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San Francisco, California
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I I kr I OLD I I i WILL i THURSDAY JTJXY 11 19Q1 sfe SA2t ERAGISCO CHRONICIE MEN SING FOR CHARITY fVTrtTiiTn Till I ii I I I I I i tH 1 1I jTjl RIT2 80EMMER Sj rt Jl1 it i i i i I 1 1 II I I I MtH aA JuIV 10 The Old Mens Choral Club organized by Fritz Boehmer a retired capitalist and pioneer reeident of this city will soon giv contert for charity The singers must nil be over 60 years of age Boehmer recently celebrated his seventieth anniversary and to commemorate the event hit upon the idea of an old mens singing society The plan aroused much Interest and applications for membership have poured in On Friday night there will meeting at Blanding Hall to perfect ar rangemeifts On that occasion Herr Thto dor Vogt the director will probably have a tryout of voices The invitation to the aged singers is worded as follows You are cordially invited to be present on Friday evening July 12 1901 at 8 oclock in BlandinK Hall Webb avenue for the purpose of arranging for the Old Men Singers concert under the leadership of Prof essor Theo Vogt 1lease do not fall to come The notice is signed by the committee and Boehmer secretary pro tem The list of singers is given out officially with the ages of each as follows Arnold 60 years Cyrus Brown 63 San ford Bennett William Bryan 79 Fritz Boehmer 70 Blanding 2 It Bussenius 82 Babcock 71 A Crooks 65 Dunning 70 Henry Decker 70 Dlttmar 62 de NIse C3 THeo Elsfeldt 6S Theodore Stelnmetz bo Rev Scott 68 John Seebeck 62f Storey 72 Louis Schroeder 60 Asa Htorrett 73 Herman Toelken 61 Turnbull 78 Captain Todd 65 Captain Otto Tanger 65 John Irton 6 Carl Volbrg 68 Albert Victors 60 George Lewis 65 Captain A Lancaster 62 SIMPLE RITES TO MARK HIS BURIAL Without Pomp Professor Le Conte Will Be Laid to Rest To Day I I IM HMIM MM I IO Italph Hamlin 60 Martin 62 James Miilington 74 Miller 68 Metz ger SO Adolph Mayrlsch 72 Qu3tav May risch 70 Messer 61 John Nobmann Sr 63 Francis Petersen 62 Carl Petersen GO George Palmer 75 Judge John Ellsworth 60 August Heinrlch 89 Captain Hanley 60 Adolph Hecker 60 Walter Hyde 75 Max Horwinskl 60 William Hammond 60 Captain John ton 63 Alexander Innes 70 Judd 68 Kontgshofer 60 Koerber 60 Kreuger Go McKean 70 Captain Lubbock 78 Halsey 60 Henry Epstein 60 Leo Metzger 60 Davld Hlrsch teldt 60 MInford 66 The old time vocalists will sing old time songs and they will have a brass band Instead of an orchestra There will be negro melodies and patriotic songs Old favorites which have not been heard for yearB will be bravely sung In solo quartet and concert The only exception to the aged talent will be the three year old son of Mr and Ms Bruns who will sinT the Holy City As an offset Senora Benlna Baron a Mexican lady who is a resident here and spry at 102 years will both sing and dance on the occasion in the cause of charity We shall give a performance that will cap anything ever attempted here said Boehmer The duration of life la on the increase and we shall show the people that old men can sing with as much vim as their younger friends can We shall have no operatic airs or difficult music only the old popular tunes and enlivening words We shall have to get the biggest hall in the city and even then I think it will be hard work to provide for all who have already promised to come and hear na BERKELEY July 10 The arrange ments for the Le Conte funeral are now complete to minute details The ceremonies are to be In keeping with the life of the dead scientist and philosopher their grandeur will reside in their simplicity There will be no pomp no decoration no funeral discourses A brief impressive service in the Episcopalian rUial with one hymn by a quartet and the subdued chant of the responses as sole music with palms and flowers from the lulls he loved so well as only draperies und with silence as eulogy will be the fitting last earthly homage to the departed Yesterday tht body was brought from Oakland and it is now lying in the family dwelling at the head of Bancroft way The ceremonies will take place to morrow at 3 in Hearst Hall All day ester lay wagons drove up to the door laden with palms and shrubs and flowers and to morrow the hall will have an air of jaoe and consolation as tree as possible from the sombcrneKS wnlch would be out of keeping with the spirit of the man that is gonu At 230 those wishing to join inthn funeral procession will meet in front of the house 2737 Bancroft way Only ih family will be inside The procession will be headed by delegations from the faculty Recents students and lluinnl The faculty and Regents will be In cap and gown Tht procession with tha casKet surrounded by the pallbearers will move to Hearst Hall The pallbearers will be Villiain Davl and Charles Wheeler fur the alumni Charles Slack and Reinstein for the Regents Pro fessors A I awson and Rltler from ie Contes own department Professors Martin Kellogg tiugere Hilgard George Duvidson and Fred Hesse as contemporary faculty fellows of the deceased and Charles Fryer and John Al Eshelmand for the student body Mrs Le Conte has chosen Bishop Nichols to officiate at the services