The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TW0 ;'&YTHpVfl,Lj| (AUK.) G'qUfllER NEWS T » ,r- . v T i- r i »V^" •* ^ - - at th.? cfcnjc* ft thf An^rif»n Lc gton Hut last night i\cre Misses er, J$ss Marlon Cwrnw of qscc- cla^ Jack Pinion, of pafru^l^ors- Mllc, and' Ned Ayres, Bill Cromm and Frajik Bell of Osceola. Tho rj^rly, sponged |>y Gene Sykes a.nd J W Piirtlc, \\as maije uj) of the njembcrs of the jomxger set, including many wlio 91 e at home from school for the holidays, * '*•*<•* To Htft pww, at Co^afij Club Tftnifht The pr?-Christmas dance will oe held at tlie Country club tonight I when Mr and Mrs W J Wurdei-t licli, Mr and Mrs John F tentl, Mr and'Mrs 0 A Cunningham and Mr and Mrs Russell Fair mil t« hosts and hostesses Coley Stoltz and his oichestn from Merapliis, will furnish tlic muslo for the cabaret style dance, which nill be held in the hall room, Decorated in Christmas mo- The 'annual Nrw Year's E\c dance alll be held I-riday of next we^k at th.£ club * • * • Dancing Party Gi vcn -, y FLAPPiR FANNY By Sylvia ¥" varies B qark. ft-Trs Russell Phillips, '^Irs L t Hubc-ier rnd Mj§ Scss, D Hughes received at the' d.arjctag party 'last, nipit given by tl\p Children of the Cqn- federacy at the Woman s clul) About 75 yere present U out ft' oriel jk, , ijocs she kiio\y whicli she (j presents or the Qiristnias "presents?" ' '"' "" " ""' "' xl out of— tlic l)irtlul:iy hall t Mr kceo ™« »t long ttlc 5h ™ roonis °- f Ulc Building. for in Memphis. Among those from. - ten,cled the dinner given by Mi and Mrs ^t Qoodm^n tr» pong and Other games Algeria prizes for sftlusmanslilp. Entertainment \vn,s f)irn(sli|<(l by extemporaneous speeches fromsomp of the 70 present nnd the dlslrlb\i- lipn of ihe gifts. » - phjs laet night in honor <jf Miss Margaret Keck i^nd her fiance, F Don Snu^ *«re Mr jnd Mrs Rl- ley B Jovff, Mr and Mrs Di\(o Crawford, Mr ai\rt Mjs psoai Hardaway, Mr an.(:l Mrs A RJ Wetenkamp, M. r an.d Mrs Max ^Wi Mr and Mrs Harirmn Taylor,, Dr and Mrs Qeprge M Powell of Carlisle. Pa , houseguesis of Judge and Mrs Q a Keck, Miss Huth Butt and James Terry <•>, Vwfter w«sf served at S otetock at i the; B hon* ot- Mr Goodmin b our5es were rooms .. nqunce the bhtl, of n son UMcs- dwaftc.rn.poii. The baby, yjho sl30 cn\il "a nciy telcpiioiie." Wh: (old her mother already had telephone she replied "Yes, knmv slic luis oiip b(il U ifli'st be \vcn\ cut by HP\V." Tlic ((ecoratipn. c( thp First- Prcsbytcrli^i) cluirci (.cciii jo. ra(c thp first pi'tec, i: Iherp wa? \\ prV/.fi. . .' Tlip Jan\e: Hill hnye a npvcl client, . . \\< n:iss tjiosp usually scon on ;l\i ii)ul tj. S. Bciiish \\ous- . t\ip Hqrn.ovs have Uv outdoor- ^rep, which rpnplv their house . . . ihi shp\vs ni ^.