Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on November 6, 1925 · 5
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 5

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1925
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ELMHIA STAK-GAZETTE; FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1925. PAGE FIVE. FEAR FRANCE AIDING START OFlraWAR'' Chief Reason Why Amer-tjpans Feel Little Inclined to Lend France More Money For Imperialistic Enterprises. By CHARLES P. STEWART Washington, Xov. 6. You need Maps of northern Africa and south-, western Asia to understand fully why official Washington feels so little disposed to grant debt concessions to the French while they tick to their present Imperialistic policy in these two parts of the world. 3f ever a country monkeyed with a. juzz saw, as government heads hee see it, France is doing it now In the Rift and Syria, and, still mi e unfortunately, not to her own da ger alone, but to others' danger, to I'hy help her financially to in-cr ase the risk? Why not, rather, mike it as hard as possible for her tojkeep it up? I SEEN BY MAP fey your map, you'll see that ex treme northwest Africa, except for the International zed zone of Tangier, belongs to Spain. This Is the Riff country, where the trobesmen are in arms against the Spanish and French. The fighting slops over into French Morocco. To the eastward are Algeria and Tunis, French , territory. They're quiet now but It's a precarious quietness. The natives resent French'rule. To the eastward again is Tripoli, chronically In rebellion against the Italians. Once more to the eastward, is Egypt, on the raggld edge of an uprising against British semi-control. Beyond Egypt, Syria, now at war with France a little war but a wicked one. , ALL MOHAMMEDAN This whole stretch of coast Is Mohammedan and hostile to the Christian powers at best. Moslem leaders at Damascus are reported trying to raise a general "jehad," or holy war, at this time. It Isn't difficult to Imagine an outbreak extending the entire length of the southern Mediterranean shore. Nor would it be likely, if it went so far, to stop there. Turkey, the Arabian peninsula, Persia, Afghan istan, Bokhara and on into north ern India and western China you need your map of Asia now are Mohammedan, too. There's little chance, given a great Moslem ris ing, that thev wouldn't join. FIGHTING IN SPOTS This may seem improbable. It isn't impossible, at any rate. It's SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN"-ytudne. Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets, you are not getting" the genuine Bayer Aspirin prescribed J5y physicians and proved safe by millions over 25 years for Colds Pain Headache Neuralgia Neuritis Toothache Lumbago Rheumatism DOES NOT AFFECT THE HEART ..Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proven directions. Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of 24 and 100 Druggists. Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetlcacidester of Sallcyllcacld xJ tjm a y& -a ii s i -tn C3 20&CENTURS Service Directwithout Change TT Ji By NEW EXPRESS STEAMERS S. S. ROBERT E. LEE, "The Miami Special" From "ew York, Wednesdays, Nov. 11, 18, 25, Dec. 2, 9, 10, 23, 30 S. S. GEORGE WASHINGTON, 'The Magic City Special' From Sew York, Saturdays, Nov. 7, 14, 21, 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19, 20 Newest steamers In Miami service. Designed and constructed especially, for changing climatic conditions between North and South. Oil-burning, wi:h turbine engines, they are identical in size and equipment with magnificent accommodations and luxurious appointments. Three passenger decks. Wide promenades. Tea Itoom. Sun Parlor. Orchestra. Dancing deck. . Siacious and beautifully furnished Grand Salon, lounges and other soclajrooms. Staterooms en suite or singly with or without private lavatory and shower; also bedrooms with double, or twin beds and bath. Ilcrth lights and running water in every stateroom. Perfect dining service with tables arranged for two, four, six or eight people. Comfort and Convenience Supreme Other popular steamers from New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Charleston, S. C. and Jacksonville, Fla., affording convenient connections for all southeastern commercial and resort centers '. AUTOMOBILES CARRIED Standard Passenger and Fast Freight