The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1950
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER KEWS CO. H w HAINES, Publisher KARRt A. HA1NES, Assistant Publisher A A. FREDIUCKSON, Associate Editor PAUL D HUMAN, Advertising Maimecr Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Wllmer Co, New York, Chicago UcUolt Atlanta. Memphis Entered as second class matter at the post* office at Hlytheville, Arkansas, undei act al Congress, October 9. U17 Member o! Tlie Associated Piesi SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By currier in the city ol Blythevllle or anj suburban town where carrier service U maid- lalued. 20c per week, or H5c pel month By mall, within a radius ol SO miles 1400 pel year. ja 00 for six months. Si.00 for thiee inonUis: by mail outside 60 mUe zone. UO.OO per ye«j payable In advance Meditations O Isnu-l, Ihou Jiast ik'slroyrrl thy&df; but in nir is lliinc liolp.— UUSIM I3:fl. * * * Give God the miirgLn <>f eternity to justify Himself in, and the more we Jive- and know of our own soul* ami of spiritual experience fjoiKjrally, '.lie mote \\c slinll be.' convinced thai we have to ctu with one who is good and just, —Hugh R. Hawcls. Barbs Take a tip from the man who invented spaghetti—use your noodle J •* * * A elui'lur says a kiss often destroys germs. Sounds tike the death knell of the sulfa industry. * * * One sight you'll likely never -see: a tourist who can fold a map correctly. Ynii ilnri'l have tn be In n crowd to have your pocket picket]. Gel married and have il done at home. * + * A San Francisco sugar heiress reported theft of SJo f OOO in jewels. That's a Jump sum, of course. Acheson, Congress Should Meet in Co-operative Spirit Secretary of State Aclieson is said to be sounding out Congress to see if the lawmakers want to meet with him regularly to discuss foreign affairs, in the manner of their recent geUtogetlicr in the capital. This -seems an excellent plan, provided both sides do their utmost to break down the formidable harrier that still exists between them. Not much, headway was made toward a belter understanding in their first, meeting. Next time out the participants will benefit if their conference is less of a performance. The noise and glare of newsreel and lele\'isiou equipment made the discussion itself almost incidental the last lime. For his part, Aclieson in the future must behave less like a professor of international law and more like an approachable human being. There's no excuse for frosty aloofness in a meeting whose whole aim is improved understanding among men. Maybe the next session should be held in a non-air conditioned building in the heat of Washington's summer, so Ihe secretary would have to doff his coat and tie. Then u-e might get the atmosphere of informality that fits the occasion. As for Congress, though it has a right to expect wanner treatment from Acheron, it shouldn't expect him to make over his personality completely to suit tne lawmakers. Criticism of his mode of dress, his n::!in-ill speaking delivery and other per- Iia|i? innate traits are unfair and unwarranted. We've not :l li cast in the same mold; Ihos.e who frown on people who are different just because they're different really arc defining their own Tho !c;;is!;il')is <>v,v it h, the secretary, t'lirUiormm'f-. to prepared to talk about l.he issue at liaiui. No UKCitil purpose can („• (UToniplishecI if they seek to conviTl Uie session into a prop- JiKiimla field .lay for the airing' of their imtivitliial pet (tripe? about our foreign policy. The most vesponsililtr lawmakers didn't oprn Ihoir nioullis last time. Il is to them we look for wise guidance of sncli discussions into fruitful channels. If they fall ilmvn, (| 10 wild-swinging pro|>!iK;ni(lists will dominate the scene. Tins is a promising experiment at lu-idging Ihe gap between ConfresK and the Executive liranch which has so often in history handicapped the conduct, of American affairs. U deserves to succeed. Few Blemishes Mar Record Airplanes are still crashing inlo the sea with tragic loss of life. Against . thai backdrop, it's useful to examine the overseas flying record of the U. S. airlines, which have not been involved in these recent accidents. A government report the other day