at Hearst Hall Bishop Nichols will be assisted by Rev Swan rector of St Marks Church In Berkeley The Episcopal ritual will be used There will be little music only one hymn by the Luring Quartet There will be no euolgles There will be no private flowers only the official contributions Simplicity will be the key note The delegations of faculty regents alumni and students will be massed on th platform behind the officiants and the casket will be laid on the projection of the platform The doors of the hall will be thrown open to the general public a few seats only being reserved for the family After the services the procession will reform and move down Bancroft way to Dwight way where it will disperse the hearse and carriages keeping on to Mountain View where the Interment will taku place in the family plot Ail nope or naving josepn Lie conte tnc son at the funeral has now been given up A message received to day from Millwood the lumber camp thirty miles from the Kings river canyon and from which courier has been sen to reach young Le Conte says that a party returning from Kings river announced that the messenger had reached the canyon a whole week behind Le Conte and his bride It will thus be Impossible to catch him In time WATERS ARE EXPLORED rekindling of the same fire The loss In the second blase was trifling Two alarms of fire were turned in from box 526 about 745 oclock last night causing a general turning out of the Fire Department to a blaze at Sixteenth and MIs rissippl streets The storing shed pf the Pacific Rooting and Refining Company which was used by the Guadalupe As phaltum Company for storing hundred of barrels of asphaltum bad become ignited The blaze was started by the tolling over of a kettle used for boiling asphaltum The hot liquid set fire to the floor near the rear of the building and before the flames could be subdued the flimsy structure had been almost completely gutted The loss Is estimated at HUOO half of which will fall upon each company The Guadalupe Company suffered considerable loss from a fire on Beale street a few days ago DIVORCE APPLICATIONS SALE OF FERNW00D William Dingecs Country Place Purchased by Realty Syndicate OAKLAND July 10 A deed has been recorded conveying the Fernwood property of Dlngee to George Sterling representing the Realty Syndicate The deed covers in all 243 acres and Includes holdings adjacent to Fernwood in Piedmont There is 65 25 worth of stamps upon the deed indicating that the consideration Is in the neighborhood of 130000 It is claimed that the consideration received in the transfer of the property Is hardly one third of the amount that Dlngee has expended In Improvements upor the property The residence together with its costly paintings and sumptuous furnishings was destroyed by tire about two years ago and has not been rebuilt The Fernwood tract where Dingee formerly made his home comprises fifty four acre9 and the Red Gate farm also Included in the purchase embraces about 113 acres Besides this property there is another tract consisting of forty five acres and two smaller pieces of land aggregating twenty nine acres There still remains fifty seven acres which it Is rumored will be sold in a few days ESCAPES FROM ASYLUM Lunatic Returns Home and Attempts to Kill His Father OAKLAND July 10 Julius Ibsen aged 5 years escaped from the Stockton Asylum for the Insane last Wednesday night and walked to this city arriving at the residence of his father 755 Twenty secontl street on Sunday morning Ibsen has been taken to the detention ward of the Receiving Hospital by his father to be returned to Stockton to morrow This afternoon he became violent and attempted to take the life of his father wfco then caused his son to be placed under restraint Ibsen has twice been committed to the asylum having been discharged once as cured On the Fourth of July Ibsens father went to Stockton for the purpose of visiting his afflicted son but found that he had escaped A search was made but nothing was seen of Ibsen until his arrival in this city Sunday He had not eaten during his long tramp and was almost starved when he reached his home Gualala Launching Delayed OAKLAND July 10 The launch of the steam schooner Gualala was scheduled to take place this evening from the DJcky ehlpvards but the strike of the iron workers has caused delay and It is not certain that the event will occur on schedule time Tht new steamer is being built for shipowners of San Francisco and is Intended for the coast lumber trade It is also llkilv that she will make an occasional voyage to the Hawaiian Islands There will probably be some delay before the machinery Is placed In the Gualala on account of the strike of the machinists am untii the trouble is terminated she will be docked off the shipyards on this side of the bay Butcher Accuses Policeman OAKLAND July 10 At a meeting of the Board of Police and Fire Commissioners to day a communication was read from James Daniel a butcher doing business on San Pablo avenue wherein he accused regular Patrolman John Stahl of owing him for meats sold and delivered during the last two years Daniel asserted that Stahl had refused to pay the meat bill The matter was referred to Chief