San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California on February 7, 1895 · Page 1
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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California · Page 1

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 1
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mmmmwm - - - fy ivVV SSfV V SF VOL IiXI SAN EBATGISGQ GAiEi THUIiSDAY FEBBTJAIiY 7 1895 - EOjmTEEN AGrES 23 IE I LIL fflPS DOWN AND W She Abdicates to Save Her Finding Strong Proof of Her Treason A Pretty Taste in Dynamite Bombs Minister Willis Tries to Aid Conspirators His Menace to tbe Court - Martial Officers Large Number of English Among the Frlsoneri Flrmneet of the Government icy in Washington We believed Cleveland wouli sustain us if we were successful What instructions Minister Willis received by tbe Philadelphia are unknown but he is evidently bound to give President Dole trouble for he has protested against the trial of Americans by court - martial on the ground that the offenses were committed before tbe proclamation of martial law The great body of Americans will uphold Dole and Willis can carrv his point only by calling on Admiral Beardslee for aid There have been over 300 arrests for treason and conspiracy to date which include manyot the prominent Royalists of Hawaii The majority of the native and foreign leaders of the revolt have been tried found guilty upon the most conclusive evidence and now await gentence which will be pronounced within probably a fortnight at the conclusion of the court - martial The Government Has 1000 armed reserve guards within call besides the regular troops has tbe undivided and unswerving support of the Hawaiian - American colon and closes its vaults to - day with cash balances in the various departments aggregating 430000 BOOD - tP OF CONSF1KATOKS Wilcox After Capture Pleads for His XKe Hoxolclc January 30 When the Alameda steamed out of the harbor on January 11th the Government had therovola - tion so well in hand that confidence was Special correspondence of the Chronicle fully placed in Us ability to protect the Hovoixix January 3a The abdica - country and perhaps the only nervous ion of Queen Liliuokalani which is the j people in the islands were to be found best victory yet won by the Dole Govern - among that vessels passengers Dur - stragglers Every man caught told the tame story of flight and desertion and all were half - sUrved baring anbsiated on half - ripe guatas and water for four or fir days Some asserted that Wilcox had thirty picked men and would light to the death as he knew surrender meant death but ho one who kbew Wilcox - and - his cowardice in ISS9 believed the - story and their doubts were afterward justified On the morning of January 14th scooting parties were sent to Walalae beyond Diamond Head where it was believed Samuel Nowlein and several of his officers were in hiding Owing to the exact information given the scouts by the Marshal by noon 8am Nowlein and Carl Wide - mann son of H A Wiedemann one of the ex - Queens commissioners to Washington William Greig and Louis Marshall lieutenants under him were located and arrested without resistance in a native house near the Walalae road Later in the afternoon Robert Wilcox was upon information furnished the Govern ment by a half - white named Charles Hopkins formerly an official under the monarchy arrested - at Hopkins place back of the quarantine station near Honolulu where he had been in concealment for two days When first arrested Wilcox began to show bravado in bis usual manner until he was quietly informed by the court interpreter who was in the party that it was a good thing the posse was there to protect him as there were a lot of angry men in Honolulu who would make a picnic il they laid hands on him before he ment puts an end to the power of this intriguing woman who it is now clearly shown was at the bottom of all the Royalist plots against the Provisional Government and the republic That so proud and stubborn a woman as the ex - Queen should have made this unconditional surrender shows that she was in desperate straits and only adopted this course to save her neck In the safe of her WashingtonWashington - place residence were found documents in her handwriting which establish a clear case of treason against her Had her arrest been made two days earlier a - Marshal Hitchcock urged tbe Government would have secured important secret papers relating to the last days of Kalakauas reign In her house was found a regular arsenal of guns and dy mg