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San Francisco, California
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VOL. CJNTS Jt tW ltkmewBt manyofour readers last UI 4 ethers ate WHMTBgmigalnamt pi wotti tMrrcc itMtrte inar urn alto tW a reaager company tte KctMpoUtao on. uS MBpMT tat laU US pl tLU cu taroiigteit Ik principal busmejt street andls svapsa7U ad to gt several Udeaattth brick tet their works ad Wsd4S1 a tchoener owned by tt weB-kaowa freighters Piper :00. pasted tip tI creek with a cargo of petroleum and. t1h Bridge Oa niittnttitnrrMui Ou Company received aataUaaaoa thflte1r Mr cu.

tied by forts dowa he stream" Wow Ytbraska and the till Qty Oa Ceaipaay would erect a bridge aero th Instead at laying UafoIr pipe UD4er U. and do the oavt a. oacs or ASJCX nr 0. their schooner for protection and the Oaw PC Po. kid taking that there trouble aaaa eenUacentla the aeli" tverhad bafer end.

but alter the polio jaVBpcteam Del floated urtve than ad sad commenced work of raising the bridge at two odoeC a tmea or th stropfltaa borhood. The City G. Company tf they ever I each thcIthUa eoadBded tl would beu not to meddle wtZths th pol ieflth rreead. hastily tat BP lam Ortr esase1 tb tweedotcoa wtlchTunlaiitbe law 1 taterveaea wia their sehoonfTU lay at her wharf aura she VMS. It teems that th Superintendent of Streets brnvsa not theveeetB ofaeeBpllateclastth Vk of thtdtr Gas opsal lined by Oentef Crlm Po Port- OW1Zl4 S.

JrtMy rvealnr tK uad Bruer tb ws of theeBknding convaigr that sit work taastceai until lie kid further examined th matter. YLT47 monitor Captain Ashley find- tog his noUea had beta treated esatnjaauiy Vnvocared tb rrtt eight of MajffmAen and i 1 wtmnt for Mr. hens. which wu ooly et la eollcoe of paUelDaR' liberated on ban oftlOO. They declai tatcnac of uceedng with their work II STTTB Tan ovncAs CT LAW And.

probably weuU' asv done se but for the ewrxr of the Superlnteadaat of Streets andth ChleTof PoUcs. who by th tdvlot ad fun ap wvsl Mayor Setby senI a fore. UUffLCtrnd mat every who dr 4 atrtkea Mow. la ta lasgasas of MaRr' sfty. th vMrace dn tb rtkl.

of dUssna In obstracUng the rreepi fib avt1iabliwatr of tb State aho stpptd It look the whole polio force of the tttT and the rich mea who were tb real onVnden ad to drafted out III their beds by tile offl of the law. The la property oa the crack aboveTeeth have il it bees Idle however nor teflta noatclpal antbot- MM I. Bgbt lbs Wtle aloes. Aznetteg ass ii ffli vff Inlefoled parties oa TkUar aZsrnOOll aid a wb1nMien formed to protect tMcommoelBteretV By tile 4 o'clock boat tfeatrs. rlillf ft the attorn of tb sascdetd property owna left for Sacra- caienta The geaiieoee arter a cosbsencs last- tagwiMtef thcaUat wlihJ Uemllioii retumed.

Of the Oeaeral add yestrt4Ay .1. DwtoeU granted en lnJ nrtJ to tile go ef the People of Cattfortila IB the reUttoa of James DowtMatntt B. Broacr J. 0. Wade and the City Gas Ooatpaay to them from tnlartn with the navigation of the creek.

wtatalMng er seacting any lolda. of tat pipe acreM sick The trjancuom ass ered San al poa th dettD4a rBruer and Wads ad J. B. QaolafrMkient ef the atr Gas av a ay. WleY mar la th let betweca tat twe cotapanviof Ue wwrs of txata QustJ The attempt to dose tM.MY1ptIIII aaopeo shaAs eamadeead declaiedby peclalAcU tie iiature and protected hi municipal er den One of th Impodent aad high-banded weUn1 which snyset of capital 1 uhaveattea pte foraIinigtloM.

ItttaTAtlfjr tacteeeethatooz local anlIotIlies have WI ccuiee faced IbelBaate-aaA rotected the Mjorr L8CU MEUNBE. adItim i tlie Official Bde The following lie wly elected bfIs1I kave Bled their official bonds 3. a. Justice of lbs Teacefor I I Beb rt Otahlag and A. A.

at turrUea Daniel MnJpnT fuel Attirney. for tMJXt. wUh JGb ifeFritid Q. Utton Joan Mason and Davtf Maboaey as turtUes. Dr.

fitUItcan tkmonor for ISOOO with Ixrw end Jcbv 11.1151 botKUmen Wun Mvetd Mayer.fer-aiiUMi wtUa John Denson nd IL T. Lawton OR Lie bond. TheCemmUateaert fJCLuaq yesterday med a ass nsoed Heary Walton sad Urn te Ue Asylum' at Stockton. Jot the ipast forty hour fee las lx ft In a tatrof esUesaeBUTWrmg the use era strait. ackeu Its was commit af days ate was charge of rmny It thirty-fix yean of at a4 saUva Zejtaod.

A weawv asmed Bea-felts Thompson was also UAmlaod teat to taeAtrtua. She that aheaeMpenea Mag kano Is rard. Adtesolutie sad dl Mealed course of lu is said to ho UtcaoM of her tia Crsm The Ohamvleot lb. Bed Ora a seen tX eLptrannoOrder. numbering twen flve E.

csmpenta with a membership of tap UIOuaIId throughout the State to about it be 11' trndceed hip this Uy. rtbiiJ if this Order It enM umeteee huh Bierary merit ranking with tbe bed siths secret Orders St the age. Tu eipUaaUona of the abject. and zietbodsof the On wtII tie glean U. Dubawsv this by Qeom Taller.