noted that American commercial craft have been flying across the oceans for 12 years on a regular basis. In that span, they have made more than 61,000 separate flights. And there were only five major accidents in that (>!,000. This is a performance worthy of America's high standards of public transportation safely and efficiency. It demons!rales, too, Ihat ovcrwnter flying is no riskier than overland. In fact, some experts argue (hat weather conditions . and air cm-rents are far worse on laud because of mountains and other disturbing fi'.cloi's. It's probably a more dangerous venture to pile into your car and drive 500 miles lr> visit your family than lo hop to London in a I'oni'-molored transport. WEDNESDAY, .TUNE tl, 19W Views of Others 'Keep on Spending' At Ihe Truman Democratic rally at Chicago the other day I/:on Kcy.scrting. chairman of the President's council of economic advisers, expounded Ihe economic theory that now seems to guide the national administration's economic policy. In effect, it seems lo be simply Unit the deficit. 1 ; can be erased and the budget balanced by continued speiidiujr. While spending for ''useful and necessary" projects, the Trmmm adviser Indicated, tile country ciui increase—maybe within five years—its gross national jjroduct to $300 billion. As production increases, government income will advance to a point Unit will considerably exceed what is needed to get the treasury books out of the "red." The administration conception of a large gross national product is entirely tenable—if that is to be achieved by .inflation. For the first three months of this year (he gross product ran at the rate of S2C4 billion and it, is conceivable that, by stimulating the current boom and Inflating prices with deficit financing, the total product, may be further lifted. But naturally, if there is more price, and wage Inflation, government costs—and expenditures— will go up along with the dollar value of the national product. Mr. Keyserling apparently does not presume that there will be any inflation. But whether the government spending is inflationary or not, he Is dead set against its reduction. For at Chicago lie said that federal spending was wise wherever the government could spent! more advantageously to the economy than the individual, and Ihat If. cold war carts were reduced the money should be spent on "resources development and human security." So, it seems, the government can't spend less even if the cold war abates. And if there is a continuance of the^-prescnt tendency toward Inflation, it must spend more. With the spending theory in ascendance in Washington it ij hard to conceive of the treasury ever having enough revenue to stop the deficits or check the rise in the national debt. Down Our Throats Former Governor Ben Laney predicts that unless conservatives are elected to Congress this year more federal controls will be "crammed down the American public's throal." But when federal controls arc coated with federal money Ihe American public, or most of It. usually opens its throat wide in expansive receptivity. —ARKANSAS GA2E1TE So They Say Anybody Want a Job? The Schuman Plan: It Is Problem to British Peter Edson's Washington Column — High Washington Brass Miffed; Thomas Using Pepper's Tactics HT DOUGLAS LARS EX (Peler Bdson is on Special WASHINGTON CKEA) — Hi in Washing ion brass and ihe Knars socialites ere z Inlet rpjfied over ihe seailn? arrangements ~>iirh have been made for the main al- iraccion of ihe cele'oraii-ori of ihe city's 150th birthday this jnun-ner. The event in ijuestioa i= a b;j pageam called -pai-J vhers" —hich -s-Ql be ;i2nt BEVT- ampbithsarer t*ii;z toiU-j nomination in Florida, it's the in Rocv CrseS Part. K's §snersjl.r' claim that'he loaded the state with considered a mart of ioria! rani ', F«5tra! projects and benefits. The is that Pepper claimed he had been responsible for . , 51500.000,000 worth of no;ed Rj.-ic.nan from ChartctirriEe.! port. Thomas Ls only claiming the Va, -a bo is in charge o' th; r.