«n-..t- <i*ic* uiiiuer KIC par.y iiyiai went to the Hotel Pea body 101 here dariclng for Christmas to the 30 parties' for s^oi»r^e^"\it~a "lif'- present AJter__dmner the par-,y flclal holiday /Season w;fl open ,._ tonight' \vhcn 'the'''country ;lub will have its aiuilial Ch'rist- rr^as dance—only lliis-'ycar it was pushed up two days. Plans somid Jp'r th^ cabaret affair, any pep .. Entcrtaim Wednesday Club. H cn(er(a!nect r '"""• i' *V". "ftvc any pep 10- of the Wednesday nprrok Ohrlstmas Eve, mid have if" 15 ' MfS Mlir "9^'?!! your shopping, you inay son Mrs - p i' l Robinson Mrs Byron Morse and Miss Ruth Butt, \esterdai her home at Lunch »as served at the dining table -fthich was tjeco/atefj in a blue and sihcr Chpstmns motif Mrs c A Cunningham had high score and Mrs \v H ' Mm- yard, high Hare The' 24 tclcphi jcsterda They ^vorkuig jn l]^e -e had a Cl|rist- mas free »i(h exchange of guts «ening after uprJc to the Rustic inn for supper after the presents v *^ EH en and later went to the home of Miss Elmira Whittle and play- td games Have Supper firty Mr (ind Mrs Matt Monaghan cn- lertained mth a prc-Ghristmas Party Tuesday night at their home *hen fhey entertained 12 guests tor a;spagheUi supper The,-large table nas decorated with a miniature Santa Claus and his reindeer w4 the small tables had red {apcrs for centerpieces Guests »ere Mr and Mrs W J Pollard, Mr and Mrs Farnsflorlh Black, Mr and Mrs W H Mm- yard, Mr and Mrs Baker Wilson Mr jyid Mrs James H Bell, and Mr Mrs , - J Wunderlicl) The; members of Mrs Fred Hanna's and Mrs L L Hubcners Sunday school classy of the Pirsl Methodist Chureli »enl caroling Tuesday night Approximately §0 boys and girls Usited various homes to sing the Christmas songs a,fter which they went $o Mrs Hujxaiers home Jor refreshments While there the pupils showered Mr?. g»nr|a and Mrs Hubener •*ilh Christmas glft5 school of thf. First Church h«kl a. CJhrlsl- m *£P*"y »t the church last night J£^ * Prosram of songs and riwltogs after rtiph the gifts from the tree were distributed by Santa . Th« |lev. 8 H Saimpn di jhe' dS of t Chevrolet com.- '—i^dlMer ptr- j'their gunts c'nUkcA tUnner Over tlie idge Table •$,. °t ; ' •By 'Seen i Hip cqnfllcs „ ... j entrance steps arc unumo . . aufl all of the traos and \y.indo are lyiusun.liy pceitj year, even if llip.rc was ni al tp stiinulaUi intprcst. will probably bp a lot o. BUFFET SUPPER IBEE IS Is a. (ainlly af- supper i th.e family r aud today for the Ml." Isaacs' 'and ! J«.n Wn, t,,cc, p or a .. ,, shp \vjll bpwlipf,: fruit punch, Thp two vis her daiiBhlcr, Mrs. Snurgcpn. recipes given below' are for large ttcreon, and Mr. Patterson, owr rather r«niason\c . ghrlstmas night end. .- ...... ' "Cranberry (?crves ia Chvis.tmiis iilght ' .drpppcr-lnpr's) Six cubs plea.n.ed, ray cfanbprr(cs, 2-l-a cup? water, sllcet) flgs clVopped (tip week end. Mi'. aiKl Mrs T ,..._ :pojnpa.iile<l by Miss 'May pfxp'iV, ..ft tptlay for Jackspn, Tetjii,, \vl)crc they will spend the Christmas holidays. ' ' ' ' E. B. Thomns nrrlyed tocljiy from Bhreveport, La., l,o'visit Mrs. Tlicinas (hiring the holidays. Bryant E. I-li]| of Detroit. Mich n«l Mi ' ' Chicago, iiiuvt'u last nigut to v * tu H', *-* spend' the holidays with Mr. am! nlint . wflfty- Mrs. Harry Taylor. /•wiv »™* Mr ami Mrs. John tl: : !s morning to visit relaflves In anri ?WPP tt'r.W$? i^ cp'a points of North Carolina duririe plac ? R^P '». saucepan,'a " .... ' > a a , . «„„:••' it E. l-lili of Detroit, Mich., ' 1"? eyps graiiuia'^ sugar. 