The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 13, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 13, 1933
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, -DECEMBER-' 13," 1933 . BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURI.EK NEWS PACT "CAMPUS CITY HALL, THURS.-FRI., DEC. 14-15 Watch and Wait for the new 1934 Chevrolet SHOUSE-L1TTLE CHEVROLET CO. Oberst Store Co. Feed - Seed • Hardware Tel. 35 115 E. Main HUDSON CLEANERS Phone 53 The Ladies. Toggery 412 '.Vest Main R.D. Hughes & Co MERRY CHRISTMAS Charles £ Lemons Good Furniture at Moderate Cost Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon W. T. Barnett Auto Sales DODGE & Blytlieville/ Ark. MERRY CHRISTMAS SEE A CENTURY OF PROGRESS in "CAMPUS CAPERS" TII MI* «*£> Phillips 66 Gasoline Phone 609 R. C. FARR, AGENT MORE FOOD VALUE Butereg New and Used R. J. DODSON „ FURNITURE New Economy Shop Buy Y'jur Gifts Here Injram'Bld,,'. Phone 95MV Margaret Deen's Beauty Shoppe T.G;Briley International Trucks MeCormlck Wttriat turn. Tools '.' Genuine 1 .HC 'Kepjiirs - Ye Olde Deestrkk Skulo Cor»in Kllgore .. Judge Barium Jim. Henry Cobb .. Addlson Smith Jacob Hoffensletu Farmer England Oohnny Short. Nick Thomas Oliver Honeytiicklr, W. B. McMullcn Splvallon Samson . C. G. Redman Benjamin Lou.; ... Fred Sandefur Tommy Thompson Harold Stcrnberg . Mugg ftudd Pat O'Brien Archibald Brov.n ... Charley Penn Napoleou Bryp.nt .... 'Joe Haniby Ferdinand Hill Al Ooodmnn Timothy Pratt J. H. Parker Isaac Jones N. A. Spalding Deliverance Dcsott jMrs. O. C. Ganskc Elizabeth Crnb'.rce Mrs. S. S. Stcrnbere Patience Pcterkin, Mrs. Lloyd Wise Idiana Crabtrec Miss Gladys Barliam Mary Crockett ... Mrs. John Lcnti Hannah Honeysuckle, Miss Sample Lorena Juniper .,. Miss Wlnborn Charity Short. Mrs. Herman Gicar TemperanceTouljeriy, Olive Foster Emazilla Uphiii Mrs. Hil I'ell-Mcll Polly Ann Buck Carl niley Dorrlne Coulter Mell Brooks Mary Culler Joo Burns Doris Dobyns Earl Roberts Lystra Hrackea M. D. Mnuml Catherine Poscy Dllly Cade llola Wntson Hcrmnn Tinner "Oh Teacher" Louise Brown* Jcsslyn Ulumcyci Laura Crowucr Rebecca • C'ullL'spl Specialties Aslronomy Gal .. Murgnrct Cross Cupid Florence Ann Carpenter Special Singers C. G. Redman Hernum Graves Miss Margaret Moffitl's School ol Dancing Featured Bctwctn Acts Pianist Frncst N. Johnson FEATURING 25 CIIH.IWKN WITH LAVONNF, REDMAN' AS M1STKESS OV CEREMONIKh From ciuiin', Kilin' and 'Ritlimutic to Rhyme, Riot and Rhytliiu Siwnsovetl by 1HISINKSS AN!) PKOFKSSIONAL WOMEN'S CUB Under Dircclion ut' Krloun V. Johnson 100 - - Local People - - JOO YOU'VK SKEN TIIK RUST - - NOW SEE THE BEST! CITY HALL Blytheville, - „ - . Arkansas THURSDAY and FRIDAY, DEC 14th and I5th ADMISSION ISc & 3SC . 9k I Vf See The New Ford : V.8 for 1934 Now On Display Phillips Motor Co. Compliments of Arkmo Lumber Co, Figure With, HUBBARD On Furniture ' '* l * I T I ** ' ' '* Compliments ..-. i - of Carney Awning Co. Sinclair Refining Co. W. C. Harris, Agent Phone 200 Compliments of The Farmers Bank Trust Co. Hlythcville Compliments of Jake linger Gin Co. Call 409 for B Square products Bamidall Refining Co. \V. M. Phillips, Agent Hubbard Hardware Co. Phone 32 The Complete Hardware Store '. That GOOD GULF Compliments of E. B. AVooflson, Agent Magnolia Petroleum Co, See A Century of Progress in "Capers from Miss Whitsitt's Shop Gowns $1.95 to $6.50 Satin, crepe, jersey and batiste in colors 01 Tea Rose. Blue and Pink. Step-In Sets $1.50 to $2.95 Satin, crepe and jersey, Ir.oe trimmed mm (nllorecl, colors of Pink Eluc and Tea Hose. Pajamas $2.95 to $6.50 Two-piece satin, lace trimmeci; one piece tailored silk crepa and two-piece cotton Pajamas. Costume Slips at $1.95 Pink and Tea Rose Crepos in lace trimmed or tailored models. Nellie Don Robes $5 to $10.95 Jersey, Flannel and ConUiroy, lovely new styles. Silk Hose 89c to $1.50 Vanity Fair and Gotham Gold Stripe Hosiery ... .AH new colors. Dainty Handkerchiefs 25c, 50c, SI Probably the most beautiful assortment we've ever shown. New Gloves $1.95 to $2.95 Black and brown kiti The most favored styles. Purses $1 to $3.95 Kid, Pinscal, Suede nnd Fnhric....The style you want at moderate cost. , Gossard, Vanity fair Brassieres Lace, Satin and Jersey B'.Assieres. Miss Whitsitt's Shop The Beer of traditional Quality Why Not Drink the Best? Drink DR. PEPPER Good for Life The Goff Hotel "It's A Good Hotel" Mrs. H. L. Reynolds, . Owner find Manager Blytheville,' Ark. Drink COCA COLA , In'Bottles. Distributors 'of Texaco Frlraltam Product* Joyner & Bonifield Phone 558 Gold Crest Beer I A.S.Barboro^Co. Distributors "Campus Capers" CITY HALL, Thursday - Friday December 14-15th Compliments of Hotel Noble "Arkansas' Most Beautiful Hotel" See MINNIE and NELL at Nell's Beauty Shop for your beauty problems Lee-Coppedge Gin Co. Ginnery k liuyers Compliments of E. B. Estes Comm. Agt., Colton Bell HOWDY FOLKS! Blytheviile Cotton Oil Co. Elaine Beauty 5I5TER MARY'S KITCHEN Candles made with dried- fruit arc a delkioos alterna- live to the usual Christmas- : confection. In (tils, the fifth of her articles on :Chmtrtus cooking, Sister Mary tells how, (o make such Inviting "sweetmeats." BY SISTER JURY NE\ Service Staff Writer Nearly everyone has a swee tootti and during the holiday sea son it's all too easy to eat too much candy. Although candy Is an excel lent (cod when jaten In nioders lion, too much of it tends to satiar he appctie while furnishing only ne body need—fuel. Consequently you will find a tew, onfccllons made with, dried, fruits delicious and entirely satisfactory o mix with "the- usual, Christmas' andies. Datts, figs, raisins, prunes,' 1 .pricots and peaches atl'can be us-: d to mate inviting "sweetmeats." To be sure, dried frulti contain a large amount of sugar, but it is natural sugar in a form~*hlch quickly assimilated. .They also contribute some iron and calcium and on account of- their chewy structure . are an aid to'the very essential toolh -exercise "we hear so much about. "- • Syrian Sweetj One-half, pound figs, 1-2 pounc seedless raisins,', 1-2 pound nut meats, powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon strained honey, 1 1 tablespoon lemon juice. - • Wash and pick,over-the figs and raUlnt and combine:with the nut meati. Put through medium kntrt. of food chopper. Add .hooey -and lemon Juice and mix thoroughly. joll into a sheet about an inch hick on a board sprinkled with wwdcred sugar. Cut in squares and oil in sugar. Candy Fruil Cake . One-half cup stoned and chopped dates, 4 tablespoons shredded citron, 4 .tablespoons each of can- lied orange and lemon peel. 1-2 !an pecan nut meats. 1-2 cup Brazil nut meats. 2 ounces dipping chocolate, powdered sugar. •Put nuts atxl fruit through fosd chopper. Melt chocolate over hot *afer and stir into first mixture Work with a fork until pcrfcctlj 'blended. I'ack In a bv/.terec 1 square pan. When firm cut in smal cblong blocks'a"d roll in powdered sugar. Stuffed Prunes One-halt pound prunes (about fruit and nuts through food chopper and work with a wooden spoon to mix thoroughly, if mixture is too dry add honey or icinon juice or orange juice to suit your Ustc. Slufi prunes with mixture and roll In granulated sugar. Stuffed Dales One-hall pound dates (about 30), 5 prunes, 1-2 cup pecan nut meats. 4 tablespoons preserved ginger, 4 tablespoons seedless raisins, strained honey. Wash dates and remove stones. Wash and steam prunes. Remova pits and put fruit and nuts throng'.