The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California on April 14, 1933 · 2
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The Press Democrat from Santa Rosa, California · 2

Santa Rosa, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 14, 1933
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SANTA ROSA PRESS DEMOCRAT, FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1933 bEon EE TJEVEHS ITES WILL I held -siTunoir Stanford Coach's Father ' Dies at Rincon Home After Long Illness Funeral service for Cooiw E. Nmers, father of Krnie Nevers, ass-ist'int football roach at Ftan-lVn-,1 University, will bo held tomorrow afternoon from Weill Brothers chapel, with iho P.ev. Ka-bort Clark of.'iVIatiii,. The body will ho ' taken to the California crematory tit Oakland for cremation. ''Nevers, who was 71 . yearn old, died 'early . yesteirtaj at hi home in, ltinoon valley. He had 'been II! for several years, 1.A native of New Brunswick, he had lived in llincon valley 33 years. - . " Ho is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Nevers; ffvo pons, Ernest Severs, JPalo Alto: I Tarry. E. Nevers of Montana, Frank Nevers of M.mta parbnrn John and fjcorce Nevers of Wisconsin; a daughter, Mrs. A. .1. Sft'enson of Minnesota; nine; BTami children, end one great-Era ndchild. Mr. and Mrs. Nevers recently celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary., Ernie Nevers arrived here early yesterday from Stanford, where he has been assisting In the spring: football praetlee. IE BET BILL i (Continued From Page One) five such shows would Met priority over all other fairs. Thomas A. Mnloney, co-author of the rneasuie. urged conetirretieo to avoid tj'ins ft up in conference. Assemblyman B. .1. Feiuenboum of San Francisco introduced a bill providing a two per cent consumer's tax on all retail sale.'), which lie estimated would bring the state $30,000,0(10 to J3B,O0t.i)tiO a year in needed- revenues. 'Senator Edjiar Stow of nnta Barbara introduced several Amendments to the comity and city beer bill Which were approved. They were mostly technical in character. Another amendment, approved was introduced by Senator .1. At. Inman of Sacramento to remove doubt whether beer could bo sold in Amelia II parks. ' ' ' e The assembly roar 9 .and hhsti-,'riys committee today recornniend-id for passage a bill which Would Ail approximately e.fijS to the fate secondary highway system. All Children In County Bidden To Easter Egg Hunt (Continued From Pa One) of cfgs. limhr of the i'oldr-11 ci'. Finder .f I he sil ver oi?pr. Boy under six finding the lurK-e,vt inuohrr of f-V-AS. 'ill oil-r six findpii; the largest liiirfihi r of tS?H, Yoururcst. child attending ctj fill 11 lit, , ' Child attending the eij hunt from ihe farthest distance. In addition, other prizes will be uiFiiEiaimiiB JOHN S HE? STATE CaPITflL FOR KEW POST 7. V JACK LINDSEY given winners of several contents to b conducted by Cowboy Jack UmlseV, including a spoon race that i-) expected to provoka lots of fun. All children planning on entering the race are asked to briiif? their own spoons. - The rules are simple, but remember them. The hunt ta only for boys and Kirls under IS yours ol aye. t will start at ltoylc. park on linen i'lland jut,!, east of the city j-romptly ot 10 a. m.. but njiy child Kettingr Into the park before Cowboy Jack fiffleiiilly starts the bis? liunt wi'l be disqualified. All nlfsht tonight until the wee hours of the moriiinqr Martin ij'K-Kcrlni, lorid confectioner, will be busy dyeinft 1.S00 fresh ei;Ks 111 all the brilliant hues of the rainbow. The ews have been contributed for tho HtC't this year an III the past by Aug-iiNt Bennett, local malinger of the roHlfry Producer? of Central California. ' !, . Tliey will bo hidden throughout the park some time during1 the nh'ht. . The furrv bunnies rdantied an nrlnes are beitiL don'ited by the Sonoma County Kahbit