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Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York • Page 10

Star-Gazette from Elmira, New York • Page 10

Elmira, New York
Issue Date:

SATURDAY. DECEMBER 12, rqi PAGE TEX. ELM IRA STAR-GAZETTE. Suburban and A gric uttu ra I No tes Here Are New Presented Traffic Ordinances to Council Last Night E. K. -AIi rights reserved.) (COPYRIGHT. 1314. By IMPROVEMENT AND UPKEEP of THE WnnVi. Trap Nest Enables Poultry Raisers To Sort Out the Loafers and Layers PITCH DARK IN MIDDAY HAVE TO LIGHT LAMPS Committee of Whole Considers New Rules for Use of Streets and They Will Be Adopted After Some Minor Changes and Additions Are Made Congested and ''Extra Congested" Districts Are Described and Stringent Restrictions Are Placed Therein The ew Law in Full. Every farmer neecs fit er needs fertilizer, ard ev4 1 needs improvement says the Philadelphia. Dec. 12. Midnight darkness settled over Philadelphia yesterday afternoon and from 3 o'clock on street lamps in all sections of the city were lighted, trolley cars and automobiles were obliged to use their headlights and lights were neces- kill all the birds with tl' judiciously plans m'Cl'f 1 dition of the wood-lot can improved: the Gives Valuable Information as to Types and Breeds That Are Best Producers-Can Be Used With Little Effort and a Minimum of Time. present point not now included in th ordinances. The ordinance follow: the thinnings can ood and th jsary in all the stores and other busi- ness establishments. The phenomenon due to low hang-i ing clouds laden with moisture and rich in potash a Following th adjourned session of tbe Common Council last night, the aldermen met as a committee of the to receive the new traffic ordinances recently framed by Corporation Counsel McDowell. Member of the Klmira Business Men's Association, the police commis Villi? fertilizer. CHAPTER XXXIX. Ant Ordinance Relating to Traffic. The Common Council of the City of Klmira does enact as follows the only farm crop to tth rnf farm crop to dnted in this city. By Michael K. Bo 3 or Poultry Editor of the Farm Journal. 11 n- devote any care "I Section 430. The following streets or sion. offtclaJs or the h-imira Auiomowie 1 on carefuitv t.t..a Copyright 1914. sou fcL t. ties are cultivated and lr ing the street, highway or avenue, bearing the words "City of Elmira. Slow down to one mile in four min are pruned and sprayed- v. flub, fire department officials and portions of streets in the city of El-citizens have been consulted about mira are hereby designated as con-tbes ordinances, so as to include gested districts, to wit: every section necessary to properly Lake street, from East Market etreet regulate street traffic in this city, at southerly to Lake street bridge. trees alone are left themselves. Thi 035 11 wore ramble when it is 1 i' ntfu-f7; i utes." and also an arrow pointing in The trap nest is a Yankee notion the direction where the speed is to be now in Practical use for about 20 years, reduced or changed, shall be conspic- lt is tne only method by which the ac-uously placed on each main public tual layers can be known, and the only-street, highway or avenue, where the! way to tell the color of their eggs, as Elmira City line crosses the same. as the size and shape. It etiables Section 442. A vehicle, the width of to Snd the hen that gives strong which with or without its load ex- fertility, and the one that gives poor, tends nine feet, shall not be driven D- picks out the winter layers; it ar- that any labor expanded oa "fmu lot not only improves tfce but ordinarily pays for itaetf No detailed technical quired for the work; ail tiiaM, sary is the exercise of co'mn, East Water street from Railroad avenue easterly to Lake street- West Water street, from Railroad avenue westerly to College avenue. North Main street from West Market street southerly to Main street bridge. new laws should not in any way hamper business. The aldermen took up each section, discussed it and passed on it, adding or omitting any part they thought necessary. It might be said that the or conveyed through any of the jTests the egg-eater; it prevents broken streets In the congested district unless lSSs in the nest; it makes hens tame. committee did a good, lot of hard hoitt That part of the congested district on these ordinances last night simply within 150 feet of the northwest corner i It is obvious that the trwa wood-lot are not all of "equal Some are taller, stralghter" tv' and of species which