Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on March 17, 1916 · 12
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 12

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, March 17, 1916
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IRELAND'S MAP WILL INTEREST i ALL THE PEOPLE i Places of Origin of Old Irish Families Are Shown Here! -An Interesting Hour May Be Spent in Study of the , Familiar Names. j On this page today St. Patrick's t)ay The Star-Gazette offers its read- crs one of the most interesting fea- j turea ever published in Elmlra. a map of Ireland showing the place of origin , of the principal Irish families. From j the spots designated on this map 1 these families have grown and multi-plied till today there is hardly a spot In the civilized world where the names J are not familiar. j How many of them do you know?. If you are an Irishman with a good old Irish name, you will fln-1 the name j' on the map. Perhaps even you did not know from which county or caihli ""Mai O'DojSherrv L.of M. Quillan L-Oi v. y O'Shiel M' Loghli'n ft CAREY laP.inn. r.OlERAlME.C WGilligan ii O Hara DUNLUCE 5 M'Ouillan v OKane P.of . -c barony your family sprung. It will interest you. If you are not an Irishman it will interest you almost as much to study the map and read the familiar names. U is striking that there are so few without the prefixes of "O" or "Mac." Pome of the most common modern, or Americanized. Irish names have dropped the prefixes while many have retained them. Whether the "O" or the "Mac" is used today or not, the old family Is the same and its birthplace may be found on this page. Showing the OCxVM'xe-S arui titles of the principal old Srislj families. The xlesiait Chiefs are all distingzislied by 0 and 4&ac. The jcah Chiefs are placed, about Que middle of each Srnrg. The Abbreviations are P. Prince, L.Lord, C.Chief, B.Baron, V,Vicmmt,E.Earl. rW A Doune where wess . fj . .?k fen aught JJ-LWT O'Donnetis were ..u..V.7 Ar KEEN?"Z, ' i . a hi iiini ii v m m p"v. m uiuani M8V BUY I .0so& banach Aer otk46 rS&5sfr "-tf&iasaov EENAUGHT . jS i CloskeyC. V&. Julian VOW lO'Dorrienafc 0 Boyle ot the rour OQuinn 6LENARM asrs wrrfteK. (ONEGAL 4 -5 0 o"m -ul ujvjf .vt- Mjnoe )0' Flanagan 1 or J urj rim I'Gearan Q'p eTuflaghoge, Race ' . xCo Nillsi05cp kartell PROMOTE,..,. , ..notit1 VT O'Donlew P- of U5 ,n 0Rogan CHILD GETS SICK, CROSS, FEVERISH IF CONSTIPATED Look at tongue! Then give - fruit laxative for stomach, liver, bowels. s4i "California Syrup of Figs" can't harm children and they love it. ' A laxative today saves a sick child tomorrow. Children simply will not take the time from play to empty their bowels, which become clogged up with waste, liver gets sluggish: stomach sour. Look at the tongue, mother! If coated, or your child is listless, cross, feverish, breath bad, restless, doesn't eat heartily, full of cold or has sore throat or any other children's ailment, give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of Figs," then don't worry, because it is perfectly harmless, and in a few hours all this constipation poison, sour bile and fermenting waste will gently move out of the bowels, and you have a well, playful child again. A thorough "inside cleansing" Is oftimes all that is necessary. It should be the first treatment given in any sickness. Beware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grownups plainly printed on the bottle. Look carefully and see that it is made by the "California Fig Syrup Company." Advertisement. TEACHERS ARE ENGAGED HAMMONDSPORT SCHOOL S3 Hammondsport, March 17. At aj meeting of the Board of Education the following teachers were appointed for the school year of 1916-17: W. A. McConnel, Matilda Masson, Bessie J. Talmadge, Ielia S. Wheeler. Mary E. VaEtten, Carroll C. Griminger, Anna S. Hart, Georgia L. Westcott, Marion CJ. Hamilton, Harriett Zimmer, Nina ' A Arland. j Miss Davis and Mr. Dayton will not j sign contracts for another year. Their training experience warrant a larger ; jalary than Hammondsport can afford to pay. Both have been here three (rears. Miss Davis has very successfully supervised the work of music and Jrawing. Mr. Dayton has been in iharge of the agricultural department since its organization and has brought it up to its present efficiency. Miss Dorothy Cololough was select stl to succeed Miss Davis. Barrett iConneg rCailagh an ia n,C. 