Breeders' Asrociiitiou. . ' S'o don't mlf tji !!. hunt! Tell your folks nor that, you want to In part of that eaer "irnnR" that will proet. Cnivboy Jack at the opening of the park gates ot. l10 a. m. . toiriorrmv moruiiiB. . yyy! HP'tMnn 'U"iiy 0 wjp nny ijii' my 'tiii)'1 iw0 Hifitf mi m Today Only Matinee 2:30 i. SHOW STARTS AT 2:45 You'll shudder with thrills and shake with laughter! I - with rjj Edward Arnold FRNFQT TRIIFY k AtioA;vjtetr I IMA lUEWri PICTURE Wlf John Miljan, Johnny Hiiies TOMORROW Warren William and Lilt Damita in "The Match King" A b'd bar of candy FREE to every child at Saturday Matinee tifiVfrrtiiiViiiii k iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiirimiium,,),,, n, i'fTFjt TODAY AND . ! LlJllj SATURDAY ANOTHER EXCEPTIONAL GIG DOUBLE BILL 3 I The great lovers of the Escreen in their second Chit! .... Relief On Mortgages Is Demanded In Hearing Before Assembly (Continued From Page One) ate and Idler before the afwmWy. "Farmers' who have pa-hi taxes for more than 25 years ore now being deprived of their homes, through no fitul of their own, Jnit values of the -date ore facing a tremen-iIouh drop unless the tide of mort-Kasje foreclosures Is ptemmed. "The farmers are artsirtj? in protest, and demand this moratorium to itive them a chanoo to cot bao.K on tlieir feet and nave their homes.'1 f.iruiemint, Covernor Frank, F. Meiriairt. presldlni; officer of thd senate welcome,! the throne; of farmers "as citizens of California." "The senate is vitally interested in the farm problems of the state, and will do i utmost to provide leifiNlativn relief," he declared, ok-ini,' Heidmeyef to fui'niali the Senate with written copies of the recommendation of the farmers. 200 FROM SONOMA Preceding Selilmeyer's talk Sen- otor llerlK-it W. Hlater announced to the senate that included among the farmers thronnins the galhry weie 200 from Sonoma county, and uri;eri that consideration be given their appeal. The farm delegation' later called upon the assembly to repeat the recommendations', with Sehlmeyer attain acting- as spokesman. E. A Mclianlelci, former Bssemblyrrifln from Lo MolimiH. alo mioko for the farm group in the assembly, opposing pttusaprt of Assembly bill Sfi? prmidint; for compulsory consolidation of school districts. I'.oth the senatrt and oscembly were informed by Sehlmeyer that "rural California, is bitterly op posed to any such action." Ariivlng iri facrSinento early yeHterday mornintr in caravans from many counties from the Tehachapl'H north, the farmers as sembled In the SncrniTieiito cham ber of commerce auditorium ot 18 a.m. for an enthusiastic mass meeting- OUTLINES AIMS L-. A. Johnson, mufder of the Sonoma County Pomona. Orange, opened the meeting with a brief talk outlining 'h? aims of the "mor(at;e march" originally sponsored by Sonoma county farmers, and then turned the pave! over to Mrs. M. K. Williams of Wituksor, wlm acted as chairni'in for the remainder of the meeting. Speakers during the two-hour liiornlnt; Tna.wsi taectltiff Included Johrifiou, Wllford Howard of lira ton, president' of the I Writers Protective fjeaaue of poiioma cotinty; Henry Panics ot Fun Jose, member of the filalo grange, executive couutiitlce; Former Assemhiymoti E. A. .McDaiilelrt, I,os Afolinas; Kate Parker tfanta Posa; Kunice Peterson, Sonoma; Mrs. Williams, Windsor; J. I,. Case, ForestvillC; M. li. MeCleod, Windsor; aitd Sehlmeyer. The farmers elected Sehlmeyer an official spokesman, and uuthor-ized appoint ineiit of a committee to draft the recommendations to he submitted to he legislature, Sehlmeyep was Riven a great ovation by the farmers when he addi'esse,) them, during the morn-Im'. "I'.ankeis of our Ft'.ito nro la- iKliltiif our proposed mortgage moratorium as 'class legislation'," he declared, "but the story was somewhat: different when thev need ed and cot ii moratorium!" lie said he hid warned legisla tors of the likely consequences If the farm