1 Irr. Eiismn Lou Clare,'of lar S c spppge cakp, l"cup, wliippecj >, arrived last night to cre airj, '1-4 cup pulYprjzccl pcppcrr t,>io linll/loMp »*_ , mini. ^anHu ' ' tl^o holidays. Lniico Piiyiic, of ctinie , --*;•' J ' vJiv.u(ju, k,^kUlV lapt night to visit his parents I\^r, and Mrs. J. A. Payne," Mrs. Eunice Young nnd .,„„ 0)11, wll) Kjifitfl Ohristmi^ in Ncw- borii. 'I'tniv, wUh. relatives. ~ ' Mntt (p '; \ycfl p Mcmanls tedny to be wltii his fa)iiiiy"Vvi'r C)irl5t\n.ns. 4!»1 !»«(! Ed\vln \Vplrtmnti arc. slpk from Influqnzn at ilioir 'hoiiie 116 East Davis avciiiie , , Valley, Miss., whcra iie ' Van Elliott, left Ihlr, '(iflcrnoon to,r W-jlEi wjll visit his end... ' . ' paiiiits k ? y *»<! 'Baring .of prc school crowd's daiicp at the UtaHi, l«!5 Mary Elizabeth Mptlier "Harriot .. Rupert 'crnfloti Is sick from -\ sl|iui> infection. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ciorald E. Cartel niifl (i^niily loft tills morning to "'•" J Hl Uv holidays with Mr. Oar- • n\P.thw in Kansas. Mi*s Mary aosepliinc Hall, who Is attending Southeast Missouri •"htfi Teachers College at Oapq i. arrived home yesterday 'lav . Bran- the , spend- 11,6. day delivering puck- afcs ?nd vesting for 'the hlg day. After some have discovered what Santa Clans'" 'orquglit them «? r tfldti't bring "thcni'i Saturday rrjorping they will go to thp cpiin- try of Mr. and Mrs! A. "ci. " . . Ijttlp for thei "Opcii House." ""Fairflel.dR" lias' teen 'attract Ivcly decorated for tlic hoji- °^J'?. - ^'Uji tj\qiie pillars as \he perfect seeing "'jincl'" there's sure '9 Je 'a gay t)iuc tlicre. turkey ix of Year's Eve . (lai(ce. ' I naronts iur- C« a^THill*TSlir^ ™ * r ^ ays thp "^rs."-tp-be Is ig business -,vc to visit her C. -?s After .people have bcc ( i wtiiMl ( Jvirs. II. s. Mott went to Mom?SS b "a' S^'^r^J"^ 0 '^^ i? * ^ |,igmei, aiid • Ned- iv.^1 w : ' • " MVV" SHU. n^v AUI two iiionins, M«fy ami flarry Patton, of Rjr. anil Mrs. D. 6. Lantrtp and o rt M , . an rs. . fircc, reflo .rt. Miss, nvo tp be BHpsls.Hyp chjirircn iojf t P the Edgnr Bpnuiis. Bill Oham- ' Alp F n» ' ^ Arl, ' b|lns, Henry Humphreys. and spend the Holiday, ••yours truly." They are coming up Mr! and Mrs • £ especially for the country club West Plains, Mo , arrived iii -.. -j T-. v.^v. yy,,*.,^,; L,tuu irv^i. nrtuis, mo., • arrivea thLs daiic.c ,n,iirt there arc tp be several n,o r nh m tp. visit Hieir daughter f : ]11IlH tlJXTMpC fnt* IliniTi - ATrn f A w-.i^ ' t - - ' .. " ' morning /or " s ? vvn Telallve" N S of this for tticir first (of juaiiy," we' hopel Opqi House" from foi|r until eight p'clock. They invitcij us iiii darling Ytilctittc cards beariiiB a snapshot of (heir ne\v hppic. A number l.iave been invited \a ap egg nog party at the Watermans' in Memphis from four until clgUt o'clock, an.d It's prpbablc that Blythcvillc cars will hie Tluit ^ay in the late afternoon. There arc probably numerous: ether affairs but y-,ose firo the tiggcsl" Invites we have rcceiv- Ainonp those In tlip pnst are he two informal <"drpp ins" Eloise ipd Jack Horner had Sunday .Vnd Tuesday nights before they leave (qmorrpw for' Wheat ley. Tlicy'vc never spent a Christmas in BJythc- villc. . . just think what tll!:y have missed! T|ie tliougjit of Christmas canis rcnunfls u,s tha.t thp,5c of Eleanor »Pfl ^Qbert Smart arc, as usual, ibeul the mast original ever seen, nils year's l\avc n snapshot of Bobby S s)cpr, In bed. at his Rtch- .iicnri, V"a.. rtpmo n-tth Santa cjatis m i\\s -background. . . nopsrt Tiakcs the cards, photography jjo- ing a of his Amon '- ' • •••< -- --..