Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York on December 31, 1915 · 2
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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York · 2

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, December 31, 1915
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1915. ELMIRA STAR-GAZETTE. PAGE TWO. 4 ii 1 1 i ; -j Hi K; i I i I Hi it i! hi i J s 1 Hi: i t i 1 1 ? l i. M i I'jj 15 n i I i WOMAN IS BOLDLY ATTACKED ' BOUND AND ROBBED OF $690 Mrs.-Guy Sherman of Canisteo Seized From Behind by. Burglar Who Steals Into Home in Early Evening Ties Her Hands Behind Her and Takes Large ...... -Stmrof Money Which She Had' Concealed on Her Person. . ' Canlsteo. Dc. 31. (Special) A daring1 robbery occurred here between 6 and 7 o'clock last "evening:, when Mrs! Guy Sherman., of ' Main street was attacked in her home, her hands bound by the intruder, who relieved his -victim of $690 in cash, which she had concealed on her person. Mrs. Sherman was preparing the evening meal for her husband, who is employed in a silk mill at Hornell and does not return home at night until about 7 o'clock. IS PEELING POTATOES. The woman had been peeling: potatoes In the kitchen- She went Into the back yard to throw away the peeling: and again returned to her work in-, doors. Mrs. Sherman did not notice anyone in the back yard and was unmolested as she returned to the kitchen. While the woman was standing with her back to the rear outside door, the robber crept-sllently into the room. He attacked Mrs. Sherman from behind throwing her heavily to the floor. He used a handkerchief to tie his victim's hands behind her back after which he relieved her of the money she had tucked away in her clothes. ," It required only a few moments for the thief to accomplish the robbery , after . which he left the house the same way he had entered without attracting attention. Divert, Turner & Henry Dissolve Partnership Attorney Diven Will "Go It Alone" in Old Offices : Turner and Henry Will f Have Offices in Hulett - Building Is a Mutual Agreement. : - - ' x An Important business and professional Change is announced to take place tomorrow. The law firm of Diven, Turner & Henry has been dissolved by mutual consent. AH members of the firm will continue the practice of law in Elmira, but Mr. Diven will continue individually, while Mr. Henry and Mr. Turner will enter a co-partnership. All are prominent attorneys in the city and among the leading members of the Chemung county bar. 1 Alexander S. Diven will continue the general practice of law in the offices heretofore occupied by the firm of Diven Turner & Henry at 212 East Water street. " S. O. H. Turner and Lewis Henry. will be associated In the general practice of law under the name of Turner & Henry, with offices at 313-315 Realty Building. When you want good printing done, let The Star-Gazette give you an estimate. ' NO PAPER TOMORROW There will be no issue of The Star-Gazette tomorrow, Saturday, January 1, 1916, New Year's day. The Star-Gazette wishes a Happy New Year for everyone. No All-Night Licenses Are Granted Chlef-of-Pollce E. D. Weaver stated today that tio applications were received for all night liquor licenses in connection with New Year's Eve celebrations in this city and none Russian Violinist Announcement was made this morning that tho third entertainer in the Federation series of concerts will be IHJch Scholnik. & famous Russian violinist who now Is enjoying public Prejudiced We very often hear the selling price is too low, it can't be good. May we ask will you try Chase and Sanborn's special brands, Oolong, Ceylon, or English, Breakfast Teas in air-tight canisters ? " CHASE & SANBORN ; ' Importers of fine Tea . andCoffee BADLY FRIGHTENED. - Mrs. Sherman, a woman of middle age," was so badly frightened by the experience that, she could not make an outcry even after the robber had taken his departure. She still whs dazed, when 'Mr. Sherman arrived home. As soon as he had heard the story from his wife Mr. Sherman notified the police and an effort was made to secure some trace of the rcbber. but without , success. There iwas absolutely no, clue at the Sherman heme to assist the police. Mrs. Sherman was so frightened that she can give only a vague description of the thief. . SAVED FOR HOME. It seems likely that the intruder was aware that, Mrs. Sherman had a large amount of money on her per son. Evidently he knew also the habits of the family and Mr. Sher man's customary time of arriving borne from Hornell. The 1690 stolen from Mrs. Sherman is money that she and her hus band were saving" to make a payment on 4 home they expected to purchase In- the near future. Mrs. Sherman carried the money with her to assure its safe keeping, but evidently the secret was not hers alone for tht thief's mission evidently was to secure this money. ' GETS LIFE TERM FOR DYNAMITING Los Angeles, Dec. 31.