of Police Hodgkins to Investigate and report to the Board If Daniel has a good complaint and Stahls political pull is not too strong the latter may be called before the Commissioners to explain Work Begins on the Tidal Canal ALAMEDA July 10 Work has been commenced on the completion of the tidal canal Thfc 8an Francisco Bridge Company which has the contract for the completion oT the big improvement put about fifty men at work this week making a dam near the High street bridge The tide waters now enter under the High street canal bridge and would nil tn with sllckens where the steam paddy is to be put to work As soon as the dam is constructed work will be begun on the excavating and about 2 laborers will be given employment A Victim of Paresis George Franks of the firm of Fannin Franks was yesterday committed to the State Hospital at Agnews He is a victim of paresis Franks has been til for more than a year His concern has offices in the Phelan building and acts as local agent for a number of large hat manufactories in the Hast Frank home is at fi3 Taylor street GIRLS FATHER ARRESTED He Is Accused of Making a Shotgun Play SAN RAFAEL July 10 Frederick Hoef proprietor of a riding Bchool In this town swore out a warrant before Recorder Murray this morning charging Greffox a well known citlten with displaying a deadly weapon in a threatening manner Back of the complaint is a romance in which an irate parent and a shotgun are alleged to have taken a stir ring part in maKing tne course or true love run anything but smooth ioung Hoeft until recently boarded at the Greffox home in this city and while there made the acquaintance of Miss Louise Greffoz daughter of the head of the household The riding teacher is said to have been an ardent admirer of the girl and all might have gone well had it not been for the objections of Greffox Sr to the idea of having Hoef as a son in law A short time ago Hoeft moved from the Greffox house to other quarters but continued his acquaintance with the girl Last night he called on her and the two were standing together in the front yard of the Greffox home when the alleged shotgun incident occurred Hoeft tn asking for the warrant for the arrest of Greffox said that the father suddenly appeared on the scene with a shotgun and threatened to make short work of him Hoeft did not stay to argue the question but promptly left and this morning made an early appearance wjth his application for a warrant for Greffox arrest Grefox was taken into custody and as he refused to accept ball which was offered him he remains In jail He does not deny that he had a shotgun In his hands but says that Hoeft cannot prove it and that he wants a Jury trial I simply objected to Hoefts coming Into my house he said to night He insisted that he would come in and I took measures to prevent him Personally I had no objections to his standing in the yard and talking to my daughter Miss Greffox was until recently em played In the telephone office at this place and is highly esteemed by ail who know her The whole affair Is considered an unfortunate misunderstanding The trial of the case has been set for Friday Work Done by the Marine Laboratory at San Pedro BERKELEY June 10 William Rit ter associate professor of biology returned from San Pedro yesterday He is enthusiastic over the work done In the Marine Biological Laboratory at San Pedro of which he has had charge this summer There are twenty six persons working in the laboratory now half of them being Independent Investigators and the others students Among the visitors I of note are Dr Coe of Yale and Professor Holmes of Michigan Dr Bancroft of the University of California xoological department and Harry Torrey of the same department have charge of the Instruction while Dr A Kofoid assistant professor in histolog7 and embryology has particular charge of the dredging which is carried on every day down to 100 fathoms The seaslrore in and about San Pedro bay presents ideal conditions for the work Professor Raymond of the Physics Laboratory is at San Pedro engaged in hydrographic work and researches in currents and salinity The laboratory will close on August loth Albert Winkle Avers That His Wife Tried to Poison Him Albert Winkle a barber sued Josephine Winkle yesterday for a divorce for cru tlty They have been residing at 2111Vx Bush street He alleged that she often threatened to poison him and that on three occasions in the last six months he became sick after eating food that she i repared She told him then he alleged that she had cut poison in the food and hat she would eventually give him adose that would kill him She threw knives and scissors at him he averred and spilled coffee over him He said that she accused hit i of misconduct with other women boasted of her relations with other men brought men to their residence late at night became Intoxicated quarreled and fought with him and otherwise made home unpleasant for him Pearl Al Gibson asked for a divorce from John Gibson for failure to provide The following divorces were granted yesterday May Barnes from Barnes for neglect she being allowed to resume her maiden name Meridos Marie Walling from Oscar Walling for cruelty Henry