The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 23, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUME XXXIV -NO. 238. Blytlieville Courier BlythevUle Herald Blytlieville Daily New TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTKBAST ARKANSAS AND BOOTHEAOT MISSOURI ^ .*„•«• f t , ? v,, T, PUK IS THY Christmas Travel Taxes Transportation Facilities o{ Entire Nation ' CHICAGO, Dec. 23. (UP) — The vast annual migration of Christmas home goers moved Into Its peak today, taxing rail and air transportation facilities throughout the United States to capacity. Railroad and air line officials expected "the greatest holiday business In years." They were unable to predict the number of passengers they will carry. Railroad officials entered the holiday period with expectation of a 20 per cent increase over 1936. Air lines were booked solidly for all regularly scheduled flights and the few special flights for which coi'lnnient was nvalablc. "We could get twice as many passengers if we had Ihe facilities." was the consensus among air line officials. Lower fares, hazardous highway conditions and the fact that Christmas falls on Saturday were credited by both airline and railroad officials with increasing their holiday traffic. The holiday traffic began last week, end as thousands of students started home. It reached its peak today and will laper off slightly tomorrow. Travel will be negligible Christmas Day. Return trips will be spread over the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Air Line Business Rooms Air lines, which began rceiving their special holiday traffic in volume today, transcontinental and Western Air scheduled extra- sections today and tomorrow along coast to coast route. Northwestern air lines put nil vmiey Lemer liLYTIIEVlLLB, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMHKR 23, 1937 Bailey Gives Murderers Holiday Prison "Leave" LITTLE ROCK, Rec. 23. — TWO white men and one negro from Mississippi comity, all scrvliiff long prison terms for second degree murder, were amon,. recipients of 10-day probation periods as'chrisl- P>n« u|fi s f, om Gov c , irl E ; Ba j| cy yesterday. In all 56 inmates of Arkansas penal farms were:: given freedom for varying periods by Gov. Bailey. Most of Ihe group are under murder sentences.' Those from MS|»issippi county are: Johnnie Woodruff, sentenced lo 21 years on March 27, 1934 for second degree murder; Harry Ken- r»v. sentenced lo 42 years on two charges of second degree murder, on April 3. 1933, and Albeit Johnson, negro, sentenced to is years on April 3, 1933 for second degree murder. Among other recipient's of pro- ballon periods was Andrew J. Bass. | former Missouri dentist., sentenced in Benlon county, to life Imprisonment on May 28, 1930 for killing William R. I'earnian In a $200.000 insurance plot. Pearman's body was discovered hanging from a cliff, the cord attached to « bush. SINGLE COPIES FIVE Two More U. S. Gunboats Sail Yangtze SITE EW1ES Gov. anc! Mrs. Bailey Are Presented With Silver Service LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 23 (UP)— Slate house offices closed today until Monday, giving employes and constitutional officers n three-day Christmas holiday. During the afternoon gifls were exchanged in tlic principal ofilces, with workers in the executive offices presenting a silver service to . 'and Sfrs. Carl E. Bntley. Tn the exchange ol gifts, which B. E. Wilson Succumbs At Hightower Home iiui uiwetjieui an nues put ail '" uie c.-u.-imnge ol yllis, WHICH Its equipment into service today, 'c«k ulnce before a small tree lu carrying passengers between Chi- the office of Attorney General cago and the Pacific coast United air lines spread its planes bag from his stuff. across the nation, reporting Its best business. So did American air lines, the Chicago and Southern and Pan American. Every crack passenger train in the country .ran • sectliHis. ••>!•.' In at least two "Ucal'itall, Bus Travel light Traveling picked up some today in this section with the highway traffic heavy but both the railroads and the bus companies report business about one-half as much as last Christmas when an almost pre-depression record was made. Although the highways ha vie more travel on them than at any time this season, the slate highway police report no accidents near Blytlieville. -• The railroads and bus companies expect tomorrow;'" 1 Christmas Eve, to be the biggest day of the year for people going and coming to Blytlieville. f James L. Bland, secretary to Governor Bailey, said before leaving thai Bailey, convalescing in a local hospital from a major opera- lion, would not be removed to his home for Christmas as had been planned. "In-the'hospital visitors can be kepi,away while at. his home they cannot," Bland explained ""He will return to the office by of January. ,. Trouble Comes Double After Initial Evasion MONTREAL ,(rjp)_Tjame5 Mr.