uuso dcfilli ruto from this source s- |icr 100.000 of population -lian In thi) United Btnlc«, -Among the Jnpnmsc. the dea|li rate from licail-iirlcrlal discusc, Inching jcrcbrul hcmoiThinjc, l» 228 per 100,000, cowpurcd wltii » rnur of 34» per 100,000 In the United iliitts, The Jnpnneso death wto :rom cancer i? only 71 ns cbu- Imsted viith « U. S. rote of 108. 'I'lio IOIIKCI- llfc-sixm of tlic nv- ri'HKO American as conij>(ircd Io Ural of the .liiiianeso Is prlocl- [iiilly nwiioiislblo for MIOKC laller tlltli'rciii.'VK. the slui'i' stales. A mvicli lin'gpi- proporllon of HID Amcrfcim iiopul»tlon live to Mm ilflli's, /il.xlles mill wvciitlov, wlicrc licnii-iirlcrliil dlsca^it nnd cancer nve nuijoi- causes of dcnlh. More Jii|Mincse die In tlio ygiinscr iigi.' uruckd.s; JBWW ru'ich Iho n«cs mwl susceptible Io cancer .uid licmt disciiso. Infiinl mortnUly Is fur higher UQAN CRAWFORD ONE OF FIRST FILMS. FORGOTTEN Is CPFE&TTALU, BLOND 0HJE EY6S, WHSHS 173"< LEApEPTO nAME WITH "NAUCHTY MARIETTA* children will lie guests at, dinner nl the h:me of Mr. nnd Mr». \V»1- tcr Gates of BlyUicvllfa Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jnnics H»v:cl and dnugblcr, Knlry Ann. of Slkaslon, nnd Mr. mid Mrs. Dan Portls Jr.. nnd daughter, I'ally nmmettc of Lcpanto. Ark., will spend Christmas here with Mr. unit Mrs. A. W. Jordan. Kerchiefs GO \n Australian Chain Letter MEI.BCimNE (UP)— Takt'.rf a leaf frcin the 'cx|icrlBnccs <if Hie Cjijglnators of the chain letter sys- Ipin. A u s I r a I i a n women have toimcticd a Handkerchief Club idea Hint linn the country nlmarl ring for U.iu . moment, Tho li)cn' ( niffprs only hi Lwu ic ?(Ktt.s from.itjiol of the r-haiu.lct Icrs. The memtcrship is UrAlUil ^o vvomcii and bandkcrchisui' are sent instead of money. When a woman receives a Idler containing the names and ud- •Iroiscs of llirce pcrsoiv;. logclhcr with,^Instructions en lio\v (o pio- cccil.vsjic crosses piT tin ramc nl ihc'.lop and tlien -.vritcs her own *t ,.the bottom. She then makes (lirco co|iies cf thi!- amtiided Idler p':d wll.'iln Hivcc days posts one copy e.icii to l»:ree of her friends. At,, th" same linn> she jnnlls a hanilkeicliiet Io I:-,'- person whose in me she crossed off. It everjithhifr goed ivcl! sl:n receives :>7 'H.ndkerchi»f.% in 13 days. t'nllccp Fljiiif Eoo»onilf;il SAN JOSE. Ca'l. CUP)—Sun Jose Slate College believes II. tiiis attained the lowest bergatn price possible for learning to fly. F. F. Peterson, aviation instructor, has fcen IS of his 20 students (.his year arrive nl the solo flying stage with only that expenditure which covered everything from gasoline, oil nnd repairs to an equity in the plane. are „ . C o m p Causes h\ Uiiiled And In Japan MINNEAPOLIS, Deo, : .n.~ I« .Jiv pun, us In Ihu Halted gijitc:,- heart -iirtcrlnl diseases kill movi people than any other caiisp. Aui fnr from Irelng a. coiiiiilnlnt no- cullar 13 .strenuous Amorleu, li\ii Approximately 700,000,1,09 bushels of v/lioat aye consumed annually in the United States. Slcele-Gooter Holland Sociclv — Personal Mrs. .1. W. Robbins and Mrx Snm !ft)mr,i v.-rrc linslc.'.^rs to ,n tea nt- -hc home of Mrs. nr/bbin:; Tnc=ii»y iltcrnnon in honor of Miss IJIIian om^r. hridc elect. 'Jtlic home was decorate;! (iircugti- out in the Christmas scheme. Mrs. Alma Grissom and Mrs. .). \y. Reno wurcd. Per entertainment Miss Wary Jennings pafTarcl gave a rcod- ,HK, "Mfjry nr.rl Not To Mnrrv": VirRlnia Cook also gave a reading entitled "Is Marriasc a. Failure", Miss Mnrlha Hobbins gave a reading entitled "Fishing". The centerpiece of tliJ l.ihle -,vas wedding tell tied with pink re=fs and .lilies of, the valley with pink c.indlos .in silver- holders and oinced on a, mirror. The guest of honor was presented miscellaneous ?lfts from 20 friends. . Miss Bomar, who is to he married Sunday to Norvellc Long of Cnhifhci'sviMc. at (he Baptist church by the pastor, the Rev, D. K. Foster, is being guest of honor ai a number ol interesting ,£scial' events- over this week end.' Among them Is a lunch- con at the JfcDanalil Eat shop In Cariithcrsvillc Friday noon wh»n Mrs. James Collis Woxlfin'ol Mur- frccsbaro, Tcnn., who is (o bo inaid cf honor at, the wedding, vein bo hostess, only members of the