- Matthew A. Schmidt, who 'was convicted of murder in the first degree last night, as an accomplice of James B. Mc-Namara in the blowing up of the Los Angeles Times building here October 1, 1910, will appear in court next Monday for sentence. . The jury fixed the penalty at life imprisonment. ' His counsel will file a motion for a new, trial and it has been agreed that the case will be continued until January 12 for arguments on the motion. David Captan who was indicted with Schmidt on the same charge of which the latter was convicted that of having murdered Charles Hagerty, one of the twenty victims of the Los Angeles Times explosion, also will appear in court Monday. Captain's case was to have been set for trial that day, but this matter also will be, continued until January 12. JACKSON SWICK Ithaca, Dec. SI. Miss Hattie Jackson of Trumansburg and Harry Swick of Hector were married by the Rev. S. S. Vose at the Tabernacle Baptist Church parsonage Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. After a short wedding trip they will reside in Hector. , THREE BURNED. Traverse City, Mich., Dec. 31. Three men, including : the proprietor were burned to death here today in a fire which practically destroyed the Farmers' Inn, the leading hotel of this city. have been or will be granted. Neither will raffles or games of chance be permitted in saloons and cafes. Orders to this effect were given the oncers of the department today. Will Play Here favor in New York. He will, appear here January 11, Tuesday evening, David Hochsteln was originally signed to aooear hore but this ment was later cancelled in favor of M. Scholnik. ARCTIC LEAGUE FOXCHASEGOES m m DISCARD President Moonan Today .Delivers Sad News That Sufficient Funds Were Not forthcoming Big Doings For Coming Year, Though. The. Arctic League fox hunt, which was announced for tomorrow afternoon, is' "ail off." President Moonan had to deliver the sod news to his subjects this morning. The strain has been so great on the leaguers at Christmas time and the taxation for uniforms and Denny Donahue's Christmas present was so much that sufficient funds could not be raised. However, President Moonan -delivered the sad news with a flavoring of gladder tidings. If the boys behave, the president may decide to put on harness races and an aeroplane meet during next summer and in the fall everybody will rake up the leaves and have a big bonfire. - LITTLE BABE BURNED U IN OLEAN DWELLING Olean, Dec. 3 1. William. Ehler, the three-year-old son. of Mr, and Mrs. William L. Ehler. of White's Glen In the town of Olean, was burned to death Thursday afternoon in a fire which ' destroyed the house, while his mother was severely burned in an attempt to rescue the baby who was alone upstairs when the fire started. The mother's hands and arms are horribly burned and she also ha: some burns on her face. The body of the baby had not been found up to a late hour and searching parties with rakes are still exploring the smouldering cinders in the hope of finding some trace of the dead child. ' ELL-AN Absolutely Removes Indigestion. One package proves it. 25c at all druggists. AUSTRIA MEETS U. STANDS (Continued from Page One.) AUSTRIA'S REPLY. London, Dec. 31 (4 a. m. The Austrian reply to the second American note on the Ancona states that the Commander of the Austrian submarine has been punished for not sufficiently taking account of the panic aboard the Ancona, which rendered disembarkation more difficult. The Austrian reply is forwarded to Reuter's Telegram Company from Vienna by way of Amsterdam, as follows: VIENNA, Dec. 29. In reply to the second American Ancona note, the Austro-Hungarian Government fully agrees with the Washington Cabinet that the sacred laws of humanity should be taken into account also in war, and emphasizes that it, in the. course of this war, has given numerous proofs of the most humane feelings. The Austro-Hungarian Government, too, can positively concur in the principle that enemy private ves- , sels 8Cfc far as they do not flee or of-ifer resistance, shall not be destroyed berore the persons aboard are secured. - The assurance that the United States Government attaches value to the maintenance of the