- Corrhack of Montreal Is convinced that trying to evade trouble is the surest way of Inviting it. While driving his car down a suburban street a boy dashed Into his path. McCormack turned the wheel sharply and the car mounted the sidewalk, striking a man. Tlie car then careened into n gas pump at a service station. The gasoline ignited and set Ihe automobile on fire. Firemen extinguished the blaze. . McCormack was unhurt. Jack Holt lie received a traveling Terms of n 19-yeni-old treaty China pernill the United Stntes to maintain gunboats on the war- swept \angtze rlvei \vhere the U.S.S. Palmy was sunk recently by Japanese bombs. The treai.y Hlgncd In lass, allows (he United Stales, Britain, France nnd Russia to palrol the river, protect their nationals, preserve order, maintain uninterrupted c o m m uiiicallon, Biinrrt diplomatic am) consular cf- llelids, nnd maintain freedom for commercial and religious aclivl- tles. The treaty wus Jilgucc) ufler Britain mid Prance attacked Chi- in 1857. The U. S. and Uussla claimed nnd received the mine rights gained by Britain mid Prance. Above Is the U.S.S. l,u- WMI. built at Shanghai less th-in a year ago. With the U.S.S. Palos, left, "pocket-si'/.ed" gunboat, it Is patrotlnti the river now, Residents flee Homes In Terror; Recording Instruments Broken MEXICO CITY, Dec, 'X, (UP) —An eiirthquuke of destructive liroiwilions rocked pnits of Mexl- •o loday, causing what was feared :o be heavy damage ami iwrlmus loss of life. At least two (tailin were caused In Ihe capllul whlcn was far from (ho center of the disturbance. The shock was so severe Ihnl t broke Ihe observalory Instru- ucnts liera nnd Its center could lot be determined although It was estimated to be about 2(jO miles urniy, probably In the earth- ciiuike TOIIC to Ihe south. Houses In the ciniltul rocked .luring (he shock, which was protracted. Walls cracked, sldeiviilks buckled and adobe huts In iha outskirts collapsed. The disturbance occurred nt v:18 a. in. (c. B. t.) and the populmu ran In [error Inlo Iho slreels mmiy of them In' their night clothing or covered by hastily snulcheil hlatiket.s. Goodfellovvs Club Officers Urge More Gifts City's Destitute For Military Council Takes Over Complete Control of Private Industries SHANGHAI. Doe. 23.' (UP) — China's military affairs commission has been placed In supreme control of private and public industries, mines and all commercial and agricultural enterprises for a finish Sight with all the. conn try's power against. Japan, Chinese ^ .official sources said today. ' ' .'.'••II was snid thai (lie commission, ..JB-TM by . Geueralisslii>o rciiian? Kai-Shek, would exert control over almost every . Chinese enterprise, Including (publications. A decree delegating' blanket power over private enterprise was issued by the gOvernmnt from its mergency capital, Chungking, far in the interior. Under it, Chinese official sources .said, the military nffnfrs commission would operate with chambers of commerce and oilier tech- B. E. Wilson, 50-ycnr-old farmer, died at liis home near Hlghlowcr late jxsteKlay following a brief Illness. Funeral services were held this afternoon and burial made at Sandy Ridge cemetery. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. , . Ruth Wilson, four daughters, Mrs.' ' , , s. Delta Garner, Mrs. pearl Wysel'ey, Bealrlce and Sybil Wilson, nnd four sons, Dab, Eston, Bnford and Dallas Wilson. Cobb Funeral Home was In charge of funeral arrangements. LISTED FOB CuIT TEH Judge G. E. Keck Will Preside Over Circuit Court Here 1 State Teachers College Squad Arrives At LoS Angeles For Game LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23. fOP) — Tlie Arkansas state teachers nlent occupational organization.. ._ - .— „ „,,,, ,.„,„, 'coordinate output, conserve re-1 f or their Christmas Day intersec soiircss and generally strengthen Uonal battle wllh Fresno Stale in A list of jurors who will serve during Ihe two weeks term of circuit civil court here, beginning Monday, Jan. 17, has been released by the office of Hale Jack- sou, sheriff. Judge G. E. Keck of Blythevllle Is to preside at the term,.;.