Mensor who was sued by Annie Mensor for a divorce stated In his answer filed yesterday that his wifes brothers James Isadore and Meyer Schwartz became enraged at him Induced her to desert him beat and wounded him and threatened to prevent him from securing any means of livelihood in San Kraneisco She charged that he treated her wlthi extreme cruelty Frances Gllxman has complained that Philip Gllxman from whom she was divorced recently has failed to nay the all many ordered He is a merchant tailor at Vallejo and Mrs Gllxman alleged that he was spending his money on another woman there Hart Says He Was Deceived William Hart filed a statement yesterday In the suit brought against him by Lutgen secretary of the Abner Doble Company for 2517 22 on a promissory note He asserted that he had received no consideration for the note Hart said that in 1891 Abner Doble and Km ery Induced him to subscribe for 1000 shares of the Blue Lakes Water Company at 6 a share and on January 1 1S92 took his note for 6000 They assured him that forty nine other citizens had subscribed for an equal amount of stock making 300000 in all and on that assurance Hart said he gave his subscription in place of this note he Kave on March 30 lj at the request of Kmery and Doble two other notes for 2000 each and one for 3170 The suit is over one of these notes He learned on September 21 1896 he said that Emery and Doble had given him a false assurance and that no more than twenty two subscriptions for stock each for 1000 shares had ever been obtained theTgity IN BRIEF NO SALARIESvFOR FIFTEEN DEPUTIES Judge Murasky Aimouuces a Decision Against Lewald A decision that was distasteful to fifteen deputies in the Tax Collectors office was rendered yesterday by Judge Murasky in the suit of Al Lewald one of these deputies against Treasurer Brooks Since the beginning of May the fifteen deputies have not drawn any salary The salary of a deputy Is 125 a month The Treasurer refused to pay them because of the objection of the Civil Service Commission An appeal to the Supreme Court is to be taken from Judge Muraskys decision and until the final decree in the case the deputies are willing to work without the inspiration that an assured Income gives Lewald like the other deputies had been appointed temporarily under the provision of the charter which permits temporary appointments by the head of a department until a certified list of civil service ellglbles is sent him A certified list was sent to the Tax Collector months ago but an Injunction suit was brought by one of the displaced deputies and under the preliminary order Issued In that case the Civil Service Commission and the Tax Collector were pre vented from ousting the old deputies and putting in men who had passed the civil service examination The old deputies stayed but their temporary appointments could not be formally renewed as the charter makes the consent of the Civil Service Commission necessary for such appointments Judge Murasky said that the charter plainly stated that temporary appoint ments like Lewald should not be for a longer term than sixty days and when that time expired the appointment was at an end He did not consider It necessary to pass on the question as to whether a deputy like Lewald was an officer within the meaning of the Political Code but he remarked that the charter superseded the code with relation to municipal officers on all points concerning which provision was made In the charter He held that the civil service provisions were constitutional because the charter was not a general law but a local and special law and the constitutional mandate that laws must be of uniform operation applied only to general laws SEVEN GAMBLERS CAUGHT NEEDS REVISION Construction of Ferry Boats a Menace to Their Passengers SONS OF ST GEORGE Annual Session of Grand Lodge to Ba Held Next Week OAKLAND July 10 The annual session of the Grand Lodge Pacific jurisdiction of the Sons of St George will be held in Criers hall In this city beginning on Tuesday next and continuing for three days The Pacific jurisdiction Includes all states west of the Rocky mountains as well as Alaska British Columbia Hawaii and the Philippines A banquet in honor of the representatives will be given by Albion Lodge of Oakland and Derby Lodge of Alameda next Wednesday evening at the Gallndo Hotel Among those who will deliver addresses on this occasion will be Dlgby Johnson Dr DEvelyn of San Francisco Dr Hosford and Rev Lacy of Alameda Other well known orators will also participate Several local singers of note have been engaged for the occasion and an orchestra will be In attendance throughout the evening Police Raid Opium Dens Police Sergeant Burnett and posse raided an opium den in the rear of 512 Bush street at 1130 oclock last night and captured nine Americans Six were charged with visiting an opium joint and three with vagrancy The visitors were Cash Crosby Frank West Joseph Pacheco Rlchar i Maynard MacGregor Wesley and Chris Gale Joseph Morrison keeper of the place was booked as a vagrant On a key ring in Wests pocket was found a small steel picklock and he was also charged with having burglars tools in his possession Sergeant Conboy and