The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1950
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1950 BI/YTHBVII.I.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN- Senate's Crime Probers Focusing Attention on Chicago and Midwest U.S. WASHINGTON, June 21. Ifl —4 The Senate crime investigating *jmmittee Is preparing to bear 'wown on big-time gambling and crime in Chicago and the mid- west. A committee source told reporters the Senate inquiry will shift to the Chicago area early next month — with both public and secret hearings in Chicago and Washington. Virgil Peterson, director of the Chicago Crime Commission, Is tentatively booked as the first witness. Pcterscn has made a long-time study of national crime and much of the information he has assembled Is In the hands of the com- Chicago has been named by federal officials as a center of narcotics and counterfeiting rings and gambling operations. Before the hearings are ended, the investigation may .spread out into Indiana and the .surrounding' territory, Paul Cyr, Republican candidate for representative In the first Indiana district, has turned over to the committee Information which he says exposes crime conditions In Lake County. Indiana. Cyr has raid he intends to use the material in his campaign for '^gfflce. ^1 Target: Chicago Chicago's racketeers, however, are expected to he the main target of the Senate investigators. Secret service chief U. E. Baiiph- man has reported to Congress that counterfeiting Is at a 10-year high —and Chicago Is one of the operating centers of a gang turning oul bogus money at the rate of $100,000 a month. H. .1. Ansllnger, chief of the U.S Narcotics Bureau, has pointeci Chicago as one of the biggest centers in the illicit narcotics traffic And he has Riven Senate Investigators the names of 800 persons who he says are involved In a crime and narcotics ring, Chicago also Is the operating headquarters for the Coniinentn Press Service which a Senate com merce committee report has namci HS the chief source of race new used by the nation's bookies. Tomorrow the committee will re ccive testimony from Federal Com munications Commission Chalrma Wayne Coy on the use of tele phones and telegraph in crtmlnn -„ activities. The committee, headed by Sen ator Kef.iuver <D-TenrO, is ing the need for new legislation de signed to cripple big-time gamblin and crime operations which sprea state lines. Arkansas To 14th Air Force Lt. Col. Preston C. Newton, Commanding Officer of the 2584th Air Force Reserve Training Center in Memphis, announced today that the State of Arkansas has been Incorporated into the Fourteenth Air Force for training purposes. 1 Air Force reservists in this area interested in maintaining their reserve status should contact the 516th Troop Carrier Winy at Municipal Airport. 'Memphis. Tennessee. This troop carrier wing has been designated as the training wing for reservists. Interested reservists should con- fact the Reserve Affairs Officer rt Memphis Municipal Airport in augar No. 2. yria Doubtful Over Gifts rom American Children DAMASCUS —f/Pl— Gifts from .merican children to Syrian cbil- ren were recently distributed bj he Red Cross at Homs. The newspaper "Al Ayyam" in lamascus commented the "noble ecling" of the American children vas appreciated "because we can iffercntiate the innocent svm iathy of these youngsters from tha if American statesmen." However he newspaper "Al Suri Al Jadid. published at Homs. said. "Duty requires that the directo f public instruction reject thes Rifts from persons who want txi es ablish friendship by force. We d lot want the friendship of a per who shakes hands with hi right and stabs us from the bac with his left." landers Speaks To Lions Club Jimmy Sanders siwke on the Pro- sed Home Rult Amendment at he weekly meeting of the Lions Hub at