yield morTv- ble wood than others. It is vious that there is a cor.staat rr- a permit therefor is obtained from the 11 18 more profitable to have a dozen Mayor. layers than double the num- Section 448. On all public streets, of doubtful ones. The labor in at-highways. avenues, alleys, parks and tending to traps should not exceed ten of Lake and Hast "Water streets shall be known as the extra congested because the meeting was harmonious snd there was no wrangling. Ten of the aldermen were present. It only public- places in the City of Elmira, went to show that the city gets better Section 431. Motormen and eonduct- rvlee from their officers when things I ors of streets cars and the drivers of BLACK LANGSHANS minutes for fifty nests providing they are conveniently arranged. A pullet that will lay 140 eggs from November 1 to June 1 Is a phenomenal layer; 125 eggs is very good laying and no pullet should be retained for breed going on oetweea the trees for and growing space. The object of thinning is to best trees the advantage in tWr-gle by removing the poorer ones i1 By Louis Paul Graham. (Copyright 1314.) Shortly after the Celestial Empire and Australia had much to do with interfere with their ing that will lay less than 100 eggs In the following rules of the road shall be observed fa). All vehicles shall keep to the right. b). Vehicles meeting shall pass each other on the right. fc). Vehicle: moving slowly must keep near the right curb, allowing those moving more rapidly to keep to the center of the street. fd. Vehicles at street intersections turning into another street at the right, shall keep to the right. le). Vehicles at street intersec- was opened to foreign trade in 1S2. I have known of traps being used t. thirty years ago, but it ws not until I Tn dtetlnc1Uve rfds Lf fowIa the last twenty years that their value reJort Europe. has i.een acknowledged. A trap nest thT is a device that allows the hen to read-, in, ily enter, but which does not permit beautlfulT bIac whch their decline in popularity, but they are yet widely esteemd and bred for their valuable utility qualities. In Australia within the last ten years, a pen of Langshans in a laying competition extending over one full year, with all varieties of poultry represented, won first place with the highest total of eggs laid. In America they are widely bred in the South, and probably some of the very best siecimens exhibited in our 1 xttxiiir: iitiisskiMfis anu as sucn the left, shall continue to the ODDosite tendant who mAkP nnte rf tho nnm- tney were known until ln later impor- side of the lateral street before ber on the bnd that is placed on her I u.Le eoiue moiuea leg. In this way the actual number of I ngBans were found- Then the first eggs to her credit can be ascertained. oujungmsnea oy pre- changing to the left. f). Vehicles at all times shall keep the right hub to the curb and when desiring to stop on the left side of the street shall proceed to the fixing Black. AS TO EGG TYPES ol an, ufiecuve trees should moved. This includes trees by insects or fungi (congsi, tres fire-scarred butts, with tops broker by wind or lightning, and in all trees which are unthrifty froa! cause. Next come the trees 0 form, such as very crooked or r-branchy ones, which are interffr-with the growth of bettr for." neighbors- And finally are the trea less valuable species, such as dptto ironwood ajid hornbeam. Tlioe e. only take up space that might be: be occupied by such species as hickory and ash, but also produce e-more abundantly and so reprocs themselves at the expecse of racrf i sirable trees. While the ocd moved in these thinnings is freqae; of no value for other purposes, it a practically always be used to advi; age for fuel In this way the worker be made to pay for itself. paniniA-w hen the future use of the wood 3iie for fertilizer is borne in mini Ti run harmoniously. More work can re accomplished. Mayor Hoffman stated during the discussions that it is not the Intention of the c-ily to interfere with the business of any merchant or citizen, and that everybody should be treated alike In the enforcement of the new rules. In addition to the ordinances submitted last night, Corporation Counsel McDowell was requested to draw up new sections relative to prohibiting street cars to stop at certain points in the congested districts and at bridge trances, also to provide for their tapping at both sides of the street at 'hurch and Lake streets. Church and Main street. Henry and South Main streets. Also to