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San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 43

San Francisco Chronicle from San Francisco, California • Page 43

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:

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prize for best nspiay Ban Francisco xwcuuaaa um paay the Vulcan Fire Insurance Com iaby cud special prize for best dis play George Holl National Brewing Company Cup Otter winners Helse Elliot Co Vooks Mo Adams Sohl Schmidt KHollman Co Mission Clothiers Xitydstrom Lochman Brothers and Schomer tistrlct 7 Special prise for bestdls plty the Emporium John Bellls shield bas relief of Victory spe cfejl prise for best display Hale Broth etl the California Fruit Canners shield Other winners Summerneld Haines Incelman Samson lien Works Columbia Steel Company Qeorg Muftge II Benson 4 Sons Weeks Howe Emerson Balaca Hard wfsfre Company Walsh A Morey Frank Brothers Zellerback Company fJlstrlot No I Special prize for best display Roos Brothers Chamber of Commerce cup special prize ror oest djspiay Bersers Union Uthosraph lnf and Engraving Company cup special prize for unique display SUVestrle Barcal Water Company prise special prize for neatness of display Newman A Levlnson iBrew ecs Protective Association cup special prize for best general display Brown Brothers electrlo Oriental lamp Adams Holopeter special prise for most original display Centner Mattern Frederick Parker cap Other prize winners Liebes Co SHvestrie A Co Goldberg A Bewen Company Dannemark Brothers Allen tc Co McCaw Brothers Venker Brock A Co Schmidt Trask Van Der Mahden Walking Prelst A Cryder and De Hoy Brothers District NO I Special prize for best display Buckley A Co special prize for best display Boden ft Co Gant ner ft Mattern cup Other winners Jacobl ft Co McLean Goldberg Bowen ft Co Henry Klute George Lachman Company Faber ft Co Joseph Stults ft Co Faber ft Co George Kuch Taneys Grocery West Elliot ft Gordon District No 10 Special prise for best display McKenna Spanish American Food Company cup special prize for best display Careghlno Barcal Mineral Water prize Other winners I Colowbo a Hlpklns Reed Brothers Smith ft Co Fred Gerdes Bognottle Brothers Silvia District No 11 Speclarprize for best display John Tunnlcllff Gallagher ft Marsh Business College cup special prize for best display Cereghlno Standard Biscuit Company cup Other winners Puritan Grocery Callaghan A Duon Mrs Broyer Corla Mrs Lngmouth French liquor store Stamp I Dleckman Meyer Brothers and I Schwartz Drug store prize winner In all districts Gorman ft Thomas Brlgg Pharmacy Castro Street Pharmacy Bowermans Pharmacy Aitow Pharmacy San Bruno Drug Store Ferry Drug Company New Center Pharmacy Pacific Drug Company Frlabee Phar maoy Frank Dessel Paclfio Drug Company Sun Drug Company George Ross Bremer Brothers Henry Tann Heidrlth ft Custleham Hays Valley Pharmacy Boyle Drug Company Arrow Pharmacy Anchor Drug Company Boyle Drug Company Raymond Drug Company McCarthy Pill Box Golden Gate Pharmacy Wulzen Pharmacy Boysons Pharmacy Golden City Drug Store Hatchs Pharmacy Lawrence Pharmacy McGulre Pharmacy Owl Drug Company World Drug Company Hamilton Square Pharmacy Reliance Drug Company Schwartz Frank Wn Lacbman Drug company JTia SBsaLsllls 4LftssBss7Jn3t5Y BKm HgHg pHH sgHwigillJv WmKz BJBBSB5easMBsililB rr XT njL ryl SAT BgssffJlagssM HHN 1 sIIIIIIIIBl lmv i vF lr3 aLIIHtfl MBmmi llBF fti aazll Jtr HnlfA szzbzbzbzWszW sVssssssssssss JL VKySrfaezssssEaWMf ssVgezalfll sssssssssssssssssssssV aLC 2 fM szagezflzMi rt gezfrBI izzzzzzzaeszzzzzzzzzzzzF vesI2sbss iflBiueri Teszzzzzzzzezszvlinf a jcPjajH IsMi zszBsaezszBZB 1 i J3BB ItezssBszHSS Wnr IHI BsLllv iQaM gesHeMk SomaB zasasasPT afissssX flRSB gMeBSvO SUfHsV taezzzzzzzzzzzzar ezzzzzezse rVesS seszzzzzesKxnffiLCSlBseia7rBW Rai nszHkss XflNsMMszCe VgsW rri il S3Jfcgew ztsl yvpggfejw KWgHsLiHiTli II vi glgaLfw 5aWwgBiftd 1 1 pany pharmacy at Cole and Halgbt streets Dugan Drug Company ahd JW urug company i aiaca rnarntcr Old Mission