Rent, t and fren the Carolina a, , Geerfia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louiiuaa, Arkansas and Florida. Apply t ny 1 ticket agency or write direct to A. W. PYE, Pnrr Traffic Manager; Pier 36, North River, Nw York to be borne in mind that fighting's going on now in spots. The Riffians have been at it for. J.5 years; the Tripolitans for a dozen. And It continues to spread and the trouble areas to merge. Much these peop'e care for the Leagne of Nations! They're not, like the western world, weary of war. Fighting's their religion. When would they get their arms? Well, the Riffians and Tripolitans have been getting them for quite a while. Russia might not be averse to helping them out. It wouldn't be a modern campaign anyway, but guerilla work of the worst kind. And on a huge scale. The Mohammedan population, from Tangier to the Pamir highland just north of India as your map will show is estimated at close to 150,000,000. Why particularly blame France? Maybe this story, which reached here from Damascus, will show: The tribesmen thereabouts, It appears, objected to certain features of -the administration set up by France, which holds the League of Nations' Syrian mandate. A delegation of chieftains called on Genefal Sarrail to protest. His adjutant told them the general refused to admit them. "He won't hear us?" asked the spokesman. "No." "Then," said the old Arab, "he shall hear rifle shots." He certainly lias. ANNOUNCE CAST IN SENIOR PLAY TTorselieads, Nov. 6. The cast for' the play "Go Slow, Mary," to be presented by the senior class of Horseheads High school on November 19 and 20 has been announced as follows: Billy Abbey, Frank Goodyear; Mary Abbey, his wife, Lorena Austin;; Mrs. Berdon, Mary's mother, Alice Moss; Sally Cater, Mary's friend, Mae Howard; Harrv Stevens, Sally's sweetheart. Orman Charles; Burt Childs, Wilbur Green; Mary's young nephew, Rhys Wheeler; Dolly, Dorothy .Brown; Katie, Harriet Crane; The Iceman, Danny Grubb; The Policeman, Clifford Murphy; Danny's rival, Barney Melichart. Elected to Head Women's Council . Dr. Valerie H. Parker, of New York City, was elected president of the National Council of Women at the recent convention in Detroit. She succeeds Mrs. Philip North Moore. Dr. Parker is well known throughout the country for her lectures on social hygiene. Any intelligent grocer in this city can tell you why and perhaps give you a few suggestions on an easy way that may help you win the Premier Contest. FRANCIS H. LEGGETT COMPANY NEW YORK nurccmr! perfect mayonnaise New York Day by Day By JAMES W DEAN New York, Xov. 6. A group of big boloney-and-sausage men from Broadway went to Florida to clean up in the land boom. They were flashily dressed and they sported flashy cars and flashy rolls of bills. They were going to operate in a big town way. They began by making prodigious purchases of 30-day options, or binders, as Floridans call them, on empty lots. They threatened to gain control of all the real estate in town in a short time. Three native real estate men who controlled much of the property in the town met and pooled all their property in a sales scheme. The next day they offered 30-day binders on $40,000 lots at $ 10,000. The boloney men from Broadway bought .them as fast as they could sign their names to contracts. The following day the New York sharps went out to put "for sale" signs on their lots. They found that only alternate lots had been sold to them and that the native realtors had retained for themselves every other lot. On those lots were, "for sale" signs put up over night, offering the lots for $20,000. The big boloney men had - their choice of paying $40,000 for the lots they had under option and selling them at a loss of $20,000, or of losing the $10,000 they had put up for the option. That night you could buy first-class limousines for the price of railroad fare back to New York.