the alternoon reports were received lrom the front that heavy firing ba been heard up Mount Tantalus way and it was thought an attempt was being made by the rebels toescape into Kuaanu valley To meet this Captain McStocker sent seventy - five men from the Citizens Guard who were stationed along the road leading to the Pall beyond the city limits The first excitement occurred that evening at 715 oclock when an incendiary fire was discovered in the law office of Antone Rosa a half - Portueuese since ar rested for treason on Kaahumanu street in the rear at the central roKce station where the Marshals headquarters were and the rebel prisoners were confined The firebug who proved to be a half - white in Rosas employ was caught and namite bombs All the bombs were pro - placed in a dark cell in Oahu prison tbe vided with one - minute fuses and were same night prepared to throw among the crowds that During the afternoon and evening sev - would oppose the Royalists A por - eral arrests were made and near night J tion of one of the cement - covered W Bipikane Roaring Bull a prominent bombs was found on the ex - Queens pri - I native leader and missionary hater was vate desk and among her papers was evidence that she had devoted considerable thought to the dynamite feature of the conspiracy From inside sources your correspondent ttf Queen Lit - for treason and that her trial will be concluded in a fortnight Although she will be convicted of treason it is thought her abdication Will mitigate tbe sentence which will probably be banishment to Tahiti or some other South Pacific inland Of the fifty foreigners who are now un captured near Diamond Head mod lodged in jail Bipikane declares the natives and alt their leaders broke and ran cs soon as the first shell from the field piece burst among thero and the evideoce - of nnmer - learns that the Cabinet has i decided to4ions biber prisoners since prove that the rebel scattered and sought safety all along the line a Soon as they discovered the Government would not surrender on demand as their leaders had declared it would As soon as it was clearly learned that the rebels were endeavoring toescape with tbe evident intention of regaining their der arrest 75 per cent are English In j homes in and around Honolulu guards fact the number of English leaders ana j were thrown entirely across the island sympathizers has caused this rrvolt tobe from the iali to Makaouu point and a called the English Rebellion The developments at the trial have convinced the great majority of people here that the responsibility of the revolution lie with the Cleveland administration A leading Royalist tersely expressed it thus Tbe whole trouble is due to the lack of a pol - - - - 1 f j lliiiiil Mjw A v i o mrcHcocr marshal pi thi ripcbiic or haw an Some members of the Cabinet still favored delay until the few missing links in the chain of evidence which would furnish conclusive proof connecting Liliuokalani with tbe revolt waain hand Other members backed by the theory of Marshal Hitchcock insisted that her arrest should take place at once as the missing evidence to join the ex - Queen as a principal in the rebellion was believed as tbe Mar - ahaLasserted to be found in Washington place and among the ex - Queens papers After prolonged and heated discussions brought about by the fear of the Government to commit a mistake at the Cabinet meeting held on Tuesday morning January 15th it was decided to place Mrs Dominls under arrest the next day and before tbe opening of the court - martial already determined to begin on the 17th Early in the morning of January lGth Adjutant - General John H Soper came out pf tbe Cabinet chamber and called an orderly to whom be delivered a sealed official envelope of the republic with a whispered instruction to deliver it at once to Marshal Hitchcock Within five minutes the orderly stood saluting the Marshal who was busy at his desk with his untouched breakfast cooling on a tray at hb side He was evidently expecting something to happen and wished to get it over before he broke his fast Marshal Hitchcocks eyes were noticed to emit their usual peculiar flash as he read the document This gave place to a quiet smile as he dismissed the orderly and rang the boll for Deputy Marshal Srown to whom he quietly banded the touches to the light cloak she wOreyaad looking up smiled somewhat sadly as a signal she was ready to leave royalty and revolts behind her forever She walked up the dozen iron steps without a tremor looking neither to the right not the left until she