Pharmacy Abrahams Tnlrd stteet pharmacy Special prlzee were awarded for well dressed windows In lines of merchandise that were difficult to display to any advantage as follows Degnan Cigar Store Kasser Bros Cigar Store Wleden ft Co and Boesch Lamp Company ARRESTED FOR BURGLARY John Prager and John Richards were arrested early yesterday morning in St Georges alley off Kearny street near Pine by Policeman Frank Mc CetonelU and Were charged with bur gfjury andcarrying concealed weapon MeConnell found the pair trying a door a the rearof at Kaamy stret business heHise Whem searched a revolver was found oar each prisoner The police are investigator their records and believe they have been Implicated In numerous recent burglaries In the downtown district They appeared before Police Judge Shortalt who continued the cases end flxs4 bonds fin a suaa J10000 i fy vcnsxtavquk HIS DANCE NOT SEEfa AT BANQUET Engagement of a Colored Artist Is Broken One of the vaudeville feature aehed nled for last night at a banquet given by the Transportation Club la honor of Batyirs who has recently been promoted and leaves for los ngeies was erased from the programme on ac count of a decision rendered yesterday by ponce Juage snortau The eliminated attraction was billed as Thomas Stewart buck and wing dancing When the members of the club were enjoying the other features of the en tertainment last evening Thomas Stew art was carving his Initial on the bench In his cell at the County Jail whither he had been sent by Police Judge Shorten on a charge ot va grancy When the club members beard of Stewarts predicament they sent a delegation to ask Judge Shorten If It would be possible to grant the prisoner a few hours parole 4ust long enough to permit him to dance the buck and wing Judge Shorten declared It would be a favor entirely oat ot his powsr to franjt Stewart Is a diminutive colored man who Is noted for his tireless pedal abilities One time a year ago when brought before Judge Shortall for va grancy he danced the buck and wing in the courtroom and amused the Judge so much that he won a dismissal Twice after that he was arrested but always reminded hlshonor of de time wen Ah danced ma way outer court Ah cant go tun jail Jedge said he yesterday Ahs got an engagement But he had broken the last straw ot leniency and was ordered Into the dock to be sent to the County Jail for ninety days PAPGHTEB OP LATE LOKD SACKTCLLE BECOMES DAUCEIL Flor Sackville West Adopti Profession ofMother Court Holds Father Never Married LONDON March 4 Flora Sackvllle West a daughter of the former British Minister at Washington has adopted the profession of her mother Josefa Duran de Ortega the Spanish dancer The first press announcement of her approaching debut described her as tbe Honorable Flora flackvtlle West daughter of the late Lord Sackvllle This description was objected to by the Sackvllle fatally which served notice that legal steps would be taken If It was not withdrawn Their wishes were heeded The Court In the recent sensational suit of Floras brother Ernest who sought to acquire title to the estates of Lord Sackvllle now held by his nephew Lionel SackvlHe Wsst deT elded that the late diplomat never married the mother of his children SOUViiNiii mmTEJlSIN FIGHT FOE HUMAN BONES NEW TORK March 4 A crowd of nearly 8000 souvenir hunters struggled with a email force of police late yesterday In a wild effort to gat human bones which were unearthed by work men on the site of the Forsythe Methodist Episcopal Chnreh which Is the second oldest of that denomination In New Tork xne report tnat lasorsrs naa uncovered scores of skeletons In the ancient burying rround about the dhurch spread through the lower East Side and people swarmed there out of morbid curlostlty Five big barrels had been filled with the bones and so eager were men and women to get a bone that they rushed a squad of officers down a six foot embankment CZAB TO COMPLETE PLAN FOE BEEFS EMANCIPATION ST PETERSBURG March 4 In an Imperial rescript today Emperor Nlch bee Pharmacy