J. Jr. end others. and tae toallmiaary atepu tewerit in or- jaaIasoe effected. Th.

Order embraces bbt nale aad feat membership. gUr et Celt. jr Zathirourtk District Court yerterdty the oaetef thaCSraadOoaatyof Jraad ieerUlB real eetaUtaetder IrettlteaaMer Bards to W. II. rUroa to show ra.

why the yiimtfc end Joe. M. Ilongoes shesid sot ah 1 Sowed Is sabstil the St 115517 O. Wu- llama to the un. span lbs order to show cants heretofore madewhy said actions should not tie ulsmlaead.

cam on tor beartntr after tailnjrtbe eetlmoay of John A. Rasseli sad Henry O. wn- llama the matter was taken undN ad tIbs Coon with leave to defendants' aUsone7fo pieaIaieflaBm4us. wuw. eIM TaeXbst 4 anly skip pf 7Ue ere bunte WI coast II as willing at lames Wharf th toot Market street and Is well worthy of a Tbdt ilaepecttoB.

tielaca me magataocBt spedmtae Tbe I ntcrrv to 1 the mUwood.Captala-Bord.of 1UO tone bells at Port Nsdtaes Wsttiingtoa Tnltcei fib. ha. larger Umbers end mere frOg tubenlng than sai wooden skip ever built. Her length It 200 fret ver aO. 41 feet br dth and feet la depth aad her tweea deck waterways era 100 eel I Uat end Stats Inch.

la thickoess The WtUvmt taBcttnMrabi lat tafl and brengat fM lawtnp. TTsUt slates rB Jwry- States Grand Jory WblnMtd It fl wlag report to taeOrcutt OeBrtyesteruay Tan complaints and charges have bees Mb- ji1isM esrefaKy vetlgatdtwe III ytIJ ignotedand trneb4Ue ad for 0. faOowmgr cases JOae stealing geld from tie CatledBtatM mail Ban fraadcoe Posisra twec ttn en UattedfiaMe lands one. A opening aaetter tehea fro the PostoOce resisting an smr er the Baited elates tnuraal BevsaaeDspeitmettp. meggtng and en.

cue that ha. eoa a. reoai lan' have beeaoempelied to pass ver Sue ta tOaaISSVIISS fth next Grand Jury. Th report wanUM br Uwts Ooa ta aaeLjr raiaa ad Wm JU 7 pleaded was sascos4 ti yesn hard. Ubor the.

Eutsi rbtw 4 M1IES JlltDf JOSIE er TRI vvTho nunotf had vegetated behind the counter of stor on Third pursuing his daily a diipnting of pint 117 the paper and tat by pleer Jilt crisp. hair curled y. a brils fut1 Imaglaatiy trkaiphi iLirr IMS uvrm- ret from it scanty measure lie had painfully laptrraoBMUSu.iaer-- hundred daDv or to and when the managers of theImrtiiut nnoenied the Carnival bi strong ree lTe mad that mid that Wu4 festive cons if aspiration should culminate In a triumph re" IOmt Idfa fklr. Toprecttr ticketwaneary maer bathe. j- weighty YlnaU howler with the aid of a rfiendly cortumer ht lectd to make his ooacruett la th fefc of a Prince and when al last th eventful evening toiled mud hJkf took Id.

place among th motley crowd Els. heartbeat high his shapeless tags had Mea padde4 late manly form UsTrijUInghxlr concealed beneath a set of JJawlngrimletsV his stubby fingers hid In gujntlet The music uirmedJaLm. aod he lookedabout for th virgin pon whom hi ardent love was to soon to pound In melting torrents who was to yield to his balance of his life' was wined. nobod than Joat herself. She hsjU been compelled to her.

own. way in fhf world. and at though only she potted In the ways of the was Improper not a bit or fast. Itdittakbsyqgtfr upon a cottume for the ha Zavistowski and Markka apon the. statues at thought that iT she bad fair chine sbvowidrnke hapely dijplsy as say of them and as a Carnival Ii th only plaee-amtmgthe'cciJventloniUtlesof society when laxiih display of.

personal adornments It 4 rdrta th ball went Jti iaa PUIS JJBIBAUT SBOkT urD YOllUFttL And as her conversational abilities were not lee sttnsetlratheh her perspnal charms sh soon was th center of attnption to the so. tend with whom kntw It better neptible youth who graced tie scene. James tare on look at the dkhity as the floated short. James fll deeply irrevocably and laextrieably Into thdpeet pit of love. was smart at wi1las pretty-and 1 dow not take aAiTTAST UDluTTT EUhte rlorjg to find out Vu a fellow be- come entirely tPOOD7 abo7t her.

and so th soon threw out all her fet4ln1ne looks and before the ball wuhaIl 0 er Jam at fairly bound is was ever ar infatuated lover. Things had even progressed so lat Wore the hour for unmasking that thA had looked upon his lackadaisical feature beneath his uplifted and sent hilt' whirliarinto a self-created heaven with i tlimpseat her rosy cheeks lid sparkling-eve Supper and champagne followed. and when at last th merry joands of dancing feet had ceased and the tired revelers had separated Josie. tender raantwG ranscaB orTD BABD' with' James as he retired to hit toULarY reom rich this sight at least with gorgeous dreams. Alas I for the plodding nsoeeiliie of this cruel i worid 1 uTne prosy shop called for his strict attention on the fol towing day.

The gorgeous trappings of. his princely array had given place to the ugly realities a bpsiD suit and th attendance upon sundry unsalable iadie Intent on bargain took thT fj atini In th voluptuous waits. Still bin Heart fled with trot fl th tedium of I1 weary day wu relieved. by that there rooted in the nearest hit heart a tiny cai penciled words. Josl Housed On that same i Who had td the loo plastic heart of Jam rose rather later than usual and sat down to a good hard think for matter had reached a crisis in this Interesting young lady career a crisis however by no means neww1ch involved the immediate securing of.

a supply of funds. Her occupation were various and her income fluctuating. She had loot lino jnadath discovery that 6an 7raaei ooi males wire liberal where a raowo pretty face and form appealed. tofid sad on the pretext or loans had obtained occasional help. on occasions like the present and.

had been the tnotirf on part of her victims. the only rocompenM that any had erer reoeired had en HI srcTUiL3 Mid pleasant company. Sometimes Josi figured a girl a fairy at out leading theater. Sometimes the worked not too hard however jrlth the needle. Bat.

a general rule she preferred the penmen. the workshop ad taenue other sharp wits and bright eywtomoreardnoai toil. But this morning loud her in trouble. Use landlady. was- troublesome yes- taurUt' aan.

inexorable. Jshejsatonth tofa in vadresi oHff her long raven hair treaininff It. slipperlea foot peeping Vfrem the carues sly draped wrapper. and her cheek. retting' upon her dimpled arm 4hewai picture for a painter and we regret that cannot pat Into her rwTTnffnth sentiments which would be in tnet secordwItb th eaaty of the teene betthtatntet regard for truth which ever characteriiee the CHBOI IarI report compels en to tay that th words which escaped through the pearly gates of thttHtde month were simply these 6 That feller that wsi ttttkr after a.

las night 1. ft flat and I must play him Del baring suited at this amiable josra it siJ hi waited tor TeningTocVtVe knew would Wight' earns at' Jut. a it al ways does even to thvireariett watcher an the shatters of the store on Third street tar token of emettDe7' or tit. early eloeert' move meal. James attired In Sunday bettrfle pa Lowes swift plum tSl.

the IlaDdil. JIoc rViroroQtlrpulU4thW Yet Mug Josts was in would lie mind her rewiring kiln In her room as the was not well HOB a mind itt re tods- hoy. nld sh ask Urand he flew up stairs with alacrity drew fron. Ua shrewd eervant th maUertdremark. x.

urtrttn root All ixovrr GOD trr Which remark though neither classical nor. wai nevertheless strictly oor Joel wai glad to see him. but a sha ofdsoptadnees had settled over her brig Laos. The PI being low. Jam eswsj not ab to detect the artinciality of her pallor.