draw up an ordinance prohibiting vehicles to stand alone in front of fire hydrants. These new ections are for the benefit of the fire department. For the benefit of the readers of The Ktar-Cazette, the ordinances, as they now stand, are published herewith. They will not be finally adopted until later in the month, as some minor additions and changes are to be made before thv finally become laws. The aldermen expressed satisfaction et the manner In which the new laws had been prepared. Only a few chang-s Were last night. They believe they are complete and cover every I believe "that by an examination of Histry does riot record their date poultry shows are from that section. the pelvic bones it is possible to deter-f or mnner of origin. Inquiry among This fowl belongs to the Asiatic I 1 iiM .1 'i uuii aim 1 1 1 1 make a circle, bringing the right side 1 mine which are layers, but we do not i fnse brought nothing more than tamiiy, which it resembles in size and weight Eull-grown specimens weigh of the vehicle to the curb. No such know how good they are. Neither do! uu ntl Know was always so. we know what class of eggs thev lav. i 1 ney tre Peculiar to the iangshan dis- 1 trict, and have been from time imme- nine to twelve pounds for males The Some hens lav a dark brown egg. all motor cars and other vehicles must at all times comply with the direction by hand or voice or whistle of any member of the police force as to stopping, starting, standing, approaching or departing from a place or unloading passengers or goods. Every driver of a slowly moving or heavily loaded, pr unusually large -ehicle, not having a load to deliver or pick up in the congested distritc shall obey the direction of a police officer not to drive through or upon such congested districts. Section 432. Kvery rotor vehicle and bicycle shall be equipped with horn or bell or other device for signalling, but no signal shall be operated to create unnecessary noise or so as to disturb the public peace, and every such vehicle shall exhibit from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise a white light visible within a reasonable distance in front of such vehicle and a red light visible v.thin a reasonable distance in the rear thereof, which light, if otherwise complying with this ordinance, may be combined In one lamp or apparatus. Section 433. No motor car or other vehicle shall be left standing on any paved street so that the front and rear right wheels are. more than 12 inches from the curb except that trucks may back up to curb to unload goods where they do not otherwise conflict with the regulations within the congested district. In the extra congested district no truc ks or vehicles shall back up to the curb during the hours between 3 a. rn. and 6 p. m. Section 434. In approaching or passing a car of a street railway which has stopped to allow passengers to alight or embark, the operator or driver of every motor car or other vehicle shall slow down, and if it ig necessary for the safety of the public, lie shall bring his vehicle to a full stop. Section 433. Upon approaching a pedestrian who is upon the traveled part turns shall, however, be made at the corner of Lake and Water streets or at the intersection of Main and Water streets. (g). Vehicles shall not stop on any street crosswalk, or in any street intersection. h. Vehicles, including street cars and motors, shall ston or move at the signal of a police officer. The signal to stop will be the uplifted hand, or, one blast from a whistle will stop traffic going north and south and permit traffic going east and west, and two blasts from whistle will stop traffic going east and west and permit traffic going north and some a light brown, some a pure hite i mor'ai. and some a creamy white. Suppose) Tne great size of the breed and its we are aiming for dark brown, or for wnderf ul laying qualities made it an pure white eggs, how can we best se-immediate favorie in England- Its cure that object when we are unable fame spread to Australia and the L'nit-to pick out the hens that give us what States, and the fowls followed their we want? It is true that we can fame. Many were imported to Ameri-gradually bring about that condition ca from England and many were im-by using only the dark brown or the Ported direct from China. These all pure white eggs for incubation, but it Possessed the same-good qualities, and Is a long road to travel. If we can for many years were very popular, pick out those layers, and keep only VALUABLE: UTILITY