Shumates Drug Com Lolas announces bis Intention to conv plete his grandfathers work for the emancipation of serfs by transferring the peasants Into economically strong landowners This may Be aemeved the Emperor says by affording the peasants facilities to leave their communes and by Improvement in agricultural science NEVADA CONGEESSMAN TO VOTE FOE EEdPEOCITY CARSON Nov March 4 CongressmanCongressman elect Roberts who to day received a message from Washington calling him to the capital on account of the impending special session of Congress announced that should the Canadian reciprocity bill come before the Bouse he will sup port It a KILLED IX AN EXPLOSION LEXINGTON Ky March 4Tnree children and a manwera killed and six other pereonsjfljured when a boiler at the Blackburn Gambtll Ulstlllery on Howard creek Breathitt county exploded early today The children war ptyi3 hmt the distillery Some of thott nho will Uzkt part in the big iixlay teciety drcus planned by the local parlon the Native Sons and Native Daugh len the Colden Wat Give Six Day Entertainment Which Will Include a Host of Attractive Features A UNIQUE and spectacular show la which thirty parlors of the Native Sons ot the Golden West and twenty parlors of the Native Daughters ot the Golden West will participate Is being prepared by the members ot the two order It will take the shape of a mammoth society circus and will be run for six days under a huge tent spread on the Mechanics Pavilion lot at Larkln ahd Hayes streets beginning on Tuesday March 14th and ending March lath Plans for the big event are now nrettr well under way although not completed and they give promise of plenty of novelty and genuine enjoyment Out of a prospective 2000 performers at least 150 clowns are In training for their appearance and more than 100 men have volunteered for wild animal training It Is to be a genuine wild animal cfrcus too make no mistake The managers say they have rented the entire outfit ot a traveling circus to add to the big supply of native talent Ferocious denizens of the Jungles mountain fastnesses deserts and arctlo wilder nesses will be on hand the pros pectue reads And It continues It was decided that It would make things Interesting for spectators and tbe wild beasts to have them trained and drilled by leaders in the upper crust In social financial and esthetic affairs of the olty Bankara are acheduled to twist lions tails eminent magistrates and legal lights have promised to drill elephaata rid wild hippopotami and do other Interesting things calculated to thrill the public These and other Jlvely stunts are among the featuree which the management promises for tbe affair the proceeds of which will be used to make up a shortage of the orders funds caused by the magnlfloent display of last Admission day There will be ample accommodations for the thousands that are expected to attend The list of parlors entered for the various nlghtty performances and the commanding performers of the occasion ars as follows Tuesday March 14 th Chairman ft 1 A Y2aV4av P1tAiil 7 lor No 1 ringmaster Frank Marston Wednesday March 15th Chairman Fairfax Wheelan Pacific Parlor No 10 equestrian director David Gibbons Sequoia Parlor No 140 Thursday March Hth Chairman Hypes Stanford Parlor No 74 ringmaster Henry Dlnkelsplel director of clowns Leo McMahon Bay City Parlor No 104 Friday March 17th Chairman Joseph Keenan Nlantlc Parlor No 105 ringmaster Senator A Nelson San Francisco Parlor No 49 chief animal trainer John Finn Rlncon Parlor No 72 Saturday March ISth Chairman Bert Mahoney Hesperian Parlor No 1S7 bandmaster and master of multitudinous harmonies Souea Barton National Parlor No 111 Frank McNally equestrian director National Parlor No 111 McGovern di rector of charioteers Castro Parlor No 231 Sunday March 19th Chairman Keegan El Dorado Parlor No 63 Dan Harrington elephant trainer South San Franclsio Parlor No 157 Jim Welch bronco buster In ohlef Guadalupe Parlor 231 Parlors Included In the various nights of entertainment are aa follows