The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1933
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Served by the United Press TIHEVILEE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTKM8T ARKANSAS AND 8OOTHKABT MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. 232 ' IU,YTHEVIU,K, ARKANSAS, FltlD'AY, DKCKMUKH If,, SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTS. RIPLEY YOUTH BEHEADS WOMAN HE LOVED Gas Blast Rocks Chicago Buildings .Wrecked Over a Square Mile of City's North Side. Back Roosevelt, Farmers Urged CHICAGO. Dec. 15. (UP)—Four persons were Injured seriously nml buildings wrecked over more llian n square mile ot Chicago's north side today by a gas explosion which caused damage estimated at more limn a million dollars. The blast, | was caused by Ihe ignition of a | match in a gas filled basement. Smaller explosions following thfi first blast .occurred for inore than 20 minutes. Thousands Hid "in terror from rocking buildings us the ground shook from tr:e impact of subterranean shocks. Underground mains \veVc thrown to the surface of the street, belching flames high into the air and endangering nearby structures. Huge ooles were lorn In the pavement of Armiuge avenue for more than a mile and a half. Wreckage of damaged chimneys, shattered windows and overhanging signs littered the caved-in sidewalks, hampering the work of firemen. The man wi-.o started the series of explosions, William Slackowich, 20. was taken to a hospital suffering from severe burns. Slackcwlch said he struck a match in the basement of his home aixl knew nothing more until he recovered consciousness In the hospital. " The rear wall of a three story ririck building fell into the Cr.icajo river at. the first snock. Another building was destroyed by fire *' rlarmrig" gas seethed from ' au outlets. Scores of persons were thrown from chairs and beds at the blast. Many received treatment lor minor, injuries. Jonesboro Concern Loses U. S. License WASHINGTON, Dec. IS. (UP).— 'Ihe license of J. C. Harrison Co of Jor>:sboro, Ark., to do business under the perishable commodities act was revoked late yesterday by Secretary of Agriculture Wallace on charges that the company failed to pay Williams and Haney. Topeka, Kans., Tor t>i.\ cars of jjoUttoes. "I.el's put on our fishtlnK clothes and back the president," shouted Edward A. O'Neal oj Alabama, president of Iho American Farm Rureau Federation, representing 1.000,000 farmers, when, as shown here, he opened tho organ! Eat Ion's annual conference in ChlcaKo. Radicalism on Hie farm la dead, O'Neal declared, nredictins a rapid upward trend for agriculture. 'REED SEES i,x-Senator, in Memphis on Honeymoon, Scores Roosevelt Program. • MEMPHIS, Dec. 15. CUP)—James A. Rcc:l. the "fighting Jim" of the senate for 18 years, while "hiding out" on his second honeymoon here :oday denounced the business and inflationary maneuvers of the Roosevelt administration. "We are headed lor trouble," the 72-year-old ex-senator asserted. Reed arrived here last night with his bride, Mrs. Nell Quintan Donnelly, owner of a gigantic Kansas City dress manufacturing business. They were married in a surprise wedding Wednesday night. The former senator, twice a candidate for Democratic presidential nomination, was credited with obtaining reie'ase of "Nellie Don" from kidnapers at the outset of the nation's wave of ransom abductions. "The government is interfering with every man's business, assuming that business and the United States can best be conducted by a group of gentlemen who have never transacted any business in their lives," he said. In reply to a question concerning his views on currency Inflation, Reed said: "I am not for repudiation of an honest obligation. Any man who wants to pay a $1 debt, with a 50 cent dollar Is not honest." Cloudburst Floods Venice, Drowning 15 VENICE, Dec. 15 (UP)— A terrific cloudburst, raising Venetian canals four feel above normal and flooding nearly all dry ground In Ihe city, swept over Venice today and. racing southward to Chloggl* 15 miles u'ay, drowned 15 i>ersoim Cliloggln. where the most considerable toss of life occurred, Is a scauort town built on an Island ot the extremity of the Venetian lagoon. It Is connected to the mainland by a large stone bridge Tiie driving rainstorm was accompanied by gales nnd ruling LOCAL C. OF S. 