-odac- ; deliver of S1.COO,COO£CO worth. In Fryin? Pan With Pork? Popular Rep. Mike Monroney (D., Oklahoma) who was named the otiis tanning congressman on the hiil is reported to be making good hfadiar in his fight to win tlie Dsmccratic senatorial nomination next month. His opponent, the elder Sen. ELTier Thomas who has sat --n ;he Senate for 24 years, Is out carnpaipunj harder than' he ever of Our ra- ; has before. But he's using the same irj s : iaci: that lost Senator Pepper the here ;o have the bsst s=ais !cr any i only difference important erent siicb a? true. However. £k3ward 3>Tjt:n tror:. ha., ruled itei th; x at the gala premier -STJ] ;o carpenters and latorers -srho scried on con.-tnjc-iwn of the ssjpbitbea- tcr. and for free. It'.s a a'&zmi reward. ht jays, for their hird ^-ork on the project. ts But Thomas is also trying to lhe|maie clear to the Oklahoma voters :hat his seniorit.? on Senate coin- mittees Ls the best vantage point for gettinz additional federal dol- !ars and benefits. Actually, In spite of his youth, Monroney's great pop- IN HOLLYWOOD Ky Rrskine Jnnnson NEA Stiff Correspondent No nation is capable, without economic suicide, of providing alone the full strength re-quired lo neutralize the general Soviet threat to all lice people.—Secretary of Stall? Dean Achtson. * » « There is no simple formulation for winning world liberation without war. Warrro R. Au.stin, U. S. delegate to the United Nations. * « * We just came out of a war which wu.s most disastrous and that has given no .solution to world problems. Therefore there should be no new war. but somi'tirhes human beings arc irrational. Premier Nicholas Plastlras of Giccce. + * t Driver training, licensing, laws and all the other things necessary for traffic safety just have not kept pace, with the automobile, we still have the fhvver altirmU-- in n streamlined »ec.--Ned H. Dearborn, prr.Mdfnt of the National Safely Council. * + • It's belter for a wife lo lose .1 domcslic argument than the happinr,s of her marriage. When there is an impasse, the wile wile will give in. Mrs. [.auritz Mclchoir. wife ol ihe opera star. » » » The world is more r-iHtlcd now (|,;tn in 19M. —President Truman. * * * Power is the only thing that talks to Russia. Kvery lime we have been louph or suggested that we could get along without Russia In the United Nations Ihey have backed down ami romc ntong.—Mis. Hiram C. Iloughlon, president-elect, General Federation of Women's clubs. * • « The God-fearing man has never been subjected to so fearful nn ordeal as the pending effort of Russian origin lo comnumii'.r: his way of Hie.—Navy Secretary Francis p. Matthews. HOLLYWOOD — '!>EA»_ Si-^nSble and June Haver I'll do if 1 Peters amazed herr^lf a^ ir.-^Ti as' Hollywood rhen the provto a girl Ir, a sht-e! chair carj b; i:i« . 3sci irj iJTrr-'n f r ,; 2 ;^* v ^ar's to T Jr of ^r.^-rJyr.t aft':,- S'.j-en." S'j^nn l/ild nie: couldn't like it more than s rr,';r. But ( ->.'a= tr.c rjnly ro«.r.ltr '.f ca?t who di-Jn'l conk a::'. ?.t r time or another. I've proved (hat all the pc-op'ie who vrtrrM a'r/rr, me were wrorr^." Susan !5 dr/^Tl t» 23 pv;ri'I« but shell hit the -020 zijsirj ij.ijiM a good movie Kript mir.'^. z\'inz. Tnt cxjnfinerl lo the -ST.?'.-] hat h'jntir.? a/.cKitnt . he "bul you know whal il will look like when ii hils Ihe screen. They want me because I'm different—Ihen Ihty ask me to do a Foll- iej line thine—16 bcaulifnl girls, ^ count 'em, with i censors will allow." lilllc: nn as the Lou Holtz didn't have an answer or a heckler at ihe Mocamho when 5 | Pearl Bailey called him to Ihe floor ' and Lou beean. "I've seen them all In my lifetime. "Von look It, heckler. By DeWITT MacKKN/.IK Af Foreign Affairs Analyst The trend o[ political events In Western Europe certainly Is an Invitation to considerable optimism among workers for peace and prosperity. One of the most encouraging events of our troubled times Is the agreement of western Germany to Join the Council of Europe, made up of representatives of non-Communist governments. This ranges The DOCTOR SAYS By KinVIN P. JORDAN, SI. D. Written for NBA Service Third of five articles on polio. Even when there Is a good deal of polio In a community not every Illness in a child means that disease. Parents, however, should be alert to the danger and should not Ignore any suspicious symptoms. The first symptoms or polio mny be like those of any other Infection. Consequently, although one should not jump to the conclusion that every illness or