the Hotel Noble yesterday. H was announced at the meet- ng that. W. L. Scott, representa- ivc of the Lions international of hlcngo, would be In BlyLheville Tuesday lo install the new officers or the club- Murray Blurton of Joneshoro was the guest at (lie club toJay. MILK BRIGADE—A Pittsburgh district storekeeper who defied striking milk for L'hiUircn had his store window broken during the night. Neighbors pitched new window and women volunteers, armed wilh clubs and bnseVinll hat.s, stood the storekeeper dispensed his milk. men to import milk in with $101) for a suarU outside while Muisance Fruit Halted WASHINGTON —(>PJ— Fruit on ornamental plants can be a nuisance. Among these are the horse chestnut, cntalpa. Enroi>ean <uh honey locust and eastern poplar. Now (he U. S. Bureau of Plant industry says It has sprays which cnn prevent these plants from fruiting. The bureau hopes also that such sprnys may be used to limit the output an frutL producing plants to avoid the expense of thinlng. In .some crops, better fruit Is producec if less is allowed to mature on one plant. The fruit-ret aiding sprays being developed by L. P. Batjer who did much of the work on th sprays which now prevent losses o fruit which might otherwise fa' off the plants. U. of A. Summer Enrollment Up Enrollment in the summer program of the University of Arkansas Graduate School has more than oublccl during the past two ytara, tabulation of registration figures eveal*. There are 1,070 students rcgtsler- d in (he graduate school for the irsl term of the present summer e.ssion. Of this numljcr, D18 me eglstcred on the main campus at 7 aycUeville, nnd 152 are rciiLstercd t the summer sraduaU; residence enter In Pine Bluff. F/ve Communists RANGOON (AP>—A secret Com munlfit center in the heart of Rar goon was discovered during a polii raid oh n house here. The under ground Communists apparently a without affiliation cither to the Rcrt Flag (Trotekyite-O or White Flag (Stalinists) partjcs now at open war with the Burmese government. Five Communist associations, each independent of the other, are known to exist in Burma. These are the Reel Flags, the White Flags, the Upper Burma Communist. Association, the Lower Burma Communist Tarty and the Democratic. Communist Party. 'o/jon Ivy Antidote CAMBRIDGE. Ma.?s. <AP>—Poison ivy Is .so mean it would kill itself if it didn't manufacture its own intidotc, according to Dr. Irwin W. Siz?r, Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist. In a five-year- study, just completed, he lias found the antidote is an enzyme or catalyst called laccase. The laccase. The laccase keeps the poi.son ivy vine flourishing by constantly changing the irritants before they can kill the plant. But don't rush down to your neighborhood druggist yet for bnttlc of laccase. Jnst keep away from the three-leafed poisoner of backyard and wayside. Medical men still are figuring how to apply Dr. Sizer's discovery. Cloves Place in Zanzibar ZANZIBAR —(/P|— Cloves and clove nil took a secondary spot in Zanzibar's trade last year for the first time In the island's history The island o[f the east African coast has been the world center for cloves for centuries. Coconut products IOOK. thf number one position in 1S?49 in a tital export trade of nearly $G,tlOO,'JOO. In England — It's the Chemist Shop In Prance — it's the Apothecary Shop In lilythevillc — It's BARNEY'S DRUG For E'.pcrt PRESCRIPTION SERVICE SEE THE 1950 SCIENTIFIC NEW CROSLEY WORKSAVER DESIGN GIVES YOU NEW SPACE, MORE SPACE- at Me "COHVtNimt BIG, 7-CUSiC-FOOT MODELS NOW AS LOW AS Wilh the new Shclvador you get up to 23% more space in the same size cabinet. Nearly 2 cubic feet of extra space that's easy to reach, easy to use. No stooping clear to the floor! And all of i I is completely refrigerated! Snow-white plastic shelves now completely