In vain did he try to inter her tighi were bet only retpanee-an4 wat only- when at last upon hit at her feet its offered her ki manly love and Woe devotion sad bed of her to let him knew the source of grief that he might rush to lh relief that And. between shaking sobs- Informed ii Utathertrovblw were pecuniary that ah Joredtiss with pfl a free young a devo lion. bstit was In raia lhit she had asainst wUlanciReUutlOD. a short tin SXTranged boraa to married to man she hated Del In law thezpnIensi Innocence had accepted from him the loan rf a fa fr ddasaitU thinking en th dia eo that she was sdaoon to the man ahe. tomadlr loved aad hersahs twined those lovely arms- around ef seek sod made him hr ablest slays But collIdA" be wocdl.

never iMvesncha TTIIX wrox wan UTBOUTT As to btk bio akyJsani power tojayth pebad taken kin money and proved his false. 3o U. not and Uw Ud Jam elaip Ber to his mealy bote and bid A eased- lier from MM embrace a grasping WI Mt. one little qur- erof an hour ntil I return and its do- eended like Pf with siiUlnets an' avalanche. Jests said not another word than I thai go to Ban Joei to-morrow.

dew James lore up into house adorned with legend. ur- shed and It th apartment wherein ho bad pased so rntay lonely hours. Deep down Into th uipped and drew tierefrbm a package tied In a newspaper. Carefully ureUiak it inthemidjtotalotof letterTlaythe bock skin thus gnbs1njiy- concealed in which his treasures lay hidden and without amount he shut th trunkWilh a bar Del hastened back to hi weeping love. TWheb'-emptrlag the golden eagle in her lap.

sunk bruthl and at' laosted by her side and. gasped ouC. Free and Din PL Josie raSher part well and though pft refusing finally consented to re- eefU iS. nd. xaDPt oi aof urnks.

At o'clock dismissed liar infatuated suitor fpT th night. or nt i0jvaowvet Jams niade so' for afternoon his day offat th tor. ept Ue sleep of theinnoeeot Dd the Just- Tk Irate oce ker fairy form toward San Jeea end tha afternoon ups- tDoet of James may- be tuamedcp-inthe reply of the landlady of AUAnd fa tohi eager laquiries often lbs Jadt. or his love VeoJHT man. If ye take my advice you'll to homo and mind noar44nees.

Josie It oo smart fo such ayos She paid me. and pad it fTak tritht Sabbath rtB6rning Is vkrabtleBt In good condition to miditato upon the vanity of earthly hope while possibly JosIs In her rattle retirement It thinaing of that tnsoUibl problem or th xtraordmarr influence of a pretty woman erer the test nhkinL CUPID ON a. eH Lewis Anoflier Couple WnptiaU or I. W. Taber and Annie T.

Slocum. The Kgir YoTk BtylB ofDoinjf Thing Pt1 Tha xeicl of the HappyT lr. Xszteges ey rayare made tit hetvfn om are exceptions to WI general ruts About a yeaf a young lady th Hub of th Universe which Is Boating to WB lit atataachnaetu came to CaWorn1a for her health. The climate reed so well with her that when ah left fore short horn sh left her heart behind In th sate keeping a ouBg genOemas bustoam as a taker cvnaterfeH- nMatnients. It It not known whether I.

took ber heart when a first took her picture but. the ProblbmUea are that just about bat Urn he felt his own thump against his vest pocket. Howb UM Bret hart. says she went to Boston It vu to prepare against the wedding day which wu duly set. Tb time ap pointed wu Friday hut and UI evening the artsof I.

iuia AX inis Win made to bealu on la the holy handset matrimony. The Boy. AX Otone had th ploalure of tying tile knot at- the Howard Urlaa Ohnrch streetaad It 1 needless to sty that he performed Us rot. bly la order that' the young couple and- tbetr attendant Meads might enter th church with feet unsullied contact with Uw rust of the pave carpet wire laid lm th edge or the sidewalk to the it end west entrances of the chare Long before clock the tour announced for lbs performance the churchwu Sited with the friends of both parties. dome came Ice curexUy others to eom.

ly wUhfrtendahlj caaTth ladles to crttldae ha gentlemen to envy thetflrlead who wee about Mhnffleoffthe fl cons brQi siciLoaBoo ittf tat. unto himself a tpar rib. Contrary to nstomwbea the hour of eUht arrived the brUal rty came promptly time. They entered at he eastern1 portal puttag up that elsie to the Croat where the Bev. Dr.

Bloc. with becoming gravity awaited their coming. The uarrtqe vu rlormd In the NwTtk jtyle which dispenses- sItCgILbsr with brWwmiUa to OltftU of. the milliners sad ma thereby cheated of a. portion of their legitimate prey.

tint came iweeptns sil biter. them four' tubers Heura. Frederick JteUlster If. S. Qavtct A.

Talkenbnrg awl A. Button. After these advanced tile ertdrt mother leaning upon th arm or. flumner W. Dishes.

Then came atxaVxa or iti oatitvsais TM groom and his lovely brld The Ualn of th r1d cell' a flatter oh xctteiBBt sno the ladies. for It wee WIT1oIIc ant It covered tile width of the ai The cenmonywir quickly. periormed- and Mrj and Mn Mi- Tabor do- rted of th. west entrance to their new tome. NolUMdy friends I wed Ute.

thereto lbs a very pleasant evening wu Psilee sad family Oh the music. members of th Uawlrl and Uer4a Society re ebolce vocal aad a serenade la wtllc41 tb solos were by Samuel Ii. liver Walter Campbell Joneph Majulre L' Tlbbett and Btaofe 7Tbe aims's nxxss WI. of white tattorwttii long train trimmed with tatln folds and orange blossoms. The over Mrt and vest were of bile tulle.

The ambling trcOPaU came from le York and liovsyofBeeton It irk an complete. the ki4s senamsets were a gold chain. from which. pendant a diamond eras areas looseness for ear. rings aad a bouquet- only the and nothing more.

Hair in braids sad enfls The a zwpuca or nra BArrrr ia Re' Veea fitted up of xpente with th eoetlleat and' must la IaehisnbW roraltura. Mr. yabcrvery properly aHew bi bride to he to eoulllL her owe taste In these matter' SB gave. her orden is Buckley 4 lianercfl of Boston. who ailed U.