Tuesday Golden Oate No 2 Presidio No 194 Alcalde No 154 and Yerba Buena No 14 Wednesday Paclfio No 10 Sequoia No 140 Russian Hill No 129 James Lick No 242 and Alcatras No 145 Thursday Stanford No 78 Mission No It Bay City No 104 Balboa No 234 and Olympus No 189 Friday Rlncon No 72 Twin Peaks No 214 Nlantlc No 1M San Francisco No 49 and Preclta No 187 Saturday National No 118 Castro No 232 Hesperian No 127 and El Capltan No 222 and Army and Navy No 207 Sunday El Dorado No 52 Dolores No 208 South San Francisco No 157 Guadalupe No 231 and Marshall No 202 The following boosting committee has charge ot the preliminaries Gibbons chairman Selbert Emmet Hayden Louie Erb Caubu Troy OLeary Hynes George Dryden Joseph Keenan Angelo Rossi Colonel Frank Marston Bert Mahoney Torkelson Barton Jr Daniel Harrington 8 Priest Wren Edward Tietjen A FAvey A Herbst Jr Walter SUsenschlmel Charles A Boldeman Pernau Thomas Curtis and Jewel IE FALLS ON 11 ONEJAIAILY HURT Porter and feusman at San Jose Hotel Are Victims of Peculiar Accident Bseclar Dtspitcb tke Cbraolele SAN JOSB March 4 Patrick Scan Ion a porter of the Vendome Hotel Was fatally hxfrt and Ferley Ross driver of the hotel bua had a hairbreadth escspe wheii a giant eucalyptus tree fell and crushed the hotel vehicle on North First street this afternoon Telephone nre telegraph and light ahd power line In the north end of the city are out of commission tonight aa a result of the accident A gang of woodehoppers who have been taking out trees In preparation for the opening of a street through thaf Bean estate property had dug around the trunk of the big tret preparatory to removing It and had been driven from their work by a storm Loosened by the rains and last gjjfhfa heavy wind the tree tottered TrTd fell A number of tourists who wsre expected to arrive on the train the dus was sent to meet did not come owing to missing train connections else there might have been a much more serious tragedy a WIFE BEATER SENTENCED Edward Rentron a cement worker charged with having beaten his wife Mrs May Renfron ln a very brutal manner was convicted of battery Friday bv Judge Shortall and wae sen tenced to six months In the County Jail Mrs Rsnfron who la a waitress testified that she had supported her misband for several months She said that she want home on her1 weekly holiday and that he knocked her down and stamped on her Her face bore evidence of a terrible beating rnimgre brines efsce of tbe Cbroalcle la st 17iy aW ear rrwt BAREFOOTED TRIP Man Believe to Be a Fugitive From Insane Asylum in Washington Special rMflptch to tbe Chronicle SAN JOSE March 4 The police arrested today a man who says his name la Arthur Grain and that he walked barefoot from Stellacoom Wash to this city Grain wore peculiarly fashioned garments and hie feet bear marks of exposure to the weather The police credit the story of his long walk Police Captain Campbell consulted an atlas and found that there Is an asylum for the Insane located at Stellacoom Wash and Grain Is being held under the belief that he la an escape from the Institution Grain admits that he Is a supernatural being and says that he Is on earth to preach a strange gospel to the people After four years he expects to dissolve Into thin air and be reincarnated as a woman MUSIC AT THE PARK The following programme will be given at tbe Park this afternoon under the direction of Charles Cas sasa Anthem Star Spangled Banner march Entry of Gladiators Fuclk waltz Breezen of Vienna Zlehrer overture Die Pflegtklnder Llnd palntner moealc Marltans Wallace humoresque The Green Eyed Monster of the Band Godfrey eeenee from Doris A Celer a Every Little Movement and Love Dance from Mme Sherry Hosch na Kiss Ms Kiss Me Honey Snyder excerpts Carmen Blast selection Marys Lamb Carle march Everybodys Two Step Hart ierj America NortfiernTBrancrt of League MeeUt6Devise Ways and Means to Secure Ballot sr A meetingoof the Northern California brancn of the College Equal suffrage League waa held yesterday afternoon at the Palace Hotel and ways and means