Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii on January 21, 1982 · 10
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Honolulu Star-Bulletin from Honolulu, Hawaii · 10

Honolulu, Hawaii
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1982
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mm I A 1 0 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Thursday, January 21, 1962 Waimanalo Ag Park an Opportunity f I By Harry Whitten Star-Bulletin Writer ' The Waimanalo Agricultural Park rwould offer opportunity for small farmers'-and result in increased diversified rop production, according to a draft environmental impact statement being circulated. J The F.LS is for the 475-acre Phase I of the park that the state Department of land and Natural Resources, in cooperation with the state Department of Agriculture, proposes to establish on about ;i.8t)0 acres of state land in Waimanalo. The 475 acres would be subdivided Jqjo 17 lots, of which 16, of five- to 10-;ie size, have potential for crop julSkjction. Lot 17, of 355 acres, is too vtet$ for cultivation and probably would jtl 'Course Teaches Serving of Wine , A five-week course in wine service ginning Jan. 29 will be the first of five workshop programs Kapiolani Community College will offer this year as a hospitality Education Career Upgrading institute. . Registration for the wine program nust be completed by the close of business Monday. No more than 20 persons each of whom will be charged MO rill be admitted The wine classes, like the gueridon table service! program beginning March 12. will meet from 2 to 4.30 p.m. Fridays. The wine course ends March 5 tnd the gueridon course May 5 Also to be offered are courses on buffet and garde-manger beginning May 23: Supervision beginning Sept 3 and training dining room sales personnel begin-8ing Oct. 1 Completion of four of the five wrrk-ihops will win participants a Certificate of Merit. For more information call tie KCC Commumtv Services Office a; J127. be used for grazing. The lots would be leased to farmers for 55 years. Location of Phase I is mauka of Kala-nianaole Highway, on the Kailua side of Kumuhau Street. The EIS says that best opportunity would be in growing bananas or ornamental potted plants. IT SAYS that Island banana acreage has declined from 1,120 in 1968 to 630 in 1979, with 460 acres on Oahu. At times the supply of local bananas is inadequate to meet the local retail market demands. The ornamental potted plant industry has grown tremendously in recent years, with the wholesale value up from $621. 000 in 1972 to 14,452,000 in 1978, according to University of Hawaii figures. There is a high demand for plants on the Mainland and in Hawaii. , "Another factor has been the influx of several large producers who have expressed interest in the export potential for Hawaiian ornamental potted plants." the EIS says. This is due. in part, to energy problems on the Mainland Hawaii's competitors on the Mainland must heat their nurseries during the winter, thus increasing production costs "The proposed action, then, will supply land area to further facilitate the ornamental potted plant industry and to increase banana production to meet local demands." THE STATE will finance offsite capital-improvement costs, estimated at 51 859.000. for such things as roadway, drainage, irrigation, water and street lighting systems Each tenant would be responsible for improvements on his lot An agricultural park is defined as any agricultural complex that combines and concentrates in a common location agricultural activities Farm and employee dwellings are considered part of the park. The 1977 Legislature directed the state Agriculture Department to study the need for an agricultural park in Wa.manalo The EIS says Waimanalo historically has been an important agricultural area From 1850 to 1880 it was a cattle, sheep and horse ranch and between 1880 and 1947 cane was grown by the Waimanalo Sugar Co. After 1947 agricultural lots ranging from one to 20 acres were created and leased to farmers In 1953 the territorial government terminated the leases and began developing the Waimanalo farm lot subdivision of 63 lots of about nine acres each. THE LOTS were sold for less than $1,500 per acre at public auction, with preference given to farmers already in Waimanalo. Conditions of the sale required that for 25 years the lots would be used exclusively for agriculture. The EIS says the estimated value in 1976 of crop and livestock sales In Waimanalo was about $6 million. Total value of diversified farming for all of Oahu was $58.8 million. The Island produced 34 percent of the state's total value of diversified farm commodities. Commodities produced In Waimanalo came from dairy and poultry operations, nurseries and truck crops. The EIS predicts that the park will result in an increase in farm jobs, purchase of farm supplies, revenue to the state from leasing of land and taxes on sale of supplies and produce, and revenue to the county from increased property taxes on farm lots. (water bedrooms) YEAR-END CLEARANCE AS LOW AS $299 KINOQUIIN iNcium ftm Mattress 4 Safety law Pedestal OeimeHeatei Accessory Package rJfv DelwerrCitj Headboard Optional The Bed Shoppe 1 745 KALAKAUA AVI. (COIMI Ol KAUKAUA ft KANOUNI) OPEN MOK. rut$. 1 0-4:10, WED. THUIS. Fli 104:00 SAT. 10-5 H: 9494S1 1 RIGULAR $3,930.00 TtNITH 45 PROJECTION TV with Advanced Space Phone lust Dress a button on ' Space Command Remote Control... 