MU xactiy Th feoeptloa ea Uw night ofthmarrlMwucnnoed to InUmat Ja tapper and wine were enjeyed. aadthe company parted with many kind withes for the nap- plnot the aewtf married couple. They wUl reed ve on WednesdiT raa isi si ri 3 lor e1 Ud le elAoBt. r- a Special Dlspatchl Ue Oimoroxm1 II" Bur sawosgseutretiba SffT- At th Farmers' aubtisyrtofrjfhAtlstheb A way tofarm for- year Mra diseusseel A lumber of fanner creeent beiltve la Sum me fallowing that UT to Bummer fallow a iftct each year LiofderU have to put in during- a dry spa-non. They claim that the land fallowed retained tnolstun.

sufficient from th year previous to rats a falr rop Others look the round that farmar sho14 pastnrs a. portloa' or his farm. and rats. stock and vegetables so that when tilt year earn they would be able to live through and lit taat way always on xamrzztonia Btfled that If a me bad high farm and 7 rear came th best way to farm it was to let it to 1 emigrate. The subject was en endless one and wet discussed by mom theories.

TM dairy and stock. argument seemed to meet th approbation of- a' large number of those' present as th oat sure and feasible plan for farmers to adopt A Drrtnu or cotoa Jaeoo Madden announce himself by hand blue as a candidate for Justice of the Pence of 6aaJo4 Township. at th next election. Th general iprisslon4i that It is a Demo- crab ruse. i Captain 3 IL.

Adams yetterday wuiu vary at least a hundred yards from Its theogh palate tU is net dangerous. The gentleman's name is romero7. i. RciiUdVRW sayir VT should think. If it wars possible for saint to I wear thatinderfrabU result would ho prodaeei when flcrttdiseoTredttat honor J4 been of the A Former zmpfqe it th Seioo aid erl Incompetence.

4-- At the at ef th Board of Manaiirsof UM i Jadaitrla Jam ioWe of. formerly employed at the School as foreman of ttt sao shop prcsealed the written charge agalast- Superintendent Ptt a. At the doaeof the regular of the Board Mi. ByrngtoocaOed their aUeattaa wue charges 1 Mr. that Onyge latoaaex ullve for the parpe of ueaining Tta yea AOM thre ort rt ezdcdei3 uC an ex WAS had.

hat notteen able to etotrtala what action' wt btt ill. to hoped thata thorough iavesUgaiioa wla be Institute JbtV Ko onbteBoara Of ZXreetor tmjIrial Acftaol TO undertlgned. a edIson of th United Bute a taxpayer end roakUal fjke city and county of Baa tranciaco having a deep ll1te1Mt1DUle School of Which your honorable Bosril ar tile Director and bettering th affair of said school wtre properly admtaisiend. la o- eordaac wtththolaectqf tUorcmalatloBBip wont result UIenCroIllo The ovtve Taaai an jomyn Of said lasututlea as foreman of the shoe then thoroughly acquainted with. the detail of It prtseat management under th Superintendency of Joke a Ptiton and th undersigned honestly believes and can prove to toe satisfaction of the Board that said Pelton U' otlesly- incompetent aodunt tobavetbaaiaaateBWBtof.thelhdas- the renoocs following dealt Tint.

tourate And uotaecbotumaaonsenet th Una being to keep the books or the lnatltUIn or nuk out correctly monthly report to youehon- erabl Board. Second VX VTB AJt VjEBACITT. HI moral there-clef psrUcnlaily la' regard' to veracity end Integrity Is not ncn as ON or command th Oe rwpect tb boy usc bit dun 4rboh wvr bed thv may are Instinctively quick to discover the finite end moral delinquencies of Vices imtif authority over them. sad woo-neither nor be. llv th word of Mrrf elton.

This charge ran It allU4arU17 proved by referring to tile born themselves and to th oOoersApd mp1o i or. tie School. Thirdn-J Jr accIcTen TO nrrkaTxaAicx Uajng on wveral ocdsboa returned from the city to th school under the Influence or llqaor. end on one U0a. In the month of October.

10 its attempted to detail the boys fry the duUu oftbeday wbea lie vu so much under tbe In Scenes of liquor a to stagger la presence et. the whole school sad ass unable to pronounce Ute necessary orders coherently. Proof fUir furlong principal teacher Mr. Zeouylonme of the Icier ho Mr. ullllt At teacher- the undersigned end MX.

Vonsan tbea foreman or the shoe shop. II. al able Intoxicated taken a popfl Into a bar room and drank liquor la his presence and even treated th boy to liquor from ta bit. Proof Mr. Taj uloooceper Rear the school.

oath0aaJ ferod Albert Giliwell sod gas. puptlil Mr. Hatdxlns. lat farmer at th school Sir. Murphy.

tltut fanner. Farther proof can had horn Sir. Billiard Isis cerpaawr. zrrsavLoazcn pirrxtxat uznzywM. Tourth" waste of material and extravagance la th management of the shoe shops end tailor shops Proof' Mr.

Kenny. foreman el tailor shops- Mr. Coleman foremaa of she. shop and ir. RitlIsr Witthi Appropriatlag to hi own ass tam quantities of vegetables end prodao of lh garden and term and supplying tb tame to parties to th city a Presents.

a time there an macni- slency to supply the school and Ute boy table was of vegetables Proof MrHatchlnslarraer Yea ZaRdt pupil pupil Dr. Grover's family on Stevenson street where Mix Petton boarded la the city Mr. Andrew. Mr. Bleat Mr.

Doug and Dr. Dean. Directors Mr. Ttbbey teacher Mr. mbrd gardenerand others SlTttl enctace or via VC4111sii.

IIIPnam YfathI thetcheoU nor examining' tit scholars nor manifesting aav Interest their peeps. or satlsf lns himself that the teacher ar faithfully discharging UkelrdBUe Proof Mr. Putlong and- Tlobey. present teachers Mr sal unit Knight former wacberl Seventh nastact perm JTot attending reIletoas exorcisis either ant or Catholic on Utus tettlag the scholars a lad uample and lessening the rood If. feet of their religions teachings.

Proof Dr. Cro- ette and Mr. Mower of to Protestant' das Rev. IathenHlckiyaadLarklBef the Catholic class glyht ij AX TIE WUIII or TBS True. hi compelling them tin at o'clock lath morning end proceed at one before washing the shoe pad tailor ohepe aad compelling then to work by ga llhL two.

hours before breakfast to Ui Injury of their health and creating In their minds a hatred and disgust the trad they are bet taojrat. Proof I Sir. OSlemsi sod Mr. Mathews foremen of th ho shop Mr. Kenny of th tailor shop Del theuadmlgned.

Ninth ixrppictocs ntTxarxaxxca. Improperly and tajudldonaly Interfering with th duPe. of tb foremen of tile shops by reason or which ts custom work received irum the city la frequently spelled and unsaleable lid thettock wasted Proet ZrSutlives shoe. dealer. Jackson and Battery streets Mr.