of conducting the comln campaign the achievement of the bar lot were idlscussedt according to the college womana point of view The first subject considered pertained to the establishment of headquarters and It wae decided to engage a room In the downtown district where the College Equal Suffrage League would have continuous representation and literature upon equal suffrage could be pur ceased by seekers afterlight Concerning ithe advlaabtlltr of the suffrage movement being organised according to Assembly districts the consensus of opinion appeared to be that while tbe College League should cooperate with other organisations for the achievement ot suffrage by district canvassing the College League should maintain ltaidentlt The queetlon aa to whether Eastern speaker should be secured to assist In the campaign was introduced by Dr Adelaide Brows who eonfesaed to having jheld a negative opinion at first but acknowledged to having been led to change her mind The suggestion that son but American women be invited to participate in the campaign was superseded by another to include English women on account of tbe ex pected arrival of Mlsa Sllvir Panck burst one ot the famous militant suffragettes of London It was concluded to begin the campaign with the young English womans discourse the latter part of this week Dr Kate Brousseau spoke on the advantage of establishing local branches of the work and Miss Fannie Mo Lean suggested how the voters of the State mlghf be reached by mean of the jpress the church and other organizations A personal appeal by every member of the College League to each of her male relatives and friends was the final suggestion of this initial movement In the campaign which will continue until the matter of womans suffrage Is submitted to the voters of California FAKE MACHINERY nf ST a TtTTI mLAllNlAJ HANDS AGAIN1 i 9 1 IS A Ghampibn Sees hiefand Given Rarfcon Good Behavior mid ro heah tlr Arthan MnU tretnln quaUbVatde Ugle taatllarf 3 i Louis Grant Mining Engineer Who WasConcerned In Plot Arrives Here I didnt aee any harm in It merely took the opportunity to make some easy money snd I got my fingers burned says Louis Grant who was eonvlcted of being concerned In an opium emuggllng plot at Manila Grant arrived here yesterday on the liner Asia from the Philippines the provision of his pardon from servtng a prison sentence being that he ahould leave Manila for other flelda He ex pecta to go to Tahltl The smuggling operation In which Grant was involved was one of the most clever brought to the attention of the Federal authorities Grant a mining engineer and a prominent reel dent in Manila assented to a proposition made to him by a man named William Kennedy and a Chinese banker that he receive a consignment of machinery to be shipped to his order from Hongkong The machinery consisting of shafts and wheels was hollowed out and contained opium valued at 150 000 The evidence showed that Grant was to receive 15000 for the part he was to play In the smuggling pact Information of the remarkable scheme was secured by the American authorities and the machinery loaded with contraband was seised Orant and Kennedy were convicted of emuggllng and eentenced to pay aa fine of 15000 and spend a year In Jail Grant was pardoned on condition that he leave the Philippines and his One cut In two Chief Officer John Hill of the Asia distinguished himself by seizing eighty nine tins ot opium while the steamer was In Hongkong He saw a Chinese sneaking along the deck at night carrying two sacks which upon examination were found contain the contraband drug Hill received a liberal bonus from the British pollrx authorities for discovering tbe atuff nEITEFlT IS POeTPOMED The benefit for the Jewish Consump tives Home of Denver which was advertised to be given at the Princess Theater on March 7th has been postponed to March 21st Tickets pur chased for the benefit performance will be good on the latter date rein1 ww er a ldn Whs 1 talking boat ehlle r8iiab 4f heah de 5Hotl Dixie dat boperobde whlte