posse raided a den on Washington street near Dupont last night capturing four Chinese smokers and Uie complete layout Aged Man Severely Injured John Ejan a painter 76 years of ae met with an accident about 7 oclock last nght that will probably prove fatal In alighting from a Butter street car at Kearny street he stepped In front of another car and was struck and thrown to the pavement At the Recelvlnir Hospital Dr Armlstead found that Egan had fractured the eighth rib of his right aide and had sustained a severe shock His advanced age makes his condition critical The motorman was not arrested i ft Too Far From the Markets BERKELEi June 10 In his lecture this morning Professor Bailey of Cornell who Is recognized as the head of horticulture authorities gave it out as his opinion that the idea of shipping flowers from California to the East was not practical Bailey said that with all Its superiority of supply California could not compete with the East in Eastern markets as this State Is too far away MERCHANTS ASSOCIATION Acceptance and Fulfillment of Conditions of Carnegies Gift Favored At the monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Merchants Association yesterday a large number of representatives from the foundries and commission and wholesale houses of the city appeared to confer concerning the proposed enforcement of the ordinance for clearing streets and sidewalks of obstructions After a considerable discussion the following committee was ippolnted to confer with the Board of Public Works upon the subject George Dow Llppmann Sachs James Kerr William Trott A Gian nlnl and President Frank Symmes A contribution of 100 from the funds of the association was made toward defraying the expenses of the Epworth League Convention 8even new firms were elected to membership and the following resolutions were unanfmously adopted Whereas Andrew Carnegie has generously tendered San Francisco 7SO000 for the erection of Public Library buildings provided the municipality wii furnish puitable sites and a yearly maintenance lund of 75000 and whereas the rapidly growing requirements of the San Francisco Public Library urgently demand an appropriate central building and fitting branch libraries therefore be it Resolved That the Merchants Association on behalf of its 1300 members ami the mercantile community favors prompt acceptance of this munificent gift oy tne municipality and the ralthful execution of Its obligations Resolved That the profound appreciation of the citizens of San Francisco be conveyed to Andrew Carnegie for this further notable evidence of his world wide public philanthropy Resolved That we congratulate his honor the Mayor and the honorable Trustees of the Public Library upon the felicitous result of their commendable efforts and hereby promise the continued services of the Merchants Association in co operationoperation with the city authorities to consummate in a worthy manner the fulfillment of this magnificent benefaction Womans Council Committee Meets The first meeting of the committee to further the organization of a womans council was held yesterday morning at the residence of Mrs John Swift on Valencia street Mrs Swift was elected chairman and Mrs Kendell of 1227 Pine street secretary Mrs May Wrleht Sewall president of the International Coun cil OI Women was present and gave much important Information and direction as to the plans preliminary to organization A committee composed of Mrs Orr Mrs Bunnell Mrs Emma Shafter How ard Mrs Henry Hlghton Miss Kean with the chairman and secretary was appointed to draft a call for a general I meeting ne committee wiu meet again August 10th The Fire Record A fire broke out yesterday afternoon in a two story frame building on Spear street between Howard and Folsom occupied on the ground floor as a ship chand lery and on the upper floor as lodgings The Are started in the ship chandlery in i a pile of oakum An alarm was turned in from box 39 The blase was extln gulshed with small loss Last evenlmr I several hours later an alarm was turned I tn from the same box on account of the DAMAGKS ASKED Mn Virginia Vaccarl and her husband UloTannl Vaccarl mied I 1et erson and his vrltr yestcrdaj for I5HK damages for causing Mrs Vaccaris arrest on a charge of inflicting physical pain on Carl 1etersou the de fendant a child WANTS NEW CERTIFICATES Mary Horner having lost her certificates fur ten shares of Spring Valley stock and ten shares of Pacific Gas Improvement Company stock brought suits yes terdsy to compel the corporations to issue new certificates to her KKDlCEI IN RANK A retrograde promotion has teen accomplished In the Custom house by transferring Lloyd Spencer from the position of Inspector at I0 per month to that of messenger vice Kernau deceasd tnder his new assignment bis monthly wage will be 70 ADMITS HIS GIIIT Thomas Burns nicknamed Roguey who wa charged with robbery pleaded guilty yesterday In Judge Dunnes court He had beu tried once and the jury disagreed He struck a Braunan street saloonkeeper grabbed 37 and fled frni the saUon ENGLISH COMPANY A copy the articles of association of Hie San Francisco Breweries Limited which was scsn from England where the corporation