Coleman Del lbs on- dersigned. Tea thy itcovaiaura tocixmrrr Awl harmony at oac the end smpoy5s by aayiumof petty rMUtcOoB fl naugt end arMtnry 1111001 rendering tmpk ym at and reel- deuce at the school a source of discomfort and No none-ace titer than a pleasant Ja1IM lid a stonily circle. Proofs Any officer la the Institution. To turn up briefl ton with being ne-BiteS end Incompetent neither poMetttng tb morel Intellectual qullaea- 11001 to edsilulatratlve and InancisI ability necewary totb proper msestseent of the In dustrial School or any other educational Institution. Under his mlsmaaagetaeat nest Is greater than ever the pupils an wore d.

sad worst clothed than ver4bfon ai STITXM SBPIOB AU informer. among th bon Is calculated to desrads their sad make them bl apd Jealous of each other. And his punishment of th boys is such that- white It leavu no outward Darks ef the beating to tn refinement of cruelty and calculated to permanently tntur the boys IB health sad lnteUecV-ach as ttrlklnTthem OD the heed with tt open pelia and with a heavy ol leather strap. liebas been known to knocks a tman-boysenaele by. blows the ears SUw Mq Pelton has be Superintendent liar taken place than- ever Wor and not twq per cent.

ef the pupils dlsthered have been re stored to' usefulness and respectability. UttlythedeMof th tueiltstioe hubeenrect. lisely. sad extravagantly meraawd over 121000. without any enTetpoBdlag bSIIsntaM lUMUiUI- toUoala to-day bscruptho money sob 4 TOTAL satiate la' an dial wa that expected and hoped or a niesns of sod reforming the outcast and vagabond boys of the community.

The uad r- signet en behalf of lbs pupils tad the taspayers wb support the Ineiltulben respectfUlly askS that a Committee appointed by pour heaorabl PleatS to InvestIgate th charxe herein made be. lieving that he caafuny enbstaotlat. each sod every on ef tbe AetpectfaBy C15DU KHQLiX. 1 A quiet parsonage Bear the Cath City of Ilereford. England hat Just been the scene of a miserable pisod A clergy.

man to th neighborheod. had recently been appointed to living and tam to re side accompanied by a very handsoe titter some twentyyars of at. About. a fort- tothe rectory house An Inquest wsthekU and adjourned. The evidence obtained th police poInted ttrongtr to th nilt of th young lady.

la consequence the Coroner issned a warrant tier her apprehension. On a polio oonatble proceeding to the rectory to execute the warrant ho saw her lid stated thanatare of I datt. Sh said her brother was la Hereford endeavoring to secure th urn-toes' of an attorney and expressed her readiness to accompany the-officer. 6hr- tired to her brothers room and seizing one of hi rason. severed an artery la her arm.

Before any assistance could be procured sh bled to death. An Inquest was held on the shun body At th earns Urn the sdonrned Inquiry WM Resumed and concluded on the body or th newly Infant. Tits jury found That th deceased had concealed th birth child lid that the afterward oommlttod. suicide whilst laboring wider temporary The Jury appended to their verdict an expression tin which tit Coroner also i od of. their dep sympathy PETALUKA AIR i aM- Maria.

ff tliyBml OCii6tT List th rrmesli JPsTAlCKA September Sivijn Tha JVth AnnnalTatr oT the' Sonoma I aod Maria DlatriclAgrtaUtwai Poclety closes toda It hat beea a marked throughout.1 axed everything ha beeBoeadacted In a meaner highly creditable to ftcen of tn Society ant thd ai Urtitso rfnsnrfsBy has. remuaera Un. the tout receipts fuss at source isMuwV tar to shoal 7000Tonowlng see the premtum awarded on stock to at Uoclock 3 tueaise taoaeooaaaxo. Best stanza. 4 years td of Marts Monday.

TJfefenu end CO. Bee cameo ars old sad under i ob naUpTAlT radoJlM 38. TBest I yeett evtrAfeaat Can. Oaluaikla. T- rMetstaOloB roU and under 1 Jactan.

i. Be mare- 4 year. old. er 1. Si Martnvjr nnfaj- rrow.

PI and under 4 alii Bt sacklaB-eoUWeBB Ban. a i ovum it luPwomc. I Pelt Bunion 4yin ever Meacham ef Tetalnms Young Oydeidiir. 10 and dipinrna. Best slaillot I years old lid under 4 4 3tiiai Best stallloal year old and uder IZB.

Oarer of Pete War 31. 4 Btmar4yeanAldor E8tockdalf PtalumaMBlackblrdrlO Bett aWe jrears ou and ever LrfO of Peta- Heat BitTel ear and under i-AJDjro id tucking Colt IT B. yn ft ltVtlfff rOoldttnderntS lust otipatrict' colt not over I rears P. Carroll of Totnatea Robert UUlZJ BOBSXS. Best stallion 4 years old or over Alexander 15 and IOma.

Best stallion years and cadet 4 StOCtdaIO Gen. BaenaaaJ liz. Best atelison I year and under A. By la- Tjtt mare Jean or over John HaOM Jf effle. 12 Best mire I years lid over A.

By sn ever-A. Ct Beit mare 1 year and A. fif Qeorp ana. 14" A. By pztpeud Boasxa.

tZGuIv Bttttanoa ye noU or over XcDevtttj isdise Chief. St and diploma. Best station year anti under 4 A. WIhse Young Zowhy II. Best stallion 2 year a 4 under Thomas In- paham Propeller.

10 Beatiitalllon. 1 yearand under DsvIdSlew' Bertnarffonrrtar old en over-David Stew art Kllja I U. Bett racking cott Thomu lI1crahUao tic toanerane. Yo Best stallion 4 years old or over Daniels OneralMoUUllaatiaanddlplenia at stallion a years and under 4 2 uSon two year an under David raaler Batit Webster 10. Beat reUtngS yearn or over 8.

Sperry Bark. SH Best mars 4years or over D. Brown. Alice Daniels 111. BetmarS vtars end under 4 Smartj years lid under 8.

ert7 Ms mici Maid 7. cuRlLu smuts IOUU. ClOu TZ Best double dster- Dr. O. W.

button sad ah. Btkt saddle W. keacham Jim S. Best team turnout ft Sever 120. Ueii single turnout of buggy etcmade slac last ralr Qwla A nralaud.

CATTU tHOBOCaBBBXB. CZauV1L Durham bull 4 years old and ever 8 Scott of HeaUaburg. Ashland fSU Best' Durham bull years old under David Stewart. AlboU Dnk 20. Bet Duvtesmbell Tear and upSet 2 Sue Duke of ofJaxssy.

as. Best Durham bell 1 year old J. S. Trainer. Bo von butt 4 years or over J.

Bl omneldno Best Devon bat i yost' lid under 4 J. S. Botercank Quarterly II. Best tVvoa butt I year tad under I II. Roes KedJacket IS- fc Bti Dvn coy 4 years or ever COW I years old and under 4 II.