existing good relations between Austro-Hungary and the United States is warmly reciprocated by the Austro-Hungarian Government, which now, as heretofore, is anxious to render these relations 'still more cordial. (The Austro-Hungarian Government then communicates the results of the inquiry into the sinking of the Ancona, which was recently concluded.) The inquiry showed that the Commander of the submarine from a great distance, in the first instance. fired a warning shot on the steamer sighted at 11:40 o'clock in the forenoon, which he at first believed to be a transport steamer, at the same time giving a signal for the vessel to stop. As the steamer failed to stop and tried to escape, the submarine gave chase and fired sixteen shells at the steamer, of which three were observed to hit. The steamer only stopped after the third hit, whereupon the commander ceased firing. Already during the flight, it is declared, , when at full speed, the steamer dropped several boats filled with people, which at once capsized. After the steamer stopped the Commander of the submarine observed that six boats were fully manned, and they speedily rowed away from the steamer. Approaching nearer, the Commander of the submarine saw that a great panic prevailed aboard the steamer and that he had before him the passenger vessel Ancona, on account of which he gave those aboard leave the vessel in lifeboats. At least ten lifeboats were still aboard, which would have more than sufficed to rescue the persons . still on the vessel, but as no other pre parations were made to hoist out the j boats ' tho Commander Hecided, after ! the expiration of forty-five minutes to torpedo the vessel in such a man-' ner that it ought to remain afloat for a still longer time, in order to leave sufficient opportunity for the people still aboard to be rescued. Berlin Dec. 31, (via London, 11:20 a. m. ) The text of Austria's note to the United States was received in Berlin early this morning, at such an hour that the morning newspapers were unable to comment on it. The Lokal Anzeiger gives an indication of its contents in a headline "conciliatory attitude of Vienna government." Kanona & Plattsburg Railroad May Be Electrified and Extended North Prattsburg, Dec. 81. A matter of interest came before the town board at its meeting Tuesday forenoon in the form of a franchise in favor of John Kimmel of Wayland, who holds an option on the Kanona & Pittsburgh Railway, and. desired the franchise in case he, together with business men of Rochester and vicinity should purchase the property and should turn it into an electric road and extend it northward, i Further New Curtiss Aeroplane Company Is Organized Inventor to Receive $3,000,000 for His Interest and Day May Not Be Far Distant When Aeroplanes Will Be as Common as Motorcars Now Are Business to Be Put ort Strictly Commercial Basis. New York, Dec, 31. Aeroplanes will become as common as motor cars it the plans of Wall street financial interests who bought the Curtiss Aeroplane Company yesterday are successful. The banking firm of William Morris Imbrie & Company has bought the Curtiss Aeroplane and the Curtiss Motor Company and will organize a new corporation, lo be known as the Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company. Glenn H. Curtiss will remain as president of the reorganized company and will receive $3,000,000, part In cash and the rest in securities of the new concern as his interest, it Is said. Purchase of the property by the New York interests was not for the purpose of a WATKINS COLORED YOUTH IS FOUND DEAD Norman Campbell, Nineteen ears Old, Fails to Respond When Called Suffers From Weak Heart. Watkir.s, Dec. 31. Norman Campbell a colored youth, aged 19, was found ded in bed this morning at 8:30 o'clock at his home on South Monroe street. The young man watched the dancers at the Hermits' ball at the opera house until 1 o'clock this morning, when he went home and retired. He was called twice this morning when,- there being no response, investigation was made and the young man was found to-be dead. He had a weak heart and had doctored for the trouble for a long time. Surviving are his mother, a brother and two sisters. He was a son of the late Oliver Campbell. BRENNAN LOVE. Miss Marie Brennan of Montour Falls and Earl Love of Watklns were united in marilage at the parochial residence at 6:30 yesterday morning by the Rev. J. J. Lee. The couple was attended by Miss Alice Riley and J. John Zimmerman, both of : Elmira. Following the ceremony, Mr. Love and his bride were taken to, Elmira in