The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1933
Page 6
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PAGt 8H ra VILLE, ..(ABKJ EOUBJH '•Suicide Squeeze" Enables Declarer to Make Contract Today's Contract Problem While the natural contract, ,'hnp. Is three no trump by •South, which can be made "busily, one pair bid four spadei gud made It—an In- terestlni; play. Can you make four spades afilust the best defe'nse? *KQJ 6 V K 10 » 9 «5 * A 7 4 3 Solution In next liEue. Solution to Previoui : Contract Problem : BY \VM. K. McKKMNEY Secretary, American Bridie Lea[«e Don't, think, jusl because you have a.winning Irlck In your linnd that It always Is safe to cash II In today's hand the declarer V KJ C5 • 6 5 « 2 4107 C i :'• * J 7 5 i • '.' ' ' V A'S i ; . * A Q 9 * A J 3 ; I Duplicate— K. and W. vul. '. . OpentnE lead — 4 S. Houth U'<»L Xoi-tli Kjitit llN.T. Pass 2N. T. Pats 2 N. T. F»S3 PUBR Pasii ' IS Tard of his own; so he dellberntc- ly throws West In the lend. In an endeavor to get him to squeeze his own partner. The bidding is normal and West's natural lead Is the eight ol spa [its A small spade Is played from dummy and East wins the trick with the king. He returns Die deuce of spades. West wins the ace and returns the ten ol spades. A club Is discarded from dummy, East discards a club, an South wins (he nick with tlie lack. South casnes the ace of Iwa and then leads the eifjht of hearts West's queen dropping. Dummy vhis the trick with the king. A small diamond Is led. East playlnit the ten, and declarer finessing the queen which holds Ibc trick. Tlic, drop of the queen of ;icart> by West marks East with foui hearts. The fact that he went iu on the diamond marks him with probably the king nmt Jack o diamonds, ft looks as though It If Impossible to make the contract lint South, the declarer, decides to try to tquee/.e East; so he lead* the seven of spades, which Wes wins with lite nine, a small club being discarded from dummy. Eas has LO drop the eight or diamonds. If West makes the mistake o cashing his six of spaes. which, o course, is a good card, a small diamond will be discarded from dummy ond East will be squeezed. If he lets go u heart, both hearts In lummy will be v good, while if he lets jo a diamond or a club, those cards wiil be good in the declarer's hand. Whichever cards East releases tire dccjarer will squeeze him it tliat suit, and tlie contract of three no trum'p will be made. This play Ls known as the suicide squeeze. throws West In the Isad, grantln him a good trick and leaving him with another good trick. Before, cashing that good trick West should stop to reason wh South has let him in to make those two tricks. Of course, the answer is that South, Ihe declarer, wishes to get a squeeze on the East player, and has no squeeze The EdHpr'i Letter Box Sen Perils Ahead [To the; Editor:']' ' ' ' ---I do not intend to engage in any- pe'ttvr personal criticisms ' of anybody -through the 'Letter Box." T- have,, ^''.peoples' Inlerast at heart ;we ore: riding; at a dizzy pace. -upon a.road- along 'the tfm'o'f '' ' '' IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE OSCEOLA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR KANSAS III the Matter of (he Estate of Manite B. Driver, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that th undersigned, as administrator o the estate of Mamie B. Driver c,r-ceas«d. will apply to the pro octe court on the" 1st day o January, 1934. tor authority to sc he following iands belonging t said estate, or so much thereo •is may te nec.Tsary, to-wlt: The NE'i of Section 28. Township 16 N., Rarge 11 E., situated In the Chlckasnwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. JAMES D. DRIVER, Administrate ). Weiby Young. Ally. 13-20-27-3 . S t ;bottdmless'. : 'ajyss. hind, there: 1!.perso the . 'o'rie 1j!.personaTOiberty ahcl priyate - property, rights.