FOWL uch, we are more sure of our results. The American breed in the United hens do well either in confinement or on free range, and are good winter layers of large, rich, brown eggs, and all ages make splendid table poultry. Their rich, glossy, greenish-black plumage contrasts pleasantly with their bright combs, wattles and ear-lobes, and the plumage does not show the. soil when the fowls are kept in small quarters. Chicks grow rapidly and reach broiler size at an early age, while the mature young fowl is much esteemed for roasting purposes- essential point to remember in iratK such thinnings is that the woodi is a tree society in which the besttr-should be given every chance toari: the greatest possible development tithe removal and utilization the fit. But there are more important uses! States and the Orpington in England fout (i). The apparatus and vehicles 1 of traps. We can pick out the hens fire, police and hospital depart- that lay deformed eggs or those that tend to thefie nests? have proved the when sounding shall ments, gongs, pretty attractive to a man whobas. dozen nice fat l.uOv-pound iay eggs 01 unuesiraoie snape. oa POSSIBILITIES IN LIVE STOCK FOR MARKET steers for sale, that have costhlai: RHEUMATICS NO LONGER GLOOMY i over $60 for feed. The net return the steers isn't the only tnmg to have the right of way through all streets, highways, avenues, alleys, parks and public streets. All vehicles when warned by gongs of fire, police or hospital apparatus shall draw to the nearest right hand curb and stand there until the fire, police or hospital apparatus have passed two hundred feet beyond the point, and none shall follow within 200 can know which hens give us the bestj fertility, and which the Poorest breed, only from la can know which hens lay best at the have in one of ds Wh, season when eggs command the hlh-jdotte yearings htMM that were hatcned prices, and we can pick out the from her)8 th heavy summer layers discover a record of nQ thaR which are the drones, hens that do not eacn These ten dupIlcated tbe pay their board. are thus able to work of tneir To th hens arrest the egg-eater. catch her considered, however; there is tbe enriching of the land, and there is as the blessed freedom from the ev lasting milking, with nothirs but i uiaii incite 1,1 1 luiil it 11 1 1. feet, right in the act. We have less broken 1 staring most milk-producers in u-face. The production of mutton can made as profitable as beef. Of coir modern methods must be adopted of any street and not upon a sidewalk. (j)T The driver of any vehicle in- es in the nest duP to sev- 1 1 LO rovv unl11 and upon approaching an intersecting tending to turn at a corner shall era, hens in at one tirne. We tl!" Vh a 2W7ee? hfn: obsignate ine 'iireciion 111 v. men in 1.411 i. nr. wuue 1 uniei 111 tact 1 intends to turn by a signal to the the know, it can by the use of the trap officer, and when stopped by a sig- i.xii rr nal from the officer, the driver shall how many times individual hens be- notify thofse vehicles behind him by come broody, which hens are the best extending his hand. for incubation and brooding. -We know 'Cattle Will Be Scarce ami HiKh." E. M. Tl'RXEK. Reef and sheep raising offer a large field for the up-and-doing man, with an outlook for excellent financial returns. There, are hundreds of farms scattered throughout the country that would be immensely benefitted by-keeping a herd of Herefords, shorthorns, or Aberdeen Angus cattle in the pastures (instead of trying to sell milk at a loss), and a flock of at least 50 ewes of the mutton type- Personally, the writer believes the Romney March sheep, which are now being introduced into this country, are destined to fill a place occupied by ono other breed; namely, as a dual-purpose animal, for not only is the flesh of an excellent flavor, but the yield of wool runs as high as 25 pounds of greasy wool per fleece, and is of good staple. Any one who has followed the markets carefully of late can predict the beef situation for some time to come-high prices and a continued shortage. Ten cents a pound on the hoof looks Section 444. All motor vehic les, the exact time our pullets started to Including automobiles and motor-j jay. and how regularly they deposit street or a curve or a corner of a street where the operator's view is obstructed, every person operating a motor vehicle shall slow down and give a timely signal with his bell, horn or other device for signalling. Section 4 36. The loading and unloading of freight