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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York • 4

Elmira, New York
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ClS, W.T. DecCltn TELEGRAM i. 'I i IThere's Little That's Sacred on British TV Wc Care AFrKClATIOri i if OH THFAlgl AYS 2nd BIG WEEK! MONDAY AND TUESDAY SPECIALS i BLADE CUT BONE IN STEAK a lot of imported shoot-'enmp VS. programs as a way to quickly steal viewers from its long-established BBC competitor. But viewer complaints and the influence of the more restrained BBC have ted ITV to cut down the violence and try to upgrade program quality.

Both networks find they can get the big audiences they need without sinking to the lowest common denominator. nVs top show, a soap opera called "Coronation Street," has aa audience of 25 million almost half the population and has been hailed by some critics for its sardonic took at the drab life of England's industrial north. The BBC is financed by the annual license which all set owners are supposed to pay the government The BBC tries to make programs as popular as possible, so more people will buy sets and pay the $14.40 for black and white sets and $26.40 for color. ITV gets its income from U.S.-type ads, which average about six minutes an hour, as in America. But there are big differences.

For one thing, the ads don't interrupt as much. They're bunched together and often run only between shows, on an average of three times an hour. Another difference is that advertisers are not allowed to sponsor particular shows. As a further curb on ads, ITV has a strict code against misleading claims, and a censor previews all commercials. No ads are permitted for churches, fortune matrimonial agencies, undertakers, bookies, cigarettes although cigars and pipe tobacco are allowed smoking cures, hemorrhoid preparations and bust developers.

Yet British TV seems to be ahead in testing the limits of audience tolerance to controversial material. But Simon Dee, a long-haired TV personality who wears mod clothes, also learned the limits of British tolerance. He could be shown interviewing the Archbishop of Canterbury without stirring much notice, but the viewers' wrath crashed on his head when he once rattled a parakeet cage to make the little bird sing. The lesson was clear: irreverence, sex, even some violence will be tolerated, but don't mess about with parakeets. LONDON (AP) "The end is at hand." said the English lady on the television screen, as she bent over and presented her backside to a theater audience.

'Jsuch earthy humor is common on British' television, but what made the event notable waj that, the queen of England was in the theater. Queen Elizabeth II allowed herself to laugh was not shown. But the very fact that such free-wheeling humor on a TV gala could be shown in Her Majesty's presence points up a difference between British and American TV. concerned that viewers or sponsors will be offended, British TV producers are free to put on shows poking satirical fun at sex, politics, family and even religion. The one commercial network and two noncommercial channels enjoy a relative lack of censorship.

Public tolerance and a tradition of broadcasting independence make it 'possible. i British viewers will put up with more than their American cousins could tolerate, says a spokesman for ITV, Britain's government-founded commercial network. We are a fairly sophisiticated people," fc says. "We have lived through 1,000 years of history." In contrast he adds, America is "ft very puritanical country and much more conformist." Jtoth ITV and its older, respected competitor, the statechartered British Broadcasting Corp. BBC are controlled by government-appointed boards of directors, and programs theoretically are subject to a government veto.

But in practice the government is bound by tradition not to Encouraged by this independece, and trying to keep within the bounds of good taste and high quality, TV writers and producers are left alone often resulting in lively controversies. Dance of the Seven Veils," a BBC show this year based on the life of composer Richard Strauss, stirred protests for its scenes showing him seduced by nuns and making love to his wife in front of a symphony orchestra. Mary Whitehouse, a housewife, persistent foe of TV liberality, and bead of a protest group called the National Viewers and Listeners Association, promptly accused the Lb. FRESH OVER 3-Lbt. GROUND CHUCK 79 LB.

BEEF CHUCK CUIBE STEAK network of being "obsessed with sex and violence." But BBC officials defended the program. They noted it had been preceded by a warning about the far-out material On an ITV show called "Aquarius" a compromise decision reduced a scene showing a nude front view from three minutes down to 30 seconds. Since viewers have grown more tolerant recently, a bawdy musical of Chaucer's Tales," banned two years ago, has now been shown. Excerpts of the controversial U.S. film with religion, patriotism, sex and the army, have scenes pushing the limit in lampooning have been telecast.