entered the vestibule and turned to ascend the grand koa staircase now trodden by republican feet when she paused a moment to note the various changes that republican hands unmindful of the protests of wan - lng royalty bad ruthlessly made in the disposition and arrangement of the many monarchiat decorations of the interior when it is alleged by some tears were seen in her eyes Her weakness il it really existed lasted but a moment however when she walked up the grand double stairway and paused not until she baited pear tbe door of tbe apartment prepared for her and immediately - beneathbeneath a life - sized portrait of herself bung there by her brother King Kalakaua With a scarcely perceptible upward glance she moved by the painting as the door of her prison was opened and bowing her head as though to the inevitable dropped the hand containing a cambric handkerchief listlessly by her side and passed through the heavy koa portal into tbe suit ol rooms formerly occupied by one of the Hawaiian Princes The prophesy of tbe native and foreign Royalists so often heard in Honolulu during the past few months that Lilipo - Kalaui would be back in the Palace before the end of January 1S35 has been fully verified it is in fact the - first Royalist fore - - s if 3v searching party was sent to the Waimanalo plantation where it was rumored Wilcox had fled During this time the regular troops aided By detachments of the Citizens Guard and the sharpshooters were scouring the Manoa and adjacent valleys with the result of an occasional capture of i Jiiiiiiiift psir - iii jpii 4 1 - mBv aMJf mjmEz Mmmmsr mms xm mk szmmr - ymmr x wamaY S JlilB I LrtuTETWNT COLria - JriFliHE V VT ly IT WKW - v PiRST JEyntMT nCrK v - I U WSSfSSS rk - SSlteg v Wm Jflli - iP wis jfksw aHMsmr mwwmk rimar wtl8 ml W u aotb - 1 M rAMAfPA 1R ri - rtv4 ilc7 in I 7 CoMPnv CNGH corriiy n c v CvnWJV7Tl I YPJUTarcT H C H J wZFmmGm Trjm - ImmMmmmm V ISrWSKlf LSI W I 11 nER EX - MAJESTY LIUQKALANI the Executive I liy he ex - Queeri This isnndoubtedlj the view taken of thereafter in officialcir - cles and while the - Government has ho guaranty that rebellion will sot again be I attempted should thTcipportanIty - occur they are willing to accept the abdication fairwhat - itis worth andfor the present I good effect it may have upon the natives at home and - the friends of annexation i abroad Outside however of tbe formal receipt of the ex - Queens abdication the i GoveroY ment refuses to open any treaty negotia tions with Liliuokalantpending the trials of the court - martial at which she will herself appear later on accused ot treason committed against the Republic Other wise the ex - Queen s abdications as complete as she can make it from anex parte standpoint - The ex - Queens statements fnav be con side red as a format presentation of her previously menUoned onet - let ilea dt document or accept any conditioas which ibis GoTernment might jdeslre Ihtt ia and filled by ThomasWaker another tngcpUvjhi anjgiwnrnrojscon - uw gzV panied Liliuokalani to building after her arrest Taking a wagon and men with him Captain Parker unearthed a buried arsenal of rifles pfslols swords and dynamite bombs and ammunition which proved to be the largest and most dangerous of any find up to that date It consisted of twenty - one Winchester rifles thirteen Springfields eleven pistols five swords thirty - eight olts of rifle and eight belts of pistol cartridges 1000 cartridges in boxes and twenty - one - dynamite bombs Of the latter sixteen were in cement four were in iron and one the largest in a cocoanut shelL All were supplied with one - minute fuses and as afterward transpired were prepared to throw among any crowds that gathered in Honolulu to oppose the plans of the rebels During tho evening J 31 White an Englishman and his partner Rltman of the Union Iron Works were a rre j red a j tbe manufacturers ot the bomb cases which later evidence shows - were received Cummins one bl the ex - Qneen ate 6m mission to aahingnvdatakfAV efenfng Henry BertelrriahnV aha John Lane tbe slayer of C L Carter both of whom were arrested before martial law was declared were released at tbe door of the Oahn prison and immediately re in conversation with a member of the Government it is learned that during the search a portion of one of tns cement bomb cases was found upon the private desk of the ex - Queen takes in connec tion with written admissions of tbe former soverelgu ot Hawaii fennel in Washington place not only furnishes proof of her complicity bat proves her concta sively to