-, food chopjier. Add honny to make mixture moist enough to hold together. Kill dates with mixture and meals", 1 tablespoon lemon'juice uice to make mo'.st. Spiced Fruil Balls One-half cup pitted- prunes. 1-2 cup pitted dates, 1 cup seeded raisins, 1-2 cup nut meats, 1-2 cup Igs. 1 teaspoon cinnamon, l tabie- spoon lemon juice. Wash fruit thoroughly through waters. Drain and dry be- Put through food chopper with nuts. Add cin- namcn and lemon juice and mix well. Mate into small balls and roll in powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon to 2 tablespoons powdered sugar. Apricot Squares One cup diced dried apricots, 3--i cup grated cocoanut. l cup nul 20), 2 tablespoons finely minced citron, 1 tablespoon candied orange peel, 4 tablespoons brcken nut nieats; 4 tablespoons" seedless raisins, 4 tablespoons pitted dates. Wash prunes ami st«am (en mln- •utes. Remove pits. Put remaining roll In granulated sugar. A good slutllug for either diiJeE or prunes Is made of 2 tablespoons orange peel, 4 tablespoons sf.reddcd cocoanut and 8 dales. Wash dates and remove pits and put through the food chopper with the orange peel ami cocoanul. Mix confectioner's or powdered sugar. Wash apricots through scvcra water and 1A stand in cold water for one hoirr. Drain and pu thrown food chopper with nuU and cocoanut. Add lemon juice ant work until perfectly blended. Rol out on a sugared board into a sliee quares and dip in powdered sugar. Fie and Raisin Cream One cup dried figs. 1-4 cup chop- led candied ganger, 1-2 cup brown .ugar, l cup granulated sugar, 3-4 cup thin cream, 1 tablespoon outer, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 cup seed- ess raisins. Wash figs. Cook in boiling water for five minutes. Drain and chop. Cook brown and granulated sugars with cream and figs until a soft ball Is formed when a few drops are tested In cold water. A candy thermometer should rcglsler 236 degrees P. Add butter and remove from the fire. Let stand until cool. Add vanilla and beat untl creamy. Add raisins and ginger and knead on a slab. Shape into flat wafers. These are very good dipped In chocolate. Tomorrow's Menu BREAKFAST: Baked apples with cereal and cream, .frizzled drle< beef, crisp toast, mllX, coffee. well and add 1 teaspoon orange [atom one-fourth inch tliici;. Cut in i LUNCHEON: Creamed oysters 01 oast, celery, brown Betty witli hard i sauce, milk, tea. DINNER: Stuflcd hearts of veal ivith tomato sauce, potao marbles n parsley butter, pineapple and cheese ball salad, mince pie, milk, coffee. , Hogs Made Whoopee On Apple Peeling Fodder RISING STAR, Tex. (UP)—John Gardner, farmer near here, Is wondering whether the hog population of liis ranch will vote for or against liquor repeal, now that have Indulged in the mysteries of Intoxication. Gardner, unthinking, placed a barrel of skimmings from apples which he had used In making syrup, in the hog,corral. A few days later the hogs overturned the barrel and devoured its contents. Mother Nature had done its work verified by - the hilarious squeal •nose dives and s'.sagers of his porkers. _ _. Professor Sees Daofer In Whisky "Neg NEW HAVEN, conn, top) Yandell Hcndersop, professor' physiology at Yale University, wi once advocated college beer. n dens, hopes that America, rttur free unhampered use of I coholic liquors, will forget the- C American practice of taking whj ky "neat." • •. > Professor Henderson, who M there Is no more harm in a gl| of low voltage beer than In a clj or a cup of chocolate, sees;m\i harm in liquors of hlghfaicohi content. He .advocates the we' the highball and the cocktail, » suggests the alcohol In 'thi dryiks be limited to about 15'j cent. There arc 8,000 Islands'' Iri I gioup known AS the Phlllppta rnd they are s'liing out over a t lai-.ce 9t> great as that between V and Chicago.

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