was form was tiled yesterday In the County Clerks office it Is bulky printtnl document The seveu dlrecton named in it reside In England NEW INSPECTOR Da rid 1 Griffiths of Ta coma apiolnt Immigrant lnii service rule has Iw algn hls iort and reported yesterday CorninUsiont North for duty He takes the place of Inspector Engelck who though an ctflcleut officer held but a temporary appointment CONFISCATED OPHM SOLD Acting under Instructions of the lulted States District Court Marshal Shine sold 13 flve tsel tins of opium at public auction at the Appraisers building yes terday The drug had leen confiscated by the Government as contraband and was purchased by Sing Kee a Chinese merchant SMALLPOX CASE John McDcrmott resl dent of Berkeley came across the bay to the Har lor Hospital yesterday evening to have his case diagnosed which was done almost at a glance a McDermott was afflicted with smallpoi lie was hurried out to the dly detention hospital and after his departure the Harbor Hospital was closed and fumigated OFFICERS INSTALLED Paciflc Parlor Nolo Native Sons of the Golden West has Installed oflt ers for the ensuing term as follows John tannon past president Banning president Roche first vice president A Williams second vloe preslden Deasy third vice president A Latham treasurer Frank Neville financial secretary John Miller recording secretary George Eraser marshal A Me Cullough trustee The installation ceremonies were conducted by A I Troy of Stanford Jarlor APOLLO LODGE INSTALLATION Apollo Iodge No Ijt I i hns installed the fol lovrlng oilWrs luilor past cand Charles Perry noble grand Frank Cm vice grand Gibson ordlig secretary tV Norcross ilnanclal secretary Post treasurer Jacob Glassman ward ti 11 Paeksher conductor Slckels outside guardian Charles Man geot inside guardian It Lange right supporter to noble grand Ira Bush left sup portly to noble grand Blair right uo porter to vice grand Robert Downle left supporter to vie grand A Carlson right wer supporter1 Coffin left scene supporter Munroe chaplain John Gelstiiger organist 11 Patrick MARRIAGE LICENSES The following nai rlage licenses were Issued yesterday Francis Ballard Belvedere aged ifi and Elizabeth Irwin ItelvOro aged IS William 11 Means IIolMster and Delia Coyne Oakland 27 the George Petorsoi loot It Golden Gate avenue 3s itliil Margarita na an crnoiv asassa oUtA tnlon street and Celia MeAndrews 711 Broadway i Albert A Brown 22S Filbert street 22 and Kittle Vahcy Lln Greenwich street 20 Theodore Scbwerin Vlsltaclou 21 and Kate A McCarthy 2TT San Jose avenue 18 Max Rudolph 77J Mission strew and Eltia beth Lacksmann 242 Minus street 23 William A Heuderwui H14 Powell street 2ti and Viola Sullivan 195S Pine street 22 Karl Kear tlnen Eureka and Ida Uehkamakl 347 Fourth street 2N Lee Tin Yet MarysvlIJe 2t and Chew Shee Wong 912 Washington street 31 By an agreement entered Into at their last annual meeting at Washington supervising Inspectors of the Steamboat inspection Service are making a concerted effort to have th laws relating to that branch of the Treasury Department amended at the next session of Congress so as to give them a wider scope One of the weakest points in the inspection laws as they stand at present is the exemption enjoyed by ferry boats from the law authorizing inspectors to limit the number of passengers carried and to regulate on that basis the life boats rafts and life preservers on board The strongest argument for a change in the present law said one of the inspectors at this port yesterday Is the fact that under its provisions there Is no call for water tight bulkheads in ferryboats Not long ago Supervising InspectorInspector General Dumont stated that bulkheads constitute the real life preserver Ths was illustrated in the sinking of the Northfleld in New York harbor recently With bulkheads dividing her hull into waterwater tight compartments she would have floated long enough after the collision to enable the safe transfer of all the passengers Even In ocean going steamers the inspection laws require only three bulkheads In passenger steamers and one a collision bulkhead In freight boats with no provision for river boats at all In spite of this builders of modern steamers recognizing the importance of water tight compartments put in position from five to twenty bulkheads dependent on the sixe of the croft The communicating doors are closed by gearing which tightens every opening by the turn or a wheel ine taca or tnis mou ady em mechanism on the Rio perhaps had In An nrtth tlA alnirlnC SH flllllrlV SETTLEMENT OF TAX COLLECTOR Auditor Wells Concludes Work of Experting Books Auditor Wells made final settlement yesterday with Tax Collector Scott of de llnquent taxes and penalties to June 10 1901 The total delinquency amounts to U8808 91 from which must be deducted 7r3 3s that cannot be collected leaving en actual collectible delinquency of 31 C03 11 The uncollectible delinquency in cludes 33953 7 on national bank stock ciuaes tujus ic on national uaua suiva the collection of which has been enjoined by the courts and J29617 38 on franchises also enjoined There is also 11727 24 on property assessed to the State including the Deaf Dumb and Blind Asylum