an automobile. After an extended tour they will reside in' this village, where the bridegroom is ; a member of the firm of E. R. Love & Son. - FITZGERALD FUNERAL. . The funeral of A, S. Fitzgerald will be conducted from the home on Franklin street at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. The Odd Fellows and Red Men will attend in a body. Burial will be in Glenwood cemetery. r SENECA LAKE LOW. The ,water in Seneca lake Is now nearly four feet lower than at any time in many years. The marsh land which so long has been under water, is now entirely dry. Many acres have been ploughed with the Intention of raising good crops the coming year. The owners of the old Dain's malt-house have recently put props against a portion of the building to keep the brick and plaster from falling on the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks. , ' PICKED FOR TEAM. A. T. Spencer and John Fordham, employes at he Pennsylvania Railroad freight house here, have been chosen as the best basketball playera on the Elmira Division and are to go to Ralston. Pa., tomorrow to play a railroad team there. The winning team is to play the Renova .team later and the winners of that game will play a Baltimore , team this winter. These games are arranged by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company and much interest is shown in the project. HERMITS' BALL. -The Hermits ball, held at the Opera House. was In all respects the most successful of any yet held, , over a hundred couples being in attendance. The galleries were well filled by spectators. PERSONAL NOTES. Miss Gladys Parks returned to Reading, Pa., with Mrs. Leattie Wol-Hson who spent Christmas here. Mrs. George Barber left this morning for Philadelphia for a- visit to friends. SALE OF BRIDGE PLANT POINTS TO REOPENING Owego, Dec. 81. -At a special meeting of the stockholders of the Owego Bridge Company, held in this village on Monday, it was voted to sell the company's real estate, buildings, tools, machinery, etc., to the Syracuse Bridge Company. The deal will, probably, bo consummated on Saturday. The sale of thej property of the Owego Bridge Company to the Syracuse Bridge Company is the first step towards re-opening the local plant, under the management of the Mallery Brothers. " " ; . ... plans had in View furnishing the village with electric power and light. The board took favorable action in the matter, granting the franchise. The mortgage on the K. & P. is held by a New York Trust Co. '" A franchise to construct and maintain the necessary appliances to furnish electric power, light, and heat through the town of Prattsburg wes grant d to Mr. Kimmel' of Wayland, representing the Wayne Power Company. . merger with the Wright . Aeroplane Company, as was stated in the financial district a few weeks ago. At the Aero Club Henry Woodhouse, governor of the club, spoke for Mr. Curtiss. 'There is no doubt," he said, "that this jiew organization Is a great step forward for aeronautics. It means that the manufacture of aeroplanes wilL. at least, be put on a business basis. Mr. Wright and Mr. Curtisa are really technical genuises and not busl-ness men." The Curtiss Company is now engaged in making four or five types of aeroplanes and hydro-aeroplanes. One large dreadnought machine is of 320 horsepower and is capable of carrying 1,500 pounds exclusive of the weight of the machine. "The Buffalo plant is working at top speed," Mr. Wood-house said, "War orders from abroad cannot be filled fast enough." CHECK FORGER MULCTS FEW ITHACA MERCHANTS Description Furnished so Elmira Business Men May Be Shy of Him. Ithaca, Dee. 31. Another bad check artist visited Ithaca, leaving in his trial worthless checks totalling about 65 and a number of Indignant merchants. He operated in Ithaca last Friday and several days previous, passing out checks to a number of local business firms. The police have been notified and are thoroughly investigating the case. A warning has been Issued to other mercahtns to avoid be ing "stung." The various merchants have furnished the police with a description of the unknown swindler. . According to their stories he is about 35 or 40 years old. five feet . seven or eight inches tall, wore a black derby hat and a dark stubby mustache. To three of the checks the name of Burr Rumsey was signed while on othens the name , of "Ella Williams" and "John McGrevey" appeared. The checks were made payable to Harry Mager, David Ferguson and Earl Evans and were on the Tompkins County National Bank. ASK THAT JUDGE CHENEY BE APPOINTED JUSTICE Corning, Dee 31. A boom was started in Cornin by friends and admirers of. County Judge Warren J. Cheney which has for its purpose the procuring of his designation by Governor Whitman of Judge Chet.oy to fill the vacancy on the - Supreme Court bench to be caused by the resignation of Justice Arthur E. Sutherland of the seventh Judicial district February 1. A petition has been drawn up which is being signed by the members of the Corning bar to be presented to n the governor. The petition will be circulated among the members of the bar throughout the county. INJURIES OF FALL : EVENTUALLY FATAL Corning Dec. Sl.