rae Cop Celn ah done gone an1 pinched Jack fbt speed again on BakahtreeK ThenewatraveledUk wildfire yesterday1 afternoon along Pad no street that Johsaonf had been Igniting the bltumej with that elate coipredrsceT of hie In the vicinity of the Pan inancue Beta were laldafMl toT that Johnson would Uke this case to the United 8tata Supreme Court andi eventually triumph over Celnar The latest outbreak of tfc feud between the black champion and Patrolman WL Celnar occurred at J05 oclock on Baker itreet between Grove and McAllister 1 heard the roar of the unmuffled motor said Celnar yesterday and first thing I knew Johnson earn tearing up the etreet at exactly ILtS mile an hour I called on nisi to atop but he paid no attention There were a couple of women weflkln on the sidewalk a block further down A I called to Johnson he turned and this caused him to move the steering wheel that hi big machine suddenly swerved toward the women They thought I guess that their last day had come for they screamed and tried to climb a fence Johnson recovered hi control and went on out of sight The women were almost hysterical Pretty eoon Johnson came back slowly and I asked him why he dldnt stop when I told him to I thought said I that you told the Judge you always stopped when a policeman I called to yon if you weaetttrolt war a poucemanv wow yon know We pretty well rttini tW eue ttoatt me he nwereLrfMraeart doing any thlogv i float have toxtsp ror or anybody else because Ifwasnt doing anytblnrjwrongf WelLi rmelne7t getf warrajjt for you said Celnar BIeoVwltnPoW Judge Short alt yesterday morning the complaint allsglogva violation the speed ordinance and JudreWeller Issued a warrant Johnson surrendered In the aft ernon and wasYeleased on depositing 100 cash ball Celnar says that Johnson bee beet hauntln the ytolnity ot hi beat wltB hlaeeveaty horae power rater which dart at the moar unexpected tlme around the corners JohMonr fined 1100 byAotlng Police Judge Conlan last week tor apeedlag forty mile an hour oniBaker atreet on February 10th Johnson he appealed from this Judgment Late In the afternoon Johnson vlsltsd the office of tbe Chief or Police and addressing Seymour saldtT think am being persecuted not prosecuted Chief Seymour New I had a reputable contractor with me in my machine when 1 was called at by Celnar I said to the contractor Ton watch my speedometer Im nnder the speed limit Now watch Sure enough Celnar stopped me Now Im trying to keep within the law but I want to be treated fair No jperson is trying to persecute you said Chief Seymour I donl want any of zsy men doing that kind ot business To show you I mean what I say I will give you a chance I will not serve this warrant but If you are arrested for speeding again I will serve this and another one Johnson promised the chief to live up to this agreement and the matter waa called off CHEER FLOAT OF IN THE PANAMA Feature at Masquerade Ball Given by Danish Ladies in Mission Turn Verein Hail A float repreaantlng a ship passing through the Panama canal bearing eight maidens In picturesque attire representing Denmark coming to San Francisco in 1915 was a novel and attractive feature at the masquerade ball given last evening by the Danish ladles societies Margarethae Lodge No 14 and Thyra Branch No 1 of Dannebrog In tbe Mission Turn Verein HalL Tbe ball was Well attended and the characters and groups had much merit Prizes wsre awarded for excellence originality and best sustained characters Tbe proceeds of the affair will swell the beneficiary fund of the organization The following committees were In charge Arrangements Mrs Neergaard MrsB Bensen Mrs Petersen Mrs A Schoby Miss Marie Nelsen floor director Mrs A Holm assistant Swansen itciTEHCED F4R LIFE Mathlaa de la Cruz oonvlcted of the murder of Nina Jonea a Pacific street cafe alnger was Friday sentenced by Judge Lawlor to Imprisonment for life In Folsom penitentiary De la Cruz ahot the woman a negress In her room at 402 Paclfio street on January Id He pleaded Insanity and employed Carroll