- On the pther;-an<_abyss -.of socialism, com ; munism, ;tyranny, 'despotism, ncas- antry, ' slayery, . pestilence, . war| famine and. death. I 'only wish to pc.inl'qut the red IbjhU to the people^ Biit- -l-t eel that it is use- te s. ... W^ ' are ; trading our - ' Birth - riglit .for.-a jjioss of .porr)dgc.' His- tiiry sh'c.>s:that the. issuance of- a dple Is. the .beginning of the end of .that 'government. Something Is dreadiiilly wrong and that govern ment and people can not long live ; We have one |of the finest forms, of government • in the world anc our comtnon law Is superb, both practical and workable. It Is with the very greatest anguish that I see them go and alone with then n\v liberty and the rot le nest torn of government on earlh, sociallsn ucder a. dictator, take its place. ;Our little depression is bad and I. hope our President bluffs us out of it. But. -on the other hand I dread a living hell like Is the lot ot_Germany,- Russia and Italy today a 1 thousand limes more than any depression. 1 do not believe that Roosevelt contemplates for a. Minute becoming the mailed fist »t the head of any such government but he has taken one step <hnt some self-styled Hitler mav follow. • Yet I can not for the life of me <h!nk of socialism without a smile. Years ago when. I was a boy' and about ona half of Mississippi coun- was in the woods, it was pretty - WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1933 GIFTS for Her j Take nway i:u- lirucjcrV of wash-] I ins; in the u-inlne years. Uuy ;-lier" an Apex Washing Machine' E. B. <;*;i: SAI,KS co. ! I ATTKVJ'ION MEM! : IA small cash payment will give your wife the perfect gift—A 1OME. Se? our listings. THOMAS LAND CO. V FOR MKN 1 ONLY! ! ! If you v.unl to make your wife love you the yeur round y!ve h'.'i Dotl^u or PJyir.onth nuLoiunblh; Reasonably pilroii nml criufpiXKl vilh nil I)IP .conveniences ticur tc i uoninnV; hcail. HAKNKTT AUTO SAIJCS GIFTS /or Him l.Ol'XGI.W I'AJAMAS Something nr-> . .nayon C'ordmoy Pajamas in high " shades with :.t o( coii!rn:ting cu'.or. Stl £5. MAV VOHK STOHI-: Krauly Itrinci Happiness i The Clirl.-jtniiis Season will mean I more to her if she has a nev. I I.ermaneni. Make her a present [ of cue.. | (JHACi: i:i,AN()KK SHOPPE DAINTY SI.RKI 1 TORS Utuns and Paianias tailored of a nice quality L.-'!]* Crepe In Pink. UM Rose and Hide at. S2.95 NK\V YOBK STOKK ,N HATS I c ,.y hjfi u Uiil Ccrtl'lclit.' .11 : ! iiiinijuirc h:., Lo* uiw 1.1 ..::, • £c-'ict .1. Sa. ! .\i.'.V .MliAl) CLOTHl.N'O CO. O.ily Nine More Shopping! Days Uiilii Christmas. :;iIOl' K.M'.I.Y Our f.tocki nro rcni])lclo now r.i .1 amail payment v.'ill hoM ar :'iiit 1 !': iii'it;; Chrhtmax. (jIMlill'S JlilYKl.ltY STORK GIFTS ome i Wliy not glvo him an Olfice Ch:dr Cushion. 'I't'i'a.sure (Jhe. i ;l 1 f:liea!fiT 1V-) fur Christiius? ACTON I'KINTINd CO. I'lione 10 GIVE HER JEWELRY You uill have no trouble lectlng. a suitable gift for h-:r from our large and complete stek of Jewelry and ^Ifl goods. 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Ixwh Association was Plaintlf Nd.,.5534','amT Huey Mlclile et, n w.ere Deleridants. will sell at pub iic-auction to Ihe hlgr.tst and bes bidder,, for cash, oh a ci-cdii of Ihree/ months, at the front door of [he Court- Rouse, between the hours r>res<:rlb«d by law. In the Cify of Blythevllle, Arkansas, on Lht! 3d ;diy of January. 1034. the following real estate, to-wlt: Lot 14 Block .8 Highland Place Second Addition to Bly- thevllle, Arkansas. Snld : Sale will be had to satisfy fald decree in tlie sum of $1629.93, with - 10 . per cent Interest from July 1st, 1933. . THE purchaser at, said sale will be required to execute bond will: approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, *nd a lien will be retained upon aid property as additional security or the payment of such purchase noney. WITNESS my hand nnd the ,eal of said Court, on this, the 12 day of Dec.. 1933. R. L. GAINES, Commissioner in Chancery Gilts Any Mar Can Use iNj-1'Sde Sil^: Pa.'uma 1 ; $4.95. 