mild indisposition is polio, wiiniing signs should not be Ignored without making sure that polio is not the cause The beginning signs of polio are likely to last for H few hours up to three or four days. A low fever is common. The victim may complain of feeling dizzy, slight muscular twitchings are common and the child may seem unusually irritable. A slight stiffness of the neck Is particularly significant. However, parents should be careful not to call too much attention to the possibility of stiffness of the neck, as this might cause a suggestible child ularity among all the congressmen and government officials probably gives him more influence in the Capitol than Thomas wields. But! he's not making BJI issue of this. Difficult Adjustment Period Post office officials are upset by the fact that some letter carriers to complain of something which is' praisal. not really there. As time goes on. stiffness becomes worse in the neck and in the back. The skin is likely to be sore and tender. The muscle weakness or paralysis usually does not show up for several days. Most of these first symptoms may he present in an ordinary cold or many other minor illness. At times when polio Is common', however, they should be considered seriously and the attendance of a physician should be obtained and the progress carefully watched TAKES TIME Even the physician, however, may have difficulty' in making a diagnosis at first. Until a few days have passed it may be hard to tell polio from less serious conditions. the western relch on th* side «f amity with neighbors against which it twice waged world wars of »j. gresslon. Chancellor Kourad Adenauer summed up the action as i.JMrm- niltment on the side of the West against the East, and a contribution to world peace. That's the way it also struck many close observers. Tills historic move came on th» heels of western Gesmany's acceptance of the sensational French Schuman Plan to pool Europe's coal and steel, thereby throwing the vast resources of the German Ruhr into the melting pot with the great French Interests. Thus these two traditional enemies finally have Joined hands at least temporarily to work for peace. Tha London 'limes sums up the development thus: Germans Like Plan "The Schuman plan which, in the German view, Is intended to lay the economic foundation for political union in western Europe, was largely responsible for the Federal German government's decision to accept the invitation to join the Council of Europe. By voluntarily joining it, the Federal German government or fifty million people nailed its political colors to the western mast. "There is no doubt that the present temper of the German people as a whole is pacific and that the Idea of a federated Europe in ,<^f:h they can peacefully deploy fllfjir energies and talents is the one which, for the time being at any rate, has most strongly seized the public imagination." "That's strong mustard, coming as it does from a leading newspaper of a country which has suffered so grievously at the hands of Germany. However, from this armchair it looks like an accurate ap- are using their jobs to try to arouse Also some people show the early the public to demand a restoration! symptoms of polio without ever de- of the cuts in service. It is reported I veloping paralysis. Probably some that some carriers are distributing of these are caused by the same "">' vims which produces polio, but Just does not attack the nervous system and cause paralysis. Indeed there are reasons for believing that a lot of people may become infected with the polio "virus and never know it. Perhaps this Is the reason so many of us seem to nave built up a resistance. petitions asking for two deliveries a day. Many were complaining about the lack of a place and time to eat lunch. Some reports of deliberate Blowups are also being looked into by postal inspectors. Answer of the postal officials to (he complaints is that the carriers actually will have plenty of time to go any place they want to for lunch, that some delays which have been experienced will disappear as f soon as the change is put into ef- j feet and that as soon jis the public | gets used to one delivery a day, no- J See EDSON on 1'age 10 75 Years Ago Today Mrs. Vernon Thomasson