-; Jurors' are;' »'".*•". •.,,C.; A. Richards, Jack Robinson, I.- L/ Gtlard, ;HJ IfTylfcucblns^'il- vln .Huffman, >' w;'Snouse, Leslie Moore.; R 1 ; p. Paddlsbn, • L. O. Nosh, J. H. Smart Jr., C. W Barney ' and John B. Walker, Blythe- vllle; W. B. Ray and J. T. Walker, Huffman; D. R. Garner and B. M. Tunier, Armorel; P. H. Raspberry, Gosnell; Percy Smith Ernest French and H. G. Mat-' . "'ew«, Yarbro; B. P. Fitzgerald, col- Promised Land; J. J. Moore, Num ber Nine; J. M. Aycock, Sandy lech- lego Bears, bringing with .them a| ber Nine; J. 'M. Aycock,' Sandy is to perfect record, arrived here today "Mge; Walter Griffin, John Ben- rc_ I for thnlr Hhrlsitmnc TV,*, l n * A »/. nn SOn ftllfl K T. Vlnn- IX.,..M~. * The following "last minute" np- lioal was issued today by the | Good fellows club, asking contributions of money, food, toys or other gifts to provide Chrlstmn.s cheer for the city's need. "Christmas bells, car oilers, brightly wrapped packages stacked beneath heavily laden trees, bright vari-colored lights, friends saying "Merry Christmas" as they pass- all of tills is symbolical of the season lo Ihe more fortunate. At the same lime perhaps next. door, most or in the same certainly in the block, but same city are tears, and disappointment, and heartbreak. Have you ever seen the weary, unhappy face of a mother who knows "that she must the country lo permit long range resistance to Japan. A usually reliable source reported that the Japanese inlend to start on Christmas Day n drive on Canton, commercial capital ' of Ihe South, basing their forces on Bias Bay, notorious pirate headquarters north of Hong- kong. Tlie operation intended In its first phase to cut short the railroad line extending from Hong- kong lo Canlon would entail danger of complicalions with Great Britain, already angry over alleged violation of British rights at Hongkong where there is extensive British leased territory. Tlie pedestrian struck by the car Wllkc » on Christmas morning and suffered minor bruises fnce ller children with no gift, no (evidence of her love, and no Christmas dinner; perhaps not even sufficient fuel to warm their physical beings. "Do not forget, this, of all seasons of the year, is no time for selfishness. Neither the selfishness of egotism, nor forgetfillness, nor greed, nor self sallsfaclion. This should be a season above all others when we prove the largeness of our mental outlook, and highness of our character. "Goodfellows Club, "Hugh Harbert, Chairman, "Roscoe Crafton, Assistant." IUT€IL YOU . 1 BOB - BURNS You ain't gonna get me mixed up la nny of these strike situations, but I'll bet you the reason we're bavin' so many of 'cm is either because one side Is unreasonable or else one side don't understand the other side's problems. It's like the salesman come mountains and time the way back piano In the called on my uncle. The salesman started to show the catalogue and my uncle says "Well, you're klnda unreasonable to expect me to pick a piano jest from sc-eln' a picture of It—why ft sample?" . . "Well. I'm afoot—you don't expect me to carry a piano with me?" My uncle, says, "That's the trouble with you white-collared fellas —you're afraid to do a lltlle manual labor." don't you show me The salesman says, Until 2 o'clock loday $630.76 had been turner! into the Goodfcllous club in cash donations. Tlie merchandise and toy contributions Imve fallen much shorter than ;he men had anticipated. Members of the club arc oils that anyone who can make any sorl of a donation do so. Cash . be accepted cither at (lie Farmers Bank or at the Courier News onice. is t«ing taken to the American Legion Hut and toys to the manml training: building at (he high school. If those with anything to give will call 299. 325, or 771-W delivery will be provided for it. There have been 2200 appeals Uec. 94 1-4 for help. They cannot be nccom- May 90 7-8 modeled \vlh Ihe present amount: on hand. The latest cash cotitribuUom.irc from J. H. Roney, $5; from H. L. Harp, $2; from Jim Stovall, John Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 23. (UP) — Stocks slimmed fractions to more than a point today as pre-holMiy. trading brought furlhcr curtail- May ment to activity. A. T. and T 148 Anaconda Copper 323-8 Associated D. G 63-4 Belli. Steel Gl 1-2 Boeing Air 31 J-4 Chrysler 53 3-a Cities Service 17-8 Coca Cola 1121-2 — i^c,w ra^trlc 443-3 _ Co tton Motors 32 5-" General General Int. Harvester 671-3 Montgomery Ward 35 N. Y. Central 18 