- William Steiner probably has the longest running assignment ever given to a cameraman. Every day for eighteen months he is to take a few feet of motion picture film of the razing of the Putnam Building in Times Square and of the erection of the new Paramount Building on that site. When completed the film will be in not more than two reels and wilj show in slow motion the spectacle of one building replacing another.' The new Paramount Building, by the way, will be 29 stories high and will , be the tallest structure in Times Square. Patrons of the movie theater will be able to go through tunnels direct from the subway station to the theater. Subway change booths are frequent, almost dally, objects of robbers. The company has posted notices on all booths informing would-be robbers what penalty awaits them for such robberies, but the crooks believe that they must , be caught before they, can b" punished. The problem has become such a serious one for the company , that the collection train varies its f schedule each day so that robbers J, do not know at Just what period of t the day the most money Is available J for their purposes. Q. is It warmer to wear two rather thin undergarments in the; winter or one thick one? R. T. - a . Two thin garments are warmer than one thick one be- cause the air between them poor conductor of heat. IS a I ; ALPERTS "Tip" to Folks ' Who Want ' I I 'To Save. . . . . "Get In On" This-- II " A "light" price makes this I ill! value .... easy to "see" iflS'lt I I giggM BEAUTIFUL "KOLOR-KR AFT" fPi 11 11 Surprising Watch Values W 1 ' 1 iL oomcloir Lamps Jl j J tees with eaeli one the maker's and Xti Vi if I j our own. Alpert's Price Is XJEi Hill II 17-Jewel IUinois " Craftsman" ffo f? jf O " III 11 It's a superior time-keeper; made wV I Jr CgJja f jljjjj jj ji right, adjusted right, runs risht and J I 1 II I II iil'l certainly looks right. You'll find it jpr u! Jr I j l I' ll priced no lower elsewhere for spot , j cash. Birthday S32 50 The manufacturer nearly dropped dead when we told him what we'd t 7 111 : Prlce . sell 'em for. Get yours for they'll go as fast as free lemonade at a cir- y S cus. Beautiful porcelain standard in a choice of popular colors, bronze ml 1 1 finish base, 6 feet silk cord to match, key socket. It takes half a look W i ji . to see they're worth $3.00 apiece. Flowered silk shades 75c extra. Cpj mmi m P in.. HI 1.1. iiiiii in iji.ihi bw iiamin jmmmi an Mm jhiiii"m in in I B 1 -Mini mum n tm am Mati iMMHttn laiTiawmnrrr urm i a i I i! !l! Surprising Watch Values Selling only the finest makes of watches means you get two guarantees with eaeli one the maker's and our own. 17-Jewel IUinois "Craftsman" It's a superior time-keeper; made right, adjusted right, runs risht and certainly looks right. You'll find it priced no lower elsewhere for spot cash. Birthday Price V3Ovl Always "On the Job" Reliable 16-Jewel STRAP WATCH Getting more popular every day handy as a poi-ketknife; made to stand hard knocks 10-jewcI movement solid nickel radium dial. A real iQ value. Our Anniversary Price . $14.50 Exquisitely Designed WRIST WATCHES Here's one we especially recommend one that's the "last word'' in accuracy, long life and good looks. In solid white gold, hand engraved case. Anniversary Special $27.50 Another pharming wrist watch in filled white gold, popular shape with richly carved border, fully jeweled and adjusted movement. (JJOI ttf Special at . . "Handsome is as handsome does" this one DOES Gilbert Mantel Clock Eight-Day 3Iovement t IiOts more accurate than the City Hall clock, richly finished case, cheery gong strike, 21 -inch base, stands 8 Inches high. 1 O 7C Birthday Price . . . V u The manufacturer nearly dropped dead when we told him what we'd sell 'em for. Get yours for they'll go as fast as free lemonade at a circus. Beautiful porcelain standard in a choice of popular colors, bronze finish base, 6 feet silk cord to match, key socket. It takes half a look to see they're worth $3.00 apiece. Flowered silk shades 75c extra. ti iav I to QUALITY DIAMONDS that invite Comparison and note the Price Tags mark new LOW levels It's what some folks don't know that makes it easy for lots of jewelers to get the "long" price for diamonds. 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Have "her's" Remade In Newest Style The original ring is used with a beautiful design hand engraved oil it then plated with 14-k. fine white " 4 i f gold obtolU $28 Beauty That Never Fades DELTAH PEARLS Acknowieged the finest reproductions of the matchless Orientals remarkable masterpiece of artistic craftsmen. Select from -inch to -inch strand. $5.00 to $100 i Confidential Credit Lets You Pay Out of Income pi v CREDIT TOEL.IRA 325 E. Water St. 325 EAST WATER STREET, ELMIRA. 19 EAST MARKET STREET, CORNING.

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