-Mrs. Elsie Henderson died Wednesday afternoon at her home. G East Third street, following a slight stroke of apoplexy, thought to have' been brought on by a fall she sustained on December 12 at her home, when she tripped over a carpet and falling, dislocated her right hip. Mrs. Henderson was born in Aberdeen. Scotland, 83 years ago. When she was about four years old she came to America with her parents, , who moved to Can-andaigua to make their home. Mrs Henderson resided in Canandaigua untli 18(50, when she was married to James Henderson, who died in Corning twenty-one years ago. She is survived by two daughters Misses Hattie F. and Elsie B. Henderson of 78 East 'Third street, and one granddaughter. Miss Grace Singleton of Elgin, 111. t The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the home at 76 East Third street. The Rev. John Chester Ball, pastor of the First Presbyter-Ian Church, will officiate. The burial will be made In Hope cemetery. FOUR BROUGHT DOWN BY BRITISH AVIATOR London, Dec. 31. British aviators were particularly, active on the western front yesterday. Three German aeroplanes were brought down and twelve aerial battles in all were fought. One British aviator engaged four German planes, bringing down one, badly damaging another . and driving the other two away. Another British aviator attacked two German , aeroplanes and brought down both. When you want good printing don; let The Star-Gazette . give you an eett mate, SAFE INVESTMENTS General Bond List for January Now Re&dy n,L scribing 26 Issues of Municipal and Corporation BONDS ' . - Sent On Application. Boston C. E. DenisOIl & Co. Cleveland E. R. Clarke, Representative 301 Robinson Building Elmira, N. Y. in Great Majestic Show Will Entertain Crowds New Year's Day and Night The Majestic Theater vaudeville and triangle and photo-play that opened yesterday will furnish entertainment for amusement lovers New Rearr's Day, tomorrow afternoon and evening, and is excellent in every detail. There is not a dull act or picture op the bill and El-mirans are sure of a rare treat The Beatrice Morrell Sextette, . widen is the feature, is one of the most artistic and high class acts that hab ver appeared- at this popular theater. Miss Morrell and the other members of the company possess exquisite voice-, the act ih dressed superbly and the muic is most 'captivating. . Gordon and Day open the show with one of the best comedy 'cycling offerings that Elmirans have seen in any theater. The tricks are difficult and well performed. A shapely young woman per TODAY'S MARKET QUOTATIONS (Prlcett Revised Dally According to Associated Press ntprtches to The Star-Gawtt From the Stock. Produce and Commodity Exchanges of the Country.) PRODUCE MARKET. New York, Dec. 31.FL.OUB, firmly held; spring patents, 5.8O6.30; winter patents. 5.60 5.80; winter straights, 5.55 5. 75: Kansas straight 5.605.80. RYE FLOUR Dull: No. 2 western 1.05 5.75; choice to fancy, 5.80 5.95. RYE r Easy; No. 2 western, . 1.05 1.0ti c.i.f. New York. BARLEY Quiet; malting, 76 84 c. i. f. Buffalo. PORK Firm; 'mess 19.0019.50; family. 21. 0022.60: . short clear. 19.5022.50. BEEF Quiet; mess, . 16.5017.00; family 18.0018.50. LARD Firmer; middle west, 10.05 10.15. SPOT COFFEE Quiet; No. 7 Rio 7 5-8: No. 4 Santos 9. MOLASSES Steady; New Orleans open kettle 4050. TALLOW Firm; city. 8; country, 71-2t8; special 8 8-4. HAY Unsettled ; No. 1, 1.20 1.25; No. 2 107 1-21.15; No. 3, 951.02 1-2; shipping 8590. CABBAGES Steady; Danish seed, per ton, 7.00 10.00; domestic. 5.09 7.00; re'd, 20.0023.00. BUTTER, firmer; receipts 6.338; creamery extras, 82 score, 33 1-2; higher scoring, 3434 1-2; first,. 28 ; 32 1-2; seconds, 2527 1-2. EGGS, firm; receipts 5,201; fresh gathered, extra fine, 85 36; extra firsts, 3434 1-2; first, 33; seconds, 30 32; nearby hennery whites, fine to fancy, 45 48; nearby hennery browns, 37 40. CHEESE, firm; receipts 294; state, whole milk flats, specials, 17 -1-2 17 3-4; do average fancy, 1717 1-4; do current make, specials, 17 17 1-4; do average fancy, 16 1-216 3-4. STRAW Quiet; Nos. 1 and 2 rye, 14.00. s BEANS, easy; marrow. 