7-8 Packard Phillips Radio Simmons son and H. L. King, Manila; Welboni and M. W. Lewis Dell; w. W. Carey, BloekwaUsr- B, Files, Shady Grove; I, O Gilmore stadium. Tlie learn was accorded a gala - -.7 reception that was panned by Bob B >'erley, Joe Welnl Burns, the bazooka toting actor, Hooker, Lcachville who is a former resident of Ark-r.n- "'""" " ' " - sas nnd who is sponsoring the game In the interests of a non-sectarian welfare group to help under privileged children. The team will be quartered In the MnyBos-er hotel. The Bears have run up a record of 10 consecutive victories in the past two years. The Fresno eleven wns expected to arrive Saturday, just before the game, on a special train. Fresno lost only one game this year. New Yr>rk Cotton NF.W YORK, Dec. 23 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open lilgh low close , StulU nnd Lewis tone. Alternates are: C. W. Tipton, Manila; Joe Fears Lenchvillc and Ross Stevens and Roy Little, Blythevllle. Jan Mar July Oct Dec 818 830 838 844 851 854 828 838 8*6 85(1 855 850 818 829 837 843 850 851 821 834 840 844 855 857 Poplar Corner Baby Dies On Wednesday Funeral services were held this morning for Vernon O'Neal Rice seven months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Eaph Rice, who died yesler- dny at the home of his parents at Poplar Corner, near LeachvUle. Besides his parents he Is survived by two Istcrs, Clara and Lucile, and one brother, Billy. Cobb Funeral home was In charge of funeral arrangements. Spots closed steady at 844 oil 4. New Orleans Cottor, NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 23 (UP) . futures closed steady, [down three lo five points, today, open high low close 12 1-2 Petrol :)9 5-3 63-3 24 7-8 Socony Vacuum 25 Schcnley Disl 151-4 Standard of N. J 4G Texas Corp 40 3-4 Jan Mar May July Oct Dec S. Smelting 62 S. Sleel GO Chiccifio Wheat open high 94 3-4 91 3-8 low 94 1-8 90 3-4 close 94 5-8 91 1-4 Chicago Corn , , I-entl and John Nolen, $1; an anonymous gift of $5. open high low close and'Dec 37 1-2 58 3-8 57 1-2 58 !-8b I May 59 1-8 59 1-2 69 59 3-8 830b 843 850 853 861 864 b 849 854 857 864 840 848 850 860 831b 844 850 ' 854b 8621) 865b Spots closed steady at 854, oft" 5. ;— Livestock LOUIS, III., Dec. 23. receipts, 4,500 BAST ST. <U¥>—Hogs: Top, 8.75. Light weights, 8.50-8.75. Heavy weights, 8,25-8.65. Bulk sows. 6,60-7.00. Gallic: receipts, 1,500. Steers, 6.50-8.75. Slaughter steers, 5.15-12,00. Mixed yearlings, heifers 600 7.50. Slaughter heifers, 5.25-950. Bef cows, 4.75-C.OO. Cutters and low cutters, 3.50 4.80. , , Joe Welnberg and N. B nnd M Baugher, Lost IEPOIT SEKIE Walks Into Train And Is Critically Injured PINK 13LUFF, IXC. 23.-J. H. Kildln.v 8i, Identified wllh the clothing business In pine Dluff for many ycurs. Injured, ixwslbly fa- liilly, when hi> walked lulo ninnv- liiK freight (ruin nt Third and Muln streets, Into yrslvnlny, lie wns taken to 11 hospital wllh » broken right iirm nnd tunny cuts and bruises. The veteran salesman Just had tell a down (own store where he look part In ll.s minimi Christmas program, niul 11 Is believed tils glnsses were covered by Ihe niKt nnd he failed lo sec the train. 'Deadline" For State Tag Purchase March 1 LITTLE HOCK, Deo. 23.—Miirc'll 1 will lie Hie deadline- for purchasing 1038 automobile nnd driver's licenses, sale of which will b;- gln here and In certain designated cities throughout the slate In- eluding Blythevllle, January 3, Revenue Commissioner Z, M. Mc- Cnrroll announced yesterday. A 19.17 act miike.i Iho March 1 deadline mandatory. Passenger ciir tugs will Imve white numerals on n red background, 'me combination will be reversed on trucks. The 163B driver's license will cost 35 cents. Each driver mmt secure a license. * Chief Oruy Albright Of the state police said last night that persons who have no driver's llceiiae will be required to pass nu cxam|na- llon to prove their Sbllily ' to •<>»-" eratc a car safely.. Pe>sojii«l»«v, Ine-VIJrlytr's Ilceiift will lie Issued .the; saiiiq number when they buy a-new license and will not be required; to take ail examination. Sues Insurance. Company On Group Insurance Policy Drover Graham Ashley has filed suit against the Aetna Life Insur- incc company asking judgment for iVMB.85, penally, attorney's fees nnd costs. He charges that Ihe Insurance company has failed to make, payments under provisions of a group insurance policy. His attorneys ire Smith and Taylor. Leader of Mouse Bloc to 'Support Federal Rond Fund Reduction