'erris 'Dowd L I'CahaneV C, gan Lawless i'Ma!l( " -rjrVJnv, ofUliflia TO 0) M Gennis St.fttrick. St Brigid an rST- coi urn Dki 1 1 e IVEACH )'Macken I NEWRY II' . I v i oeragnry li r I M UKKI CjK .V O Iq O'Malley L.of Umalfan' onr M-Gibbo.0... Cv OFtensy 0 Tool . Joyce .C Mamn O'Conealv BALLY NAHJNCH 'Bur Jt? o BLT, Oylf LONGFORD 0 CASTLEREHA 15 ,. rjr0 BCJMay0x OTRynn OConnor K.nJojF. M ANNALY. U n : F 2ch,! Dowdall nag j n w j w i ri rrt . i w inuii run i . i i hh ii i I rr r . .w ru v . ,.MoV u M G.IduffnagMv.-.Jo Browne B-of: O'K.Vwan. JjK I n0nP LrW . ,. Staunton S. C3 rVG r , -,eaj. - v U Mumen . A t;f B'rffiplace of fthe BoSne Arran Isles. St. Enda's Monaster I - iWickfov Landing pfaee of SkPalladius Indoor Life Makes Fat TUY OIL OF KOREIN TO KEEP WEIGHT DOWN, OK TO REDUCE SUPERFLUOUS FAT. People who are confined within doors ind who are deprived of fresh, invigor-itlng air and exercise must take pre-.aution to guard against over stoutness, is fat acquired by Indoor life is un-lealthy and a danger to the vital organs f the body. Lack of exercise In the 'resn air weakens the oxygen-carrying lower of the blood, so that It Is unable ;o - produce strong muscles and vitality ind the formation of unsightly and un-lealthy fat is the result. If you are 15 or 20 pounds above nor-nal weight you are daily drawing on four reserve strength and are constantly owering your vitality by carrying this sxcess burden. Any person who is satls-led In their own mind that they are too itout should go to a good druggist and fet a box of oil of korein capsules, and ike one after each meal and one just efore retiring at night. Even a few days treatment should ihow a noticeable reduction in weight, ligestion should improve, energy return, "ootsteps become lighter, and the skin ess flabby in appearance. Oil of korein is inexpensive, cannot in-irA..hlns the digestion and is designed to increase the oxygen-carrying power j tt the blood. Any person who wants to j .educe their weight 15 to 20 pounds should rive this treatment a trial. Advertise- j sent. ! S2 i V. To1ey dfalve 0RKA( me r . a . 0KPI. ) DrvWuB wCy i "Cfirom..-cr ... - . , o!Pa X ODoran 6 I r Xl ow f orenon r 1 n'ritnY lOAv VS7" UAfMcih O'Hick-ey? O Brodar Y Rft & IK nu Utidan T.. -'KV "rnu '"-n WAV w . -JA" ' reat 0f the Milesun J 0 o i 0' Con ran C- Landing of Fitt" NEY o Kennedy K& V O'Duftan0' KILMORE oMh(, Vinflle AgI OQu.ireTy MoreP u.,,lifeC. Ctanawve P(?RUnv ffi,M v-- -ri Le Poer f Mori a M'Giilicuddy of the ReekC yShea'-Of Sullivan More -ui Lord v? or I VERA OH B.of vant 5act Cb&n JfrpL. M DonOUrS Barry ?iaW tfruomei ofcIa O'Muilane. 0'iarkin t-of ;H OuNT&ttO erLAiSRoo6H O C n Barretts v0 w .-w: . MXarthy P.of oiNXu . ; v n'r.u. Dr i,ddinft Barrett L.of Desmond 'Muili B nc iny Ahem Lyonsf ?outh , O'Cronif4 .Vx O'Leary L of 1 vciearv 0Horgan v)a u Dro O . Desmon JT W Carthy wee of 0v L.of y "ALMEAKf E-of7 74arrJ 0' lornae 0" Bnr ieCapeip ex Siege of Dun THE LAND OF ST. PATRICK. This remarkable genealogical or family map of Ireland has been sent us by the well known Genealogist, George H. 0'Sullivan,of 782 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, N. Y so that we might offer to our readers a fitting souvenir of St. Patrick's Day. Mr. O'Sullivan is interested in bcoks on the Irish people and tells us that he has copies of this map for sale mounted cn linen, and printed in four colors In water-color ink, so that any one desiring to secure a copy of this map in form to preserve permanently, can do so by writing to Mr. O'Sullivan. COPYRIGHT 114, OtO. M. 0,OLUVAN. Ta LINCOLN PLACC, BROOKLYN, N. V. Do you know of anyone u7w does no cad The Star-Gazette t 0 8

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