have been an active and guilty I particiDant in the diabolical plans o the aetrtrtfntit alter her riiL y - vmag the jmorjiias jM jaaoary 24th Charlea R Wilson uformedCPrfdent Dolethat the ex - tdeentbaditf Important communication to Lraake - theyGbvernH metit ftndJrs6inseVenraitofiit meeting was set forthat afternton At fl - eAtr arrested on the charge of treason prepara - 1 this meeting - which took piaco iilf iory 10 iueir mai me nen morning urnevireneraig Office there were pret cnt W O Smith Attorney - General xep - Msenting the repaWic of Hawaii and oitv behalf of Liliuokalani Paul Neumann H A Wldemanii iand Charles BWUsoni The following the text of the reraark - able docnnieht f hichi the t ei - Qneenr bbpei will bring safety to berseitVnd procure pardon for at least the native rebels now under arrest - Islasd or Oahu Ho3rottruj - - Jannarr ZL J835 To the IIimofSanfBdUafi ClKL WIDIMIXK tlEUTIKAKT UKDZK KOWLEW W1UUSC 6H0 lIECrtSAKT CSB3K WILCOX BOBEKT WUCOX - - - - i - K - - I siicrowLtnt - WiH RIOtilA was safely lodged in jalL From thispoiht Wrtcox showed the white feather and after be was jailed broke down and cried like a baby begging between sobs for his life From the statements made to the Marshal It is learned that Wilcox with fifty men took refuge in Manoa valley and when hard pressed there he had picked ten men and escaped into Nuuanu valley crossing tbe Pall read tho day before the guards were thrown nt in that direction and aftef hiding in the mountains for two data had reached Kalihi back of Honolulu on January 11th and on the 13th had crossed to the house oh the reef near the quarantine stationwhere he was arrested The search was now concentrated upon Lot Lane and his followers the only rebel leader now out It was reported that Lane was located back of Honolulu near tbe stone quarry and a scouting party was detailing by Captain McStocker of the Citlxtm Guard to search the locality Tbe result was that about 0 r it January 15th the guard returned to town with Patrick Lane fc brother 6t the rebel leader who was found in hiding at the place mentioned The mora Important arrests to tbe present date are J Walker the agent of Captain Davies who contracted to land the rebels arras Major Seward hanger - on of John A Cummins one of the ex - Queena Ministers and Charles 8 Gulick formerly Minister of Interior under Kalakaua and a bitter anti - mia - aionary ARREST OFTIIB QXTRZS - Evidence of Her Guilt Found In Her iKesldenc HoxotcitT January 1ft For several days at the Cabinet councils held every rooming at 11 oclock la President Doles chamber the question of placing the ex - Queen under arrest bad bea discussed order of the Adjutant - General to arrest the ex - Queen forthwith and deliver her to Lieutenant - Colonel Fisher commanding the military at the Executive building immediately An early morning Cabinet meeting was In session and at tbe Marshals order Deputy Marshal Brown and Captain Robert Farter reported immediately to tbe Cabinet for special instructions There were none The officers at once left the building and drove directly to Washington place Th usual crowd of a down or two na - tire hnngers - on in the yard of tbe ex - Queens residence looked curiously at tbe cab as it stopped at the entrance and scampered like rats as the cabman afterward expressed it when they saw the - officers of the republic alight Deputy Marshal Brown and Captain Parker were met at the door by the last monarch of Hawaii who upon being informed that they held a warrant for her arrest hesitated for a moment only and then replied that she would go with them Within five minutes tbe ex - Queen reappeared dressed neatly in black and accompanied by her former lady - in - waiting Mrs Charles Clark The party proceeded to the gate - She stepped into the cab wtthOQt assistance Deputy Marshal Brown took the seat beside her and Captain Parker sat on the front seat with the cabmanwhile the lady - ln - waiting followed her mistress In another cab The ex - Queen was taken at once to the Executive bulldinRby the Richards - street entrance and the cab drew up at the hack veranda of the former Palace Colonel Fisher and staff stood at the upper steps of the veranda to receive bis state prisoner Deputy Maxihal Brown alighted and as the ex - Qaeeh placedher foot upon the cab step he proffered his band which waa accepted until she stood between the officers t the steps Dropping the deputys band abe fate few womanly cast that has been fulfilled since the fall of the monarchy and is in alt probability the last that will be made