^ » . . (II1IVJ, tti thp shoppers tilts week was three- year-.Pld Jane, daughter of Lycite snd Baker Wilson. Escorted by Ata Dunavant Miller she "was selecting a. present for l^r rnitl^- \skett what she was going.'to buy For' lighter more wholesome-cakes. ner and ( ^LT HI" " P '''"' AS VVC leavc " °" Christmas Eve, rr^nv' will^o tn th'^A n "' X °' *'"•' "• SVl ^"P ^ call ?° wc wi < ^'7,.l"l I Jv I 9 , W ° A -' ??'. 1W '^ S miss all thp Christinas' f,m here E ,.__, ; ^ )cc met thcni in, Jones.borp Mr. nud Mrs. "Roy Porter Mr - • we w . an rs oy Porter w n , iss all thp phristiiias fm, here !q Clinton, Ark., tills morning bu|. glfld th.a.1 we \yijl be with "Lit- visit their parents over the w tic 'l^cen" in sunny Mississippi, ' wc 'cnd. ' ' o eek , . wish you a "Mcn-y Christmas , ( nd. Mn «"(! Kirs. D. B. Maloch and ' '" New 'Vcar." Deiuonstraiion Club News Notes Mrs. W. E. Potter and Mrs !! ri..qrecmvay entertained the Dill Homo Demonstration club Monday nlghl at Mrs. Grconway's homo. Tlie rooms were decorated in keeping with tbo Ytiletfde ^c.-i- spiV wjth holly, mistletoe and ]»la- sctlias. A silver ChrUlmns r.rcc ...,.» Aviary UHSS Yam-v nr Mm decorated with blue lights and Ion. spent jester'riay ad last ,n c orna.inen.ts held the 6 l(ls that •.— <••»>- »..-*--* a " fl '5 sl '"B 1 cbiliircn "wciii to Texarknim this morning. They \vill v ' is n relatives oycr t(ie lioliflays. ' ' I Mr- aii;| Mrs. Josiah H. Fori and family pf Cla'rksYlile," Tenn. »'!!! arrive (0(iiprrow to spend the npndnys with Mrs. T. J. Malian ijnrt family. Mrs. A. M. p.utt returned honic yesterday froin C.lrardpa where she has been visiting ' hnr daughter, Mrs. W. >f. Robinson and family. Mrs. Robinson's baby Svsan. has been 111, but is now improves. • H. B. Kicliaidrqn went to Riy- cttcville this niorning' where lie «'lll spend the week ciul with relatives. Miss Mary Bliss Yaney. of Mar- • - . . . exchanged v. the members, « Q1 .'| lcml ' ers ..v .1" T 11 ," 01 ' by the hostess. Candy canes wore give present for favors. iwlth Miss Sara lx>n McCiitciiea! i Lloyd Fioinian has gone ; Trenton and Jncksoii. Tenn., plate was'sjicnrt the \vcckcjy ivl'lh Ills con- "J: isln, Louts Gordon Silvcrblatt, who ^SJ those fqnnerly lived here but who nov' '"" resides nt Trenton. Lloyd «'-ci dates, 1-2 CMP o i.nits, alm6n(is. S s ."B?r- ' THURSDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1937 '. _Spreading Cheer Among Guests ('J dp luxe Tiii'kcy alia 1 Ha»i Mousse for tlic Christmas night supper under ttic lighted Christmas troa. Is inadf with gelatin, vegetable stock, clear cli ickcn broth, winced ham and minced turkey—all simple iiiBrallwils. WUh a little care, yo.u -;au produce tills rcea.i' dish in your oiyn kitchen and anm?. yoilr friends with your culinary skill. - ..!u.Weekly Sunday Bvhaol I,csson== Christian Consecration . SU W a . r >,< 1 . S MT- W»'ifl -. *-,,. i- ..,. -jrnrrfrri:! •* flgs.and nuts. Cover and for 5 - l — ' " ' dissolved.'LineV deep s^ai,. .