'Seize-"$500, Kidnap Cashier at Midland, Ark. New York Cotton N'EW YORK. Dec. 15. (UI 1 ) — Cotton closed steady. ' open high low close Dec 1000 1000 992 999 Jan 1000 1001 992 1000 Mar 1019 1019 1011 1016 May 1032 10:B 1025 10J2 July 1347 1047 1040 104G Del 10CO 10SG lOiiS 1065 Spots closed steady at 1020. up 5. MIDLAND. Ark., Dec. 15. (UP) — While a niodishly clad blond young woman waited in an automobile two men robbed the Midland State bank of $500 .icday. The bandits kidnaped Cashier C. N. Finn and released him in a thinly populated mountainous section three miles from t'r.e city. Finn described the young woman, believ- ^d by police to have engineered the robbery, as "beautiful and rcfin-xl." She directed tiielr flight out of IIIDI PITICC luiii UIMLU Want Same .Liberty'Legis- lative Measure Provides for St. Louis. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec. 15 (UP)—Action of the state legislature to give Missouri's major cities self government in the sale of liquor became a virtual certainty to- the city and advised the bandits day. St. Louis already when to release Finn. ! privilege, according to U New Orleans Cotton (UP) NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 15. —Cotton closed steady. open high low close .... 093 093 990 992 .... D99 939 992 994 ... 1016 101G 1007 1011 ... 1031 '1031 1021 1020 ... 1014 1044 103fl 1040 ... 1082 1062 1057 1057b Spots cliied steady at 093, unchanged. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. Chicago Wheat Dec. ' May Dec. May open 82 1-4 84 3-4 high 83 80 5-8 low close 81 1-2 83 83 3-4 85 1-4 Chicago Corn high Few customers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. One of the robbers was described by Finn as a "typical country man, inbblly dressed," but he said the iher was young and stylishly ressed. The cashier was not harmed dur- ig the few minutes he was in the icing bandit machine. He was ot blindfolded. He said he be- evcd one of the men carried a lachine mm. although he could not x positive. Roll Forl Smith Loin Office FORT SMITH, Ark.. Dec. 15 (UP) —Two well dressed young men ebbed the Peoples Loan nnd Tn- estment company here today and scaped with S500. The men forced employes to the ear ol the oflice which is located in Fort Smith's busiest comer. They looted cash drawers and cut elephone lines. One of the men stood guard vhilc the otrer walked out with money. T!u guard remained ue minutes after the robbery. So quietly did the bandits per- 'orni that a large work crew In ront of the building did not know vhat was going o". open 44 1-2 51 3-8 low close 45 5-8 44 1-4 44 5 52 50 1-2 51 3-8 losing Mock Price* A. T. and T. 113 3-4 Anaccnda Copper 14 1-4 Ucllilehcm Steel 35 7-8 Chrysler 51 7-8 Cities Service 13-4 Coca Cola 95 General American Tank 33 1-4 General Electric 19 3-4 General Motors 33 5-8 International Harvest .. 40 1-2 Middlcwesl Utilities 1-8 Montgomery Ward 223-4 New Yoik Central 35 1-8 Packard 4 Phillips Petroleum 1C Radio 71-4 Simmons Beds 17 St. Louis-San Francisco 2 Standard ot N. J 46 3-S Texas Co 25 1-2 i). s Stwl ; 4fl 7-B the amended control bill noa r In conference between the senate and house committee. Although the house changed »he measure so that hard liquor can be sold only in the original package and 12 per cent beer and wine.< by the drink, It gave St. Louis wide open power to sell intoxicating liquors In any way the board of aldermen see fit. Kansas City, St. Joseph, Spring 1 field and joplin arc demanding the same right. Savings Distributed Approximately $6.000 was distrib uted to Blythevillc members of the Christmas savings club of the Farm ers Bank and Trust company this week. The 1934 club will open the firs of next week. Armed Robbers Take Cardwell Man's Casb CARDWELL. Mo.