The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1943
Page 6
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BEYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO. 206. HI/YTHIOVJLLR, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY, AP1UF/ 1<I, 1D43 SUBSCRIPTION HATES ON REQUEST THE BIATHEVILtE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS ! Published daily except Sundays in the Interest of (lie personnel * of the Army Air Forces Ad. vanced '•'. Two Engine Flying School: of Blytheville, by the- BlytheviUe Courier News. It ', 'contains the news of the Air Base. Complicated Nbrden Bombsight Guides Plane "-When On Target HEADQUARTERS U. S. AHMY • AIR FORCES FLYING TRAINING COMMAND, Fort Worth Texas, April 14 tUP)—The famous Norrien bomuslght Is a complicated 1110.55 of mlirois, pi isms, leiise-s, gears-and bearings that can pinpoint a taigct from five miles up mid pjlo'l Ihe plnnc till the bombs are. away. ' The Aimy, convinced thai some of these Norden sights must be in enemy hands, at lasl has permitted certain • details lo "be rc- \ealed. The sight, it appears, is divided into three parts, a telescope sight, a gyroscope, and a third section.. The bombardier sights' Ihe Inrgcl in the telescope cross-hairs, sets the gyroscope spinning with its axis perpendicular to- the ground, then turns knobs \vhich automatically synchronize the ship's course with the sights to keep them on the lar- get. For results, consult the enemy. United Press 'Correspondent John Mecklin has been given n good look at the Norden.bonibsight. in fact, he v,as allowed .to tiy to operate it from a plane one mile above a practice target. He testifies to its anmlng accuracy, cinch lo operate. One of the' major but says its no features of COLLEGE FED Beans For Supper—No Steaks Available he sight is its mechanism which Hides Ihe ulunc lo keep Ihe sight on the target "once the bombardier adjusts the necessary knobs, The sight automatically compensates or the motion of the plane liy be- iig synchronized to both its speetl and nlllliidc. It even adjusts for cross-wind drift. And if the Inr- ;ct is moving, lh<>~.sight can lake care of that too. The Harden bombslght Is mounted behind n special piece of thick glass in Ihe nose of Ihe plime. The men who operate it think it's such wonderful mechanism Unit someday .commissions will go to Ihe boinbslghls and Ihe bombardiers will be left -at home. Crews now are relieved from ihc terrific strain of intense watchfulness that at first required the bombslghl lo be taken from the plane at night and locked up. Now it can slay In Ihe plane, but under gur.rd. The reason for Ihc ens- ing of the strict secrecy is that the Army is sure some of Ihc bombardiers have not been able lo carry out Iheir oath to destroy the sight when their plnnc is in danger of frilling into enemy hands. I3ut the Army isn't worried. It .says the sight is so complicated it will lake Axis scientists Iwo veins or more to duplicate. Officers Who Were Rivals In College Again Cross Their Foils For Ihe second time since they were college students, Capt, Thomas F. IJrudy and Second Lieut. Guy E. Kugey met, the other day, nl the Ulythcvllle Army Air Field where both were transferred recently, from different fields. And whnl was the. first thing they did? They hnd nl each other furiously with long sharp swords, nnd if I hey had not prudently protected themselves with masks and pads ,onc or both .surely would have icen badly punctured. 'Hit two officers are fencers, and he time they met it was u enchiR contest at Fordhnm Uni- 'crsity, where Captain Brady was 'aplain of the student fencing earn, and Lieutenant Kagey was a ncmher of the visiting tenm from Loyola Unlvcrslly, Baltimore. The second nice tint; was at Spencc Field, Moullrie, On., a few :nonths ngo, where both were on luty, and they couldn't try to poke out each other's eyes or draw blood ]ecanse no equipment wns available. Here, however, foils and masks luid such stuff are on hand. Captain Brady came a week or so ago as purchasing and conlrnct- ng officer and assistant post iniar- .ermaslcr officer. Lieutenant Kagey s Ihe new photographic officer. They think It's fun to stab at each other, in n refined and dextrous sort of way, and are looking forward to ninny an enjoyable as- saull. Corp. Cameron West Maj. Julius A. Roth Will Take Course Sent To Orlando, Fla Goip. Cameion West, physical ln- structm, has been ordcicd lo Noncommissioned Offlccis Schor- • Miami Bench, Fla., where ;.u.c take a course in physical training. Upon satisfactoiy completion.of the course, he will be piomotcd lo staff sergeant arid letnrned lo.du : ty Win the Athletic Department here. Corpoial West enlisted in Army Air Corps in September and was transform! to this post a month Inter. He Is a 1942 graduate of the University of North Carolina, where he received a bachelbv's; : de- grec in physical e<lucatjqn.