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About tha time the first rabid socialist ever tcneT walked up. r casec. •round onto the 'other side ol the hogs from my friend »nd slid "Mr. Barnes those are social Is ducks." He looked at me wrth an amused tmlte en his face am said, "Why socialist ducks, son? "We"., they are • grabbing every thing that'they can get and hoi lowing, Half! Half I Half I 1 as lou as they can," You know for * lit tie white I didn't'know whether was going to have to Uke off on n eoio flight into the houae of m Daddy or not. And tlw wont of 1 It that man doe* not Uke me to this day. Toon tralr, Sttntoo A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. 2-13-20 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAI, , ESTATE Notice Is hereby given that the .mderslgned, as commissioner ol :he Chancery Court for the Chlck- isawba District of Mississippi Coun- .y, Arkansas, will In oWdience to a decree entered on March 25th 031. by tr.e Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Misslssiup' ounty, Arkansas, In a cause where- n A. O. Little, as Trustee tor the First National Flank of Blylhcvillc Art., and R. L. Bradley, as Rccelv ;r of said Bank were plaintiffs and f. A. Robinson was defendant, ot Saturday, January 13th. 1934. offer for s-\c al public auction, at thi South door of the Court House In Blylr.cvllle. Arkansas, to the high est bidder on a credit ol three (3 months, the following described property, which is situated In th Chlckasawba District'of Mlssissipp County, Arkansas, to-wit: All of Section Eleven (ID. Township Fifteen (151 North, Range Twelve (Ui East, save and except Lots One (I) and Two (2) of the survey of 1922, containing Five Hundred Eighty-five and 28-100 (585.28) acres more or less. The property will be sold subjec to the lien of j deed of trust dal« March 3rd, 1925 and owned by th Federal Land Bank of St Louis. The buyer will be required to glv a solvent bond to secure the pur chase; prlc« and » lien will be re Uined to secure the purchase price This tte 12 4»y of December, 1933 R. 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Occasional Chairs Ftudio Couches. Childs Beds, Childs Ilockcrs, High Chairs, Desks,' Cedar Cl.ests, Card Tables. Tables-Oc- crs-ional. Radii, End, Medicine Cabinets. .MirrDi's. CHARLES S. LEMON'S Cuxl Fiirniturf at Moderate Cost Give yourself :> Xrnas gift. Have your WATCH repaired by an ex- ocrt. O'I3ryant, Aldrid^e Jewelry Store. A Photograph—the Perfect Xnrts, GifU Reduced huliday prices. Hti- Ifrt Doyle, door to Western Cr.ion. Eeauliful. i n expensive artificial WREATHS fcr the graves of loved ones at Xmas. Hfaton's Home of Flowers Your dinner will not be complete without FLOWERS for Xmas. Heaton's Home of Flowers Only Nine More Shopping Days Until Christmas. ,,,,r, ,,, ' ' V DE FOR THLIR VACC1NA- registration and right to uw the and placed in the City Dog Pound Tl£ ™D «* t v= « TION l>a . rllclllixr la * shal1 «P' r<; o" DC- 'and the owner. If known, notified. AND FOR MEANS OF APPRE- comber 31 of U« year in which pud. IThc Pound Master shall kceu the HENDING AND DISPOSING OF Before any such dog can be ::-,- 'dog in he D» Pound forty elKht ™ l^cat COUNCIL OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. No dog, male or fe,- malc. over the age of six months, shall be iiermitted or brotiyr.t into the City unless and until such dog shall have been duly registered at the office of the city clerk and vaccinated as hereinafter provide. SECTION 2. Every dog, as defined In the preceding Section, which is brought Into or kept in the City, whether temporarily or permanently, shall be registered with the City Clerk by Its owner or other person and furnished a tag which shall be fastened securely on Its collar or-harness and \vorn at all limes. The registration and tag I«e shall be $1.00 and shall be paid lo the City Clerk at his office on the first day of January In each been vaccinated or inoculated against rabies within ten months n^nT^M^^rn^t?