-^J. Bollinger. local merchant, was robbed Tuesday night at his grocery store on South Main street. He was In the store alone about 8 o'clock when two men entered, and ordered him to open his safe, which hi>- did. They look between 460 nnd $70. The men. who were unmasked, were unknown lo Mr. Bollinger. They were armed. Sues for Divorce Edna Mae Rhodes has filed suit in clnncery court seckln? a divorce from Eddie Rhodes. Mrs. Rhodes also asks restoration ol her maiden name of Edna Parsley. Thc Rhodes were married in 1929 and separated in 1930, according to the complaint filed by I-\ C. Douglas ,Then Herod called back before him th« Three Wlae Men, and Inquired at what time the star appeared 'And'-they told him. And the kin eald to them, Go to Bethlehem an i' search diligently for the child. SHOPPING mil on ID lEff GREECE ormer American Utilities Magnate Branded "Undesirable Alien." ATHENS, Greece. Dec. 15. (UP) Samuel Insull, American utilities usnate, was ordered today to ave Greece by January 31. Insull, 14, in ill health and brok- i in spirit, was summoned before inisler of Interior John Rallis to- ay and informed that he was an idesirable alien. Jnst freed of extradition charges rought by tlie United States gov- rnment, Insull was asked lo leave he country as soon as possible and lid that he would not be permit"d to remain after expiration of Is residence permit December 31. Insull pleaded that he be given i month's grace and .his request as granted, but on January.31 If Kit sooner he' must.leave Greets o face the prosbect of summary rres't and extradition to the Unlt- d States to stand trial In federal ourt for violation of the bankruul- y laws, in connection with the col- apse ' of his utilities empire. TO mm U. S. Helo Assured .If Community Prov ides 1 Necessary Site. : j Leasing of a tract of land for i> airport, with an option lo buy. ir outright purchase of a tract will be necessary before such an irport can be improved as a CWA iroject, Warren Wright, chairman 5f a local Legion post committee 0 Investigate the possibility of ecurlng an airport for Blythevillc has been advised. Wright says he has had every 'avorable indication from Charles M. Taylor, supervisor of CWA airport projects in Arkansas, that improvements such as fencing, draining and leveling of a tract will be made if a site Is leased 'or the airport. A tract of 80 acres near Blythevllle Is needed for the airport but Wri^il at present has been unable to find any fay secure backing for leasing a tract. In the event a tract' Is 1 leased and improved Wright believes the government will shortly light such 1 field'as part of Its program for lighting a St. Louts-Nei' Orleans airway. Business Men Dine Togeth- • cr and Hear Report s of Year's Activities. ; limbless nnd professional men [>f Hlythevllle. many of them accompanied by their wives, sat flown irwether at (he Hotel Noble lasl night in a revival, after a lapse of two years, of the Chamber of Commerce Forum Dinner, Ions an annual Institution. Nearly 100 ivere present. 'i. A. Lynch was loaslmasler, The principal address was delivered by Max li. Reid. J. A. Leech in* retiring president, also spoke briefly, newly elected officers ami directors of the organization were Introduced, nnd J. Mell Brooks submitted n rnnort of Chamber ot Commerce activities and nccom- Dllihmrnts for the year. Miss Hazel Sample gave a reading. • Service to Community ;Mr. Reid drew from n list of "Mlhires" by the Chamber "of Commerce n record of sound community service. He recalled three outstanding Instances In which hopes of niylhcvillfi people lor the establishment here of inanu- j factoring enterprises were disap- Back for Good pointed and then pointed out Hint! eacli oj Ihesc enterprises ultimately experienced financial failure with conserment heavy losses to the communities In which "they located. It is the function of (he Chamber of Commerce, he said, not-only to promote the commercial industrial development of nnd the community, but lo protect it against unwise undertakings.