WASHINGTON, Dec. 23, (UP)— I(c[>roseiituUvc Miirlln Dies (Dem., lex.], 11 leader of the southern DcmucHillc bloc which fought nnd killed llu: wage-hour 1)111, wrole President Uooscvelt today, promising lo orguur/.o a movement^n the house lo Mi|)|x>n Ihe president's economy demands. Dies wrote to HID president after reading Mr. iioosovell's letter to Chairman Wllburn Oflrlwrlght (Dem,, own.) of ll, e house roads committee, warning the Democratic majority of congress that It will )mvo lo lake tin; blimie If It disturbs his budget balancing plans for next year, The rontls cotnmlt- Ico htul Ignored the president'!! re- finest for a repca.1 of federal highway nkl aulhorlzallons for next yeur. Firemen Answer False Alarm Wednesday Night Firemen answered a false alarm last night, U:« o'clock, after some one had called that there was n fire at Mrs. I. B. Stewart's home at Ninth and West Ash streets. It Is believed that an unusual amount of moke coming from the chimney caused some one lo turn In the alarm. Cancels White House Chiistmas P)&n§. To Yisil Grandchildren _ .WASHINGTON Dec 23 (UP) — Mr?$Fritiik/rn D Roosevelt suddenly eimcullliig a)l plans lor a chrlsl- mas' : at r Ihc. \Vhlte House, new toward SOattle,-Wash., today to spend v thq'houday' wtyh her daughter, Mrs. .Anna, poctllgcr. ' Tlic mrsHudy before boarding an airliner explained that nho rearranged her plans to help "make a happy Christmas" fdr her two grandchildren—Curtis Dnhl,' 7, and his sister, Eleanor, 10. Their rnofluo-. Mrs. B,octtlgot, suddenly became 111 while enrotite easlward by train about 10 days ago. She returned to Sealtle and friends of the family here said she was recovering. Mrs, Hoosevoll, however, chose to make a flying Irlp lo Seattle to spend the holidays with her daughter and her grand children, in view of Mrs. BoeHlgev's Illness. Tlie first lady expected to remain In Seattle until Tuesday. Her sudden decision will force revision of extensive White House plans for celebration of Christmas State Department Makes Complete Report Basis Of New Protests WASHINGTON, D«C. 23, (UP)— ' Secretary of Slate Cordell Hull -announced today that, (his govern- mcni has now received complete reports on the Panay bombing Incident and has decided, on the basis thereof, to make additional reweseutatlons to the Japanese government. The additional representations, he said, would be made through Ambassador Joseph O. Grew'-In Tokyo and will be In Ui e nature of new evidence supporting previous demands. >•> The. complete reports include the official report to th e navy from U7 Commodore J. J. Hughes, In charge of Ihe Panay, on the loss of his vessel; the findings of the naval court of inquiry which Investigated the Panay sinking and took sworn testimony from all witnesses available; and the report to the stata department from George Atcheson lr., scond secretary of the American ;mbassy nt Nanking, who was on the Panay at the time of the at- luck. . .. To B* Made Public ' v ' The reports will be made public us rapidly as they can be prepared (or liuulicallon, Hull said, The Hughes report will be made public tomorrow afternoon and the findings of Iho court of Inquiry Saturday morning. f- Hull said also that all new facts " contained In tliese reports would lie relayed to Grew to be used aa tlio basis for additional and continuing representations, Hull Indicated that the addltlon- iil facts developed probably wouM not change the iialure of the de-- mahds made by this g 'rnment upon Japan Tor fuU'ttwjelnnlflca- ~ ,tlon, officially recorded apology and concrete and speolflc piaitofteel ^",; that to the future.^American 'na'-;, T ~ J . tlonala and thelrvjwopwty in Chi- >• na shall be ts«Ured'M»ir*t .Ittick 'i by Japanese foree.^'t'j.'" 1 *»frA r ^-, • ; Atlantic and Pacific creeks, two slreams In Yellowstone National Park, flow Into each other In such a way nt Two Ocean Pus 1 ! that water from each one passes into both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. CHRISTMAS SUPERSTITIONS Babies born on Christmas possess a ready tongue, while those bom Christmas Day do not have such a "gill of gab" but heller logic, according lo a superstition in the Vosges Mountain region of Germany. Skopplny Tourist "Mating" Agencies Put Travelers On Road To Friendship NEW YORK, Dec. 23.