recessed in door—take no space torn inside the cabinet—extra insulation in the extra-thick door. Easy-to-clean "BuUerSafe" that holds a Cull pound of butter «t the consistency you want for easy spread-- ing—a separata insulated compart- nientwithilaown temperature control. Up to 70 pounds of frozen foods in the big double freezer compartment- four trays of ice cubes. Belter Produclt for Happier Living '* DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. re-Inventory Sale Early Passion Pliiyi were so realistic, says the National Geo»raphle Society, that In 1437 • Lorraine priest playing the role of Chrls« hung on a cross until near deith. Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained nrriage HCCLI.SC-S ye.slerdny at the office o( Mlw KHzabelii Hlyihc. county clerk: Willlnm Evcicll Avis of Sleole •UK! Miss nelly Joyce McGregor of Dlythevllle. John R. Lamb anrl MLv; Sandra KaUen, bolh of Bloomsclalc, Mn. Arnold Humble and Miss Annabell HlRli, both u( Manila. Donald Krt Williams mid Mls& Dorothea M. Mle.wlcr, lx>th ol Blytheville. BEFORE YOU BUY ANY NEW CAR Better Se« Stii' & Young Motor Co. ELECTRIC FAN to reg 3.99 14.95 , now 25.88 Slrombcrg Carlson, I'M reg 75.0oV»««fy PERSON RADIO re. , ,„, 19.95 BATTERY RADIO ng . M . M . now 29.95 15fill5(ft 10 ftfl 14 HUB IT rC g. 29.95, now 19.00 RADIO 'reg. 10.95. now 14-95 RADIO re ff . M.95, now 9.95 CARPET SWEEPER,,, « g „9.24.95 ELESTRICROASTER „.,.» 3.88 HOT PLATED s . 2 5,n.,w 2.95 FISHING ROD reg. 19.05, now 9.95 FISHING Rj)D r «. ...5,... 2.95 W* • Jt • • • •• 4t •% 4h Bb 4% 4h 4fc FISHING ROD Il^o!I r 14.95 FLY ROD rc ,.«.00, no, 14.95 FISHING REELS ,,,-,,,,,.., 3.95 FISHING REELS r e g . 7.95, now.. 3.95 OUTB'D MOTOR 3 HP,,. 10995 89.95 OUTB'D MOTOR 8HPr ^ i 3S . 9 s 114.85 BOAT SEAT „,. 4.05. „.* 2.95 HOOK LINE & SINKER reK iBc now .04 GAS CANS «g.3.75, n0 w 2.49 GAS CANS reg. 4.95, now 3.95 TEN1S SHOES rcgl ss, now 1.33 TOWEL BARS re, 2JC> now 10 TOWEL BARS Chrome, reg 1.45, now w87 79 10 WATER SOFTFNER,eg 32 ooo 299.95 WATER SOFTENER re, .5 no 2T4.95 'M HEATER nnlg d rcg 75 95 64.88 reg 99.50, /9-Ov mmm COOKER ,., 9.95 y^ETABLE PRESS ,, 229 149 IKING SHEARS Chrome, reg. 98c, now 126 East Main Phone 3221 FLAME CULTIVATORS 2-Row . . . $230 4-Row . . . $360 BARKSDALE MFG. CO. AVAILABLE • ORDER NOW! RIGID FRAME TRUSS-CLEAR STEEL • ALUMINUM BUILDINGS Quickly trecicd — In dayi Initeid of wetks — to meet urgent demandi for on-the- farm j[ratn storage. After grain ii marketed,your Butler Build- in? rivel rou year*rovmd U5e - * i • i .5 implement or liveitock ihelter, for hay storage, many other farm purposes. See ui todiy for full information on ihetcimrdylonglife buildings. A HOBUtl CAPACITIES 1w lotto MMi«c> 28,450 BUSHELS By shoring up J f«« •Long iidri iD(i*ad^. 13,000 BUSHiLS On the floor, twiihoui ihoriagt MANUUC1UBIM* COMPANY C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer For Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting P.O. Box 83 Phone 6896 Blytheville,, Ark. GROVER'S BODY SHOP Clear Lake Ave. & Clark St. Expert Body and Fender Repair Highest Quality Auto Painting All Types Radiator Work By Highly Skilled Mechanics Every Job Guaranteed Owned & Operated by Grover Canada Phone f.081 RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model - Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Delirer Fred Callihan 110 So First St.. Blylhrvill TRUCK BEDS Made from the Finest Oak BARKSDALE MFG. CO. For Safe, Profitable Grain Storage Galvanized STEEL GRAIN BINS 105 West Main Phone 584 Blytheville, Ark. Flr«-s«ft, westhcrtight, rodent-proof. Permanent, long-life coniiruction. ) convenient tilt-,: I4'x8'— 1000 ba.; U'xl I' —2200 b».; U'xl*'—3276 bu. Ord«r Rutl«r Galvanized Grain Bins NOW from INTERNATIONAL'HARVESTEIR 312 South 2nd Phont 6863

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