BBettDlvoBco iJl year 4 Daniels Belle Best Devon I. B. Soee Tenon. QUDQ STOCK. aces Best tnn4 years old or over Frau Asia Bestbuli years and under 4 D.

S. Dtoil M8ott10i BMtdenrsaadbanewnedhyon person 5t ntsgerald 5 1' BA tullaUkt4. CZaU IX. Best Spanish Wm. RIB lit.

Beet Spanish ewe Wm. BUI. 13. Best Southdown buck Joha W. lewton 10.

Beat Soetbdowa we a rg nt 10. Roil Cot wold John Jodipa. 10. Best UOYol4 John Jndion 10. utat STOCS.

Be lobs W. La wtoa 3. Bern 4 Spring lamht-Joha Jodson 5. twua Best Befkthlr tew Bobt. Orate 2.

Best boar ftewart Best Rosen sow-David Stewart io. Ghetter W. White. G. Best chests sow U.

White esfaip T8knina4 Be pigs uoMr' aionta T. S. roV1nT. COM Bast exulblt of T. D.

rria i Beit pair of ms George Bermat DM its Bra J. Jod500 2 Bett pa blaca DsaUh sQVssrauv xxBamoav Immediately cite the a waMleg of premiums on stock tile ladles' equestrian performance came off aid created a rest deal lit enthusiasm Del sp. planes OD. the partaf UMspectatm. Only fts young ladles came oaths track neatly dressed lay riding lots as Shows hike Riles Wallace or talama Miss Mary Palmer of ZaksvUle IIss- Belts PurtogWn.

of Tonuto Miss leon O-O- Uhaa and Xlii Mary Bins Walker ef Petelains Only yenf age. Tfcer all rrti ng end oewa the sour. vral Uausraad alto west around track at fun speed. the xcltemeat bold almost equal to on of tile reivlerrscee later la the Mv. They all rode tplendldly.

but of conrad the premium. had to be siren to the lobe had ridden th but sad mutt gracefully The Bins WM given to Mia Helen Wan- of Pulnaa- Theseeed premium was awarded to Miss meaner lit which ebe rode her tone. end the eat with which she managed him. 1" TBiaacxa The first race to wu a running race. free fat an nil beau three la II" for a purse of two.

Tbe entries were a follows I It Darting Tom M. Qoctrlili sad 8. Daniel's Jeaanetu was this favorite before surUno Chandler second choice. The Ill. beet was.

won by Chandler by a neck soil head Jean- BetMeemlaglaseeond Tim Taeteoond heal wat also won by Tom VIIaa4Ur. he peso- lag the heo tntca at la U. Twevicus he Tine. list. Tbeacxt and teat beat wee also takea by- Ghisdler' la I 5.

This Is splendid i foe a fc ir tract i gx BACXV TU race- was for. aU pacing horses synod In the diatrtct excepting Pratt for a divided purse eftUO mile hosts tires la Svs Thlswu an sidling contest. There were flv ntrl N. AUHW Weabtazto. 8.

Taylor Lambs 111. MoOses Jim Me- indA. MoraTarnThaaih. Theflnt was wen eselly hi WuhlDCo Tom Thumb teoonxL Time Tailor" aid Xcts were The secesit heat was by Jla McCu after tharp Consist with Wasblnglo Tim 1:41. After passing tht score la tb above heat" Waah- was noticed to waver lid seen ranu th ground jpparemUy deed.

The crowd rushel to him ezpecuag to see hi Hides remains how everhMoagtnpud was all rkbtagaia ma tew momeata. was only Choked up at horsemen say and wblb time we. celled for th II heat he appear qolU fresh. This we a dead beat betweea MeOM" end TosaTkmS. St Th fourth beatJ th uteuWmeoi was waby Weckingloe IM.

Uth afth. htKOuratdUaatls Tim dais betf to hteataUd by MICS and Washing. toV bed now keel cb. Weel af Bad a advaBtag pont' Ill Mat though en aoooant of his clxkfcg UM eonadeDce of many of' his trlnc21 had wavered. Great incitement tnnlled.

thee beternow upward f4080 la the poob betag Baa Fraactoe Iu' th the betting XeOeet WasknigtoB" the lead andriawri the scon sight or tea Seethe tim ahead. LU1 McOne1- rrt foul driving and the and driver at round the court and siaminadthe the tracks soil collected. what evidence' they ouldt and then after long deliberation it wu sow Oath thydectled that MeOu won the boat race end money Tb Sedatoa leaned tagtve general tlots to lasers sad knots of seen wre to eaeftrty aucnaUg up atd WB us ttmu 5 I' lAoooBwoaa. I Te PreddeBlaV Deastuuead Sacntary Graver thforrwpood aVef. the Csioaicls la Indebted itmSnaay kndaeste during the week.

ai ba Me Trttnninevtytha th roc. norm. aYTACBBB3r SsveralaUaehmenU were sued eeHagamst the of the. American Hotel yesterday sat to. and created ow sesatwestlea aawtgtb patrons of th boo There we.

sot much ndttorlbe proprietor teveral caactcf extortlenaU rcharring at aaustdnrinc fair week Oat fresh Bailer attacked a man by the of Iloly aywlih. bar iron knuchie him dews la a few moments alter Daly mt Better sod gotevea wlta aim by knocking alia down In tutu sad putting a ioottng heed a btn The primary can ef th dlfflcaHv was turning off theguia UM Jlte4 room bjor- den from btad urters TT ThereUa place la theo klrt of PeUluma rated' tBi avry M. Lut vabv D. JX Brady wit atopped ai the road by Jrabk- Pratt en old offender who sebsil what time was and. snatched the mans watch-a 500.

bednwtt forth br klD Ui ebsia end- seals. to his keels Brady rare the aura s4 Marshal Knowlts seen had hlmW cnjuxlj. wubouod ovr la Iftngi v4 v. 4. i acti A tea of rear la tmg oul- hi fibers wage.

to-day tell and broke etmto two piece Re Wok Kbcve- tca1I7. tcUtat mother cry 1 am 110 A city rwtanrant annoanoe 10d gat Ions tall soep- at- cents-7 And" yet vs hear people talk of sUrration wwita soup at 5 cents a plate I' The Emperor Prands Joseph threatens to knock' the Vdiviae right or. KJ lijto cocked nat by an" early abdication. de- dares that he 3oes not posxeea sufficient UI strength to grapple. wUh facts' as they present themselvea.

rr" eKew' York devoid and rM are the leading apologists for the" Tammany operators in that cityU Ht II determined to create a sensation vea at. th expense or beinE i denominated th Peapsjjvania his. not abolished stitch against common scolds and rB few days sine. an elderly dam whose' ton tie wagged too I was tent to toe common Jail for' slandering her neighbors Bach a law In San Francisco would AU the County Jan to overflowing. John A.