^ 3 ,, ^ ™"° (n * alKl ^P'^B of such dog inoculated or registered' or is not \ exceeding fifty cents per _ ..._„„_„?;?„ "KOULATE In the City or upon its arriving at wearing the tag may be taken Into 1 SECTION 4. Except, as elsewhere it-To iMnnrM. i " SC ,, ai six ^ months, and s-.ich custody by the City Pound Master '. stated herein, any person vlolathii; any provision of this Ordinance shall b: guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be finrd in any sum not less than $5.00 nor more than $25.00. SECTION 5. The- City is without a proper Dng Ordinance and present dog licenses expire December 31, 1933; very few dogs, if any, In the City of Blythevllle have been inoculated against rabies and they are permitted to run at largo promiscuously; a proper ordinance is necessary and required to take effect January 1, 1934. The passage of this Ordinance Is necessary for the welfare and peace and health of the Community; an emergency is hereby declared to exist and this Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage: proper < trlbutton made of its body. Before any impounded dcg Is turned over Immediately preceding the date of lo Its owner or keeper, the latter ! sn;Ul be rcq ulrcd to pay to the any registration. In the vaccination or inonibtloa Icily Clerk Sl.OO for the taking and against rabies the vetcriimU:i imiwundin^ of such dog and twen • shall use proper and high grade 'ly-ftve cents for each day or pait scrum and shall charge no more ', of day during «hlch the dog was c™~ f01 ' llls ^ ork ' I Impounded. Such owner or keeper bbdlON 3. The responsibility of shaU also be required Immediately any dog Inoculated, regfe-lto have slid doj Inoculated and lercd and the tag kept on it shall . registered as hereinbefore set out rest entirely upon the owner cH The Mayor shall select a Pound keeper, and any such owner or Master, who may be paid for his kceiwr tailing to carry such bur- services such part of the charges den shall be guilty of a mls.1rmcan- and fees paid to the city clerk on or and upon conviction thereafter account of any impounded dog as T? .r^L ™ ln any Sllm " ol lha he Mayor may set aside for that nor more than 125.00, and purpose. For such dogs as the ., . each day that such offense shall] Pound Master Is required to kill continue will constitute a separate misdemeanor. year or immediately upon the 1 And any doe which has not been and dispose of, he shall be paid such sum ss may be agreed upon between him and the Mayor not Oir! Abducled Sweetheart | abduction, but Emme to!d the pol- ADANA, Turkey (UP)—Hussein ice doctor, "I am of age, and V. and young Emme eloped and were was I who abducted Hussein." arrested. Hussen was charged with Both were released. and all ordinances nnd parts of ordinances In conflict herevilt.i are hereby repealed. PASSED ad APPROVED this December 12. 1933. CECIL SHANE. Mayor. S. C. CRAIG, City Clerk. Nevada Is the most sparsely set-| tied state In the union, '13UHKE HARDWARE COMPANY" The One Price Store Sells For Less We have the Most Complete Line of Hardware in Eastern Arkansas! Not the Largest, But the Most Complete. Burke Sells For Less Why and How? Our Overhead is Less. We I'ay C;tsh - - We Sell for Cash. We frive no delivery. No porters or bitch powered salesmen. Obviously Why Can't We Sell for Less? It's no secret as fo how and why. Come In and He Convinced. We Accept the Challange. OUK MOTTO BURKE HARDWARE COMPANY Sells For Less And We Have One Price To All Free Ice Water and Belt Rooms for Hen, Women ana CbJldren

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