- : Thc"sou • of Mr. and Mrs Ray West of .Wnls- tonburE, N 0, he Is proficient ni baseball, Ilight sur- Mnj. Julius A. Roth, gcon at the Base Hospital of Forces school of applied tuclli-s at officers to be assigned to this field, coming here in July. A former Ciirllnvlllc. HI.,' physician, he was issioned in the Medical Corps Reserve in 1934 and called to active Randolph ''Field and Maxwell wrestling, track and bas- graduate of Mnrqiicllc ketball He is married to the for- imr Miss Florence. Grncc Creech ot tew FISHWICK ONE OF THE GREATEST ENDS iM YALE'S FOOTBALL HIS- CAUGHT 1HE PXSS THAT rlA. ARMV MEDICAL CORPS, SINCE A SHORT TIME AFTER A C/lPWAf, AND IS OPERATING A U.S. FIELD HOSPITAL w NORTH AFRICA. AUBAMA rooTMLL SM,AS - ^ , . TXTED-OIXiefS flffiV STXnONED ff THE Wf? PfS-FLKHT SCHOOL AT ATHSNS, Gfi . Laugh It Off Civilians aren't the only one. 1 ! facing n shortage of everyday items Bugles — ordinarily as mud) a parl of Ihe Army ns beans—are list at Camp Two Units Tied For Pennant inging Helps Soldiers, That's Why Army Encourages Vocalists Men like to sing, when they lose .icir i^H-consciousness and iuhibi- ions, Tlie bathtub school ol soiig is good example. And it does a man cod. (Did yon ever hear a Sweel Adeline qtiarlel?) To)) ranking officers of lite United States Army have said it is is necessary to teach a soldier fo .iiiR as to shoot straight. That's he verdict ol liar<l-l>o!lcd soldiers filh years ol cxpTi'ience and serv- cc. Every good soldier knows that ' nfiiiiB Army is a fighting Army ind there is no reason why mechanized warfare should eliminate the music that has played an impel tan l>arl in military victories. That is the tlifme of a Itttli pocket manual for Kong leader which is being distributed amon organizations of the Blylhevilic Army Air Field by the Special Every shoe shlned and in place, ill ctoiliine a"d 'eciuipincnt on liniul hnd in liood order, floors niul ledges duslless, stoves clean i ml polished, windows spotless, every man with a Iwircut and shave and looking and behaving ike a model soldier. All these mud a lot ot other things) are included among 'Ihe standards of military perfection. And all these and oilier soldierly qualities were found in abundance at the 2<Hh Flying Training Group .ind the 907th Quartermaster Company when the Inspectors visited them last Saturday. The two organizations will share the "E" for excellence banner for the week. They were lied for top honors with a score each o( 07. It is the fourth time the UGth has won. Capt. John A. Martin, commanding officer of the Jfilli, and First Sergeant Paul T. Champion congratulated each other and the men of the command. Ho did Second Lieut. Edwin Sdnnowtcz, comman- Here a group of olliccrs heat a supper of baked beans over a hot plate on the floor of abandoned French barracks at nn advanced bomber base in Algeria close to the Tunisian border. Left to right are: Capt. Charles B. Dlaiichard. Oilroy, Cal.; Maj. Walter W. Foarso, Jr.', Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Lt. George M. Mover, Boston; Afaj. J. W. Cooksey, lieanmonl, Texas; U. T. S. Lenny, Columbus, Ohio; and U. Col. W. 'N. Davis. Los Ancclcs. CNEA lelephoto). on the shortage Bnrkcley, Tex. Maj. John Hulchlns. battalion commander, stiys his olficers have been unable to find a single one in near-by Abilene. Now ihcy are calling for secoiiti-hr.iid bugles and backing the request with an offer . of cash on the barrel-head. Needless lo say. the privates at imp Uarkeley are getting along lite v.'cll without dally reveille. Corii.c Albert Slamow of Camp ickelt, Va.. goes down on Ihe ooks as another man who cried olf. It seems that the corporal :ampcrcd out of his pup-tent one ighl yelping that there was » olf in there with him. On investigation, the wolf turn;! oiil lo be a 'possum which his cnlmale had captured in the •oods. The 'possum was lo have become pel. Lieutenant Nelson. Assigned To 701st Second Lieut. Earl L. Nelson, assistant legal boards and claims officer, lias been assigned to duty as engineering officer of the 7l)lst Squadron. Lieutenant Nelson was commissioned Oct. W. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vnne Nelson, Port- hind. Ore., and is a 1935 graduate of Franklin High School, He has been stationed at Blytheville since November. Air Specialists Learn To Handle Oilier Man's Job FORT WORTH. Texas, April M (UP)—The Army has found it cannot train Plying Fortress crews under assembly line melhods. The yreat need (or trained personnel in l!)3!l made aviation offi- iats turn to specialization for crews. Separate schools were set ip for each individual member of he crew — such as bombardier, .lavigntor, pilot and gunner. But reports from fighting fronls nave convinced officials lhat each hum should be able to do more than one thing. And the Army has announced lhat its training pro_ram will produce more versatile, till-around men in the future. Vor Instance, bomber-mission experience has shown that someone aboard a Flying Fortress should Know how lo operate a bombsight should the bombardier be killed. From now on navigators and bombardiers will gel identical training. Everyone aboard a Fortress, except the pilot, also will know how 703rd Squadron Has New Top Sergeant There's a new top sergeant on the. Field. He U First Scrgt. Carl J irts. Capt. Jame.5 K. Holmes, commanding officer of Ihc 703rd Squadron announced the sergeant's appointment to the position of higl loncoin of till- squndqron today. Sergeant Erts previously had been orderly room clerk and had acted as first sergeant in the absence of First Scrgt. Curtis B. Jemison, recently transferred from this station. The new to]] kick has been a noncom In the 703rd since the squadron was activated at Maxwell Field and assigned here as a unit last July. Sergeant Erts is 23 years old. He enlisted Aug. 15. 1941, at Ltiddle- (on, N. Y., where his parents reside. Service Office. The Army likes to have soldiers who sing, for a man who sings can march faster and arthcr with less fatigue. A soldier vith a song is likely to be a proper kind of soldier. And when they all ;ing together, man! there's an Army. , Songs, of Stephen Foster,-46 of them In a neat little pocket size booklet, from "Angelina Baker" to "U. S. Army O.ills" also is being put out by the Special Service Office. Another booklet contains the national anthems of the Allied Nations. Do you know how many? There are 29, nnd two more songs Tor good measure, Including the song of the Free French and the sorrowful hoping anthem of the Anti-Fascist underground Army of Germans who hate Hitler and all he' stands for. Among fighting men singing to- der of the 901lh, and First ScrgU J. C. Stevens. Krror in Siicllins MADISON. WLs. (UP) — Future athlelic rosters at University of Wisconsin will carry the name, Arthur J. Orloske, a pitcher on the Badger baseball nine. In producing his birth certificate for Ihe. Navy recently, Orloske discovered he had erred in spelling his name "Orlowski" all Ihese years. gether Croats something iniiwrlaiit: unity of purpose, good fellowship, sense of belonging or teamwork, relaxation, sEir-expre'ssibn. ' VSS in B [/. .S. Trcniury Itcpt. FUNNY BUSINESS Private Joe Kcckcsscu of Camr 'ickett, Va., is proud of the facl lint he can date his girl friend nly ever oilier? night. lie boasts: "On nights thai I don'l akc her out, she toes oui with a ieutcnaut- colonel. Firsl Sergeant Eddie Watson Is a ighl corn-Icons doiujhboy. And he' ilso ever mindful thai the ccnso reads the mail he -writes lo hi ,vite. So. in his lasl letter, Sergeau Watson stopped right in the tnlcldl of n sentence, nnd said: "Excuse me, Loenleniuit Lesli this is my wife. Honey, this Lieutenant Leslie—the censor." Then lie slarled a new paragrnp' and as an afterthought wrote: "Crowded in here,, isn't i honey?" . . IM-c are n couple of storios about When Cliff Thompson, 8-foot a coupli! of soldiers who got them- | 7-inch junior in M.ircuicllc Uni- sclve.i in n couple of pickles. [ vcrsily School ot Law and the The first ts about Private First world's lallcst man. joined Delta Class Leandro Gomez. He espied a fellow soldier In a snow-covered overcoat. dome/, didn't recognize the olhcr fellow. But he decided to have a liltlc fun. So he started brushing the snow off whnl he took to be a brass button on Ihe stranger's shoulder. "Look at the sold bar." he Jested, pawing at the shoulder. "Just look at that ROld bar." Off came the snowllnkes ami under it. not a brass butlon, but a gold bar. 