- There have been instances of failure in Blythevllle, he said, but the people of the city -have never suffered such losses as have many other towns which put up largo sums of money to obtain industries w'hich later collapsed. He praised the work of Mr. Brooks as secretary of the organization. declaring that his ability to assemble ' and ' present facts made the voice of the local chamber of commerce respected and of influence in any matter. In which it took a" .part, 1 . Brooks Slakes Report • Mr. Brooks recounted the year's activities, listing failures as wel 05 "successes, and) was heartily '.applauded for his '• record of the year's work. '•' kussell Phillips Is president of he Chamber of Commerce for BM. W. J. Wunderllch Is first ice-president. Fred Matthews is second vice-president, c. S. Lemons Is treasurer, and J. Mell Jersey Police; Srour Slate for 1I1ENTON. N. J.. Dec. 15. IU1M ~'lli(- entire iKillci; force o[ New M'y, ul tile command of Ihe nov- cuiw. hunU'd tor a stray mongrel tcxlay because nil u-year-old buy was r.i'nrt broken. Ailolph Ciioln Jr. of Jersey City a|][H>aU h d lo (.lovt'rnor A. Hurry Miitrc (o help Mm find "Hex." The Kovrriior nollliecl Col. 11 Ncniian Sclnvarekopf, superintendent o[ state police, and n teletype "lann was tent uiu. Troopers were I Insliuctiil If they could not Iliul Hex lo get nnnther dug "jusl like 'tin." i' The (jovc-nor answered Adolph's j loiter, assuring him Hint, "lunljjhl when you keeping Ihese line Jtale truiiierii will IK; searching lor thai little dog of yours." Kihn dhcttuvs lurntJ licr ilowti, years a^o, when she Incd lo In-oak into tlic movie*. Ko llairlctli; l.ikn made uuod on l!voailw:iy, iiiid tlic Hollywood Jii)jli-lKils iittj humble ci'ow They liaLulnl IHT a rmiiitu.t before she would leave New-York. Kluce-, However, there arc plenty ot *l^akC3 in the movies already, ,jiarrl«tic has vliantv4 Her name 'lo Ann Sollieru.; • •.'• -' • • .« b • . ....:. •; 10 GET MEL B. N. Wilson Receives Word Local Project Has Been Approved. Gravel surfacing of the road extending from Elm street south pasl the Blylhevlllc Cotton Oil com inny's plant has been unproved bj the stale CWA taadniiarters, B. N Wllion, county said today. CWA sn]>crvlsor Mr. Wilson said thai he had no yet received detailed Information and was unab!c to say In Just wlia lorjn the project was approved o when work would He was o the opinion, however, that part o the project calling for an.east-wes road to connect with .Highway 8 had been eliminated',»nd that th work .would be llmlitd to, jrav*| Ing thc-rood south past tlw'negr school and the oil mill. Approval has also been given an other Blythevllle project, calling lo expenditure of about $700 on re pairing and painting the wocde annex building at thc high schoo occupied by tlic Smith-Hughe classes. CWA work Is already, nnderwa on the Central, high school an ;s here. Appll i the junior high ange and Sudbury buildings probably will not be approved. Craw" ird Greene, superintendent of loved Her Too Much to Let Her Leave Me" Says Confessed Killer. ; ItlPLEY, Term., Dec. 15 (UP)— Edward .Smith, M, faced a imir- er charge today, accused of he- leadlng a woman he "loved' too mich to let her leave me." . . : Smith confessed to • decapitating Mrs. Annie Laura Spillcr, who .Is even years his senior, officers said, it a farm house "qulHinn bee" war a lancing on- the Mississippi Ivor. ' . : . = "She xnUI she was going back o her family." he declared. "I . ovcd her too much, to let her cnvc me." Wltnessi! said the youth called Jrs. Splller away from the qullt- nB party crowd Into a rear roorh it the farmhouse.- Guests at' the )arty saw him flee a few mln- ites later through the front door, nvestlgatlng, they found the be- scndcd woman In the rear cf the !:ousc. A long blade ra/or lay "learby. • • • The youth fled to the loft of n uarn owned by his employer, Jap Henderson. ..... "Come on out, Smith," Henderson commanded. .'•:• -"-.-...