Conservative government is expected to continue talks with TV officials, begun by the ousted Labor government, on ways to curb excessive violence in programs. Sensitive to the issue of violence, ITV didn't carry live coverage of the early stages of riots in Northern Ireland, to avoid worsening tensions. Because kids may watch the early evening news, and ITV spokesman adds, "We keep bloody Vietnam battle scenes off until the 10 p.m. main news." An ITV code on violence, similar to the BBC one, warns program makers against scenes likely to frighten or pervert children. It says youngsters must not feel "they are entering a world in which they can count on nothing as settled, reliable and kind In adult dramas, the code permits violence if it isn't overdone.

To help police the code, ITV has a citizens' panel including six housewives, a psychiatrist and three members of Parliament. When ITV started out in the 1950s, it used REGULAR SPARE RIBS The British, although more tolerant of TV sex, seem less willing than Americans to allow much violence. While avoiding any threat of resorting to its ultimate powers of censorship, the new Lb. Restless Kids on the Road: How Do You Get Them Home? Gannett News Sendees Special "It's just impossible for the teletype messages, no picutres. "That's when I got the idea.

2 55c police had a special drive to get some of the kids sent home from here," Stamper said. "I I police to circulate pictures to Hickman about it. He was the one who told me that all they get from other police departments about runaways are all police departments." I contacted four parents of started talking with Lt. Darrell missing kids and made up a subscriptions are available at $13 a year. "I just put that on to discourage people," Stamper said.

"Actually, we don't have any subscriptions. We mail it out free to anyone who wants it and who is in a field to help find runaways." VACUUM PACK SAUERKRAUT PORK-NECK BONES OR PIGS FEET ROGGERS LARGE LINK PORK SAUSAGE ROGGERS SMALL LINK PORK SAUSAGE sample paper, printing the Stamper's NMYL is the first known commercial effort to pictures free, and sent it out," Stamper said. help find runaways. The record The first sample in July went in finding them to date is not particularly good, but Stamper to 5,000 police agencies nationwide from a mailing list com has a file of messages from piled from a New York firm police departments, social specializing in such lists. He said the list includes 2,792 county law agencies, 2,404 city The list has grown so far to agencies and even National Park Service, rangers, thanking him for copies of the NMYL law agencies, 1,910 private about 8,000 copies.

All are sent BERKELEY, Calif. Denise Sheehy is 16. Her parents think she 'is "tense and nervous." They want her back home in the Woodside section of New York; City on Long Island. Rocco Richard Lorito is also 16. Ho has a large Adam's apple and a hernia scar.

His mother in West Babylon, Long I Island, wants him back, too. The New parents of a sullen-looking 14-year-old with curly hair want him to return. They're afraid he's not only using but selling narcotics. That's, the way it is with part of young America, 1970. It is a restless generation, on the road, sliding into and out of communes, standing vacant-eyed' on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, in some cases as young as 10, part of the 10,000 runaways reported nationally each week.

investigators, plus church and Stamper and his partners, free, according to Stamper, although the weekly issues show social agencies. Morrison Fetzer and Robert AfrP GRADE APPLE SAUCE Conover, think the do-good effort may eventually start making a profit. But the in corporators of Solano Publica tions Inc. say losses now run to Cans more than $200 a weekly issue, less the initial costs of getting started. Solano's name comes from MARVEL PRESERVES STRAWBERRY the street on the Berkeley Albany city line were Stamper Jar 522 Living here in Berkeley, you rents a desk in an old building "My wife, the chinchilla rancher.

I'd hardly know she was working-except for the second income." see these kids sitting out there, GRADE -FREESTONE Stamper has the big wooden is a selected list of new books at Steele Memorial Library. It is compiled weekly by the Friends of the Library. By the Political Sea by Katie Louchheim, distaff head of the Democratic National Committee. All about life with the Democrats, by the woman who knows them all. A Second Birthday by Wiliam Stringfelow.