since the fulfillment of the present discloses so little comfort and so much of the irony of political fate Shortly after her arrest the ex - Queen sent for Charles B Wilson her narshal under the monarchy and requested him to tike charge of her business and personal affairs duriug her captivity During tho day Washington Place was kept under a strict guard by a aquad Ol the Citizena Guard under Sergeant Dr Wood and tbe Government was amply rewarded tor the precautions taken by the results of tbe searches made during the afternoon and evening on the premises for arms and evidence ot the ex - Queena complicity In the rebellion Although not yet ruadVomciaJly public it is learned from direct and reliable sources that among the effects found in the iron safe at Washington Palace is written evidence in tbe ex - Queens handwriting conclusive of the charge ot treasontreason - which will be brought against her and it seems to be the well - founded Opinion Of those in a position to know that had her arrest been made a few days sooner aa was urged by Marshal Hitchcock and others in the councils ot the Government me other important docn - bents that were known to be in her pov aeasioa before they were removed would hate been found Just what iheVe documents were it is Impossible to learn at present but there is no doubt that they related to the later days of Kilakauaa reign and the beginning it that o the ex - QUeen In the evening ahortljr after oclock Captain Parker made a search of th premises lor arms andrmunitions of wat upon information fufnisbed tbeGpvern - ment Dy Uhaties Clark a hall - wniU hanger - on of the ex - Qaeen and the hqik ow iuo iauyin - waiiiag wno accom - rebels which have since been disclosed On the morning of lhe17tb7it was learned through officials that the ex - Queen prior to her arrest felt thaf the end - was approaching ana through an emissary had already sent a rirc - pojitlon of submission to the Government 3n which she expressed bec - wiUfnness to seal sign and deliver wbteverfbrmEbf surrender the Government tnlebt dictate ThlsinIormatfoahoweverdidotiach the authorities until after herarrcsv year Urday owing to either the neglect or tie - lay of the person antrusted With the message The Government Is ot the opinion that if - such an offer was made it was likely prompted by the faefknown to the ex - Queen viz thaUVashlngt9n place was surrounded and guarded by a detach ment ot the Cilttena Guard whose - pfes ence preyenud the removal ofthe - evr - dencesot bet complicity from Hherren ises lri other word H xrai an offer ot lubmtsslon litter the cbmralsslon Wi overt actbt treasohi and alter the1 bnly ayeank escape had been closed qckkx wi ABDreAxas A 8hrewd8elieme to tlreak tbe rrca or lilaelnna - - Hosolcu January sa - Foraireril uajsaueruer arrest tt was Known In inner clrclea that tie ex - Queen was prenar inga aUrflindehonmertt which ft wa whispered would be nnt fonrir iii lastchahceleftet for an escape Irotn the responstbilitiesof the re be ljlon and secur ing ner penonai safety HerplantTjhich U belieyed tb the result bl iPaalilfeuy mannl acumen nm in K lll l - 1roposatCFf4abdicall6h iwl tbev the throne for berseff Wnrf Jif - - ThW under raftV cbniifnettftn Snii W placed juponft must bedetermicrftobex apWa fbrclemencyriind mercy for pood indaluable Cbniideratiba if thei terraaot tneiMicatioaBreiaUhiulIrried 4ttt Dofe JPtuideAt if thtJiepMic of Hawaii fliBl After fuitand free consultation with my personal friends and with Bij la al advisers both ha fare Wnrf ln ni detention by military order in the Kxecu - trv r - 1 vm - iiwjn4orixjiij with fhalr iiri - nrl MAn LZ iV - ea evo bum lv lltau fUJ own free volition and in pursuance of mr unalterable - belief find Airider - standlnir bCbv Anlr i K - t jt Ildwalj andto their highest and beat uiTtBSk Bn aiso ior me site ol iuvn iuiigumeuAiiBwtiiinvaaa - vinete lion againsi the republic and In an jtt - lr i w i posiuon or i tw ivm ui tun oayoi - January ih anar Without any Claim that I anall hinmMlilJ k kasontf ny thing that I ntiy tuw iay or considers tlpn at the hind of the Got - aVMVItiBnt tliJin tX Afhaftftaa MtnM t niiiiht lejriltr reclvevf Dowdwirtto ex - yiwi - uu wr snowiv acaao nertDr yhe only lawful and rtcotniied head of JVlSCEHAiCtUIs mum mm pills laka 5irhrhons LiTer Riirutntriv I liquid br p6wdry cais Utttrj - d pleasaQt id jke do95 oi gh Quickest fei it is Natuws remedy purely regeiabli i vsaiv - - afega fcflajiBJBiWStf K BsS - aSSawsyn ifejfefe - - - jagremii8a

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