will leave , tonight for St. Louis to Join Mr j rhomasson, and they go to Springfield, ill., to make their home, bidding. He should expect an easier i Irs - T 'iomasson was before her replay tor four spades than for three no trump. It Is unfortunate, from his point of view, that nine tricks pie. marriage, Mi 55 Rebecca Gilles- Mrs. W. E. Harlan an: daughter. arc a laydown at no trump, where-i B j'" e ' of R 'P' e S'. Tenn., are guests' as the play for four spades is quite '• mother. Mrs. O. B. Spradley. difficult. However, four spades can be made by the correct line of play. Moreover, the correct play is not at all double-dummy, but is very logical. West's opening lead of the nine too," shouted star has chair sin' five yearn Jerry Wald, the producer. Is raving about John Garfleld's performance In "Tlie Breaking Point." Says Jerry: "It's the greatcsl EVER to corne- off the Warner lot.". . . nato between Ann Blyth's dipsomaniac uncle In "Katie" and Ixiret- (h , , , ta Young's teetotaler father In HM T" i"" a " ''" Ansjel." . . . John Lund's p,e an,, ,:„„,„ ^ «*^\^^^^$£ gaB Relative Stronger," Tterney talking about a chnr- of hearts is covered by dummy's jack, and East wins with the king. East's best return is the eight of clubs, and dummy wins with the king of clubs. Declarer must now plan to make East, eventually, lead tliamonds up to dummy's ace- tuiecn. It 'should be obvious from East's opening bid that East holds tlie hosl in^lrurlt/J (he to ask fjufalrjnv . Ph, >l ,.^ ! , h , r ,,, l ap Fi ^ u rJ'a^[-'^^ 1o ' 1 ;:"" 1 hlm - oth » -V. lo^rfh.r republic I, „„ u.rj fj" nc ;,T,,r ^r;^z:'^; r ';, r ; ra ; ^ ^^.^^™ ,.:;^ a -'tLr'ory ,,,/•;,;;„ ^ n "- °°ZF 0re«e.s naUllyr "Nat- Wavnr. H', about Capt, | {1 " !1 " c who? silld Lunj ' " uckln g' krr ami Iht II paratro'nwrj Klin hit Normamly six hour* brlnrr iht ri- l>ay Invasion. . . . Steve f'oi;l»ran anil Ftarhara I'aylon arr a rornbin- lil>Ir item. They met r>n thr v*l til "Dallas." There's a film blogriipl John J. "Bl:ick|,->t:k" whirling around In the Id ini'nl. al Warners. Mayhe ,dr-;i!irt- ./• C.iry SAD TO SAV It finally happened. P.tirt castcrs lndcpci;dcnl pmrlitclntj; company ha». rrRl.slered i.lie fjitn title. "The Popcorn Man." Kr.iUm- mlwl a hr, Hernnian ' .lark Cole, the Busier f:u-rd Ni|lii'.ky >vho ollr.e .stottn at M-O-M wlHMl jr.^rd lo l<'ach InRritl hnw to Wiiltx. — "I'm a rapher. ii()t rv dance In-struclor"— Is wwrifd about Hotlywmid dancers "'I'he stufllo.s," he wailed between shows, aren't IcltlnR Ihem do any- UiLnii for real. They briiiM mil danc- rers and Iry lo turn all ot thrill Inlo l-'red Astairc.s, Gene Kelly, al least, dances about sotntilhing nncl ha?; an emotional concern. You have lo dance about somctlilnR." I'ox hern lalltini; lo Pole .ilimil i.ulllue (hr ('ntr- iniich inlo new d^ncc numbers for Bell)- Gr»- Mrs. Harlan Is the former Miss Bess Spradley of Blytheville. Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Carpenter have returned after a vacation spent In Dallas. Texas. Mrs. Bernard Gooch, Miss Bertha Robinson and Mrs. Richard McCool have returned from a 17- day motor trip to San Diego, Calif niirl other Western points. They were accompanied home by Lieut. Richard McCool. who with Mrs. McCool and son, Dick, Jr., will he. gtle.sts of his mother, Mrs. Edith » 13Z F.vst Pass Pass Pass N-S vul. Soulfa Wnt Pass 1 * 4 4 Pass Pass Pass North Double 2N. T. Fast JACOBY ON BRIDGE By'OSWALD JACOBY Wrillcn for NKA Service Ctcvcr Play Solves A Bidding Problem "Please settle n bidding probler- for us," requests a San Francisco reader. "Was it correct for South to Jump to game in spades? "North claims that South should have bid only three spades. Then North would have bid three no t.rtnnp, which Soulh could pass. Nine tricks al no trump, of course, v.'ouid be very easy. "Houth snys that even If he had bid only three spades, he would have continued on to four spades over North's three no trump, lie maintains Ihat there would usually lie a safer play for four spndcs than for three no trump with his type dummy's ace, thus drawing the trumps held by ihe opponents. McCool foi Annapolis, Md.. whc*-c Lieutenant McCool is to be nn instructor the US. Naval Academy. week before •gohiE ;o in Particularly Interesting is the Times' view