• "No, I'm going to.stny here," lie replied. "II I come down :they will" kill be." Henderson who arrested summoned officers the accused slayer. A posse had sought him in the Mississippi river swamps for 12 hours. ~onpressman De Priest Warned Out of Miami MIAMI, Fin., Dec. 15 (UP) — Congressman Oscar De Priest, ne- W. of Chicago, said to be en- route here, was burned in effigy at he north entrance of the city to-I win ran t'o the addition from the! Man and Wife Victims of Unknown Motorist FORREST CITY, Dec. .15. (UP) —James Junior, 41, and his wife. 32, were killed on n highway just east of here last night by an unidentified molorist. A tourist discovered the body ol Mrs. Junior, apparently dragged some distance by the car. Upon reaching here the tourist reported the discovery to a motor company Men were sent out Immediately and the two bodies were brough' to a funeral home here. Mass. Man Smokes Pipe 100 Years Old SALEM, Mass. (UP)—Chester W Hatchings, Sr., smokes a nicer schaum pipe that U 100 years old Hatchings' father-ln-lav,-, wh( brought it over from Scotland One Hundred Pupils Nar- " p s ro schoo > "'Hiding: , - r , r\ i • cntl(m s for work on ll rowly tscape Ueath in L» Michigan School. ?£ • I schools, said to:lay after discussing BARHYTON. Mich.. Dec. 15., the matter with (he slate CWA-en- (UP)-One hundred school chll-| g ii lecr ., t Liulc Hock then marched to safety here today . _ n few seconds before the walls of -pi i tg i • ji • i enticement of his" wife", a five room addition to the Fork i ^°l. and Jtlrs. Lindbergh I Physician and Woman , Find Refute in Africa •'^_ii>r '-'.•' •}:•;} •'• LONDON. - Dec/IB (UJ?)-A'di6- " Ungutshed-BrltUh ^>y»!clah' and a m a rrlrt \oaaSf- who" ab»M6n«l'.nll ~,'' Ihey had for love slruggled for survival In n remote African colony near the equator tcxhiy, outlawed.' The man, Dr. 'c. P, .Searle of., London, hod been struck officially'' from the rolls of the British med-" leal association by Its general" counsel lor "infamous conduct in .' a professional respect." Trie woman, Mrs. Gwendoline Elsie Searle, Is the molher of his 7- months-old child. The woman changed her name by deed poll to Searle. She Is the" wife of J. D. place, a Cambridge grocer's clerk vlio has sought,.revenge in law ntid ineuical courts.. . A year ago place was awarded. $2,500 damages against Searle for- rcoks Is secretary for his 13th ' lapsed... township agricultural scrpd col- cnsccntive year. Two children received minor burns from escaping steam. Fifty CWA laborers working on a new addition to the bulkling escaped Injury ns the walls cracked and then crumbled. Classes vverc in session In thc two story brick and tile structure at Santo Domingo Today Work Is Underway on Lepanto-Beasley Road SAN PEDRO DE MACORT.S, Santo Domingo, Dec. 15 (UP) — Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh arrived here today nt 10:10 n. m., eastern standard time, cnroutc home for the holidays after, a night of 210 miles from Juan Puerto R co LEPANTO, Ark.— A CWA project for graveling the I^pnnto- Beasley road was begun here this week with W. n. Adams, world war veteran, as foreman. A four day. A large sign hunc .on n telephone pole and affixed lo n tlum- ny read. "Oscar DC Priest, stay, out of Miami. This. Is a white nan's town." main school bunding. SVmiiiig a I warning to the teachers, who al-1 ready were hurrying the pupils out. ol continental The air d Helena Baptist Pastor To Preach Here Sunday The Rev. T. H. Jordan, pastor of the First Baptist church of Hclsna. Ark., will occupy the ptdpit of the One Killed, Eight Hurt in Derailment of Train MARSHALL, Tex.. Dec. 15. (UP) —Jack Powell, 18, was killed and |s 0 ,,iy 835 cruising range of their big ship. Following the customary course of the Pan-American Airways however, the Lindberghs would fly to Haiti, thence to Havana, and so across the narrow gulf to Florida. Kansas College Students mile strip to Pry's Mill will first be graveled, then later continued lo Beasley. A distance of 12 miles United! will be eliminated on the route to road joining tlli easley, north ot Ty^ e lo -Miami I Memphis. Ihe within the highway at Bea eight other youths injured, three j Sav TflBV Will Not Fieht seriously, near here today when a J J B today .. ... _ Texas and Pacific freight train was derailed. They were riding here Pirst Baptist church Sunday morn-i from Texarkana to attend a'cham- '"- and evening. iplcnshlp football game. McPHERSON. Kan. (UP)—In a ""' M '* r " nt ° f thc S "~ j dents voting at I lege. declared they erson col- would refuse "Campus Capers" Scores Hit With Comedy, Dance and Song School days ns they wc-re Ions go were conlrastcd with a school ol ultra-modern times in the musical show, "Campus Capers" presented by the Business and Professional Women's club last evening at the city auditorium. The show will be repeated this eve- nlni? at 8:15 o'clock. To the lune of "Readin 1 , rltliV lo Inke up arms for the United States to go to war with any nation.