-^ proof dish with slice:: of sponge cake 1-2 inch ll)t,ck. Cp.vcr with cranberry mixture'. CQVCT with more .slices ot spang!; caico, then more cranberry mixture. pnUnue these rows, finishing olf with the sponge Cf|!(e. Set in refrigerator ovqr night: Unmpld on large dish am] garnish with .whipped crca.m sprinkled with tl|e peppermint, candy. Scive this with, ho.t coffee. . .Of course, a slipper of siiia.11 sand- ivfches, fruit c^kc and coffee or punch is perfect for Hie bhfistmas njght get-together. Perhaps, however, you want . spniettitusr evert ivioro fcs.Uve. Thpn try this Mousse 0$. Turkey. ••'.' ,Turkey and ITarp Itfwssc (serves 12) •'For the loaf part: i package IB556B on 9hris.lian coiisecra-l fortitude und plan is to read (he Book of tlie Acts Qhristmas « its' lesson until "ou dominated Paul's every P.wn hcart« have been opened in . himon-flavored gelatin I cm boil- III'B -clear'vegetable stopk^l' cup cold; clear vegetable'stock sliced " • the spirit' P,f giving. Though vye have not the yords recorded in the'di- rect sayings 'of' jrosus, "It is more blessed to' give 'than to receive," expresses (he very heart pf the Chrigt life and. (he Christ message. Qur lesson- sfits Before us 'the truest and most' real forni of giVr ing, the gift pf a, man's, life hi consecration'^o the gospel,' jmd 'in loyalty to Christ. Paul w so sincere abo.rt the spreading of the gospel that he could rejoice even In his own imprisonment and persecution, knowing dust the' wordof God, was being spread ahrqad. He realized "also that his own Cool and ppur into, a mold thai lias first bccii diprjcd 'in cpljj wa.ter. Set in refrigerator until a film of the jelljf fqrnis on bottom and 'A)r;the mousse part:-1 cup boil- Ing chicken stock, i package IpRipn- flavore<l gelatin, i cup cold cliick- cn stock, '1 cup heavy creim, i cup <iplcV minced' turkey, i cup " cold nii^ed: ham, cayenne, salt and pepiicr. ! T6 make loaf, dissolve gclutln in boijijig. stock, (licn'aciri cold stock. over especially for the Christinas -l^nce at Jackson when Louis' or- c'liestrn, "Louis Gordon and His Sed Hots" will play. Louis,', who attends. Union University at Jackson, and his orchestra arc playing p.f irjold, tlien yui. rema.inmg soft S e latip. psco.- rate .inside pf gelatin coating with Alices-of green aVirt ripe olives. ".To. 'make 1 'thi mousse, dissolve lenipn 'gi'la.tin in, boiling; chicken stock, then arid polii stock ami'cool tuvii " ll u vuiu biuuK aim cooi i. ' •• . mixture' thickens slightly.." 1 " eospel. ...; . '••' •:- -• _ -? • J 'l Tn Tdarlii' fear of anything in 'life, and no fear of dealh. He lived in a. world .'•1! spiritual .'realities thai death could not destroy, He hud the profound faith that even In dealh he would gain through a closer rcla- tio^siiii} to his Lord. It shp.iiid be reincmbereil in this lesson tlia't Paul was writing to Christians .whp were in the midst of dlscoiiragoincnl and'persecution, in a city where he liimsclf iiad beevi cas,t'into prison. It was in this city of philippi, in his mlssionhry joi)ruey to Europe, that Paul had been arrested and thrown into the inner prison iv'ith his feet fast in tlie stocks, and it ivas here thai the prison doors had been opcrea and the jailer had thro\vn himself at the feet of Paul, inquiring, "Sir, what must I do to be savcfl?"