Prominent Episcopal lay theologian describes bis dramatic recovery from an illness which brought him close to death and gives testimony of the relevance of faith and love in the ministry of healing. i The $20,000,000 Honeymoon by Fred Sparks, a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist. "Since Mr. Onassis married Jackie Kennedy, Sparks has watched the couple as carefully as the CIA watches the Kremlin and this book is the result." Gossip, glamour and gobs of money. George III and the Mad Business by Ida Macalpine and Richard Hunter.

In a combination of medical, psychiatric and historical detection, these English psychiatrists definitely document the monarch's illness and show how the impact of the royal malady turned "mad business" into a respectable medical specialty, forerunner of psychiatry today. The Real Tinsel by Bernard Rosenberg and Harry Sil-verstein. A panorama of Hollywood, in all its gaudy glory, presented in a collection of reminiscences (with photographs) by the men and women who made cinematic history. Lucille Houck holding up signs, 'L. 'Den desk at the fron of the building SLICED PEACHES Outside, the overflow from "I 4 i Berkeley's dispossessed youth "Little kids," said George Stamper, 49.

He was explaining why he occasionally wander by, some with dogs who seem even more started "The National Missing homeless than the teen-agers Youth Locator," in which the scruffy, usually amiable, col- flights of Denise Sheehy and ANN PACE ASST. CAKE MIXES r- vT- WW 'f' larless, aimless. Rocco Lorito are reported in police terminology. "Parents think that when they report a child missing," Stamper said, "automatically Stamper is a furniture wholesale salesman most of the 00 time. He has two children in the picture and description go college.

Both are deaf, requir out to every police department ing special care as children in the country. That just isn't and special education as POGO-PONYS only 9" so, not unless there some kind of a police warrant for a felony. "Last year, the Berkeley JANE PARKER ENRICHED i OTTE BREAD EVERYTHING FOR THE SICKROOM! yJ 00 Loaves JL Says Mr. JOHN PODMOKLEY of V1NELAND ANN PAGE TOMATO KETCHUP 31.14, 4-01. (3 Bots.

(0)3 SULTANA SALAD DRESSING 3' "My wife wanted a second income she could stop working. Then, two years ago, I mailed in a coupon to Upper Canada Fur, Farms and that's how we got started in chinchilla ranching. Takes just an hour a day between the kids to keep our chinchilla bringing in a nice nest egg we already have 186 chinchillas." What other part-time job could be so profitable? Chinchilla ranching is more that that it's pleasant. The animals are totally odourless, extremely clean, quiet, and inexpensive to feed, only 3:50 per yeart Upper Canada Fur Farms will guide you step by step on the way to success. First, we select show quality breeding stock for you, give you a complete training program, visit your ranch j-egularly to give help and advice, and supply all the necessary feed and supplies.

When it time to cash in on your profits, we will provide marketing facilities and even pelt your animals or show ydu how to do if. Upper Canada Fur Farms will send you complete literature on chinchilla ranching, without eost or obligation to you. We will also explain the tax advantages of this type of income. Remember it's not just chinchillas you're raising. It's money.

LAST WEEK FOR THIS ITEM GRANADA DINNERWARl BREAD BUTTER PLATE this coupon today for full details I ADULTS ONLY WHITE OR ASST. FACIAL tissuis UPPER CANADA FUR FARMS 4073 RIDGE RD LOCKPORT. N.Y. Gentlemen: Please send me your detailed literature on chinchilla ranching, without cost or obligation to me. FRESH PRODUCE FLORIDA PINK OR WHITE SEEDLESS NAME.

-AGE. rapefkudt; ADDRESS. -CITY. -n, 1 f-f OCCUPATION. Medicare helps pay for Rental or Purchase Service Ifsfoldd'A SURGICAL CENTER VS.


W. ft P. J. Steed, Pharmacists 2C3 S. MAUI Call RE 4-7220 Excluilve distributor of COUNTESS CHINCHILLA Priest In this ad tftocflva thrtugn Tuatday.

Dte. t. to AIIArIuprmrfcttlnElmiVklrrt me worlds most luxurious rurgsrmtnts 4073 RIDGE RD LOCKPORT, N.Y. PHONE 434-6129.

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