and express matter to or from street cars to wagons or other vehicles within the congested district is prohibited. Section 4 37. No person shall permit motor car, truck or other vehicle cycles, snail oe equipped wnn mun-jnfajr es be lers, anu sam mumers sna.ii noi nest. If I can get 100 hens to give me the same number of eggs that formerly 200 hens gave tne, look at the saving I will have in feed and house room. Is not such an object worth working for? Will not this saving more than compensate for the extra time required in attending to those nests? Very few eggs are laid before 9 o'clock in the morning and after 3 o'clock in the afternoon. If a nest is allowed for every three hens in the pen it will not be necessary to look after them oftener than four times a day They have used "Neutrons Prescription and found it there with "the punch that kills Rheumatism. Only the skeptical now suffer. The victims of Rheumatism all tell the a me story, they have sore, inflamed muscles and stiff joints, they have no ambition or strength and get nervous, cross and irritable, which is not to be wondered at. Thousands of old time Rheumatics are now In the lxst of health after using "Neutrone Prescription S3." Its satisfied users are its best advertisers, pretty good advertisers, too. No matter how little or how much you suffer go and get a bottle of "Neutrone, Prescription 33." You will be surprised at the result. Those sore, inflamed joints and burning, aching muscles will disappear, and you will feel fine every hour of the day. Mail orders filled on $1.00 size. TerlwII-f'alklns Drug Kelley Drug and leading druggists everywhere. Ad vertisement. will no longer pay to own a fine foot' breeding ewes, and to turn ttfc out onto the mountains and hiiU become wilder than deers, and to fc for themselves against dogs. Bat flock of 50 ewes kept under the eye' the farmer, and brought into a yt at night will pay handsomely. Info-it pays to keep a Hock of ewes, pe if a major portion of their feed tea'-be raised for them. The value to land, which is added by the pasture of sheep on it. alone makes the rasM of them worth considering. There any number of old men who wouid glad to earn from four to five a week tending sheep in the sumi: Witli ib rniinsr of livestock COB' opened while such vehicles are standing or being operated upon the public streets and highways within the City of Klmira. without a permit from the mayor. Section 4 45. AH persons operating owned or controlled by him to stand in the congested districts of this city or riding a bicvele on the sidewalks POSTED ON" E'LOCK. Thn, too. by this regularly handling of hens we get more tame. They do not become excited by handling. We also readily denote their condition whether they are too fat. or too thin, or if they are starting scales on the legs, or if there is some other trouble. The trap nests affords a daily inspection and consequently we are better acquainted with our stock. When trap nests are used the hen takes the first available one, but in open nests it is not uncommon to have the hens select only one or two and never use the others. Elggs allowed to remain in the nests until night are often staled by a number of hens set- an increase in crop production, and of the City of shall keep on the sidewalk on the right side of the street the way they are traveling, and ln passing pedestrians coming from opposite direction they shall turn to the right, and ln massing pedestrians going in the same direction they shall turn to the left. Upon approaching and in passing pedestrians upon a sidewalk or upon approaching' an intersecting highway or a curve or a corner in a street -1 1' 11V lad. Farms suitable for sheep-ra but even if it would be necessary to go around every hour during that laying period, it would be time profitably spent. If the traps are conveniently arranged, one man can look after 50 nests in ten minutes. TRAP NEST NO GUESS ER. The trap nest is no guesstr. It develops a positive fact. it tells the truth. The cackling hen caught in a trap is proved to be either a layer or a liar. There are too many of the latter class in almost every farm flock. Whii' can be purchased for $10 an acre. for a longer time than is absolutely necessary to load or unload persons or merchandise, and in no event shall any such truck, vehicle or motor car stand fur a longer period than 20 minutes, between the hours of 9 a. and p. in. But In Ihe extra congested district, designated in Section 4 30, at and within 150 feet of the