property controlled by the Regent of the State University and other property la the city of San Kranclsca The total of delinquent taxes and penalties Is aB follows Taxes Penalties Unsecured personal property 76379 82 15273 Secureo personal property 45553 65 9110 I irgt installment on real estate 17617 7 352011 Second Installment on real estate 20336 36 1015 Totals 159886 50 Total delinquency Less uncollectible I 28922 41 159886 E0 188808 91 7523 3460312 Total collectible This is considered an unusually light delinquency and much of It will be paid In at an early date Sergeant Conboy Gathers Them In by a Clever Trick Sergeant Michael Joseph Conboy of the Chinatown squad played another clever trick on the Chinese gamblers yesterday while they were off their guard and added seven more scalps to his already overweighted belt The Chinese admitted that they had been bested by the sergeants Ingenuity and will be ready to plead guilty to day to a charge of visiting a lottery place It was 3 oclock when Policeman John Tillman dressed in the uniform of a soldier staggered up to the door of a lottery den at 624 Jackson street The lookout has become so accustomed to see drunken soldiers that he paid no attention to the stalwart young volunteer as he reeled agalnbt the door In a moment Tillman had the lookout by the arm and his hand over hie mouth The frightened Mongolian could not give an alarm and half carrying and half dragging his prisoner toward the inside door Tillman pushed It open without opposition There were eleven players In the place at the time four of whom escaped by a get away at the rear Tillman forced the others into a corner where he held them until the rest of the squad came up The prisoners were booked at the Citv Prison on a charge of visiting a lottery place All their tickets ink and brushes were booked as evidence against them To Acquire Leagues of Land The Kx MUslon de Santa Catarina Land Company has been incorporated by George Rut ledge Juan Castro Romulo Luna II Bradford Fred Flnke Frank Schilling and John Hayes with a capital Hock of 17066 Its purpose is to acquire tor under civil a tract of 341 8 2i square leagues in Lower California containing tne localities or Sen Miguel San Pablo San Joaqutn La iiucrtn del Bur San Salvador Santa Ysa bel Jesus Maria Agua Callente and La Cienega The articles of incorparatlon were riled yesterday In the County Clerks office much to do with her sinkins so quickly for had the doors been open in any of her seven bulkheads the water would drown the crew out before they could be closed by ordinary means Lack of bulkheads and an Inadequate number of life preservers boats and life rafts Is the menace to passengers on ferry boats and not any danger of the craft capsizing or turning turtle If the hull Is damaged below the water line In a collision all that would keep It afloat would be the buoyancy of the deck as illustrated In the case of the steamer Kl Capltan some time ago Supervising Inspectors hope at least to have ferrv boats making trips of five miles or over taken out of the exempt class by act of Congress their carrying capacity limited and life saving apparatus furnished to this limit At present the law only demands that boats life rafts and preservers shall he carried without speci fying tne numuer KELLYTEAVES FOR OMAHA Has Been Fixing Up Right of Way Matters in California Kelly chief counsel of the tnlon Pacific road departed for his home in Omaha yesterday morning in his private tar accompanied by the members of his faTrilly who have been spending a portion of the summer In the southern part of the Slate While In Southern California he head of the Union Paciflc law department gave his attention to a number of rlsht of way matters involved in Harri mans plan for an extension of the Oregon Phort Line from Uvada to Beaumont on the line of the Southern Pactttc near Los Angeles It Is announced that Kelly inaugurated measures that are designed to straighten out all right of way tangles bo far as Southern California Is concerned without loss of time and thus pave the way for the commencement of construction wotk at the west end of the line the near future The Southern Pacific Company It Is planned will undertake the construction of the west end of the new short line to bait Lake beginning work at Beaumont and building east The Unloi acific construction forces will build west from Uvada and the two ends of the line will meet somewhere In the desert within the twelvemonth Chief Counsel Kelly has been living In his private car at the Oakland pier during the past three days Johanna NfcCarthy Convicted Johanna McCarthy was convicted Mon before Police Judge Mogan of carry a concealed weapon and of being crunk She was arrested by Policeman Nolan while she was armed wltn a loaded revolver and looking for another policeman While giving her testimony the woman kept the spectators In a roar of luughter by telling fantastic stories about lollcman against whom she had a grievance MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS Mrs Meyer Dissatisfied Mrs Ida Meyer daughter of George Eggers deceased filed an application yesterday for an order of court for the sale of the property