The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1933
Page 8
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EIGHT B1.YTIIRVILJ.R. (ARK) CnUKl'-IK Glimpses Inlo Life Of New Irish Mentor Notre Dame Will Like mcr Layclen Who. Returns to Alma Mater. BY CI.AIItK BUllCKY NKA Soiviir Currc.siir.mli'nt • PITTSHURGH. PH.—'1 iity'n- ding to like Elmer I.aydr-u u'. Notre name. He's a great Buy. . Not that the frllcnv isn't very '.veil known around the campus of llw Iilsh Institution—for as lulllm-k ol [hat immoilal "Pour Ilorwincn" quartet,. Elmer chiseled Ills name in large letters In ilic fooltall inonumciu icere. lliil they're iluf .to see tlie Inside ol tills nirly-halr- cd Irishman when lie iro'.s Ins team cut for its first practice s&slon nc-xt He's as common as the salt oil: the earth. He never gives you ill? ! impression that you're talking In} I; a superior being. And the clliiii'X of his coaching career hasn't 1 gon? lo his twad—rather, il IAS floored .him. He's been a good mixer in Ihe- MS years he's been at Duquesne, Uni- vcrslty here. And in ihal time i.e has demonstrated that his game oi golf isn't so hot—except ihovj rifling lee shots; li'.al he's n .stickler iof discipline on Ihc field; Ihal his words on the gridiron are slum and clipped, and thai around Hie lable, wllh old grods, cr nl home with his wife and two kiddies, lie's an easy fellow to know. His 1GO pounds were n distinct surprise to Kiuite Rockne al Notre Dame. Elmer developed Into probably the bcsl fullback Ihc Irish had, considering his weight. Where biy Jumpln' Joe Savolrll, who followed lalcr, bulled his way through a Ihi? wllh his bed, Uivclcn was a k:iil- Ing fullback, preferring lo slice through a note ralher lhan lo bai- ter his way with weight. Probably his most brilliant pcr- • formance was against Stanford In the ' Rose • Bowl game on New Year's Day, 1925. In that contest he ran 70 yards for a touchdown alter Intercepting a pass, punted mil from behind his own goal line CO yards, and Ihcn intercepted another Stanford p:\ss and dashed 8S yards for anollicr touchdown. Layden married his swccll;eart of school days back at a Davenport. la., high school. Mrs. Layden is « beautiful woman, a gracious hostels and a friend of Elmer's friends. Their children arc Joan. 0. wr.o has Just started lo school, and Rimer, Jr., 3. Both children's laces are freckled and their noses arc inclined lo be "pug." Their lets arc long and gangly, just like ir.cii daddy's. - .The Laydcns' Pittsburgh home Is a duplex in Mt. Lebaucn, a suburb. It conlains nolhing to remind ilie visitor thai the head of ti;c Layden house was one of Hocknc's hrighicsl stars. All his pictures and mementoes are In Ihe home o! nh parents at Davenport. WEDNESDAY, DECElSfPER 13. H»:« PUT Unofficial Champ Southwest to Tackle Gentlemen in Cliiiriiy Game I'AYpnVEVILLE, Ark., Dec. 13- Tiu> University of Arkansas Kazor- backs. "unofficial chaiuplotis of the Kouthwesl conference," will nici'l ! thi' Centenary Gentlemen in a |W.U Fi-json t'aiiic at Dallas en Nov.- Year's Day. The giune will ;JB plav- ul for cliarity. The lM/crbacks won l v c IM't coiilerencc title In Kami's wo.i anil lost bin. were denied the ufiidal championship of Uie iti- I eligibility of a siilKiUluU! tackle. llelnie Kvhteuler. - '• Centenary was otic of the .strong- "sl teams in b'-'utliwcsi tiwtball li:n u:isi season. The Porkers and Gentlemen met last In 1932 at Shrcve- po:-t. home ol C'fntenary, when they battled lo a tie. Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Ji's Hubs 1 Up Ajtaln Rcpirls of a moior ntcldent on coast bring the name of big tlie Igreal grocery . . . and was taken for a huge bundle of dough. .J"ss :;as only Ire memory of big ir.owcnts now . . . defeats mostly . . . thR nightmare of Toledo . . . the drubbing he took al the hands 01 the Wild null . .' . a trimming that Gunboat Smith gave him fhorlly before the big chance came Jack Johnson. And ihe Johnson fight! ... a winner, mil unloved. iinV.onorcd . . . ti:c whole alfair a inultur ot whisperings. Is it any v.-ondcr thai Jess lei go with Just one more pm:chv (Insijr Grls Rr.coyisilion As Sophomore' Star Here are .some Inllinnti! glimpses of EluVr Uiydcn, who has been made head coach at Notre Dame after sis successful years at nii(|iiesnc Univri^ily, Pitl.sbursh, ami his family. Above he and Mrs. Laydi'n ait shown at right talking to Don .MllU-r. one of Ills "Four HorEfiiu-n 1 ' traminati'S. and Don's wile. Luwtr lell Is the Into Knutc nockm< holdln;; one ol Elmer's 1 two children. Elmer, Jr. At righl is closcuu of LayUeu. ' ; Pete Craig, former Blylhevillc hii-kasaw, has received recognition s, one of Ihc Tennessee Vols' oul- sltmdihg !;op!',omore gridder.s during [lit 1 .season which jnsl^ "mled and nlfo one of Ihe prominent SDph- u:tio:vs in Soulhe.istern conference circles Peie after a somewhat slow start foi'Ked his way to tf.« fore during inid-ssaFoii as cue of the besl ball carriers in Ihe Voi camp. He was scnerally conceded the test defensive hack on the Vol teanj and with his Inanimate, Beattic Fcalhers. carried IV.* 1 brunt of Ihe offensive drive lor Tennessee in at least two stamps. Jess Wlllard hack into the picture . . . a . driver emerged suddenly Irom a Me street and cracked Willard's wagon . . . [lie big bay is .said to have taken one of his best Sunday punches at the man. . . . anyway, Jes.s w;is arrested and charged with assault and battery. Wiltard's name brings back uicin- jorifs ol old fighting days ... big Ji'sslca never was a popular heavyweight . . . and never was liked as a champion . . . lie came along al a time v>'..en t,li(> world was looking for a "while hope" lo knock off Jack Johnson . . . all "sorts of sicriss were told about the Willard- Jolinsoii bom in Havana . . , pictures show Johnson on his back with his right hand up over his eyes to shield them fiom the sun . . . fight. fans put it down generally as one of those things" and refused to believe tliat Willani was epiil enough lo beat Johnson . . . 'if.e ed as a super-fighter. • • • No Cheerirnr Section ' Odd thing about Willard . . . nearly every fighter al one lime or another has had a public following, great or small . . . Dempsey was Idolized afler he lest to Gene Tunney in a rain-drenched ring at Philadelphia . . . even Jack Johnson had a crowd with liiai. admirers of ills skill . . . but .cjmchow tlie folks never could BO Jor Jess ... a man who was cold, alcof. without much color., When he -.vent into i!ic ring at Toledo Ihe n'ght worlrt was hoping Kussiun liaises Turkeys HANCOCK. N. H, (UP)—Prince Iraklv C. Tcmmanoft of Persia, cne-lime colonel cf tf.e Russian Imperial Guards. Is n successful turkey fanner here. Lakes Hold 15 Millions .: BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)— Snnker. / ea-aire.'; lo.allng S15.000.603 await ndveninres al Ihe bottom of the Great Lakes.