—Tlie lour- Ist "mating" agencies are doing a flourishing business, now that the season is brisk and the snow clouds loom over New York. "Mating" tourists for a trip Is a special kind of business. These travel agencies serve Ihelr purpose in making up a congenial group for trips lo Chicago and polnls west. They do nol provide the means of transportation. If you have a car and are seeking a few fellow passengers to share expenses, the agency will round them up for yon, for a reasonable commission. If you don't have n car of vour own, the agency will Introduce you lo people who do; and who happen lo be going your way. The tariffs are not high. They run, generally, from $20 to $40 for an auto trip to Chicago and from $40 to $60 for a transcontinental hop to California. Or Just enough to pay for half the gas and oil, with a little over for the folk who've introduced you lo the other party. The agency people confide that old ladies with dogs are the most popular passengers, since animals aren't permitted to travel with their owners by rail. On almost any day of the week, amusing problems come up with which Ihese lourfsLi' "mating" agencies must grapple. For Instance, , two men got together In the agency one day and seemed to be favorably impressed with each other from the slart. They went out to lunch with the firm's blessings. But the trip was never made. Seems that the luncheon chat got around lo baseball and one was a Nallonal League faiv the other n devotee of the Yankee division. The meal wound np with a cancellation of their traveling plans nnd brief friendship. On another occasion, the agency grew leary of placing certain people together. Two of them were chorus girls who were break- Ing In a slsler net and were booked for a night club In Los Angeles. And one of the oilier passengers was a prim Dakota school teacher on her way back home Some weeks later, she wrote Ihe agency and commented upon Ihe charms of the Iwo chorines. She asked Ihe ngency how she might secure newspaper clipping telling of their progress In the show world. One of the agencies feels pretty good because n young man once set out to a Job in a Texas law olTlcef with his uncle and wa thrown In with a young-lady on her way to the coast to visit an aunt. She never reached the othei coast because the boy proposed to her somewhere near St Louis nnd she blithely accepted. Tlie uncle and aunt have declared themselves pleased since Ihen. celved government orders \,. speo^ foreign Interests even at the' risk of permitting Chinese' to escape, It was understood today. Tlic.orders, said to have been Issued within the last few days, were regarded as a direct result'of the government's grave * anxiety over United states and British protests against Japanese army and navy, attacks • on American and BrltUh- gunboats. Reference to the new orders, It was understood, will be made .in notes to be sent lo the United States and British governments on the attacks on Ihe United States gunboat Panay and the British gunboat Ladybird. Issuance of the orders was regarded here as noteworthy In view of previous assurances that care would be taken to guard against attacks on foreign Interests. ,,' The foreign office, It was learned today, has begun drafting a reply lo American notes. Moonshining, Matrimony Prove Poor As Careen HOT SPRINGS, Dec.' 23.—Ha7- ing tried two avocations,'-matrimony and moonshlnlng, and both having proved failures, Mrs. Viola Mae Parker, at the age of 29, 'Is pondering over . the problem Jpf what to attempt next. ••..,.- Arraglned before United States Commissioner Glover here yesWri day on the moonshlnlng charge; Mrs. Parker conceded- that' she was gutlly, but convinced the •commissioner that Ihere were ettcnu- aliriit circumstances. •''."•' : . She said that she had .been married lo four different husbands and that, one after the other, they proved themselves to be worse than total losses. .All trial they gave her was a heavy liability In the form of three young children, she told the commissioner. - _ -•'•'••' Commissioner Glover fixed her bond of $250. Mrs. Parker couldn't make it. Held To Circuit Court On Cow Theft Charge Damon Lane was bound over ti> await the action of. the circuit court on a charge of gnnd larceny at a hearing In municipal court today. He Is charged -rttlx sleallng a cow. His bond was set at $500. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, occasional rains Friday and in north. central portions tonight; warmer In extreme north Friday. Memphis »nd vicinity — cloudy tonight and Friday; probably occasional rains tonight; libt .much change In temperature,' lowest tonight, W to M.

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