belonging to Eggers estate so that a distribution might be made She alleged that Mrs Sophie Kggers the widow and executrix had unduly favored Eggers son of the deceased In the management of the estate and she found fault with the executrix for other reasons The other children and heirs are Mrs Ma thllde A Hampe of Arizona and Mrs Lillian Stephany of Berlin Germany The estate Including vineyards In Fresno county is valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars Hsi 6sl 1 i ii jMfci I Lt yV UliiMKH ten is 66 99 The Critics Were Unanimous They said what is everywhere acknowledged that the best Nell Gwyn story ever writ by Anthony Hope Author of The Prisoner of Zenda Phroso and other books of intense interest and dramatic power Read just these few scattered opinions of it Will delight all lovers of historical imbroglios made fascinating Chicago Times He raid Full of lively adventure and sprightly dialogue 5 Louis Republic A decidedly clever book New York Herald An interesting tale Uhv York Sun Bristling with epigram brilliant dialogue hair hreadth adventure and love interest it more thlij suggests the immortal Three Guardsmen New York World Romantic and picturesque New Yotk Tribune lt is good entertaining and interesting VQrw York Press Only 25 Cents a Copy USE THIS LIST AS VOUCHER CUT IT OUT Ift1 WTTi1 ifmTff i Wilfli1 Jujiiill uims Caution Witih Harel is not Ponds Extract but an imitation of it Refuse the weak tratery Witch Huel preparations represented to be the nnu I Ponds Extract They generally contain wood alcohol which irritate we bkln and talcn internally ts a deadly poison Ucaulne Ponds Extract is sold only In sealed bottles enclosed in buff wrappers lWWAVWWrVrVS i I The Great A Train Robbery Bv Paul Leicester Ford author of Janice Meredith Before 125 Now 25c 2 A Puritans Wife By Max Pemberton author of The Garden of Swords Published at 125 Now 25c i3 American Wives and English Husbands By Mrs Atherton author of Senator North Never before been issujj at less than 150 Now 25c Mark Each Book You Want OrVlrWrVWrWrVWWr 4 Bona venture By George Cable author of Old Creole Days Previously li2j Now 25c 5 The Rudder Grangers Abroad Sequl to Rudder Grange By Frank Stockton Before 1 25 Now 25c 6 I Thou and the Other One By Amelia Barr author of The Bow of Orange Ribbon Before 125 Now 25c 7 Tales of Our Coast By Crockett and others Before fi25 Now 25c I 8 Simon Dale A story of Nell Gwvn By Anthony Hope author of The Prisoner of Zenda Never before published for less than 125 Now 25c These book announcements for the entire Pacific Coast and islands are made exclusively in the Chronicle which is a member of the International Association of Newspapers and Authors CITY READERS secure the volumes for 25 cents each and the above voucher OUT OF TOWN READERS mail 30 cents each and the voucher and the books ordered will be sent post paid You may get the books at any of these places In San Franciaco Chronicle Business San Francisco Chronicle Office Chronicle bulldlnc In Oakland Chronicle Branch Office 853 Broadway In Los Angeles Murphy 225 West First street In Sacramento 8 Harris 70S street In Vallejo A Whita In Napa Parsons In Petaluma A Boothe In Alameda City Book Store 1303 Park In San Jose A Taylor East 8an Fernando street In San Luis Obispo St Clair In Stockton Fowler In Ban Dleo Wood A Co In Kureka Heasmann Gillette Ii Portland Rich 103 Third strMt I Fresno Cearly In Santa Barbara Miss II MnnlBgr In Santa Rosa Mrs Greforx in umco niiDum doc THE FIRST STEP to babys health must be taken befb babyw birth The child can havfl SO more health than the mother give it A healthy mother strong of body and cheerful of mind will endow the child with her own physical health and cheerful disposition Many a wife who had dreaded motherhood cause of past experiences of prenatal misery of mind and body has found a new era open to her with the use of Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription It gives physical strength soothes the nerves and induces refreshing sleep It gives vigor and elasticity to the oreans of mater nity so that the birth hour is practically without pain or suffering It enables the mother to provide a plentiful aupply of healthful nourishment for thehealthy child It makes weak women strong and sick women welL There is no alcohol in Favorite Proscription and it is absolutely free from opium cocaine and all other narcotics Sick women are invited to consult Dr Pierce by letter free of charge All correspondence strictly private and sacredly confidential Address Dr Pierce Buffalo I gladly recommend Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription writes Mr Stephens Mila Northumberland Co Virginia Before my third little boy was born I took six bottles He is the finest child and has been from birth and I suffered very much less than I did before in confinement I unhesitatingly advise expectant mothers to use the Favorite Prescription Dr Pierces Pleasant Pelleta are pleasant and effective laxative medicine zm tSSi ft i st St 3 3 iM Mi a In Reno Rosenthal Arnaults In Marysvllle Cass Jr fk ai i i AT 5s JS Vaftsw VVair sl 4iifjr ir i fr 3k msr frSi Mmt0rMt.

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