7.90 7.95: medium, 5.806.90: pea 6.656.70; red kidney, S.758.85. HOPS Quiet; state, common to chofce 4915 1628; 1914, 59: Pacific coast 1915, 11 15; 1914, 810. RAW SUGAR, steady: centrifugal 4.454.5S; molasses ; 8.683.81; refined, steady; cut loaf. 6.85.; crushed, 6.75: mould A. 6.40; .cubes. 6.20; XXXX powdered, 6.10; powdered, 6.05 fine granulated, 6.95: diamond A. 5.95: confectioners A. 5.85: No. 1. 5.70. . . ! The market for sugar futures was firmer on evening up operations for the close of the old. year. Prices at midday were 8 to 8 points net higher. TEMPERATURES Temperature. ft .31 O M i STATIONS. & is Atlantic City . . 38 Albany .... 20 Atlanta ...... Binghamton ... 22 Boston 30 Buffalo 26 Canton N. Y. Chicago 34 Denver 8 Eastport .18 Galveston n. . . . 62 Hatteras: ... 48 Havre . . 2 Jacksonville . . 68 Kamloops ..... 10 Montreal 16 New Orleans .. 56 New oYrk .... 80 Omaha Phoenix ...... 50 22 . 2 44 9 16 20 6 32 2 6 60 42 16 43 6 4 66 16 30 46 28 30 10 38 42 82 14 14 32 22 4 44 9 18 20 .2 34 4 8 62 44 16 48 10 8 58 18 20 46 30 34 12 40 42 32 16 16 82 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .0 .18 .0 .0 -.0 .12 .0 .26 .0 .0 1.92 .0 .0 .0 .0. .92 .0 .0 .0 .0 forusmd. Ore .. 32 Pittsbursr 32 Rochester San Francisco.. 64 an Diego St. Louis Scranton 48 40 24 Syracuse 20 Washington 42 forms many wonders, while htr com panion is a funny comedian. Martin and Martin have a hith dancing act. They work In perftcr w mciiy and give a graceful and finiihM performance. "Matrimony." the Triangle nvi-reil feature, is exceedingly interesting m one of the beat i.cturea ever seen in El. mira. Th story concerns a young woman who is loMing lier husband's love, gh, notices hi; fondness for fast women twl remodels her habits accordingly. Th, change wrought in her spouse is marvel, ous. The story is well told, showinr many elaborate gowns. T "His Father'! Footsteps" is a cos. vulslng comedy in two reels. No ost should miss it. Evening prices will prevail at the matinee tomorrow, acccrdint to the usual hmoliday custom. Advtrtiw. ment. POTATOES, steady; Bermuda. 4.04 6.50; Maine. 2.7503.00; Long Ii. land, 2.653.00; Statt. 2.6 0 8 2.75; Michigan. 2.202.35; Jersey, 2.509 2.75; Southern, 2.0032.75; weett, Jersey. 1.76 (q 2.25; southern, baskets, 2C75. . CATIXE MARKETS.' " Chicago. Dec. 81. HOGS-Recflptt 20.0IHI; active, 5c to lc higher than tta opening, which was 5c to 10c abovi yesterday's average; bulk 6."0g.W; light ti.456.95; mixed 6.507.05; bear; .55-37.10; rough 6.55f6.63; pigs 5.500 6.45. . , , i t Cattle, receipts 1,000; strong; natlv beef steers 6.109.75; western steers 6.208.10; cows and heifers I.9O8.40; calves 7.00 10.50. .. t, t Sheep, receipts 3,00A; flrm;then 6.4007.00; lambs 7.25&9.G5. 4 , East Buffalo. Dec. 31. CATTLE Receipts, 200 head: active and strong. VEALS Receipts, 600 head; sctiv and steady; 4.00 12.50. ' HOGS Receipts. 7.200 head; active; heavy and mixed, 7.50: yorkers, 7.00 7.50; pigs. 6.7R7.00; rourhs. 6.406.60; stags. 4. 50" 5.50. V SHEEP AND , LAMBS Peetlpti 2.600 head; active:- sheep' steady; lambs. 6.00 10.40; yearling. ' 5.000 9.00; wethers. 6.57T.00: ewes, I.M 6.50; sheep, mixed, 6.50 6.75. New York, Pec. Sl.-BEEVES,, receipts 2,260; firm: steers 6.2f8.50; bulls 4.256.50; cows 8.OO660. CALVES, receipts 4.11; strong;: mil 8.5013.00; culls 7.008.00; barnyard calves 5.50CT6.25: yearlings 4.0055.50. SHEEP AND LAMBS, receipts 1,550; firm; sheep 5.006 00; lambs .5O10.50. HOGS, receipts 4,630; firm at 6.500 7.20; roughs 5.756.00. Say you saw U In The Star-Gtietta Arc rcu reading President Wnn1 Our Country," now nmmn on tn dKorlal pace f Th' Star-CawtteT New York Realty Owners CorrespondencelnVited Morton Lachenbruch & Co. , Equitable Building, N. Y. City. Telephone 5854 Rector. . T: K Investment Suggestions The trend of the investment jihi ition reveals a combina tion of favorable condition! su :h as have been seldom witnessed. . , Vith this situation in mind ,ve have prepared an elabor-ate list of high grade Municipal. Railroad and Corpora- ' tion Bonds with brief descnp-'. tions, which are well adapted , to the present market. Every investor will, we believe, M interested in studying these investment suggestions. Bend for our Special Cim No. Af-161. , A. B. Leach to. Investment Seeoritlea . 149 Breadwav. N.w Tr tntUm Baltlaar Represented by Clwrlea A. Wrrmo"' t ii.... it.:.. NMtTor. 1 T.

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