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HAMMER GmiD 7 AO STANLEY COMBINATION SQUARE 46-222 5.19 --J RT . o-im , I Honest Hawaii' Counterfeit Target 11 By Christopher Long Star-Bulletin Writer A counterfeit money spree that ended jn Waikiki last October was hatched in a Colombia prison, a federal court jurv tyas told yesterday Defendant Ftamez Abouras, 25. testified that the bogus bill scheme took shape from conversations with co-defendant Lilia DeNassar, 41, and her husband, another inmate of the Bogota prison where Abouras was held from January to September 1980 on suspicion of being a partner in an embezzlement conspiracy. Abouras. a Syrian living in Venezuela as "a commercial merchant" before his arrest by Colombian authorities, reached a plea bargain on reduced charges with federal authorities earlier this month, agreeing to testify against his one-time traveling companion, Mrs DeNassar. in exchange for a lenient sentence Testimony in the trial of DeNassar, charged with possession and use of phony $100 and $50 U.S. bills, began yesterday before visiting federal Judge Harry Claiborne Testifying through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, Abouras said he met DeNassar at the prison where she came Sunday afternoons to visit her husband. After his release from prison, Abouras said, she contacted him while her husband remained behind bars THE TWO LATER rendezvoused in New York City, where Abouras had planned to depart for Syria to rejoin his wife and children there, and elude South American authorities, he said. Abouras said DeNassar bought the bogus bills from a man in Bogota known as "Archimedes," paying him 50,000 pesos equal to about $1,000 U.S. dollars for phony U.S. currency amount ing to $25,000. She arrived in New York carrying $17,000 in bogus bills, and advised that they go to Hawaii, he said "She said the people in Hawaii were very honest, and would be the least suspicious," Abouras said. Their spending spree after their arrival here Oct 21 took in several of the Island's major shopping centers, and involved thousands of dollars in merchandise. Abouras said DeNassar was arrested by secuntv guards at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Oct. 26 after passing phony bills at several shops there Abouras was taken into custody at the Outrigger Hotel, where Secret Service agents found a wad of counterfeit bills in the room he and DeNassar were sharing A computer check Through Interpol traced the phony bills to Bogota. Abouras is awaiting sentencing He testified that federal prosecutors, under the terms of their plea bargain, will recommend that he be deported to some country other than Colombia or Venezuela Free Diagnosis of Mileage Faults Kuliouou 18-Year-Old Indicted in Bus Hijack ' A Kuliouou youth who just turned 18 was indicted "yesterday by the Oahu Grand Jury on 3" counts of robbery and 37 counts of kidnapping in the March 2 hijacking of a busload of Japanese tourists near Honolulu Airport. Guy Gasper of an Elelupe Road ad dress was originally charged as a juvenile in the much-publicized holdup and was held in juvenile facilities until the Family Court waived jurisdiction Dec 8. the day before he turned 18 A second youth, Paul A Grinker. 18. pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced last month to 20 years imprisonment The grand jury also indicted the following jbUY K. AKAU. 20. Kauiki Street, truck helper, reindicted on a charge of second-degree rnbberv ol a woman sailor on Kauiki Street. April 17, 1980 JAMES G. BANKS, 21 Schofield Barracks, soldier, charged with second-degree escape from Wahiawa Police Station Sept. 11 Ji ntTH KRANDALL. 88, Prince Edward Street, occupation unknown, charged with third degree promoting a dangerous drug (cocaine) and third-degree promoting a detrimental drug (marijuana) and refusing to leave the premises of a liquor establishment, at the Rendezvous Club Sept 23 JOE E. HANCOCK, 22. Kailua Road. Kailua. unemployed, charged with two counts of first degree terroristic threatening, two counts of first-degree unlawful imprisonment and with carrying a firearm without a permit for allegedly attempting to force a man and a woman into a ear at gunpoint at Kailua Beach Park Nov 7 LANCE SINDIONG. 25. Kipaipai Street. Pearl City, unemployed, charged with first-degree burglary of a Hooli Circle. Pearl City, home Oct 27 and first-degree trespass at another Hooli Circle home Oct. 28 FREDERICK J REMIGIO. 22. Cmi Street, unemployed reindicted on a charge of second-degree robberv at Ala Moana Center Jan 4. 1981 STEVEN Bl'RKHART. 38, cook, charged with kidnapping, first-degree sexual abuse and two counts of first-degree sodomy of another man at an Ala Moana address. A free diagnosis to help motorists get better gasoline mileage will be held from 10 a m to 3:30 p.m. Saturday at the Temple Valley Shopping Center, on Kahekili Highway between Kaneohe and Kahaluu The testing site will be located under a bright yellow banner with the words PROJECT CONSERVE". The clinic.fea-tures a mobile diagnostic van which provides inspections for owners of cars, vans, and small pickup trucks. The five to 10-minute inspections will be conducted by Richard Miyashiro, auto mechanics instructor at Leeward Community College, assisted by staff of the energy education project. University of Hawaii at Manoa, and student assistants. They will examine the overall performance of a car, including the engine's ignition and carburetion systems. An emissions tester will monitor a car's hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels Further information may be obtained from Paul H. Mark, information specialist, state Energy Division, at 548-4080 DENNIS M.ATI.AS. 29. Halawa High Security ROMEO P UGANIZA, 22. Aiea Heights Fac ility, inmate, charged with second-degree Drive. 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'DHt. tn $199.95 TWIN-SUE SET 149 95 $239.95 OOUBU-SIZISH 179.95 $329.95 QUUN-SlZtSn 179 95 S4I9.9S KING-$IZESn '349.95 nn DiiivtiT STORE MONDAT TNRU FtDAY fAMtoBPM SATUIDAY 9AMtoSPM hours: Aiea Shopping Center 000030 TELEPHONE 487-0087 RUNTY Of ERSE PARKING Furniture Ca CORNER OP AIEA HEIGHTS DRIVE AND MOANALUA ROAD

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