^ In the past century cargo valued al ihal amoiim has been losl wllli the 14,000 vessels which have gone down on Hie- lekes. The "dog-much" is a nautical Irrin dlsilnEiilsSsini- two watclies of tuci liuiirs cacli- from :;i.d U to II 1'. M 4 to U I'. M. CHADK A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy Gifts "Four Knjoy Man" Long Will After The Champ Takes The Floor The story or Lnydcn's football system—It won 48, lost it; and tied 3 for Duciuesne since 1927—is Ihal ol any olhcr Noire Dame man'; system. H consists In ihe main ol sound fundamenlals drilled everlastingly into the heads ol athletes made willing by psychological handling of them. H stresses strong tackle p'.ay, a bruising bill fast-stepping fullback, and an elusive Jialtback or two. At Duqiicsni!, Layden was successful in developing a fine aerial yamc. am! his kickers were excellent. He always managed to have someone arcund who could kick those |»ints nflcr louchdown — remembering, perhaps, how many games Ms alma maler- won from Southern California by Ills margin of a point after louchdown. The 1933 Duquesne eleven, which wen all but lhat 7-0 game with Pill, was the smoolhesl and mos'. powerful he ever developed, u wa! a typical • Rockne machine, expert at blocking, quick to sel« an advantage, alert and efficlem. Duque-sne, which years . ago was known as Holy Ghost College, wa? little more lhan a pusrovcr'for opposing teams when Liyden siepD?-. In. The Dukes mel only inlnor college opposition in these- days. Today Duqucsno has a. foD'tal 1 team that compares favorably with any. Lajden made it that Notre Dame, with Layden al tin helm, never again will bccon-.e a panicky team. Layden tnslllls loo much confidence for ihal. Tangles Title Texans Give Thanks In Stalactite Cave MARBLE PALLS, Tex. (UP) — Among stalactiles and stalagmites in Ihe Cathedral Itoom of the ex- Lcnsive Longhorn Cavern near here, worshipers bowed in an unusual Thanksgiving Day service. It was the first anniversary of the cave, antl the ceremony probably was the only Thanksgiving service held beneath the earth's surface in Texas. .Special music and humns. prayers, scripture reading and r\ .sermon by a neighing pastor constituted the service. ,i j he would be bulehered anc when he was destroyed !!iey weren't sorry . . . liiere was more lhan mere applause in ir.e cheer tha DcmpEcy gol that day ... an echo of billcrness for Willard ucnt along with it. • . •. • Business Man Jess was a factory-made priz ring product who did not liku t fight . . _. he went Into the rln for what could be made out of i ... he was just a big business man in there ... he had in? acumen of Pirpo with none ot Ihc old Wild Bull's savage desires ... Big Jess fought so he could amxss enough money lo be comfortable . . . then, wilh his earnings in his pocket, he decided to set up a The Holidays Although he iruy thank you with, characlcristie incsculine shyness, lie will beam with appreciation when he sees any ol these tasteful, good Icokii'" 1 wearables. Overcoats Warm an'd .serviceable. Exceptional values $15 Up If you prefer it better coat \ve siiggesi the SOCIETY BRAND ."HUDDER". A S40 coat lor $35 MUFFLERS SilU or Silk ami Wool to | He can't have too many TRUMPS Although Arkansas is v.iiii:-: of, the Southwestern ('oafcr^n- •'. fiiniball tille, L'ly:i'S SclilueK-i abovn, sulistitulo Ita^orbat k trickle, may change ibo pirtuiv. It's an unconventional ixisv for a champion, but Vincc Dundee, middleweight king, whom you MV sltllm; down after n trip In the first imir.d, ciuiiL' hack j,lmn : ; to ul:r the decision :ivi:v Andy Cahahan. I lowerlii" over him. THIS was dinini; a 15-round -title bout ntj Hiblnn's G xrden. Minnie's Mooching Too Much for Owner OKLAHOMA CITY. Okla. UIMi — .Minnin (lie Moocher has esten 15 pounds of mrat a day for three jcar.s and is afcniii to b-2 sold Inlo bondage lo pay (OL- it. Minnie is the Lincoln Park Koa's lone li»n'. biuughl there u; :i cub from In,!ia by VI. G. Plun- i-ett, but- she came as a loan. no', as a gifl. Therefore, wnen Plunkelt expressed willingne5s to sell her foi &550, the cily falhers counlerec \vith: "What p.boul Ihe meal liill?" Zookeeper Leo Blondin argued ihc city had a just claim to Minnie through its feeding her every c'ay for. so lorn;. While the argument went on, there was a roai eul ;il Lincoln' Park. II was Minnie, wanting enothci 15 pounds of meat. Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, Nile 6:45, 10-2r,c JO-3Sc 'GIRL MTHCUT Wynne May lie Kentucky Coach Carnegie Tech. led by ils brililanl young coach - Ihe youngest men-: lor o! a major eleven In the country—was marching on Micmgan Slate Ihlr. year for an Important battle al East l.a'ismsr. Mich. coach. Howard Hiiip^ln 1 . had left orders with oltifials at me TiiKE CUKSK »l:<-io_hls play?i.s wric- Maying lo keep pte o 1 t of the clinches ot nun. His oidtTo |]ii!!i-r.-lmKl. lluvi-ily vieiil nbJ'it hLi diilliny nf tnc trldt!cir> for ihe ImiMrlanl jiatiuv Aflcr ihi; drill, the conch cnln-cd the dlnlni) room His meal lln- Ifhnl. he a.skul for pic. For Sale •I Hunrlles - 25c •Spociiil alU'nlion large orders. CHICVGO MIU, U'MHER CO. (o A 1'oramrmm Pic-lure wllh Charles FarreJI und Charlie Rugbies, Marguerite Churchill, Grexory KatotT, Waller \Voolf PARAMOUNT NEWS ANDY CI.YPE CO.MKDY if. Thursday & Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Night 0:45—lOc - .'ific Omeral WOBCA Cleveland FOUNDED i.'ic clly of CLEVK- J-AND, OH'.O. Saccharin 1» » by-product ot COAL-TAR. Tba fl«g ihow'i 1< (hat of the UNION of SOVIET SOCIALIST J(K- PUIIMCS. Chocolale stains can be rcmnvcd j 'tern .linen by t prlnkUng' Iho spols I ^Illi powdered bornx and then paurlng bollinp wckr 1 -Jvcr Ihem. 'The iniKli lilt ailti';:; Inlrl hn And he ditln i r nrdiM-s thai player could l»c served pie," the n. Uc.slorc N'.l pntr-on's Home HAVHE.;-r iUI'1 — fifty tons of mntmal here walling lo bo shipped to St. Helena. H will be sent lo I-oiidon and lakcn to the lonely Wand by a British Alllmur,h Major llalph K.IVI-. former Army coach, hat IK, a mentioned aft successor to Harry damage ns pilot of Iho 1,'nlvcrslty of K^iilncky's for.t- ball fiiuad, Cliel \Vynti'. nliovp, Is rnmnreil to be under con: M- erailnn. Wynne, N'otre D.imo fullbac-k in i?^l, has e.>ArhC(i Aiiliuni foi- itie last four yoars, lurnlnK oiil nu uli.K-l^.itotl squ.itl in 1032. ROXY Wed. and Thursday Miltince 2:30— tOc - 25c DAfi/NG ALL for LOVE / and LOOT/ \OLITAIRE Hcepenid ntwvlitaiof lev* tothli girl who had play ad with rnen'» h»ortl all her lif». tmt. Tlie malerial for the restoration Napolfon'n Tonlflrnc^ will be used of Lonswood. Shi riff Hunts On n Auln MISSOULA. Mont. (W> — This thief wasn't exactly partk'jlav. j SALT LAKE ClTY~UtaiTTuP Rhorlft J. R. Thompson was called | —Someone Ic-tl a pair ol 'store !o search for a stolen car the ctVcri tftt' 1 " In Salt I^Vc County's jail nay. It was his o^in machine. ; Sheriff O. S. Young found the set . __„ 'during regular Inspection. He an- I nounced ihc owner may claim ru>ru1 oonrlr-r Nnws Want Ails. Ihpin bv fnlllna. witll Herbert Marshall, Mary Ho land, Lionel Ahvill, May Robson ;mrl Wizahelh Allan FOX NEWS JACK HAI.KY COMKDY HOOPLA PRESTON FOSTER RICHARD CROMWELL )<tm>T MUNDIN • JAMII OUMON . MHtNA OOMMIL An Al Keiktfl tiWixtlin . kr f*ANK UOYD iJz I'nJrlek Travel Talk "SCOTLAND" Our Gane Comedy If your Christmas list is stumping you—if you're stuck when you 'come across "his" name—write TRUMP opposite. For no man can liave too many TRUMP shirts. TRUMP, you know, is made by Airow. Ic is America's 'most popular shirt. It is tailored by experts—and styled by leading stylists. 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