McQlynn Republican candidate for Harbor Commissioner received 6000 more votes than did Gnat for Presideat. He lost five per cent. of the party rete repre seuted probably by the German-Americans who voted th Republican ticket for th firs Urn Two thousand school masters an matIns held a prolonged Convention in Austria. receiiUy. During the entire don theta wamt al much dlstsnbince or exdtemenl as In a single meeting of the San Francisco Board of Education.

Bullies seem to be an' outgrowth of California At th port of New Yrk tlir ar col ed vpaetenths of the entireeoitoms do- Uei ef the United States For the fiscal year ending June 9) 1871. WD2JDOOJMO. wsrs collected. of which New York paid 141000 Of the remaining 51000000 San Praucisoc contributed 7488 00. and Philadelphia STOi DOOi Evidentlr tlie Utter rltios are far behind New York in th commercial race.

Cohemian recently married hid the following trousseau. One. black elothi suit one pocket 3 two shirts. plain bosom one night shirt embroidered 4 two paper collars 5 cents one pair or night drawers plain It 75 one pair night drawers ruffled 2 ho one bottle whisky. 2 one paper of cloves.

IS one eaheof honey soap. 25' eentson cork- screw. eentsrone bottle of cocktail bitters 1 SO one' ivory toothpick. cents on Baxter's Saints Best. 2.

Total. 5100. 1 read chapters from the boot- during th honey moon PITOBCK. A UrUk. I lmtrt a I I apaUklUlle la th Dutilct Court yesterday the.

divorce ease ef Ternen vs. was sub. the Court upon the report of the Court Oowmlsslonet. la the cat of Annie tstoa' vs. thaale Weston.

delkndaats motion to ale a supptiBMOtal answer and era tOstltifllt vu granted. Tnecaieef Isabella P. rr vs. James 8. Sea- terwu called and defendaal'- motion forth poweutea or tiMchUdnn wee signed- and.

sub. An order wta-nt In the eat 0 bins it. CnrUUniea T. U. Ohrhtenen dtschrtgtag the deftaaaat from upon th It St a pa.

per by plaintiffs sinorsey setting forth that nasa- eel fkeaand ellsiey had been paid. the cue of JallaBenard vi. Veleltla' Pervert was referred back te the Oommlsaloaer to la th Tonrth Wrtrlet OburtUte css lohn if. tltcbefl vs Mary P. tUtcheU.

wet errd to the Court Of ZIBLS-BQW TO. SMJCCT The as of pearls as an Insignia or. royalty dates from th earliest pos Uotner de scribe 'Juno's rings as triple-eyed. an pearls fanned the constant ornament of. this goddess.

Pin almost all the portraits of th BuaaIaa kiep which have oom down to us. impreeaed OR coinage of the period large pearls are always' seen hanging from. their ears. From th Persians. the Greeks and.

Romias derived their lor of pearl th latter people expending large inns for their Ladies wore them as rings generally suspending three of them on a golden wire gad from the pleasant poled they mad they wets called erotaiia or rattle Even th poorer clam. adopted them considering them a nark of distinction. It remark- bl to discover la the history of gems how- custom and habits descend. through certain races. cTh Tuscan women even the poorer classes still dost on pearls anti nomattar how ill-formed or dull In color they may be wear then la lams necklaces as their favor Ito ornaments Of all nations th Rusttaas and Poles ax fondest of pearls and hag.

the handsomest As vent Urge pearls tot veekiatee cannot set they are nn i- This rdn deteriorates some- whstfrom their there is condition some extravagance la their use. A necklace of thirty pearls hat found lately a purchaser la St. Petersburg at 53JDOO. la th United States. though th market to most fastidious as to color and shape Literary largi pearls la demand on the Continent ar rarely found.

Yet quite handsome gems ar Sieh sought slier In' seleetiar pearls th diaa peart should always be taken as the only type. The form should tie as doss as possible to either perfect sphere or pooh' ship The' most approved color a seine silver-Ilk. luster which should shinrlik tinged with a golden shade Del even showing a pink- like blush. A pearl may lings but if dead la color. exhibiting no luster.

Its value 1 very much el Panama and native water pearls though sometimes large generally lackluster. Professor Adler win start from hltn soon In company with an arehjeological expedition to thelEast. II Is commissioned to proceed at far as Uloarhere is to sketch on the spot a deeJgB the the restoration Of th Church of fit JOn presented by. th Sultan to th Prussian Government on th occasion of Croft Princes years Washington Irving Ones said of a pompous American diplomatist Ah. ha It great man.

and In Jail etlniatto Terr great man maf great weight. Wbeau A- MYSTERY EXPLAINED. A Tile Newspaper" reporters Jo th discharge their' dftU J4ndhjfniAay strangu- Sometimes. they com late possession of of which the wmaronit at largi Is Utirily l11Poratt i Som of ihes secrets. If made gemfly known only rtT' rise to.

amusement. Others. again ere strsjag interesting and path Uo. th utrem. and concern' the reputxtioa of In- illof the blgheif tCiidlnf In society To ar a to mikkpowa Is of th4 Manypi In.

this db' will recollect that some- months sg th body or a yousr. aad beaatUal wfmaai was found floating to th bay anl Ing upoped at the Morgue without one aptearinito identify th war tham buried in a. Ta most or thote who wers aware th oizoumiae. the name end position in society ot the on- fortunate lid. pa well a the cause and man ass of her death wc entirely Do.

There were a few wh might haTipUiaei tie affair but they wwer dijce Inter- ertedparties to remain silent en th tubieet. cam In poeseselon of a portiooof her ilitory at th Urn and IddItIOUI Mbrma- Son reeenUy derived enable. a at last explain' the whole mystery. This we ar about do premising howevnv that as thou most concerned hay. friend sad relative of th highest respectability still living- in this city no end of jostle.

would advanced by their paMication. ao name will be mentioned. fc In WI drama of guilt sorrow end death wers two on a girl of IS residing onYulsai street th other a man well known in this city In financial circles. The yeong lady was beautiful and accomplished and gentle and confiding la disposition SheUvedasedndei. life and consequently her circle of aequaia- wa by DO means large butauwn did know her.

wer struck with her Innocence and th relatives with whom the lived. treated Jzer with a degree of harahness. th effect of which upon her sensitive nature ther were perhaps Incapable of fully understand- Whoa aahappUy eltoumnstanosd unable lived for some yosns. Shortly after her eighteenth lIirthdQ mad. Thi was a maa people called him area and still ef wealth and Ugh.

standing in and. as- already stated. prominent in financial circle lie was agreeable in person polished i manners ant knew how to extremely fascinating when rathe society of females. Though a Ubertt at hurt and in a degree known. to he tueh tie was a favorite In society and waseourted feasted end nattered In no slight proportion.

lie wue a married man. but that did not prevent him from being a favorite with ladies. old sad young first encountered th young lady already described inabookrtor OD Kosnay street. Having occasion to a to her in COB sequence of a trivial secident was so struck with her beautifalifaoaad modest demeanor that ht determln4 to ob- tals a formal introduction and enltlrateher sequsiatance. This was eariry den He soon gained her eonfidene sad learalBf her unhappy condition paw that she would be come en' easy prey and coolly determined.

upon her ruin. Why dwell upon the manner Is whlcaat accomplished his design T. A perfect mutton of all the arts by which purity max. be de strayed and Innocence betrayed he eesiip won hot guileless heart sad led her on step by step. point from which sheis4 power to retreat.