northwest corner of Iake and Water st reets, such time for loading and unloading shall not exceed five minutes and no trucks, motors or vehicles shall back up to the curb between the hours of 9 a. and 6 p. m. Section 43S. No person shjill in any way drive or propel any vehicle, bl- fP.rm arianted to cattle raising can had for from $25 to $60 and op per acre, and those whose farms 1 tv.o (unntrv should look into im strucTed ihe 'operator of such wcy ting on them during the day. With the SAYS ACID STOMACH CAUSES INDIGESTION use of trap nests this trouble is over shall slow down -and if necessary dis possibilities of the Simmenthaler bn omtio k. instlv uoimlar in na' to be a 200-egg per year layer. I also feel that 125 eggs in those seven months would about equalize a 200-egg layer. And any pullet that will lay not less, than 100 eggs in that time is one worth breeding from. I want eggs when prices are high. By breeding up my strongest cold -weather layers I can get them. I do not like trapping during the remaining five months (June 1 to November 1) for the reason that it is the season for much broodiness in the flocks and the weather during tbe summer is too hot. native coiintrv these splpnfl-- come. Trap nests cive us a system of weeding out which no other method affords. This system means a saving of feed and room. A dozen selected layers will give a -grVater profit than beasts are raised both for milk mount so ins not to endanger the property of another or the life or limb of any person. Section 446. A violation of this ordinance shall be punished by a tine not exceeding one hundred fifty dollars, or by Imprisonment not ex- Excess of Hydrochloric Acid Sours the Food and Forms Gases. flesh, and In the summer ar.n-- 1 stfrt iiounds nia cycl or motor cr within 200 feet of I any lire apparatus which is proceeding I do not follow trapping the year round. I am more anxious to have strong winter laying than am year-round records. I prefer starting my traps November 1 and discontinue their use May 31. This gives me seven of the best months, and I know that 140 eggs laid in that period show the hen If. "HI-, sen feeding on the tops and sw double the number in which are good, 1 1 1 1 .1...... 1... ceeuuiB out- nm.uieu 11. the steepest hills, wnere u- footic? both Kueh fine and imprisonment, or think only sheep could find a ujt inup rjira iaoor necessary to a t- bv a penalty not exceeding five nun dred dollars, to be recovered by the Citv of in a civil action. Section 447. All ordinances and parts of ordinances inconsistant herewith are hereby repealed. GRANGE HAS ELECTION IN NORTH CAMERON ANNOUNCE WEDDING TRANSPIRED IN OVID OZ ART Modern Dentistry George H. VenDemark, Mgr. CONSTIPATION to or located at any fire, or break through or come unauthorized within the fire line when established by the police or ln any manner impede the work of extinguishing the fire or protecting lives or property. Section 4 39. No person shall obstruct the way of the members of the Eire Department In any manner whatsoever, when on duty at a fire or on their way to a fire with their apparatus in any public street of the City of Elmira, nor shall any person permit a vehicle, motor car or truck owned or controlled bv him to stand upon either side of East and West Market street, between Lake street and North Main street for a longer time than is actually necessary to load or unload persons or merchandise, nor to allow any vehicle to stand in front of fire plug. Syracuse, Dec 12. Middaugb Brown of New York, a student in the College of Law, Syracuse University, and Miss Ceorgetta Boyd, of Ovid were Undigested food delayed in the stomach decays, or rather, ferments the same as food left in the open air, ways a noted authority. He. also tells us that Indigestion is caused by Ily-per-acidity, meaning, there is an ex-Cess of hydro-chloric acid in the stomach which prevents complete digestion and starts food fermentation. Thus everything eaten sours in the stomach much like garbage sours in a can. forming acrid fluids and gases which Inflate the stomach like a. toy balloon. Then we feel a heavy, lumpy misery in the chest, we belch up gas. we eruc-tatrt sour food or have heartburn, flatulence, water-brash or nausea. He tells us to lay aside all digestive aids and instead, get from any pharmacy four ounces of Salts and I The decayed tooth dichar? and causes the month to 1. and North Cameron, Dec 12. At the last meeting of the North Cameron Crange I officers were elected as follows: I