wedding party are to attend this c\f- f»ir, Mis. Alma Grissom Is cntcr- inining In honor of Miss Bomar at her home near Steele Saturday. Several partia^ have already been given horo and at Caruthersvllle in honor of Miss Bomar. • * • Dan Hinson, Earl Iflnson, of Luray. Tenn., and Arthur Hinson of Jackson, Tcnn., arrived yesterday afternoon to be at the bedside of their sister, Mrs.. John Russell, in Cooler. Mrs. Russell has been sic'< for some t.ime but was believed M be much improved until yesterday when she became worse and is in a very Ion- condition at this time. Mr. and Mrs. James Collis Woodfin of Murfrecsboro, Tenn., will arrive today to spend the holidays with the latter's parents, Mr. ani Mrs. W. O, Alexander, of near Steels. Mrs. woodfln is to be niaid of honor In the Botoar-I/ong wedding Sunday. •.'..Fred Alexander, 'who Is attending Georgia Tech, Atlanta, has arrived Io spent! the holidays with his: parents, Mr. and-Mrs. W. O. Alexander. • Dr, and Mrs.'J.-w. Robblns and .lap- (n Japan, Jl t e : s^<l ; Deaths /rotiv.cbti'ienftkt' 'debiiltyV at iigcs under bnfe ' year, >un, 'app'roxiV mateljr ^00 for ,each :iOO,000 bl iwpulsllon, compared,' with •»• : ij.' S. rntu o( 3:pcr.' ; ioo,oijp'ti'qni^iijyv siimc cause. The Japiinese 1 dcatii rate from Infant•dtarrhiftianfi : e\\- tci'IUs, under nge t\vo, Is' 199; per 100.QOO p( poputatl'ui/ cpmp?,rcd with n rate uf !3' m the United , c .tatOB. (Contlnuea oq fuse Three) QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES \Vv pay nighcst prices oil poultry nl all times. $ . SAVE >' MONKY AT V GAMES MKT. UK \v. Main Phone , blood iircsnure causci mere nnpsc to l:o refused •thnu npy other hciitth Impair mcnt, n.ccrndlnK to. a cumjuunUvi study mails by an insurance com Iiun.v. ,.'. . ' • • I , I'ncumonlr, m\d luDcrculosIs at Public Killers No. 3 nnd, a In On pan, vvlillq in, tlia Untied Slate. cancer is second tn dcadllncss, iihc 1 "violence and accidents" arc ih'o llilril greatest cnuso' of ttibrtnllly in tills country. ' In an exchange of daln bolwfjn (irliittiial forcljjn insurance corn- panics 1 anil Unlttii Stutcs cpin- t:nnles. the leading causes of rejection of Japanese applicant'',] for huiirnjice were revealed ns iil'jl; tlood pressure, tuberculosis, hcnrl,- clrculatory (inpiiirniciits. ' kldno;; 1 - lii'lntiry Impairment.';, nut) "unfn'v crntlc bulli'V (over- or underweight). In comparison, the study cites Hie principal medical grounds for rejection of American applicants as high blood pressure, heart-circulatory Impairments, over- or underweight, 'and kldnoy- urinnry Impairments. Greater American progress in combiiling tubcrcnlo.sls la reflected in the wide variance bchyccn the Japanese death rate of 140 p:r If.f/.COO (ro»i this cause, and the American rate of 50 per 100MX) of population. The U. 8. dc'ilh rate ficiu tuberculosis in 1000 was 180 per 100.CK. The, Jiipanoso death rate of 15t per 100.000 from CO I'rpof H«V UvUet .W.Sa mueh ! Iligli nioiiicnls of an cxcilinj; spore arc |ilusu»b]y rcliral Over "T.\V."— the ntq Kcmucky \vliisfccy -that 'nukes every ; event » well-renuinbcrcil 'occuioV- In incllosv (lomlnpsi, rich boJy aiiil iciintk- «Wc sKinothncst we rcfleaeii in ,9} years of ( Hi«f ilrpp oiT.V. Swivels h ili boilk J ar theT.V. SamucU Disiiilc^-. For 9J Moon plnjilbutinc <;amp,iii)-—Mttlc-Rock a ' ' ""• : CHARLtS p. MIILER. INC FOR CHRISTMAS * The Loveliest Gift of All - - Your-Photograph SOUTHWORTH Over Joe Isaacs' Slore ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITY LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing wrvtce of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Lift: Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities* OSCEQLA, ARK, ,-,-- LOW LONG DISTANCE RATES AIL DAY CHRISTMAS ALL DAY NEW YEAR'S (U. V S. and Canada Only) Lower nigh' and Sunday rates will be kept in effect ALL DAY Christmas and ALL DAY Hew Year's Day this year! Instead oi having to call Christmas Eve io gel lowest rates, you can call all Christmas Day, and all the next day," Sunday. The same lower rates will apply for a, similar period .at New Year's. SOUTHWESTERN,BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY

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