Cook to defend him But there was evidence that ha had shot and killed the woman after a qnarrsl and while In full possession of his faculties Da la Cruz la a Filipino i EXONERATED OF MVRDaR Police Judge Shortall has dismissed the charge of murder preferred against Mr Ola Meacham on tbe ground ot lack of evidence Mrs Meacham waa arrested In the early part of February and accused of stabbing to death her husband George Meacham a bartender Meacham before his death declared he killed himself following a quarrel with his wife Mrs Meacham was subsequently exonerated by a Coroners Jury a MAGAZINE WRITER BAJIKRtTPT Emery Roberts who says he Is a magazine writer living In Alameda filed a petition in bankruptcy In the United Statee District Court yesterday His schedule of liabilities shows that the venture that caused his financial undoing Is Duffys Magazine In which enterprise he Is a partner Liabilities are given a 11050 and asssts a 1175 Grow Mushrooms FOR BIG AND QUICK PROFITS mill Capita to lUrt A Baf Boitn I ftm tb UrtMt frtnrar la Amffflct 1n art npniencw omblea fT practical natntctloo la tba botrtnau worth many dollar to yoa No matter what tout occupation la or wber yoo ara locatad bar la an opportunity to acqalra a thortmfn kaowledca of tbla paytnf buNioraa Sftod for rr Book fflrlaff particular and Information bow to at art coat etc AddrcM JACKSOIf MUSHROOM FARM Ml Waatary At CUoafa ZUlaola I WAS A Heavy Drinker Consumed quart of whiskey1 every 24 hours ii 1 1 i ii geBBBBBBVsaaV eagF The Tenderfoot Farmer It was oa of these experimental farmers who put free spectacle en hia eow and fed her shavings His theory wee that It didnt matter what the cow ate so lonf es she was fed The question ol digestion and nourishment bad ot entered iato hia calculations Its oaly a tenderfoot farmer that would try aaen aa experiment with a cow Bnt many a farmer teds Urn itlf regardless of difeetion ead nutrition He might 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Needless to Be Miser able Because of Colds or Grippe It Is a positive fact that a dose ot Papos Cold Compound taken every two hours until three consecutive doses are taken will cure Qrlppe of break up the most severe cold either in the head chest back stpmach or limbs Tou dlstlncKy feel the cold Breaking and alt the disagreeable grippe symptoms leaving after the very first dose It protDfitty ends the most miserable neuralgia pains headache dullness Head and nose stuffed up feverlshness lis sneezing gore throat running of the nose mucous catarrhal discharges soreness stiffness and rheumatic twinges Papeg Cold Compound Is the result of three years research at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollars and contains no quinine which we have conclusively demonstrated Is not effective In the treatment of colds or gnpp Take this harmless Compound as directed with the knowledge that there Is no other medicine made anywhere rse In the world which will cure your cold or end Qrlppe misery as promptly and without any other assistance or bad after effects as a 25 cent package of Paces Cold Compound which any druggbt la the world can supply CURED In 3 DAYS If Tm kmow aaroaa who drink a aj hoi In hit fono naulari or pasiodicailvlat Ml myrEK awkConfesMioMof ailjjcohtj BUra 1 tlrok boar at flrat than rofi I fTkdaaUr drvolopifrf Wbaa dJinkint hear a tuiakar of acrona Uaoora IT I WaOldOt OeMlLssi to msVWfl snT ssOsU at hresSLsT en saloon wladow to a aptnu ror lout porloda won drink And gomei I damaffvd ja a aaart of biakar saUM VTlsU i or ata daily of irhiakttr nun or rti and bear rtdttlcmaJlT 1 nfTd hvaisoaa haalth mad toclaj frlemda and bacaina aa unworthy Bawatoorna bordtra apon azfjaoa ha aUooakatypara who etMarf nil took any mono fot iba Mtaon ibT ma for 16 raara 1 kop It ap and I waa rarardatf aaa hoplna eaaa Vartona euraa did mo no rood But now 1 ban a jojfnl meaaaca for drinkara aad Mothers Wives Sisters tnn orlfttaat from bad ta worn as all slam ol Kiss aioohoTTl onipldlj 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