Master, N. V. Harrington, overseer, Wallace Tompkins; lecturer, Mrs. J. W. Barrett; steward, Melvin Kloek: chaplain, Mrs. Wallace Tompkins; as- I sistant steward, Kdgar House; secre- tary, P. P. Mason; treasurer, Mrs. P. P. Mason; Flora, Mrs. Jacob Kirsch- 1 Is the biff trouble in every serioua sickness causing depression of spirits, frritability, nervousness, imperfect vision, losa of memory, poor sleep. Iom of appetite, etc. stop it with a retular court? of I -A-hich entc-r married at the home of the bride's par- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Storm V. Boyd, at Ovid, November 23. Announcement of the wedding was made yesterday by the parents of the bride. The Rev. Charles MacNish of Ovid performed the ceremony. After the wedding the groom return stomach with food and drini. by causing systems. SCHEHCKS I health. can be prevented All this THIS WEEK'S PLAY IS GREATEST THE FAMILY CUPBOARD story of a skeleton in a cupboard. Told in an interesting and amusing manner. I filial? and IUV3" MAHD5AKE ner; Ceres, Miss little French; Po- mona, Mrs- Ceorge Beebe; lady as- sistant steward, Mrs. Kdgar House; organist Mrs. P. P. Mason; gate- keeper, J. W. Barrett; Bay Watts, gatekeeper for three years; J. W. Bar- rttt, trustee for two years. ing me ca vines mo is removed ed to this city and resumed his studies in the University. Announcements pf the wedding now being sent out say that Mr. and Mrs. Brown will be "at home" in their apar ments in Highland Hall after January 1- FILLS Hit" I LCVT I. hitt-ly without lain at Di. L. A. Roth's They act promptly and freelv. huJ- SISTER DIES IN WEST frently, thoroughly cleansing tho ,...1.... take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast and drink while It Is effervescing' and furthermore to continue this for a week. While relief follows the first dose, it is Important to neutralize the acidity, remove the gas-making mass, start the li-er. stimulate the kidneys and thus promote a free flow of pure digestive juices. Jad Salts is Inexpensive and is made from the acid of grapes and lemon Juice, combined with Hthia and sodium phosphate. This harmless salts is used by thousands of people for stomach trouble with excellent results. rifth Eluor. iiuK-i. jug COLONEL RECOVERING Both 'iiiiom-s. uuncis. uuiiuiuii) mc iiomacn, stimulating the liver the specific far indigestion, headacbe, biliousness, b-axt-burn, flatulency. Pnrlr vftM. PUin or Bnjrar Ctl BO YEARS' CONTINUOUS SALC Section 4 40. Every person operating a motor vehicle on the public streets, highways, avenues, alleys, parks or public places in the City of Elmira, shall drive the same in a careful and prudent manner at a rate of speed so as not to endanger the property of another or the life or limb of any person, and no person shall operate a motor vehicle upon any public street, highway, avenue, alloy, park or public place within the City cf Elmira, at greater rate of speed than one mile in four minutes, and the maintenance of a greater rate of speed for one-eighth of a mile hhall be presumptive evidence of driving at a rate of speed which is not- careful and prudent. Section 4 41. Signs of a sufficient size to be easily readable by a person USUAL POPULAR PRICES -nwco irteiu Memr. Dr. J. H- Scheock Son, Philadelphia YORK riV iY Jmm mm it SiBlBu Rochester, Dec. 12. Colonel C. Alon-zo Simmons of Rochester, secretary of the Industrial Commission of Ithaca, who has been ill In St. Mary's Hospital with an acute attack of appendicitis, has received permission from his physician to be removed to his home at 108 Comfort street. Owego, Dec. 12 Mrs. Fred V. Kkh-ardsou of Temple street, received a telegram Wednesday announcing the death of her only sister, Mrs. liuth J. Scott, the previous day in a hospital in Red lands, Cal. Mrs. Scott was the wife of Dr. Scott, formerly of this village, and the daughter cf the late Samuel Watson of Newark Valley. Beside her lusbaml she is survived by one living in RedlaaJs, and one -daughter, residing in L.os BELL 309-J. PERFECT EVEKV M(JHT. MATINEES: TL THI RS. AND SAT. LAUNg KI.MIIIA MESSENGER SERVICE and parcel delivery. Get your work done by Motor. Prompt service to all parts of the city, 10c. York Iu01-Y. 91 tf John St U7-J7 Elmira Mlorcs offer real har gains every gay. To make shopping ca.y study the 115 WEST CHURCH perfect Work. Prompt Delivw Have you forgotten lo put the H-U Cross seal on tluit letter? tUcments tn lhc tar-Uazettt. May Tou Saw it In The 8tar-Gazet.

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