that "there is no doubt that the present German people as a temper or till whole is pacific." That is an idea which this column has advanced more than once. As a mntler of fact the two world wars were precipitated by Prussian aggression which took advantage of the unquestioning loyalty of the average citizen to hl» government and his adaptability to regimentation. Nazism Unpopular An interesting corollary to the West German action in joining the Schuman plan is seen in tht smashing defeat given the Communists in a Ruhr election Sunday to choose a new legislature for the state of North-Westphalia. The Reds got only 5.5 percent of the vote, and dropped from third to fifth place in party standing. Splinter parties trying to revive Nazism also received only tiny suppo: Representatives of the rnents which have subscribed'tolhe Schuman plan are met in Paris yesterday to device ways and meani of making this far-reaching project work. Those participating ar« France, Belgium. Holland, Luxembourg, West Germany and Italy. One of Europe's chief coal «nd steel nations is missing—Britain. Socialist Prime Minister Attlee has declared that his government wishes to help and not hinder the plan to Integrate Europe's coal and steel. He holcjs the door open to future cooperation—but says Britain can't go into the project without knowing more about it. The point is that Britain's socialists are fearful of entrusting 'their all-Important steel and coal industries to the dictation of a pool dominated by non-socialist nations, that is, countries which maintain the capitalist system. This situation has created a. harrasstng political question for Mr. Attlee's government to solve. High Winds Found LOS ANGELES. (A 3 )—Up and down drafts 30 to 50 miles above the earth may reach • 600 miles an hour. Tliis is the .conclusion of Dr. William Kellogg of the Institute of Geophysics. He has studied meteor trails, thin clouds which reach"that height and rocket records. He says the high winds he has observed may be a hazard in future rocket travel. Sea Bird Answer to Previous Puzzle- HORIZONTAL 1,8 Depicted European aquatic bird 12 Interstices 13 Shinto portal 1-1 Container VERTICAL 1 Owning 2 Rubber SSoakllax 4 Artificial language 5 Hussion town ISSultan'sdecice 6 Japanese cily 17 Burmese 7 Equipment 8 Depart 0 Fooled vase 10 Twining plants demon 18 Exists 19 Tangled 21 Niton ' (symbol) the king of diamonds, so the normal finesse in diamonds should not be considered-for even a second. Declarer leads the queen ot hearts from dummy at the third trick. Bast covers with the ace nnd South discards a club. This play merely exchanged a club trick for a heart trick. Tlie point is lo get rid o[ the clubs In the North and South hands without ever letting West gain the lead. After winning with Ihe ace of liearts. East returns another club, and dummy wins with Ihe ace. A Uiirrt round of clubs is ruffed by South. Both hands are now rid of clubs. South leads a trump to dummy's cnicen and ruffs a heart In his own hand. He next leads a trump to 11 Small 22 Granular snow "Golf device 33 Lizards 24 Spanish coin IB Deciliter (ab.) 35 Fold 19 School session 36 Greek rlcity 20 Visionaries 41 Worm 23 Empty 42 Preposition 25 Mistakes in 43Cyprinoid fish printing 44 Love god 32 Town inTfcpal 45 Hire 48 Limb 50 Mean hous« of hand."In the play. West opened Ihn nine of hearts. South had to lose a heart and a club, so that when the diamond finesse lost he lost two iliamond tricks and was set one. he have made the con- Dummy's last heart Is then led, and South discards n diamond allowing Bast lo hold the trick. At this point East is "fixed." If he returns a diamond, dummy wins two tricks In that suit. If East leads his jlasl heart, dummy can ruff white Should tract?" I musl agree with South In lh« ' South discards Ihe diamond loser. 2B Metric unit 27 Gaelic 28 Engineering degree (ab.) 29 Measure of area 30 While 31 Parent .12 Matthew (ab.) 31 Engrave 37 Curved molding 38 It is not —— 39 Laughter sound 40 School "books •16 Comparative suffix 47 Eucharislic wine vessel 4i> Gaze fixedly 50 Noah's son (Bib.) 5111 belongs lo the genus Argcntatus 53 Bewilder 55 Doctrines Sf Proper Uct 52 Pronoun 51 Note of scale j

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