- j We need to read this lesson of •Paiil in the light of the places and backgrounds and experiences of his missionary journeys. These Pliil- ippians imdci'stopd perfectly, well what iie meant when he spoke of the things that had happened ,,to him, making for the progress of Everything for yovar enter Last Time Today EDWAKD in The Last Gangster wilh James Steivarf, Rose gtraiulcr &. Alan Haxlpr Also rar.imnuiil News. * George Ilamilton Orchestra with his Music Mo\. Admission Jlalincc' lOc & 26c .,. Admission Night 16c, &' 36c . . Friday - Pal Night nnyu ^ii^vvuv uiiettuus sngniiy.. T ,. , , j rf ' —~ "™'O Spasp.n, \yiiiP cream, then fold into' ,, Int J eacl "^. ?" P ™ 1 ? Epistles, ire 2 Adulti, Adimllea' for Tncc of sliolillv i.hirimni.,1 ,; 0 iotiA •^•i,..,;;; i should consider carefullv the city • ,, ' v * c 01 slightly thickened carefully the city! Qliristlans to number , .-• v....- I>.*>1 WJg J^J M1H.-.J ot(Uil;li 1 mig the holiday season, died pineapple and nuts. Divide the gelatin mixture in" hair'' al , ld ^ P artlc * llar Qh.ristians to To one half, add the cold niinccil w "°'" fo e >' ' vcr e Addressed. A gopU illrlrpV ' i^ thr» rttllo^ l^olf ' n,tA M,~ - - - "^ -~- ^ ~ ~ ~ ._ . '. EOXY Aflm.issipn Always l()o & ?«? Show every night. Matinees J 1 '' 1 - fl?jr, Saturaay i Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday »iatlnecs star( p.m. Saturday Co Uinupus from 1 to list) p.m. sUpws start 6:^5 p.m. turkey,'tp the otiier half.'add the cold minced ham. Pour the ham mixture into the coated mold. When it begins to harden, add the turkey mixture. Place in refrigerator until chilled firm, then unmold. Decorate with pimento cheese molded Into small fruit with parsley leaves, tiny stuffed tomatoes, deviled eggs Last Time Teday PAL NIGHT! A^nlts Actollled for Price ot I 'Beg, Borrow or Steal 1 Florence Rice.. Also sclcctcij sTiorts. Friday - Saturday Al^o selected shorts. Admission Matinee 10c & Adiitiiston ^ight IGc i J SATURDAY ChristmasProgram TOU'LL STAND UP ANDCHEBH! See our beautiful Dowers, the most camplatc supply ever brought to Blythcviilc. Roses Car- natiQUs, Snapdragons, Violets, Heather, Acacia .and Eucalyptus. Flowers for table ' decorations -Holy and Holly Wreaths. Roping of Caro, Una Urn-el for garlands made re fl (ly to JiR.ig. flfodc «p boxes of assorted plants and Poinsettias in pots and cut. For corsages we have sweet peas, gardenias and rosos"'ii) all "colors. E- HEATON'S HOME OF FLOWERS For feminine flattery choose theso lovely LARKWOOD chiffon stockings —made of the finest silk with Ihe sheerness of gossamer, exquisite in texture, beautifully tailored with perfect-fitting heels and fine seams that slenderize —they're stockings that beautify legs qnd ankles—in new shades to en- hqnce your smartest costume, I Jack Applebaum T? -11 selected £lior|s M»t."& Coi^t^puous

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