'Ihe lieutenant merely glared at the private and walked awny. to operate a machine gun. And the flying crewmen will get instruction on how to keep 'cm fly- in-! should ground men be unavailable. Lieut. Jordan Ordered Colorado grew iigs, magnolias, cinnamon trees, palm trees and ether tropical plants—a hundred million yeai's ago. In those days the slate -supported creatures -like the dinosaur, who padded along on feet three feet in length nnd two and n half feel wide nnd the vin- ' tacololhcrimus, a nightmare of an PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Ole Hickory Inn Across from Illgli School animal the size of a small elephant and a brain no larger than a j sheep's who,- nevertheless, sported .j six horn.'; and two enormous fight- j ing tusks. Fossils like these and i many otlur grotesque monsters have been discovered in Colorado „, n j i i r- ij T ' nn< ' nlc '° Ilc found "' museums !o Kanaolph rieia, iex. throughout the state. First Lieut. Willard E. Jordan, a. fHulit instructor at the' Blytheville Army Air Field since September, has been transferred to Randolph Field. Tex. Lieutenant Jordan received his wings and commission April 29. Before being accepted as an aviation cndst he was employed ns a railroad brakeman by the Missouri Pa- cilic Lines, DcQuincy, La. Son of William E. Jordan. De- Quincy, he is a 1934 graduate of DcQuincy Hiyh School ami attended Southeastern Louisiana College three years. 24-! SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY R'rtway A Walnut Ph. 553 Read Courier News want ada. Theta Phi. legal fraternity, nl Milwaukee, there was some difli- cully in gelling his membership pin placed on his bpcl. The second story is about Staff Sergeant John Rlmdy, stationed at a Virginia cnmp. who had even * more man-sized experience. His company was advancing in the face of a make-believe enemy machine gun fire. Came Ihc order lo hit the dlrl, nd Rhudy did .such n quick and Jiorough job ot dirt-hilling he ripi>cd Ihe man in Ironl of him. Navy 'Rents' 3 Holes IOWA CITY, la. (OP) — Tlircc \olcs tu Hie University of Iowa ;olf course have been "rented" to he Navy by the department o athletics for use as playing Held for olher sporls. ys'Who goes ilierc?', in case 1 gel sUitjc friglil!" Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drif Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Any Shoe Can He REPAIRED K the uppers arc still good. Brln£ them to us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Ut W. Main Shop Th. 273Z FLOWERS Say it Host 'At Easter T( wniililn't lie. Easier without Flowers. Place j-our Easier orders early for corsages ot Orchids, Itoscs, Gardenias, Spring Flowers and Plants. We arc prepared to serve you in Blythevillc or distanl cilics _wc telegraph Flowers any ivhcrc. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP ZOO Kavls Avc. The Modern Ice Box COOLERATOR For Economy, and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 SMA LL LOANS Om Aajthlnr tt Vilw East Main Loan Co. IM E Main — {tone UU § IL>S> "->! . KM -M Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on I'hillips Quallly Gasoline & Oil. Prompt, Courteous Service. Operaled by Mrs. II. t Itevnolils, OPERATING HOURS For A-I5-C Coupon Holder! SUNDAYS: 0 A.M. lo 9 P.M. ALL WEEK DAYS ft A.M. In 12 Noon' I I'.M. lo 8 P.M. FITTED BY Doctor* J. L end J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnut Phone 453 IN BLYTHF.VII.LF. SINCE 13M Headrniarlcrs For W ASHING and POLISHING Clean Your Car Up For Spring ! LOT EICH &W&lA<mam***~" Easter Flowers! | Place Telegraph Orders v'. Now. b Corsajtea ol ever; description, f' THE FLOWER SHOP' DEUVERT ANTWI1ERB GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG. Phone 191 — Nile Phone 261» . 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