mortirase moratorium was not provided immediately. Jitirinit the noon hour a com mittee consistihir of Ixiren E. Mc-Fadden of Cloverdale, Sehlmever, lolmMin, Case, Howard, and fc- lianiri. met to draft the proposed lci!ilHtive recninmeiKlatiotis. Their ronurt was unanimously adopted after 9 lenfrthy discussion resulting iii a fer eharires during the afJerrioon ni'eeting of the farmers, startintr at 2 o'clock. Scalitiif tlon of farm dctits to meet the reduced value of the lollar, originally Included along with the mortgage, moratorium re quest, was stricken out of the rec ommendations when the farmers expressed the opinion that they should concent raw on the moratorium. The farmers also passed motions approving the KfM.'ty tax extension now before the, legislature and went on record unanimously oppose,) to the proposed consolidation of school districts at the afternoon session. The Ciiid "m.pch" nn the -.t-tte i Local Aff siudenticiiinnni ill p ii o I i. uu uu KILL To ftdpCrippWiCfllillF ESSE TO Supervisors Expected To Make Appointment at Meeting Today P.oss Moodoy, foreman of the re. tired lft32 grand jury and former local businessman, will be formally appointed manager of the netvly reorganized Sonoma county social service department, when, the board of supervisors meets at 10 o'clock this morning. This was indicated yesterday by one member1 ot the hoard, who said that the supervisors had informally agreed that' Moodoy should be piven the appointment, after considering 13 applications for the post, which will command a salary of ?I25 per month. Friends of Moodoy said that they had been reliably Informed that he was "virtually assured" of the position hy board members who conferred with him Wednesday evening following- passage of an ordinance creating the position and fixing salary and duties for the social service manager. Chairman Ed Enzennuer declared following- tho Wednesday meeting that the board was undecided between Moodey and Col. C. Wilfred Hourne, former executive of the Golden Oat Orphanage at Eytton. The board recently passed an ordinance abolishing the former social sendee commission and automatically ousting the office staff on .recommendation of the grand jury. This ordinance becomes effective Monday, and Moodey's expected appointment will be effec-tivfl from that date. The rrrand champion (he (South -'an Live-tori; and jil t COIIelilile.I, Mottn, lre-mi-er 4 -II club, was s company at lamb of Francisco Junior l.:.'i OV I P.eef how ' owne.1 by pe ter of the Woodland sold tu fr'n ift mid 0 a pound at the closir.g auetioii of tho show. The best lot of ten iambs, owned by Jones & Cox, of m Euis Obispo, members of the Future Farmers of America, sold for 33 cents a pound. Sam McMillan, of Santa Kosa, ft Future Farmer, put one of his champion Jambs in the auction ring, the proceeds to go to -the Shrlners' hospital for crippled children in San Francisco. It was sold three times, m ineinj? an aggregate I total of 5 cents, per pound. Kaim owner, except, tiie last, put the nnirmtl back in the ring for rsale. The last, purchaser gave both the proceeds and the lamb to the hospital. - The grand champion hog, owned by Eugene J.Jrblgcford, Future Firmer, of Ijoh Paiios, was sold for 25 cents a, pound 20t cents above the market, prico. Swift & Co., purchaser of the champion steer, was the high bidder, Paul Condltre. of Modesto, received 11 ',i cents a pound for his grand champion pen of hogs. The indorsement committee of Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce refused to indorse special advertising propositions, Including lodge programs anil similar matter, at it last session, according to Secretary O. Lansing Ilurd. Roosevelt Launches Vast Bond Plan to Aid Home Owners (Continued From Page One) 1 ernmeiital philosophy in what he ca'led "a declaration of national policy." "This policy," he said, "is that the broad inicrests ot the nation require that