It a melancholy fact that it is at ways easier to destroy than create to drag' down than to elevate and thus it is that women are. to frequently ruined and so rarely reformed. Enough to say. that in a short time sits felt from vsra. All the circumstance combined to make her an easy victim.

Loathing her home madly loving him. nrfmnded by every' conceivable temptation and. yelylog tmpuciUroa his' of eternal fidelity she sacrificed. everything be hail hitherto held dear. fondly dreaming that bin love would at least erer.

rmsia hero wa. How she wat mistaken I in- Bfew month th voluptuary wearied of his ton aid sh whom hid so bawly deceived was even more basely outcast front her home an allea from society and dostltot. money there was but on rue open to her and from being private mistress she was forced to become an Inmate of a pubUe house. eh could. praveA She fell many more hat.

don. rather- through the- gentleness and goodneea of her heart that made her pnsnsptclocs of vil dMirns Is than by soy actual fault i ef her vu But there was no half for' her. tgh knew too. well that society which receivM with open arms the unscmpulons libertine only asking that he be wealthy and laeeeesfal. lied with.

holy rror at fault of which his- guilty. Was any wonder that the hated life sad longed for 4atttt Vor some daye Ik such sot make up her mind the fatal stop One day- she walked the principal streets of th city almost incessantly. 6h was eloeelyynild end hated no recognition from those bom. sh Once waaknowa Outwardlyt sh was- earm. but.

within was me-dues and. despair. llow. many win re member seeiar on Montgomery Kparii street that pslefcateeeloietivailed railed girl. who seemed to shrink from.

the ry possl- bulLy contact with. anf en Whoa sh passed a passer eotld have teeathe ex pression of that face it would hara haunted him forever She was them blddina mute farewell to th soon. she had known and loved since childhood. That aigitlhe destroy a- TB. 11.

In the darkasms pf found her way to th Paelfto street hart That this was the place where 11. took the fatal leap wu afterwards mad. apparent hi some boatmen finding a trip of truss attached by a splinter to one of th plim corresponding so the peon- liar pattern of th torn fa brie la which her- body was found enrolled Then. vu no upon- her no hand to stay ken movsinenin. Imagination alone can picture the closing en th pal face upturned to the sky ther last sobbing despairing prayer that th broken heart perhaps sent up to Heaven for- forgiveness then the plunge anti sullen rippling of the wave pa they closed over Lb.

duabonorsti form of th once beButlAil hopeful sod innocent girt i Thai. was th usual asen the gaping crowd th brief sensation then the laciest and burial all watorer aod rolOu Ltd not all forgotten for a few at least will never forget that sold pallid deal and to on it will th hsonting horror of lifttltP or eour 4th was the Oioal cariosity suit. speculation as to th cans. of bet death. Most however.

Inclined to th tnppotitioa that sits had committed sukide. It to presumed that those who adooted his hi- pothssla charitably awimed la aseordino. wUhviheenlightoaed araetiee of modern jurors that sh mutt have been insane. Of eourse POGiIt are always wI. who whoeomniltsulcidn th Toto Weekly FOB pamnAsm.

The stnlt E. Slaton the puMiihert Of the BA lain- coco Cuoroth for libel has been tried ant verdict rendered f- th defendant Sinton not ituceeeefgl bully. rromttlaalfatirGaietU ftwtember The Slntoa-CBBOnctt tube suit has Mea. llroulbttG to happy eooeleetou the Jury promptly dtcWb In th uItLWI von rithteous Jaaff A lUUBsHJ JT Aav If' II UXm liWB Pa. at ttS age.

of no. was iTrtaor of25 te for ra dal Sesml fiebAwt. 0 IT i14 rrroo fYA rcmonre otamt I 1orT111 iJL rTIJrr A rI jP. lTfJl nmtlll" t. a2SJTT11M in 1 Jf a0i7t ftIUlIT 0.

I I tT II I lt I. I I I jU. I IG 18. l' II It to a i A sa MUMIK1 II In. 1 I i.

u. JUf f1. Pf 11t I I I 11 7 TaallAJ una t. lff1. 2.

1010 lGi i A aDW n' zr tA Jll Np. 6. Ii Kor lt 9 CP i 4 JriOLED BUN AYj Jil. I S' If lco O1g t4t ine II 1. oM 1 UIeeA4 aT xa i 7" ti.

o. eh 8 II I- Cu M41U11n. OD. 0. Ut tbl un UIeleWpGl1taAt lYCIC for tH 1IId kktl" 1aIWr pJdiad II1e vcuu4f1a Wt" laM eo p41D1J I ptpe She 2IIe1n1ka a.

WI potDti t1o ICIUJI Iot4I Ik" qDaa. to. Wea i ta till at H' UIe Gu. 1m lpldr tit oe ruU a OMQempdT lb. 1IIr pt P.

lM OODmtu7 A hac. hn6. Us udlW roletWJOuc he a UAcwd 111 Uleyetel JD III UJDaD UIa DIIelIllll1IIIIDw4 Odoel UIe 0. PeUT be I etUie anissi COle' ta IIIr id 11 I 1 UIe 8D. seDcIent 1IuUIe of ski t.

br 0nI CI1. as. PD. us1ftn8jncIIIM. othen.

IftDgTD raoP la4. IAed CM actlIl ItWGrt aut UIe YenSaltq Ao UlecrMtf of-IQ a5ders aJ is trcnalbl aM up u. y. AA4Jnkb7 WftJ4ban forUie rorol ellIa7W Suyt 117- 1abIo. lb.

lbs pU ptd Yho rce lbs ori trtu neuutUrtiSlr allo" Tea a a iWrr- lbs com y. I i 4. XU WITI Ylra oanT OfUltA I Jn 1 ac I yt Ja8 ma the thatwecompaasqM atLe of an open UlemMt1m I' capl late haft at for a It I la I. that ou malllc- aa4 uctUleetlT UOI I lC ho14Rt WiiIt ma Ae' Day. YHL Ybs ew1T 1uAJe1aaUce for a DuleI11uptIJ cI a AI 3 ii refter4Qu com- kIIIIlit bs4 iJI.

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