- Two possibilities were offered thc students: first, If the nation was attacked, and second. If the country entered In any war. One-half of those voting said and 'rtthmctlc" Miss Erleen John- Redman ns mlFlress of ceremonies. as "Thc Astronomy Gal." little | tnc y would refuse to fight for Florence Ann Carpenter, as Cupid, who pierced hearts when she pleased. Earl Roberts, ot Osceola, who danced several numbers, and a vocallsl, Woortrow Turner, of Os- crola, featured Ihis act. Tlic show was opened with a children's chorus of bovs and girls, dressed In overalls, with LaVonne . CWA officials were notified that gravel for the road would be shipped here the latter part of the , week. son had a session In "the old dcestrlck skule" which was chuck full of comical talk nnd acting. Foi- specialties Betty Jean Wun- derlicli, of Lnsorn, nnd Flavla Driver, of Osceola, danced 'The Some of thc city's leading citizens Newsboy Waltz Clog", C. O. Red- enacted the roles of school boys * ~ ...... and girls with Addlson Smith appearing most popular with the audience. man, Herman Graves and Woodrow Turner sang, and Earl Roberts sang "Pink Elephants." The show, written by Miss 1869, smoked it for 38 years. He _ rhythm When the scene, changed it was Johnson, who also composed the to a school of "rhyme, riot and song. "The Astronomy Gal," was nation "mirier any condl-,starting the flre. lions." Twenty-three percent Indl-j calcd Ihcy would take np arms if drafted to prevent an attack upon Negro's House Burns His Meat Supply Saved A Meyers quarters negro was more Interested In saving a supply of Jreshly cured ml'at than his scant personal belongings when his, shack wcni up In flames early last night. Firemen succeeded in preventing spread of the flames to a room wliere the meat was stored although the small house, located off F.lm. strect, was almost a complete loss. : Tiie damage was estimated at about S200. Wall paper, hanging down over a s'.ove pipe, was ignited, tfielr country. To 21 per cent the No-Smokini Ban Lifted BOSTON. (UP)—Simmons College's 1.200 girl students are ceie- rrason for .attack was taken as de- !brat | n al _ o( „ no . smokmg &drml»i1ii[7 tlin r nit Mli'n tnwnrrt, _..i_ ~. ,L- *._.. ... .. termlnlng their altitu City Automobile Tags Placed on Sale Today The "for s:i!c" sign went up on 1D34 city car tag? at tho city hall tixlav. Purchnse of trc tag-i by Ely- Iheville motorists »t $5 each is compulsory. toward j rl1 | n . "For the first time since the i Institution was founded In 1899. a | smoking room has been opened. gave It to Hatchings, who his been smoking it for the pasl 26 years. The stem has been replaced many times, but the bowl k the original. Ernest Johnson ns directed by her and "her brother,!*' 11 " tlie l934 "«*'• Jer tonlsht The new city tags correspond' WEATHER Arkansas — Generally fair to partly clcudy tonleht and Satur- dav. CoMer lonlghl. Memphis and vlcinily — Partly c!oudj- tonight and Saturday. Cold- the teacher of a school of flappers.! \vlio played the piano. The same A chorus of high school girls nnd boys, who did dar.ce and song specialties, Miss Margaret Cross, show has been given In a number of small cities recently through the north nnd In Arkansas. in that they bear red numerals on ti white Thc maximum temperature here yesterday was 70, minimum background. It is understood l.'ial partly cloudy wilh R trace of rain, no stale tags '" '- •--'—' • - — • January 1. will be issued before i according lo i .*. 'AuJtUMni ficial weather Samuel F. Ncrris, of- ooserveri

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