special safeguards should be thrown around home ownership ns a guaranty ot social and economic stability, and that to protect homo owners from Inorpilt;; ible enforced liquidation, in . a. time of general distress, is a proper concern of government." ., ISSUE BONDS The bill Sets up a. home loan owners corporation authorized to issue $2,000,000,000 hi bonds. As appropriation ot $200,000,000 if authorized from which the con, point ion mny make cash advances to pay tunes when tho mortgage isj exchanged for bohdu, or to pay taxes on property otherwise unen cumbered. The government becomes an in termediary and negotiator between tho homo owner arid the mort gagee. The mortgage holder may; get. up to x per cent of the value of the mortgage in four per cent government bonds. He then drops from tho picture, having a govern ment bond instead of a mortgage. 15 YEAR PERIOD The corporation refinances the mortgage with fivo per cent Interest over a period of 15 years. If necessary the corporation may grant a moratorium botli on principal and interest payments up to thrcft years at any time during the ife of the loan. An appropriation of $100,000,000 is authorized for the "Federal Savings and Loan Association." The povernment's interest in them will be through subscription of capital stock, just as now in the ise of national banks. Any mem ber of tho existing- federal 'home loan banks may convert itself Into a federal saxlngx and loan asso ciation. Otto effect of this bill will be io induce mortgage; holders to come to terms with home owners where! this can be done. The hotue owner will have a, bargaining weapon in the government agency. Though values of mortgages will be deflated from their previous values, tho measure possesses slightly inflationary tendencies in tho loosening of credit. capital was originated by the So noma County Pomona Grange, and hacked up by the Farmers Protective League of this county and the California. State Gringo. After tho demonstration and hear ings officials of both organizations dared that, the "ficht. has just begun," indicating that, thev planned to carrv to tho tmlsh the request for farm relief legislation. W THE CRASH' GEORGE BRENT """" 's Chapter 4 of the "WHISPERING SHADOW" i - m tUPm TOVERY IovT'?ESATUnQAY MATINEE. f A k.liilumm I2r-,n iw. ,B.0Y OR ("it WHO BHINGStS THEIR DOLLl "",fa " e"'"5 " S i SCE. YOU SVOKE i CAMELS NOW i i find them 1 MilOFR V YOU GET COSTUFR TOBACCOS IN CAMELS- Reviewed Attack on Absent Voters' Law Seen In Announcement tho district. Cuidotil was leading by a small margin when bailor east at the polls were cOunten. but laky of at, sent voters' ballots switched the lead io Cole, returning him to his office as supervisor. During the contest, charges of. illegal voting, both r.t the polls and by abs"iit voters' were aired, amF the ah.-entee voters' law was branded unconstitutional 'by Gul- dotti's attorneys. I", J. Cnidotli, Cuerneville jus-flee of the peace who recently lost a contest ov,r election of Supervisor Wi'l J rd Cole, in the fifth supervisorial district, will appeal to the state supreme court from j the judgment of Superior Judge j Eenjimlii Jones, . of Lake county, j which declared Cole circled and s upheld validity of tho state absent voters' law. This was disclosed late yesterday when liarrett. and McCohnolI, who represented (Juldotti in trial of tho contest, filed a notice of appeal in the office of County Clerk Geor-'o P. Sanborn, Grounds on which the, appeal will be based were not revealed. That Guidofti would probably appeal was intimated by lioe M. P.arrett, of counsel, immediately following the filing of Judge Jones' decision, The Cole-Guidotti race for tho supervisorial post attracted wide interest throughout the county, and particularly in the Russian river and coast, sections which comprise ": ''W'' rY 7r Are You Prepared For Hot Weather i . 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